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Book Review: The Nurnebi File –Espionage and Politics

YeNurnebi Mahder: Silela ena poletica (The Nurnebi File –Espionage and Politics), published by Gebriel and son Publishing Virginia, USA, 2017. Amharic text: by Tesfaye Gebreab. 400 pages plus list of references and index. This a very fascinating book for its imaginative qualities and for putting together some known facts in …

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Book Review: The Dynamics of an Unfinished African Revolution

UNDERSTANDING ERITREA: A REVIEW ARTICLE ON The dynamics of an Unfinished African Revolution. Eritrea Ancient History to 1968, volume 1, Bloomington, IN: Lulu publishing, 2020. 242 pages list of references and index. By Mohamed Kheir Omer. By Tekeste Negash Emeritus professor March 20, 2020 The Dynamics of an unfinished African revolution is …

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