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UNSC: Eritrean Regime “Threat to International Peace and Security”

Following the report of the Somalia-Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG), the United Nations Security Council passed  resolution (2111) on 24 July to relax the arms embargo on Somalia and Eritrea, to extend SEMG’s mandate until November 25, 2014, to “underline” the importance of Eritrea granting access to the SEMG.

The UN bases its authority to impose embargo on Eritrea and Somalia on Chapter VII of the UN Charter.  This, the UN maintains, is because it has determined that “Eritrea’s influence in Somalia, as well as the dispute between Djibouti and Eritrea, continue to constitute a threat to international peace and security in the region.”

SEMG’s original mandate was to monitor arms trafficking to Somalia; however, following repeated demands that Eritrea cease from arming Somali rebels including Al Shabab;  following repeated pleas that Eritrea enter into negotiations with Djibouti to resolve their border dispute–demands and pleas that were ignored by the Eritrean government–the UNSC expanded the mandate of SEMG to include Eritrea.

As anticipated by Gedab News on 22 July, the SEMG recommendations on heightened monitoring of mining revenues to Eritrea were not accepted by the UN.

The arms embargo on Eritrea will remain in place, with some changes to accommodate “humanitarian or protective use.”

Since 2009, the UN has called on Eritrea to provide access to the monitoring group.  Just as emphatically, the Eritrean regime has been denying access to the monitoring group claiming that the group is politicized and often demanding information which is outside its mandate.  Resolution 2111, once again, “underlines” its expectation that the “Government of Eritrea will facilitate the entry of the Monitoring Group to Eritrea without any further delay.”

The Eritrean regime continues to state that Ethiopia’s refusal to abide by the ruling of the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) decision demarcating the Eritrea-Ethiopia border is a bigger threat to international peace and regional security and the UN’s refusal to act demonstrates its lack of fairness as well selective application of the UN Charter.

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  • Selam

    Selam Haile Korayi
    Hope you are well! Entay dea dehay Atefeaka:-)
    Nay Fal neger gedi koyenus- UN Rep is showering Eritrea with his praise for its impressive progress in meeting MDG targets:-) For your convenience here is the link:
    Haile Korayi- One unsettling story in the article is that the UN rep mentioned about the delayed rain in Eritrea this rainy season- Haile Korayi -blame it on PIA led govt. for the delayed rain too 🙂 lol

  • haile


    Since there appears to be 10 years that you may be able to invest on a cause, let me propose an alternative to dying for merchants of death. Like any form of investing however, it all starts with courage. If you invest with a courage that proceeds from cowardice, you would die a slave. Yet, if you invest with a courage that proceeds from the virtues within, you shall outlive death itself.

    An English poet once wrote to his publisher “The French courage proceeds from vanity — the German from phlegm — the Turkish from fanaticism & opium — the Spanish from pride — the English from coolness — the Dutch from obstinacy — the Russian from insensibility — but the Italian from anger.”

    Selam, you came across as the typical customer service rep. handling a compliant, in your last response. And, I hate to see you wast and get wasted in that role for the next 10 minutes, let alone 10 years. Our nation is never a beggar’s basket case, yet has been reduced to one by the regime that has now been reduced tirqmqam zereba:)

    I heard both nonsense uttered by FM Osman, article 39 (during his visit to the US) and the 250MW electricity (during his visit to UK). You are better than that. And your courage should proceed from your indignation that…”heck I and my people deserve better than that.”

    Before I address both the above, let me also recall to you what Tesfamichael Gerahtu said in the same occasion: “the US, with all its might, can’t rally 50 people out of its citizens who live abroad, yet the GoE or hizbawi ginbar is the only one that can achieve such a feat of rallying thousands of its citizens living abroad.” Heck, you and me deserve better than that!!! By the same token, Amb. Tekeste in Israel spoke to VOA from Asmara, where he claimed “the national service had long been abolished and all there is now is that students attend boarding schools en route to going to attend Universities or vocational collages.” He also claimed that “The Eritreans in detention in the deserts of Israel were conducting hunger strikes to demand that they be sent back to Eritrea!” Heck, Selam, you and me deserve better than that!!!

    Isn’t it strange that FM Osman didn’t announce his 250MW “breaking news” in his US seminar (where the priority was the opposition demo.) and had to wait for the UK community festival! Wouldn’t think that he is trolling around and dishing out ready made “sensational” save my behind today:) I think you deserve better.

    In connection the Article 39 bazooka he fired here in the US, well what can I say! Why does a dog lick his balls…because it can, and Osman can say that because he can weigh the courage of his audience. Eritrea, for the most 85%+, is made up of two ethnic groups. The remaining seven make up around 15% of the total population together, most being 1% of the population each (Rashaida, Hidareb, Nara) with Afar and Kunama (3%) each, (4%) Saho and (2%) Belen.

    Ethiopia’s Article 39 involves major masses of population(in the tens of millions each) that have a complicated historical genesis that got them there. Doesn’t it make you say “heck, I deserve better…” when the guy is telling you such is the topic you need to discuss when tens of thousands of your country men and women are scattered in various refugee camps, hundreds are pulled to safety off the coast of Italy, many have perished trekking the desert of Sinai or braving the sea aboard an inflatables and wrecked boats? When the entire youth of your country is on the move, denied the right to work or live in peace? When your nation has been condemned internationally with no one to back her up? When your people are reduced to contraband and black market economics?

    Is that what you deserve Selam, to be told that 1% of Eritrea’s population from behere Nara might be induced to call for Article 39? Heck, you deserve better than this Selam!!! Where you are systematically locked out of playing any part in the nation building of your country and defending it for the next generation, the clown comes in to tell you that the nation is pron to fragmentation along ethnic fault lines! If you happened to be in any one of those UK/US meetings, what were the pertinent questions you asked Selam? Did you just hear and let it flow by you? Heck, you deserve better than that!!!

    kartana hizna, kart’Om wesidom, hiji joker derbiyomlna!!! oh my, oh my… you listen to that? Why wasn’t the full seminar content divulged to the public though? May be some summoned the courage to tell him, nsu ytsnahalka emo….? Selam, this regime doesn’t need brilliant people to help the nation to flourish… doesn’t want to hear the word “flourish” as it relates to Eritreans at home or the diaspora. Period. I have suspicion that despite of my knowing their nature from close quarters, you know far better better in that sorry aspect of them. My question is, hade endyu hilfetu…wouldn’t you want to invest a brand new 10 years on self discovery, reclaiming your true dignity, becoming the beacon of hope for your suffering people? Seriously, hade zTesTese aregit dictator ms hasowti mesaTyntu entay Kgebrulki!!!

    What is the point for a sheep being taken to the slaughter, to wish to die for those going to slaughter it? Wouldn’t it make sense for it to wish to die attempting to free it self from its eventual slaughter?

    The Eritreans who went to NY have, for good or worse, made that trip and history has recorded that. I believe they did their best to stand by their nation and send a message that they are for Eritrea. The regime is serial hijacker of all civil and social activities of Eritreans in the diaspora through mercenaries. But history has already passed its judgement in all that.

    If you believe that the Osman had to break his 250MW bomb-shell on a festival, belated and uncharacteristic of a regime that doesn’t even give you a reason why you shouldn’t be buried in the land of your ancestors, then you still haven’t got the moral courage to see what has obviously become farcical in the eyes of many. Surely, you deserve better than this.

    The regime hasn’t withered a damn thing, it is its house of cards that is crumbling and taking down our beloved nation and proud people with it.

    • haile

      *It may sound contradictory to note courage proceed from cowardice (the opposite, think of “Whistling to keep myself from being afraid.” taken from an Act in some play book.

    • Selam

      Selam Haile:
      We are treading on diametrically opposite path. Our disagreement lies on the core issue i.e., you think all the adversities emanated from Weyane circles supported by the almighty US is PIA self inflicted wounds designed to prolong his rule over Eritrea by managing crisis after criss! And other other side of the continuum, I believe that the Weyane conspiracy fully supported by the sole power in the planet is real threat and is imposed on Eritrea!
      Once we embaraked in a tit-for-tat exercise starting from those two diametrically opposite vantage points, there is no way we could reach to a common understanding in analyzing the objective realties in Eritrea.
      Haile with all due respect, all the items you detailed in your well crafted rebuttals are same old lines that have been churned out by anyone who jumped in the so called “opposition wagon”. In my world, given the real and existing danger posed by weyanes to reverse Eritrean independence, the callotoral damage you have stated is all acceptable to wither all the storms that has been gathering around our nation for the more than a decade. Thanks to the indomitable PIA leadership, the country was saved from being taken over when few of its top cadres were advocating handing it to the UN and also advocating the resignation of the president while the country was in the middle of the war! However, PIA leadership took the nation out of that quagmire and withered all web of conspiracies of all sorts, in the course of defending the nation he did what has to do including creating many “Zekoreyu” like yourself but like I said PIA took a calculated risk of the callotoral damage that entails in pursuing his facing all the conspiracies concocted head on to safeguard the nation!!
      You wrote” The regime hasn’t withered a damn thing; it is its house of cards that is crumbling and taking down our beloved nation and proud people with it”
      I am sure you don’t believe in what you have written here- if PIA leadership hasn’t withered all those conspiracies of various degree concocted by internal and external forces, now we wouldn’t have a home we call Eritrea. A nation posed to meet most of MDG goals without any significant foreign assistance!! Like the Rwandan journalist recently said- Eritrea has a first class health care delivery system in sub-Saharan country! You see Haile – you are determined to see Eritrea as failed nation and good for nothing but I see Eritrea, despite the in surmountable obstacles, is as “beacon of hope” for the rest of Africa. You see Haile- I am sure you have a reason to feel the way you are feeling about PIA and you seem to live in lala land about democracy in sub-Saharan Africa and I opted to be pragmatic and thank God that PIA is a benovealnet dictator whose sole goal is to defend the country!
      Again, let me even raise the bar, instead of ten years, I would even give 15 years of my life for Jegana like PIA entay mo zeykeal endeyu koyenu Trust me , this nation could be only led by a person of PIA demeanor! Let alone leading an entire nation, I am sure you could testify to this fact that, we Eritreans cannot even come to common point in a group of four let alone in group of six million SeT Lebete, if stray from the line, Abea Terekeba!!
      As far as whose house of card will crumble first i.e., the house of the weyanes or the house Shabia, let’s wait see things unfold  I promise I will revisit this topic with when the time arrives and all the writing on the wall indicate you may not wait for that long!!

      • yegermal

        “Like the Rwandan journalist recently said- Eritrea has a first class health care delivery system in sub-Saharan country! ”

        Why doesn’t the PFDJ leadership use this “first class health care delivery system” instead of trekking to Arab or western countries for medical reason? Let alone “first class care” Eritrean health care “system” doesn’t even have the basic medications, or adequate generators to substitute for the chronic power outage. Trust me I know this from a painful personal experience!

        Last year, my dad went to one of these “first class” hospitals in Eritrea, after a chest pain (no history of heart problems whatsoever). The doctors could not do most of the critical tests because THERE WAS NO ELECTRICITY! He ended up with a cardiac arrest and now he is on multiple poorly medications, whose levels are poorly monitored and cause so many nasty side effects including hallucinations. I discussed the situation with the doctor and he explained that had they been able to do the tests, they could have made better decisions to save the heart. In addition, even now the doctor has to play guess game with the med’s dosage, as he can’t monitor the levels because blood tests are apparently a “luxury” in DIA’s Eritrea. My dad is now bed ridden with a barely-beating heart, and does not know who I am when I call (when the lines work that is). On top of all, I can’t even go to see him and take care of him until the end of his days. It is a desperate situation and I am mad as hell that DIA’s goons like yourself talk about “first class” health care in Eritrea. You guys do not care about Eritrea a bit! You have no attachment or link to Eritrea. You’re outsiders and new comers to genuine Eritreaness which requires absolute loyalty to the people of Eritrea. That’s why you have no shame in stating that the untold suffering the Eritrean people has been subjected to under DIA is “collateral damage”. Your loyalty is a criminal paranoid psychopath and you worship him as a god!

        You wanna convince DIA’s Eritrea has all the “first class” services you so callously claim it has, take your family (every member of it) and go to live there to benefit from these services! Short of that you’re just another heartless coward!

        • yegermal

          BTW, why do you need a Rwandan journalist (not even a health care professional) to tell you about Eritrean health care? Do you not go there yourself to see or do you not have family members back in Eritrea that can tell you about Eritrean state of affairs?

        • yegermal

          *”poorly managed medications”

      • Hameed


        I wonder that you didn’t benefit from the free world you live whom you live among them for years, really it a catastrophe. The reason is very simple, you are addicted to slavery. Selam, the democratic and developed world are governed by institutions, a leader exits and a leader enters to rule, but in countries where people are addicted to slavery they don’t see in institutions happiness. Slavery is the best rule to them and you have history in this. In the past you worshipped Emperor Haile Sellase (Janohoi wey mot and unfortunately you got both) and today you are worshipping Isaias (Alem bi zey nesu tselmat). You think there was no Eritrea before Isaias and there will not be Eritrea after Isaias.

        Don’t forget your umbrella, the sky is raining freedom.

      • Salyounis

        Selamat Haile:

        Congratulations, Haile, you have been elevated to the “zkoreyu” category of hgdef. In case you are not familiar with the PFDJ hierarchy of enemies (or you forgot from the G-15 days), the “zkoreyu” category is reserved for those people that hgdef cannot accuse of Jihadism, regionalism, corruption, sell-outism, defeatism, Weyane-ism. It is its way of saying, “well, I really can’t rebut any of your arguments, I got nothing, so I am just going to accuse you of being ill-tempered.”

        Have you heard of how the thousands upon thousands of Eritrean victims of Isaias’s foolish policies of spite and vengeance are now called “collateral damage”? Don’t you love it how people who rail against the US use the language it uses to defend its own screw ups? See how our countrymen placed in containers and underground prisons are equated with the victims of US drones? Let’s see: I am sure your story is similar to mine. I have an 80+ father in prison; a 15 year old niece who turned 16 in prison; and a brother who was in the military since 2nd Zuria in prison and all of them are “collateral damage.” Three generation of prisoners. This is in addition to the dozens of family members who have been exiled, disappeared and militarized.

        My answer is, sometimes, when somebody accuses me of being mad about something I should be mad about, is–and I need help from my Tinglish friends so I can get past the moderator and censor–but how do you say F-You in tinglish?


        • yegermal

          “See how our countrymen placed in containers and underground prisons are equated with the victims of US drones? ”

          I recently had an encounter a pfdjite ( a friend the same) who although conceded that indefinite and illegal imprisonment should cease immediately in Eritrea and that those held incommunicado should have their day in court without delay, she argued that all Eritrean ills can be traced back to Badme’s occupation by weyane and that the opposition is to blame for it. After a good couple of hours of back and forth kolel, I told her that weyane’s best ally is inside Eritrea and he is doing an exceptional job to invalidate our hard earned independence by emptying the country of its defenders, the youth. And I explained that one of mthe main reasons I want DIA out is because I have no doubt that his ultimate goal to destroy the Eritrean people and nation. Further, I asserted, if she is up in arms about Badme, why isn’t she worried about DIA’s secret deal with Qatar about the Dahlak Kebir island and Assab itself? What if as rumored Assab falls in Ethiopian hands via Qatar? I couldn’t believe her rebuttal! ‘”So what? isn’t the Port of Baltimore administered by Qatar? As, kubur president said, “Mai nai Asseb doh kinsetyo ina” “Asseb yetekemula imber b’ arbae amet contract!” ‘ and on and on…I rebutted “Nay Badme yeeman (rocks) kinkurtumo dina?” ….My point is , DIA makes absurd excuses to justify his horrendous policies and his parrots spread the message across the globe without the minimum pause to reflect or analyze if it all makes sense. In their demented minds, they can’t ask “how come DIA only emulates the negative actions (e.g., Guantanamo and drones) of others but dismisses their positive contribution to humanity, e.g., democracy? Go figure!

        • haile

          Hi again saay,

          Actually your hierarchy analysis has reminded me a conversation I had with a qedamay zur friend. I asked him if he had a rank and he replied that he didn’t. So I said “emo tera ekha?” and he said “ewa’E tera eko dereja alowo.” I said what do you mean?” Where he replied “tera emun, tera zeyemun!” and he told me he was the latter:-)

          • Salyounis

            Selamat Haile korayi:

            FYI, the higdefites have you on the entry-level “korayi.” If they are not happy with you, soon you will graduate to “naive”. (Asha, Begie, etc). After that, you will be Tihte-hagherawi. If you are from Akele-Guzai, weylkha. If you are not from Akele-Guzay, no matter, you will retroactively get that identity. If that doesn’t work, hey, where is your great great great grandfather from? aha! Makes sense! Weyane is in your genes. Not true? It doesn’t matter! “What did you dream? It’s all right, we told you what to dream!”, to quote Pink Floyd.

            I like to put governments in ideological buckets. It’s how I make sense of the world. Using that, the Khmer Rouge is more coherent to me than the PFDJ. Years ago, my friend Saleh Gadi told me that there is no deeper ideological explanation to PFDJ more than “Skunis”. I thought he was being simplistic. But over the years, I am coming to realize it really is no more than that: a bunch of Skunis practicing skunicism or “shiTara” as we used to call it– and they keep getting busted by the Macro Skunis.


            PS: to those who think haven’t I been writing too long about hgdef and Isaias, I have two quotes: one from Al Pacino, another from Atewe Berhan. “I am just getting warmed up.” And “aqebet wedieyo: qulqulet terifuni: ay aregkun gena zterefa alewani.” How much? god willing, 30 more years of raising hell. Ana werakum wezemen tewil!*

            * Egyptian play which means, never mind,it’s not my fault that you chose to be monolingual 🙂

      • haile

        Selamat yegermal, saay, Selam…

        Yegermal: Mhret yewrd and hope that your father overcomes his illness.


        zekoreyu? wey gud! ajibwom moytu!

        I am mostly at a loss when discussions stray to recount experiences of those that have found themselves to be victims of the regime. Many events still haven’t been told, some are so ghastly that one fears for the well being of the nation and simply opts to keep it sealed.

        The regime is an unrestrained animal against the people, and has no sense of humanity whatsoever – truly inhumane regime indeed. In bigger schemes of things, unfortunately, the matter is more worrisome than most people are alerted to.

        A long time tegadalay who has recently managed to escape the clutch’s of the regime in S.Sudan, to come to North America, was explaining to be how the goal posts are wide open right now. Leaving other matters aside, I asked him the possibility of a civilian uprising (knowing full well how that is difficult any way) his reply was “ayy kemu’mo aykealn eyu, eti hizbi moytu eyu oromay…klea’al elka aytihseb.” Regarding the diaspora pro regime, he said “waga yeblomn kem kelbi eyu ztsawetelom!”

        The good news is however, zekoreyu meliom eyom:) and as the regime methodically marched up to the gallows to the hanging spot, escorted by UN sanctions to the right, UNSR indictment of violations on the left and a sure fire from its erstwhile enemies, who have now graduated to attacking it and telling the world that they did so in the knowledge that it is useless to counteract or pose any threat.

        The regime is now going to the lows of bringing out people to the stadium where it spends half a day lecturing them about how ungrateful they are and many other demeaning put downs. The diaspora are blamed for the economic hardships and parents are blamed for human trafficking. Its emissaries are nervous and making shameless utterances you would never have hard them indulge before.

        Against hizbawi’s advice of not predicting anything, if the regimes makes it to its fourth anniversary of extended mandate by the SEMG, it would be a miracle. The problem for the regime is that the woyane have done the silent trick on it and is now slowly meeting etom zekoreyu…negeru adi’U aytr’E zeble eyu:)


        It is difficult to imagine some one of your caliber can just be reduced to such level of indifference to their people, i.e. their flesh and blood. Examples abound of individuals who danced and rolled in the ground to gratify dictators, where are they now? The old woman who died in prison at the time the regime was arresting parents of sigre dob, may be looking down on you! The spirit of the innocent that were swallowed by the sea, the children denied of parents, the mothers whose homes were rendered fatherless, the able bodied men that are refused the right to work and are dehumanized irreversibly, the nation that is made to stand still and bleed to death may haunt you. Do you really have to indulge in this if you consider yourself supporter of the perpetrators of all these sufferings? gega y’khlAley ember…mergem eko nab wulud ewn ysegr eyu…think again.

        • yegermal

          Thank you Haile!

    • Selam

      Haile: there was one question in my early rebuttals that I asked you but you somehow opted to selectively ignore:-)!!
      The question is that Why do the weyanes have station tens of thousands of soldiers armed to the teeth along Asab front while the contentious land is around Badme and its environs? I would like to know your take on this one.
      SAAY feel free to dish out:-) lol I would love to hear your twists:-)

      • haile


        I didn’t actually ignore it “selectively” or otherwise! I am very adept about the regime’s insidious approaches, the subliminal messages it plants and its 1,2,3.. of bado seleste operational manual:)

        In fact, I mentioned to you (provided selected text) on how the process of the EEBC would have culminated the way it did, albeit demarcating the eastern sector. You dismissed that as “demarcation not being the issue.”

        OK, let’s do take II. Since the only source of such news is an opposition (or some claim woyane) radio wegahta, and the regime hasn’t alerted the intl. community or the the diaspora Eritreans of such an imminent threat of visible military maneuvering along the Burei front, where did you source your info. from? The FM was telling you about 250MW electricity, Article 39, all rounded miracles… could he have done better to inform Eritreans that the nation is currently under direct military threat? Considering that the boundary is virtually demarcated, if your fears were to be true, then since the regime has starved, impoverished and dispersed the youth, we might lose the battle now. But surely the war would not be lost because Assab is undisputed Eritrean territory (with full intl. recognition).

        Do you think we should pay attention to this bado seleste, and be set lebet and if we stray aba nrekhba:) to the anti-people regime? Eritrea’s sovereignty is sacrosanct. Of course, the regime has put the nation in a situation where it is likely going to have to face woyane under arms embargo, demoralized, hungry and a youth ready to flee in their thousands. But, may be, just may be the weyane might say neigh…we’ll pass taking advantage at this time. Because the Eritreans are badly beaten by the regime of IA and are bleeding heavily. yedngxulna ykhonu:)

        • Selam

          Selam Haile Korayi:-( Blame it to SAAY:-)
          SAAY- despite our differences, I immensely enjoy you humor!
          Haile Korayi- you wrote: “OK, let’s do take II. Since the only source of such news is an opposition (or some claim woyane) radio wegahta, and the regime hasn’t alerted the intl. community or the the diaspora Eritreans of such an imminent threat of visible military maneuvering along the Burei front, where did you source your info. from? ”
          I posed the question for very simple reason i.e, to find out whether your grasp of the objective situation in Eritrea today is realistic and also to find out wether you know it fully well but engaged to weaken our defense to see your arch enemy -i.e., PIA destroyed. This remind me of your idol who attempted to demoralize and weaken our defense forces when he uttered the infamous words” weyane Atalaqomuna”! In his mind , his pressing need was to see PIA go , regardless the impact on the nation during that very trying time!!
          For a person who claims to have full knowledge of the inner workings of PIA leadership, it is hard you would fail to know the situation around Burie front during and post war situation. I am not even going to labor to explain to you this well known fact! So I arrested my case that you are part and parcel of a force deployed to weaken the spirit of the Eritrean people and its defense forces!!

  • Ali

    Wal. May pig??? Is wen the Eritrean Pinole fight the Stallian coloney. This is verey ? Way the Ethipia sent troop to s kuria?

  • spade spade

    if I hadn’t come to know the Western mentality I could be worried so much of their evil deeds to my beloved country and people.But I am blessed with too much knowledge of them,from their kitchens to their parlaments…you have to be very clever and recourcefull to deal with these you think these evils will treat a person better from the anti-government than pro-government?Wisdom is required…

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      So you mean if the west is helping a country there is some hiden agenda behind the aid.

      Did any western country help Eritrea ever?

      How have you With this ‘too much knowladge of you’ help Eritrea?

      Is sanctioning Eritrea concidered as helping Ethiopia? I mean do the west sanction Eritrea to help Ethiopia or Ethiopia use the situation for its advantge?

      In 2009 there is no doubt the government of Eritrea and USA were on head on collision for anybody followed isayas multitude interviews. Should usa ignore Eritrea or come up With this sanciton thing?

  • Selam

    I can repeat it proudly that Ezi Sebeay Geles Alowo Gele:-),
    How a failed nation is posing to achieve 6 out of 8 MDG:-)
    You may not see skyscrapers buildings and ring roads but the nation is being built from bottom up:-)
    I like your detailed account of Eritrea’s financial cooperation with China and so on, It seems it was prepared for the UN monitoring group:-), Let me tell you again- the monitoring group will not be allowed to enter Eritrea to check Eritrea’s military standing:-) Abeden, it will never happen- the nation is led by men with balls who wouldn’t cave-in to posturing by lame fat cow UN baurocrats! let alone now- even during the trying period , Wedi Afom stood his ground when the Russians, Germans, Cubans, Yemenis and what have you- coordinated with Ethiopia to run over his trenches in Sahle and his response was -we will sit on the edge of the blade and fight till the end. He became victorious!! He weathered everything!! I am sure Sale is sometimes when he wants to is a pragmatic person and he couldn’t deny this fact…look Hailed you seem to be a very prolific researcher and I recommend you that you research and detail the tireless efforts exerted by Ethiopia and US to break Wedi-Afom’s sprit the same way as you did in finding the detailed account of Eritrea’s external debts? Did he budge down? No he didn’t! On the contrary, Wedi Afom is in much better position than last year and year before that and so on.
    Don’t get me wrong Issaise is as dictator as one could get but his dictatorship is a benevolent one and his mode of operandi to lift Eritrea out of poverty and make a self sufficient country is the only indispensible way and it is showing fruits for many doubted him when he coined the strategic withdrawal but his prophetic ability to shape trends is amazing – and the strategic withdrawal worked like a movie script and his way of leading the country might be unpopular and unorthodox but I can assure you that Eritrea is in much better position compared to other African countries.
    Let me share a personal story with you, due to my profession, I extensively travel to many African countries, and recently I was in Angola- a country blessed with bountiful natural resources and the government is garnering billions of dollars from Oil and other resources extractions but if you see how the 90% of Angolans live the daily lives, you get sick to your stomach and they live in deplorable situation. PIA is like Wehale Ade –Merfi’En TeTun Endalagebet –NeSedere’A T’Engel!!
    I am not saying that Wedi-Afom is an angel, if you derailed from his instructions, he will put you in line. You see Haile, if you become a dictator, you might as well become a good one!! Man whenever I go to Asmara, I could trade the peace and tranquility in the streets for anything you don’t even see a single military person with in the streets, the country runs seamlessly –peaceful!!
    And, believe it or not, PIA is handling the situation with Ethiopia and US the way he is handling it because that is the only way he could defend the country’s sovernity! If he compromises to US and Ethiopia ploy to enter the negotiation table, Eritrea will be told in black and white leave Assab to Ethiopia if you want to live in peace!! Mind you, while the disputed border area is around Badme, Why is Ethiopia deploying its well equipped and best trained military along Burie-Assab defense lines? The strategy is clear as a broad day light, once Ethiopia managed to weaken and topple PIA through the help US and Hasusat within Eritrea, then thousands Ethiopian soldiers stationed along Burie will just march to Assab and occupy for posterity! They have already got US blessing to do that!! US has long decided that a soon 100 million to be Ethiopian population needs its own port and the 5 million Eritrea could afford to relinquish its ownership of Assab! But Wedi-Afom said Embeley- Behagerey Ayewegane ye!!! And he opted to face all the challenges head on and that is why the nation is going through all these hostilities! But again, lomiwen kem Qedem, he is weathering all storm!! Heji Wen, Ezi SebAysi geles Alewo Gele!!! And I can assure you, PIA managed to weather all these storms because he has supporters and I can assure we are in hundreds of thousands, ready to give our lives to protect this selfless leader!!! Haile , you could cry dictators this dictator that until cows come home but the lion of march will keep on marching!!

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Selam,
      It is the same with Gaddafi,Sedam,Mubarek and all those who fiald badly. it is not becouse they are brave or clever etc. the magic starts when poor honest people thought they ar serving the country and those crimianls around them are working hard. there are other reasons that make this kind of people continue and even they don’t know which day will be the last.

      but even hopefuly ours will be differnt as we will not be in mess like other countries when the end of PFDJ comes. it seems to me it is cooked nicely as no supporter will remain to defend the dictator as all the honest people are going out of that camp and the opportinist will sing before you and me do.

    • haile


      MDG? and wedi-Afom jigna don’t actually mix. The regime has reduced you a nation of beggars by effectively shutting you off and meaningful participation in your country’s development and enrolled you on beggars assistance program. And here you come drum beating to show off how well you’re doing on the program that you should never have been put on in the first place.

      The aim of the MDG is to lift the peoples in poor countries out of extreme poverty. The first time base data was obtained for Eritrea in this regard was 1993 – 1995, where it was assessed that 57% of the population were below poverty levels. The second comparative data was obtained in 2001 – 2003 where 66% of the population was found to be below poverty level. The worsening situation was blamed on the war but the obvious acts of the regime to amplify the effects of the war (describing it as gulbub mirqa) was never attacked.

      IA (your hero) had long introduced a vocabulary called hibretesebat m’himash (ruining societies) in his accusation of the CIA. But, he was really describing what he was doing himself. The regime ensured that the nation would NEVER be in a position to overcome the damage from the war.

      Talking of m’himash, let’s look at the exchange rate. The regime adamantly refused to adjust the Dollar to Nakfa exchange for more than a decade and half by more than few cents from its current $1=15Nakfa. My information from two days ago is that the current black market rates are any where between 53 – 55 nakfa for a dollar. I don’t believe this policy of perused for lack of means to control it, just to serve a grand design of destroying the potential of the people to make meaningful contribution (in fact play active role in the distraction) of the nation’s economy.

      Recently, the regime passed a proclamation that:

      1 – increased undeclared foreign currency that can come in to the country.

      2 – declaring that any business transaction that takes place between Eritreans in the diaspora and those at home has to pass through the country’s banks (actual transaction, money payment that is)

      #1 is meant to allay fears by travelers of being caught with undeclared currency, so that they can bring as much as they can and exchange it in the black market. There is no way you would go there and exchange in $1 to 15 NKF (a small pastry cake costs 15 NKF in Asmara’s Pyramid Pastry Shop to give you an idea). The regime didn’t revise official exchange rates along that policy, effectively making the people unwilling participants of its orgy of eye sore economics.

      #2 was meant to politically shield the regime from greater diaspora/home business interactions that would be a catalyst for further problems to its system. By insisting that you do business at 15 NKF for a dollar, Eritrea is off limits. If you ask why it had to rush the proclamation, it was to do with the transaction involving Mediana Hotel in Asmara that was purchased by people that who live in the diaspora and apparently the payments were transacted abroad. I have limited knowledge how it all ended up though.

      So, your “great leader” has reduced you to have nothing meaningful to say about Eritrea other than sing him praises for everything, including for the fact that Eritreans are breathing fresh air. The time of our history that you recall was a feat achieved by Eritreans. But you are rendered so powerless and beholden to how you would fare in the MDG’s beggars assistance program that it is embarrassing to say the least. Many disabled tegadelties were deployed and fought in bravery in those battles that the Eritreans refused to back down. HOW DARE you appropriate the praise to someone who has long turned to anti-people criminal! However much a BEND OVER you want to play to him!

      The regime borrowed and embezzled money on the nation’s name to build the Orrotta Med school, from the Chinese. After just 4 years of funfare, it had kicked out the main collaboration stuff, thrown out Dr Mezgebe, arrested another for the crime of being Pente and now you got what you deserve.

      Tell me Selam, why is the country divided up into operation zones (zobatat srhit)? Why are people taken to vicinity of major towns in the small hours of the morning to dig all day? What are they digging? Why are all the festivals and dancing in the diaspora constantly video recorded and we never have seen any full video release of any of the regime’s social gatherings?

      Selam, things will move one in due course and you can play la la till kingdom comes. One thing I can assure you is however, it is high time that people start to think they own their future and not a dubious regime that is quarantined by the world and making Eritrea an inhospitable place to be for its citizens.

      • haile

        And on “wedi-Afom” embiley Assab aytitenkfuley…you said:

        “If he compromises to US and Ethiopia ploy to enter the negotiation table, Eritrea will be told in black and white leave Assab to Ethiopia if you want to live in peace!! Mind you, while the disputed border area is around Badme, Why is Ethiopia deploying its well equipped and best trained military along Burie-Assab defense lines? The strategy is clear as a broad day light, once Ethiopia managed to weaken and topple PIA through the help US and Hasusat within Eritrea, then thousands Ethiopian soldiers stationed along Burie will just march to Assab and occupy for posterity! They have already got US blessing to do that!! US has long decided that a soon 100 million to be Ethiopian population needs its own port and the 5 million Eritrea could afford to relinquish its ownership of Assab! But Wedi-Afom said Embeley- Behagerey Ayewegane ye!!! ”

        According to the EEBC’s report, as they suspended the demarcation process, having totally criticizing of Ethiopia’s refusal to implement the demarcation process in accordance to the delimitation, they have this to say about Mr Embiley :

        “…Eritrea was not prepared to accept the proposal made by Ethiopia for the completion of demarcation in the Eastern Sector unless there was at the same time a clear assurance from Ethiopia that the rest of the boundary would also be demarcated.42 The Boundary Commission accordingly suspended its work in March 2005….”

        This was in regards to Ethiopia’s position at the time that demarcation could go ahead on the Eastern sector. Wouldn’t you say that you would have had less worry about Assab if the eastern sector (one that includes Assab) had been demarcated at the time and then insist on the rest of the border just like now? Why did embiley Nhagerey refused to secure Assab any way/

        Well…Selam, saay said something the other day…sell crazy some place else…

        • yegermal

          “This was in regards to Ethiopia’s position at the time that demarcation could go ahead on the Eastern sector. Wouldn’t you say that you would have had less worry about Assab if the eastern sector (one that includes Assab) had been demarcated at the time and then insist on the rest of the border just like now? Why did embiley Nhagerey refused to secure Assab any way/”

          This was the single most obvious and devastating blunder DIA committed and his dimwitted supporters missed completely while they were parroting the tired “demarcation now” slogan. If one adds up DIA’s action beginning with his infamous “Nhnan Elaman” manifesto and up to sparking the numerous skirmishes with all border countries (and beyond), culminating in the 1998 “senseless war” with Ethiopia; and subsequent arrest of anyone that opposed his actions, one can easily surmise that DIA was never interested in safeguarding Eritrean sovereignty. He was and is a mole of the super powers and won’t stop until he accomplishes his mission of making Eritrean independence not-worth-protecting. OK now, it sounds we’re traveling in the same direction! Should I declare “conversion” complete and ……kinda permanent? 🙂

        • Dan

          Please talk about your country. Ethiopians are not talking about the failing nation of Eritrea. Please touch the ground. We donot need to hear the word Eritrea.

      • Hailat,

        Zoom it and open it perpetually… seem to have the in-house data of the secret house(house of PFDJ). You are speaking on the day-to-day life experience of our people under this diabolic regime. Your strategy is working and your debate skill is rising as the facts are on your side. Keep opening the envelope to its limit. Even if they came with different nick names from their dispatching centers inside and abroad, their message is not different (attack and demean). They don’t have maneuvering room as the facts are not on their side. Surprisingly,You made them disappear one after the other like deamination process -removal of an amine from molecules, and you acting as a catalyst to speed their removals. What a show and exposition!! Cheers.

      • Selam

        Haile – First allow me to express my admiration for your passion and efforts to back up your arguments with numbers. I cannot deny the fact that the nation has been going through very trying times but PIA leadership has found no other alternative but to face these challenges head on and not budge down. In the course of defending the nation, sometimes leaderships are forced to take unpopular measures that need belt tightening on the part of the population. PIA- given the enormous adversity faced by the 80 million pound gorilla next door supported by the sole superpower nation in this planet, he has no choice but to have full control on the media, economy and security. In the course of exercising those austere measures, there are always collateral damages and I am sure you are one of the victims of side effects of the measures taken by PIA leadership to safeguard the nation and make sure that the nation making process go as planned.
        In some circumstances the means justifies the end but when you face adversities of biblical proportion as one faced by new nation called Eritrea, the end could justify the means and the end is PIA leadership withered all the adversity and enabled to have a nation which is envy of many. My nation is not a beggar as you have alluded to- it is a nation of self dignified and self respecting people who strive to live off their toil not hand outs. What you have detailed in your counter argument is all repetition of same semantics echoed by all those hate the guts of PIA leadership for various reasons that range from : some are may be genuinely disagree with the course of actions he is taking, some are may be soiled with narrow clannish or regionalist tendencies, some may have hidden latent jihadists agendas waiting to strike at the right moment and some may be are opposing for sake of opposing  Whatever the reason is PIA has succeeded to wither all these adversities because he has solid supporters behind him. After waging all these intense propagandas, name blackening , diplomatic isolations and sanctions the defection rate from his leadership circle doesn’t even amount to 2% and that shows one he has solid supporters that enabled him to face all the challenges head on and come out victorious- period!!
        BTW, when I admired my dear leader for has prophetic prediction of the stratagic withdrawal and its monumental results, I was also admiring his compatriots who stood along with him through thick and thin
        The point I am trying to drive home here is that- In my opinion, all the collateral damages that you detailed have indeed take place but given the adversities PIA faced and the measures he has to take to defend the nation are acceptable!! And, that is why significant portion of the population is still sympathizing with the president! Man –he has done it for the last forty years! You have seen how he was greeted during his NY visit!! I mean who would drive tens of hours to be in NY City to hear his/her president speak? I flew five hours to be in NYC to greet the lion of Nakfa and no one put a gun on my head to do that but I did to show my solidarity with his determination!!
        Haile – on the demarcation front- trust me it is not about demarcation or whether the border is demarcated from the west or from the east, the whole ploy is to immerse Eritrea in prolonged state of no-peace-no-war period and use that period to weaken the formidable leadership through propaganda, sanctions and creating traitors here and there and finally when the PIA leadership rendered weak and insignificant, then fragment the nation through the infamous article 39 poison But all these will not happen under PIA’s watch and he will do whatever it takes to defeat this ploy too and he has significant support to see it to the end!! Already the weyane house of card is crumbling and weyanes are already beginning to negotiate by even offering bizarre offers like trading electric power for land no they will better time selling sand to the Saudis or bridges to Brooklyn dwellers
        To sum up, I hate to see fellow brilliant compatriot like yourself Haile to be victims of the collateral damage in the course of defending the nation, but I hope once all our enemies throw a white towel, I want to see you applying your brilliance to make our nation flourish!! Last but not least, as much as I respect your distaste to PIA, I am sure you respect my wish to die in his defense! If I could, I would give 10 years of my life Entay mo entay mo eza alem ziamo! Zeykeal koyenu!!:-)

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Lemlem! You put the government’s policy simple and Clear. The dissagreement is arised thus you choose leading a country by balls is best while others preferes leading the country by brain. You have Your own reason why you choose the balls and others have their own reasons why they preefer brains. What the other are saying having balls over brains must be a Choice not imposition for ever. You have enjoyed Your Choice for 22 years. The tranquility of Asmara With out uniform was Your sacreed thing better than life itself. So do you think those men of Yours With balls need uniform to traqulize Asmara?

    • TheTruth

      Great comment. You hit it on the head.

      • TheTruth

        This was related to Selam’s comment.

    • seliho

      gizie aytselewekan zihawey. as what you have put it, you are a professional with all the privileges to tour all over the world, while your brothers are chained like slaves waiting to be shipped out far away. you are alien to the day to day life of my people. just go on justifying the situation and the fathers of that habibi. as far as you are in the right position from the burning fire, it will not burn you and it will not let u feel cold.

      you are in your 50s or 60s, if you have all the professional privileges that you have enlisted–it implies you own a villa, your kids go to international school, your wife goes to Enda Korea for medical check ups during pregnancy……so, disturbing the statuesque in Eritrea is like snatching bread from your kids for you.
      – and did you understand brother….the need for change in eritrea is relative…..changing it is a loose to people like you, preserving it is a loose to the injured.
      thank you for the help that you are doing to my people!!
      -may the voices of pain from Sinai victims and their mothers turn in to fire and burn you. you can be more useful to my country after you are changed to humus than a being a professional.

  • haile


    Gele alowo gele:-) emo hade hade do knbleki kabti gele? Leaving every other loan and grant sources aside, let’s just look at China’s loans and assistance grants to the regime. And don’t forget the recent income from the extraction of minerals. So, you are telling us the parasitic regime has been investing the nation’s resources on Agricultural machines?

    The regime has just been balancing the sheets in between embezzling national funds obtained through loans and grants….It never spent a dime on you. Why should it? You work your … for free don’t you?

    1) 200,000 lines fixed telecom network rehabilitation project…$30.8m…In 2005, ZTE agreed to a 200,000 line fixed telecom network rehabilitation project for 18 months. The project cost $21.45 million and was funded by the Export-Import Bank of China. The scope of the project includes PSTN fixed network switching equipment, CDMA wireless equipment, intelligent network, voice mailboxes, client service center, router, ADSL and others. The status of the project is uncertain.

    2) Interest-free loan for hospital…$17.0m… On May 31, 2003, Chinese ambassador Chen Zhanfu handed the keys to the Orotta hospital over to President Isayas Afewerki at inauguration ceremony in Asmara. The ceremony was attended by Saleh Meky, the Eritrean Minister of Health. At 200-beds and covering 10,000 sq metres, the fully-equipped Orotta hospital is the largest in Eritrea. It was funded by a $10,000,000 interest-free loan.

    3) $3m Grant (needs to be double-checked; might be duplicate)…$5.0m…On June 15, 2003, Eritrean Economic Advisor Woldai Futur and China’s Vice Minister for Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Zhou Keren signed an agreement for a $3m grant.

    4) $3m Debt Cancellation…$5.0m…. On June 15, 2003, Eritrean Economic Advisor Woldai Futur and China’s Vice Minister for Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Zhou Keren signed a $3m debt cancellation agreement. This relieved Eritrea’s obligation to repay a soft loan received in 1994 for agricultural machinery.

    5) $2.4m Grant…$4.0m…On January 9, 2002, Eritrean Foreign Affairs Minister Ali Sayyid Abdallah and Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan signed a $2.4 million grant for economic and technical projects.

    6) $2m aid…$3.2m…On May 6, 2003, Eritrean Economic Advisor Dr. Woldai Futur and Chinese Ambassador to Eritrea Chen Zhanfu signed a $2 million aid agreement for use in economic and technical sectors.

    7) 2k tonne of donation of Maize…On March 28, 2003, Eritrea received a 2,000 metric ton donation of maize from the Chinese government to combat the drought. The Chinese ambassador to Eritrea passed the donation to the director of macropolicy and international cooperation, Dr Woldai Fitur. The head of the Grain Board, Ms Hiwot Zemikael, also attended the handing over ceremony

    8) Demining training groups…From 2001 to 2003, China sent two groups of experts to Eritrea for training and on site instruction on demining. 60 Eritrean deminers were trained, who cleared at least 103,000 sq meters of minefields and removed at least 587 mines and other unexploded ordnance

    9) 1.8m dollars development agreement…$2.7m…On June 1, 2004, Eritrean Foreign Minister Ali Sayyid Abdallah and Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing held talks in China on bilateral and international issues, culminating in a CNY 15M development assistance agreement.

    10) $23m loan for telecommunications development…$31.0m…In Asmara on April 11, 2006, Eritrean National Development Minister Woldai Futur and China’s ambassador to Eritrea Ju Zian signed a $23 million preferential loan agreement funded by the Export-Import Bank of China to build infrastructure for fixed and mobile telephones. The project is expected to take 1.5 years. The project will improve Eritrea’s current communication network, establish fixed telephone network coverage in major cities, extend CDMA basic wireless coverage for the entire country, including islands, and increase the telecommunications usage density from the current 1.5% to 6.5%.

    11) Electronic media equipment…In October 2006, the Chinese Embassy to Eritrea extended different electronic media equipment to the Eritrean Ministry of Information. Mr. Asmelash Abraha, Director General of TV in the Ministry, said the equipment would help in the day-to-day activities of the Ministry.

    12) Gedem Cement Factory…$107.7m…On August 15, 2006, President Isayas Afewerki held talks with a Chinese delegation from the Export-Import Bank of China headed by VP Zhu Hongjie. The Chinese delegation was expected to observe the site and conduct a study on ways of extending a loan for the establishment of a cement factory in Gedem, Eritrea. The $80 million cement factory was completed in 2011, financed by Chinese preferential loans.

    13) Donation of de-mining equipment…The Chinese government and the Mine Action Service of the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations are co-sponsoring another training workshop on de-mining technology from May to June 2000, with trainees from Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Rwanda.

    14) College of Arts and Social Science Expansion…On July 24, 2007, Eritrea announced that it had signed two economic agreements with China on expanding the Red Sea state’s universities and unspecified technical cooperation. The agreements included programs to expand the College of Arts and Social Science currently under construction in Adi-Keyih. The College was inaugurated on June 11, 2010.

    15) $60m loan…$71.6m…In 2007, China Import-Export Bank agreed to lend $60 million to Eritrea to buy 40% of the Bisha gold mine from Canada’s Nevsun Resources

    16) 500 million yuan ($67.36 million) soft loan…$78.4m…In 2006, China Import-Export Bank signed a CNY 500 million soft loan with Eritrea. The status of the loan is uncertain.

    17) Chinese Medical Team Provides Health Service in Awgaro…In 2008, an eight-member Chinese medical team provided health services in Awgaro. The head of the Awgaro health center, Mr Girmai Measho, stated that the Chinese doctors gave efficient medical treatment to patients from different areas of Laelai-Gash sub-zone.

    18) $6m loan, cooperation agreement…$5.6m…On September 4, 2010, Eritrea and China concluded a $6 million interest-free loan agreement. The loan was planned for Eritrea’s food security development. Mr Berhane Abrehe, minister of finance, signed the agreement on the Eritrean government side, and deputy foreign minister, Zhai Jun, on the side of the government of the PRC.The status of the loan is uncertain.

    19) Mine-Sweeping Equipment and Training…On November 12, 2001, China donated mine-sweeping equipment to Eritrea. Chinese Ambassador to Eritrea Chen Zhanfu, Eritrean officials and Chinese military experts were present at the ceremony. Officials from the Chinese embassy said that Chinese military experts will conduct personnel training for Eritrea and go on a fact-finding mission to learn about landmine conditions in the country. The status of the equipment is uncertain. STAFF_NOTES: Projects involving military contribution for a humanitarian purpose such as de-mining equipment have been categorized as ODA-like. This is part of the Peacekeeping section of the OECD categorization. Other military contributions of development and humanitarian assistance will be similarly categorized as ODA-like.

    20) Training for new leather technology…In June 2008, the Chinese government paid for the students from 36 countries, including Kenya, to come to Beijing to learn how to turn cattle hides into finished leather using the latest technology. The countries participating include Tanzania, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and more from South America and Asia. China’s Ministry of Commerce funded students’ flights, accommodation, month-long training course and visits to local tanneries. The training was going to go for one month. The amount is unknown.
    21) Educational and Medical Services…In 2007, Chinese Vice-Premier Wu Yi called on a group of 100 Africa-bound experts and volunteers to provide good service to their African hosts. 26 volunteers were sent to work in education and medical services in Mauritius, Tunisia, and Eritrea.The status of the workers is uncertain. STAFF_NOTES: This project was left ODA-like since the Vice-Premier made an announcement for the volunteers. There is no information on which organization or government sponsored the volunteer program, but the government’s approval of it creates a logical argument for ODA-like.


    • Thank you haile its not what they say then all selfreliance,Wala eti nezegeberelka geberelo wey Negerelo gedifomo. please carry on digout.

  • Selam

    Aye Saleh – it was premature ejaculation on your part….actually the sanction has been a blessing in disguise to Eritrea- one PIA is not indeferent on the power of US and western world’s ability todo whatever they please at the UN….so somehow it has thought wedi-Afeom diplomacyL0( lol
    The other blessing that came from the sanction is – Eritrea unlike Ethiopia hasn’t spend hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase Sukois and MIGS instead the hard currency was spent to buy tractors, combiners and other agr equps….
    So Salh -from now on the sanction will render null because it was based on false premesis to begin with:-) so your gold for food recomendation was just wet dreams 🙂 Salh- your meles is gone….Saleh of yemen is gone…Mubarek is gone and wedi afom is roaming the gash fields:-) gele alewo gele:-)

    • Salyounis

      Selam Selam:

      Ah, here comes the gulbub mrqa angle.

      Let’s see. At 20.9%, Eritrea has the highest military expenditures to GDP ratio, according to SIPRI ( which is REALLY HIGH, considering that the number 2 spends 9.7% of its GDP and you are saying, thanks to the sanctions, otherwise we would have spent even higher. Yay, victory, what a blessing.

      I love, love, love, the PFDJ’s ability to call every clusterf%$k a “blessing in disguise.” You go, Selam. Every “open curse” is a “blessing in disguise” according to the PFDJ.

      By the way, in case accuracy about this thing matters to you, what we reported was that the SEMG had recommended that the UN have a heightened cash monitoring, but that it is not likely to pass because there are no votes for it.

      Our diplomatic sources inform us that there are not enough votes at the UNSC to adopt any of the recommendations at this time

      This, it turns out, is what ended up happening. This is not something you have to spend a lot of time researching: all you have to do is read Gedab News of July 22nd:

      We don’t do the hand-feeding thing (higdefites bite) but is there any more spoon-feeding we can do for you? We accept your thanks: you are welcome.


      • Selam

        Trust Me SAAY- when I said your recomendation I knew what I was talking about- You and your elks provide weyanes with wild dreams including a wet dream like of trading gold for food 🙂 lol, and they hand it to US and US hands it to the monitoring group….what matters is the origin:-) …the reason you got the so called leaked document is that because you are part and parcel of the ploy. Leaked you said:-), it was sent to you from Weyane inteligence agencies!! We are not born yesterday SAAY:-)
        The whole execrcise is not about Somalia- it is on how to bring wedi-afom on his knees and SAAY, you know it first hand, the man is made of iron steel:-), you start opposing him in your forties and you are now in your mid sixities, did anything change:-)?

        • Salyounis

          selamat Selam:

          I was counting how many things you have gotten wrong in your piece…but I got tired because I am in my 70s.:)

          As for your Wdasse, hey, I respect people’s right to worship any god of their choosing. I may comment, at times, for a different hymn book, but sing away 🙂


          • Selam

            When wedi afom said there is no free press , he was refering to what you just did:-) it is all good pal:-) have a nice week end!!

        • yegermal

          DIA was in his mid 20s when he was sent to meda as a CIA mole. He didn’t return to Asmara (again as a mole) until he was in his mid 50s. Unless you’re saying that DIA is immortal and his power is eternal, what is your point?

  • So..its conformed saleh younis is not well come to Asmara or Red sea coast. these is what Thomas C mountain had to say to Philmon Habtom on his article Eritrea missing billions… “of course you can always join sal younnis in addis for a cuppacino, but never again will you walk the streets of asmara or enjoy the red sea”,

    • Salyounis

      Hi Dave:

      Hmmm. I wonder which one of these Eritrean expressions is the appropriate answer for Thomas Mountain, a classic useful idiot (definition: “propagandists for a cause whose goals they do not understand”):

      1. seb xew’Aley tebelkus: beAl beles::
      2. anchiwa wshaTe: anchiwa dege tewXa::
      3. kor tegelbeT::
      4. Tiq dma TraT::
      5. QelaSmkum Irfi ychebta:
      ae’mrekom Qelem yweQta:
      Elal quinat xbuq gerbi ile:
      mUr Ire ny Qanza Hakele:
      goyta XnAt: wXaE meAt….
      nHadish guEzo…
      bHadish mhzo…
      until the Thomas Mountains go packing…
      selem zybel Ayni Asa..
      Hailub Aqlu wedi Ambessa.
      Please make your selection now. Whichever selection you made is the right one because it will make him go ask for translation:) The only thing you can’t say is “yegermena alo!” because that’s a PFDJ slogan. Those guys are just amazed by everything. 🙂


      • Nice One Sal and I will add one more amharic “BeWahela yemeta AynaWta”

      • yohannes

        salih, writing pages and pages on line doesnt bear fruit,whats the purpose,i dont think you can change some bodys mentality specially eritrean mentality ,we accustomed enough,its been so long,we know each other,dont waste your time nobody is going to follow your propoganda and going to raise against isayas,as you said you are in your 70th, maybe you need walker to walk,your expectation is somebody to do for you the hard work,,,just wasting your time my brother

        • Salyounis

          Selamat Yohannes:

          Thank you for your concern. Here’s the thing, though:

          1. I grew up with people who thought that the King of Kings was an Elect of God (Himself!), a demigod. They had special days of fasting for him. He, in the end, was buried underneath the toilet of a new tyrant.
          2. I grew up with people who thought that a Black Stalin would reign forever. He either died of a massive heart attack in exile or he didn’t–I am entirely indifferent.
          3. I grew up with stubborn, brave Eritreans who were completely unmoved by the “king of kings” legend, and refused to be even slightly terrified by the legend of the “black stalin.”

          Now, think, Yohannes. What is Isaias Afwerki compared to those two? Yeah, sure, he has his followers who think he is an Elect of God. Yeah, sure, he has followers who think he is perfect. But, compared to those two, he is an ordinary punk, a bully. And it would be a great dishonor to the Tegadelti and the Ghedli that I romanticize if I didn’t do my little share (writing) to remind people that he is just a little punk and a bully. 🙂


          PS: Breaking News. (Or “sebari zena” as our friends at E-Sat call it): You do NOT have to read what I write. That gun pointed at your head forcing you to read what I write is imaginary.

          • yohannes

            Salih,isayas is not going to live forever,he can die today tomorrow any day,he can catch pneumonia,headache(stroke)his vein can burst in his brain & can die in a minute,he is a human being then whats going to happen???do we have any body ready to take his place to lead as for election from all those call them selves opposition groups, i dont think so,they are going to kill each other,to be president ,prime minister etc,,then why you and other intelectual eritreans create one real strong opposition group,me and alot eritrean people gave up, i can say we dont have an opposition group yet,we dont have a choice to choose,thats why isayas is better,thats why i follow him

  • It’s sad we are talking about weather a sanction gone be lifted or eritrea will collapse while other African countries racing on economy success,Come one ERITREA is this what we worth.obviously I blame wedi medhin and his crony
    bejaki endo eritrea bejaki endo……..

  • ahmed

    [Moderator: “ahmed Kezabim.” This time we will let it go, but your nick, Ahmed, is a misrepresentation. Read our guidelines carefully.]

    the awate team are kezabim. you can’t fool us. read again what the unsc council is saying. that what you awate-team are saying is only your interpratation. in fact the unsc is saying the influence of eritrea in somalia and the dispute with djobouti CONSTITUTE A THREAT TO INTERNATIONAL SECURITY AND PEACE. this is defferent one from saying eritrean gov. is a threat to international peace and security. Again Mr. Younis and Mr Saleh, you are kezabim

    • Salyounis

      Abu Selah:

      Help out a brother: what is “kezabim”? I want to be outraged that we were called kezabim, but I don’t know what that word is.


      Don’t strain yourself so much. Reach out for a paper bag, inhale, exhale. Then,using short sentences, tell us what the point you are trying to make is.


      • Saay,

        He seem his train of thought has left him long ago. I don’t think he will say better than what he said.

      • bukretsion

        i think he is trying to say ‘kezabin’ and i just want to say kulu sena we’ ante tyib.

        • Salyounis

          Hey Bukretsion:

          Yeah, we know. We are just trying to lay bare to the “monolingual lobby”: they spent half their life advocating that Eritrea does not need Arabic, then, with fake names, they pretend to speak Arabic to send some kind of Hade hzbi Hade lbi message, but they mess it up because they are hopelessly, incurably monolingual 🙂 we are saying “Gedima, fahmha wehiya Tayra“:) We are saying don’t come unarmed to a battle of wits, because we will put the clown suit on you.



          • bukretsion

            when i was in egypt 20 years ago i call my self ‘khalid’ i wasn’t playing a battle of wits, but i was trying to be friendly, because of that i had 6 beautiful years, i felt like as if it’s my country and is better be ‘trilingual’.

          • Salyounis

            Selamat Bukretsion:

            “The battle of wits” reference was to “Ahmed” not to you.

  • Haqi

    Karma is a @&$! Mafia pfdj. The mafia evil regime screws the Eritrean people and u.n does it the same to pfdj. We the Eritrean people are enjoying watching mafiosos, cult worshipers cry for justice, due process, fairness lol

    Charity begins at home mafia pfdj

    • TheTruth

      I think you need to re-read what was written to get a better understanding of what transpired. As for sanctions, they typically effect the civilians rather than the leadership.

      • Ozi

        To the so called TheTruth,
        I have nothing against you! but as a general rule watch who ever says “Trust me”, ”Serving the Truth” and the like….
        History repeats itself, by those who say “Sanctions affect the civilians rather than the leadership” that’s what exactly what was claimed by Margaret Thatcher when she was opposing the sanction against apartheid in South Africa in 1985 and she was on the very wrong side of history. It amazed me then and I am amazed now about those who hide their head under the sand and claim to care about the civilians. Eritreans are very patient and resilient, let’s wait and see!!

        • TheTruth

          You do know that she also advocated for sanctions against Iraq, where 500K children died, in which she responded it was worth it. Saddam and his regime lived on for many years after that until the second invasion. So I guess your point remains mute.

        • TheTruth

          This clip states it all:

          Sanctions have never impacted regimes. It simply entrenches them in power. How people cannot understand this blows my mind

  • Awate team,

    Could you please elaborate or show the difference of two seemingly contradictory statements. They are:(a) the United Nations Security Council passed resolution (2111) on 24 July to relax the arms embargo on Somalia and Eritrea. (b)The arms embargo on Eritrea will remain in place, with some changes to accommodate “humanitarian or protective use.” Need some clarification before we start to comment on it.

    • Salyounis

      Sure Emma:

      “12. Decides that the arms embargo on Eritrea shall not apply to supplies of non-lethal military equipment intended solely for humanitarian or protective use, as approved on case-by-case basis in advance by the Committee;

      “13. Decides that the arms embargo on Eritrea shall not apply to protective clothing, including flak jackets and military helmets, temporarily exported to Eritrea by United Nations personnel, representatives of the media and humanitarian and development workers and associated personnel for their personal use only;

      Best regards

    • haile


      “…with some changes to accommodate “humanitarian or protective use.”…” to may understanding this is a measure put in place to allow import of arms to Eritrea in the event that the regime collapses and there is problems with law & order. In this case external actors (regional or intl.) who may be mandated to intervene (such as the case of AMISOM, Ethiopia, Kenya in Somalia) would be exempted from the arms embargo.

      It is sad, under the despotic regime, we are reduced to listening in to discussions of outsiders as they discuss how they would administer the impeding crisis that the regime is setting us up to. Eritrea is put under sanctions for the next 16 months and the world didn’t even bother to tell the regime why by issuing is the SEMG report.

      Lemlem is worried this may damage UN’s reputation. In fact, Eritrea’s reputation at the hands of a despotic regime is outside her remit to worry about.


      • Dawit,

        We already knew you that you are “I know it all.” I will hold myself not to say beyond.

        • AH,

          Absolutely !

          Let me add one thing so you can put it in your toll box for future reference. I can also say that I ‘ve “been there done that”. So, you can neither tell me one thing I have not heard of before nor show me something I have not seen in the past. If you don’t’ believe what I just said, please ask Haile.

    • Why do you have to wait for Awate when you can access the information straight from the horse’s mouth.

      Wey gud : Kan xigiEtegna koinka terifka.

    • L.T

      Thanks Bisay Aman;
      read a bible and come to your sense.Be your self.Nihna-Nusu,Nusu-Nihan….Nihanan Ealamanan!!

      • solomon tesfamichael

        what i really wanna say is that this website is an instruement of those who betray their homeland for their individual interest and still they are living in abroad in a very comfortable way so what is the point of discusing about Eritrea while you are far awy from the existing status qou in your home lan guy come to your sense you don’t have the right to speak about eritrea ok hush