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To start by getting this out of the way and for those who may care to know, my real name, if there is anything real about names, is Younis Hossein (for details, I would be glad to have an autobiography ready for you and we can always negotiate the price). I have in the few times that I managed to write anything been using the Pen Name “Ali Salim”. My apologies to anyone to whom this might have caused any inconvenience – above all the Awate Team and especially my good friend Saleh “Gadi” Johar (for taking some good knocks). For some reason, I seem to like the Pen Name better and if you all do not mind, I will keep using it. However, that is not what I am writing about, and please do not ask any more questions. Excuse me – here is a New Born and a total Amnesia.

Disclaimer: This is not an academic journal written for the esoteric value of intellectual consumption – it is a blog written on personal initiative to promote a specific ideological point of view of the PFDJ paradigm. SENSITIVE READERS – PLEASE, STAY OUT.

I have become an evangelist and I am on a mission to convince you to join me in taking the detour and making a U-Turn. It took me a few years to understand that we are heading the wrong way and to gather some courage, stand up and say, “I am sorry” – tetallile antum metalelti. I am serious by the way! “Metaleli” is always the case when you follow the policy: “Zib’ee, siga ms’belwo, nabey keybele goyu”. I might, in my “Zib’ee” state, have done some biting, but it was all with the intention of forcing people to talk about what I considered to be “of critical urgency”. Once, “what I considered critical” had been settled (by almost all taking note of the seriousness of the subject and many of those who took an initiative in response shooting it out or flashing it down) I had nothing to say and very few to listen (a point of saturation was reached). Therefore, I quit.

My primary argument has always been this: if you take the “land grabbers” (and, hence, all competing ethno-religious interests) out of the equation of Eritrean politics, the best alternative that Eritrean politics can ever offer (given the circumstances and the “opposition” that you don’t need me to tell you more about) is the PFDJ (defined in terms of a one-man-show). In whatever I will be writing from now on, I have in response to the wish of the majority of readers taken “the land grabbers” out of the equation (and with them of course their governance structure: the “neo-Nazi” dimension). I have simply assumed them out: we have never seen or heard of them, they have never existed and “indi’elom”.

Hence what I will write is nothing but what a good PFDJ should be writing at his or her best.  I am expecting this to be a reasonably long set of articles hoping that it would contribute renewed energy to our political debates. This article is “dah’sas” (a survey of points of resistance) to why so many people are insisting on heading the wrong way even when they know it is a no-go. Why did I do that myself? One reason why any two of us would disagree, on virtually everything (such as whether that thing that just took off flying is “abagumbaH”), is partly because we do not have shared tools of arriving at conclusions. I am hereby sharing how I ended up on the U-Turn. Anyone may Google any of the terminologies and concepts and so I have not added any references in order not to restrict their definitions to standard academic interpretations. All the words used here mean what I have said they mean. If there is any conflict with how a certain concept is usually used in academic literature, please use their conception as used in this article. The arguments, here and forward, rest on one assumption: that “ALL OTHER THINGS REMAIN EQUAL”. This is to say that whatever we may imply in our writings (or the writings of any human being), is pure speculation – not reality – because reality is so complex that it can never be written, described, represented or even known by mortal humans, who are themselves part of the things they claim to know. Nothing has confused philosophers, old and new, more than the challenge of proving that we actually know what we claim to know. That is why Muslims add after every claim of knowledge the profound statement: “Allahu-A’elem” (God is the Knowing).

My hope is that we try to rationalize possible ideological underpinnings of the PFDJ paradigm and to invite all Eritreans irrespective of their positions on the PFDJ or the Opposition to come over. Here, I will try to promote the idea that there is no credible opposition (that you can trust) to the PFDJ regime (“regime” defined as system of rules that govern) and that whatever the opposition organizations as we have known them for years have been doing so far was “selling out” on Eritrea. I need to say a few words to show that, what I mean is not pointing fingers to specific “sell outs”.

The claim rests on a consequentialist point of view, where our struggles are judged by the consequence of what we do, not by our intentions or material inputs into the production process. Given what you know about the history and practice of Eritrean politics, your starting point (I am sure) is that “the PFDJ is good intentions with bad consequences – the opposition is bad intentions with potentially good consequences”. Of course we may argue endlessly about who has better intentions and “how do we know” – but that is the subject of the debate that this “zereba Hareg” is supposed to introduce. However, I do not think there is much argument (especially in an extreme opposition website hosting our debates) about the second part of the claims: that the PFDJ is bad consequences – the opposition is potentially good “unintended” consequences.

Assuming basic rationality in most of us, you would expect ordinary Eritreans to apply the logic of “nifelTo sheyTan – kab’zeynifelTo mel’akh” and vote for the PFDJ. If you are of the kind that believes “the PFDJ is good intentions with bad consequences – the opposition is bad intentions with potentially good consequences”, the logic you would be applying is actually: “nifelTo mel’akh – kab’zeynifelTo sheyTan”. In theological terms (I assume in all the religious inspirations that I believe structure the way we reason) the proposition is that an angel (mel’akh) is innocent and always with good intentions. It cannot be assumed, that all the consequences of the deeds of angels produce good things. On the other hand, a devil (sheyTan) is inherently with evil intentions, and by the same logic, we cannot claim, that all the deeds of devils always (without exception) produce bad things. You probably have your own reflection of things you did and are sure were the motivations of “sheyTan” but nevertheless would not argue that the experience itself (judged categorically as an end independent of the means) was a net plus on your “utility function”. You also have many counter examples to the contrary of the claim above, where you got in trouble (bad outcome) for trying to help someone (good intention). However, because religion is about the purity of means, not ends, we are always advised to side with angels against devils not only because in repeated trials good intentions are more likely to produce good results but also because good intentions are ends in themselves.

You go to the grave with your means (intentions) not with the ends that those intentions achieved in this world. In the next world you will be deprived of all capabilities, (you will not need to dream if you are in heaven, where all dreams are true – you would not be able to dream if you are in hell). Ends are of this world and this world alone. If you jump into a river to save a drowning person, it does not matter whether you actually saved that person or whether he/she died in the process – you still get the same credit. We call martyrs all those who died in battles that we won as well as those who died in battles that were lost.  In the case of the drowning person, for instance, the outcome of your action is irrelevant as it is what you do that matters – not what others do to you. Based on your intentions, you decide whether your action was good. You are the only one who can do that because you are the only one who can possibly know the goodness of your intentions. Based on the outcome of your action, the other (second) person decides whether your action was good. Only that person can know and hence decide if you did a good job. God as we all know judges each individual on his/her own and that implies two things: (1) there is no “Class Action” in the next world, (2) there is no good-intention charity that flows from one person to the next. Even in those stories where whole populations are stomped for transgression, God’s actions are never arbitrary and indiscriminate. Similarly, even the Prophet could not save his own father with his own good intentions.

Say if we had only two criteria (and in fact there are only two criteria that make sense in cases of responsible evaluation of action): (1) intention as means, (2) outcome as end. Which criteria would we (responsible and prudent citizens) be applying to judge whether the PFDJ regime is good and hence deserves our support or bad and hence deserves our blind condemnation? Having seen the horrific stories of “slave labor”, refugees and horrors at sea, I have no doubt that even the PFDJ people would not argue that applying the “outcome” criteria is the way to go. In fact, that is what classic PFDJ supporters actually do and that, I believe, is why they keep losing supporters. They keep stubbornly defending the construction of micro-dams and achievements in education, health care, and above all the border and cross-border conspiracies with the neighbors trying to play down the horrific costs of those achievements. Applying the logic described in the preceding paragraphs, only the first-person can make any legitimate claim on intention and only on intention (nothing more than intention). The actual fruits of those intentions are the exclusive domain of the second-person (those employed as means to those intentions as well as those final consumers of the fruits).

You may have made the conclusion that the outcome from PFDJ’s action is terrible; and hence either the intention is irrelevant to you deciding on whether to support the PFDJ; or you have drawn your decision backwards from the statement that “bad intentions lead to bad results”. Applying the reverse logic, you would say, if the outcome is bad it is more likely than not that the intention was bad. “Intention” here is broadly defined to include and reflect all ideological, institutional and policy expressions of the means that one employs to deliver outcomes. Say the PFDJ has a dictatorial regime as a means to achieving its ends, then the intention we are talking about is the expression that finds itself in the dictatorial regime and everything about the PFDJ is nothing but “intention”.  One way I believe (the only way) to know you have made the right choice is to check the consistency of your choice process. How about applying your choice process to post-Saddam Iraq where there is a relatively much more democratic regime with elections and freedoms. If you were an ordinary Iraqi citizen, would you say what you have now is better than what you had under Saddam? I am not trying to pick a bad example and feel free to pick any other country where change did occur such as Egypt, or Syria or Libya (just stay close to the region for fair comparability).

Of course, you would turn the table on me and say “intention” as expressed in the “democratic” institutions of these countries is perfect (at least much better than a dictatorial regime), even if the outcome (just as the PFDJ’s) is horrible. If we ended up justifying the PFDJ on consideration of “intention” irrespective of the catastrophic ends, we should have no problem justifying other regimes on the same grounds. However, what you would effectively be saying is that intention, whether it is expressed in democratic or dictatorial regimes, is irrelevant. Or at least, you would be admitting that intention is at its best only one factor that may or may not lead to predetermined ends. If you have a TV at home and are able to see for yourself and entertain the possibility that the damage that the “democratic intention” caused in Iraq, Libya and Syria at least is much more immediate and horrific than that caused by the “dictatorial intention”, you would be able to entertain this fact: where intentions go wrong in translating into coherent institutional means, the destructiveness of the “democratic intention” is actually much larger than that of the “dictatorial intention”.

Most Eritreans and many peoples under dictatorships know this fact and that I believe is why every call for the so-called “democratic alternative” comes crumbling under one question: when something does go wrong, under which regime would it be possible to restore order more easily than in the other? I don’t think you would even try to convince people who have known nothing other than disasters that nothing would ever go wrong. Moreover, this I believe is because democracy empowers individuals and groups at the expense of the totalizing power of the state. Dictatorship empowers the totalizing power of states at the expense of intention of individual liberties. And the state is nothing but a totalizing intention.

It is your responsibility and that of any political entity to define the “Categorical Imperative” of good intention. Intention, as you know, is not a straight line that can go either way – it is a vector with direction. For instance, if you say “I have an intention to buy a car”, there are a few things that you are saying without saying (basic economics). At the very least you are saying: (a) “I have a gap in my utility, that I want to fill with what the car will offer to me”; (b) “I have an idea of what the car is capable of offering to me”; and (c) “I know how my state of utility will be transformed when I actually buy the car”. The reason we do not say all these things is that, “they are known” and therefore internalized in the definition of the word “intention”. Every intention (means) necessarily has more than just an end built into it. The end need not be unique to the means, and there might be ends without means (such as those ends in dreams) but there can never be means without ends predetermined.

Anything that is “predetermined” then necessarily rests on the assumption that “ALL THINGS REMAIN EQUAL” because it involves a process of knowing. As defined or presumed in this article and subsequent ones, you do not apply a process of knowing to something that is known just like you did not bother to say all those things just to say you intend to buy a car. Knowing is beyond known and hence is prediction and prediction is probability that, in every single trial, has a much greater chance of turning wrong than right. Known is the situation where ALL THINGS WERE NOT EQUAL. It is what you get after everything that could possibly go wrong, in every iteration of your intention processing, did actually go wrong. A baby stumbling between the coffee table and a chair is in the process of knowing how to walk. Walking for you is known, and you probably appreciate that, learning actual walking, required more than hoping that ALL THINGS REMAIN EQUAL except for the teacher’s input that you hoped would work. Hence, you cannot even explain if you know how to walk or describe if your walking is different from any other way of walking (of comparable creatures). You just stand and do it. You can help babies to stand on their feet and walk but you can certainly not teach babies to know how to walk. Known things are internalized into reflexive action – and reflexive action is the exclusive intransitive function of the self. Known things become part of you and you cannot isolate a part of you and know it independent from the rest of you.

I know it sounds crazy but it is an important premise when later we try to challenge those who fall into the temptation to “democratize” Eritreans – i.e. those who would apply a process of knowing to connect Eritreans to predetermined end of specific forms of democratic institutionalism. We will come to this in later articles but just think of the following for illustration. Once you have determined that the intention of Eritrea should be to set up a well-defined and specific form of democracy (say elections), then just like the example above: (a) Eritrea has a gap in its utility that can be filled with democracy (say election, for simplicity); (b) you know what democracy will offer to Eritrea; and (c) you know the state transformation that will take place when a democratic regime has been implemented in Eritrea. Mind you: you are not talking about something as trivial as an individual deciding to buy a car, where if something does go wrong with the car it is very unlikely that it would usher-in a national catastrophe. The magnitude of the implicit claim in something as simple as “Eritrea should implement this or that democratic system”, should be understood in light of the discussion above. Presumably, for both the claimant and his/her object of analysis, Eritrea, the answers to those questions are known. This of course means that both parties has so internalized the prerequisites of democratic practice into their reflexive action they do not even think of the answers to those questions as implicit in their claims.

Now compare these grand claims with the PFDJ’s version of what Eritrea should intend to do. The PFDJ’s philosophy starts from the proposition that Eritrea is not a baby, where we may presume a clean slate that would sponge and absorb spoon-fed new knowledge completely replacing existing internalized knowledge. I do not think you would disagree with that simple proposition that Eritrea did not fall from the sky. Hence, you would agree that Eritrea is a culmination of a system of historical dynamics. You cannot imply any history to thinking human beings without also implying at least two things: (a) presuming existing internalized knowledge (stored in some form of collective reflexive impulse); and (b) some system of accumulation and internalization of that knowledge. If you agree that once something is known (and hence internalized into some reflexive system), it would be reasonable to expect limitations to forms of intentions that would be compatible with the bounds of expectations that may be presumed on the capabilities of the reflexivity of the system as a whole. Even if you assume zero reflexivity (i.e. no subconscious resistance to change), people do not live in vacuums and they will still be bound by some resistant reflexivity introduced by material circumstances in their environment.

You may shoot this argument down by simply pointing out that it is the PFDJ, which is assuming Eritrea was born in 1991. It is the PFDJ, which is trying to download all kinds of spam-software on Eritreans. Your challenge would then be to propose an alternative premised on the same logic that recognized the restrictions imposed by stored knowledge.

You may also point to the inherent flaw in the argument: the assumption that Eritrea’s collective reflexive impulse is incompatible with election-centered democratic change. If you do that, you would be caught-up in the chicken and egg question: do elections bring democracy or does democracy bring elections? The PFDJ as you know views democracy as a set of guiding principles, whose compatibility, to what we have described as collective reflexive impulse, must be proven through a protracted process of trial and error. The difference between the two views is a difference of degree in that while one side holds the intention of a “top-down radical change to democracy”, the other envisions a gradual and “bottom-up piece-by-piece process of transformation”.

The only material difference between the two views lies in that: while one party views elections as the starting point of democratic transformation, the other (PFDJ) views elections as the culmination of a process of democratic transformation. The first view of course has been tried in the “democratizations” of Palestinian Authority, Iraq, Egypt and Libya to say a few. There are very few who would argue that what followed the elections in each of those cases was the start of the anticipated democratic transformation that the election were supposed to trigger in the first place. These potential counter-examples to the rosiness of election-centered democratization initiatives do imply that those who promoted these ideas made unfounded claims in answering the three questions implicit in the statement of intentions (described above). For convenience, we may say, they did not have a sufficient specification of intentions. Now here is your question: if there is any chance our intention may be under-specified (by admitting that we do not know what will come out of it), would you not think the one who is raising the red flag on democracy has an equal chance of being right as the one raising the green?

Say you are someone who believes that elections do not create democracies, but democracies create elections. Here you would be defining elections as a “mechanism for administering existing democracies”. You would of course be suspicious of those who call on employing elections where no democracies pre-exist those elections and there is a good chance that the intention might be under-specified. If you assume that those promoting this kind of change are intelligent and rational people, and that as defined above you believe that every intention necessarily has a predetermined end built-into it, what kind of outcomes would you think they would be expecting out of elections? My guess is that, if you are extremely decent and have a bit of respect for the intelligence of the promoters, you would say they want elections for the least of what elections are supposed to achieve – regime change. That I believe is part of the logic behind the PFDJ’s fixation with the CIA. If you know of other alternative entities, other than the CIA,  that are running around changing regimes on this planet, please feel free to suggest.


Neither this article nor those that will follow is intended to bleach the sins of the PFDJ. Horrible things did take place and do continue to take place. However, it is one thing to say that horrible things have happened in Eritrea and we need to talk and find remedies so that they do not happen again. It is another thing to say that everything that happened in Eritrea was horror and terror.  It is one thing to point out that the regime is responsible for some of those horrors and even most of the horrors that happened to Eritreans. It is another thing to think that every tornado in the Diaspora was caused by a conspiracy in Asmara and it is another thing to hold the regime responsible for every fever that befalls an Eritrean across the planet. Shame on us for exploiting and abusing such horrible tragedies as those that Eritreans continue to face in the Sinai and the Mediterranean for cheap political ends and trivial PR campaigns.

Contrary to the mainstream of our opposition, the suggestion here is that the horrors did not happen because of the “one-man-show” (the Nsuness of the regime), but in spite of it. Let us assume that we entertain your view that the “one-man” is responsible for all the horrors and hence must go. What alternative are you suggesting, now that he has decided not to go? Don’t you think it is a little dumb and irresponsible to suggest we follow the Syrian example and torch the green and yellow in the process?

The hope here is to try to reverse the way we see Eritrea and interact with its developments towards the optimistic point of view that THE GLASS IS HALF-FULL – NOT EMPTY. There is much more that Eritrea and its people can gain by all of us doing our parts in defending its interests. No decent person would go to bed in peace having lobbied and kissed to restrict the possibilities of thousands of people who are literally digging the grounds with bare hands in search of a better future. If you are one of those who do that – Please do it during the night and in the dark – as a decent Eritrean, you make me sick. I am of the conviction that we can do better.

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  • Ermias

    Haile Zeru, he (Semere) bought some sympathy from me from one of his comments. I am not sure what you are referring to but Semere doesn’t get much cozying on this website except from one person whose name starts with N and ends with c.

    Anyway, my very own brother enlisted with shaebia from Asmara in 1978. He was a sophomore in HS, not even 18 years of age. He barely left training camp and he was killed that same year. I have several uncles and coursins who were dealt the same fate in that era. They could easily have been SGJ, Aman Hidrat, Semere Tesfai. That’s where my sympathy comes from.

  • saay7

    Selamat Haile Zeru:

    Don’t despair buddy. Hope my perspective helps:

    (a) If you take the nine-inch nails from Ali Salim, his point was that the Eritrean land issue is being handled extremely badly; that while there are hundreds of thousands of Eritreans in Sudan and the Middle East unable to return to their land, their land is being distributed by the PFDJ and that those who are acquiring this land are not involuntary settlers (like the involuntary settlers of Mengistu era) but people who are willingly and enthusiastically taking advantage of the regime’s land for cash exploits. Then he became enamored with some opposition group that was going to right this wrong and just as quickly became disenchanted when he realized that they were in the business that the opposition groups excel at: disappointing people.

    (b) If you take all the shouting from Semere Tesfai, his point is this: whatever change you are proposing to happen cannot happen–in a democracy–without the buy-in of Eritrean highlanders. And, since that is the case, you might want to temper your language and write to persuade people and not demonize them.

    What was most unique about this discussion is that it is a role reversal: usually it is those with ELF background that press hard the land issue and the refugees right of return, and it is those with EPLF background that play that down or treat it as something that just has to fit in a larger and more comprehensive solution. Not in this case: Ali Salim’s background is EPLF and Semere Tesfai’s is ELF. And it appears, at first glance, that some issues transcend ideology and go to the heart of identity.

    While this debate was raging, you had three reactions: (1) those who cover their ear and don’t want to hear anything that takes attention away from PFDJ (as if our attention on PFDJ is because we find their monstrosity captivating and it is not about issues); (2) those who are uncomfortable about ANY discussion about issues that overlap identity issues and (3) those who felt that this was THEIR portfolio, that only THEY are qualified to talk about it in hushed tones and in cadre speech. The latter are the ones that were saying “Radio Rwanda!”, “civil war!”, “hate speech”, etc.

    Both Ali Salim and Semere Tesfai are extremely gifted writers who are in love with issues of substance. They have what many writers do not have: a Voice. A unique perspective. I hope they continue the debate (while moderating their language) and show the world that we are capable of discussing issues.

    Don’t despair.


    • Haile Zeru

      Hi SAAY
      Thanks for the nice words.
      You see, PFDJ is a disaster. I was in Asmera when they were building the “Intercontinental”,
      later Asmera palace Hotel. I was there too when they were building the Air- port in Massawa.
      The only thing that I thought was worth the money is the Toker Dam they built to have more water reserve in addition to Mai Nefhi for water supply for Asmera. At that time they were saying there will not be water problem for the foreseeable future in Asmera. Guess what it is not 15 years since and you can see the problems now. Asmera roads where continuously dag to repair the pipes that were rusted. At that time there was a joke that goes like: Can you tell me a patient that is on the operating table for years? If you did not know the answer it is the city of Asmera. It was continuously dug by bulldozers to fix its pipes.
      Mismanagement and lack of proper allocation of resource. I do not know how much money they spent to build SAWA and the other open camp prisons. I am sure you heard Kubrom Dafla how he described the mismanagement of every project he was working on. Even if he was working hard to make things better he could not stop things from going down the drain.
      A system without checks and balances and accountability no matter how good it looks from the outside is totally rotten from the inside.
      The issue of Land.
      Land issue in Eritrea needs a government that is willing to solve it not one that aggravates it like what PFDJ does.
      If you see globally the mode of land use in Eritrea is useless, antiquated a waste of land. A government that cares for its people should immediately draw a time line to reduce the people who toil the land to 5% of the population and train on other trades the rest. That way all these nonsense of land and land grabbing would be over. And by the use of the present world technology the 5% of the people should be able to produce what all Eritreans consume as far as food is concerned.
      If the millions that PFDJ is wasting on useless airports, useless hotels, useless military camps, useless prison holes and expenses to maintain them there would be enough money to put big dams (not the micro-dams that are washed away every year) to conserve water land, food and the currency disaster that ensue from it.
      But unless there is a Constitutional Government nothing is possible. Why and who allocates resource? What is the feasibility study, who are the people consulted and approved any national project? What is the Government budget?
      Unless the cardinal issue of Government and Governing is resolved we are in a deep shit for long time. And from what I see the PFDJ and its zombies have the upper hand to drug things for quite some time to come.

      • Nitricc

        Haile Zeru
        Not only you have deep hate inside you but
        there is a saying that fits you..
        “You are educated beyond your intelligence”

    • Semere Tesfai


      Thank you Sal.
      In the heat of the debate, true I have said a lot of things; and probably some things that I shouldn’t have said – I don’t know. But this is what I want people to know – I was arguing with passion not only because I believed on what I was saying but also because I believed what I was saying was good for Eritrea. And still, I stand by everything I said. If you want to pock a hole in my arguments, be my guest – just quote me and quote me right. Everything is on the internet, let people read what you read so they can reach to their own conclusion.

      A lot of people said a lot of things about me and about the articles I wrote. Some said he is PFDJ; some said it is not written by one person (which Amanuel Hidrat still says it to this day), some said Semere Tesfai is a pen name and some said – well, a lot more (worst). But no matter what you think of me, no matter what you think about my political position, give me credit – I was (which still am) so confident by my political position, I flew all the way to Washington DC, to defend my position in a mixed crowd (in front of the people who were calling me a bigot/racist/fascist…). And that is where I had the honor to meet Saleh Gadi and Amanuel Hidrat for the first time – of course among other great people.

      Again, please, if you are going to criticize me for my political position, please quote me and quote me right. Thank you.

      • yegermal

        Semere, I was at the Washington DC meeting you mentioned and witnessed how inept you are, in both debate and language skills, to defend the assertions you make in your countless and well written articles at awate. Watching SG and Dr. Sadia (I believe that was the name of the panel member that came from Sweden) debunk every point you tried to make was a gratifying treat. That experience lead me to conclude that the “Semere Tesfai” of awate’s articles and the Semere Tesfai that was at the meeting with his young daughter can’t possibly be the same person. Hence, I also subscribe to what Amaniel Hidrat believes. The Semere that showed up in the DC panel discussion is most likely lending his name to a PFDJ stooge with good writing skills.

        About Ali Salim, great writer I can’t wait to meet in person to find out if his verbal skills are as good as his written.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Hey Yegermal,
          Your comment is spot on. But how did I miss you in the Washington DC meeting? I hope you are not some one I know.

          Amanuel Hidrat

        • Micky

          Your argument does not hold water that a good writer should also be a good speaker. Nonsense. Many Nobel Prize winners are neither good writers or speakers bu are endowed witht with exceptional mental ability to discover new things. Most people can fall as good talkers and not good writers; others are good writers and not good talkers and very few are both good writers and speakers. I am not betting the farm that Semere Tesfai is the person who says he is but just because he did not impress you in speaking ability in a meeting does not mean he can’t be a good writer.. may be it takes him a long time to write a good piece.. others can write a master piece in a few hours and most it takes them weeks to write a decent essay and probably he is of the latter type… so don’t judge a book by its cover mr. Yegerm (tigrigna verison)

  • saay7

    Very funny Merhawi.

    I think you are missing the context. Nitricc was saying all one needs is ideas. And I was saying, no, I think you also need not just ideas but someone who can communicate those ideas at an emotive/gut level. In the case of Isaias, what it meant in 1971 was to tell people like Wuchu (1) you, as a Christian Highlander, are under-represented in the ELF because ELF is a Jihadist organization and (2) aslamay kHardeka ymexe alo and a few of us noble ones are now sitting on the edge of the blade, hunted by both Ethiopia and Amma Haradit. For the effect of this message on the young, read first hand testimonies of Aklilu Zere.

    I can’t come to Baba Isaias because he is an abusive Baba. In any event, that only works for those who need a daddy figure and I got a real one, sitting in Baba Isaias’s prison.


    • Semere Andom

      Saleh AA Younis Areky:

      “I can’t come to Baba Isaias because he is an abusive Baba. In any event, that only works for those who need a daddy figure and I got a real one, sitting in Baba Isaias’s prison.”

      This statement is so multi-dimensional a whole theses can be written about it. You read it many times and you can glean several meanings. When I was young linguistically romantic and my older Asmarino brothers and cousins saw a really beautiful girl, they used to say “ade neaki welida timken”, I used to think why do you want to curse that womb not to produce more like this beauty 🙂
      Now in memory of that romance I say nezen Qalat ztezarebe kenafru ybareka


      • Merhawi

        Semere Andom,
        Apparently, the meaning was lost on you. Are u sure you’re Asmarino? I don’t think you are. “Ade welida Timken” is not a curse at all. To the contrary, it is a compliment. Ask any real Eritrean. It just means that your mother did so well with you, I don’t think she can possibly do it again. Another way to put it is: others who come after you have a lot to live up to, therefore, they can only disappoint. Something tells me you are south of the international Mereb line.

  • Ermias

    ወዮን ሳባ፤ ዮዲታ፤ ፓፒሎን፤ ራህዋ፤ ሰላም፤ ሕጂ ድማ ሓያት ናበይ ኣበላ፥፤ ንህግደፍ ድማ ቀንዲ ደገፍቱ ደቂ ኣንስትዮ፤፤ ዘገርም እኮ እዩ፤፤ መንእሰያት ሳዋ ሲ፤ እንታይ ይብሉ ኔሮም ይበሃል፤ ኣንስቲ ኣስመራ ኣብዛ ሳዋ ክወርዳ ኣለወን፤ ብድሕሪኡ እየን ወዲ ኣፎም ብሪየ እንዳበላ ምድራፍ ዝገድፈኦ፤፤ ሕጂ ካኣ እተን ዝርካበን ደለይቲ ፍትሒ (‘The vocal online tigers’) ኣሓትናኮ ህልም ኢለን፤

    • ciao

      ermias, I hate to break it to you but all these women u mentioned are tigrayans. no ifs or buts. certainly yodita = papillon = rahwa = hayat. it is one person who uses different fraudulent represenations of his character. by the way, did I mention it is a guy also. just sayin’ the obvious.

      • Ermias

        I have my own theories too but that would open a flood gate. I am certain about Saba though. She is Eritrean, no doubt in my mind. Papillon and Yodita, hmmm that’s anyone’s guess.

        • ciao

          ermias, i could write a mathematical proof for my above statement but ain’t no body gonna pay me to do that so i won’t waste my time. otherwise, i could write a double proof, go back and prove it again by arguing by contradiction and even write several corollaries. but hey, i would be a party pooper if i did that. let this person think he/she is Eritrean for what it’s worth. it is obviously worth something to a tigrayan to pretend to be an Eritrean. may be it raises their self-esteem or something. it’s gotta be worth something since so many of them spend a lot of time and energy doing it.

        • Hayat Adem

          I’m right here Ermi. No where to go until the job is done, the job being the removal of IA. I thought we were friends. What do you want to know?

          • Dawit


            Ermias wants to know whether or not you are a Baha’i? 😉

          • Ermias

            Hayat, yes we are indeed friends in cyber. I like most of your ideas and I am a fan because you make as compelling arguments as anybody in this forum.

            In my mind, I like to associate a distinct personality with each writer here. For example, I picture Nitricc smoking cigarettes outside his retail work place and typing his comments on his phone fast. I am not sure if I should say more but I guess I shouldn’t leave you hanging. When I read your comments, it is difficult for me to associate that with an Eritrean muslim woman. That is only by virtue of how little I know about our muslim brothers and sisters.

          • Rodab

            You know who I relate Nitricc to? Radio Erena’s Nugusse! (Nitricc, are you Nugusse?:-))
            In case you don’t know, on Radio Erena there is this mini drama called ” Elal ms Nugusse Arkey”. Its on Fridays listen to it tomorrow:-)

        • Rodab

          Hayat could be a Moslem, although a little unconventional in that Eri Moslem ladies are more likely to go for a better Eri-Sudan relation as compared to our relation with Ethio. Hayat’s is the other way around. For me, as a Kebessa native, it works either way, I am not sure I have preference one way or the other. I love both of our neigbors.

          • ciao

            Hayat is probably about as Muslim as Pope Francis.
            I have to agree with you. I can not fathom a Muslim-Eritrean woman in a million years talking about how she can’t wait to devour YG’s next article. Impossible!
            It’s a metaphysical impossibility.

      • dine

        you forget haile, he started as radical eritrean but end up tigrayen wanna be eritrean.

      • Nitricc

        Heyyyyy Ciao, would you please leave my love of my life Rahwa out of this? please.
        what up baby Rahwa 🙂 i miss you

  • Mussie Gebreab

    Dawit, you found funny my statement because of your ignorance. yes, the so called United States of America Permanent resident ( Green Card) shows from which country one came from (Country of birth). Dawit, incase it has been to long since you hade Green card and you don’t know any one who has green Card I can provide to you a copy of green card that says Eritrean but that green card holder is an Ethiopia/ Tigrayan. I can provide you his phone Number if necessary that you can verify by calling him. so Dawit nothing is Funny about my statement except you are either supper ignorant or one of those relatives in Tigray who are stealing Eritreans Identity who are languishing in the Tigra concentration camps, but declared by the UNHCR as already emigrated to the United States.

    • SMichael

      Well,I thought this one was obvious.
      Let me give you my family’s experience who grew up in Ethiopia and came in to the USA with Ethiopian passports.
      During the 1998 -2000 Ethio – Eritrea war, by a gross estimate,more than 95% of asylum seekers ,who were approved were Ethiopians and mainly Tigreans.
      My family members and most Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritrean origin were turned down for some reason.

      Later on, we found out that there was an excellent money making business network between the asylum seekers and Tigreans in the Dept of Immigration in Addis who were providing the necessary documents to the Tigrean asylum seekers here in the USA.This was all over the world including Canada and Oceania/ Australia.
      After the opening of the refugee camps in Tigray,this business became even more official with the help of the Corrupted UNHCR.
      Most of the “REFUGES” who have settled in the third countries are Tigreans.
      There are a lot of documented facts about this.
      They are smart in taking advantage of us and abusing us in any form.
      They are getting millions of USD in the name of the refugees and University Students.
      FYI,the Camps in Tigray are Full of “Tigrean Refugees” and the rationale is simple – to make more money in the name of Eritrean Refugees.
      This is a well documented FACT.
      What can we do?
      Case in point ,the Lampadusa Saga the Awate Forum is politicizing is a crime against humanity the Tigreans have committed,not just the “crime” of the PFDJ, as the Haile et Al team is trying to brag about.

      • Mussie Gebreab

        SMichael, Yes I heard those story for a long time but till they steep into my office( those Tigrayans refugee with Eritrean identity) and sow in my own eye, I was skeptic. now for me it is confirmed. the funny thing is these Trigrayans knowing that they are tiginga speakers and that is the main reason that drown them to my service, they present them selves as Amharic speakers and start speaking in Amharic to me till I pull their teeth and made them speak in Tigrigna with me. what a trivial with identity crises people.

        • haile

          Mussie, how many Eritreans do you know who use Ethiopian passports to go from the Sudan (first destination) to different African countries? How many Eritrean businessmen in S Sudan, Uganda, Kenya… use Ethiopian banking facilities that is normally offered to Ethiopian citizens? How many Eritreans have government employment (including in hospitals) in Ethiopia?

          If the UN has material evidence that the Eritrean military personnel are involved in the trafficking of Eritreans (even if the regime is refusing investigation), that Eritreans first access to green card should have been DV in Eritrea but have to congregate in tens of thousands in Ethiopian no man’s land, what does it say about your inverted view of the problem. Tigrayans are no different than any people and if some find way to bend the rules they would. But seriously, this is no reason to spew generalized assertions about people that could impact the well being of our people all over the place.

          Why does PFDJ feel so beaten useless by the woyane? Everything that happens from waking moment to going to sleep in PFDJ’s miserable existence is apparently to do with woyane. Eritreans are trafficked from inside Eritrea and you are worried about what you identify as an unfair practice in the refugee camps!! I don’t know how much you know Asmara, but if you happen to pass by enda mariam where there use to be many beggars, you would often notice some begarrs scuffling or in altercation against each other over some Korosho and other Rfraf enjera. Is that how low your expectation of Eritreans has sunk?

          • Eyob Medhane


            I don’t know, if you know what brought this “Tigrians Pretending to be Eritreans” conversation. I pointed a story to you to read on Sudan Tribune


            And I wondered out loud about the man on the story. And I said, “..Now, consider this man. The current rulers of Eritrea (PFDJ) do not consider him Eritrean, because he holds Ethiopian passport. In fact, he may be vilified by them for being an ‘Agame pretending to be Eritrean’ as they probably think of him as someone who, ruined their ‘good image’, which never existed. He also may not be accepted and protected by Ethiopian community, because he has identified himself openly as Eritrean and as many such people do he may had some spat with other Ethiopians over it. Hence, he was targeted by the soldiers as Eritrean and attacked. If that was not the case, he wouldn’t have told the press ‘he is actually an Eritrean, who holds an Ethiopian passport’, instead, he simply would have said ‘he’s Ethiopian’ and just blend with the population to go to Gambela like many Ethiopians in South Sudan have done….”

            Then, one of “them” (I think it was the guy you responded to) as Sarah Palin would have said came out “rearing his head” and spat out precisely, how I thought they would react to the story. He said, “..he is a pretend Tigryan..”

            Then, I thought out loud again and asked everyone to help me out with the following.

            Watch out. I am quoting myself again YG style 🙂

            Sal, did you catch that?

            “..While the story is saying that a person in South Sudan is attacked, because he is Eritrean, holding Ethiopian passport, one can take the implication from the story that the person could have avoided being attacked had he simply claimed that he is Ethiopian, because he holds Ethiopian passport. Yet, the commenter above was still saying that this man chose to pretend that he is Eritrean and invited harassment, robbery and danger to himself and his family. Please tell me how one can reason with such demented logic?..”

            I also called for some applause for calling it right about how “they” would react. Did get any “atta boy?” Nope….Now I need some 🙂 Go ahead! you start… 🙂

          • haile

            Selamat Eyob and Abinet,

            Eyobai, ya I remember how all this started (in apparent fashion that ), in reality however there is more to it. The incessant attack on the good people of Tigray and other Ethiopians being hurled at you from our side of the border mostly comes from one source and for a reason, i.e from IA groupie for a reason of putting innocent Eritreans in harms way. Let me explain for both of you gentlemen.

            1 – Following the start of the 1998 war, IA issued an open threat to Ethiopia that he could never dare to effect. That was to the effect that he can strike any part of Ethiopia with ease.

            We all know what followed.

            From the Ethiopian side the following steps are taken:

            – The state of Ethiopia formally apologized for the heavy handedness that befall Eritreans at the time

            – It announced that all those who had their properties, belongings and financial assets were seized during the crackdown were free to claim them back (the only two limitations being that the property didn’t belong to PFDJ and if the owners opted to sell and bail out in cash then that can only be done in Ethiopian currency and the state wouldn’t pay in hard currency)

            – Many people allowed to return to their old jobs and other new comers are recieved with open door policy.

            – There is currently mass influx of Eritreans pouring into northern Ethiopia, so far basic facilities seem to be good to excellent but there are still complaints in regards to administrative and security issues.

            2 – At the height of the Eritrean refugee crisis in Israel, the PFDJ servant Tekeste Tesfamariam, through his own admission in an interview (Radio Mekhete Dallas) has been toiling immensely to have the Eritrean migrants be denied any opportunity to work and live in the country. He discouraged Israel from giving work permits. When the recent crisis was building up, the Israeli argument was that the Eritreans were economic migrants. The PFDJ, through the same embassy gathered his mehayman followers to discuss home buying opportunity in Eritrea!! Eritrean youth arrived to the building a little late which allowed him to take pictures. Otherwise they turned the place upside down and he run under police escort leaving his brief case behind. What happened later was to expose the sick nature of this useless IA groupies. Through Shabait.com (their Ministry of Information) they released a press statement along pictures of their useless emissary took before getting kicked and run for his life. The statement read that Eritreans in Israel voiced support of the regime and would participate in in the regime’s economic ventures!! This was at the height of the major policy change in Israel.

            3 – Currently there is a war in S Sudan. Everyone knows that the PFDJ’s opinion counts jack-all in international or regional circles. This is a regime whose diplomats get kicked out from such meetings as happened in Turkey’s consultation about Somalia many years back and IGAD meeting in Adiss Ababa. Yet, it is loudly making noises about which side it supports or what have you. And we also hear what is happening to Eritreans based on rumors of this nasty regime’s activities.

            So, as you see above, there has long been a coordinated effort to sabotage Eritreans in abroad and strangulate them at home by the IA group. I think Ethiopia has long recognized this befor many Eritreans did. The fact that many Eritreans are coming and going in Ethiopia and conducting all kinds of business and family matters without any harassment or problem attests to this fact. Of course, PFDJ is completely cut off from this and can’t bare to see its eyes that Eritreans are extended the supporting hand that they are doing. And, they write here to tell us how much they hate the people of Tigray and we tell them “good! now eat your heart out”

            I think following the destruction of this evil regime in Eritrea, the future is highly promising for our region in general.


          • Abinet


          • Mussie Gebreab

            Eyob, nice try no matter how much you twisted the story as your heart. the fact is the man is attached by the South Sudan Governments advocates south Sudanese because the Weyane is Helping the rebels/ Reik Meckar and of cores the Ethiopian has to say I am not Ethiopian I am Eritrean to save his behind. Capish Ejobay the Menzie Amhara.

          • Abinet

            I really appreciate your honesty . Actually the Reginal manager of ethiopian airlines in Togo was an Eritrean . And there are a lot of Eritreans in government and private business as you said . We always benefit from mutual respect and cooperation and healthy competition in every aspect . Except military which I believe drain our already poor economy.
            We have to promote more understanding and less arrogance .

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            You gave him enough dose of common sense argument to Mussie. Our brothers across the river have a proverbial saying which says “anget YeteFeterow Azuro Mayet new”. Mussie look around you where ever you go and you will learn that we are not different from others and of course from Ethiopians. Stop these chest beating of “we are these and that”. It is this mentality that drove us to the edge of the cliff, now trying to pull ourselves from falling. Please lend your ears to the advice you are getting from your fellow citizens.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Mussie Gebreab

            Haile, you are compering apple and orange what you said is different situation than what I said. it is totally understandable that once you left your country one can obtain other nations identity even become a citizen of other countries. But to obtain other country identity/ citizen while you are still in your very country is unheard only in weyane land/world. yes there are many Ethiopians and other Nationals refugees in Eritrea but I never heard that the GOE given to Eritreans in Eritrea a semolina or Ethiopian refugee Identity and send them over sea. As for your nonsense ( hateftef ) that the PFDJ feel sleepless and hopeless from Weyane, just worry about yourself and your weyane nothing is your concern about PFDJ. and list but last I know and you know where they came from the one you mentioned BEGARRS around enda Mariam Asmara. so don’t even go there because they are your relatives from you know it.

          • haile

            Mussie hafash neqihu eyu. If you have problems with woyane, go face them. Peeing in your pants looks bad. You are in the west and they are looking after your people (the sold out that you are, you work for hgdef mendef). So, woyane is kicking hgdef backside for the whole world to see in broad day light, no Eritrean feels sorry for the kicking hgdef is getting though. You will be surprised how many Eritreans are happily going in and out of Ethiopia (Araya is one). woyane was claimed to say “hgdef wede daklak bashagernew neber bnfelg, ke’ertra hzb gar gn t’eb ansham” get that cry baby.

          • Mussie Gebreab

            Haile, I thought the Weyane was communicating Each other in Tigrigna. or is it when they bluffing the nieftagn Amhara? Haile, I know you are retired from work. I advise you to get some healthy hoppy. the internet is killing you. chaw I am busy now.

          • haile

            Mussie PMHD is EPRDF and doesn’t speak Tigriyna. Your narrow minded racist brain might have retired from reason but there are Eritrean origin Ethiopians at the highest levels of state apparatus too. All you have is small time racist tic talk, we will only listen to you if you pack up and go back to Eritrea first. You are a hypocrite to be like this while while living off other’s tax money under the principle of multiculturalism and world citizenship. PFDJ is the only narrow minded racist that is outdated and outsmarted by every one. Wedhanka

          • Mussie Gebreab

            Hailat, chill down otherwise you will get a stroke. Haile, is it Mebrahtu Gebrehiwot aka Berket Simon you are bragging as Eritrean origin? He is born and rise in Gonder never been to Eritrea. He is more a weyane than weyane themselves.

          • haile

            Mussie, I can afford to chill out, so can you. For the only reason that regardless of what we say, it never affect us directly. We live far away, comfortable and unperturbed by the daily miseries of our people that they have to go through. How many Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia did you assist? Did you ever called Djibouti to ask the situation of Eritreans there. Has it ever concerned you what would happen to all our people stranded and jailed in Israel? So, all your problem seems to be your hater mentality of people from Tigray. Well, what do you want them to do? They can’t stop existing to make it palatable to you. They can’t change their nature of being absolutely smarter than IA and his groupies. You can’t hate people to reverse reality. Eritreans are not like that either. This is desperado HGDEF taking to a little corner and crying their eyes out. Well, smarten up, start by respecting your people and abiding by rule of law, constitutional governance and power be returned to people. Your isolation and madness will only get worse the more you refuse to accept facts as they are. Eritreans have long learned to ignore the HGDEF clap trap and if the woyane come to get you, your sorry azz will be on its own, for Eritreans are not having any of it to cover your back.

          • Eyob Medhane


            I love your futile exercise, trying to reason with the unreasonable. I have to admit, it’s a bit entertaining… 🙂


            Where have you been? Long time, since you’ve knocked me around… 🙂

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            I am always here. I am enjoying your in put including the links you provided us. This is my intellectual home of give and take. Where else could I have? Shane do Eyobay.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Mussie Gebreab

            Hailat the great, I am not the one brought here the Beggars around enda Mariam, you did I just remind you who they were. that is all! I know the truth harts.

            Here is a gift for you news about PFDJ

            PFDJ central
            office conducts meeting with a view to enhancing organizational capacity

            Asmara, 14 March
            2014 – The central office the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ)
            today conducted meeting in which senior PFDJ and Government officials took part
            with a view to enhancing organizational capacity.

            The meeting has been focused primarily on
            launching a timely Political Program in a bid to reinforcing the Front.

            Participants of the meeting exchanged views
            concerning the smear campaign resorted against the nation over the past 15 years
            on the part of hostile external quarter’s vis-à-vis the steadfastness of the
            Eritrean people, besides the political, economic and diplomatic developments in
            light with the nation-building process.

            Moreover, the programs set for implementation
            this year were scrutinized in connection with their vitality as regards
            strengthening the People’s Front and it’s political as well as development
            programs in such a way that fulfills societal expectation pertaining to the
            momentum of the nation-building process.

            Similar meetings would conducted inside the
            country and abroad at all capacitie

          • haile

            Musseie, you really need to visit Eritrea not just PFDJ websites from here. Your understanding of the begging issue in Asmara (and other parts of the country) is way outdated. It is true, no need to be coy about it, during the dergue time and before the people of Tigray were humiliated and made to suffer a great deal. If many were homeless, begging, migrating or dying of poverty linked tragedy that is their proud history in a sense that it shows you how much they have come along to be a stabilizing force in their country as well as helping Ethiopia as a whole to move forward. You still seem to be consumed with elation by contrasting with their miseries more than a quarter of a century ago that they buried for good.

            I don’t want to go deeper into the issue of poverty in Eritrea nowadays and the related tragedies, if you don’t know it you need to research. I might have been more fortunate than the Tigrayns in the past and they may be more fortunate than me today, but I don’t let it to get into me to the point of empty bravado. Chill out, I know real Eritreans in Eritrea and how they make ends meet in day to day, I am on their side hence I don’t speak in your tones from afar.

            PFDJ meeting? Senior members and government? why not just the rank and file of the organization?

            It then says to discuss political program? And has NOTHING to say about it! Just blah blah of playing victim. And follows on about “scrutinizing” the program for this year (which nobody heard about) NOW, really after almost the first quarter of this year has elapsed (why not scrutinize it befor hand?) HGDEF MOYTA, GAH TBEL ANTA…


            The PFDJ here are special breed in danger of extinction. The AT recommends that we engage them and encourage them to hang around. We just need to learn to stop getting worked up by their slowness, hey they can’t help it – they wouldn’t be PFDJ otherwise 🙂

          • SMichael

            Both of you are right but I am amused about Haile ‘ s over – reaction and his offensive language.Very suspicious indeed.I have found Haile to have one sided approach.
            Wether he likes it or not,we expressed unbiased facts.
            That is why I am disgusted with this forum.You do not know who is who.
            The “DIA and PFDJ should be uprooted ” old new tactic has become the modus operandi. Of the day,which was initiated by the same Weyane.
            Look at Haile Zetu and the Ethiopian guys here being paranoid of reformed PFDJ.

  • Haile Zeru

    I am about the age of SAAY and I travelled around the globe like many eritreans. To see people cozying to Semete Tesfay ideas and reacting so furious about what Ali Salim said make me feel extremely sad. What it shows me is that our troubles are not over yet. Or at least they will stay with us longer. Semere Tesfay ideas are an ethno-fascist type of brand while Ali Salim was expressing the pain of the dispossessed.
    In case of Ali Salim the solution is easy. Forming a government that cares for its citizens will easely attend the needs of the dispossessed and find a means of survival for the poor folks that were dragged by PFDJ to be stranded on different part of the country. Very easy. I am sure some one is saying easy said than done. Believe me you do not need 23 years to solve the problem. It is much simpler than that.
    On the other hand the dictatorship of one ethinic group over the others is a costly endeavor that criepled Ethiopia for the last 50 years.
    Not seeing these two differences and shouting at Ali Salim while clapping for Semere is the most disheartening thing. One of the lowest point of dispair for me.

  • Merhawi

    saay, so u think opposition needs to find its Issayas the way the young Wuchu did? I can tell you that someone of Issayas’s caliber as a leader doesn’t come very often. It’s a once in a lifetime occurrence at best. May be once in a century type of occurrence. But why look for another Issayas when Issayas already exists? Just come to daddy!

  • mahmud saleh

    Welcome brother, a genius mind. despite its irritating effects, the beauty of your literary flow made me to crave for your articles. I never missed a single one. And now, added to the big guns here in Awate, a fascinating season is ahead of us. Challenge us; rock the status quo. Welcome! As an Awate reader, what else could I ask for?

  • saay7

    Selamat Michael:

    Do you actually believe what you wrote, or you are just saying stuff because you are angry?

    If you actually believe what you wrote above, it confirms what I said (assuming you are a perfect representative of the organization you are proud of): your organization is ill-informed. The theraus says an alternate word for that is stupid. It operates on the basis of information deficiency. And because its key defining quality is pride, it is too proud to admit what it doesn’t know, and it is forever 10 steps behind.

    On the other hand, if you don’t believe what you wrote and you are just striking blindly, it confirms another defining quality of your organization: it is a bundle of emotions that can be provoked by anybody about anything. It lacks discipline, it is unfocused. It is simply just happy to lounge, to be around, to count anniversaries.

    Just so you are clear, the EPDP is no better or now worse than the other 35 Eritrean opposition organization. Because I generally believe that any organization even if it is throwing a pebble at the PFDJ it is my ally, I never get involved in inter-opposition feud. However, whereas the other 34 are quite content to acknowledge that they are just throwing pebbles, your organization acts like it is a contender, a runner up, like the organization which just lost a general election by 1%. It is that pride thing again. I was going to say watch out for the pride before the fall, but you have to get up to fall. And you haven’t been up in 3 decades.


    • Dawit

      Effective rebuttal Sal. I thought you used the word “dumb” (not stupid or ill-informed) to describe the EPDP (not ELF-RC) or the members thereof. Otherwise, I may have read what was not written. I apologize if that was the case. Anyways, I like your quote : ዝመረተ ብረት ሒዝካ ቅድሚ ሰብ ብረት ሒዘ ኢልካ ምጅሃር .

      • SMichael

        KAB behali’us degami’u
        Dawit,R U looking for some promotion here?
        Wether using old or new bret,EPDP is trying its BEST to unify Eritreans across the Globe so as to bring Real Change.Either join the struggle or shut UP.
        Use common sense and an Independent and challenging MIND bro.

    • S Michael

      I do not believe the Senior Cadre will further waste his time with further counter accusation unless he is that much naive.
      But as a presumed or alleged “low level junior cadre” per your perception,I will take the liberty to throw my low level input.
      Ali Salim:
      Like most people,people in EPDP” might have suspected about the I’D of the so called Ali Salim,who should have showed up with his real I’D if he believes in himself and his words and in TRUTH like SJG.
      There were plenty of “circumstantial evidence” to be suspicious based on what SJG has been reporting and/or the website has been reporting.
      We all know the rough divorce between the X ELF-RC and the AT CAMP,which was gross and evident based on the nonsensical and childish counter accusation you people were exchanging Among yourselves.
      If they were confidently accusing SJG,they were wrong as they did not have any evidence.But they have a right to be suspicious like any Eritrean for that matter based on what was reported before and after Ali Salim ‘ s plunder.
      Be this or that,it was not necessary to hurt a partially healed wound.
      EPDP is doing its business and is moving forward and. you are expected to do so rather than indulging yourself in such a kind of obsolete nonesense of gossip,sabotage and defamatory campaign.
      Take your grievances out of the Public and either reconcile behind the scene or take it to the Court as you are demoralizing the Silent majority ,which is anxiously awaiting for a Good Leadership for real CHANGE
      What have you done since then other than being a champion of cyber politics and metaphysical analysis of this and that?
      If you believe that EPDP and its Leadership has failed us,tthen come with a better alternative rather than being an obstacle here and there.
      Let’s walk rather than talk nonstop like a parrot.
      The “We and Them” era is gone.
      If talk is needed,talk about constructive ways of unifying our people for real CHANGE.
      Talk about National Reconciliation
      -Talk about real solutions Not about oldy grudges and ego.
      Talk about 21st century Eritrea and Eritreans.
      -Advise the EPDP constructively about what they are missing and encourage them on their positive things rather than kemish adey hanquinulu thing.
      God bless you man.

    • Michael

      Selam Saleh,

      Amazing how you twisted this thread which was about Ali Salim’s halfhearted regret into attacking EPDP. If what EPDP does means worse than Ali Salim’s words in your mind, then I’m afraid what you have in mind about the future Eritrea. As for EPDP’s achievements, I could provide with a long least but I don’t see any value in that since you are blinded by hate of EDP, ELF-RC and its senior cadres now leading EPDP. No wonder they ignored your provocations. You are still attacking people whom you never met or had any encounter. My advice to you is to refrain from these kinds of smear campaigns and attacks, better yet come up with alternative solutions, join one of the 35 organizations or make one of your own. EPDP is trying to work for change and you are only attacking it.

      case closed!


  • Dawit

    Snow turned Asmara (not the people) white. No word whether the snow has caused damage. Asmerawian are skiing, and making snow men and women as they go about their business; they will continue to do this until the snow melts away:-) Which one is the culprit : global warming or climate change.


  • said

    Sometime what consumes me most, is that people regardless of how high their
    education is, or for that matter, how creative they are, they still think and
    behave like the cave man, once you scratch their skin, you find the same beast
    God created thousands of years before. What is the use of all this advancements
    men and women alike have achieved so far. Look around you. In today’s Eritrea is good example ,when trying to analyze and judge the proponents of the Eritrean movement, struggling
    for freedom and independence . Their deep convictions; incredulous
    tenacity; great sense of organization; unmatched team spirit; superhuman
    self-less single-purpose dedication; enormous personal and collective
    sacrifices and super mind at networking and clear well defined
    political objective Leaving aside IA political manipulation , All the
    strengths that today we Eritreans COMPLETELY lack.

    If our polity had the wisdom and the sincere intentions to guide and enlighten the masses about the true strength of PFDJ, they would first start by highlighting the aforementioned
    unique skills the Eritrean front movement planners possessed that despite
    the great facilities afforded, the odds remained stupendously formidable that
    the immigrating diasporas Eritrean and the opposition Organization could
    only overcome with those unique traits that increasingly appear as peculiar and
    the working of the past Eritrean mind. This, today as we Eritrean keep howling, rather barking our wishful thinking. What is needed supplant action and actual deeds to be undertaken. To achieve Freedom and Justice at all times, the vast majority Eritrean oppressed would first need to connect with their past origination and organization democratic founding father front movement of the Universal culture by first and foremost be honest and true to
    ourselves. ” to make regime change The Ultimate resistance is to
    expose the oppressor DAI, yet more effective is to draw your oppressor some of PFDJ to
    become conscious of their inhumanity, how animal and dehumanized
    they had become; this, in the absence of other means is the foremost, the
    far more effective means and many option remain open and that someone like Gandhi deployed to defeat the most powerful empire of the time. Today We Eritrean have so many experience
    and possess and have, readily, at our disposal a whole host of levers that can still be applied and show great results. Starting with self, we first need to live to the level of morality that first and foremost makes us true to ourselves, cooperative, truly honest and sincere.


    All you knowledgeble people who ae writting here and
    other websites.
    Please define PFDJ for us and if it was/is good or bad
    for Eritrea and other neighboring peoples.
    Because one of the main barrier for the people is
    1- who is PFDJ ?
    2- Is PFDJ good or bad for Eritrea ?
    2- Has PFDJ or its opponets been good for Eritrea so far
    or the other way around ?
    Unless these questions are clearly answered it is hard to
    find the solution.
    Becuse even now as in the previous years it is common to
    see those knowledgeble people to find something they didn’t
    know about before or untill this point. Isn’t it scary ?
    Doesn’t that mean they have been wrongly silencing patriotic
    ones with their limited info and riding the wrong train ???
    What if they had had got the blank check they had been asking for
    from us the lat time………..would they have end our train ride in the
    destination we ever need ??????????????? Let’s hear from you…..!

  • haile


    Funny you should ask that “Did you sign the petition?” I have a story of some supposed pro-hgdef flippancy in this connection. I was one of those people opposed to the arms embargo envisioning sanction. Well, I assisted some of the activities that were taking place to oppose this sanction and helped to collect petitions. Of the few people in my circle was one ( and still is) a loud mouthed PFDJite. At that time I asked him to sign the petition by completing his details, well he said “his sisters were in a middle of a process to come to the west and even if he believed the regime was “right” (funny really) that he wouldn’t sign the petition for fear of it possibly impacting his involvement in completing his sisters’ process to migrate to the west”. Despite explaining to him the long term disaster of an “armed embargo” he wouldn’t budge. In my part I did what I could to register my opposition in terms of petition and writing a letter. Many pro PFDJ nowadays don’t have any commitment other than the specific personal gain that holds them in that position. But, let me just say that don’t assume too much.

    • Ermias

      Haile, once it hits home, they turn around and be on the opposition side. The biggest points of no return for the pro-PFDJ are when they can’t bring their wife and when they are not allowed to build a house or something to that effect. After that, they never look back.

    • sMichael

      The only thing I dislike about U and your comments is that you are :
      Deliberately ignoring and twisting facts
      Your obsession with one person and its weakness or mischiefs
      Your deliberate omission of the bigger picture or to be fair,as big picture as that of PIA/PFDJ,-THE destructive roles of the external threat to our current mess in my
      opinion, as both factors go hand in hand.
      Do not tell me that U R a new student of the AT

  • Micky

    Ali Salim or Younis Hussein henceforth AS/YS wants to make a U turn after people from Kebesa say “ZaKlen TiHnens BealeMariam Ybla”. AS/YS can make all the U turns he wants even until he gets motion sickness, the point is he crossed the red line by dissing a lot of Eritreans by malevolently associating innocenet people with the brutish government of Issaias government for, dont’ laugh, being from Kebesa. If that is not a sentiment of ‘ethnic cleansing’ I am not sure what it is. He is now using YG tactics by using circular philosophical arguments- roads to nowhere- whether PFDJ had a good intent but bad outcome.. the jury has declared its decision on Isaiasim: Bad Intents with Bad Outcomes. You can’t sugar coat it AS/YS even if you allegedly have a second thought on your irresponsible brush painting a whole refion and people who had nothing to do with the criminal Isaias Afwerki regime other than hailing from the same region of Eritrea. Ali you are like a PDF file that is initially displayed on a monitor upside down– even if you rotate it 180 degree it is still the same file with the same content.

  • haile


    Let me be frank here: focusing all blame on IA is a safe, reasonable and justified way. If you want to widen the field of “who should be blamed”, you’ll be unrealistic and very unhelpful and polarizing to the already volatile situation.

    Secondly, the regime had been sanctioned for 4 years (limited sanction in arms & travel), yet it has been in power for 19 years before that (even if you want to pretend the last 4 year was a severe generalized sanction in every aspect of life in Eritrea – that was never the case). It has presided in over 9 years severe repression of Eritreans prior to the “Sanctions” (if you call them that). The currency collapsed long before the sanctions, Airline companies were discussing the issue of non-convertible currency they were piling in Eritrean banks way before the sanction, University shut down, farmers banned from selling, fishermen banned from selling, businessmen banned from obtaining business license, builders banned from building, doctors banned from private practice, import/export banned, citizens banned from handling hard currency…. you name it, long befor the “sanctions” (that had no economic component). In all these years, the regime never proved A SINGLE allegation against all those arrested, accused of selling the country, other external actors…. nothing at all. A miserable cut and paste from wikilileaks and their own overblown analysis that is all.

    The only reason the regime seem to get away is that we are slow to collect courage, Eritreans are war fatigued and very terrified of any imagined danger. You probably heard that S Sudanese youth were packing to go to their country this week to fight against their regime that is attempting but being checked to do exactly that IA got away with in 2001. In our case, we run away as far as possible and those who couldn’t paid huge money to Rashaida and others to take them to Israel via Sinai. We run to the sea on rickety boats, we run across vast deserts to attempt to reach safe place. Most of us have died or irreversibly damaged in the process. Many crawled back in Israel to pay 2% so that to get ahead in the housing opportunities in Eritrea that they hope to build next cemeteries and mass graves of Eritreans that IA is instigating to create. We are just like that, nothing else to it. IA purposely took a position to support one side of the S Sudanese warring factions, knowing the amount of Eritreans who would be put on harms way over there, he did the same in 1998 when he told Ethiopia that he can strike anything inside Ethiopia at ease that triggered mass hunt down of Eritreans including the ordeals at Dedasa camp…

    SMichael, do present your evidences of hoe the “sanction” “overt” “covert” and other twisted shadowy dark realities have undermined the regime not to even have a budget for its broken economy.


    • smichael

      Where is your evidence thar IA sided with one faction?May be Ethiopia.?
      U R out of your mind ,albeit,deliberately about the impact of the Sanction.Did u sign the Petition?It sounds so.
      No need of regurgitating the PFDJ crimes as I might be one of the victims.
      I just ask u to consider the other face of the coin.
      As to wikileaks,I am glad u admitted it exists.

  • Ermias

    To Mr. Semere Tesfai and ‘the show me the money’ crowd.

    The issue is not PFDJ vs the opposition. It is PFDJ vs the majority of Eritreans. The vast majority of diaspora Eritreans who are slowly rising up against the regime do not belong to any political organization. Although they deserve some credit, the opposition organizations do not have much to do with the current large number of people disapproving PFDJ. It is primarily self inflicted damage that is sending PFDJ on a downward spiral. If I were to guess, the so called Eritrean opposition parties or groups would not number more than several thousand in card carrying membership. So all the noise you are hearing everywhere is ordinary unrepresented people seeking fundamental change in Eritrea. No ready made charter or plan is needed. We have a great number of capable civilians working quietly under the regime. They can pick it up from any point and lead a transitional government.

    • Semere Tesfai


      “We have a great number of capable civilians working quietly under the
      regime. They can pick it up from any point and lead a transitional

      Though I’m not sure about the “capable civilians can pick it up from any point” part of your argument (the military being the most likely), yes, you are right; that is the Eritrean reality. Change is going to come and it is going to come only from inside. And if there is going to be any role for the loud opposition in post Isaias Eritrea, it is going to be at the goodwill and timing of the “reformed PFDJ” government.

      But having said that, there are many people in the opposition camp who would disagree with you. In their view, a government that is run by “capable civilians working quietly under the
      regime” is ‘PFDJ with a facelift’. And that is not acceptable. And that is where the arguments of – change from inside vs from outside, radical change vs reform, violent vs non violent change…. are coming from. According to the vocal radical change argument, PFDJ and its entire infrastructure should be dismantled, its members should be denied any political space in future Eritrea, and the top operatives and leaders should be weeded out and brought to justice.

      • Ermias

        Semere, as recently as a few weeks ago, I believed that PFDJ needed to be uprooted completely. But that would be as unrealisitc as Ralph Nader or Ron Paul winning the presidency in the US. It can take a full article like yours to explain this claim so I will spare you the agony. But I will respond to the other points in your comment above.

        The military in Eritrea (led by the generals as in manjus) is in my mind incapable of running the country in any way because the generals themselves have very limited knowledge of institutionalizing anything. They do not have the discipline and know-how to go step by step and transition into a civilian administration. But you are right in that the most likely scenario will be some kind of military operation that will bring about any change in Eritrea, whether a continuation of what we have or a facelift. There will have to be violence though (hopefully not very much) for any change because the current regime and more so IA is not going to give in and invite anyone to a piece of the pie.

        The opposition – well, as much as I hate to say, the opposition actually more often than not does more harm. Because like you consistently allege, their message doesn’t resonate with the average Eritrean. Most oppositions are viewed as elitist and ethnicity and region centric. Moreover, the average Eritrean views Ethiopia as the biggest enemy of Eritrea but a lot of the opposition groups do not and they have not done anything to correct this misunderstanding. In fact, they hold meetings in Ethiopia. This really doesn’t bode well with Eritreans. Nothing irritates and angers Eritreans more than this fact. The credibility of the opposition in the general public is really low. Someone correct me if I am wrong but at this point in our history, associating with the opposition parties is considered a taboo.

        On the bright side, there are now more people vocally expressing their frustration with the PFDJ regime without identifiying themselves as an opposition member of any group. This is where I, myself, come in. In fact, you will hear a lot of Eritreans say they oppose the regime on merits, on what they see, on what they hear from their family back in Eritrea. Not by virtue of what the opposition is saying. I will tell you this – some 9-10 years ago, I used to listen to an online radio (the name doesn’t come to me right now) and there was this older woman who came from Eritrea residing with her son next door. She really was resentful of IA and PFDJ. But when she heard on the radio ‘ezi sir’at asmera zigebro zelo….’ That drove her nuts. That is the sentiment of the typical Eritrean. We are not used to heavy politcal criticism, right or wrong. One cannot go more than saying “ezi mengsitzi eko abzihuwo lomisi.”

        As to ‘the top operatives and leaders’ – I also believe that they need to be brought to justice. I have said this before but I will repeat: “when it comes to the lives of innocent people and the welbeing of families, there surely is ‘guilty by association’ in my book.”

        • Dawit

          I concur with you Ermias. Well said. Haile the great also knows more about the so called Silent Majority (otherwise known as the general public). He will surely pitch in and add value the conversation. You have touched his topic.

          I divide the opposition into three groups:
          1.The Silenced majority,
          2. The silent minority,
          3. The card holding members of the opposition parties, and
          4. The vocal online tigers.

          • Ermias

            Dawitom, thank you for that summary. I couldn’t have done it better. I will await to see Haile’s take and if Semere, Sal, Hayat, etc. have anything more to add. There is big gaps within the four groups you listed above but they all want change to varying degrees. I would say the ‘vocal online tigers’ are best equipped for future Eritrea in terms of know-how and skilled manpower but the initial change will not come from them. I will let the others chime in because I like this topic.

          • saay7

            Selamat Ermias:

            This is just guesswork Ermiasom…

            1. The Silent Majority: The closest to a normal period Eritrea has had was in 1994-97. That was post the referendum high and pre Badme War. Now let me ask you: have you ever attended an EPLF/PFDJ meeting in 1994-1997. I mean not counting the constitutional commission meetings. Believe it or not, even then the PFDJ was giving seminars on the “facts on the ground.” If you didn’t, me neither. We were in the Silent Majority. That is the default position of the average citizen: just wants to be left alone, far from the world of politics. Even now, the Silent Majority has the view that politics is dangerous game: one without clear winners, one that drains your time and energy with little payoff.

            2. The Silenced: This would be somebody who made an effort, then geliom asembidomo and s/he said Ertrakhum teqlilkum blUwo. Lots of youth in this group. Or, s/he is still trying to fight back but finds everything stacked against him (work permit, living permit, job opportunity, etc) all demand one thing: his/her silence.

            3. The dues paying opposition: As we say in California, “como?” No comprende! (Relatively speaking, this is such a tiny number (the ‘dues paying opposition’) it is an outlier.

            4. The Internet Tigers. Roar, roar. Question: Why is that phrase always used for opposition but not for pro-government Internet Tigers? Answer: because, for the most part (exceptions duly noted: and these would be our activists) our tigering and roaring is not followed up by action, task forces, committees, sub committes wheras an equally TINY portion of the pro-government tigers do that (or at least very loudly CLAIM they do.) Not only do we not take action, we haven’t inspired others to do it. Why? Because most of us (many of us? Ok, fine, ME) are just WRITERS who have chosen Eritrea as a topic. It could have been baseball, celebrity news, movies, books, or earthquake tracking, but our passion just happens to be Eritrea.


          • Ermias

            Sal, I think, we in the opposition camp are like the democrats of the US. We have a very wide range of agendas and issues; the sole thing we have in common is that the Eritrean regime needs to be changed. The supporters are just like the republicans (well I guess prior to the emergence of the TEA Party) because they had a small number of issues (which they all echoed in unison) and they are super organized and highly vocal. They always play victim (like minorities taking my tax dollars). The regime supporters issue is weyane and the US conspiring against us – not much more.

            I like your point number 4 in particular though. I would argue that you would make a great celebrity news writer. You have done great summaries of Wedi Tikabo and I believe Korchach as well. If Abrar Osman wasn’t too far away, I would have really loved to write his bio and you would have edited for me. All the comments I wrote her could easily amount to a small book, Nitricc’s would equal an encyclopedia.

          • Nitricc

            SAAY, my man, you know how you help me be every time I say something? Okay let me return the favor; let me help you this time around. The opposition needs nothing. No slogans, no tee-shirts, no actions. All the opposition needs is an IDEA. Once you get an idea, trust me, you need nothing. Every thing it will fall in the place. PIA is dictator; PFDJ must go are not ideas; they are wishful thinking, day dreaming and at best, hobby of desperate toothless people.
            Good day, just passing through 🙂

          • saay7

            Hey Nitricc:

            Thanks ma man. Let me put on my dentures–I do hate that I am part of the toothless squad.

            SO your proposal is “IDEAS”? In the immortal words of Samuel L Jackson, “allow me to retort!” I won’t pull out a huge gun, I will just…tell you a story. Because you hate “history”, let’s just call it story that just happens to have taken place in the past.

            1971, to be exact. The late Major General Wuchu was in Tessenei when he decided to join the Eritrean field. Since you know Eritrean geography minutely (hush, go along with me), you know that Tessenei is like a border town and practically the headquarters of the ELF. Still, Wuchu goes to literally the other side of Eritrea to join the EPLF (then PLF-2.) They ask him why? He says, “it was rumored that Isaias was around that area.”

            What is the “idea” that was a magnet to Wuchu, who was a shepherd and, by his own admission, illiterate in 1971?

            Its not ideas. Ideas are a dime a dozen. In fact, as Serray (The Brain) would say, all you have to do is take the exact opposite position of PFDJ on land policy, foreign policy, education policy, trade and industry, tourism, war and peace and you got your “ideas.” More than ideas, more than organization, what you need is a leader who can connect ideas with people at the gut-instinct level.


          • Dawit


            Well explained. I wish I could go into much detail to explain them. I am a man of few words either it is because I don’t have enough words to explain “negerat” ; I am down right lazy 🙂 ; I have little information rely upon; or it is all the above. You explained it with a sense of humor. You saw the humor in the situation.

        • Semere Tesfai


          – The Generals: I’m not worried about the Generals (those me and you know by name). They all are old, physically weak (they all have multiple gun wounds like all TewagaAti Tegadelti), and they all have health issues. In the coming few years they all will be gone.If we had a civilized opposition that would guarantee them their safety, housing, attractive retirement package and good fringe benefit, I believe they would have retired in a heart beat. Therefore, when you think about the military don’t think too much about the old (Tegadelti) Generals.

          – The role of the military: In life smart people don’t lead, educated people don’t lead, large group of unhappy people don’t lead, Muslims Christians ethnics don’t lead; organized people under strict discipline do. It is all about organization, organization, organization….. And in Eritrea there is only one organized and disciplined body: the military. The question is not whether the military is going to be in control, it’s whether the military is going to lead overtly or covertly (with or without civilian cloth).

          You said “As to ‘the top operatives and leaders’ – I also believe that they need to be brought to justice.”

          Well, Ermias I beg to disagree. I’ve, and I’ll always have soft spot in my heart for my Tegadelti comrades (opposition or PFDJ). We were young (teens), we were uneducated (most of us from small villages), we did what we thought was right. (ኤርምያስ – ሰብ ዓቕሙ’ዩ ዝገብር። ዘይዓቕምኻ ዘይገበርካ ኢልካ ንሰብ ምውንጃል ካኣ፡ ዓዲ ዘጋብር ኣይመስለንን) I know ignorance of the law doesn’t exempt you from criminal prosecution; but I still believe, any attempt “to bring them (EPLF/PFDJ) to Justice” is wrong approach to move forward.

          The reason: again in life everything is relative. Life is not about justice; it is about pragmatism, it is about cost benefit analysis, it is about cutting your loses and moving for ward.

          Or simply – if you were a staunch Unionist who scared many by your actions, you’ve nothing to worry about; if you were Ethiopian commando (ኮማንድስ) who ruined the lives of many Eritreans for life, you’ve nothing to worry about; if you are someone who served the Derg junta to the bitter end, you’ve nothing to worry about; if you are former ELF member who made his share of mistakes, you have nothing to worry about – but if you are EPLF/PFDJ member who have made his/her share of mistakes, you will be prosecuted/persecuted – type of justice doesn’t sit well with me. That’s all.

          • Ermias

            Semere, I do sympathize with your statement:

            “I’ve, and I’ll always have soft spot in my heart for my Tegadelti comrades (opposition or PFDJ). We were young (teens), we were uneducated (most of us from small villages), we did what we thought was right.”

            To be perfectly honest with you, I am not an eye for an eye kind of person and I am actually much more sympathetic than how I write might suggest. I am in reality more disappointed at tegadelti than angry at them. Because I had incredibly high hopes. This goes for all tegadlti including the ones in the oppostion now. From the very top (IA) to the very bottom (the poor men and women still digging trenches) could have done better for all of us because we believed in them 100% upto 1994-1997 like SAAY mentioned.

            If you write the way you did in this comment, I think most of us here will agree with you more often than not. That was a great educational comment. Thank you!

          • Haile Zeru

            Semere Tesfay you wrote:
            “Well, Ermias I beg to disagree. I’ve, and I’ll always have soft spot in my heart for my Tegadelti comrades (opposition or PFDJ).”

            Really? I guess the psychological attachment you showed in your writing toward Issayas will not allow you to have softspot for the G-15. Unless you have a different definition of your Tegadelti comrades. Can you say you like to see Issayas prosecuted for the life of the G-15? Semere, after all that you wrote you cannot play innocent victim or even a normal human being. What about the excess of Halewa Sewra? What about the assasinations you (EPFL/PFDJ) conducted in Sudan? You want all Tegadelti to go free? Just like that?

            “.. We were young (teens), we were uneducated (most of us from small villages), we did what we thought was right. (ኤርምያስ – ሰብ ዓቕሙ’ዩ ዝገብር። ዘይዓቕምኻ ዘይገበርካ ኢልካ ንሰብ ምውንጃል ካኣ፡ ዓዲ ዘጋብር ኣይመስለንን) ..”
            Are you playing Wuchu here or what? You are trying to buy sympathy. It shows that your conscience is bothering you.

            “..The reason: again in life everything is relative.”

            Tell that to the mothers that lost their children, the wives that lost their husbands and children that lost their fathers, due to the useless wars you (PFDJ) unleashed on all corners of the country. Do you think some one should take responsibility for that or not?
            Do you want Issayas to be brought to court to answer about all the suffering he brought on the Eritrean people or not?

            “Life is not about justice;..”

            Really? How convenient?

          • Semere Tesfai

            Haile Zeru

            “Are you playing Wuchu here or what? You are trying to buy sympathy. It shows that your conscience is bothering you.”

            Haile, I’ve never been EPLF/PFDJ member in my life. I never held high position when I was Tegadalay. Like many Eritreans of my age, I joined Ghedli when I was a teen (right after my sixteenth birthday). With a middle school grade education from a small village, there was no market for me to serve in higher position. I was a foot soldier in trenches shooting to kill and to be killed. The art of killing and survival is all I knew in my Ghedli life. And that is all I did. That’s my story. Now tell me: why would I need your sympathy?

            “What about the excess of Halewa Sewra? What about the assasinations you
            (EPFL/PFDJ) conducted in Sudan? You want all Tegadelti to go free? Just
            like that?”

            Again, I don’t have a problem when people demand justice. But I have a problem when people show selective grief and demand selective justice. If you are seeking justice for Eritrean victims that’s fine, but don’t be hypocrite. Don’t leave any grieving mother without justice. Seek justice for all Eritrean victims – the victims of the Eritrean Unionists, the victims Haileselassie commandos and security agents, the victims of Derg collaborators and servants, the victims of ELF leaders and cadres and the victims of EPLF/PFDJ leaders and cadres. And my position is, it is cheaper and a lot wiser not to go down that slippery slope.

            If you are adamant to seek justice, and you are having a problem finding victims that were tortured/killed by Eritreans serving Haileselassie, the Derg or by the ELF, let me know. I can help, unless of course you are seeking selective justice.

          • haile

            ወይ ናይ ዓራት ኣውሩሱና ለመጭ!!! ደሓን ክንረአኤ እንዲና። እዛ ብለመጭ ክትውረስ ትሕለም ዘላ ዓራት፡ ኣብ ምድሪ-ቤታ እሾኽ ዝተነጽፋ ቤት ጥራይ ከምትኸውን ዘይምዝንጋዕ ለመጭኖ። ሕጂ’ውን ንህግደፍን ኣታሓሳስብኡን መቓብር ፍሒርካ ምቕባር እቲ ተሪፉ ዘሎ።

          • Ermias

            ሃይለ፥ እዋእ ንዓይሲ ኣቶ ሰመረ፤ ብቖልዑትናዶ ወላ ብዕሸላትና ኢሉ ኣደንጊጹኒን ኣደናጊርንን ኔሩ ዳርጋ፥፥

            ንኢሽተይ ሓፍተይ ከተዘንትወለይ ከላስ፤ ንሓደ ምስኣ ተመዲቡ ኣገልግሎት ኣብ ዓሰብ ዝሰርሕ ዝነበረ መንእሰይ፤ ብገመድ ጌሮም ኢዱ ጠውዮም ምስ ኣሰርዎ፤ ድማ ምሒር ስለ ቀጠው ዘበሉዎ፤ ምሽክናይ ወዲ ድሕሪ ኽንደይ ስቓይ ኣእዳዉ ተቖሪጹ ኣብ መወዳእትኡ፤፤ ወያ ሓፍተይ እሞ ሻዓ ሰንቢዳ ምስ ሃደመት ብዘይ ልባ ኣብ ቅሩብ ኣዋርሕ ን ዓዲ እንግሊዝ ኣትያ፥፥

            እዚ ዝኣክል ጭካነስ፤ ስኣን ፍላጥ ወይ ዕሸልነት ክባሃል ማለት ድዩ፤፤ ሓቅኻ ኢኻ ዓርከይ ሃይለ፤ወላኳ ብዙሓት ቅኑዓት እንተሃለውዎም፥ነዚኦም ምሕረት ኣይግቦኦምንዩ ከከም ገበኖም፥፥

          • haile zeru

            Hi Semere,
            Thank you for answering my questions. I wish you started with the first one. Do you think Issayas is innocent and the G-15 are traitors? You cannot have a softspot for both.
            Do you think Issayas should be brought in a court of law and answer for his crimes?
            I am for a Constitution and elected democratic government with independent justice system.
            Anyone who is accused of a crime should be brought in front of the court of the country to answer for the alleged crimes. No matter when the crime was committed and where.
            Said that why are you bringing the cases (crimes) of Haile Sellasie, commandis, Derg and Jebha? Is it an admission of guilty on your side? and you are using them as some sort of coverup? I and many of my neighbours and relatives are victims of all those regimes. Some of us are still alive and some are dead. But the one that is standing on our neck and laughing at us is pfdj at the moment. In my mind it has more weight because of proximity in time. Fresh wounds are more painful than old scars.
            The buying sympathy that I mentioned in my previous post is not from me but from the public, Eritrean public.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Haile Zeru

            You said “Do you think Issayas should be brought in a court of law and answer for his crimes?”

            Well, do think Hussein Khelifa should be brought in a court of law and answer for his “crimes”? How about Osman Qernelios, how about Yousuf Berhanu, how about Ahmed Nasser, how about Tewelde Gebreselasse, how about Hiruy Tedla….. Can you bring one to Justice and not bring the other because it is less important (of time proximity)? Isn’t your argument a grieving mother’s argument?

            Again you said:

            A- “Anyone who is accused of a crime should be brought in front of the court
            of the country to answer for the alleged crimes. No matter when the
            crime was committed and where.” Ok, I’m with you.

            B. “In my mind it (PFDJ crimes) has more weight because of proximity in time.” What?

            Which one is it? Is it the “PFDJ crimes have more wait because proximity in time” therefore we should pursue justice only for PFDJ crimes, or it is the – “anyone who is accused of crime should be brought to justice no matter when the crime was committed”?

            If the former, are you sure about that? Do you think the mothers of the victims, because of “proximity in time”, they care less about justice for their children? If the later, why is your demand of justice PFDJ specific?

            Haile articulate your argument; you’re allover.

          • Haile zeru

            I do not know why you are evading the question. The question is:Do you think Issayas should be brought in a court of law and answer for his crimes?. answer please, yes or no.
            In this one line I cannot mention every individual. The general principle is:
            Anyone who is accused of a crime should be brought in front of the court
            of the country to answer for the alleged crimes. No matter when the
            crime was committed and where.

  • haile
  • saay7

    Emma Arqey:

    I am not Tenqualay. I am just a long, long time observer of the demented thing that is ELF-RC. I had a friend in the EPLF-DP leadership and when they were thinking of merging with ELF-RC, I told this friend: dear God, why, oh, why would you do that? They will just suck the life out of you. ELF-RC is an organization that is hard-wired to fail. It has not registered a single victory in decades.

    This is because conspiracy runs rampant in it. Right now, they are connecting Ali Salim’s decision to disclose his name with some random event that neither you, nor I, nor Ali Salim is aware of. And, having connected it with some random event, they will take credit for “outing Ali Salim.”

    With the merger with EPLF-DP (The Hesitant), the ELF-RC (The Paranoid) essentially became Club Mar Rosso. It is where aging people talk of glory days that were really never that glorious and it is an Uqub for the formerly Kassel (now Frankfurt) Festival. It has never been relevant to the politics of Eritrea and it will never be. It is a group that has a strong entitlement attitude–it is our turn to govern the opposition, it is our turn to govern Eritrea–not because it has DONE anything but because it BELIEVES something.

    Above all else, it is a stupid organization. You and I read Ali Salim and we immediately knew that this is a guy with an EPLF background. It is in his prose, in his references, in his sense of humor. But the entire cadre of the ELF-RC, a whole bunch of dour and humorless people, missed it. If a political organization doesn’t have the minimum insight, smarts to differentiate Ali Salim from Saleh Gadi (or worse: it knew and for petty and stupid reasons chose to merge the two): do you really want to give them the vanguard role they crave for themselves? I don’t. I think that is actually a disqualfier to participate in Eritrean politics: they should just do what they are born to do: write insanely boring statements about nothing.


    • Michael Tekle

      On the 10th of March 2014, the
      venomous Mr. Ali Salim disclosed his ”real name” at Awate.com. He used to
      categorize the Eritrean highlanders who were forced to move to the western
      lowlands of Eritrea by the dictatorial regime in Eritrea as Neo Nazis and land
      grabbers. As I read his writings, I thought I was reading about the Israelis
      and Palestinians, It was as if highland Eritrea and low land Eritrea were two
      different entities/countries where the Moslem lowlanders were being subjugated
      and destroyed by the Christian highlanders. This was 3-4 years ago and Ali
      Salim was forgotten. He might have accomplished his messages whatever they
      were. What compelled me to write this
      piece was the comments of an individual, Salih Younis whom I considered one of
      the most talented and unbiased writers that the cyber politics of Eritrea has
      ever experienced. I´m saddened to realize that Saleh Younis is like everybody
      else. When I say I had high expectations of SY, I meant that and feel betrayed
      and saddened that I was actually mistaken. Mr. Younis, your collective
      categorization of EPDP leadership as dumb, is by extension categorizing
      thousands of dedicated EPDP members and heroes who are yearning an end to the
      tyranny in Eritrea and establish Democracy, as dumbs. Have you ever thought
      that the dedicated leadership of EPDP is elected by thousands of dedicated
      people, diligently working Eritreans around the world, whose only message is to
      replace the tyranny in Eritrea by democratic state of governance? Are you disappointed by the way EPDP is
      running the Eritrean affairs? Fair enough. Do you have any alternatives?? Come
      open with them. Have you ever thought of the fact that the EPDP leadership
      composed of highly dedicated intellectuals has actually rallied thousands of
      Eritreans around the party? What is your achievement so far? Numbers of
      articles written in English, no ordinary Eritrean understands? Are you trying
      to compare yourself with the heroes, at the EPDP leadership? I would advise you
      to be humble and admit your shortcomings instead of first accommodating such a divisive
      article of Ali Salim and secondly dig up old grudges to attack decent people
      diligently working for the betterment of Eritrean people. Now, what is it you
      consider you have achieved more than the mighty EPDP leadership and its members
      whom you have insulted collectively? I
      use to refer to Awate website as the most reliable website in the Eritrean opposition
      camps when Ali Abdu (your brother) was around in the Eritrean insider politics.
      Now that he is out of the privy informations that the Awate team use to brag
      about, you have nothing to show except the so called reliable sources in Port
      Sudan. I had no problems about the fact
      that Ali Salim being confused with Gadi, I understood that it was not him. As I
      was not involved in those discussions, I had nothing of value to add to the
      heated debates of that time. I want you to understand that the senior cadres you
      are alluding to are capable of defending themselves. I’m only disappointed by
      the fact that the Salih Younis whom I have been admiring has turned like
      everybody else by digging long forgotten squabbles to tarnish the good name of
      the EPDP leadership.


      Michael Tekle (aka Habtemichael Teclebrhan)

      Proud rank and file member of EPDP

      • SMichael

        Michael Tekle,
        That is exactly what he was trying to do:
        To put you in his trap by throwing few words.
        You should have respected my words saying: “That is why the EPDP Cadres ignored you”.
        You put me in trouble now.
        Please ignore joining this camp of “We and Them” nonesense.
        No need of that childish back and forward accusation of each other.
        We had enough of it.
        Please keep moving forward and do NOT look back…

  • saay7

    Uh-oh, Semere Arkey:

    NO, Ali Salim is NOT a PFDJ hasus. He was not “paid to ruin the reputaton of the opposition”, etc, etc.

    He is a NORMAL Eritrean with an inquiring mind trying to answer the same two questions we have been asking: what kind of change does Eritrea need? HOW do we bring about this change?

    Because he was using a pen name, he had the luxury that many of us do not have: to think out loud, to venture into taboo land. And now, he has reflected and has concluded that whatever path he was on, it doesn’t work, and he is doing an honorable thing. He is coming back and admitting his mistake. It’s not like he didn’t have a choice: he could have invented yet another pen name and written for yet another website. Or maybe write here in this forum. But he chose to come clean.

    Dont over-think the “tetallile” etc. Ali Salim is like me and you a HUGE fan of the Tigrinya language, particularly (given his background) of the PFDJ variety, and with an irresistibly readable prose. He stumbled on this piece (from personal experience, I would estimate that I have written hundreds of articles and I would say I stumbled on half of them) but he will come back strong.

    The bio thing, well that’s just a requirement. Go to any of our columnists and press the link to their name and you will see a bio. Not the “eletat and qen” type of bio: just something to give our readers a background on the writer. I hope Ali Salim WILL write his bio: it is quite impressive.


    • Eyob Medhane


      You just have to drag me and my people አርፈን ዝም ብለን ከተቀመጥንበት 🙂 I didn’t have anything to say about what Ali Salim had to say, because I haven’t got a clue about what the heck he was talking about. What did he take a U-turn from? He doesn’t hate habesha anymore? What happened? What did the Arabs do to him? I think if, he tells us what soured him with them in his bio, that would be the only part that I may be interested in it. He can start to tell that story with Habesha style “ከእለታት አንድ ቀን” if he wants to. We Habeshas gave him ‘permission’ to do that, since it’s only ours 🙂 ….. “ወይ መኣልቲ!” አለ አሮሞ:: I will leave you with this piece of today’s entertainment clip. (40 seconds) This is how we habeshas dance 🙂 (notice the small ‘h’) 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy0xriDhfZE

      • Horizon

        Looking at the excellent bilateral
        relations between Ethiopia and Kenya, their economic cooperation to invest in
        each other’s economy in the future, Ethio-Kenyan electricity interconnection, constructing
        part of the Cairo-Cape Town highway to join their countries, working together in
        Somalia to fight terrorism, and government-to-government and people-to-people friendship,
        all of these, show that both countries are ready for a long-lasting friendship,
        and it is only natural that they should dance to each other’s music. This is pragmatism,
        politics based on good-will and the reality on the ground, thus targeting the prosperity
        of the two people. I cannot wait to see PMHMD dancing a Kenyan dance, the same
        way Uhuru Kenyatta was dancing iskista.

        • haile

          Hey Horizon,

          I just don’t believe this video Eyob provided! It must be edited in Langely by the CIA to make Eritrea’s ground shaking promoting of good neighborliness in the region look small. By the way, the HGDEF rep. here, like Selam (they’re all named like that: Peace (selam), United (semere) Priciple (metkel), RIP (bsela Eref) ….), told us that woyane apparently has 3 years max. to stay. Here they are dancing the heck out like a 3 year old healthy and energetic boy !!! BTW the 3 year is supposed to be a realistic re-forecast after the previous one given by IA in 2005 that only predicted less than 1 hour. I would say it is about time they readjusted 10 years later. Apparently, their nick is aba gobye or turtle and fixing water piping in a small city of half a million, they estimate, may take them between 50 years to anything more than a century… kidding (Ask Semere Tesfay the chief Municipio around for an answer, don’t hold your breath though a guy in Eritrea apparently spent 15 years in national service taking the rock back and forth. He puts it on a pile that is supposed to end up as a a small dam, the rain and wind rolls the rock back down from the pile, and the then young man now in his late forties would be dispatched under general wuchu to put the damn rock back up again).

          Anyway ab zeyteAsaser ArEsti (ask Rodab), congrats to wedi ali family for the good news that they recieved recently 🙂

          • Horizon

            Dear haile,

            Do you remember the discussion we had a long time ago, when I tirelessly said “PEOPLE FIRST”, and you would say that the border problem should be solved before anything else, because it would
            set a chain reaction that would bring all the expected results? Today, you are the messenger of “PEOPLE FIRST” more than most of us, and I personally would call you “the great” not for anything else, but most importantly for this great commitment of yours.

          • haile

            Hey Horizon,

            Yes, remember it well. You see, what we don’t have in this side of the border is the notion of upgrading or downgrading once expectation based on objective reality. If you remember at that time we were dealing with a stuck up opposition groups that were going no where and many people giving the excuse that the reason they don’t support them was because they were perceived to take position against the overall sentiment in diaspora population.

            Here is the stupid twist, when I finally realized that those in silence were not really silent because of the border (the reaction of some to the open tragedies of Sinai and later Lampedusa and mass flight) and that many are opposing hgdef now regardless of the border, guess what? The same people who were calling me hgdef at the moment have become proponents of Eritrea to Eritreans and Woyane is our problem… They were unpopular in the past because they didn’t reflect the then sentiment and they are unpopular now because they don’t reflect the current sentiment. Sadly, they always turn up wearing their shoe the wrong way around!

            Today, the sentiment is forcing the regime to lift the severe sanctions that it imposed on Eritreans since early 2000s which is seeing the nation cascade into total chaos, today the sentiment is to force the stoppage of national service, today the sentiment is rule of law and democratic rights, today the sentiment is to stop the rotting life conditions in Eritrea, re-integrate the nation to world community, to open opportunities for the young…

            And…the Eritrea for Eritreans just made it to the pary…yeah wearing those pairs of shoe the wrong way around!


          • Eyob Medhane


            Interesting! I read a disturbing news from Sudan Tribune today that native South Sudanese are targeting, robbing and harassing Eritreans. The man on the story, even though, he holds Ethiopian passport, because he identified himself as Eritrean he was subjected to harassment and robbery. Now, consider this man. The current rulers of Eritrea (PFDJ) do not consider him Eritrean, because he holds Ethiopian passport. In fact, he may be vilified by them for ‘Agame pretending to be Eritrean’ as they probably think of him as someone who, ruined their ‘good image’, which never existed. He also may not be accepted and protected by Ethiopian community, because he has identified himself openly as Eritrean and as many such people do he may had some spat with other Ethiopians over it. Hence, he was targeted by the soldiers as Eritrean and attacked. If that was not the case, he wouldn’t have told the press ‘he is actually an Eritrean, who holds an Ethiopian passport’, instead of simply say ‘he’s Ethiopian’ and just blend with the population and go to Gambela like many Ethiopians in South Sudan have done. Can you imagine how many people are in a quandary like this, because of the unmatched confusion of Isayas’ and Eritrea’s identity politics. Please, read the story. It’s not that long..


          • Dawit

            How come you overlooked the following defining statement:

            “Sometimes, however, [the Eritrean government’s] geopolitical stand simply emerge[s] from their willingness to annoy Ethiopia” Gramizzi notes.

            When I say defining I mean that PFDJ’s action is defined by Ethiopia’s reaction to other countries’ foreign policies against Ethiopia. When Egypt lodged a formal complaint against the construction of the GRD, PFDJ had to also form its own policy towards the Nile-waters agreement that contradicts the policy of Ethiopia.

          • Eyob Medhane


            I didn’t over look it. I just thought it was obvious 🙂 (Fine! You caught me. I over looked it 🙂 )

            Now, just for the kick. While the story is saying that a person in South Sudan is attacked, because he is Eritrean, holding Ethiopian passport, one can take the implication from the story that the person could have avoided being attacked had he simply claimed that he is Ethiopian, because he holds Ethiopian passport. Yet, the commenter above was still saying that this man chose to pretend that he is Eritrean and invited harassment, robbery and danger to himself and his family. Please tell me how one can reason with such demented logic?

            P.S. You gotta give me credit for my uncanny prediction about how the PFDJites would react to the man’s story, though. I am that good. 🙂

          • Dawit

            How are South Sudanese people able to tell an Eritrean from an Ethiopian? They all look alike. Unless one confesses he or she is from Eritrea, it is not easy particularly for a foreigner to differentiate between an Ethiopian and an Eritrean. Most Eritreans and Ethiopians, however, have managed to capture the nuances of appearances between an Eritrean and an Ethiopian. For example, an average Ethiopian woman is more beautiful, full figured, and taller than an Eritrean woman. The same goes with the men. The explanation can be this: Eritreans have suffered malnutrition for many years, thanks to PFDJ’s governance (self reliance.)

            In a poor country like South Sudan, $130,000 (300,000 lbs) is a lot of money. No wonder South Sudan has been a magnet for many business men/women. It would have taken for this poor guy (I feel sorry for him and his brother) a number of years to make as much as $130,000, had he emigrated to Europe or the US.

            Here is what Debesay has told the Sudan Tribune:

            “They came running, shooting people. I saw a lot of
            people killed here, I ran to UNMISS. It was on that day that they looted my
            shop, took all the crates I had in stock. They took the money also, 300,000
            [South Sudanese] pounds”,

            I wish Debesay and his brother (who’s suffering from mental illness) all the best. I wish I could help him.

          • Mussie Gebreab

            Eyob Medhane, it is an open secret that the weyane is dispatching Tigryans allover the world either as Eritrean refugee or Eritrean business men/ women in the case of south Sudan. the are in thousands Tigrians refugee Holding Eritrean Identity ( USA Permanent resident/ Green card) in Atlanta alone. How do I know these? Because of the nature of my business, an accountant specializing in business and personal income Tax and my clients has to present government or state issued id to do their income tax. the Tigrayans come to my business because of it is easy to them some one speak tigrina. I openly ask them how did they managed to became refugees as Eritreans while they are Ethiopians/Tigrians. Yes some the feel shame and has no strait answer for me, But some of them they would tell me the truths and that is basically and literarily give to them by tigrians official who work as UNHC for refugee in Ethiopia/ Tigray. most of them are wives and children of weyanes officials or their relatives. so the one who portending as Eritrean In south Sudan is probably an Ethiopian/Tigrayan as Aite Eyob the tigrayas pretending as Amhara.

          • Dawit

            Funny indeed !

            Mussie asks “the are in thousands Tigrians refugee Holding Eritrean Identity ( USA Permanent resident/ Green card) in Atlanta alone. How do I know these?”

            Mussie answers his own question: ” Because of the nature of my business, an accountant specializing in business and personal income Tax and my clients has to present government or state issued id to do their income tax”.

            According to Mussie, there are two conditions that must exist for one to know whether there are Tigrayans masquerading as Eritreans in Atlanta:

            1. One has to be an accountant specializing in business and personal income tax
            2. One has to be presented with a government/state issued ID which identifies one’s place of birth or nationality.


          • Dawit


            That’s YG’s executive summary with which Sal Y is not yet satisfied . His executive summary is people first then comes land. “What good is for [people] to gain [all the land] ” but lose [ all their lives.]”

      • saay7

        Hey Eyob:

        Welll, that’s payback for dragging me to your Nile politics using your favorite source, the VERY objective Memri.org:))

        Are you guys and the PFDJ having a dance-off. A few months ago, the PFDJ hosted an African team reviewing its human rights and then had dance party for them; now you guys. Is this dance the CAUSE of the diplomatic coup or was it its celebration?

        This reminds me of one my favorite PFDJ officials (now deceased.) I once asked him how explains how we have never made any meaningful progress in winning over African politicians to our side. He said: we can’t win: Africans bias towards Ethiopia can be summarized using one sentence: “Ethiopian women are so beautiful!”


        • Abebe

          The tigre of Eritrea women are very ugley, indeed.

      • Ahadu

        Hey Eyob:

        It looks they have a reason to dance eskista like a ” three” year old boys..any ways I came across this article
        in Time magazine by Micheal schuman and he coined a new acronym PINEs : Forget the BRICS ; meet the PINEs : http://time.com/22779/forget-the-brics-meet-the-pines/


    • ghezaehagos

      “…with an irresistibly readable prose.” As they say back in the old days,…’ewe! shimka tirekeb!’ Sal,…that is what I was trying to say giving the ‘devil hi due’, noting his writing skills…Certainly AS over- sold and over-hyped EDA agendas (even worse sided with highly partisan rage with Tadamun Group (Hussein Khelifa and Bashir Isaq’s groups were the only ones worth praising for AS), he was instrumental in alienating many Highland-Christian compatriots from EDA and Bayto business…In the fickle and fragile nature of our opposition alliances, his articles didn’t help to bridge the gaps of mistrust and schism.
      All the best,
      Ghezae Hagos

      • AMAN

        so who was really into that bussiness ?
        Or are you trying to hide your sins by pointing fingers to those you think are lonely ?
        Before you do that you have to evaluate the paths you were going thru and their
        destinations……….so many dead ends. Have you had not set the game yourself
        in that way you would not have been opposed. But you are opposed because you
        were trying to manipulate us and you were lying to us as if you are fighting for
        democracy while your issues and organizing ways tell something else.
        Come on and acknowledge your erratic ways first before simply trying to get lost
        unidentified in the crowd. Your opposition was only family centered power grab
        in a treasonous criminal way than for just rights of the country.

  • Hayat Adem

    Right. Let me drop my favorite satire I had been told many years back. Derg was terrorizing all urban residents in all parts of Eritrea. Prison houses were all crowded by suspected wenbedewoch. Then one funny suspect detainee asked attention of the prisoners crowd to tell them this: “A new rule has been issued by the government in case you haven’t heard. From whoever has two necks, one will be cut off.” Nobody took him for serious other than being entertained his charming and easing cracks, so every one was waiting to see where his jock was heading to. One asked him, “so why worry, we don’t have double necks, you don’t either, why bother?” He fired back, “no, the problem is, they count after they cut”. Such is this writer. After he has made everyone tired by pushing all his ridiculous ideas along the easterlies, now he chose to ride the opposite winds of westerlies and he wants you to join him for the reverse trip. I think he was fooling everyone aboard on his crazy boat and wants to do round 2 fooling with his return leg on his way home. His unrestrained contempt and arrogance shows more of worse of him is to come, He has to get back home so it doesn’t matter if he gets as many passengers.

  • AMAN

    Sorry and I appologize for using the second nick “Salim”
    It is not out of intention to confuse but only because I wanted to write
    two entries and I thought it will not allow me. Sometimes it erases the
    first one if I try to writte twice. Anyways I appologise for the fault.

  • Semere Andom

    Hi Emma: Good on you for stoning Semere Tesfay’s fallacies
    Let us call Semere Tesfay what he really is: a bigot and a devout disciple of the biggest Eritrean bigot that ever existed, DIA. Eritrea never fails to offer us a bigot after another. And be aware, the Eritrean bigots are not easily recognizable. They are your friends, who claim to know the suffering of Eritreans and the untold suffering of its minority groups to the point of extinction of their culture, language and population. These bigots can be also be former tegadelti increasing the complexity of exposing them, and they may quote with eloquence versus from both religions, they may also speak multiple ethnic languages and are well versed in the culture, camouflaging their bigotry in plain sight. These bigots are tricky and sophisticated, their hate only emerges when cornered, “becheq”. Semere T arrogantly tells the minority Eritreans to take it or leave it, if that is his vision then at the end of this struggle if we end up implementing a dictatorship of the majority then we have failed colossally. We should know better as we have miserably failed before by replacing a foreign tyrant with one of our kin. But we have been through this debates and it is not intention of mine to bring that up, but to just draw the analogy.

    I still believe that AT did more good to the cause for publishing Ali Salim, with all his hate speech and it did not reflect badly on AT or SG. It was a lesson that we need to get used to ideas and believes that are totally opposite to ours and we should stop stoning our adversaries, and we should try to stone their ideas.

    Younis Hossien is not credible any more, it is more likely that he is a PFDJ “hasus”, who was paid to ruin the reputation of the opposition by confusion and subtly insinuating that AT’s agenda is jihadist. Fast forward he is telling us he is Younis, more confusion and he was “tetalilu”, this is so 1980s concept, “tetallile”, “tearime”. neqftay teqibele, qdme ginbar kmideb iye. Let see if he heeds your call with a bio and even a photo

    I suspect that Ali Salim does not have Delihla, he was never Samsom to begin with. I run out of arms now 🙂

    Semere Andom

  • saay7

    Selamat Saleh Gadi Johar:

    Now that Ali Salim has come out from behind the veil and given his real name, you should know this:

    (a) When he was writing using Ali Salim as pen name, it was your fault. And when he came out disclosing his real name, it is your fault for waiting 4 years.

    (b) Regardless of the name he used, it is your fault because you gave him and his “divisive” statements a platform at awate.

    (c) We at ELF-RC (now EPDP) blame you for not clarifying that Ali Salim is Younis Hossein; we blame you for giving him a platform at awate, and we blame you for not writing 10 Negarit editions in a row disassociating yourself from him;

    (d) Even now, we at ELF-RC (now EPDP) are not convinced that Younis Hossein is the real name of Ali Salim. We will spend maybe years, probably months, but definitely weeks, discussing this in our email lists. Whatever it is we decide, we will be right. We will not once, not even for a second, take responsibility for the years we spent in our “Ali Salim is Saleh Gadi” campaigns. We will not once take any responsibility for the defamation campaigns we conducted to make you a pariah.

    (e) We in ELF-RC take pride in demolishing mountains. We helped to demolish the mountain of ELF. After that, we helped to shrink the ELF-RC by splitting it to two irrelevant and useless organization. After that, we sucked the vitality of EPLF-DP by enticing them to join us. Remember the George Bernard Shaw and the Isadora Duncan story? Duncan tells George Bernard Shaw: “hey, we should get married: Imagine a child with my beauty and your brains!” George Bernard Shaw responded:
    “Yes, but imagine a child with my beauty and your brains!” That’s what we have with EPDP now: the stubborn stupidity of ELF-RC and the indecisiveness of EPLF-DP. But we like it! We are both good at taking mountains and shrinking them to ant hills. Ny Metkel guday iyu izi!!!

    (f) But don’t just pick on us, ELF-RC types. All the falul-era renegades jumped on this bandwagon, didn’t they? If you are expecting an apology, you are sorely mistaken. We don’t do that! We march on!!! We are already working on some conspiracy, we don’t know what it is now, but we are sure we will have discussions, meetings about it. You do know that at the height of Ali Salim phenom, it was an AGENDA ITEM in our meetings!! That’s how we roll. But we tell people that we are about to bring an end to Isaias’ rule in Eritrea. We really intend to, when we get the time, but we are like moths attracted to every fire. Do you really think Isaias Afwerki beat us at our own game because we are disciplined and smart? NO!!! we love every distraction and we treat it as a life and death situation that requires a meeting and an agenda item. Izi qua NY METKEL GUDAY IYU.

    (g) Please do not take it personally. Here’s the deal. We have chosen politics as a passion, as a profession, but we are just terrible at it. You must get tons of badly written articles. You don’t write them cruel responses about how they should never write again, do you? Similarly, we have chosen politics as our passion–politics is a game of winning allies, enlisting people to your side—but we are terrible at it. We suck. Please don’t point it out: Its like criticizing a handicapped person. Our intentions are good. Isn’t that good enough?


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Hey Saay,

      I Knew you as a prolific writer with recognizable analytical mind. I didn’t know you that you are also a mind reader. That is exactly the chattering I sensed in the political house of EPDP. This looks sarcastic argument on behave of EPDP, but I tell you, since we were from the same political thought (at least in terms of national democratic program) during the liberation era, my friend you read them correctly. EPDP (then ELF-rc) do not learn from their mistakes. They rationalize their mistakes as something caused from somebody or organization not from in themselves. Sal, thank you, you make it my day to give me something to laugh. In our traditional culture it is “mitinqual” in science we call it telepathy. I will take it the later you read my mind as how I was reading them. Well done my friend.

      Aamanuel Hidrat

    • SMicharl

      With all due respect,I am disappointed and embarrassed about your comments . Where the heck did U get all this time for this ajewjew?
      Please use this super super brain of yours for a better purpose and constructive role.
      What the heck has EPDP to do here and with the topic or in this forum?
      Are U mad and jealous that EPDP and its Leadership outlived and outsmarted your bodied at EDA and the likes of the Abdelas and the Nasirs and the Islahs and has stood up stronger than ever?
      Live in the 21st centuary, not in the seventies.
      Be constructive cousin and use this God given smart brain for good,NOT for gossip,sabotage and defamation.
      You R flip -flopping here, as at one point U R telling us that the EPDP program is close to your heart but at others time s you are sabotaging it.
      DIDN’T your own Ustaz Omer Jabir told you to your face that EPDP has fulfilled and satisfied all your requirements?
      Tehatsibkaks nab chika?Kem shinti ghemel nidihrit?This is Kakay.
      As to the EPDP
      -It has grown up to the level of being able governing Eritrea and has remained the only viable option for Eritrea
      It’s Cadres have also grown up and they have no time to join your hashiwiye and that is why they ignored you.
      Please try to wake up from the hibernation of the seventies and live in the 21st centuary
      Try to develop and use an independent and challenging mind rather than just appeasing the Salihs and the Salims.
      As to Ali Salim,
      While we welcome his U – TURN for good and expect him to play a positive role in contributing for a better Eritrea,
      We do not expect him to tel us some breaking news about PFDJ and its internal works as we all know it.
      What we expect from him is to help us how to change things in Eritrea positively.
      Unfortunately,he is back to his bluff and defamation about the Opposition

      He should know though,the ATincluded, that he left a lasting wound in the minds of the Eritrean majority for his divisive,polarizing and dangerous terrorist statements,not to mention his openly declared civil war in Eritrea on Ethnic,Religious and region based politics.

  • Aman

    Ethiopia should have worked positively with the newly acquired new
    reality and prevailed in 1991 in Eritrea for better future of its people
    more than the Eritrean people. It was an ideal and unique reality
    to build on it than to think to reduce the rights of Eritrea by launching
    aggression and threat of terror to make them give up their rights
    achieved after their struggle of 30 years and draw consensus that
    compromises their achievements under duress so as to get cheap
    sale by forcing and terrorizing them. Such tactics are only shortlived
    and are meant only for short goals…….and not sustainalble….in the long run
    they are futile…..

    [Moderator: WARNING: You are using two nicks, Aman and Salim. Choose one nick and stop duplicating yourself. You might get a schizophrenic attack.]


    The only thing happening now is Tigrian woyanes are using
    our sacrifices and rights because they think we are weakened
    and divided and unable to challenge them. If there was intentions
    by Ethiopian regimes from 1961 to 1991 to colonize the Eritrean
    people it has only materialized and become practical only in these
    past two decades after the war of 1998-2000.
    And accepting these new status quo as it is like we see it today
    is erasing the history and benefits of the struggle of 1961-91
    voluntarily or out of fear or blackmailed. And it is a recipe for
    future plans and preparations to throw us away one by one by
    using any pretexts or texts we have said and written before in opposing
    the Ethiopians and their actions……..
    Just the same way what happened today to our revolution of yesterday;
    the same thing will happen tommorow to our revolution of Today. It is
    only just a matter of time in waiting.

    • Selam

      Come on, Salim! Have some faith in Eritreans. Weyane will disappear before Eritrea does. I give Weyane three years and they will cease to exist.

  • bella soldato


    Que bella Soldato. I think you’re right. Lemlem has been found. I can’t believe she kept quiet all those years though. May be she didn’t want the attention. Her pic has made it to the cover of some books on women warriors. Amazing! Here is more of Eritrea’s women warriors.


  • Nitricc

    Aman you said
    “Another example I want you to check is the writing of Nitricc. Go and check every comment of Nitricc and check the construction of English (check grammer) and the construction of the ideas. I am sure you will find at the end something ( the something is left for you to find out). So spare us from this nonsense talking that Younis Hossein (ali salim) = to Saleh Gadi.”
    Amanuel Hidrat
    what are you saying? i brought this up in here so everyone can see and read what you have to say.
    again, what are you saying? what do you mean? Sir!

  • Nitricc

    Hey, Semere, I seen your post this morning and I was so excited by your questioner I had to say some thing on the fly.
    I will write more of it but for new this is what I think. i am so happy to see an article other than insulting gedli. what a change os seenery.
    here we go what i think on the go. i have few mints.

    A. Balanced foreign policy
    I am not sure if I could change anything when it comes with a foreign policy. I might use a little more diplomacy and play the game but when at that I am with PFDJ. Foreign policy it doesn’t have to be at the expenses of national interest and national pride.

    B. Proper political representation.
    Semere; I can not express it enough how huge this thing is. In fact, our success or failure as nation will solely depend on proper political representation. However; I am very encouraged by PFDJ firm believe and executions of social justice. And I believe this great intention of social justice will lead on to proper political representation on due time. I hear People having fun with idea of PFDJ the bottom up philosophy; personally that is the greatest idea that fits Eritrea and her history. Everyone has paid for this nation and every one shall see the benefit of it. When I see a high school built in Kerkebet rather than fancy building in Asmara; it gives me hope and inspiration to serve my people.

    C. Land distribution
    I have no idea how it worked before and I have no idea how it works now. It is over mu head; I don’t know. Whatever it is; it must be done in a fair and just way. Any one with money should have all the land. As ignorant as I am on this issue; let the land be the properties of the government.

    D. Refugees
    Very complex and complicated issue. However; the state must make sure the refugees who come home have everything they need to start a new and productive life. It will require a lot of resources so, the state must make sure have enough recourses. Again; I don’t know and I don’t definitive answer.

    E. Exodus of the young

    I am going to claim the 5th but I will say this and I will leave it at that. The youth is as much as responsible as the government is.
    The government should have enticed the youth to stay home by providing opportunities and the Youth should have fought to create those opportunities. Why are they running? Again the 5th please!

    F. National Service

    For people who are hate and oppose the national military service. I have terrible news for you. The national military service is here to stay for ever and ever. You can suggest and amends for change and improvements but get comfy it is here to stay.
    I have few changes I will like to introduce going forward like Durations of service should be12 months. The toughness of the service should be second to none. Have you ever wondered 20 to 30 Eritreans are herded by a couple of Rashida with AK-47?
    Excuse me? We are talking about young militarily trained Eritreans? No, that kind of mentality is not going to fly in the new SAWA. Trust me, I will be in charge of it. And my dream to change is that instead of SAWA being mandatory; rather to become a prestige institution that one must apply to get in. an institution where only the best of the best are attended.

    G. Governance (federal, centralized..)

    As long as there every Eritrean is represented, as long as Every Ethnic is respected, as long as social justice is fairly distributed; I don’t care what kind of government you name it. Again remember; we are intending to build peaceful and just Eritrea. But
    “Peace is not the absence of conflict rather the presents of justice.”
    An Eritrean from Karura is the same Eritrean from Mendefera. They both Eritreans to Eritrea.

    H. The future of PFDJ in Eritrean politics
    PFDJ will have its place in Eritrea history. It is Eritrean history. It will die its natural death and it will replace with new people but with core value of PFDJ; that is Eritrea and here people come first.

    • Haqi

      I talked to isaias last night and he told if you want that kind of Eritrea go to the moon.

      • Aman

        so you are one of those who are against freedom of Ethiopian and Eritrean peoples
        freedoms and an agent who is widening the gap and division by hidding yourself
        within the opposition camp but implementing IA’s wrong utterances and directives.

    • Semere Tesfai


      I don’t have any problem when people criticize the PFDJ government. I do it all day. The problem I have is when the criticisms are dishonest; because it makes the opposition look bad. Let me give you an example. A week or so a go – among other outlandish claims, ‘Haile the great’ said something to this effect. Two weeks after Isaias is removed from power, all Eritrean citizens in all cities will have running water. Remember this is ‘Haile The Great’ saying it. Now, by some miracle, if the opposition were to govern Eritrea tomorrow, and ‘Haile the great’ was to be the minster of water, do you think the water problem in Eritrean cities would be a thing of the past, two weeks after the opposition assumes power? Absolutely not.

      Any idiot knows full well, had Eritrea been led by all the elites of Awate and some more (for the past twenty five years), still Eritreans in big cities would have had water shortage problems. Even today, if the best and the brightest of Awate and the opposition leaders, were to lead Eritrea for the next twenty five years, still Eritreans would have water shortages like any other third world cities. And the reason is very simple: some things are just beyond our means. Meaning:

      To secure sufficient water supply, Eritrea has to build a huge water reservoir that is capable of supplying Eritrean city dwellers uninterrupted water throughout the year. Then Eritrea has to build water treatment facility and water delivery infrastructures that would supply clean water to Eritrean cities. And that needs billions and billions of dollars and highly trained scientists, engineers and technicians both to build it and maintain it. And Eritrea doesn’t have neither the skilled workforce nor the amount of money needed to build that kind of infrastructure.

      Now, what do you say to ‘Haile The Great’ and others who claim, that the water shortage could be solved two weeks after Isaias is deposed; Eritrea would be a democratic state after Isaias is gone; The exodus of our young would stop after PFDJ is defeated; we don’t need national service….type claims. The point: the opposition is not helping its cause by making indefensible claims and promises, just to make the PFDJ regime look bad.

      • haile


        Let me just discuss the Water services of the Municipality of Asmara with you. My assessment of your overall political and social Nqhat wouldn’t allow for other matters of politics and social transformation to be addressed.

        According to “reliable” sources (ERiTV) the main problem is old pipes and wastages for Asmara and environs water problems (the current situation is acute – not understandable availability volume)

        According to the World Bank, PFDJ had borrowed to the tune of tens of millions of dollars from the Bank to deal with renovating and upgrading the water and sewere regulating systems in Asmara and Massawwa. The money disappeared without any visible work, although various PFDJ companies were reported to have done some work in the regime’s reporting to the WB.

        According to Petros Solomon’s interview with Dan Connell before the former’s incarcration, he claimed that IA and co. were blowing to the tune of $60,000 per night with Geysha type (Japanese prostitutes). If you have resoanable money to invest (less than IA blows on prostitutes) you can easly hire a foreign contractors to quickly repair key water intallation points.

        Asmara wasn’t built over the last decade during the bogus no-war-no-peace robbery, yet the current problems have never been heard of.

        Do me a favour, please spend googling Eritrea with your son (that you told us about) on a project to know his country. I would promise you, you son will hate it to his bones… Semere you keep defining new low buddy.

        • haile

          …cotnd. (can’t edit for some reason)


          Yousaid above to Nitricc that ” ‘Haile the great’ said something to this effect. Two weeks after Isaias is removed from power, all Eritrean citizens in all cities will have running water.”

          Never mind your subterfuge of “to this effect”, I am calling you out A LIAR. Prove me otherwise or hold your peace with with this earned attribute of shameful character. You need to either prove your claim that ” Two weeks after Isaias is removed from power, all Eritrean citizens in all cities will have running water” was stated by me or YOU ARE A LAIR. Your silence would be considered that you’re caught with your pants down and have no where to hide.

          Normal provision of water and electricity is suspended not because IA expanded the city limits beyond recognition, not because there are development in any part of the country in any sector (refer to his shameless interview of September 6, 2013). Ethiopia built countless universities (accredited), schools, over 1 million apartments and condos (just to service Adiss), huge road ways, constructing massive railway, millennium dam, vast numbers of high rise throughout the nation and has over 4.5 Billion USD sitting as hard currecy reserve of its national bank and its exchange rate is market determined. Semere the LIAR who stated what I didn’t say and can’t disprove it had just told us that PFDJ that only boasts few ration shops of expired grains and cooking oil after 23 years (whose leader said to blow nation’s money on foreign prostitutes) has no one from the opposition to match his economy growing model. Mind you, it is not even a documented economy, no budgets. Yet, Semere, unless can credibly shake off my accusation of him as a Lair, gives us the impression that PFDJ’s undocumented economy can be compared with any other model that he thinks Eritreans should produce.

          Semere, you’ve insulted our intelligence enough, now that I am credibly and firmly calling you out that you are in fact a LAIR, you need to prove otherwise or hold your peace with such well founded description of your character attribute. ሓሳዊ ኢኻ ኢለካ ኣለኹ፡ ብጭብጢ ተታሒዝካ ስለዘሎኻ፣ እታ ኩዕሶ ኣብ ቦርታኻ’ያ ዘላ።

          • SMichael

            What if Eritrea was not sanctioned for the last 4 yrs?
            4 yrs is a lot man and within those 4 yrs, am sure Eritrea could have developed well the Mining Sector, the Potash one included and the tourism industry could have boomed and probably we could have done better than Ethiopia,which is pumped with billions of dollars.
            Plus,it is unfair to compare incomparable things.
            Why R U denying all the overt . and covert evil and destructive thingd being done to Eritrea to the extent of wiping out Eritrea from the map.
            As much as I agree with you about the PFDJ weaknesses and mischiefs, Hailat hawey, with all due respect,why don’t you agree with me about the open and clear external threats against Eritrea?
            Can U try to balance things.?Can u try to think outside the DIA obsession box for few seconds?

    • AOsman


      A study on National Service that you may find informative. It gives you both the pros and cons, the corruption of the ranks, one that you hear from many could easily be investigated and resolved, but ……….



      • Nitricc

        Wediere, thanks my man. I will for sure watch it and i am interested what the good professor has to say. I dream making SAWA the greatest institution in Eritrea. so, Getting few ideas are greatly appreciated. And I thank you for sharing. I am also interested to hear what your personal view is. I wouldn’t expect much from others. They rather talk about Gedli and the past than the future. I prefer the future while I respect the past. SAAY say something help me. what are you thinking?
        thanks again.

        • saay7

          Selam Nitricc:

          I haven’t seen the video and I can’t really comment based on it. I can tell you my recommendation of what Eritrea’s SAWA policy ought to be, but it won’t make unless I make two points:

          (1) my definition of adulthood is 21 (not 18);
          (2) a government cannot mandate anything for children, over whom a parent should have 100% authority. By this definition, I mean there shouldn’t be MANDATORY anything other than those which affect other people, i.e. mandatory vaccination is ok.

          Now then:
          (a) We should have SAWA, but as a military boot camp and not what it is now (Human Resources department, 12th grade school);
          (b) It should be for every MALE 21 and over–with exemptions (religious; scholarships, etc)
          (c) it should be for 18 months. 18 months and you are out.

          Also, the voting age should be 21 (21 to drink, 21 to kill and die, 21 to vote). And candidacy to run for office should be 30 and somebody who has property (land, business.)

          Let me take off my dentures now:)



        • AOsman


          The study describes national service from its inception to its current condition. SAWA’s original objective may have been well intended, but due to incompetence and corruption it has been deformed and abused for ulterior purposes. When something is compromised, the best action to take is to halt it and where we are now, we need to give our youth a break from it.

          My biggest issue with SAWA has been:
          1. The indefinite nature
          2. The sexual abuse from the ranks

          Ponder of the following question
          How much of your life are you willing to dedicate to your nation?
          Would you tolerate an institution that takes responsibility of your daughter and return her child bearing?

          Due to the above and other screw ups, I have lost confidence to a centralised government, where your fate could be left to a bunch of clueless individuals.

          I am in favour of a decentralised or devolved government. This will be at a cost that decisions, progress, development will be slower. Considering dictatorship, which is efficient, did not serve us well, I am for the empowerment of the regions and let their residents compete in bettering their area.

  • Abinet

    You must be dreaming ,my friend . I remember those days very well .(91-98) ” Eritrea yegilachin , Ethiopia yegarachin ” . In my opinion the war , although devastating , was the best thing ever happened to us to got rid you off our Back once and for all . You practically colonized us in those years . So, find eritrean solution for Eritrean problem , if you don’t mind .
    PS. Think of mutual benefit .

    • Aman

      What is wrong with the 1991-98 situation and reality ?
      Eritrea to favour Ethiopia didn’t even exercised its full
      independent sovereignity to give Ethiopia a second
      chance to seriously think about it ways and attitudes.
      But thankyou for disclosing your chauvenistic and
      facade attitudes of the past regimes hidden deep under
      within you. If Ethiopia is not ready to recognize the rights
      of Eritreans and if you are one representing such Ethiopia
      you are only continuing the past history of Ethiopia regimes
      against Eritreans and their affiliated friends in a different form.
      And the future event that comes out of such unjust policy is
      as clear as a day light………..that is coming back to the cycle
      of that vicious cycle. So extremists like you should be sidelined
      in time before they cause destruction for the sake of peace.

      • dine

        the crazy 1991-98 situation are the one who lead us to 1998-2000 war and to the situation right now.

      • Abinet

        You must have been born after 2000 .

  • Saleh Johar

    Reconciliation among the living S Michael, it is not possible with the brain-dead and deeply sleeping conscience. Please learn to support your claims with proof. The time of ,”BaAley endye zbleka! nezi kulu seb zfelTo!”, the arrogant posturing, and false grandeur is not fit for sale anymore.

    • S Michael

      Just rewind the archives of your website then let the Public be the Judge.
      Case closed.
      I hope you as well learn how to correct your mistakes.
      My WAY is the only Hgh Way has never worked and will never work.

  • SMichael

    That will create a big mmess.It is better to move oSMichaeln

  • S Michael

    Saleh might be telling you that Younis Hussein might be another nick as well.
    Hope he is not Ali Abdu or Maheyedin Shengheb

    • Saleh Johar

      No, no, no, no, S Micheal, laying is a sin! I didn’t tell anyone “..that Younis Hussein might be another nick as well.” Maybe you are considering that a white lie? But honestly, are you having trouble admitting that the web of lie you and your likes weaved for too long is strangulating you? Hold on dear, what is this terrible gasping for air? Don’t suffocate on us here, please. Just admit your four-years evil campaign was futile. Since you do not know what is coming, I advise you to stop hallucinating and adding more words that will embarrass you more. This time you cannot swallow your lies. I am warning you!


    My comments about what Eritrea’s future direction ought to be :
    In my opinion both directions are safe and feasible for Eritrea’s
    future. It is only how it is maintaned that matters. And also I believe
    the reality that existed between 1991 to 1998 was more conducive
    even for unity with Ethiopia than the one reality existed after the
    1998-2000 war. Because in the first case Eritreans were focused
    on economic,political and social co-operation and co-existance with
    neighboring peoples and ready to conduct their national bussinesses
    and affairs in peace,dignity and co-operative ways due to the conducive
    environment prevailed after long enemity and war. It is this basic ingridient
    that lacked later after 1998 and turned the clock to the period 1961-91 of
    war and enemity because of injustice and no rights of say or action.

  • Semere Tesfai

    Ali Salim/Younis Hossein

    Well come back. Personally, I could care less about your real name and your ‘new U turn’ political position. I hope you came back (to stay) to talk Eritrean issues and to challenge our reasoning ability to its limit. I’m tired/bored listening to the arguments of those who question our heroes and heroins, our struggle, our history, our identity, our sovereignty, our territorial integrity, our free will and determination to chart our destiny. It is about time to change the subject of discussion and talk about real Eritrean issues, in an Eritrean website. It is time to challenge each other about the direction of our future – all for the common good of all Eritreans.

    And one more thing – don’t talk about AL/YH thing but what Eritrea’s future direction ought to be; and why.

    • haile zeru

      Semere Tesfay,
      What discussion? what reasoning ability? you already closed it by your ‘perfect solution’ argument. That is the dictatorship of biher Tigrinya over other bihers. There is no reasoning under dictatorship. You are here to tell your dictatat. Even though the mental edifice you created is already crambling. If your god Issayas stays few more years, Kebessa will be depopulated and your reasoning will be void.

      • S Michael

        Haile Zeru,
        I beg your pardon,Sir.
        That is what we are trying to avoid_-the nonsense reaction you just showed us.
        He is suggesting a realistic problem oriented discussion and solution.
        I do not understand why people waste their time like this.
        I know this kind of forum is not going to solve our problems but I guess there is no other way to express our frustration.

      • Semere Tesfai

        Haile Zeru

        In life, there are complainers and there are problem solvers. Eritrea is looking visionaries and problem solvers. Eritrea doesn’t have shortage of complainers. If you are problem solver, I’m all ears. Please, impress me – what are the solutions to the challenges/problems of Eritrea.

        Mind you: there is no trick question here, there is no gotta in this, there is no surprise question. The challenges are very clear. Either you are problem solver or you are not. If you are problem solver; prove it. These are the Issues:

        A. Balanced foreign policy
        B. Proper political representation
        C. Land distribution
        D. Refugees
        E. Exodus of the young
        F. National Service
        G. Governance (federal, centralized..)
        H. The future of PFDJ in Eritrean politics

        Now, impress me; what is your solution? What is your vision? What would you do differently (than PFDJ)? If all you got is counting PFDJ mistakes and misdeeds, I heard them all; don’t even bother. If you are a problem solver, if you have an alternative idea, if you have a vision how things (in Eritrea) should be run, explain to me and I will be the first one to be your disciple to spread your message. And I said it before and I’ll say it a million times, the Eritrean opposition failed to articulate their message and they failed to lead the fight against the PFDJ regime. The proof: their current status. Good night.

        • haile zeru

          Semere tesfai,
          Your mind is clouded. The answer to your priorities is none of the above. You see you are, mentally, so blind that you cannot see even what is important in Eritrea now. Yet you are so full of yourself you just talk talk talk.
          Eritrea needs a constitution, law and representative government. Eritrea needs democracy under a constitution. As simple as that. This will not happen under the mafia for whom you are the cheerleader. I should say ‘a usefull idiot’. therefore up-rooting pfdj is the first priority.
          Impressing you is useless because you are a useless person. If you were a thinker (not necessarily original) you could right away notice why are we having this discussion in Awate.com and not in the streets of Asmera?
          Why people are muzzled in their own country and free to say what they want abroad? I know you will jump on the cyber and real space, but I do not care everybody knows what I am saying.
          You are fond of the word “vision”. Let me tell you the source of vision. It is the head. Do you know that? I hope you do. Do you know how many visionary heads are rotting in Eritrea? I know you know that too. But you buried (not your head) your soul under the sand to ignore them and look visionaries abroad. To your surprise the visionaries that are living abroad are away from the ghigliottine of your master. Their vision will be usefull for the societies they are working with.

          All the points you listed will come from the people that your pfdj considers not ready for democracy and holding them under their boots.
          You are fond to talk about the opposition too. Fact is the people are the universal set and the opposition just a subset. You prefer talking about the opposition while the rights of all the citizen are denied.
          My suggestion for you is that you should look inside yourself rather than outside unless you have a dirty soul, you will be able to recognize right from wrong.
          Tekal laity ygberlka.

          • haile

            Quote of the Day

            “መንእሰይ ወለዶ!!

            ቃልስኻ ንዝተሰርቀ መስልካ ክትመልስ’ዩ

            ቃልስኻ ንመንነትካን ክብርኻን ንምዕቃብ’ዩ

            ቃልስኻ ባህልኻን ልምድኻን ንኸይጠፍእ’ዩ

            ቃልስኻ ኣንጻር ስደትን ሕስረትን’ዩ

            ቃልስኻ ኣንጻር ኩሉ ባህርያት ህግደፍ’ዩ፡

            እዚ ዝተሰርቀ ዘመን ዘመንካ’ዩ፡ ፤ህግደፋውያን ኣብ ዘመንካ ክነብሩ በትሪ ዓመጽ ኣልዒሎም ግዳይ ስደትን ከርተትን ጌሮሙኻ’ዮም፡ ፤ንስኻ ወናኒ ሃገርካ’ምበር ኣገልጋሊ ጠላማት ኣይኮንካን፡ ፤ንስኻ ወጽዓኻን ወጽዓ ህዝብኻን ክትድብስ ንጉጅለ ህግደፍ መቓብር ፊሒርካ ክትቀብሮ ሓድነትካ ኣጽንዕ፡ ፤ሓድነት መሰረት ዓወትካ ስለ ዝኾነ ልዕሊ ኩሉ ስምረትካ ክትዕቅብ ይግብኣካ፡ ፤ መንነትካ ብሓድነትካ’ዩ ዝዕቀብ’ሞ ንሓድነትካ ሸጥ መዓንጣ፡ ፡”

          • haile zeru

            Beautiful picture haile. Really heart worming. All the innocent smiles, chute faces. My God, I wish a better world for Eritrean kids, for all kids for that matter. We know the ones in the west, their parents are taking care of them. I wish we had a government in Eritrea that has their welbeing as its first priority.

          • SMichael

            I thought you guys are on the same page but with different approaches of handling the situation.
            I think you should pause for few seconds before you jump on cursing and belittling peoples’opinions.

          • YH

            “Tekal laity ygberlka” moyte moyte lool

          • Semere Tesfai

            Haile Zeru

            Sir, I’m still waiting. What would you do differently than the PFDJ regime? How would you defend the country better than the PFDJ regime? How would you grow the economy better than the PFDJ regime? How would you stop the Exodus? What policy would you adapt that would earn Eritrea the confidence of Ethiopia and its Arab neighbors?

            Does the opposition have better qualified and better representative leadership than the PFDJ regime? Is removing Isaias/PFDJ a solution in itself? What is your plan (sell me your vision) post Isaias/PFDJ? And you don’t have any vision you can sell. And that is the problem.

            Blaming PFDJ for every problem under the sun, listing PFDJ mistakes day in and day out is not going to get the opposition to the top. They have to prove they have better product to sell. They have to prove that THEY ARE BETTER than the PFDJ regime. And they can’t. Prove me wrong if you can.

          • haile

            Semere, Wow….reminds me a rapist telling his victim that she couldn’t have it any better…whoa!

          • haile zeru

            Semere Tesfay,
            You see, your thinking is so polarized that you cannot see even what is written in my previous post. A country, people, do not need a messiah (a dictator) from somewhere. Or a vision, policy from the moon. The people ones empowered (thru a proper system of governance, definitely not a dictatorship ) will generate the ideas (vision) that makes a country better. If you (PFDJ) put a gun on their heads and kill, jail anyone that raised his voice, and then you go to shop for a vision somewhere else, that is the most stupid thing you can ever do. And you are just doing it. You do not even see the contradiction.

            Why those questions are not posed to the Eritrean people thru proper democratic institutions?

            Why do you look for a vision from someone around the planet and your PFDJ muzzles the millions of people who are living in the country? By the way, during the 10 + years I was in Asmera I never voted, even one day. No new, different ideas had been aired. Nothing. Just do what you are told to do. Else you end up in an unknown jail and eventually an unknown grave.

            In my adopted country in the last 5 years I voted two times for Federal Government and 2 times for provincial Government.

            You see, even at the expense of sounding banal, I will tell you that people discuss, exchange ideas and come up with different course of actions. These ideas are aired to everybody without harassment, killing, intimidation, disappearance or assassination inside the country. Then the people will choose one set of ideas and whomever was holding those ideas leads the country for a given period of time (generally 4 years). Ones that period is over the ideas are evaluated and if they have merit the leadership continues if they are not good or produce good results then they are changed in a democratic way. Someone else leads the country. Constitution, Law, democracy.

            Your PFDJ is incapable of doing this. And you are asking for a vision as if there is none. Allow me to call you idiot. And hopefully your answer is thank you.

            P.S. a person that considers dictatorship of biher Tigrinya over the other Eritrean bihers a ‘perfect solution’. And a person that disparages the Beni-Amer is of course devoid of vision.

          • Amanul9

            Selam Semere T.,

            The most things that bothers me about you is not of supporting the regime we have (the dictatorial regime by all accounts) but your concept of justice. If someone clearly put his argument bluntly to his fellow citizens of different ethnicity that the tgrigna biher will rule Eritrea and you be ruled by them, then how any sane human being will argue on the future of Eritrea with such mentality of hegemony? It is really a waste of time to engage with such degrading, demeaning, chavaunistic minds. To tell you frankly you don’t have ears to listen to the grievances of our social groups. And I am amazed to project yourself as a student to learn and put all kinds of questions to compare the opposition with the current regime who are at different positions (space wise).

            My friend Semere the first thing you have to ask is, Is our nation in good position in its unity, in its economic development, in its institutional function based on a constitution and rule of law..etc etc, Then when you come to your own reading, opening yourself to think and ask what you should do with your fellow citizen to change the current reality. Ask to your self what you can do rather asking others what do they have solutions for your questions. Think everyone is like you looking for a solution if you are thinking at all for that matter.

            But to answer your questions – in general there were solutions shared by many with the public if not holistically but on certain specifics. If you are smart enough and your mind is open you could come up with a solution by adding all the solution oriented proposals up there in the electronic media. Remember we can only give the framework how we could be governed and what kind of government could resolve our social contradictions. As to the details or”cega milbas neti askeren” it is the duty of the representative legislative body.

            Semere, you look inquisitive by putting questions for others to answer them, but you don’t know what is up there for years and try to comprehend them and evaluate them. If the oppositions would have been inside Eritrea which will be a hell to the regime, not only they will talk about the needed structure of governance, but the details how a given specific governance could help them in their economic life and more importantly how to live peacefully with themselves and our neighbors. Unfortunately Mr Semere you have the temerity to compare the regime inside the country and the opposition outside the country. You know there is no room inside Eritrea for the oppositions, and the nation is sealed from any political groups who could be an alternative to the regime, where our people could have the chance to see and decide their choice by democratic process. How is this difficult to understand Semere?

            So my friend use your questions to yourself for probing to find answers to yourself, as we already know that our answers will not change your view whatsoever. The general public who are following the politics of our nation by reading the literatures on the internet media know what is there and are thinking what could be done with it as we go forward. So be part of the solution rather of being part of the force of domination. Think about it brother.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • haile Zeru

            Thanks Aman,
            Most likely my way of expressing will not help this guy. I hope yours will do. I agree with what you are saying.

          • Jo


            I watched in some documentary, that there are places (restaurants) in Tokyo, where, if you are having a bad day or you are frustrated with someone, they provide you with some dishes and a compartment were you could go in and smash dishes and swear your guts out at whoever is causing you all the grief. Then, having vented your frustration, you go back on with your life rejuvenated. for your sake I hope your frustration is vented here; a la Japonese. If you are going to react this way because of some basic but valid questions, I wonder how you are going to react when push comes to shove in the real sense; you seem you are going to burn out quickly.

            If you have an answers shoot and the Eritrean people are all ears. If you don’t have one, then welcome to the club join us in praying for someone; an individual, a group, a party… to come up with answers. We can not afford to rain on people who ask questions or challenge us to come up with better alternatives. Obviously, whatever the opposition have been doing is fruitless to say the least. You can call the PFDJ and PIA all kinds of names, we got it!!! you don’t like them. But, do you have a real verifiable plan for the future of Eritrea? Sorry!!! Just only for the PFDJ and its tentacles to go is not good enough answer. That is, as if to say, we will go into a dark room, blind folded, to find a black pot to boil our food in, without knowing wether the pot exists or not.

            Please, at least, let us be civil to one another!!! thank you!

            Luwam zelewo leiti!!!


            Saleh, I remember somewhere you were equating Dehai to “enda swa”, would it be reasonable then, to equate awate to the Japanese version since it is “Tseguar danga” free?

            no….no…no!!! I am just “jousting in jest”:)!!!

    • SMichael

      Welcome back Semere.
      Could not agree more.
      Take over and lead the ride then as usual body.Would be well appreciated.
      Your brief summary tells it all and you just have to put them on a priority basis list.

  • SMichael

    What proof and evidence do we have. that Ali Salim now is Younis Hussein other than the same Ali Salim telling us so?

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      I do not see common sense in you. But if you are inquisitive individual, do your homework. A simple approach to know the difference of their writings do the following (a) print out few articles of Saleh and few articles of Ali salim put them on your reading table (b) when you start to read them (i) watch the style of the writings (ii) watch the flow of the writings (iii) watch the depth of their conceptual arguments (Iv) check the tendency of the writing (organizational cultural language) of the ELF and EPLF background if there is any. If you are not familiar to it as to the the nature of languages the two organizations, then you need to read and make more research. In any case you will find the difference in their writings in every category I mentioned. By doing that (a) you will know what you are talking (b) you will spare us from this trash talking (c) you will spent your time in learning than in unnecessary defending the undefendable argument.
      Another example I want you to check is the writing of Nitricc. Go and check every comment of Nitricc and check the construction of English (check grammer) and the construction of the ideas. I am sure you will find at the end something ( the something is left for you to find out). So spare us from this nonsense talking that Younis Hossein (ali salim) = to Saleh Gadi.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • SMichael

        Thank you Aman.
        I have followed the Awate website religiously from its inception and I have been obsessed with it and I even considered it as my own ONE as it read my mind,had told my story,has stood for my rights boldly…..I was “regionalist” .
        I never questioned or cared about the I’D of Ali Salim and I never even considered him or her to be The SJG that I know.
        The Salihs became paranoid and crossed the line thinking that I was one of the EPDP/ELF-RC Cadres,which I am not..
        My concern was the way Ali Salim presented himself during those yrs and the way Saleh Johar received him or allowed him,which was unreasonable and unpleasant to the majority in my opinion,which I still stand firm for.
        I know truth is hard and painful but I thought thete wss a better way of expressing the TRUTH.

  • ghezaehagos

    Selam Younis Hossien ( I really had to double check with that)
    Glad to see you back.
    For years, I had averred Ali Salim was not Saleh Gadi. I knew it long time ago. At the height of the controversy, I had tried to convince a fellow compatriot of this fact but he did the opposite. He said he or others did some sort of article or word deciphering thing and voila, it was Gadi indeed. I was not listening to him fully; my mind went to Primary Colours and Joe Klein.
    I like and read Saleh Gadi for more than ten years…and I was mesmerized with his early awate articles of 2000-2001, of peacocks and of goats. He is essentially a story teller, a raconteur, fabulist.
    But with utmost respect to Gadi, Ali Salim as a writer arguably could be the most talented writer of the internet Eritrea. This guy can write and write exceptionally well. His long paragraphs deceptively appear to be short. Word choice, confident tone, he would be our Chris Hitchens.
    All the best,

    • Saleh Johar

      Ghezae, with all due respect…. and you have to state this four years after the fact!

      • ghezaehagos


        I was never bothered by the identity of AS. Never! and I always knew it was not you. I never took the people who were arguing on that topic seriously. In my opinion, those who were serious enough can distinguish you two. My take was different. I believed they knew Ali Salim WAS NOT YOU but anyways wanted to attack you both together for ‘expedient’ sake nonetheless. On the guy I had an argument with about that, I didn’t feel it was worth writing about.
        All the best,

        • Saleh Johar

          Ghezae, I meant… when the attack so so vicious, so evil, and huge campaign of defamation, an orchestrated attack, I just remembered the saying, “the silence of my friends was louder than the noise of my detractors.” 🙂

    • S Michael

      You are too quick Ghezae .That is Not a Lawyer”s way of make concluding remarks.Things are more complicated here in the Awate website and itsTeam.

  • Amanul9

    Abu Saleh (SAAY),

    I hope the Samson case didn’t happen to Younis. What this article indicates and shows us is a complete u-turn. Even if it is a complete U-turn to PFDJ, as far as we knew who he is and cleared the burden from SGJ ‘s back (you know what I mean) it is more than enough to me. We will challenge him like the others if they shaved his hair to loose his strength (whatever that political shaving it might be). I hope for Younis it will be good start and genuine start Keeping the core of his argument of those Ali Salim days.This time I wish to see a wise younis but vigilant to his idea defending the minorities.

    Amanuel Hidrat

  • Ermias

    Question to AT: how does AT go about verifying the identity of its columnists? If I were to write an article and claim to you guys that I am, say, Amanuel Hidrat, how do you tell my authenticity? Email address is one way but people change email addresses all the time. There are a few who still use aol and hotmail but most now change emails rather frequently.

    Out of curiosity, I googled Younis Hossien and I was unable to find a single exact match.

    Now to the article. I have to admit I was really sleepy when I was reading it given that I lost an hour last night but I had trouble following the logic a little bit but it seems like the prescription from the author is (paraphrasing) “in hindsight, perhaps PFDJ deserves some credit for not allowing a repeat of the situations in Egypt, Libya, Syria, African countries. A piecemeal introduction of instutions first, then elections. Election cannot lead to democracy but the other way around.” I don’t have too much trouble with this argument in general terms. But we have more immediate and fundamental problems and that is that human rights are being violated. One of the things that YG makes an impeccable point on is the so-called “>10,000 political prisoners” in Eritrea. Well, that figure is only a few hundred because most of the agelglot esurat do not make political demands. They just violate the standard operating procedures and they extend their leave by a few weeks and they go to jail for some period of time and they go right back to their position. That is a recycling system which is keeping the youth trapped. If there were no such temporary detentions, then nobody would go back to report to Sawa or wherever their post is hence that would effectively end agelglot. That is YG’s take. Hard to argue against it. That is the problem we have today in Eritrea. People have no choices and they are owned by PFDJ. Without going into too much technicalities, we have a human rights problem and major lack of opportunities in Eritrea today and this government will not honor human life and diginity and also they are incapable of drafting and implementing sound economic policies hence they need to be uprooted. PFDJ says “the youth are economic migrants and not political.” It is both of the above.

    • Saleh Johar

      Erimias, don’t you think you should check the posting guidelines to know about posting guidelines? Check #21 and 22 and here it is:

      • Ermias

        Yes indeed I needed to do my homework. I honestly did and only looked at the top of the website. I read your comment and I figured it must be here somewhere. It is there sitting pretty at the bottom of the page.
        The question wasn’t meant to smack AT. The professionality of this website is unparalleled in my opinion and by virtue of that I found my answer with in meants. I was only trying to see if Ali Salim (Younis Hossein) really is the author. I am glad that someone wasn’t playing a practical joke with us.

    • s Michael

      In this case,I believe your tactic might have worked better.

  • Amanul9

    Dear Younis Hossein,

    Even though you still prefer to be called Ali Salim, forgive me to address you with your real name. Enough is enough to travel in a shadowy space and interact with shadowy actors. Let us come to the open world of reality and debate the real issue of our nation. In fact I still summon to those who are capable to debate with admirable knowledge like (Serray, Hayat, papillon..etc) to rethink about it.

    Interestingly enough, always Younis comes at different time with different perspectives. Good for the readers to get different perspectives. But also gives to the well versed and well read the impression to read him as less authentic trying to travel in branched road at the same time. So Younis (not Saay, for sure for some time there will be confusion between Saay and Younis) has to tell us what was his journey before and what will be now? Why he is in u-turn now? Is that because he reached the dead end or he understood this time, the reality on the ground to be different? What is his reality according his reading – as reading is subjective and will also be subjective to scrutinization and evaluations. So Younis tell us whether the centrifugal force or centripetal forces have acted on your U-turn ideas, and how does it so? It is very difficult to understand your U-turn to say the least.

    I hope you will not dump your thoughtful advocacy and your hard ball argument in regard to justice and marginalization, being this time with correct words of messaging to help us to its understanding. If the tour was escaping from PFDJ and now is a U-turn back to them…….oh my God will be my reaction leaving my response when it happens. So don’t leave us to read your intention just give us your intention yourself.

    Amanuel Hidrat

  • Haile Zeru

    Hi Younis Hossein
    You said:
    “The PFDJ as you know views democracy as a set of guiding principles, whose compatibility, to what we have described as collective reflexive impulse, must be proven through a protracted process of trial and error.”
    PFDJ views democracy as an obstacle, nuisance. A hurdle to be avoided to reach its present totalitarian state. After the crap “go to the moon if you want democracy” or wait another 4 decades, you are telling us this nonsense? Tell me you were sick during your absence and parts of your brain were removed taking with them your “pre-existing internalized knowledge”. I prefer the old Ali Salim.
    “… The difference between the two views is a difference of degree in that while one side holds the intention of a “top-down radical change to democracy”, the other envisions a gradual and “bottom-up piece-by-piece process of transformation”.
    “The only material difference between the two views lies in that: while one party views elections as the starting point of democratic transformation, the other (you mean PFDJ) views elections as the culmination of a process of democratic transformation.”
    What happened to you my friend? Forget democratic transformation in PFDJ world. In what language do you want to hear it? There will not be Democracy in Eritrea under PFDJ. Period. Why don’t you ask that question to the king of Saudya? Do you remember? Are you talking of democratic transformation on the moon or here on Earth? What you are saying are gimmicks by some idiots.
    Sorry, I do not want to go on like this…

  • saay7

    Hey Ali Salim:

    Welcome back! While I welcome your decision to unveil yourself (and spare my friend Saleh Johar years of abuse, particularly from the EPDP* crowd, Qul hua allah tgbae deebom), I must say that Younis Hossein is less compelling, less clear than Ali Salim. I think I know why: Here’s the story of Samson and Delilah (the wikipedia version of the Bible):

    “He then falls in love with a woman, Delilah, at the Brook of Sorek.The Philistines approach Delilah and induce her (with 1100 silver coins each) to try to find the secret of Samson’s strength. Samson, not wanting to reveal the secret, teases her, telling her that
    he will lose his strength should he be bound with fresh bowstrings. She does so while he sleeps, but when he wakes up he snaps the strings.

    She persists…[clip] .Eventually Samson tells Delilah that he will lose his strength with the loss of his hair. Delilah calls for a servant to shave Samson’s seven locks.Since that breaks the Nazirite oath, God leaves him, and Samson is captured by the Philistines, who blind him. After being blinded, Samson is brought to Gaza, imprisoned, and put to work grinding grain.”

    Who is your Delilah, abu Ulwa?

    I have a good friend who is such a good friend (God bless him) that when he doesn’t like a crappy article I write doesn’t say, “damn, that was one crappy article!” Instead, he says, “ayteredeanan”: I didn’t get it. Ali Salim, I don’t get your piece. If you are making a U-turn, you have tell us the before and the after (so we can know what the U-turn is) and I think all we got so far is riddles and allegories. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone to present a summary of your article and they won’t be able to.

    By the way, part of our awate 7.0 contribution is to give our readers a bio on all our columnists. I think now that you have given your real name, you need to give us a bio (required of all columnists) with a special emphasis on your role within the PFDJ hierarchy. This will shock the hell out of those who don’t know your background–although you gave them a gazillion clues with your references to Hadas Ertra (which you follow religiously) and all the Tigrinya proverbs:)


    * a long time ago, I used to think the EPDP and its proto-party the ELF-RC was the closest to my heart in terms of its programs and values. But its cadres (including meskerem.net) were at the forefront of the “Ali Salim is Saleh Gadi” campaign which led me to conclude that they are just stubbornly-dumb people. Oh, my God, how certain they were of their foolishness: I tried to tell them it wasn’t, in private correspondence with some of their most senior cadres, but ideologues don’t listen to reason. Even now, I very much doubt that they can auto-correct and admit they were wrong: they will just find some conspiratorial, stupid rebuttal because they are just wired to be dumb. In 30 years of ELF-RCness it has not once (not once) admitted it made a mistake. And when it was joined by the EPLF (EDP), it became even more stubborn in its pride. Even now, it is probably closest to my heart in its programs; I just cannot choose dumb people with stubborn culture for leaders. We already have one in Eritrea, PFDJ.

    • AOsman

      SAAY, I don’t read an article twice, this one I did one and half :). My understanding, after all the suggestions to the opposition parties in the past, Ali Salim has reached the end and given up on them. His old mission is accomplished as his concern were discussed sufficiently and people are aware and know the double injustice faced by those refugees stranded in the border of Sudan. Thus…he assumes the “land grabbers” issue resolved in his endeovour. The U-Turn seems that he is washing his hand from the opposition, there is nothing to gain shouting fire, as many fires ar burning and they are watching still. He is now trying to dialogue with the pro PFDJ, if he manages to make a similar impact but to a different audience on matter that PFDJ is screwing up then he has maintained his tempo. His philosophical intro on intention, reminds me of a famous hadith that says “every action is by intention …”, at the moment too much holes there, as we humans can only judge by the outcome, but he will not care as his new audience (pro-PFDJ) “see” the intention, they are in tune and will be able to follow through to his next instalment. Unless, Nitricc stands on his way :). Regards AOsman

      • saay7

        Hey AOsman:

        I did (kinda) understand the hadith reference (inamal a3mali b’nyaat: works are judged by intentions, one of the most profound teachings of Islam), but by the time Ali Salim was done bringing angels and devils, I don’t know where he was headed to, and more importantly, where he had been. I would have loved to see a contrast between morality (which rewards intentions) and politics (which rewards results) but Ali Beh must be rusty, or he is just trying to get his footing… I look forwards to the series and maybe this is just an intro.


    • S Michael

      Hope Ali Salim is honest about his U – TURN and his “re -conciliatory “gesture” and tone.
      As to to who is who really,it does not matter.
      What was said in this website by him or her is what matters.
      While most of what he said might be correct(being a victim of all what he said as a low-lander myself),it should be noted that it created a big stigmata on the target population and a long – lasting suspicion and resentment against and about the hosting website and its Editors/AT.
      I am sure in the West/USA,it can easily be overlooked as a simple issue of “Opinion” and an issue of “Freedom of Speech”.
      “Zete bizei keidi” ,to use Wedi Meharenas words,might have consequences in the long run.
      Even if Salih Johar Ghadi was NOT Ali Salim,endorsing his dangerous statements would make the AT liable and responsible in an Eritrean perspective.
      So, I hope we learned a lesson ,albeit,) in a hard way, NOT to repeat the same mistake and plunder by Ali Salim and alikes.
      By the way we have a better and constructive way of addressing our grievances.
      Let’s take Semere Tesfay’s advice seriously.
      Just a thought and a simple opinion

    • S Michael

      Hope you did not delete my previous reply.
      R U telling us that the AWATE TEAM and or Saleh Johar Ghadi.have never made a mistake and they also apologized for any mistake they have ever made – if “they have ever made one”?
      Weyo naten ghedifensi nay enda amaten.
      Let’s forget the “we” and “them” obsolete nonesense,which I thought we did alreafy.
      Let me repeat what I said before:
      SalehJohar Ghadi endorsed what Ali Salim said,hence,at least in principle,Saleh Johar Ghadi was and is responsible at least partially,in my opinion.
      Do not forget that we also, in private ,advised you ,’the AT”,’ to refrain from reporting what Ali Salim was stating and the unnecessary regional and religious politics.
      Do you remember that or you need the private emails to be forwarded to you?

      • Saleh Johar

        S Michael, your irritation shows you were part of the campaign 🙂

        Please do the following for me. Please:

        1. When you make a claim, at least support it with reference that can be traced. In principle, I endorse the right of everyone to express an opinion. Every writer bear the responsibility of what he writes, I do for my opinion and what I write. What is wrong with that? Please explain.

        2. Please describe what you mean by “We”. Who are you (an organization, a Uqub, bunch of friends, who are the “we”?

        3. You might have advised, many readers and friends do. Some AT accept others are rejected with a silent thank you. It is not possible to reply to tens of messages, some vulgar and racist. If you asked Awate Team to refrain from publishing Ali Salim’s, or Semere Tesfay’s or other articles (many did and do that by the way), I believe the AT must have shelved your advise with a silent THAN YOU FOR YOUR ADVISE response. I don’t think your message was an order camouflaged as an advise! If so, AT doesn’t take orders from anyone.

        • SMichael

          Wed Ad,
          -My claims and ref are the Awate website.
          -“We” means the people U and SAL Younis are labeling as…..
          -I do not have the capacity and the power to give orders.
          Based on what your website has reported,in my opinion,you are on the top list for the defamation campaign.
          I reacted to what you have been reporting,which I am entitled to.
          You label people as stubborn,foolish and defensive,when in fact you are more than what you are labeling people while claiming yourself as Champions of Reconciliation…..When in fact you are doing exactly the opposite.Case in point,the Ali Salim saga.

    • Shum

      Would he happen to be a diplomat that defected in November 2002? Wish I had a subscription to the Indian Ocean Newsletter.

      • S Michael

        Do U happen to know his name?
        But why would it take him 12 yrs to “expose the TRUTH”?

        • Shum

          From what I googled, there seems to have been a former Eritrean diplomat named Younis Hossein who defected in 2002. But I’m not sure since the article in question is from the Indian Ocean Newsletter which requires a subscription. Since SaaY suggested Younis Hossein was part of the PFDJ hierarchy, I’m wondering if my guess is right. Ali Salim is Younis Hossein. As to your question about the 12 years, who knows. But I hope no one comes up with another cockamamie reason or conspiracy. Our people have a habit of connecting the wrong dots to make the wrong conclusions. Hopefully, he’ll come out and participate in this forum.

          • S Michael

            Hmmmm.it sounds suspicious but so what ?He is not the first one to do so.
            The de facto Vice President,Ali Abdu did so ….
            The issue here is not just exposing the PFDJ as all we know about the ins and outs of PFDJ business but the core issue here is the lack of coordinated and constructive counterinsurgency movement.What Ali Salim did initially was NOT constructive to say the least.
            It hurt the United peaceful movement by polarizing people and even making terrorist threats against certain segment of the Eritrean Society.It created mistrust and resenrment,which the AT is trying to ignore.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Merhaba Younis Hossein (Ali Salim),

    My long awating of Ali Salim to come with his real name is now become reality. Thank you for that YH. The only reason I was pushing for that persistently was for two thing (a) to exonerate my friend Saleh G. Johar from the harrowing experience he endured “the perception of an evil player” (not by me) but by countless Eritreans (as to the intention of the writing and the way the grievances was put forward). Saleh I could see how you are relieved even though it took so long to happen. I have been arguing that Ali Salim wasn’t and isn’t Saleh Gadi and those I encounter will smile with disappointment, because as YH now showed the invariability of intentions and results (that hold us as static by the way), their intentions brought the unexpected result to them, that Saleh Gadi isn’t Ali Salim but as we now know, Younis Hossein. Sadly, they couldn’t even distinguish between their style of writing (b) I believe Ali Salim (AS), now Younis Hossein (YH), was an excellent thought provocative endowed with philosophical concepts and without any ambiguity was and is an asset to the debate of Eritrean sociopolitical arguments. Ali Salim was the “face” and the real “communicator” to the grievances of our marginalized social groups. I applaud him for that and he has to continue with full stamina, passion to wage the necessary battle against iniquity and gross injustices in Eritrea now and into the future.

    Hence Welcome Younis Hossein with your U-turn towards sensible sociopolitical argument. When you were writing as Ali Salim, though I disagreed on the tones and your choice of words in your writing, I had no doubt that the link between me and you was there in different appearance but to the same essence “in search of justice”. The Eritrean social grievances is real no matter how we explain them and project them to the public. We have to face them decisively as we go forward.

    YH please stay of being the face of our minorities fighting against “marginalization” in a good and thoughtful way to change the face of the current Eritrean reality. As to this particular essay I will reread it and come with my view how I see your argument.

    Amanuel Hidrat

  • Hayat Adem

    Ali Salim,
    (This is, indeed, a u-turn decision for better or worse. And it comes with a passionate attempt to overly promote to marry pfdj with good intentions.)
    Is there any thing more coincidence to remove your pen name coverup now and not earlier where there were better times you could do that if the purpose was to avoid confusions and prevent the punches from landing on the wrong chests?

  • Hayat Adem

    entay meAtu deqey! Melemamedi poletikka koyna malet diyu?
    Let me agree with you, PFDJ is our hafl full glass and may have good intentions though not encouraging outcomes so far. let me also agree with you one of their good intentions, without good outcomes, so far is the introduction of democracy and elections. Let me also agree with you election and democracy are two intricate elements that starting one without solidifying the other may have damaging unintended consequences as seen somewhere else in our world. let me further appreciate the fact that 23 years is not long enough to shape and define your governance in one way or another. But I want you to agree with me on only one consideration: Year 1 and Year 23 must not mean the same. This is my question to you: ARE WE ANY CLOSER OR BETTER POSITIONED TO REALIZE THOSE INTENTIONS AND HARVEST POSITIVE OUTCOMES COMPARED TO OUR START TIME (1991)? Another one is: why does this writer think Eritrea’s political problems are uniquely special that deserve a uniquely special path different from the practice of the world?
    The article is totally bizarre if I want to be decent, childish if I believe the writer has serious intentions, or outright sadistic if he is trying to do some experimentation on us with our real problems. It is not as if you promote your intentions for 23 years, you act on them for another 23 years and you start reading results in the years that follow. Democracy is not an outcome as the author tries to tell us. It is a political culture that develops and gets more perfected from every practice and failure. It is like walking. You don’t walk for the heck of it. You walk because you need to walk. The best way to learn is just by doing it. But unless you start walking you will never be able to learn walking. Democracy is a way of governing, meaning a means to a means. Election is one tool. Both have to start from day 1, and grow in intensity and perfection (like walking). There is no excuse for the procrastination of it as that will mean you have no direct say in your life and country. Is your excuse because you have no bureaucratic and cultural infrastructure to exercise a democratic system, then start your intentions and actions by building those things you lack. What else is your excuse? You don’t believe that they will work in the Eritrean society for whatever reason? Ok but don’t try to tell me that you have democratic intentions in store for the future that one day along the road, for that will never come as a culminating process of the path you choose to follow but through the mastery of using it by starting it today.
    Intentions, actions and outcomes are correspondingly intertwined and actively inter-feeding, and constantly inter-influencing one another on the fly and are never to be seen as itemized, phased chains of processes that come and go in turns. let’s ponder with this simplified example: Intention A, is matched by Action A to produce Outcome A. It didn’t go perfectly as intended at the first go? OK, make change in the Actions. The Outcome intended was unachievable even with the perfect combinations of Actions? Then go back to the drawing board and tame your Intentions to mirror realities and match plausible outcomes.
    The opposition can never be with bad intentions from the get-go. Oppositions have two hills to climb: they have to document all bad records and defects of the ruling regime, and come up with a revised better alternative to cure those defects. Intention is the only capital they have and sell as they are aspirants. Those in power have a chance to sell their outcomes if any. Do you apply logic inversely in everything?

    • YH

      “entay meAtu deqey! Melemamedi poletikka koyna malet diyu?” Why not? Aren’t you YG’s toy?

      • Hayat Adem

        Who was the leader whom a journalist asked if he ever read a fiction and said “if i want to read one, I write one”?

  • AOsman

    SSR …Weyo nay Ali Salim aywudaEn Iyu, after the blame that Salih Gadi endured, now Salih Younis takes the cake. I bet even if his picture was shown, he would have been “abagumbah” 🙂 ……beAl welan tinfer have their reality as well.

    • Saleh Johar

      SSR and AOsman.
      Please note he said his name is “Younis Hossein” not
      Saleh Younis. This is simply my attempt to prevent another cycle of

      • AOsman

        Saleh, As I read the article in the morning, I expected someone to that, I mean it was not only Ali Salim that was attributed to you two. SSR was swift 🙂 thinking he made a cleaver discovery. I was trying to be sarcastic, but in some circles you know all the article with Muslim name at Awate are pen names hatched by the two Salehs. Good luck convincing them. Regards AOsman

  • The socialist secular republic

    Very interesting M. Ali Selim or “Saleh Younis” or however you wish to be called.
    One trivial question, when you say “I have become an evangelist” do you mean the person who preaches
    or the crazy American Christians ?

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Excellent Younis, a great narration and very skilfully. I have also following on my own way the same principle in exposing PFDJ regime’s ideological view. Hope more activits will make a U-TURN and fight PFDJ to the final ground by uprooting all the strucures available on ground to form a post-PFDJ free and democratic Eritrea.

    A Stoop in honor of great skills!

  • Semere Andom

    Dear Ali:

    Moslems, also say when woswosa and whispers from the devil enters their minds, “‘A’oozhu Billahi min al-Shaytan il-rajeem, La Hawla wo La Quwwoa lehu”

    Awate Team, would it be possible to aggregate all Ali’s past articles under his name so we can reference it when critic/comment on this one

  • Kokhob Selam

    At last one thing is true and will never be changed, PFDJ has to go and all the ground that creates this type of lawless environment has to be removed . yes, the method maters -but life has no meaning in living in such circumstances. so there is no half way and even we may not have to wait for miracle from opposition and that bla bla topics. who was for truth in Eritrea any way, since ever except few and now every body knows the truth but want to hide his head. so let the revolutionaries change by any means possible. I would request and beg those who are not serous to leave the political stage.

  • Tafla

    A very interesting article Mr.Younis, I loved all the Tinglish. Good luck with the “dahsesa”, Hadi’u ala e’za Amet.

    • Betrihaki

      Now that you have disclosed your real name, you are making many feel very guilty for barking the wrong tree for years by aiming our “land grabber” archer shots at our beloved Saleh Gadi. A thousand appologies Saleh1!!!!. I admire your patience for bearing with us by becoming the crucifical lamb for Ali Salim. Having said that, I want to add that I have fallen in love with the name “Ali Salim”, and I humbly request that bloger
      continue using it. Secondly, since, like you said, people have to keep trying to know “their reality”, I appeal to you not to exclude the “land grabbers” from your tuture dialogue because they are part of OUR reality. The great Greek philosopher Pluto wrote, “only dead people know the end of the world”. This makes a lot of sense as far as we Eritreans are concerned. The brutal PFDJ regime has killed us both morally and mentally. As far as PFDJ is concerned, we are dead PEOPLE, because we have been told to find abode in the “moon” should we insist on demanding for peace, justice and democracy. So, to use Pluto’s analogy we know our reality. We know “the end of our world” because we are not enjoying a decent human existence. The question is, can we recreate a world where we can live in peace. That should be a topic for our potential positive engagment for future Eritrea. A journey to the “moon” is an expensive venture, so we need to function within the parameters of our reality. We can do it if we make a U turn from unproductive polemics to a genuine quest for real justice and peace.
      From a reformed “land grabber “

      • Tafla

        Betri Haqi,

        Did you have anything to say to me or did you just pick a random land-grabbing neo-nazi to reply to? 🙂

        Anyway Saleh Younis (I mean Younis Hussein) is an extremely intelligent man, always thought-provoking

    • SMichael

      Ali Salim is not going to tell us any new thing about the PFDJ and the situation at home.
      What we have to do is to move on as to how to bring in constitutional governance in Eritrea.
      Counting the sins of PFDJ is not a solution as Semere Tesfay said it.

      The big question is :How ?