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Come And See (What We Want You To…

09 May 2015 Salyounis Comments (712)

The good news is that the Eritrean opposition and the Eritrean government have started talking to one another. The bad…

Australia: Beyene Semere of SBS Radio Interviews Saleh…

08 May 2015 awatestaff Comments (9)

On Wednesday May 6, 2015, Beyene Semere of SBS conducted an interview with the Saleh "Gadi" Johar. Beyene Semere is the…

Egypt To The rescue: Isaias' Game Interrupted

05 May 2015 awatestaff Comments (337)

Isaias Afwerki loves speculation, but he loves rumors about him even more. Between April 28 and 29 Isaias was on a…

Eritrea 2015: Isaias Afwerki & His Musical Chair

04 May 2015 Awate Team Comments (44)

(UPDATED May 4, 2015) The last time Eritrea’s ruling (and sole legal) party had an organizational congress was in February…




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