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Under Pressure, Sudan Admits Its Human Trafficking Problem

Last month,  Sudan’s Minister of State, Mebrouk Selim Mubarek, declared that human traffickers are active in Eastern Sudan and they number in the hundreds. That was the first time a Sudanese official openly acknowledged that it has become a hub for human traffickers.

Mebrouk, who owes his position to Eritrean strongman Isaias Afwerki, is himself a suspect in the lucrative human trafficking trade which has ensnared hundreds of Eritreans who arrive in Sudan seeking refuge from their harsh living conditions in Eritrea.

Mebrouk founded the Free Lions, an armed Sudanese opposition group of the Rashaida tribe, in 1999.  When the Free Lions, under the tutelage of Isaias Afwerki, allied with the Beja Congress to form the Eastern Front who, in turn, under the mediation of Isaias Afwerki, signed a comprehensive peace agreement with Khartoum in 2006, senior officials of the Eastern Front were given government portfolios in Khartoum.  That’s how Mebrouk Selim Mubarek ended up being Sudan’s Minister of State.

The kidnapping of refugees, including Eritreans fleeing the oppressive Eritrean regime, from camps in Eastern Sudan has become so rampant that the leaders of the Beni Amer confederation of tribes have asked this week to be given arms so that they can defend their region which straddles the Eritrea-Sudan border.

Eastern Sudan is under practical control of security operatives of the Eritrean regime who kidnap and assassinate opponents at will.

On Feb 13, 2013,, a Sudanese website, indicated that 20 suspects of human trafficking were apprehended by the Kassala [Eastern Sudan] region security officers.  According to the statement, the suspects included Sudanese as well as unspecified foreigners.

The recent activities of the Sudanese security could have resulted from public pressure, including by the UNHCR, and fear of civil strife as individuals in Eastern Sudan, who gave up on protection by the government, are becoming more inclined to organize themselves to take matters in their hands.

Though the largest in the region, the Beni Amer confederation of tribes is marginalized by both the Sudanese and Eritrean regime.  There is frustration and fear that the escalating situation might be cause for confrontation between the residents and government forces.  The Rashaida tribe leaders stand accused of being the major human traffickers, in collaboration with senior officials of the Eritrean regime and others in the Sudanese regime.

Meanwhile, parliamentarians from Sudan’s Eastern region presented a motion to pass legislation to address the crime of human trafficking. Apparently, Sudan doesn’t have laws that address human trafficking.

To escape the “18-month national service” which has morphed into indefinite conscription and indentured servitude lasting over a decade, tens of thousands of young Eritreans have crossed the border to Kassala, en route to Khartoum.  From there, they have dispersed to Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Israel.   Hundreds of Eritreans have been victimized by human traffickers in the Sinai (and now in Libya): they have been raped, beaten, tortured, and some have had their organs extracted and sold.  They have been held for ransom, and their family members have been dispossessed of tens of thousands of dollars to secure their release.

Last July, after reviewing the testimony of hundreds of Eritreans in Israel, the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea, concluded that the human trafficking network includes Eritrean military officials and their foot-soldiers; Sudanese government officials; and Egyptian individuals it identified as “Bedouin” and “Rashaida.”
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    After what Eritreans are going there are still people who support this Eritrean regime worst than Hitler and Edi Amin Eritreans are dsiapearing inprison and thousands are leaving the country your are making an excuse for bademe but life continues and the right of poeple should be there regardless give it 10 years there want be a nation called eritrea because of this facist regime wake up.

    [Moderator: all upper caps changed to lower [spelling left as is] please avoid shouting alphabets.]

  • when we was fighting the ethiopian regime our goal was free eritrea from terror to protecht our wisdom. but in free eritrea most of eritreans there are in prison of out side from they countrey.this regime of higdef is the same like combodia rigime 1976 when a lot of cambodians died by their governments.if we want peace. Isajas must Go.

  • dekiiabat

    please stop this foolish questions like how do you know? where you with them?do you have prove? I can ask the same question how do you know that hitler was killer or jewish people were killed? So stop running away from the subject. It is public information known to everybody that Isias,Rashaida, Sudanese president(wanted for war crime), The rashaida minister in sudan and Egyptians have joint venture business to eliminate eritreans from the face of earth.Look at the Bin amir Abductters when they are caught by egyptian border security they said they were abducted.Infact they are with the rashaidans abducting christians Kebesa.Even though they are boys they were in the business with rashaidans.

  • Gabramaskel

    We fought and shed our blood, lost our sons and daughters for freedom and dignity for 30 years. The result is: Today we are worst
    than any other time of our history. We reached deep lowest of the lowest humilations, loss of our dignity. our girls and boys molested by Arabs in deserts. We are more shamed than even stateless Somalis.
    We better to die our bury ourselves alive than being alive or proud of this ugly degrees of humility.
    Is that, what we fought? Is that what we die and lost our blood?
    Isias Afewerk did not know how to run a free sovereign country and be a President or leader. He knows only his old job, which is: only to be guerrile fighter in bush and to beg little payement from Arab Muslims to pay him his job, which to continue disturbancess in Africa. Because they objective is to stop oil companies to dig oil from African lands including Eritria.

  • stifanos

    It is shame to say I am an Eritrean. How dear are you to equate the Eritrean youth who are engaged in economical liberation to free Eritrea from being economical enslaved. You should have condemned the Ethiopian government which is committing gross human right violations to its people and the people of the horn but you skip it.You are a biased activist. Eritrea has recorded the highest human right accomplishment to your surprise. So, be honest. Keren is now more improved than you left it i just came from keren lailay!

    • selam

      Then Why u come from KEREN HASAWII

    • You claim the highest human right accomplishment in Eritrea and talk about human rights activity in Ethiopia. That is a good divertion try. Please discuss your own country. If you think there is good human rights activity in Eritrea, so be it but be ready to defend your statement without diverting the issue. How I wish you were right.

  • ahmed saleh

    Opposition websites should cooperate on finding information in all angles to raise awareness . The
    question in demand are the forgotten poor people inside the country. not us .

  • Papillon

    As it happens, the question is not if anymore rather it is when. The Isaias regime is sinking into the abyss as information is unfolding where he is exposed bare naked for what he is. Perhaps the entire saga which has come into the fore right after the Forto incident is an indication that Isaias is fighting not for power as a head of state rather as a warlord where the noble ideals of Eritrea’s rise to independence such as sacrifice, equality, freedom and unbridled love for the patria disappeared into oblivion. Eritrea is turned into an enterprise and a cartel if you will where Isaias comes out menacing the brave act of an otherwise outstanding soldier (read: Wedi Ali) as a script in a movie when Isaias in a contemptuous tone said, “Eta film b’khem’U tewediA”. Wedi Ali may the Good Lord bless his soul gave his precious life up as he stood his ground for the ideals he believed in as the epitaph in his heroic life reads: “Sacrifice is the passion of all great men.”

    In this rather critical historical juncture, we all have historical responsibility to shoulder particularly the people who had been in Isaias’ enclave since Isaias’ formative years where he took us for a free ride as we celebrated his life like there was no tomorrow. Needless to say we had been fooled beyond measure. When I say this, Ali Abdu comes to mind. Ali Abdu is a key factor to speed up Isaias’ downfall as he has always been privy to Isaias’ macabre world. To be more precise, as Ali Abdu claims to have given his life since the age of fourteen for the noble ideals of Eritrea’s road to independence, we trust that, his zeal and passion for the noble cause is still in tact. As such, he has a historical obligation to come out and break his silence and expose Isaias for what he is. At least he owes it to the selfless act where the tragic and yet proud memory of my hero Wedi Ali comes to mind.

    • Yodita

      Dearest Papillon

      If you listen carefully, he says ‘Eta filim b’khem’U tewediA’. He pronounces the word film, filim. Hilarious!

      On a serious note, I am a great fan of yours, my Lady, and never miss a word of your posts. When I read “… we trust that, his zeal and passion for the noble cause is still in tact.” however, I read volumes of flaw in it and it saddens me. A thing like this affects me negatively more than all the screaming and ranting of the zombies.

      No matter, I still believe you are not everyday people. You are something special, a treat. Your sis.

      • Oh yea

        In one of your comments, you accused the Eritrean government for not bending, even backwards, to WOYANIE’s demand for Dialogue, or negotiation ;
        Would you be kind enough to explain to us Eritreans, 1) what this dialogue is 2) relation, effect this dialogue might have to the already solved border issue 3 ) if this dialogue is just talking or just a hand over ceremony, then why is Ethiopia holding on to the place for 10 years and counting 4) where does the dialogue stop or end. Every time one is not happy with the out come, can ask for further dialogue, and we go in circles 5) how is the border issue of a small and new country, on the right side of justice, compared to that of other big nations in border dispute? Such as India and Pakistan? 6) Considering the history and the hardship Eritrea had during independence, no matter how just was our cause, the world was giving a blind eye, how would you measure up the same stand. Would not that alone be a cause for Eritrea’s stand. Wouldn’t you say that is a justified stand. Wouldn’t you say we bent in all directions, enough, even though we were right?

      • Papillon

        Dearest Yodita,

        It is kind of funny. I was going to say that but I thought may be some people could take offence on that for it is pretty common amongst our people (saying filim as opposed to film). The feeling is mutual haftey natey. Your command of the English language is impeccable to say the least. For real. As for Ali Abdu, I say it with a measured reservations where he turned back or kept a blind eye as the sadist Isaias was having a free ride on the back of our people but of course, it is not the time of accusations and all rather he could use his wealth of information on Isaias and atone his otherwise guilty self for it is the least he can do as the guilty verdict against him is frightening.


      • Yodita

        Oh yea,

        The Ethiopian Government said that it respects the EEBC’s decision but would like to have talks before implementation. The Eritrean Government is saying, there is nothing to talk about before you leave an occupied Eritrean soil. A decade has gone by since and if things are left as they are at present, other two or three or10 decades may elapse. This would have no impact on what Ethiopia is doing to lift its people from poverty and ignorance (they have 25 universities!!!!). Our reality is clear to anybody who wants to see. Even’ wefri’ was announced by the Government last November (and there are those who say it is a sham as there is no commercial code exists). We are going backwards, literally! I will repeat it here again, there are more prisons than higher learning institutions.

        I fail to under why the leader of our country does not take the thing from where it is at and turn it to Eritrea’s advantage. It is his job to do so (although no one gave him contract, to quote him). I fail to understand why he does not take a proactive role to make the other side play to his tune because he is, in this case, on the right, not to mention his reputed capability to turn things to his advantage when it serves his whims). With all the right cards in his hands, he declines to be impatient and proactive. He chooses an unholy passive role and lets a whole decade pass by and by doing that he freezes any forward move of the society in whatever. Instead, we are where we are; nowhere.

        I do not trust the Ethiopian Government’s intentions for wanting the talks, they can dream on, but you engage them and expose their insincerity, if any, to the peoples of both countries and the international community for whatever it is worth. You don’t keep three hundred thousand strong in the trenches and sleep nine hours a night as if we have no hurry, we have eternity in our hands. In the meantime, the country is running out of everything.

        I hope I explained what I meant by ‘bending backwards’.

    • Ghezae Hagos

      Dear Yodita,
      Belatedly, welcome to Awate forum and I am glad Papillon found a kindered spirit.
      Your take on the only possible solution to the border crisis is quite on the mark. I wrote similiar articles in 2005 or so, like ‘Get Badme or Die trying” and the follow up “Assab in Not Eritrean.” Since Feb. 1999-till now, Eritrea tried everything, under the earth to get Badme back. Active combats where thousands perished, semi-diplomacy, brinkmanship, recruiting anti-Woyane groups, even Somalia to the extent of risking twice UN sanctions. Death of Meles didn’t bring Badme to Eritrean lap.And the price-tag for Badme is simply incalculabe. Changing a promising nation into one of the worst regimes in the world is a feat not many can achieve. 400 plus deaths in one second to the deep seas at the Meditreannean; ‘ezi w’n yihalf’ as literal Sinai tablets. Only one thing is left.. Negoitation. that is the only way…before Eritrea becaem the next Chechnya and Issays became the next Prakhbaran of the Tamil Tigers. I ahve dreded and deared that scenario..but we are inching up to that ….Fate of Eritre looks similar to Chechnya and Elam nation, unless the madma’s liver do us big time favour. Kab natna Hamot nay Issayas Chegora tihayish..:)

  • Wolebai

    Urgent, please read the following video clip.

    • Kokhob Selam

      This is one of the reason why I use to criticise Amaneal Iyasu. Childish actions are not productive and will not take us anywhere. indirectly it is benefiting PFDJ. I don’t know if the guy is just emotional or doing things to make our struggle useless.

      imagine, some one is blaming PFDJ for being lawless and take such action in democratic country where there is rule and regulations. Amanuel should be criticised to be civilized and responsible or leave the political arena now. the problem of Eritrea is in the mind of this kind of ignorant people.

      • Yodita

        If the struggle is left up to you, you think you will defeat Issayas and cronies through writing your poems.

        Amanuel Eyassu is upsetting the system so much that they are going out of their way to hire ‘experts’ to demolish him. If he was sitting and writing poems all day, they wouldn’t even know he exists. Like you, I bet no one in top hdgdef circle has ever heard of your name. Yet you think you are a better answer the our nightmare than the person (Amanuel) who I am sure is very widely known and feared.

        Shame on you Kokhob! With all the enemies we have, you had to go pick on someone who is doing much much more than anybody else. I wish you would leave him alone to do what most of us would never dare!

      • Kokhob Selam


        we have been discussing earlier and i had already explain to you why i oppose this man. and please don’t take it personal. regarding my poems it is better to wait and see for you as my poems were around since 1978 not today in this site. but of course few know it as everybody was busy and i was always against those reactionary men. it is difficult to see the truth sister those old days.

        you see when people like me use to say DIA will come dictator, there were no much people to listen. doctors, professors and most of elders including shekhs and priests were not hearing those few people. “let’s first fight the first enemy” is always the words you here even from those few try to understand us. as for me DIA is a victim of the society who forgot their ethics. today everybody is crying because the problems are already in each house and family but the problem was there always.

        again let me clearly tell you that we are not going to allow uncivilized people to lead the future new Eritrea.

        01. the goal can be reached only by those who reject PFDJ for nation wise advantage not only personal or tribal benefits.
        02. the goal can be reached by fighting with the enemy in proper planned way not randomly.
        03. the goal can be successful when first fight your narrow lines.

        Amaneal and the likes are not fulfilling and not only that they are even destroying the already prepared organizations by fanning differences.

        if you want to know more read what he has written again and you will know the truth.

        yodita, I might be hidden for you but i am right in-front pfdj leadership and Amaneal Iyasu as well. PFDJ will be removed only when the people want and people are not willing to jump still due to those useless guys around opposition. we need the real opposition.

      • Yodita

        Kokhob Selam

        I read your response carefully hoping to find a common minimum ground that could bind us, but I regret that we are poles apart. I do consider Amanuel Eyassu a unique, bold and courageous person. If most of us were like him, things wouldn’t be in deep slumber (as far as opposition goes) for the last two decades. In such a few years, he has rocked the boat and has created awareness particularly among the youth by championing their sad lot.

        When you and Amanuel and I are not together (albeit our different approaches) we provide our enemies the very instrument with which they are making us kneel down. The way you write, it appears like your way is the only way and other ways are to be condemned and fought against with an equal or stronger fervour used for the common enemy. It is not logical.

        I am giving up on you and will leave you in peace from now on.

      • selam

        Kokob Amlak Kab semay zisededelna HJDF aykonen. Tebereber

  • Kokhob Selam

    Sudan governments don’t have stand. i am not so optimistic of any change. how many people are killed,kidnapped from Kesela and other cities and refuge camps and taken by EPLF earlier during our struggle days and now after the so called freedom years by PFDJ? Don’t expect of change in Sudans way of dealing on our people. the solution is one and one make strong opposition and solve the problem from the root.

  • Eritreans look and consider Sudan as their home, but now a days Sudan has betrayed Eritreans as shelter,
    Hopefully this will bring solution to the Eritrean refugees,
    I run to hide myself from a lion and climbed on a tree but I was confronted by a tiger; is the situation in Eastern Sudan
    Let the mighty Alah put his hands and save Eritreans and all victims from these irresponsible and irrationals

  • Debarwatay

    Wadi Mendefera,
    Did not I mention about the Eritirean situation when talking about “… condusive factors …”? Though, I don’t take any situation in Eritrea as a primary source for the human trafficking problem as you mentioned. I acknowledge it to the level of condusive factor but not bigger than that. That is my very point of my comment. We need to see the big picture. It is a global menace. The politcal games among oppositions and regimes will never end as long as there is governance. However, aside to it, we need to survive as society before we can even be in the games. We need to protect our backbone of our very existence – the citizen – even at the expense of loosing a political score. This is expected from both sides of the players out of maturity and responsibility. Otherwise, forget the game. As government, opposition or responsible citizens we need to fight it to the utmost of our reach. Governments should tight their borders and fight the cross border criminals at regional and international levels, inform and encourage their citizens protect themselves from such voltures, enable and support their citizens lead a decent life within and in disaspora, stand as a sole respresentative of it citizens when they are victims of such mafias regardless of the victims political stands. Oppositions should also stand in tandem with their citizens to conquare such evils with clarity, honesty and maturity and not try to score points at the expense of the victims, give them hope that ther is another day tomorrow that they will make a better day without risking their life and future by sucumbing themselves as soft prays of the volures,convince their people that it is not always true that mass flow of society to the diaspora is not the ultimate or only solution to the problems of a society, country even many times to individual problems. As citizens we need to weigh the left and rgiht options, be creative and resiliant to overcome situations from within than risking oneself to irreversible loses.

  • Debarwatay

    Papillon [moderator: this was deleted, use given nick only] and Rodab come back to the subject title.

  • rodab

    PIA says, Ministerat abzi neyrom mulu’e mealti kene’elil we’elna. lol.
    On a Monday they all gather and spend the day chatting. I wonder if this is how they normally spend the weekdays.

  • Debarwatay

    As well know human trafficking and its geneum is not an alien phenomenon to mankind. It is as old as human history. Who can be potentially at the giving and/or receiving end is very clear. So also who is benefitting or paying the cost; for that matter. It has a similar nature as with any commodity demand and supply realtionshiop as with drugs, fire arms, slave trade, sex trafficking, exotic animals or animal products, and you name it. When it gets rampart or be underdog is a well understood phenomenon. Who is hoarding wealth from it or being vicitimized of the transcation is vivid as the day sunshine. The players are circles of underground global mafia like cartels who have facilitating networks both int he open as well as the hidden worlds. Again, it is not a surprise that the camps are not just from the west; the east is intensily involved. It is not only the north camp but the south are also deeply involved. It is a beast of all reaches and will continue to annihilate societies unless something is done gloabally at the UN level like aids, poverity or climate issues. Please, don’t make it look like a tiny leazard type by confining it to Rashaeda, Sheghereb,Eritirea when it is bigger than any GEBEL we can imagine of. I am sad, at this moment and place, its pray is the Eritrean youth because of the condusive factors for its unreined savage appetitie. Eritrean government need to take this very seriously even more than the BADME issue. BecauseBADME has no wings to relocate to any geography – thanks GOD. But societies are. Remember societies lost in history. And opposition should also be mature enough on this issue. It is about Eritrean socieity and not about one man PIA. Some times we need to agree with our government on few issues like this and, don forget on ERITREAN SPORTS teams. PLEASE DO NOT BE ALWYAS SAYING A POINT JUST TO SHOW OFF YOUR OPPOSITION STANCE>

    • Selam Wedi Dibarwa,

      You make good points in that the problem of human trafficking is very complicated with many players and the Eritrean people as victims. We also have to remember that the bad conditions in Eritrea as the primary source of the problem.


      • Kokhob Selam

        dear brother,

        I am afraid the real problem is in opposition. we know where PFDJ is heading and i am optimistic of change in fact I feel the group is not so strong the way some thought. but some opposition and their sites are even more problem to Eritrea. what is the use of talking about the suffering of Sinai which is no more secrete? the secrete is why the opposition is not going ahead? i think this where we should concentrate more. the mess in opposition has to end and we need to gather and discuss deeply now. What is the use of helping few people in Sinai, and cry what they are facing only? what is the use of talking about the quantity of refuges who again are becoming supporters of PFDJ? What is the use of fabricating news for one event of Monday? what is good to see the embassy in London controlled for some hour (which is violating other countries rule and regulation)? nothing. look at Assena foundation didn’t you notice they are killing the people by telling so much lies? we need to change our style. don’t you think so?

  • selam Awate team,

    For a very long time, I was eager to read your article regarding the Eritrean victims of Rashida. Congratulations for finally siding with your people.

    • Awate Staff

      “Finally siding with you people”? You have nerves. And what was doing all those years? You really have nerves.

      • Tewolde Gebre

        Yes, was serving the people. But which people? People of special interest aka washington DC..the “seb fuluy rebha”…by the way no news of Ali Abdu? No news, good news…

    • B Ali

      it is unfair to say”I was eager to read your article regarding the Eritrean victims of Rashida”; May be you were not born when published and told those who were already born then, who the Rashaidas where, when others were barely scratching their heads concerning the matter. when the website recuperates, go to the Archives and find an article titeled: weakileaks and Rashaidas, it is still good for you, I reckon.
      you also say (unfairly again): Congratulations for finally siding with your people
      I was mistaken, but If you believe what you are saying then you are born today the same day the article is published.

  • Papillon

    Few minutes ago,the dictator par-excellence gave an “interview” about the January 21 incident. If you haven’t seen the interview yet, it will make your Valentine’s Day more brighter for you will laugh your hearts out. The d’Hul and life-less looking dictator dubbed the entire courageous act of the brave soldiers a film and ts’w’ts’waay where he said, “eta film b’khem’U tewedi’A malet eU” when he said, the main guy behind the insurrection took his own life when he got chased after. In Psychiatry lexicon, it is called confabulation. The guy went on blubbering with an intense look in his eerie face where he said practically nothing about the real cause of the incident or anything remotely connected to the incident instead he confabulated like there is no tomorrow. What seems to be incredibly amazing is the fact that, what is holding the Eritrean people back from revolting against this maniac who is playing with their precious lives? His contempt towards the Eritrean people doesn’t end there. He said, when the incident was happening, “Other ministers and I were here (Palace) and we spent the entire evening chatting about it (keneEl’lelu w’Eilna)”. It is just sad and amazing. I feel sorry for my people.

  • What makes this news Breaking News?

    • Awate Staff

      And who said it is breaking or repairing news?

  • Western Eritrea was never a safe place, until Sudan up Egypt and the Arab world, these areas are actually a horror places for mankind!

  • I am confused who to accuse on this ridiculously terrible human-trafficking scenario Of Eritreans more precisely “Tigrinya” , i am so sorry but i will accuse the rashida tribe as whole, responsible for this bloody act! religiously motivated, nonesense radical islamist,moral-less cowards will definitely pay the prise if not today in the very near future!

    [from moderator: Kidane, we understand your frustration. But you are in violation of our posting guidelines: you cannot blame an entire group for the crimes of the few, no matter how heinous and heartbreaking the crimes are. Please refer to it here:

    • GM

      Staff awate, why you are defending the Bedouins?
      Your defense and sympathy to the Arabs / bedouins is unworthy.

      Surely these people will pay ‘very dear to the huge crime committed against innocent Christian Habesha.

      No one will forget the acts of this animals including their defenders and supporters. Awate staff

  • Halewa Sewra

    Eritrea is a victim of human trafficking concocted by the big powers in order to drain it of its most valuable resources, i.e, its people.

    PIA has already said that he wants a full and complete investigation of these despicable acts. I doubt the UN is capable of engaging in an honest and complete investigation but that’s where we are.

    I am sure the reports, if it’s done correctly, will have some bombshells. But I am sure the big powers as usual will cover up anything that embarasses them or Weyane.

    • yegermal

      DIA is a day late and a dollar short on this issue. Did he not know that the traffickers are taking ransom payments just outside his palace in Eritrea? You’re as pathetic and disingenuous as your idol!

  • Senifalu

    Is Human Trafficking and Organ Harvesting ONLY affecting Tigregza people or the Eritreans as a whole ?

  • Yodita

    Gedab News at its very best! High quality information. Thank you.

  • tarikh

    is it a coincidence that Albeshir visited Asmara and DIA “sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to complain that Eritrea has been the “target of malicious and concerted practices of human trafficking” for the “past ten years or so”” and this notorious RASHAIDA abductor “declared that human traffickers are active in Eastern Sudan and they number in the hundreds.” and finaly ushered its doors to this issues. I am not conspiracy theorist or anything like that but its surprising if it`s a coincidence.

    • Robel

      Brilliant !!
      I don’t think it is a coincidence at all. Slowly and surely we are unraveling the main reason for the dangerous predicament the Eritrean people, especially the christian highlanders, find themselves. It is all about Religion dummy !

  • han

    We are not sleeping agaist the human trufickers

  • Senai

    Because of Isayas and Meles policy, the Eritrean people are suffering, especially the youth. A couple of weeks ago I heard a young Eritrea from the Sudanese Refugee camp (Shegerab) on VOA that some Beni Amir boys come to Shegerab pretending to be refugees, but in reality they were abductors. The human trafficking of Eritreans is probably the worst of all the misery we Eritreans are facing, and it should be investigated thoroughly by honest unbaised people, who put the life of people beforehand than getting a political score.

  • dani

    Behind all these crimes are the Eritrean leader and his collaborates who are engaged in youths truficking and human organ business. If we see all the people who are kidnapped and forced to pay a ransom, the maney transaction is done in Asmara or in the other parts of the country. The Eritrean leader is committing crime against the young Eritreans. Day will come he will be carry the responsibilty to the crime commited agains the Eritreans.

    • stifanos

      how do you know? Where you with them?

  • M.Ali

    That is a breakthrough. Now once the Pandora box open!Thanks Awate for the news