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Tekeste Negash (Prof)

Book Review: Eritrea-Inception and Consolidation of Dictatorship

Published 2020, Uppsala Sweden. Text in Tigrinya. ISBN: 978-91-519-5571-1 Pp. 365 plus list of references.  Reviewed by Tekeste Negash Emeritus Professor July 24, 2020 This book, Rezene Tesfazion,( RT) explains in the introduction, is about life in exile. It explores the political reason (underground political activities in Asmara before 1974) …

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Book Review: The Nurnebi File –Espionage and Politics

YeNurnebi Mahder: Silela ena poletica (The Nurnebi File –Espionage and Politics), published by Gebriel and son Publishing Virginia, USA, 2017. Amharic text: by Tesfaye Gebreab. 400 pages plus list of references and index. This a very fascinating book for its imaginative qualities and for putting together some known facts in …

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Book Review: The Dynamics of an Unfinished African Revolution

UNDERSTANDING ERITREA: A REVIEW ARTICLE ON The dynamics of an Unfinished African Revolution. Eritrea Ancient History to 1968, volume 1, Bloomington, IN: Lulu publishing, 2020. 242 pages list of references and index. By Mohamed Kheir Omer. By Tekeste Negash Emeritus professor March 20, 2020 The Dynamics of an unfinished African revolution is …

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