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The Eritrean “System” is a Monocracy

And in this case, the monocracy is a manocracy.

Welcome to the long-running debate between Awatista columnist Amanuel Hidrat and Al-Nahda on whether the regime lording over Eritrea is “a system” (his position) or a One-Man-Show (my position.)  In the past, each side presented arguments to make his case not as an intellectual excercise but to get to the fundamentals of “know thine enemy” (your opponent) so that you can propose effective strategies to defeat him.

This article is not the argument I had teased in the Awate Forum.  There, I had argued that Eritrean opposition doesn’t begin with the end in mind–how to win; instead, it is entirely based on what must I do to register my outrage at the actions of the regime–taking a stand!  There is no minimum eligibility requirement, no training, no metric, no goal to being an activist.  All that is required is the will to be one. Thus, activism is its own reward.  This is despite the fact that there are a number of good documents–source materials–which tell us how to be an effective activist.   Have you targeted your audience?  Do you have a script?  Do you know how many flyers you must give to get one convert?  Is it a coincidence that your neighborhood Jehovah’s Witness activist rides a bicycle and wears a suit? Are you of the right temperament to be an activist?

Activists do NOT have to be nice persons or even easy to get along with.   Ralph Nader is probably considered one of the most effective activists–having invented the entire consumer protection movement in the US–but as one of his disciples, Michael Kinsely, once wrote: “I wouldn’t want to be his roommate.”

A good activist is an effective activist.  Effective is just another way of saying the person has more wins than losses.  To do that, the activist must be a natural, or trained—but the goal is to be effective.  We have re-defined what effective means.  Simply put, staying alive has become the definition of success in activism.  Not how many members you have recruited, not their level of commitment: just staying alive and not dying.   A meeting was organized, a meeting was held, the meeting passed resolutions.  Success!

But that is an article that awaits further fleshing out and, honestly, a lot of self-appraisal. It will require more time than I have now.  In this article, I will only focus on outlining the difference between monocracy and a system. If you say, well, monocracy is also a system, you win.  In his two-parter, Abdulrezaq Kerar has made very good arguments as to why it is not a system.  His argument was countered by a well-thought-out piece by Amanuel Hidrat.  While I agree with Abdulrezaq’s piece,  I will try to approach it from a different angle.  As you read it, keep one thing in mind: which school of thought helps us win?  Does defining the Eritrean regime as a manocracy do that?  If it doesn’t, and it is a pointless exercise, we all have better things not to do.  Pray with me that I keep this short: I have to: because it is a borrowed argument.  And I am borrowing it from…feminism.   All that you are required to do is see if it is analogous to dictatorship in Eritrea.


But let’s begin with a system.  What is a system?  Well, you and I and everybody reading this has one.  In fact, several.  A cardiovascular system which circulates blood.  A digestive system that breaks down whatever unwise thing we put in front of our mouth.  A muscular system, a skeletal system, and a respiratory system and so on.  Even those of us who struggled with our biology classes remember one thing about what makes them a “system”: they work autonomously without much conscious effort from us so that we don’t forget to breathe and die.  Even the one that requires effort, like the reproductive system, is one hard wired in us so that we don’t become extinct.

A system, then, is an intricate bio-feedback mechanism that ensures that the human body is functioning at optimal level.  It is made up of agents that specialize in one task (they are not fungible) and, if they are not performing at what they mindlessly function at, you don’t yell at them but at the Mind.

That’s all good and well but has nothing to do with politics, you say.  Actually, you didn’t say that: your defense mechanism (another system) said that.   So what is a system as it relates to politics?  I was going to refer you to wikipedia but for all you know I could have just edited it so let’s use something a bit fancier: Encylopedia Britannica.  A political system is:

the set of formal legal institutions that constitute a “government” or a “state.” … The term comprehends actual as well as prescribed forms of political behaviour, not only the legal organization of the state but also the reality of how the state functions. Still more broadly defined, the political system is seen as a set of “processes of interaction” or as a subsystem of the social system interacting with other nonpolitical subsystems, such as the economic system. This points to the importance of informal sociopolitical processes and emphasizes the study of political development.

Notice that a political system doesn’t define theory but practice–“how the state functions”. Notice also that a political system is actually a part of a whole, the whole being the “social system” and how it interacts with other systems including economic. To argue that there is no system in Eritrea is to argue that Isaias is the Alpha and the Omega of the system and that he is in charge of not only the political system in Eritrea but every non-political system as well. It is to argue that all the other parts of the system are not, like the systems in our body, self-sustaining, but entirely dependent upon his generosity.  It is not to argue that this monocracy is not coherent; it is to argue that its coherence is entirely dependent on one man.  It is also to argue that it didn’t always used to be this way but it evolved into such a monocracy after a long period.

Briefly, it is this. While he was always the Main Man, there was a period of time during the life of the PLF/EPLF (1971-1994) and the first 7 years of the PFDJ (1994-2001) that Isaias Afwerki shared the spotlight with the central committee/politbureau. Between 1994 and 2001, the President started centralizing decision making, to an extreme claimed the G-15:

The problem is that the President is conducting himself in an illegal and unconstitutional manner, is refusing to consult, and the legislative and executive bodies have not performed their oversight functions properly.

Oh, not at all, protested Isaias Afwerki. In fact, he said, the problem is the exact opposite: power is too diffused and the G-15, who are part of the government, spend all their days criticizing the government:

The problem, in its essence, is not excessive intervention and control; it is lack of control. So much so, that in Eritrea, ministers and senior officials openly criticize the government policies and its outlook, as if the issues are none of their concern. What is proper is that people should be given accountability commensurate with their authority.

That “debate” occured in 2000 and notice how each defines “the problem.” Now, in the last 16 years, where are we? Do we have a system? How centralized is it?  And if it centralized to the point of one-man-rule, is it a system? Do we have one omnipotent president, one indispensable man surrounded by disposable tentacles or do we have a system where everyone has a role and there is a system that exists independent of the man?


I found the answer to this question, by accident, in the literature of American feminist/philosopher Martha Nussbaum. She was trying to come up with an inventory of how men objectify women. Objectify, you will recall, means to degrade a subject (a doer, a person) into an object (someone that is at the receiving end of an act, an object.) Here’s her test, and then we will come back to the members of the “PFDJ system” and ask whether they are subjects or objects:

1. instrumentality: the treatment of a person as a tool for the objectifier’s purpose;
2. denial of autonomy: the treatment of a person as lacking in autonomy and self-determination;
3. inertness: the treatment of a person as lacking in agency, and perhaps also in activity;
4. fungibility: the treatment of a person as interchangeable with other objects;
5. violability: the treatment of a person as lacking in boundary-integrity;
6. ownership: the treatment of a person as something that is owned by another (can be bought or sold);
7. denial of subjectivity: the treatment of a person as something whose experiences and feelings (if any) need not be taken into account.

Take anyone in the PFDJ hierarchy no matter how powerful you think he is. Take Yemane Gebreab, take Wedi Kassa, take Simon Gebredengel, take Wedi Ephrem, take even Ramadan Mohammed Nur. Do you question my claim that Isaias Afwerki, and only Isaias Afwerki, can use them for his sole purpose? That he demands that they put their own independence and be subservient to the State himself? That they become his and only his agents? That they can be replaced at will, move from defense ministry to energy? That they shouldn’t assume they have any privacy and something that is just theirs? That he can make a deal with, say, Qatar, and just assign whomever to go to, say, Qatar (or Siberia) for 2 years? That their feelings and emotions are completely irrelevant?

That being the case, what we have in Eritrea is one subject and many objects.  The fact that these objects, in the service of the Subject act like subjects themselves does not negate the fact that they are mere objects.  One can speak of them as enablers–but only to the extent that a gun enables a person.  It is still an object.

About Salyounis

Saleh Younis (SAAY) has been writing about Eritrea since 1994 when he published "Eritrean Exponent", a quarterly print journal. His writing has been published in several media outlets including Dehai, Eritrean Studies Review, Visafric, Asmarino and, of course, Awate where his column has appeared since the launch of the website in 2000. Focusing on political, economic, educational policies, he approaches his writing from the perspective of the individual citizens' civil liberties and how collectivist governments and overbearing organizations trample all over it in pursuit of their interests. SAAY is the president and CEO of a college with a focus in sound arts and video games and his writing often veers to music critique. He has an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BA from St Mary's College.

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  • Tewelde gebremariam

    Hi Amanuel Hidrat,

    Since you distorted our history to suit your allegiance to woyane, I am not a bit surprised with your denials. Unfortunately, you could not mount consistent defenses, rendering you extremely volnurable to attack. Here is why?

    Before I start laying out my reasons , allow me to state the following facts as a background.

    1. By your own admission, you are a former ELF tegadalai

    2. By your admission you never been with EPLF

    Your inconsistent argument: you claimed that EPLF was somewhat homogenous organization, and with regard to ELF, all you could say was that it was heterogenous because you did not have statistical justification to say otherwise. All that you said in a rebuttal to my earlier assertion that the supermajority constituents of both organizations were Christian Highlanders.

    Now the question is: if you could not be sure about your own ELF, how could you be sure of EPLF that you had had no knowledge of? Doesn’t this amount to saying….. I know of things that I do not know, and I do not know of things that I do know? Who would utter such rediculous contradictions save the malicious ,who is bent to mislead and deceive?

    However, in order to demonstrate your fraudulent argument in its entirety and show how low you have sunk defending the indefensible barbaric woyane , let me lay out a few of the crimes against humanity woyane perpetrated on the law abiding Eritreans and Ethiopians:

    1. TPLF had put out a Manifesto claiming part of Eritrea, and parts of two Ethiopian provinces– Wollo and Begemdr. Already it has incorporated to tigrai the latter claims, making the claim against Eritrea serious matter.

    2. TPLF, by attacking Abai Jebha in collaboration with EPLF, had committed serious crimes the people of Eritrea, and you one of its victims

    3. TPLF deported hundred thousand of Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritrean origin in manner far worse than the Nazis ever done.
    4. TPLF is occupying Eritrean Territory, Badme, in breach of the Final and Binding EEBC decision it had signed to honor

    5. TPLF’s constituents — tegaru— are less than 6% of Ethiopian population, and yet, for the last twenty five years, it has been tyrannizing the 94,000,000 Ethiopians under a barrel of a gun

    6. TPLF Constitution allows self determination up to cessation for Ethiopian nationalities , and yet, when the Oromo and Ogaden people try to avail themselves of their constitutional right, falsely branding them terrorists, it mowed them with bullets and herded them to prison camps.

    7. As we speak, Ethiopian people are finally standing up , at home and abroad , against the minority oppressive TPLF, and it’s seems, they winning.

    In defense of the indefensible barbaric woyane, a malicious enemy of countries, Eritreans and Ethiopians, you said the following :

    1. Meles was constituional ruler………..

    Was he really? No. As the above fact point out, only the morally degraded person would assert such outregeous claim.

    2. Meles admitted his mistake…….

    But remember, admission to a guilt is the beginning of restoring injustice committed and not the end. He who profited of unjust act must compensate for those whom he inflicted physical, psychological, material etc.damages. Did Meles do all that?. I bet would reply affirmative, his vain apologist that you are. The fact is, he did none of them. Therefore, his admission was simply phony.

    3. You said he allowed Eritreans to go to school in Ethiopia……..

    But, from among our neighboring leaders, uch as that of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania etc., would you say that Meles was the only leader to have allowed Eritrean access to Ethiopian schools? I bet you would reply affirmative. But the truth is otherwise. Many countries allow refugees access to their school system and they are compensated for by the UN. The evil Meles did it to get foreign exchange and out of any generosity. Greedily evil that he was, I bet he must have inflated the numbers thousandsfolds o exploit the number of Eritreans enrolled in Ethiopia.

    My genuine Eritreans,

    Amanuel Hidrat and co. are modern reincarnations of the notorious groups—–the Unionists of the fifties , and the wedogebas of the seventies. They are working with woyane hands in gloves to destabilise our country as a prelude to its final demise. Inflaming sectarian factionalism among our people is their main weapon of divide and destroy scheme.

    The impostor isaias afewerk and his tegaru cabals are their hidden and integral allies. Obama administration is also deeply involved in our saga. He had been the main supporter of woyane intransigence occupying Badme, and he was the one who saved the impostor isaias afewerk from the guillotine of the HRC. The intervention was not by accident but by design.

    Our haphazard dancing to the tune of woyane and isaias afewerk, has brought our country to brink of complete catastrophe. If we do not wake up and rectify our mistake, very soon, we will end up nationless like the Palestinians. We must think seriously of the possibility. And the first step is to adopt the model of our Martyrs——We are Eritrean First and Foremost— and relegate our secondary differences — ethnic, religion, region etc.– to the back burner. If we procrastinated for a longer, we are doomed for good.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Hi Tewelde,

      I will not response to this garbage and bad mouthing. If I do, I will look your mirror image. But I will say this: you are one of the “agent-of-Issayas” who are sent to meddle in the politics of the opposition camp and to poison the outspoken politicians against the regime. What you did in the above comment is, you recited and scribbled some of the instructions from the their “manual of operation”, to smear, to blackmail, and in the final analysis, to quench the blood sucker, the con-artist Issayas Afeworki. Very soon you will get “a well done job letter” from him, which has a warning in it “read and burn it”- the way how the mafia operate and communicate. As the saying goes “it takes a wolf to catch a wolf” and the insult “imposter” you use against him is told by the con-artist to look like us and play your game inside us . You are exposed to the open yourself by using the “PFDJ manual” word by word.

  • Hayat Adem

    Dear Mahmuday,
    Exclusive questions for you, Kibur Mahmuday:
    Mahmuday, regarding to believe or disblieve Foro and the like who are sharing horrible stories on the cyber, you said: “If you guys want to make yourself a dumping depot, you are on your own. But these type of propaganda is not going to help the opposition.”
    No, we don’t want to be a dumping depot. And you can help us avoiding being one. Tell us which ones that are being told have actually happened, which ones are likely but doubtable and which ones are totally dismissible. Can you do that?
    You also said, “ there are very concerted efforts to undermine Eritrean unity. We know PFDJ will always have interest in dispersing the opposition. But the efforts of Forto and his ilk go beyond that; killing Eritrean moral at all level by targeting Eritreans society as a whole using individuals who exploit social grievances (ethnic, regional, religious…), and also working at the opposition level so that no truly national opposition emerges.”
    If it is untrue, yes, you are right. It shouldn’t be told whether harmful or not, more so when it is harmful. But if it is true, do you prefer for it to be kept in the dark to getting it out? Is that because you think it might harm more than it helps our unity and moral as a people? How does injustices that remained unanswered help towards our unity and moral more than putting them in aeration and fixing them?

    You also said, “The tactic is: make IA and division 72 the mirror of Eritrea and its ghedli, as if Eritrea and its ghedli are reducible to IA and the political/diplomatic/industrial…espionage that are becoming the talk of pal talk.”
    If so, can you come out yourself and equivocally denounce some bad and darkest acts of the espionage branch you happened to know separately from and defending ghedli , and also all crimes done by IA and D72 separately from and defending ghedli , and also some excesses of ghedli, separately from and defending Eritrea? Can you, will you? Do you also see the inverted problem: in the name of ghedli defend IA and D72; in the name of Eritrea defend ghedli?

    You also said, “…the core strategy of the opposition has been armed solution. [W]hy then the opposition failed to collect and use that raw Hamot of Eritrean youth?. ..We call that Qomish adey Hankiluni.”
    Are you commenting this as part of the opposition or EPLFDJ or a bystander?

    • Saleh Johar

      Ahlan Mahmouday,

      You know we have a long standing difference of opinion when it comes to our outlooks regarding the Eritrean opposition. For one, you are fond of lambasting the opposition wholesale and repeatedly apologizing for offending those who consider themselves part and parcel of the opposition.

      I am not fond of every “tegedalai nere” coming with his narration regarding crimes and implicating people and Ghedli without any restrain–like the accused not being able to defend them,selves, the venue where all is spitted out without a challenge, or follow-up questions, or even a systematic interview to extract the truth from the chaff (whichever is more). It is just captive audience who would consume anythin g emotional hrwon at them and get their ration for chit-chat. I am totally against that kind of reckless treating of serious testimonies though I blame us in the opposition for not providing a credible mechanism to extract such information. Unfortunately we depend on foreigners or amateurs (it seems we have delegated them to do that by our inaction) to deal with our serious information.

      Having said that, I would like to see your response to Hayat’s last question which I am copying here:

      You also said, “…the core strategy of the opposition has been armed solution. [W]hy then the opposition failed to collect and use that raw Hamot of Eritrean youth?. ..We call that Qomish adey Hankiluni.”
      Are you commenting this as part of the opposition or EPLFDJ or a bystander?

      Thank you for your time

      NB: Hayat, the hybrid org that you created “EPLFDJ” does not refer to any organization that we know of though I understand what you are trying to communicate. I suggest you stick to the conventional names to lessen confusion, we have enough confusion around as it is 🙂

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dear Saleh and Hayat
        Thanks both. Both of you have valid points. I totally agree with you, Saleh Johar on how we should treat stories that are told by those who claim to have been insiders, or as you termed it “tegadalai nere”. I also take your criticism that I “lambast” the opposition. But for every critical comment I give there is a background. Anyway, I understand your concern. Dear Hayat, I will not ignore your question, not that I’m more informed than you, but you deserve my reply (tHmeQ txebQ). I’m just busy now, and a one-liner answer is not going to give you much of a thing you can make a sense of. I will do it sometime today, Inshaallah.

        • Hayat Adem

          Fair enough Mahmuday. Take the time you need.

          • Solomon

            Selamat SJG, HA and MO:

            This stems out of HA’s focused lazer beam catagorization of EPF-DJ…

            Thus far only a single exemption is what I have observed…

            ∆ I totally agree with you, Saleh Johar on how we should treat stories that are told by those who claim to have been insiders, or as you termed it “tegadalai nere”. ∆

            HA, I realised the academic importance of your initial question, with regards to purpose&preparations, when you put it in context. You are brilliant allow me to say despite you knowing it as it is evident from your confidence. However, reciprocity you have lacked, I felt, in that your aim was to extract or measure per your focused project. I say this, because:
            1. Your initial question lacked application though as a general principle it is a truth fitting every thing under the sun. You left one to imply a purpose for the question. And when was does Aya AH’s generic anger of semi denials is utilized. What I am trying to say is, this forum should be thought of as an asmosis medium. According to each commenter’s drawn purpose is fine too. The readjustment in the construct climb will serve as proof.

            2. It lacked continuity once it served your purpose. For the ” grand purpose”, at an academic level at least, we shall measure with our committed statements to remain interesting.

            Prey tell Sir, who is it: “He is gone.” 🙂

            I am following this Forto12 D####faEE with interest is the purpose of my interjection as Brigades tSAtSe continues the incline.


          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Solomon,
            It was my attempt to copy your commenting style. It seems I failed miserably. Otherwise you wouldn’t ask who s gone. Nobody is gone.

        • Solomon

          Selamat Mo “The Best” Mo and the NOT so “ordinary”:

          You are covered by Two in addition to your forthcoming honoring of your promise.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Selam Hayat

      This answer may not be satisfying, but I will honor my promise.1. The first part and the questions therein information versus disinformation, verification versus validation and so on. I know how well grounded you are in these areas so it would be foolish of me to lecture you on how we treat materials that come our way on a daily basis. Instead of telling what you should do, I will tell you what I do. I’m really sensitive to any “information that I read/hear, be it from the government or the opposition jungle. In my last Tigrigna article, I stated that the opposition has grown into a vast and dense jungle where even convicted felons are finding refuge in its depths. I know there are well-meaning patriots who are grappling with the task of finding a middle ground for political factions and tendencies. But they are being drowned buy the chaotic noises. Therefore, I personally, second question or even postpone considering of some of the materials I come across. For instance, in this case, I have a repeating rounds of talks of what happened in the department of 72. As I told earlier, I was not part of it and I wasn’t an insider in the organization. So, there is little I could tell you based on first hand accounts; or any conclusion drawn from empirical evidences. That’s because we are now talking about a very sensitive details, we are not talking politics that one may come across its effects one way or the other. It’s either an “I know it, or I don’t” type of situation. What we have are guys who are coming out and speaking. The character “Foro” has not disclosed himself. As I said I will never take “information” or “facts” at face value, never. Particularly, information of such a magnitude, and insuch a vitriolic climate. For me to believe it:

      a/ let the character come out
      b/ tell us how we could verify it. To verify such a thing, (i) you would either have to change the regime and have your hands on the documents; (ii) have several credible sources collaborate it (credible: individuals who have no political motivations and ambitions and who are not teamed up to gain anything, including revenge, except to feel liberated); or (iii) have a double agent verify it. (i) and (iii) are for organized entities, while (ii) could happen at anytime by a well respected journalist.
      2. Why don’t we just know what they have to say. It’s up to you. I don’t consider it knowing, per se, for the simple reason that I want to know the truth; and knowing the truth passes through the verification process. Since I can’t verify what I hear, I don’t want to waste my time on it.
      3. What purpose could you, Hayat, tell me such “information” serve? I will tell you the following.
      a. On operational level: it has no value. Because the time these “agents” are reported missing, all the operational itineraries are erased, all the networks are changed, all ears are after these agents. Believe me, if Foro is a real case officer, the government knows him, they know where he is, and there are many agents shadowing him. The government knows what he is up to before he comes for his nightly delivery. If he was a truly patriotic person he could continue his position while linking up with the opposition to be a “double agent” where he would have operational use. The man is an agent of some other sort. As I said, sense that there are concerted multitrack attacks against the very essence of Eritrea, employed are religion, region, nationality and what not. Just listen to this character and you will here something to the effect of “I will tell you something that will make you curse your Eritrean-ness.” For your information, 72 was not limited to foreign intelligence. It was a department that rocked the basis of the durg regime. It had its arms inside Durg’s political intelligence and defense departments where information was relayed almost in a real time. It reported the movement of army units 24/7, its plans where most of the time you would know when and where enemy is to attack. It was known for its accuracy that if an enemy army unit was not accounted for on that day, alarms would go around. It had multiple branches that included human roles in different levels and specialties and electronic division that decoded messages 24/7.Those people, I know some of them. They were the finest sons and daughters of Eritrea. They were not playing with whiskies and money. They were retrieving, gathering, analyzing and helping commanders take an appropriate course of action. They were among the heroes of Eritrea. I’m as uninformed as you when it comes to the foreign intelligence arm, and most of the stories I hear are poignant. However, I will be patient until one or a combination of the above-mentioned verification possibilities take place.

      4. Saleh and you are interested to know if I’m commenting ““…the core strategy of the opposition has been armed solution. [W]hy then the opposition failed to collect and use that raw Hamot of Eritrean youth?. ..We call that Qomish adey Hankiluni.” as part of the opposition or EPLFDJ or a bystander.
      Background: Amanuel argued that we needed Hamot to defeat PFDJ through an armed struggle. I asked if the proposal of armed struggle was new. He did not answer this. My question was based on the fact that the armed struggle was going on by many factions for the last 17 years. The raw “liquid courage” or Hamot of our people has been there, albeit now, it is used to sustain our youth to use it to cross the unforgiving Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea. Based on this, I asked Amanuel repeatedly why couldn’t the opposition running on the strategy of deposing PFDJ militarily, for the last 17 years, make use of that Hamot, that’s, why has the proposal of armed struggle failed to make any traction? I’m, of course, saying that the proposal has not attracted our youth and our people. It doesn’t attract me either. That’s why I believe that investing in and focusing more on the domestic potential is more realistic than Amanuel’s solution that’s has a direction of outside-to-inside. I baffled why I am asked the way I’m asked. Both of you know my views and this should not be a surprise to you. If you would not ask me again, I will tell you that I’m saying this not as a PFDJ supporter, not as the opposition, and not as a bystander, but as an ACTIVE CITIZEN. I would expect you to discuss the plausibility of the statement, rather than asking me where I put myself. I have no personal political ambition. I just want to see better days for my people. My activities are geared towards that end.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Ahlen Mahmuday,

        When everytime now and then only question the motive of the opposition and never to the evils of the regime, it sound a specific active duty on a mission by Mahmuday be it organized or not. So your motive will always be questioned as you quostioned every step what the opposition organizations they do. Your criticisms to the political organization was never constructive rather always demeaming. You defended every action or inaction taken against the regime. You see Mahmuday the cretria you use for deciphering information about the regime has never been the same as to that of the oppositon. Look how you treated the info that comes from foro12. But any info you that comes against the opposition you jump and lombasted them. That always puts you at odd position and makes you an active citizen defending the regime indirectly

        • Mahmud Saleh

          MarHab Emma
          Ha…ha… would you answer my questions before you want me to answer yours, PLEASE. And then dear Emma Mieda teqawmo nkulu yxewur eyu (the opposition field can bear/hold ALL TYPES of allegations, no problem of space- with a wink,wink). You are known for complaining for not being quoted accurately and for demanding that people bring evidences. YET…YET, dear Emma, we will have to wait until you also accord appreciation to people who observe the same golden rule. Alas, it’s all boletiks.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Mahmudy,

            It appears that you are not satisfied with my answer, but I did. Sorry for it is not to your satisfaction. Second I didn ‘t ask you in my last comment, rather I expressed my disappointment when it comes to your position on the regime. That is it Mahmuday arkucha.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Thomas D

            Hi Mahmud,

            “Anafira kokah zeyifelt ci ai hadanain”. It is clear to most of us here that you are an aggressive supporter of the mafia regime who is destroying our nation and eradicating our people. There is nothing which makes any human to support the regime. Nada, NONE!! You can talk about Eritrea’s military strength, fighting moral of youth if the nation is in danger, economic progress for the people to lift up their hopes, peacefully resolution of foreign diplomatic issues, dedicated work to disuniting rather than uniting nationals, spreading false hopes and lies to deceive nationals and foreigners, casting doubts on opposition and fabricate lies to always creative divisions…….

      • Hayat Adem

        Kibur Mahmuday,
        I have to thank you for one thing. You always come back and address. That is really commendable. The good thing in your feeds is your resourcefulness, the good flow and the organization. And yet more on the positive side is the decency and messaging. On the honesty and truthfulness of the content of your feeds, I can’t say the same. And it is not really that I am looking for confirmation. I don’t look for confirmations. But standard logic, honesty and consistency must be there always. You are careful on scrutinizing information from people who claim to be “tegadali nere”. Why can’t you do the same with the opposition?
        Look how you rushed to accuse Abdella Idris for declaring war on the Eritrean regime while Eritrea was at war with Ethiopia. And you know PFDJ has never stopped hunting them from the get go and they have always been running for their life from the regime. How can you accuse organizations that were never allowed to be in Eritrea, that were being hunted, that were never allowed to take a breathing time from the regime on declaring war on the non-resting hunter?
        The point is you quickly find a way of blaming the opposition and take your time patiently to go to a great length to defend the regime. It is not all the time you do that but your difficulty to describe the regime or listening neutrally to other testimonies with the same mean standard you use against others is noticeable. Look how you determine from interviews, demos and testimonies on the identity of Wolkotot? You had no destination to throw your weight on one side. Whereas this is a regime known for its cruel standards and there is no one closer who can attest to that and you have all kinds of ways of dismissing it. I like the way SGJ put it when it comes not to be scammed by any preacher.
        I think I have an idea. I suggest you call a candid emergency meeting of four people to talk heart to heart: Tegadalai Sahl Mahmud; the Spring Season Mahmud, the nationalist Mahmud and the other Mamud. The other Mahmud is the one who is unreasonably generous to PFDJ and unreasonably mean to the opposition. definitely, I have a favorite Mahmud for sure in the list which is obvious but it seems I am going to be outvoted by the others. I don’t mind as long as honest discourse is conducted and the one with more facts and valid argument emerges as a dominant victor from the four. I will be okay with that.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Merhaba Hayat,

          So we are debating with four identity manifestation in one person. Is that the reason when we catch him, he switch off to the most familiar teg Mahmuday to reminesce of the past? Just kidding mahmuday.


        • Mahmud Saleh

          Hey Hayat
          I had told you that I would do my best with the caveat: tHmeQ txebQ. Well, I was true to my promise. I have taken care of my part. The other part of “eni-men neberu” is delegated to Semere Andom, he is good at it.

  • Tewelde gebremariam

    It is, as they, better late than never, and with this spirit that I am responding to your lecturing. To tell you the truth I was delighted with your initiative. Who would not when he gets enlightenment on the cheap? Unfortunately, no sooner did I start reading your lesson than I felt disappointment. You started with historical distortion, and as I continued to read, more of the same, distortions , distortions and distortions. When I got through it all, a flash of memory came to my mind. I remembered the time when you were praising the now dead, Meles Zenawi, the evil guy who deported hundred thousand of Eritreans and ethiopians of Eritrean origin from every part of Ethiopia in a manner worse than the Nazis ever did. And when asked for the reason, he gloated about it and replied, we will deport any one for any reason, including if he did not like the color of his/her eyes. Who would admire such a diablos save another diablos.

    Here is one of your historical distortion: …….after it (Abai Jebha is the referent) was pushed out by joint EPLF/TPLF, it fragmented into many organizations due to its internal contradictions of its social make up ,unlike the somewhat homogenous EPLF……..

    Only diablos like yourself would create such outrageous false impression that Abai Jebha exploded into ethnic factionalism once it pushed out of Eritrea. And your evil motive is to afford historical foundation to the multi sectarian factionalism woyane has been purposely subjecting the so called Eritrean Oppositions to undergo.

    The truth: Following Abai Jebha disintegration , only Abdella Edris established an ethnic base organization, which he named it , the new ELF of pure Tigre. By the way, as Abai Jebha was being hit by EPLF and TPLF, he was touring the Arab countries. He showed up when the entire Abai Jebha tegadelti ended up in Barka. As a military chief of the organization, he ought to have returned immediately after the war ensued. The fact that he did not and the fact that he established his new ELF immediately after Abai Jebha landed in the Sudan and that he subsequently made an alliance with dergi, suggest that he purposely let down Abai Jebha.

    Another of your historical distortion: You said….. Unlike the somewhat homogenous EPLF…… As I said in my previous entry, the superajority of tegadelti of both Abai Jebha and EPLF were Christian Highlanders. Of this, any former tegadelti can bear testimony. Why then did you single out EPLF? Becaus by singling out EPLF, you are trying to create the false impression that the Christian Highlanders within Abai Jebha were a minority ,and therefore, you are misleading the naive young Eritrean into the false belief that EPLFs routed out Abai Jebha because it was composed of predominantly Muslims. And your grand plot? Just like your friend woyane, to weaken and destroy Eritrea by inflaming religious factionalism. But you are a vain person. The Muslim lowlanders and Christian Highlanders are people of identical origin. Remember it was the Muslim Lowlanders who rejectecd to be annexed to the Sudan in the name of religion. What does this show you? Blood is thicker than religion, which comes and goes.

    Incidentally, you must have been mourning lately; your friend woyane is being routed out by the oppressed people of Oromos and Amhara, who are about 75% of the entire ethiopian population. Even it’s surrogates, the EU and Obama, are about to hang woyane high and dry. And Abai Tsehaye is trembling with fear of the possible backlash that may be lashed out on tegaru as perceived accomplices of woyane.

    May God Bring everlasting Peace, Harmony and Prosperity to the people of Horn of Africa!!!

    • Hayat Adem

      You are full of it- badmouthing and hating. How can allow you yourself to go that low? Trash cans hold the garbage in. You spit them out. That is the only difference I noticed. Bring decency and substance or else shush!

      • Tewelde gebremariam

        Hi Hayat Adem,
        you have been woyane supporter as I gathered from your inputs, and since the oppressed people of Ethiopia are finally standing up to route out woyane once and for all, you must be, like your friend, Abai Tsehaye, extremely nervous about the possible ramifications on the tegaru accomplices. But remember, What goes round always comes round, as we say in our old adage, Haqi Tqetn Ember Aytsbern Yia. Yes indeed, sooner or later, justice catches up with the unjust, of which the saga woyane is passing through is the embodiment.

        • Nitricc

          Hey TG; please forgive our weyane cadre, Hayat. she is deep crises. everything bad thing she wished for Eritrea it happened to her country Tigray. I am not kidding you, so please understand what Eritrean wanna be Tigryan is going through. Regarding Abay Tsahaye, that man is obsessed with Rwanda’s genocide. I understand he is losing it in his pant and he needs to spread fear so that he can give the believe that without Weyane that Ethiopia not only will disintegrate but he is predicting that people will kill each other in a ethnic bloodline. The Ethiopian people are more cohesive and god fearing people and i don’t see anything like that but he is overdoing it. One thing is clear, it is over for TPLF. The weyane just released under presure few Muslims and the Muslims are out protesting in Addis lol.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Hi Tewelde,

      I shouldn’t respond for a trash talker. But for the sake of our readers, I will set the record straight. First you are mischievous for not commenting on the same thread where I respond to you, in order our readers to check whether all the garbages you spit them out, has to do with my comment. You haven’t even quoted me to show your readers. But that is who you are, and your mission wasn’t to disprove my statement by giving good argument. Your mission is to to blackmail people. My response will be short and I will start by exposing your lies.

      (a) You have said “Following abai disintegration, only Abdella Edris established an ethnic base organization.” First I do not characterize his organization as ethnic organization for many reasons. But even if you believe that, there are many other organizations who are organized on ethnic basis to represent the grievances of their social groups -the Kunama, Denkelia, Saho, and other religious organizations to fight for religious liberty. You can deny them as Tewelde, which doesn’t mean anything anyway, but they do exist, and unlike you, I acknowledged their existence and their grievances. I intend to address their grievances.

      (b) You have said ” as Abai Jebha was being hit by EPLF and TPLF, he was touring the Arab countries”. This is a white lie. Without going into detail about the reshuffle of ELF leaderships in the command of the war, he was in the field the entire civil war.

      (c) You have said “the supermajority of tegadelti of both Abai Jebha and EPLF were Christian Highlanders”. I will only respond on the ELF side only. There is no statistics whatsoever to give an explanation as “supermajority” per se. Again I will not say yes or no without justification. But remember what message you are conveying to different receiving ends.

      (d) I have said that Jebha was a “heterogeneous organization.” That does not imply whether “the Christian Highlanders within Abai Jebha were a minority” as you tried to put in mouth as I have spoken like that. Keep in mind your ugliness is coming open to the public.

      (c) you have said: “I remembered the time when you were praising the now dead, Meles Zenawi.” This is the only truth you wrote. Yes, I praise him with plenty of reasons (i) he voted against going to war in their parliament (ii) He is one who valued education (iv) He is one who fights against poverty and illiteracy (v) He allows our young Eritrean students who fled from the PFDJ oppression, to enroll in their universities (vi) Above all he is a leader who admits his mistakes – very rare in a leadership quality. He regretted and apologized on the deportation of 58,000 Eritreans. Now compare with your leader who took us to endless war and many more. You see Tewelde, I have values by which I measure a leader. I wish we have a leader of his caliber and the values imbued in him.

      Amanuel Hidrat
      In order to make it easy reference for our readers and to compare his reply to what I had said earlier in my comment, I am linking my earlier comment here below.

      Selam Tewolde,

      Leaving aside the GIGO content of your comment, let me educate you about ELF’s situation after it is pushed out by the joint force of EPLF/TPLF from the field, which you are proud of it by the way. When ELF pushed out to Sudan it was splitted in to many organizations, due to the internal contradictions of its social make up, which reflect the Eritrean society (unlike somewhat homogeneous org. EPLF). So what I want to make clear to you, if you have ears to listen, that “Amanuel Hidrat” didn’t participate in any political activities with the splinter organizations of ELF back then and now. I have watched you for sometime, and I am afraid that you are from the individuals who smear people without any knowledge about the people they are talking about. You are too aggressive spouting derogatory words. You think you are contributing for a constructive debates, but you aren’t. Start to check out your tongue before you utter your words. Be humble and communicate respectfully, above all avoid lies and pomposity. Learn the phrase “I think” when you communicate that puts you at safe and receptive mode in case you make mistakes.


      • Ismail AA

        Ahlen Aman and Hayat,

        In my view it is pointless to spend time and energy to respond to individuals who relish meddling in matters they seem to be least informed. Ignoring them would be the best way of handling them. The events, which our brother T. G/Mariam written about are still political loaded and very indicate. People could only read them from specific, and no one has the monopoly of the truth. Even compatriots like Amanuel, whom I consider the best informed may not claim possess authoritative information. The events had unfolded in quick succession. And it was difficult to keep track of them. This sad chapter of our history is awaiting uninvolved historians to appraise and record.

        For example, our friend Teweld’s assertion that the late Abdalla Idris had “established an ethnic base organization” and ”which he named it, the new ELF of pure Tigre” (sic) is sheer fabrication. Neither was there new nor ethic organization at the time. He retained the ELF as name and included fighters from many affiliations: Tigre, Maria, Saho, Bilen, Tigrinya etc., and that on all levels – rank as well as leadership.

        Thus, even though some of the views are irritating and attempt to murder history, responding to them is simply waste of time and contribute nothing to the discussion.

        • Hayat Adem

          Greetings Ismail,
          I can’t agree more. Tewelde is neither sophisticated nor sensible. He lies on both sides of his mouth. He badmouths forumers. What always puzzles me is the point of all this being pointless. I want someone to help me get into the minds of the likes of Tewelde. Lets say I am Tewelde. I think I have a mission and urge of challenging views like that of ELF Abay or TPLF Abay, and people like Emma and others.. and I want to present my narrative to counter those i said. Lets also say either I truly believe in my narrative or I found it tactically necessary to do so even if what I’m saying is not factually accurate, because politicians do it on their opponents as a matter of habit though not as a proven path to success. What I would do is try to convince readers to my side or at least try to make them doubt the views and the people I’m targeting by playing it persuasive at the approach and evidence level of the presentation. Insulting and yelling will never add any thing to my side. Certainly, guys like Emma cannot be intimidated by strong words because these are the people known to have experienced harsher situations of life. The rest of people are not going to cheer insulting and spitting weak minds. So, what is the point of coming here and not providing new info or arguing decently and persuasively, or reading and listening what the informed people are saying? Are you interested to tell what and how the fate of ELF Abay was? Good. Tell us plainly if you knew something. Or are you interested to know what and how ELF’s fate was? Good, invite those in the know to speak and do yourself a favor by quietly listening. You don’t care about ELF’s fate but you care about EPLF/PFDJ and you want to support them all the time and the purpose your support is either to win more supporters or protect and defend those already supporting so that they continue supporting. Fine, tell your story in a manner that helps you achieve that goal. The thing people like Tewelde are doing does add up nothing unless they think irritating others is good enough and worthy their time.

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Hayat,
            Exactly, that is the way people of purpose ought to conduct themselves. Only the disoriented, but over ambitious to appear they know but actually are hallow, resort to bad-mouthing, and slide so low to the level of trying to discredit resourceful individuals like Aman. Be blessed sister; one feels there is hope when sees people of your caliber and intellect.

          • Solomon

            Selamat IshmaEElAA, Hyatt Adam, Aya Amanuel:

            HA asks
            “I want someone to help me get into the minds of the likes of Tewelde. ”

            Allow me to oblige here despite my attempts to do so on key dialogues elsewhere.

            I am quite sure that AbrahamH has appreciation for all three of your responses. Though, Aya Amanuel’s all justified in defending himself by pointing Abraham’s unbalanced critique, his, I-AA and HA’s conclusions as those who err are necessarily PFDJ or sympathisers to be ignored or excluded is a serious error that is counterproductive for the “in the know” Opposition.

            For example, the following is a quid pro quo contributor to the stagnant trench warfare:

            .” You don’t care about ELF’s fate but you care about EPLF/PFDJ and you want to support them all the time and the purpose your support is either to win more supporters or protect and defend those already supporting so that they continue supporting.”

            1. Abraham Habibal’s, through his poor choice of example and time, is to state our disagreements on few or numerous points with the Opposition, especially the traditional O who are in the know with their rigid “Principled Stand” strategy, does NOT equate to support for Isayas Afeworki led GoE and the PFDJ.

            2. The 1980-1982 Eritrean history is ladened with history and emotions that have shaped Eritrea’s cause for progress by more significantly as a dragging force. There is reason for even those in the know, not to voluntarily state all the facts though sub consciously may be utilizing the moral superior partially shared facts of said time period to capitalize Politically. Attracting the Tewelde ‘s, with their negativity, and possibly empirical data albeit being privy partialy to facts but having the full emotional baggage they have carried since.

            During WugiE HidHid, having personally being imprisoned with abuse by few angry ELF at an ELF headquarters, with in the approval and full view by many and to be released by classmates who were in shock of the action as well as their follow-up the next day for a formal apology as well as an unstated request to put the incident in it’s proper context…. These same very young Eritreans did follow the late Abdella Idris to Eritrea… This is to say there is basis for “The all Tigre Abdella Idris’ ELF.” ‘So, I am one that is asking IssmaEElAA and the “in the know” to share their full facts, preferably now without delay. I will “shut up and listen.”

            During the same week or Month, to be snatched as an Eleven year old by an a traumatised WugiE HidHid veteran, at 3 AM, lifted against the mud wall with one hand and a knife on my neck with the other. The drooling on his foot to complement his nightmare as we slept sharing the AAngerieb… ….

            I have also been observing Abraham’s of recent commentary that has shifted significantly from his long time positions. The rational and causes I will gladly share. For now, I will defend his argument to be as inter-opposition positional releasing of steam pressure. Same as Hyatt’s, IshmaEElAA, and A.AH’s here.

            My touching of the surface only to further shed light on the second part of your counter critique to AbrahamH.


          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Sele,
            That was fantastic. If I could have understood it, I could have applauded you even bigger:)
            Seriously, the propaganda part of PFDJ stands out more visible for me. And it is not the formal media products but the person to person network for information, the undercover network for information dissemination…
            An educated person who supports the regime was recently telling me about IA’s speech in NYC 5 years ago. He told me, “almost everything we see today, he told us then. He sees really ahead of anyone in the world”. There are people who tell you that Meles said that a one hour chat with IA is much more educative than attending 4 universities for years. And what useful thing could IA say in an hour? Didn’t we watch him many times tattering for hours on TV?
            But there people also who believe that and that is because there others who work hard to create enough number of believers. While he was at NYC, a voa journalist asked him about Eritreans in diaspora complaint that it has been years since they paid in advance for houses in Asmara and yet they haven’t heard anything about the progress. The journalist asked very sheepishly and hesitantly. IA answered it without answering: “You know what, even as a good wisher, I always say every Eritrean must have at least three houses: one in Asmara, one in the rural areas and another one along the coast.” The journalist was carried away by this empty answer and he left without hearing any real answer to the real concerns of people who paid their money.
            My point is, the under cover propaganda that rides the power of mystification and fake sophistication is the real weapon at play. Hence propogandocracy.

          • Solomon

            Selamat Hyatt Adam,

            I like “Propaganda!” Was it me or you though that introduced it? If you go to my very first, second, or third comment to you, you can check, I clearly called you Queen HA, a Propagandist. Pleas feel free to check for your self.

            So you agree with me now then the the politics of Eritrea that governs/government is Propagandacracy. I bet you it was on my first comment to you.

            This is good. We agree. And if we are Opposition then we further agree that the “enemy” can be defined as Propagandacracy that is the politics of Eritrea that is governing making it the government of Eritrea. You hava also stated that the person to person of almost all ordinary Eritreans is the medium in which this Propagandacracy resides. Systemically, as your friend the Eritrean professor told you of IA’s NYC speech and NYU interview. Well, then we can argue it is a Plutocracy Propagandacracy practiced by Eritreans in politics that is government. Aren’t you sounding like His Excellency President Isayas Afeworki telling all of us that Eritrea has over 3.5 million political parties, in that from each person to person Propagandacracy one’s own twist makes the Propagandacracy unique.

            I am not sure if you are goading me to take a point of contention against you, or you are agreeing with all my narratives since my earliest comment, “Propagandist”, addressed to you?

            This is why I personally refuse to take part, since I am an Opposition to the now defined enemy “Propagandacracy.”

            Answere me this:

            1.Why is it that the Eritrean Opposition and supporters require Eritrea to be the IDEAL nation on Earth with it’s politics, law, human rights by their consistent demands through numerous methods of international pressures? These pressures further exacerbating it’s meager and war torn and depleted resources?

            2. Is it possible that in this infant nation the Eritrean Opposition and the Supporting International Scrutinizer’s and pressure measures enacted, they wish to create the Ideal Modern Nation State that older and modern States have not achieved due to thousand times theories and tries that have proven for themselves impossible? Are they well meaning try to raise a child age State with very tough love? Does the infant State grow up and start to play by the grown up rules–mostly hood rules? Has Eritrea been an experiment for the Eritrean Opposition and International community to theorise about what should Government Be, simply because of their discovery of the perfect “stamp” size infant nation in 1991? Security being the first priority of any government, did the Eritrean Opposition and the International community continually test the capacity of the Eritrean Government that I’d the Person to Person Propagandacracy?

            3. Are you stating Hyatt that you are opposing Eritrean Propagandacracy that is grassroots like “person to person” and are in favor of other nation States governments?

            4. Is the Eritreans motto not to be like older Independent States unjust form of government, by “learning from their mistakes” not a logical and rational goal to pursue?

            5. Wouldn’t an early declaration of the desired unique form of government and State, make it difficult for others to recognize and define to fit or conform with the existing dictionaries? Are people or entities generally said to be fearful of the unkown?

            6. Is there some rational to Yemane G.Meskel’s statement of: “Eritrea is building or creating it’s own form of government? (The Eritrean State will not follow monkey see monkey do. I Y-Monkey and my Y-Monkeies may, but not the Eritrean State!)

            7. Is it working for the Eritrean People?****

            We leave it to the Eritrean governing politics that is “Propagandacracy.” Queen Hyatt Adam’s and my enemy.


          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Sele,
            I agree. This is the kind of “I agree” that you sign to the lengthy microfonted terms and conditions they come online that you agree to without struggling to read or understand them. Did you call me propogandist? Serously?

          • Solomon

            Selamat Hyatt Adam,

            On my first comment to you long ago.

            Professor Hyatt Adam is what you are. There are a couple of outstanding questions I have asked you. It would benefit me to hear your perspective, on an academic level.

            I am retracting the Propagandist now. Off course that would mean that neither of us is governed by Propagandacracy. Unless you feel that I am.
            What you think I “believe what they say”, from above, is not as a result of Isayas Afeworki or his supporters Propagandacracy. It is a result of my own empirical knowledge.

            Professor Hyatt Adam, I my apology. I too shall move on with the incline.

      • Abraham H.

        Dear Amanuel H,
        I don’t want to involve myself in your dispute with Tewelde G, but i really found it unfair when you try to characterise Tewelde as if he is a supporter of DIA by claiming “Now compare with your leader who took us to …”. I’ve followed Tewelde’s comments often and what i witnessed was he deplores the dictator so much, often describing him as “the impostor”. Twelelde may have some disagreemnts with you regarding other issues but when it comes to Isayas, he is a staunch opposer. Therefore let’s not fall into the bad habits of designating people to certain group just because they disagree with us on some matters, let’s leave that practice to the pfdj camp.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Abraham,

          Sorry Abraham, you are not making a fair intervention. Abraham where were you when he was blackmailing me as Wayane everytime he commented on my articles or responding to any of my comments? Surely, It does not make you look a good arbitrer, rather it makes you look a supporter of his bad mouthing. I can only listen to you when you make a fair criticism without having side on the matter and did it on even handed.

          Amanuel Hidrat

          • Abraham H.

            Dear Amanuel H,
            No, i’m not supporting his “bad mouthing”, not at all. I reacted because you and Hayat A with her “You don’t care about ELF’s fate but you care about EPLF/PFDJ and you want to support them all the time and the purpose your support is either to win more supporters or protect and defend those already supporting so that they continue supporting.”, which i found far from the position of Tewelde towards PFDJ /Isayas. Just because he didn’t agree with you regarding the ELF or Woyanes, you lumped him with the Isayas regime, that is what i was opposing.

          • Hayat Adem

            Now you added more unfairness to your position with that quote. That was thrown rhetorically and generally to state a logical point as an example how purposeful comments should be framed. That was brutally decontextualized. You did that. When someone does that, it means business, i.e., it is not an innocent mistake.
            Actually, Tewelde sounds scarily extremist and excessively alarmist. Just because he repeated threw one word “impostor” wouldn’t mean anything. Talking about Abay Jenha thing now is mind-boggling. Why is he mad at Emma because Emma liked PMMZ? Many first class international thinkers liked MZ for many things and many others don’t for many other things. Some experts have coined a term “Melesnomics” to indicate that it can be considered a school of unique economic thoughts. Eritreans have more reasons to like or dislike MZ than others. Why would anyone be surprised at all Emma wrote a note of admiration for MZ after he died? That is weird. It is also so weird people have to speak about what Emma wrote after MZ died while we have tones of problems that need attention. A crazy 70 years old guy still kicking with full power at his hand is gambling with a fate and a future of a nation and millions and people like Tewelde have to accuse someone for writing a letter of condolence. For that matter, even IA sent his diplomat to pay tribute to MZ’s body. “Well, he is dead and ethics and etiquette demand to honor..balbla”… Did he honor Naizghi? And now out Tewelde is tiring himself accusing Emma now and again of religion factionalism against christians. Are you okay with that? He also accused me of being a Weyane Cadre. Are you okay with that, Abraham?

          • Abraham H.

            Dear Hayat A,
            My apologies for misunderstanding your comment; i really thought you were directly refering Tewelde as a supporter of the DIA regime, but have now come to see the rhetorical aspect of what i qouted in your reply; was absolutely not intensionally from my side. And the core of my reaction towards Amanuel H, b/c i saw he unfairly treated Tewelde as one of the DIA regime supportes, nothing more. Everything i read from Tewelde tells me he is one of us who want to see this despot gone for once. Having said this, i’ve to move on.

          • Hayat Adem

            Apology accepted, Abrihimo

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Abraham,

            So because he called the imposter to the despot, he shouldn’t be criticized for his bad mouthing. Is that what you are saying? It clearly implies from my end, when you jump to defend him and dismiss what he had been saying to me and Hayat. But do you mean those sentences you put in quotation are said by me or Hayat?

            second, I do not bring ELF issue until he brought it himself to use for his argument, if it was an argument at all to begin with. Scroll down where the thread started and you will find what he is up too, in demeaning people and his bad mouthing.

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Abraham,
            I followed your exchange with Aman on TG. I think no one is criticizing him for his views; he entitled to agree and disagree with others. What he is not doing is insulting honorable and genuinely hard-working talented individuals. His choice of words as bad as or worse than his style: “wiping youngster”, using “chemo’s” etc. This is not decent way of teaching and learning. Moreover, who gave him the liberty of distorting historical events? If he was privy to developments, he should tell the reader. If his information was flying stories or hearsay reporting, he should be reserved and not used unproven facts to support his arguments with others who could have in better position to witness those events – I mean the events from 1980 to 1982 regarding the ELF and the EPLF-TPLF conflict.

  • said

    How has this human catastrophe occurred in Eritrea? There’s a lot at stake. Every culture has its signature events. These events represent the best and the worst of that culture and its adherents. Eritrean opposition movement was utterly unprepared for the coming catastrophe by IA and his cohort. opposition was not united and fragmented , complacent and not educated sufficiently to grasp the revolutionary changes to the way work was designed and organized. It also had failed to prepare itself to wage a fight in ideological, social and political realms. Political opposition would need to educate themselves to understand what they were up against. Its’ political power and forces of opposition is barely visible. The old system of revolutionary agent for change has collapsed like a hot air balloon. It cannot offer us salvation and the promised Eritrea a new kingdom. However, placing blame is not the point of the issue here. Watch as Eritrea goes up in flames? Is not an answer.
    We seem to hit a new rock bottom of despair every year, only to sink to new lows the following year. For many, there’s not much hope to be had. We are all witness to what is happening. The country seems to sink beyond our worst imaginings. What should we do? We can give in, give up, shat up, back down, lay down, submit and surrender; or have the courage to stand up to the injustices and mobilize against regime and to stand of hope in a time of no hope, to dig in for the long haul courageously. We have to rise to the occasion. We have to be the ones who advocate justice, demand freedom, and mobilize for a change. and for the coming of a new culture of justice. All of us need to stand up, to stand up publicly, fearlessly, and we all need to engage in if we are to break the system. we do everything within our power. and help, cooperate, reach and shake up our people so that it can hear a new alternative, for a new future. What have we got to lose? What higher goal, more noble vision, more holy pursuit is there?
    We choose to spend our time and energy at the service of our people.
    Regime oppression and fascism is growing. At times Behold, violence for the sheer sake of violence, the death of anonymous innocents poor soul do not mean much to us and many of us who simply do not care.
    When do not have higher purpose and to be an Eritrean in diaspora was not a physical confinement. It was an invisible concentration camp, where the bulk of our time and energy engaged was spent with each other, talking about us and ourselves, as if we were inherently problematic, in need of a solution. Maybe that was the nature of the recent past twenty-first century incarceration. If we are self critical It made you gaze at your own deep reflection, over and endlessly, until your existence became kind of torture, until you became unbearable even to yourself, until you loathed yourself and longed to be who you were not.
    PFDJ had become increasingly reliant on the cult of personality of IA and that his dominance, imposing and clout couldn’t be replaced, he would never relinquish power.
    Eritrean in 70th, the core of their humanity creative and wild ideas about what Eritrea socialism meant in a world of dashed hopes and wrong roads traveled.

  • Tewelde gebremariam

    Hi Amanuel Hidrat,

    When, after characterizing my response

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Hi Solomon,

    The whole idea of my reply is to correct you of what you say about me. Other than that argue whatever your conscience dictates you to do. Beside, other than encripted words you sometime which many of us are lost to understand you, you are doing fine.


    • Solomon

      Selamat Aya Amanuel,

      Nay gzienn seferrnn nwHi temorkisse meQetSelta “…doing fine..” Alewwo.

      As for coding, consider it to be Tolle’s “Mr. Y” in while in the act of thinking. See AAH:HA’ s example. Your “needs to be defined” Plus academic’s value hybridization.
      ‘Mmberr, Elama wnn alewo, that has a Trade Mark.


  • Nitricc

    Hello Awatawyan: i have been following this “system” thing and it is very confusing. In my view anything that functions, functions in system till cease to exist and dies off. take an example of Human body; you got to agree with me it is a system but who is in charge? a system is in my mind, when you take out or remove one of the moving parts that makes out to be a system, then the system ceases to exist and stops functioning. for instance take any from the PFDJ except PIA, do you think PFDJ stops functioning? Take anyone and the system of PFDJ will not change or stops functioning. Take the human body, the brain might be in charge of the system but if you take out any organs that makes it a system will not function. so, when SAAY argues it is not a system that how i understood it. speaking of the human body here is the result of the debate of the human body regarding who is in charge?

    “All the organs of the body were having a meeting, trying to decide who was in charge.
    The brain said: “I should be in charge, because I run all the body’s systems, so without me nothing would happen.”
    “I should be in charge,” said the heart, “because I pump the blood and circulate oxygen all over the body, so without me you’d all waste away.”
    “I should be in charge,” said the stomach, “because I process food and give all of you energy.”
    “I should be in charge,” said the rectum, “because I’m responsible for waste removal.”
    All the other body parts laughed at the rectum and insulted him, so in a huff, he shut down tight. Within a few days, the brain had a terrible headache, the stomach was bloated, and the blood was toxic. Eventually the other organs gave in. They all agreed that the rectum should be the boss.
    The moral of the story?
    You don’t have to be smart or important to be in charge..: just an *s-s-hole.”

    • Solomon

      KndiShiH Nitricc,

      The System is created by you. You have a plat form with equal access to lay out your terms as you are autanomous and in charge to have an effect to either build and progress, weed out or dismantle or simply step out.

      The tressure troves of Eritrean, Ethiopian and the regions is like a well that keeps flowing enough to quench everybody’s thirst.
      A win win does mean, no one looses.. KndiShiH Nitric, keep it G! We need the group dynamics supremacy to be on a grand scale….

      Planning for contingent events,
      Is a science that is perfected to maximize gains and minimize losses.
      For, example I am anticipating the sudden return of our friend Hope and impact to my construct dynamics. Parallel Vs. Serial processors if you will.
      Saay7, is tweeting and treding in muy peligroso agua… A contingent event by our mastermin and Captain. Planned for and ready for it. Perhaps, it’s restlessness and fatigue, that you and I are simultaneously sensing And it is Systemic!
      Keep it One Thousand as the i-Threes wil, like “Three little birds by my doorsteps”, will deliver the message to move millions a very significant step.
      Saay7, is just probably bussy conducting business and letting off steam to lampooning the Eritrea’s Minister of Foreign Affairs as ” Ceramonial”….
      Rational…. My Captain Saay7 him self, I am sure will provide the summation. The system and challenge is fail safe.

      Will invoke Professor Lawrence Fishburn and Morpheous.. Ohio State Buckeyes… Higher Learning. Ice Cube, lots of it for the cool down And NWA entire album to listen to without pressing the Play Button is my prescription.
      “Its Nothing but a G thang baby!”
      Keep it G! KndiShiH 2Times8Miles– M&M…. 16 Kilometers To Asmara!
      You are in charge, A-hole or not. To sho, and Ace!


      • saay7

        Ant Man:

        You can’t take stuff from my Twitter feed and quote it here because it doesn’t give people context. So here goes:

        FM Osman Saleh and Yemane Gebreab were at of those engagement parties that Eueopean countries are fond of holding. This time it was Germany saying it wishes to re-engage with the Gov of Eritrea. So, at the event, Yemane Gebreab was a panelist and Osman Saleh was seated with the audience. At the conclusion of the meeting, Osman Saleh signed some documents on behalf of Eritrea.

        After the event was over, Eri regime media said that a delegation headed by Foreign Minister Osman Saleh met with German officials… I mean I don’t mind the gov telling fibs regularly about events in Eritrea. But at a meeting whose audience included members of the Eri opposition who observed first hand the role of the Concigliere (YG) and the role of Forma (FM) the reaction is “weriduwo Osman Saleh.”

        Now carry on with your cryptic references Ant Man 🙂


        • Solomon

          Captain Crunch,

          I am all to familiar with “Ceremonial” and the “like white on rice” “Concigliere” formation that the Peoples Front utilizes since before Eritrean Independence. I have spent Six years with “The Human Thesourous”, as awate3.0 or before
          called him. Not to mention iA/MoHammed Nur root branching out….
          Professor Lawrence Fishborn and the Buckeyes, is analogous to Professor Newton Garver and UBuffalo Rams. And Ice Cube, Dude! You wish. I am Ice Cube! A Negro With Attitude. The Fro was Dred Locks Hommie… Okay may be I shuda picked Boogie Down Bronx Bomber, Aya AH’s neighbor, Bysta Rhymes. Slow your role, Mr. Double A 7. You too square like Mr. Spok to be an i-Cube. Double A7 + SY. The OG 007. HA!
          I bet you missed out Busta Rhymes playing Big Brother to his younger sibling, Rob Brown with exceptional hoops skills to earn him a scholarship recruited by young then, now His excellency Pope Francis. YoYo aa7 SY..Dub A is two a plane, you know, you know, ” Do you know, Do you know, HA, Ha?” Yo Mookie, “Do The Right Thing.” And tell aa7, Hence, you are a square! Yo Richie Rich, You Rickey Schroeder lookalike, Frisco Philharmonic, Bacch 7th on F major concerto loving– built on Seven hill, Seven by Seven Miles 49 Miles Squared… Area51 minus two… My point is, The OG Highlander 007, like yourself aay7 + SY, guides the young/author with his punch– scratched that– punctuation. “Oh, No he diiient!”. Thought him that it is in fact acceptable to start a sentence with a the conjunction ” And. Like this… LeMont, You Dummy! Look, Abierto su ojos viejo G!

          And I ain’t exactly the only only “A-hole” coding.. That’s it for now #1. The Captain is MaHmood SaliH! You are a Volkan setting the parameters, abscent of the frail human emotions, according to logic. Hence #1. I will run the Modler with your current parameters directive #1. :)… Besides, Sahotay Brother Seid has put up a very formidable defense.

          Captain Mo like Captain Kirk, has finally gotten Queen Hyatt’s confession. Allowed by BaHlawi Akheilot ab zHiliwo! Bekka, dmtSi Kararmata diomm nafiQomm, bdistnn sheHann kweraweruu aznana atSmimomna Qeniomm.

          Like Don’t Cheadle in Crash, I too shall do. If Don Cheadle is voting for Mr. Donold Trump, I will vote for Jill Stein and the Souix Nation to Keep it Green. Cheedle’s Green Vs. My Green.

          Yo 7*7 Square.. my coding is in Three D. Better huddle up the i-Threes. i-Cube “Today was a good day.”

          rHuss AwdeAmet and Eid SaEid.
          As we remember 9.11.2001 with our unflinching declaration of solidarity in our common humanity.

          • Lamek

            Mr. Solomon. You are totally something else. If anyone understood anything you said above, I tip my hat off to them.

          • Solomon

            Selamat Lamec,

            You have.

    • saay7

      Funny Nitriccay:

      Two things to consider:

      1. Comedian Emo Phillips had a clever line: “I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body. Then I realized who was telling me that.”

      2. In “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” self-help guru Eckhart Tolle says the mind is the enemy of happiness. And if you say, “why that’s the dumbest thing I have heard”, Tolle will tell you, “and who is telling you that? Right: your mind. And you don’t sound happy to me.” 🙂


      • Hayat Adem

        Hey Saay,
        Am actually glad to learn you have known Eckhart’s books. A day or two earlier you quoted Rene for us and I thought you were unaware of Tolle’s thoughts. Tolle thinks thinking is the source of all problems and goes by.. “I am, therefore I am”.

        • saay7

          Selamat Hayat:

          Well….I hate to disappoint you, or probably more accurately, live up to your expectations of me.

          There used to be a time when I mentioned a book it meant I had read it cover to cover and annotated it. Now, more often than I would like, it means I started reading it and didn’t finish it. In this case, I was thinking the whole time: “Oh, Oprah: look what you have done with your book club. Gibberish like this gets to sell millions and is translated to dozens of languages, while worthy authors starve!” 🙂

          A “New age” disciple gave it to me. It was so god-awful, I asked a real New Age friend I have (right in the capital of New Ageism, Berkeley CA) and she said “yeah that book IS awful. I could recommend some if you are interested. I said “um, sure” and quickly changed the subject.


          • iSem

            Hi Sal and Hayat:
            Well, stop it before a new thread called is self help SHAM or science (system or one man).:-))

            People like Wayne Dyer and Tollet made billions, I think the industry is 20B one and growing as people cling to positive thingking. And recently the secret was a hit and one of its gurus (Ray), killed people in his sauna when he pushed them to the limit. Dyer made million long time ago then Tollet and Robins came, but the real phsycologits like Eric Frum and Viktor Frankling (LogoTherapy) are unknown
            Speaking of Sham, 10 years or so ago an American wrote a book called how SHAM is destroying America, SHAM( Self Help and Actualization Movement) and I think, S, America or New Scienctis backed him

          • saay7

            Hey iSem:

            How dare you lump Dyer with the SHAM. His 7 Habits is actually a fairly decent manual. I use his “Begin With The End In My Mind” all the time, including when I criticize ghedli defamers like you:)

            Who is next on ox you want to gore: Peter Drucker?


          • Berhe Y

            Hi Saay,

            I don’t know if this help, but I was introduced to Dyer by non other than iSem. Flipping his book shelf, I come across the book “Your Erroneous Zones” and I borrowed it, I think he may have recommended it:-). I guess I was a sucker for Tony Robbins I suppose, I ordered the DVDs and I was listing them while driving.


          • saay7

            Hey Berhe:

            iSem was single then and he actually ordered “Your Erroneous Zones” by accident: he was trying to get “Your Erogenous Zones.”

            BTDT with Tony Tobbins. Remember when he was fire walking? I read a lot of Tony Robbins; now I don’t remember anything from his books except for one: “cow milk is great….if you are a baby cow.” Yeah humans are the only mamals who drink the milk of other mamals. Humans and Tom from Tom and Jerry who taught a generation of people that cats like cow milk when it’s actually horrible for them.

            See what you started?

            It’s Saturday: Ethiopian rockers, Jano Band, are in a competition to win African rockers of the year. Do your neighborly* duty and vote for them.


            * habesha, agazian, or whatever the flavor of the month is.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Saay,

            You see I never made the connection but you are a genius. Now I know why he thought it was “Erogenous instead of Erroneous”. Right about that time (may be few years before) he has an Italian “testosterone” story but I will not say it her. He may tell you in private:).

            Where do you get to vote, I am not much of a rock band, not much into music except what’s on radio.


          • iSem

            Hi BY and Sal
            Haha,no, I first tell Sal the the aboy Haleqa story, but after Eid:-)

          • iSem

            Hi Sal:
            I liked Dyer a lot because he called his craft, applied philosophy until he wrote the sacred self:-)
            Did Dyre also write seven habits? The late Stephen Covey aslo wrote 7 habits and it is not self help.
            Why is it always 7 seven, mahber shewate, shewate answeba and like Mahmuday says, ghedli knjimir kelena 7 ena nerena:-)
            Peter Drucker fixed Japan, I think?, so no. Unlike Jeff Sacks ( Tax: the price of civilization) who promised to fix Ethiopia:-)

          • saay7

            Hey iSem:

            Nope: I got my Dyer and Covey all mixed up. Isn’t Dyer that eternally youthful guy clogging your public TV and selling you tote bags and mugs? Never read anything by him: he gives out strong Cult leader vibes.


          • Solomon


            With supposition, objection, OR
            HinQuil HuinQulitey
            kam Waza Eimbeza Mizmazie…. RuHuuQn QeTrri BedTireeeen…

            DmTsaWi,,TsaWEit AHbera merara, Ferrara,The….
            EilalkuuM, weGAaKKumm,


          • Hayat Adem

            And Saay7.

          • Solomon

            Hey Saay7,

            I suppose the overarching hybrid Dire need acronym could be miss perceived at times for a shout in capital letters SCRAM?

            Okay, I suppose if I were to ask berhe_yeman, anti AAwwAAwwta ssHaQQ wey tSoTa
            Dmdum medemdemta
            KeberO xnrbero nebaro,
            Eti EiTQuett etiquette is it a further mribibaH perimeters. That is to say, would I need to Htikhtukh b_y, for him to ask:
            Solomon, why is it you mix humor with the serious.
            Shh no SHOUTING.

            bHatSiru,Embiza mswaza mzmeza, Himishit, reniEe, Siso, frQui Hade.
            Of course not. tes, would have a replie for Provoke to Progress. Plus

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Saay,
            Not at all. Also, Eckhart said big egos will be the last beings to understand him::)) hahaha
            Actually, Saay, you want believe this…first time I read eckhart, he made a lot of sense to me but absorbing him would mean a lot of adjustments and read him back line to line , between the lines…that was before he was featured in Oprah’s shows. Then I bought 5 copies and mail it to friends and wanted to hear what they thought. All of them read it quickly, and sent back their impression… All the 5 of them without exception said almost exactly the same thing you said, minus the curse on Oprah.
            Me? I still read and watch him. 4 years ago I attended his seminar in New York and that was the only time I felt it sounded like a business movement.
            Welcome, Semere Anbessa. Please stick around to maintain Mahmuday’s sanity. Whenever, you are away, he starts sounding as if he shared a table with HDIA for a breakfast that very morning.

    • Hayat Adem

      You are confusing in-charge with discharge. The in-mouth can claim the same role as the exit-mouth. The system is not just about the roles or the parts no matter how critical or indispensable part each is or role it assumes. It is rather all the stuff that keeps them working for one purpose in a functional harmony. Yohannes told us the same thing.
      In the body scenario, a system would resemble: the functional existence of all body parts, the nerve system, the blood system, the defined roles and executions of the assigned tasks, the orderly harmony, the orderly and systemic coding decoding message processing center and carrier structural setup…all the hardwares and software systems and the programs and designs that make a body system in their entirety

      • Solomon

        Selamat HA

        Symmetric or systemic therefore is a matter of proximity. The vantage point being the power of observation.
        There is an argument for instance, asked. To empower? Echart from E-Algorithm. Don’t laugh.
        Iti aytssHaQue indiyu zessHaQuenni?

        If I may ask a third i-Threes Siso for a translation.

        Would you please elaborate on the: Purpose Preparation?

        • Hayat Adem

          Hi Sele,
          This is pretty deep. Kindly, seriously simplify it for me. You are my favorite and you are interesting. Normal things cannot be interesting. So I want you to remain interesting, but simple enough so that we don’t miss more than 50% of your message.
          Speaking of purpose and preparation for purpose as explained by Tolle, I can say few things. In fact, I will recite the very example he used in one of his books: Mr. Y is sitting in a chair. He wants to read a book. He stood up to walk across the room to the shelve to pick the book that he wants to read. If you ask Mr. Y, what the purpose of his walk was, the answer would be “to read a book or to pick a book, to bring a book”.
          Tolle extends this example to show how are always torn between yesterday and tomorrow effectively killing today (“now”), and that is the only place and time (because now is also a space) we are at Being and Acting. Mr. Y, passes over the act of walking (where and when he was at Being and Acting) and gives an answer that points to the future. In that sense, we always use our life fully for preparation and overlook the actual life itself.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Hayat,
            The being. The now in space over it. Books, did you read that book, my Tbbzet no more? Shakor. And big tom arrives. Aya TsBaboo. Wgerrrrr he is gone. Will come back to you. Happy Holidays 🙂

          • Solomon

            Selamat Hayat Adam,

            I like your example. This is The Why.
            1. You have explained depth.
            2. You have asked.
            3. And Mr. Y, with a qualifier, will answer in reaction.
            Hade Siso is a fraction of your seleste neTTbi…
            on the mode, a sliding scale, half, a sea saw, of sorts, and a perspective from the questioners renders a provocation. Shorthand or symbolically the point of balance provides an agreggate response and consideration of voice.
            An appreciation of value, if you will, for a round table, by invitation.
            Supposing, I ask Tolle’s application to Mr. Y’s question lands on, What are you reading? Who us Tolle.
            A series sammation or aggregation and parallel processors… Conjunction And.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Solomon,

    One thing that makes me tired, is to respond to every misinformed individual who tried to associate me with every conceivable organizations in the Eritrean political landscape, except of course with EPLF. Selie, by virtue of your comment above, you become one of them. Let me correct you that I wasn’t and I am not a member of EPF-NY – a “public forum” that was formed by the disgruntled veteran members of EPLF mass organization, right after the G-15 and the journalists are incarcerated in 2001. The purpose of the forum as the organizers told us, is to act as a facilitators for political discussion and address all kinds of grievances by bringing academicians and intellectuals. The idea was noble and I was participating as an attendee when the bring speakers of different persuasion. Second, there are many of ELF background who joined the forum in the later years. So there wasn’t and there isn’t the ELF/EPLF political dichotomy in the way they conduct themselves. Few from the ones I attended was when the speakers was Dr. Bereket, Salih G , Amb. Adhanom..etc. You see Solomon, you should have consulted Ayaka Amanuel as to whether I was a member of EPF-NY before you scribble this wrong information. In the future you have my e-mail and checkout with me before you speak anything that related to my political activism.

    Amanuel Hidrat

  • Solomon

    Dearest Saay7,

    In my four years of Mergers and Aquisitions under A certain Steve Diamond, roughly a dozen person team, with annual base revenues of $11 Million from the conglomerate International Corporation Tyco Ltd. has taught mecl first hand the importance of:
    1. Due Diligence and
    3. Forecasting and Information age.that continually makes DATA a commodity to this day and beyond will be bought and sold.

    The failure of archiving DATA from.the most active fishing boat forum, to be “discarded” due to lack of memory capacity to BE challenged as being out right lie, could be intellectually defendable. Decisive leadership decision, by Silicon Valley Techies and entrepanuers not seeing value the awatistas emotional RAW and empassioned out pouring…

    The Data challenge and the importance of due diligence work in’s Mergers and Acquisitions consultation of the 1001 spinoffs, frozen, and mergeded etc…dating from Andinet Vs. independence block… surely was not based on historical data alone…
    Your steering of the wheel “Oh Captain my Captain” with your “Vokcun like” an emotional integrity ta academics and your master Logic of the deductive kind, I am confident will be more responsible than mine.
    Winning strategy a significant component but subordinate to group dynamics per Boid’s Loop.

    Keep in mind Saay7, this Eritrean and HoA larger group dynamics, I have stated before has priceless contributions to our globe’s international laws and political science and multiple schools of science.

    The requisite, for maximum Gains and Minimum Losses.. Is positively correlated towards the Win Win sound strategy.

    Good Will Hunting and the mathematical formula….Robin Williams and Born ilIdentities’ Matt Damon– Random associations game or dynamic a group 2 or more. i-Threes panelist could present a Dialogue Now rebuttal. MoMo’s circumvent flanking cover for the retreating, as you can tell has not slowed Hijum’s Academia challenge.
    Tip of the ice-burg. This ain’t no Tesfatdlsion or Agazi hodge podge.

    Also consider, who amongst awatistas of then warrned against Ethiopia as Base/Dejen, not out of prejudice but forecasted outcome of group dynamics possing significant threat or challenge Today.
    Ironically, in a hundred and eighty degrees “U-Turn” of my positions in the lost Data, Today, I believe it is more conducive for Eritrean Opposition to have Ethiopia be the Base against the politically exoedient loossling strategy of the Niroby, Kenya g6.
    Mr. Fanti Ghana, how about that talk now…Federalism isim.kisim and systemic modeling is soooo analog and as effective as an AbuAshera rifle would be in the war theater. Have you considered, my permutation and addition to your list as a conversation starer. Honey Tej or mes is too sweet. I like a good California Cabernet Sauviong my self. Two buck chuck ”ll do.

    Mr. Amde????


  • Mahmud Saleh

    Selam All

    I found this reply of Yohannes Zerai buried somewhere. I found it to be worth of reproducing it for it could stand the test that any rebuttal article should pass if it were rearranged and edited for that purpose. I second it with whatever of my finger that Hayat has left still functioning. Speaking of the queen, I think she made a good point when she suggested that we should not spend too much time over analyzing. It seems she watched General Wuchu calling for the artillery to get it done when he radioed, “just do it, let’s be hit along with the enemy,” marking his close contact with the enemy that he was calling to suppress. Well, what’s needed is acting. I don’t think the opposition is divided in describing the ENEMY. In 1999, Abdalla Idris announced a war on “The government of Issayas”, when Eritrea was at war with Ethiopia. At that time many Eritrean patriots were dismayed. Then the coalition he led moved to Addis, many more Eritreans got dismayed. Then many other Eritrean opposition factions followed, many more Eritreans got dismayed.

    PFDJ has been analyzed so much so that the analysis has become an end unto itself. It does not matter if IA is a system or if the system is IA, at the END, IA calls the shots. The one does not live without the other. PFDJ does not have independent mechanism of self correction and self sustaining; if it has some, they are only on paper. No cadre can confidently tell you how it works. Its modus operandi are copycats of those EPLF did when it was under the stresses and emergencies of war. Chain of commands get shortcut, regular meetings get postponed, the schedule of organizational congresses get stretched; members of central committees get arrested in violation of standing organizational constitutions, wars are waged without the knowledge of the legislative and executive bodies as the constitutions of the organization postulates; there is no clear ideological basis; the charter of the organization has mere been mentioned for the last 22 years; no organizational congress has been held for the last 22 years; emergency committees are formed at the pleasure of the president, and are dismissed at his whim. Measure national policy-related are undertaken without a proper oversight by an appropriate body (legislative or consultative); the list goes on and on. The country is administrated by a small hand-picked clique. PFDJ as an organization has no direct political clout on the administrative structure, yet the administrative structure drives its legitimacy from the masses of PFDJ and their propaganda effects. Today, PFDJ as an organ, save the few in higher echelon who make up the small ruling clique, could be described as the department of mass mobilization (hzbawi memHdar” during the armed struggle. That department sustained the struggle but it did not have any controlling mechanism on the leadership that drew legitimacy from it. Then, if we are to continue on the business of defining PFDJ essence, we must first describe what PFDJ is. I have described it above. PFDJ is the aura, the energy that sustain an executive/action or rule that it does not control. The nucleus of that executive body is IA. IA is the constitution (system) of that ruling clique. Yohannes Zerai (by the way a young man I’m so proud of despite minor differences) simplifies the description of a system as ” (i) multiplicity of parts (components), (ii) multiplicity of roles (functions) and (iii) a network of relationships (interactions) that integrates (i) and (ii) into a harmonious, though perhaps complex unitary wholeness. The force/entity that presently presides over political, economic and social life in the country embodies all three fundamental properties of systems (i.e., elements i – iii above). It could therefore be nothing but a system!” I don’t agree with his conclusion for the very fact that (i) the parts and (ii) the roles could not be self sustaining without the (iii) integrating brain (constitutions, internal organ codes, regulations, independent committees that audit, propose policies, approve successors, run elections, investigate internal quality issues, etc. That role is occupied by His Excellency bxaay IA. Take IA from the equation and you will have parts and roles without a central processing unit (CPU). That CPU is IA. The structure crumbles without him. The second point related to the direction of change is discussed by Yohannes Zerai. He reflected my views of the past years and I will copy&paste it below.
    Following is Yohannes Zeray reply to Emma. His reply focuses on the other point Emma discussed: where should change come, form inside or outside? Sorry, folks who have read it can skip it. I missed it when I had my day with the queen in a toothless fight. Thanks Hayat.
    Hello Amanuel,
    Thank you for having taken the time to respond to the questions I posed in my earlier comment. Despite the clarifications you provided, however, I still find myself in disagreement with your conclusions.

    1. In reference to my first question, you wrote that “… there are identifiable possible leaders from our young generation in the diaspora …” Well, it is equally plausible that there are potential leaders inside the country but have been denied exposure and recognition by existing realities. But possibilities are just that and do not mean much unless and until they materialize. So, if we leave the realm of possibilities and stick to facts instead, it is obvious that NO such leader(s) have yet been identified in the diaspora! Had that not been true, the exiled opposition movement would not have been in the sad state it presently is in.

    A little Deductive Reasoning will come in handy in explaining my own views on the issue: The majority of the Eritrean people and the dictatorial system that oppresses them are both in Eritrea. The task of removing a dictatorship from power is a “major role” in the process of change. To play a “major role”, a driving force must reside inside the country. >=== A “MAJOR ROLE” CAN BE PLAYED ONLY BY A DRIVING FORCE THAT RESIDES INSIDE THE COUNTRY.

    If a diaspora force is to play a “major role”, it would have to physically move to the country in which case it will no longer be an external force, but rather an “inside force”. So whichever way one slices it, it is self-evident that only an internal force can bring about a change in a political system.

    2. In responding to the second question, you state: “I believe the existing political and civil organizations are the reflection of our society now and then during the armed struggle.” I do not know about the time of the armed struggle; but talking about NOW, I could not disagree with you more!

    – The existing political organizations bear not even the slightest resemblance to the political thinking and aspirations of the Eritrean people, much less be a reflection of them. The truth is the people have very little respect for (and expectations of) the diaspora political organizations on account of their long-standing ineffectiveness and internal bickering. The people have even gone to the extent of disowning some of them such as those that have put themselves under the command of the Woyane in Addis Ababa!

    – The anecdotes you shared happened nearly two generations ago in an era of intense ELF-EPLF rivalry. Needless to say, so much has changed in the forty years since! The statements made and preferences voiced by the farmers in your village of birth were nothing more than benign expressions that reflected the propaganda war that both organizations waged against each other in the Eritrean countryside during those years.

    – Left to fester over a long period, deep-seated feelings of mistrust between social groups invariably lead to tension and eventually to conflict. Therefore, had they been in existence in Eritrea for the last forty odd years as you claim, we would have long seen sporadic conflicts and social strife between and among social groups. Such would have been more probable given the relentless effort that is being made by PFDJ and by external forces to sow discord among Eritrea’s regional, ethnic, religious, etc groups thereby weaken their unity. But NONE is known to have been witnessed in post-independence Eritrea.

    – The problem we have in the country is a tyrannical regime that has been oppressing, abusing and dispossessing social groups in which some groups are forced to endure much greater injustices than others. In the face of all these truths, our task ought not be imagining non-existent social animosities. Rather, we ought to be painstakingly documenting prevailing injustices and inequities thereof, and ensure that they will be fairly and equitably redressed in a future democratic Eritrea i.e. groups that are disproportionately depraved are compensated in proportion to the level of injustice they were made to suffer.

    Finally, Amanuel let me say I do respect your views on the issues raised; I just do not find them to be congruent with mine.

    Thank you.

    • Solomon

      Selamat Mr. MaHmood SaliH,
      Right on time Harbegna “Mo the Best Mo.” with your recollection of Wuchu’s calling for heavy artillary / Kebid Bret fire power, despite hand to hand combat reach closeness to the enemy. As I understood, your first hand experience narrations. ArHibo, ArHibo Wedi SaliH, I can only now imagine your adjustments to your Mortar Squad, though numb to from the sounds, of BM and Stalin Organ ground to ground missiles, Brens etc..wizing a foot or two above youngsters who were barely above the age of 16. The globaly accepted age of reaching pubrity from childhood to manhood or womanhood, numerous battles scared, numb to the danger for self, but focused enough to angle their mortars enough to target the furthest from their comrads … ArHibb abilka Afdege Seidici ArHiw tebilo…. Ewe YkeAlo merHawi Mo The Best Mo, only you can make us feel who you all were with your narrations. Mr. Semere Andom has to hear the SheriTT with out hitting play for now.

      I will read further “teAtSatSafnet” or malleability in staring this current enemy to a bottle neck of sorts. ArHibo! Mo, TiwgaH’ Mo – the Sequel. 16 K to Opposition in Asmara.

      No postponing… Saay7, I recall know with his mathematics or numerological trend theories and prognosis.

      Provoke for Progress.


    • Ismail AA

      Hayak Allah Ustaz Mahmoud,
      Thanks for time invested in your expanded Hateta, as you like to call it. You got my vote on the point that it is important to invest in the youth who are still in the homeland or camps in the neighboring countries for lack of dollars and eros. But I wouldn’t limit my investment in just one area. The diaspora population, the youth included, are also important and could play indispensable
      complementary role. Aren’t we speaking about a national mobilization which should by necessity transcend borders?

      Incidentally, I would like to ask in passing about the war you said Abdalla Idris had declared in 1999; could you elaborated? I am not aware because at that time I was not far from the vicinity of our borders.What I know was that the ELF fighters where trying to prevents some individuals supported by the EPLF trying to take over the farmlands in Barka and installing motors for irrigation. That was the time some ELF cadres were kidnapped or liquidated. The late Mahmoud Hassab was target due to the random operations I had mentioned.
      Happy Id,

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ahlan Ustaz IsmailAA

        I agree the effort to mobilize Eritreans should transcend borders. I should have qualified my statement with “more”, I guess, to emphasize the focus on Eritrean youth inside the country.

        On the second part, or rather your question: in March 1999 ten Eritrean organizations formed an umbrella called Alliance of Eritrean National Forces, in Khartoum, headed by Abdalla Idris to “overthrow the government of Issayas Afewerki.” The organizations and an individual, Mr. Brehatu, were:

        Eritrean Democratic Resistance Movement (Gash-Setit) [in southwestern Eritrea]
        Eritrean Initiative Group
        Eritrean Islamic Salvation Movement
        Eritrean Kunamas Democratic Movement
        Eritrean Liberation Front
        Eritrean Liberation Front National Congress
        Eritrean Liberation Front – Revolution Council
        Eritrean People’s Congress
        Eritrean Revolutionary Democratic Front
        Popular Democratic Front for the Liberation of Eritrea,
        Ato [Mr] Ali Muhammad Sayyid Berhatu.
        Eid Mubarak

        • Ismail AA

          Ahlen Mahmoud,
          Thanks for your response. Perhaps my question was not clear. I asked you for elaboration on the war the late Abdalla Idris declared in 1999 on EPLF government. I did not ask about the formation of the alliance you mentioned because you did not mention it. If you want me to understand that the formation of the alliance tantamounted to declaration of war, that is fine.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam IsmailAA
            Thanks. BTW, my intention was not to talk about the war, but to start an idea on the relevant discussion of “one man versus system.” I was to chronicle how the opposition has moved through different definition of PFDJ system. I just did not complete (did not develop that idea); as often happens, like every body, I am scribbling the comments between chores. I was going to say When that the late Abdalla Idris declared war on the Eritrean government, he described it as “the government of Issayas.” Then in different stages different opposition factions have tried to define it in a way that could mobilize their constituencies, and according to their political inclinations and aspirations. For instance: some defined it as a chauvinist Christian/Kebesa/Tigrigna government/system. Some defined it as a crusader; some defined it as a totalitarian (ghebati sre’At); some as fascist; some simply as dictatorial, etc. Os course before I develop this line I jumped to my favorite “why the opposition has not enticed the youth; or why the opposition has not met expectations…?” There the big elephant in the room-Ethiopia-came in the picture…and so my comment continued. This is just to let you that the mention of the declaration of war was not my main talking point. Otherwise, yes, he declared war in an interview after the above mentioned 1999 formation of the Alliance. You can google it. It is my understanding that it remained to be a declaration of war without a tangible military action against the government. I believe you are more informed than me on this issue. I hope I answered the question.

          • Ismail AA

            Hayak Allah Mahmoud,
            Thanks again for sparing time to respond.
            I think this seems to be risking us end up in dancing around a bush. Let us stop here and take it as a kind of by-way-of explanation addendum to earlier comments as you have explained.

      • Solomon

        Selamat Mr. ushmaEilAA,

        MaHmooday maybe confused with the time line. Earlier, and immediately after Korokin it TaHday regrouping, by the ELF… Abdella Idriss’ military coup of ELF military leadership, Martyr MelaAke Techle’s and other’s falling victim to intentional friendly fire – KIA, immediately after WegiE HidHid, Abdela Idris lead mainly Asawrta loyal ELF veterans into neda Eritrea. A thin paper back historical Novel with the title Hamshai MesreI alleges Abdella Idiss to have collaborated with Dergue through out the Eighties as he continued the war declared or imposed on him by EPLF and TPLF forces. Cause: Badume! The late Tuesday Degiga and ELF veterans, one could see a rare ELF video addressing the Badume issue.. We have the rich awate archives and first hand knowledgeable contributors such as your self, Aya AH to elaborate , albeit with the very understandable slight perspective bias, so long all of our ears are tuned to a conciliatory frequency to shape the future with honesty, integrity and “GRAND PURPOSE.”

        In 2002, marching with Eritrean ELF Giants, such Tesfay “Degiga ” and SAid SaliH’s, Asmerom, Aya Amanuel Hidrat and Martyr Zekarias Neguses’ lifelong buddy Wedi Berakhi, and’s Publisher, Author and Activist SaliH “Ghadi” Johar in Washington, DC among a sea of grey haired and balding ELF veterans… EPF’s charter drawned out at times by Chicanary….. The dynamics Post 9/11/2001 and 9/18/2001…..

        Shaking the late SaEed SaliH’s gentle hand….

        Lost Data Dara… group.dynamics with the make a stand a schim over tip of the ice berg academic challenge to defining the Eritrean System, of Oligarchy, those criminal to be held accountable, and the only viable win win strategy to weed out and dismantle the old system for Eritrean and Ethiopian Youth…

        The “Grand purpose”
        Fanti, Hayat, Mr. Amde, KH, Abi….

        The parable of the Lemon story to follow… Just setting the tone for “Trust Building” and your “come out of the trenches” per your earlier suggestion Mr. IshmaEaelAA. Investment on the Youth… Lost data…If The walls if TripleA cafe could speak?

        The data is retrievable under the Freedom of Information act, for scholarly study… We are talking post Y2K, post 9/11 post Cobol and Fortran coding….

        Provoke for progress. No postponing of Dialogue..

        Pardon the poor unedited quality due to Hijma on the retreating i-Threes Plus…


  • Solomon

    Selamat Saay7,

    In The Movie, Dead Poets Society, The Late Legendary Actor, Robin Williams’s plays the role of a rebellious secondary school instructor in an ultra conservative boarding school. In this institution, indulging in the arts or individual expression such as theater or poetry, by any from the student body was stringently suppressed and if trespassed, the punishments were severe.

    This rebellious teachers’ young and impressionable pupil’ minds, of the prestigeous bording school were son’s of very affluent fathers with a very strong grip of capital and political power. The student’s were sons of Corporate CEO’s, Senator’s, and Generals.
    And the school is only to deliver, artless and expressionless, rigid production instructions for these youth who were being groomed for their respective tomorrow’s leadership positions, not of their free will to pursue, but by assigned, demanded and command of “Must Inherit” by.theur fathers who gripped tightly to power and opportunity with no sympathy for their offsprings as well as their own selves. Only thing they answered sympathetically too, was the fear of loosing power and advantage. At a cost of innovations and more gains, but most of all the pursuit of joy…
    “Oh Captain my Captain!” Robin Williams character tells his male students, that “language was created to woe Women.”

    And how fortunate it is and who better than Mr. Semere Andom, the very resourceful and abtly dubbed i-SEM, to remind us of his linguistics when he argued for the emancipation of the Eritrean and Ethiopian Women in his most recent editorial, for me to introduce my self contemplated challenge to you i-Threes and learned scholars, i.e. Saay7, Aya AH and SA. My purpose is same as yours. To achieving our collective end goal, with efficient strategy based on sound academics with integrity.

    Good to see you for sure i-SEM. You will or have agreed with “language was created for the purposes of Wowing Women!”

    This debate we will have without postponement. For as titelating as the taste of marrow is, we and the to soon to be emancipated Eritrean/Ethiopian/African Woman, we and the future owners, all youth, are to make sure, as our boarding school rebellious instructor reminds his students to: “Suck the marrow out of life.”
    I shall lay it all out with all rules of civility and academics being the parameters. And it is for the i-Threes PLUS to respond and disprove it.
    “Suck the marrow out of life” we shall. Or not by further postponing.
    The rebellious instructor would whisper to his students: “Carpe Diem!” as they snuck under the moonlight into the woods howling to gather the Dead Poets Society.
    Dear sigh; Due diligence and group dynamics, I will lead with in this challenge. Yours’ and A.AH academic definition of will be vital.
    My movie review, is akin to blink’s book report. I will therefore take liberty to assign i-blink= i-Nitric1.0, to get involved in this debate equally by providing us a brief blob of the phrase “due dilligence ” in the meanwhile.

    Yom Barika. Carpe Diem.

  • Yohannes Zerai

    Selam all,

    I believe Hayat Adem’s “Be ware! Sometimes, over-analysis is paralysis” advice could serve as guiding light in our debate on whether Eritrea is being ruled by a system or by the dictates of one man. If we are ready to cut out semantics from our discourse, resist the temptation for hair-splitting and opt for rational simplicity, we would all agree that the basic defining features of a SYSTEM are: (i) multiplicity of parts (components), (ii) multiplicity of roles (functions) and (iii) a network of relationships (interactions) that integrates (i) and (ii) into a harmonious, though perhaps complex unitary wholeness. The force/entity that presently presides over political, economic and social life in the country embodies all three fundamental properties of systems (i.e., elements i – iii above). It could therefore be nothing but a system!

    • Solomon

      Selamat Mr. Yohans Zerrai,

      The cause and effect, that brings all arguments into a harmonious or equilibrium rest, (Uffoita, Eirefti wey Selam/PEACE) by this forums group dynamics, you have argued well in your “It is self interest” presentation, not very long ago. For the past Sixteen years, the group dynamics has been diligent and consistent in a positive and progressive ways contributing to Eritrea’ wins, and many times and the forum has been consistent in it’s stagnation by it’s refusal to utilize it’s earned momentum capital and be the “Outside inside Catalyst” as argued by AbdulruxiQ Osman. What, AO, Yourself and A.AH, Dr. Haileslasie, Saay7 and other’s compile and present as observed natural phonamena in the respected language of Academis, has been the MackTen Diesel Engine with registered quantifiable wins to date, complimenting the Lorry Truck’s engine with less combustion power yet steady incremental Winn’s by PFDJ’s equally quantifiable wins to date.

      In your above rejoinder*, your language is less of an academic systemic study and more of a guiding poetic purpose driven emphatic directive to our group.
      In the past, year or more, this forum has dwindled in attracting new/forumers, which would naturally break the monotone back and forth by what could feel dormant few at times. Through osmosis complacency can be detected in the voices of very respectable and capable Eritreans.

      When challenged, some of us are guilty of our fear in loosing what comfort zone each has carved out, and consciously or subconsciously fight CHANGE! Look no further, than decent white folks and families, and even some black folk’s that refused CHANGE due to them being comfortable in their zone.

      So, what and how is it that this current’s forum steer it’s group dynamics to have a GIANT effect on Eritrea’s efficient and speedy progress towards the collective goal?
      Essentially, I am agreeing with you and kudos for your impassioned directive to HA.
      In order, for awate and it’s participant’s to live up to the set goals, however, some very significant errors made in it’s Sixteen plus year’s history, must first be discussed with honesty and academic integrity for the sole purpose of BUILDING, Eritrea, Ethiopia and surroundings. The challenge could be wrong or right, or partially right and wrong, but for it’s necessity without postponing I am convinced. The deferment, I truly believe, hinders our Musie/sa like leaders to move the millions in opposition in making stronger strides– An Exodus to the Red Sea! Is there any exodus greater that symbolizes human liberty. Yes, is the answere. Americas Emancipation Proclamation and the March on Washington Exodus of all progressive Amerucans of the Civil and HumanRights Movement lead by iconic Rev. MLK and Brother Malcoln X, War Veteran “CC” Ceasar Chavez lead exodus march for hundredsc of miles to the State Capital Sacramento all the way from Southern California in a just pursuit of justice and liberty for all American Farm workers, The Mahatma, Ghandi’s lead non-violent exodus of India, The global anti aparthide exodus South Africa and numerous just cause standing up for dignity.

      The above tone us to set the same tone in sinc directive as yours Mr. Zerrai. The specifics if the System and Oligacracy observations has an intent and not so revolutionary romanticism.
      Provocative for Progress it will be.

  • Hayat Adem

    Hi all,
    I love Mahmuday, sometimes. I hate him sometimes. I hate him because I love him. Actually, it is a paraphrased line in a lyrics I may have hear somewhere i don’t remember now. But look at how Mahmuday consumed me in a futile argument while my heart was on this food Saay and Emma have tabled for us. I hate you with respect and I love you with suspicion, Mahmuday. You ruined my day yesterday.
    Is our political system definable? Actually, I want to take that question one step back: is it important to define it? One more follow up question: if yes, is it important to define it so we understand it in the academic sense or we understand it in the context of managing a struggle? Obviously, the difference may be between the sleeping cat and its pillow.
    Also, in such a definition business, be ware! Sometimes, overanalysis is paralysis. As much as brain hiccups are unneeded gaps, hyper brains are unnecessary noises as well. You all remember the fallacy of the invisible cat, don’t you? If there were an invisible cat on that table, we would see nothing. We see nothing. Therefore, there is an invisible cat on that table.
    What is absent is always greater than what is present. What is not done is much more deep and massive than what is done. But what is done is more visible and noisy than what is not. We always are forced to draw our attention in to system’s wrong doings and bad actions, crimes, killings, abuses, tortures…etc. Actually, it is always the case more damage to a society is done by the none action than by the ill-natured actions of any political system. Is a political system defined by what it does or by what it doesn’t?
    If the right policies, consensus, actions, resources and motivations were in place and meticulously followed since 1991, Eritrea would have been somewhere somehow different today. Lets bring example, it was possible Eritrea’s GDP could have grown 22% every single year in 1991-2016 under a stretched best scenario. It actually happened two times in the range of that period. If that best performance was kept going, we would have today 60B dollar GDP economy instead of the tiny of it we have now 4B dollar, and Per capita would have been 15k instead of the 1000 (ppp) we have today. If that was the case, we wouldn’t have had all the bad pains we are experiencing today. Systems must be defined in terms of the opportunities they let fallowed.
    What really is in a name? If we call a tree an oak tree, it doesn’t mean that tree is an oak. There is no connection between that “word” and that “thing” in essence. Obviously, the Eritrean political system has become undefinable in a conventional way and we don’t have to struggle to fit it into one category or the other. All its actions kill dreams and opportunities. It does them in many unusual ways so that we remain confused about the nature of the system. But all the actions and the non-actions point to one direction: disaster, death, pain, hopelessness.
    Eritrea’s GDP has stood still for the last 25 years. Freedom and rights of citizens are suffocated in worse ways than even during the derg. Exodus, like unforeseen. Regional conflicts, well known signature of the regime. It is not that the system triggers them but it consciously sustains them and keeps them alive. Poverty and backwardness, we have come to learn how equality can be achieved in a short cut.
    Some features are more present, some tools are more frequently deployed than others in the system than others. If we have to really define the system in a struggle context, we need to put those features and tools at the center of the definition. In my view, it is a system that lives more by its propaganda power than anything else. It has won many of its supporters and a good chunk of the masses by propaganda. There are three types of propaganda the system uses out of the so many typologies: Fear, bandwagon and the glittering generalities.
    Dreadful circumstances will follow if you stop supporting the PFDJ and you are supposed to behave only this way so that we survive or avoid that horrible events. Past times of war and sacrifice are constantly refreshed in people’s memory. The bandwagon approach propaganda puts forth the idea that every Eritrean did this or is doing this, or everyone supports the PFDJ cause, so should you. This approach appeals to the conformist in us and there are plenty of such. The glittering approach is usually employed to stir up favorable emotions. Eritrea is unique. Eritrea can win a country 20 times bigger than itself in a battle. It is advanced, it is especial; it is a European country that happened to be located in Africa, sort of thing.
    So, I have coined a new and better fitting name for the Eritrean system: Propogandocracy! It is a system, obviously. The only way to fight it better is to defeat its mythical and mighty propaganda machine, and win back the Eritrean people and many of its supporters. The counter propaganda, which must be led and advanced with proper and systematic structure, are needed to show that the Eritrean people have nothing to to fear and that they are normal people like any African society that they must work hard to grow and modernize their country with a peaceful and complementary mindset of cooperation with all forces of good in the region.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Hayat,

      If you stay focused on the home tariff to save our people, your incredible debate skills and the maturity of the know how you bring to the table is breath taking. This one is one of the best argument you made since you start to grace us with wisdom and knowledge in awate forum. As far as we agree a system is running the Eritrean state, as to what kind of system is a matter of argument and it will not be a big deal. What is a big deal is when we encounter with an argument that there is no system in the state of Eritrea. I will get back to you later this evening with some comments. So stay on the home issue and hopefully we will pull Mahmuday also.

      Amanuel Hidrat

    • Lamek

      Dear Hayat. It is a shame, you got sacked in to the failed arguments. There is no such a thing as Eritrean identity. It is a BS and a made up one. You were much more credible when you defended the kebessa people, who have been paying untold human and material cost to this failed experiment. Now you are like everyone else. You are dwelling in whether we have a system or no system, what kind of system. None of that matters. What mattes most is our people of the highland Eritrea are becoming extinct by the day. Do you think anyone of us will go back to Eritrea ever? Very few will, if at all. What you should focus on is how to stop this mass exodus and help salvage our identity and preserve it. Democracy, constitution, election – those are fancy alien words to nearly all Eritreans. What they are looking for is to get back to the time when they had their freedom and regional administrations and no centralized government. Anarchy is even better than we have. IA is nothing but an ideologue and all he is doing is trying to not be proven wrong that this so called Eritrea will work. He is betting against himself. There is a system in Eritrea and it is a marxist system. Just because he has a lot of say doesn’t mean that he is the one and only person running the government. Focus focus focus on your people. Forget system or no system. Makes no difference. Can you tell me what strategy you would use if there was system vs if it was only one human being doing everything in Eritrea? This way or the other, if you take out IA, then you leave the whole ship captainless. Remember the brave Yohannes IV? He had defeated the coward mahdists but he unfortunately got injured and killed and morale got super low and the muslims won the war. If he hadn’t died, I think we would have had a completely different world in the Horn of Africa. So no matter whether you have a system or not, you take away the main man, then history changes course.

      • blink

        Dear Lamek

        I think if he did n’t die we could never known who Yohannes idiot is .

        • Hayat Adem

          Dear blink,
          Do you hate Yohannes because he died or because he lived? Not clear in your one-liner comment.

          • blink

            Dear Hayat
            Normally if he lived ,we normally would not mention him. one -liner comment , i think you forgot what you wrote to me ,dear.

      • Abraham H.

        Selam Lamek, aka Tesfatsionist,
        When you said “This way or the other, if you take out IA, then you leave the whole ship captainles” doesn’t that imply that Eritrea’s current destitute situation can be owed to only this evil man? In that case could getting rid of him pave the way for a change to the better in Eritrea? From my side i’ve always believed so, all our efforts have to be concentrated at taking out this evil man, it is as simple as that. However the prescription of the Tesfazionists towards Eritrea’s future is nothiing but a call for disaster, it is based on ethnic and religious fanaticism that would pit the Eritrean Tigrinya Highlanders against the rest of the Ethnic groups. It is an invitation to the formation of a new Palestine in the horn of Africa; i hope and pray not many Eritrean Tigrinyas fall prey to that kind of nonesense.

      • Nitricc

        Hey Mizan, I don’t know what it is but with every religious thug there is ridiculousness and bigotry. well if the exodus would make reach the badly needed equilibrium then it is good? Don’t you think? I can tell you one thing; In future Eritrea your kind will have no value. Too bad your coward Yohannes was defeated by the brave Muslims. lol

      • Hayat Adem

        Hi Lamek,
        Can you kindly be a bit clear about your criticism on what I just said? Because, it is all about giving a name to the current political system. There was nothing I said about Muslims vs Christians, highlanders vs lowlanders, Yohannes vs Mahdists, real identity vs fake identity. Really! I don’t know what led you to say what you said from what I said.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Hayatina,

      I am getting back to you as promised. In your comment I am interested only to the questions you posed. The rest of your comment I can’t agree more. Let me quote your question and try to answer them. “Is our political system definable? Actually, I want to take that question one step back: is it important to define it? One more follow up question: if yes, is it important to define it so that we understand it in the academic sense or we understand it in the context of managing a struggle? Obviously, the difference may be between the sleeping cat and its pillow.”

      Is our political system definable? I argued “yes” in my recent article with the reasons I stated in it. Is it important to define it? Yes indeed, because without defining it we can’t know the tools needed to fight it and the strategy that goes with it to bring to an end the suffering of our people. If yes, is it important to define it so that we can understand it in academic sense or to understand it in the context on managing a struggle? As a matter of fact both. In academic sense : to understand the nature of governments , their behaviors, their classification from the prism of political science, and finally to understand the governments the nature of our government within that context. In the context of managing : Since politics means also how to manage and administer different opinions and demands, it helps us to converge our views on how we see the regime and on how to fight against it. Remember the failures of the opposition is in managing their differences in order to come up with viable common strategy. That is the area people like Mahmuday, instead contributing to that effect, they are engaging in undermining their efforts – which therefore, inadvertently or intentionally serve to the interest of the system in place. That is my take in a concise form.

      Amanuel Hidrat

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Saay,

    Good argument, though I do not agree yet.

    I reserved myself not to engage in to the debate early on, rather chose to let our readers to debate on them. Now I will pose to you few questions pertinent to our definition (mine and yours) as to who is the enemy of the Eritrean people – “one man ” yours and “PFDJ and it ‘s system ” mine. What kind of political tools are required if all the oppostion camp agreed on your premises? Do you think both arguments need the same approach as to how to engage on them and bring the needed change to our dire situation? if not what do you think should be the approach to each one of them, whether we agreed or not, for purposes of our readers to distinguish the aporoaches that goes with each premises? I will go next if you do not mind?

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • chefena

      I read Amanuel Hidrat’s exposition encompassing broad categories of outstanding issues involved in the in the present predicament arguing the PFFJ is a system. Saay’s differs and seeks to explain whether this is the work of one man and his entourage. Accepting Eritrean affairs is a one-man-show presupposes accepting that PFDJ lots are helpless creatures who have no choice except to follow orders ; hence people are passive puppets, cultural dupes etc.
      In his well documented article ‘Know Your Enemy And Thyself: Act Accordingly’ Amanuel’s argues persuasively in showing us the systemic features of the PFDJ power. He does this by identifying the entities within the system and how they function as parts of the whole. One aspect is that the military establishment and the party are united by common interest. Their interdependence is a necessarily condition for their survival.
      At individual levels, individuals in the system are not passive but rational actors with the power to act independently in the face of institutional pressure they are subjected to. These individuals are self-conscious, but also make rational choices in their daily interactions. They have to operate with a given socio-political order that provides both costs and opportunities. In this case in the PFDJ/ EPLF house while speaking one’s mind will men risking one’s life i.e. ending up in halewa sawra or offers opportunity i.e. rewards for his loyalty.
      This is where Amnuel makes a link with the possibility of bringing about change from within. I don’t take this debate any further as my aim is primarily understanding the system.
      So, building on Amanuel’s thesis I would like to expand on how to promote better understand the particular system that is responsible for what has befallen us. My take is the EPLF/ PFDJ is system consisting of the following components and properties. First, I characterise PFDJ as system composed of hard structures. The hard structures are made up of the military, the security and the policing institutions. These institutions possess all the resources of violent instruments of coercion. Secondly, the soft structures are composed of all institutions of indoctrination, such as the party and its operatives, the schools and its educational cadres. They can be understood as instruments cultural control. The soft structures are very important as in so far as their effects on the individual are long lasting. According to this view, the EPLF/PFDJ continues to develop into a culture. I take the perspective that views culture as communication. To make this simpler, the PFDJ is understood as a network of interaction/ communication and can be compared to a web of communication in which individual members are tied up within web of discourse/ narrative. Hence, in this social collectivities, members share similar values and attitudes. Such an approach to cultural theory sees culture not residing in the minding of people but something that is distributed across participants in interaction. This is a theory that guides my claim in my understanding of PFDJ as system.
      Finally, a little more on costs and opportunities. In the gedli era to be a candidate of a member of the clandestine party gives a sense of pride that comes with associating oneself with Issaias. This privilege is more symbolic than material. Once a member of this circles, they have to spy on their comrades in return for the symbolic advantage they gained. In the post-1991 and more specifically in the post-2001 complete totalitarianism the privilege becomes business-like and there is a material benefit of wealth and more power associated with. The system’s structures of indoctrination through some efforts of social-engineering seek to mould the individual who submits to becoming an obedient subject (ምእዙዝ ዜጋ). In this process people become more and more pragmatic and self-serving careerist as they bid for Issias’s favour, who micro-manages the daily affairs of tinny Eritrea. This segment of the society cannot be underestimated and a force to be reckoned with. This is what Antonio Gramnsci (1971) calls ‘hegemony’ or rule with consent and this is exactly what the PFDJ ideologues have been busy at.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Dr. Chefena,

        Thank you for enriching our debates. You have expanded and added two crucial arguments in terms of the structural make up of the system namely (a) the hard-structure and (b) soft-structure, as instruments of cultural control – the political culture of the PFDJ system. Your argument delved into the theoretical principles of PFDJ and how they functioned in all their institutional structure. Well said brother.

        Amanuel Hidrat

    • saay7

      Selamat Emma and all:

      Calling the system in Eritrea a monocracy (or, its synonyms, autocracy) is, to me, self-evident. Why? Monocracy means that a single ruler has unlimited power, unconstrained by laws, political parties or other institutions. Proof: Is there anything that Isaias Afwerki WANTS to do but CAN’T do BECAUSE his power is constrained by law, constitution, press, competing parties? No? Then it is a monocracy.

      Intermission: here I often hear from his supporters about how he has a simple life, drives a beat up Toyota and doesn’t have mansions in Europe. What they often forget to say is that if he wanted to do that, he has the power to do that, therefore, he is still an autocrat. What some have settled on is: well, whoever we get is going to be an autocrat, so we might as well have an autocrat who is not a kleptocrat.

      Intermission over.

      By the same token, the fact that he has chosen to have a “Front” (that never meets), or a “constitution” (that is never implemented), or a security service (that never sleeps), or all the other outlines of a system (including a Ministry of Fisheries) is only to the extent that it consolidates his one-man-grip on power. These institutions are expanded or shrunk based on one criteria: which one prolongs and seals any cracks from my firm grip of power.

      Now to your questions:

      1. What kind of political tools are required if all the opposition camp agreed on your premises? All campaigns that target the tentacles at the expense of the head are not helpful. All political tools that seek a half-hearted revolution instead of an evolution are a waste of time. If you are going to have a revolution, you know what it looks like better than me: you lived it. It requires giving up everything–work, education, family life, hobbies–and committing yourself fully to the cause by waging a revolution. If you can’t, or if you won’t, the most effective strategy is one that aims to separate Isaias Afwerki from the PFDJ.

      2. Do I think both arguments need the same approach as to how to engage on them and bring the needed change to our dire situation? Changing our dire situation does not require us to jump from 0 to 10. It requires us to aim for 5, and once at 5 to 7, and once at 7 to 10. First, aim for tourniquet then for etiquette.

      Answer me this, Emma, since you think we actually have a system in Eritrea:

      If tomorrow morning, Isaias Afwerki decided to:

      a. Normalize relations with Ethiopia;
      b. Normalize relations with the US;
      c. Declared war on Sudan;
      d. Announced his support for Houthi rebels;
      e. Decided that Massawa is Eritrea’s capital city;
      f. Broke off diplomatic relations with China;
      g. Announced that all citizens of the United Arab Emirates are honorary citizens of Eritrea.

      Would any of it surprise you? Would you be looking for clues in PFDJ’s Central Committee meeting of how any of this came about?

      Therefore, all we have in Eritrea is an autocracy. I know it offends many people that that all Eritrea is reduced to after so much sacrifice; I know it is disempowering to know that one man has frustrated the dreams of millions and the tendency is to look for complicated reasons…but, this is not new to Eritrea: it is why it is also called Ceasarism or Stalinism.

      How would this knowledge have an immediate change on the Opposition? Well, we wouldn’t be spending hours on Paltalk discussing what EPLF did in 1984. We wouldn’t be calling the system that of “crusaders.” We wouldn’t have ethnic organizations, religious organizations, Federalist organization. All of those would put their agenda on hold and present it for discussion in a post-Isaias Afwerki Eritrea.


      • welde

        Dear Saai7,

        Good point and argument, just to add to your list :

        10. Isayas can sell/rent Assab to Quatar or whomever he wants without asking anyone. In short, Isayas views Eritrea as his private property that he can do what ever he likes.

        The fact is in Eritrea the system of government is Isayasism and if he goes the system goes with him.

        kind regards,

        • Solomon

          Selamat, welde,

          If I were to tally up, or take a pole, it is a one to one multiplier.
          Kilte Himishit wey arbiAA encab muEti Susa– roughly Hluf godolo Kilte Siso.
          In a zero sum game, kab KndinshiH, utilizing factor, you net four hundred.

          By way of sampling, or spline simmulation… You can extrapolate a birdy.

          The invitation to Dr. Leggese stands.
          I suppose, Lamek, an independent can tip the scale with a tip of the hat or in the hat.

          However I would like to ask tes to react to the following question: Does Arkobkobay conjur a climbing for Akat? Arikb kobkabay.
          So, strictly speaking a healthy economy proposal.


      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Merhaba Saay,

        The above comment didn’t add anything to the argument you made in your article. I am sure mine also will be. But at the risk of neglecting Yohannes’s advice to avoid hair splitting, let me try ones more again. And let me start by the obvious thing and hopefully you will agree with me. In a political science, a state can not be run without a system. A system is a structure with its “component” (to borrow Yohannes’s vocabulary) in which government officials with their responsibilities are set within the structure to run the state affairs of a nation. A structure also refers to the institutions or groups and their relations to each other and their patterns of interactions within the political system in place.

        According Alan Helsop, a political system is “a set of formal legal institutions that constitute a government or a state. The term comprehends actual as well as prescribed forms of political behavior, not only the legal organizations of the state but also the reality how the state functions.” Therefore a structured system is designed in order to serve either to the interest of the people at large, or to group interest, or to the party interest, or to a family interest. In our Eritrea, there is system with its functionaries that serve to the interest of the party “the PFDJ party.” And keep in mind there is always equitable sharing in the interest of the party members as a rule in the political and economic dispensation in the state they run. There is no a one man rule without the functionaries from the top to the bottom and without interaction of these functionaries in the interest of their party and the state they run. With that I rest my case.

        With respect,
        Amanuel Hidrat

        • saay7

          Selamat Emma:

          Programming note: for those following the Emma-Saay debate, our whole reason for pursuing this subject is only to the extent that it will help us define our political opponent and therefore choose a strategy to defeat it. That is the practical application and is therefore NOT an intellectual excercise. Hrray do? Hrray.

          Now Emma. Let me begin with a note I got from one of my all time favorite people who is a Silent Awatista. He writes:

          “By the way a very good article lately, though I see the subject matter from a political science point of view..”

          He commits the same error you make: he actually thinks “political science” is a science. It’s not. Science is where the same input under the same circumstances gives you the same output. Over and over and over again. Politics is not science and “political science” was invented as a field because nobody wants to take classes at a university if it is called “political vodoo.”

          That being the case, it is best that we discuss Eritrean reality as it is and not what a textbook suggests it should be. In Eritrea,

          (A) the entire political, economic and social system is dictated by one man. True? Then it is a monocracy. And if it is, then our strategy of opposing and defeating the Isaias Afwerki regime should not deviate from this First Principle.

          (B) In Eritrea, a group of people (allies, party members, front members) have come together under one vision and are enforcing this vision which is determental to Eritrea. And if Isaias is removed from power, then somone will emerge as leader and the party/front, guided by its principles, will pursue the same policies. If true, then we pursue a standard defeat-the-party strategy.

          Those are the choices. We have tried the latter for 16 years.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Merhaba Saay,

            That was precisely our argument was, and the follow up questions I gave to you. But instead answering them you continue to elaborate your argument. If you do not want to answer them, let me give you a short answer. If the public agree on your premises that we have a one-man rule, then the problem is not the system, and the solution to it, is your prescription and that is a “coup” or hit man which is a very difficult with the kind of the security apparatus in place and the continual switching the residence of the despot – whether it is Adi-Hallo, Massawa, Asmara, or somewhere else. No one can trace him. If we agree it is the system, it requires an armed struggle like the one that overthrow Mengstu Hailemariam. Other than that, there will be no effective engagement that could could speed up the fall of the regime to emancipate our people.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Ismail AA

            Dear Aman and saay,
            Intellectually measured, the erudition your arguments provide are food for the brain. I would say those of us who are trying to follow you (Wahis/Agbi’s) are nearly addicted to hear more of the products of your sharp minds. But I am afraid we are tending to take ourselves as spectators in foot ball field watching two excellent teams demonstrating their skills and keeping us focused on who will win and when the next match will happen. This is, as I mentioned in my earlier comment, a sign of success of the posting to hit the target you aimed at.
            Now, since the enemy is the same (one-man or system) how about ending up in a united front approach and hammering these two brilliant minds to produce an action program that deals effectively with the one-man or system enemy?
            Thanks for spending time to educate through contribution of motivating postings.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            MarHaba Emma the greatista

            A question: has there not been a strategy based on overthrowing the regime and dismantling it part by part, loosening apart its bolts and nuts? Why are you trying to insinuate as if the opposition has not made its mind?

            Bonus that could be considered as plus to your side: You said it’s not a system. I say “yes, it’s a system.”

            Now: SAAY appears to stress on what type of system it is: he is not denying that there is a system, because by definition a government is a system. But he is saying the system is an autocratic/monocratic. Systems that have sound institutional basis survive the death or the removal of the leader. Systems that are tightly controlled by the leader are actually prone to crumbling because most of its members have already been frustrated by the autocratic nature of the leader.

            Again: the proposal of armed struggle has been there, and the armed clashes have been there. The idea has not picked momentum because the “liquid courage” that should have fuelled it is actually being used to get the youth to brave the Sahara and Mediterranean Sea. People of Hamot (liquid courage” should pose and examine why is it that that liquid Hamot is being squandered? Where is the Awate? Where are the likes of bxaay IA? Where are the likes of Behe Xaeda and Seid Saleh? That is the mystery that needs to be cracked, not defining PFDJ. You can’t have a unified definition before you even to get together. First comes the act of getting together, then comes the business of defining the common enemy; then come the strategies that fit that unified definition. Then come ad for the Awatwes, Berhe Xaedas and Seid Salihs. Once this is done, the Hamot that is fueling the exodus of the youth could be collected to be used in that national project. If you can’t do that, embolden, give hope and know-how of resistance to the youth inside the nation. Otherwise, it’s all intellectual eshktem and teHambele. The fact of the matter is that there are dozens of organizations who could not sit together for a minimum public show let alone to agree on definitions. Over-analysis is a luxury that intellectuals can afford. Action is for revolutionaries. Yep, you need Wuchu types who need no nonsense politicking but action. “I know my enemy, I don’t care if it is gentle or rough, it’s my enemy” type of attitude. I think I need to stop here. But answer my question, PLEASE. Why do you imply as if there has not been an armed proposition and an active armed strategy for the last 16 years?
            “We need to excise it from its roots” some say!! Well, problem is, that is not good enough. Because happen to have many over-analyzers that they are mulling around for years to figure what that would exactly mean.
            As you always say:
            BrooK me’Alti.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Merhaba Mahmuday,

            Like what you did to Hayat you want to do it for me by creating a phrase as if it is said by Amanuel. Aymegeden. Ezi Le-Uk Halibo zereba Gedefo – a strategy for Enkilil or a strategy of circus. Look your strategy of Enkilil as quoted below:

            “Bonus that could be considered as plus to your side: You said it’s not a system. I say “yes, it’s a system.” Where did you get this?

            Where did I say the PFDJ government is not a system? You could check with our buddy Saay, as the debate on a “system” and a ” not a system” argument on “off and on” run for over two years. the three articles from time to time clearly show my positions. I am from the few who does not underestimate the regime, rather warns that it is a formidable of highly centralized system run by a disciplined party – a party that extended its base to the Eritrean defense force (EDF) and the Security of the state – where the state and the government are indistinguishable. Look the pyramidal PFDJ structure as depicted in the send link. So Ezi Hatewtewn zytebahle zereba Gedefo Ezihawey. I haven’t thought that you are here to confuse people.

            1 –
            2 –
            3 -

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ya hala Emma
            My bad, it was an error, and actually I corrected it before you wrote the reply. If you read the whole argument you can get it that I I meant “You said it’s a system. I say ‘yes, it’s a system.”
            I have followed you for years Emma, so I can’t mistaken your views for something else. Sorry that I have to put you through all this.
            How about the question? Do you really believe the failures of the opposition is attributed to an incorrect definition of PFDJ? Why do you appear to be proposing a new strategy when the bulk of the opposition has been prioritizing armed solution, from the famous “by all means” strategy, for the last 17 ears?

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Mahmuday,

            These days I am listening the Exposition of the security apparatus of EPLF and PFDJ by the Ex-agents FORTO12 and Hagos. They were organizing people inside the oppositions to dismantle the organizations or to foil conferences, and if possible to kill key elements in the organizations. As Forto12 explained they were successful in creating disharmony in the organizations. So Mahmuday, besides the inherent social mistrust, PFDJ is working hard to disrupt any development within the opposition camp. When I heard FORTO12 on a U-tube of paltalk, my recent article “know your enemy and thyself and act accordingly” is spot on, in identifying the strength of our enemy – the “PFDJ party” and the malaise of the opposition being infiltrated by the agents of the government. I am sure you know the activities of PFDJ than anyone in this forum. I hope to join FORTO12 and others to tell the evils of this party, though I doubt when you dismiss the ex-agent Yemane’s exposition on the killing of so many tegadelties by a notorious action, what they call it “Atsege-Ayo”. I hope I answered your question. Absolutely this kind of system is not reformable.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Hayat Adem

            Dea Emma,
            Emma to Mahmuday says: ” I am sure you know the activities of PFDJ than anyone in this forum. I hope [you will] join FORO12 and others to tell the evils of this party, though I doubt when you dismiss the ex-agent Yemane’s exposition on the killing of so many tegadelties by a notorious action, what they call it “Atsege-Ayo”.
            Here: Emma invites Mahmuday to help the struggle as an former insider of EPLFDJ.
            Mahmuday to Emma says: “People of Hamot (liquid courage” should pose the question of why the youth have not been attracted to this proposal; and examine why is it that that liquid Hamot is being squandered? Where is the Awate? WHERE ARE THE LIKES OF BXAAY IA? (emphasis mine). Where are the likes of Berhe Xaeda and Seid Saleh? That is the mystery that needs to be cracked, not defining PFDJ.”
            Here: Mahmuday advises the opposition to import Hamot before trying to define PFDJ.
            Hayat says: Your notes are different, your perspectives are different, your “facts” are different, your wishes are different. Mahmuday is arguing bluntly, and braggingly that problem with the change seekers is really courage and bravery, scarcity of Hamot, as he calls it. Emma, knowing yourself and your enemy and know your “friends”.
            Here: I say the disconnect is yawning and irreconcilable, one for change, the other for status quo,.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Emma,
            Finally I was convinced to listen to some of it. Knowing how intelligence agencies work, I have my suspicions though the stories are juicy. The problem is he mentioned about regrouping of old acquaintances, his colleagues. I can’t help but be very scared if such grouping. My suspicions are still there. And the mistrust is real. Very real. Such serious testimonies can not produce the proper results in the way they are being packaged and des dominated. Such undertaking require proper judicial and legal framework. You can’t just throw the stories of thousands of lives wasted, numbing crimes committed in such a casual manner. Also, such testimonies require prope follow up questions and scrutiny not a captive audience receiving doses unchallenged. Hundreds just listen while there is no investigator or serious interviewer making sure the guy stays in a hot seat. Yekhdenenna.

          • Hayat Adem

            Yikhdenena ewe Emma and SGJ,
            One of the major weaknesses in the change seeking camp is the very issue you SJ mentioned. There is no one responsible body that owns and manages these valuable information and knowledge: some one in charge to verify their validity, draws lessons from them, identifies effective ways of disseminating them, document them properly, avails them for journalists, researchers, activists and the public. Now, if these information are credible and factual, then we have an earth-shaking tools and resources we can use. If they are not, there shouldn’t be given any attention in as much as they are detracting attention from other issues. That is sad: to have so many people who claim to be insiders with a treasure of intelligence quality info and wasting it like that.The messaging capacity is lacking here and people like yourself and Saay should really step up to help.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam Hayat
            I thank the great SGJ for saying what should be said. Dear Hayat, please respect my repeated reminders that I’m not an insider. I’m an average Mo. The reason why I brushed aside Emmma’s call to me to follow Foro’s suit is simple.
            a/ I’m not foro, i.e. I don’t claim to have been a monitor of top spies. Frankly, I despise folks who are employed in this dirty world.
            b/ although I have not been in that world, I do have resources to at least establish a narration, don’t forget that there are many REAL FORO’s who are leading peaceful lives. Such stories could not readily be accepted as Truth by any one who is after the truth. You will need cross checks and verifications. Therefore, they remain to be political accusations. Those who are ready to sap up anything Forto says could do so but they should not insist I accept it. Let the pilots and Fortos, Amiches feel comfortable with their names and identity, then we may have individuals who can tear them down, or collaborate their narrations. The problem is you can’t hide from your identity and throw things into the dumping depot. If you guys want to make yourself a dumping depot, you are on your own. But these type of propaganda is not going to help the opposition. I have individuals who could say( i)this is true; (ii) this is probable; (iii) and this is improbable. I do have my impression of who the individual(s) like Forto is (are), and what’s their political mission. According to some comments I received from people who I know had important positions in that department, he has already made many errors that could throw suspicion at the fact that he might not be a career spy after all.
            d/ there is a very concerted efforts to undermine Eritrean unity. We know PFDJ will always have interest in dispersing the opposition. But Fortos and his ilk efforts go beyond that; killing Eritrean moral at all level by targeting Eritreans society as a whole using individuals who exploit social grievances (ethnic, regional, religious…), and also working at the opposition level so that no truly national opposition emerges. The tactic is: make IA and division 72 the mirror of Eritrea and its ghedli, as if Eritrea and its ghedli is reducible to IA and the political/diplomatic/industrial…espionage only.
            e. Emma was asked if the proposition of armed solution was new. He was short of the “liquid Courage” or Hamot to admit the fact that the core strategy of the opposition has been armed solution. He wanted to avoid the follow up question: why then the opposition failed that raw Hamot of Eritrean youth. So, he had to beat around a bush that never existed. We call that Qomish adey Hankiluni.
            f. Coming to forto and espionage: the world of espionage is dark, dirty, cold, dry…any department of espionage that is not overseen by an elected committee becomes rogue, many innocent individuals could lose their lives without any accountability. Even in countries with modern schemes of check and balance, such as the USA, you don’t have to too far back to see the roguery of its spy agency. Read Edgar Hoover and his deeds; read FBI and CIA stories….The point is: it is a struggle between citizens armed with constitutional articles and the will of spy agencies to break those rules. In countries with established laws and legal institutions, those agencies are somehow monitored and are made to answer to the constitution and statutory law. In places such as ours, it’s not difficult that some egregious crimes might have happened. Again, all these need to be cross checked. They are not meant to give the opposition to give it a boost but on the contrary they are designed to kill Eritrean moral and unity.
            Happy Eid aladHa
            Happy Qdus Yohannes.
            YKdenena Traay.

          • Hayat Adem

            Kibur Mahmudy,
            My apology for wrongly giving a sense of you being among the top EPLFleadership. I have no way of knowing that so all of that must depend on the info coming from you. i shouldn’t be implying anything different than what you are telling us your role was. Your informedness and sophistication compared to what we see the level of quality of the top leaders of PFDJ might have influenced me to assume a greater role for you. Sorry for the part of that. On the other part, when I say insider, I don’t necessarily mean among the top leadership or intelligence. Well, what comes to my mind is an upper level of middle leadership in EPLF. And i think of you as a link person between military and the intelligence. AG thinks of you as a military commissar from few prints of your feeds.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear SGJ & Hsyat,

            ህዝብናኮ ጸኒቱ:: እንይዩ ወሪዱና ዘሎ መግለጺ ሲኢናሉ እኮ ሕጅስ:: ሽግር ህዝብና ዘየሕበረና እንታይ ከምዘሕብረናኮ ጠፊኡና:: እዚ ማፍያ ወደብ ክጽገን ሕልምታት ክሳዕ ዘሎ ምድሐን ህዝቢ ዝብል ተኽእሎታት አብ ኩውነታትና ክህሉ አይክእልን እዩ:: ይኽደነና ዘይኮነስ ብግብሪ እኮእዩ ወሪዱና ዘሎ አሕዋት::

            ሰናይ መዓልቲ
            አማኑኤል ሕድራት

          • iSem

            Hi Saleh and Emma:

            Hi Saleh:
            You thinking is sane. But here are some things he said;
            Everyone involved in his capacity is some how implicated, he used the analogy of cows drinking water from the river, some will drink till their stomachs explode other just test it and the crimes goes like that
            He was challenge about his involvement and to that he said, I know how dirty the game and once I have said it all, I will reveal myself, whatever the price on my neck and he will testify openly and face his demons
            That he saw Isaias Afwerki shoot someone in broad day light, a fact Tesfay Temnewo mentioned too: when IA met a prisoner who had head-butted him a decade ago, IA was furious and he put two bullets on the guy’s forehead
            Foro12 also recounts crimes we cannot imagine, of killing people with hammers and machetes like what happened in Rawanda, buried people alive, I believe that the Halewa Sawara is the gas chambers of Eritrea
            He also mentioned that some government approached him to reveal the names of the criminals after 1991.
            We must always be skeptical, think critically, refuse to accept things at face value, but Foro is being challenged: how come you stayed this long, do you have blood in your hands.
            Now, the judicial systems that investigates these crimes must be set but people must not wait until then, things will be forgotten, this way something has started and I am sure somewhere some people have waken up, I believe these kinds of things are a tool to fight PFDJ and a learning experience not to trust people but laws. It did not have to be this way.
            Foro12 also mentioned that the security agency of EPLF used poison to murder people, and he said 6 people were murdered in the diaspora by this method and Yemane T, a former security agent stationed in Somalia was a target of a failed of such attempt that corroborates Foro’s claim. This can easily be verified because his colleagues were imprisoned for it in Germany.
            He also asked about the death of Dr. Russom Haile. His reply was he was told by two former colleagues independently but he was not aware of it. He also told his audience that some of the security agents who actually were murderess are now in the opposition, among them Haile Tekie.
            He also said that Mesfin Hagos was agent because he was his file in 2004, 3 years after MH claimed he was opposing IA.
            But there is a silver lining to all this and he repeatedly said that the regional divisions that PFDJ planned failed inside the country, it only fooled the diaspora. Only certain groups are still supporting PFDJ and these are villages surrounding Asmara and upper Ansseba and sadly he said his father’s village is one of the supports of PFDJ. He revealed PFDJ’s strategy of division and of crimes and its MO more than others and the good news is the division planned by PFDJ failed in Eritrea, people inside the country saw right through it

          • blink

            Dear Mr. Amanuel
            which one do you think is better , I assume that you support the later but can you guess what the Eritrean people think about the first one and the second one. For me the second one is not tangible because no one is ready to wage war on his people ( a forced soldiers on the trenches )

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Amanuel Hidrat,
            In the past I have read yours and saay’s of one man (PIA) or system debate and discussion as an exercise in semantics and definitions without substantial difference.
            For some reason, I am now persuaded by saay’s thrust of argument that it is a one man system.
            Your statement of “…if we agree it is the system, it requires an armed struggle like the one that overthrew Mengistu Hailemariam.” took me aback.
            A bystander observer would prefer the least costly method before gambling the Bank away.
            When I read this article, I was hoping to read from the former EPLF members, specially leaders who oppose the current regime to enlighten us as to what the strength of PIA is and where his support from the people come from. So far I am not sure if anything is going to come to the forum.
            In my humble opinion:
            The size and nature of informers (spies) and the direct connection to PIA must be the power multiplier.
            The well developed culture of secrecy and asymmetrical invisible connection to PIA by members of all the organs of the system is of the utmost importance. Everyone is vying to be perceived as important or appear connected. A captain with a perceived ears of PIA is more important than the Colonel of the unit, true or not. Everyone is trying to survive by keeping their noses clean.
            I am sure PIA does not lose an opportunity to cement and highlight it so that it sinks in. (the statement of ‘we have our own ways of finding out’ is an example)
            It is the one aspect of life that neuters the conscious and enlightened patriot from any kind of cooperation or action …it is a form of suicide to try.
            The early organizational secrecy and methods of operation to protect the core leadership from the enemy is now perfected and corrupted to protect PIA. This aspect of life appears not to be dealt with to any degree of importance, as a source of power in all the comments I read. I wonder why those in the know, don’t discuss it to explore the strength and weakness of THAT system.
            As a side note, to those folks I told to mind your own business when you commented on Wolkait, can come in now and tell me, to mind my own business. I will understand. I am shooting in the dark.
            Mr. K.H

          • saay7

            Selam Emma:

            I *did* answer your questions and just to make sure I did, I restated them. Maybe you rushed through my answer.

            Identifying the regime in Eritrea as a monocracy/autocracy does not automatically mean that the only solution is a coup. It’s the cleanest but not the only solution. What it does is require a more focused and more disciplined language, as opposed to what we have now, which targets an ill-defined systems and leads reasonable people to conclude that that has a very large, unacceptably large, material and human resource casualties.

            At the risk of repeating myself, our goal now should be just to get Eritrea to be at the level of sub-Saharan Africa 101: a government ruled by one party that is less sadistic than the one we will have as long as IA is heading it. Once the head and his consigliere and assorted hangers-on are gone and the front loses all its charismatic-leader legitimacy, then we can get to phase II: forcing it to create a political space for competing visions within Eritrea.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Saay,

            The last paragraph of your comment shows the kind of change you are looking, if it is a change at all. Now the premises of your argument as to the nature of the government is rather espoused on the desire of reformism of PFDJ and not from the reality of the PFDJ system. You can fight to reform PFDJ as member or sympathizer but you can not prescribe a single party for the Eritrean people – which we already have a party-state. It is this kind of sympathy to PFDJ within the opposition camp that bogged us from moving forward. With this kind of political position, even the so called “political compromise ” will not happen. You can not even to come to a compromise with this kind of weak positioning, that is, only demanding the reformism of the party but not the rights of citizen to organize as part of their civil liberties. The regime will not even make any kind of compromise with its opponents with this kind of position. I can not believe a man who advocate for civil liberities to relegate us to a single party.

            Amanuel Hidrat

  • Ismail AA

    Salute to all,
    (edited version)
    I just came a bit late, and I seem to have missed a lot of interesting exchange of views in past few days, especially on the debate between SAAY and Amanuel Hidrat on the issue of whether what we have in Eritrea is one-man show or a system of interest-based despotism with an omnipotent master at the helm. Stalwart debater that they are, each one of them has taken time to give us thought-provoking perspectives for which I must thank them. I say that they have succeeded to generate intellectually imbued heated debates, which I think is their intention.

    In my understanding each of them has been trying to diagnose for us the same patient so that we may be able to fix the right prescription, which turned out for them to have needed slightly differing approaches. SAAY finds out that it is one tumor that needs an effective intervention: drug or surgery. Amanuel finds out that, although the bigger tumor is clearly discernible, there are also lots of malignant tumors that feed the principal one to sustain, and together they make up a system of devastating disease. So, he upholds that elimination of this set of tumors needs application of a series (weeding) of killer drugs that annihilate the whole system once and for all.

    But at the end of the day, at least for me, what is needed, and since the disease is wreaking havoc on the nation by the day, the two doctors should come to one lab and combine their efforts to strategize their approaches and come up with effective practical intervention that end the malignant tumor or tumors, all the same. Thus, at the risk of repeating myself (in this forum) I maintain that talking and dialoguing to be essential in conditions such as the one our people are facing.
    Before I end these brief comments, let me digress and scribble a few things on what some compatriots commented. The one that caught my attention is Semere Tesfais’. Seen from an objective perspective, what he boastfully stated is true. It is indeed a Tigrinyan order. Have not we been aware of the core ideological values, which the Isayas and group manifesto (Nihnan Illamanan), purported.

    And, the reason we ended up where we are today was facilitated by priorities of the time, which Semere may not deny. The choice was either to risk continuation of what Herui Tedla referred to as irredentist Eritreans having their way and rendering the liberation of Eritrean even remoter, or accommodating Isayas and group in the interest of closing the national ranks behind the liberation forces. To understand this better re-visiting the resolutions of the ELF 1971 congress will help.
    Combination of conditions brought by internal discords (ELF-PLF), regional developments (emergence of the TPLF), geopolitical interests (the Derg and alliances) etc. gave Isayas and group time and space to incubate, grow and dominate and ascend to power and implement their vision as articulated in their manifesto. Their guiding slogan though undeclared was either Tigrinya Eritrea or to hell with it. What else did flirtation with CIA at juvenile stage of existence or elimination the ELF from their path at any cost meant?

    But it is also wisdom not to forget that such value systems that flourish through the agency of power and imposition do carry the germ of their own doom. By nature of things, they are ephemeral as opposed to perennial, since they have not been crystallizations of creative excellence of societal transformation (culture) but enforced through usurpation of authority and its tools of coercion. History tells us that no culture or value systems imposed by force were able to survive beyond the life of authoritarian rules whatever the forms.

    So, the likelihood of PFDJ reproducing itself as Semere seems to wish in order to avoid reversal of the current Tigrinya culture and values (not of course the language) at the expense of others is simply ahistorical. If he is curious, I would invite him to re-visit some similar historical epochs of nations and empires, or even a passing look at what is going on in spots no far from us may do.

    • Tewelde gebremariam

      Hi Ismail,

      The supermajority youngsters who gave their lives for the liberation of Eritrea were the Christain- Highlanders. This was true in both ELF and EPLF, and they are the supermajority of people, who are languishing in the underground dugeons, fleeing their country in droves, exposed to death in the hands of Muslim fanatics and human tariffickers , and demonstrating their grievances on the street of Western countries against the Reign of Terror of the impostor isaias afewerk and his cabals.
      And yet, you and Amanuel Hidrat, are dreaming to wipe them out with Chemos , like tumors of the body. Of course, in vain, as I always respond to such nonsense.

      Genuine Eritreans must understand that the views expressed by Ismail and Amanuel Hidrat is shared by the woyane, the mainstay of the so called ‘Eritrean Oppositions, of whom the most important is the new ELF, which, during Dergi era, had espoused and worked hard for the cleavge of Eritrea into two Autonomous States— along highland- lowland divide— under Ethiopian rule. If this betrayal by Abdela Idris and co. were not preempted by the military victory of the Mighty EPLFs over Dergi colonial Army and it’s Soviet surrogates, Eritrea would have been scraped off from the world map long time ago.

      The main stakeholders in independent Eritrean are the Christain- Highlanders and Tigre Muslims. Both of them constitute above 80% of Eritrean population, and they are ethnically, historically, culturally, linguistically etc.akin, the reason they rejected separation when the British Occupation Forces contrived to annex the former to the Sudan, affirming that their blood is more important than religion.

      The Tigre people and Highlanders are obviously the backbone of Eritrea. The attacks and false defamations being hurled and perpetrated by Ismail, Amanuel Hidrat and woyanes at the Highlanders is to weaken their brotherly bond as a prelude to the destruction of their homeland. But as woyans is being chased out to oblivion by Amharas and Promos,

      • Lamek

        TG, there is also an element of distancing ethnic Tigrinyas of Tigray and Eritrea. This has been at the crux of everything beginning the Treaty of Wuchale. Never forget this event in history. It is funny to me how we highlanders try to be so different from Tigrayans yet we are highly intermarried and almost everyone I know says he used to go to Tigray with his livestock and farm there etc. I really really hate it when people try to distort history. What we should have now is subject for debates and discussion but how things used to be should not be distorted. Tigre and Tigrinya people are the same people, one set became successfully islamized by the invading turks and Egyptians, the other set resisted conversion. That is all.

        • Tewelde gebremariam

          Hi Lamek,
          …….tegaru are Ethiopians, and we are Eritreans, two different nationalities, a fact born of bloodshed of Thirty Years War. The bus stops here. As you said, we may have some historical as well as cultural ties but who doesn’t when they share a long common border. And we do not have to be enemies just because we have two different countries. We can still have ties at different levels, such as economic, trade, cultural, social etc. But we cannot have that harmonious relationship until and unless we recognize, acknowledge and respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. And on this respect, Ethiopians are the culprit because n our part, we demonstrated, time and again, our readiness to walk along that harmonious path but only to be betrayed by Ethiopians.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Tewolde,

        Leaving aside the GIGO content of your comment, let me educate you about ELF’s situation after it is pushed out by the joint force of EPLF/TPLF from the field, which you are proud of it by the way. When ELF pushed out to Sudan it was splitted in to many organizations, due to the internal contradictions of its social make up, which reflect the Eritrean society (unlike the homogeneity of EPLF). So what I want to make clear to you, if you have ears to listen, that “Amanuel Hidrat” didn’t participate in any political activities with the splinter organizations of ELF back then and now. I have watched you for long time, and I am afraid that you are from the individuals who smear people without any knowledge about the people they are talking about. Your are too aggressive spouting derogatory words. You think you are contributing for a constructive debates, but you aren’t. Start to check your tongue before you utter your words. Be humble and communicate respectfully.


      • Ismail AA

        Selam T. geb/Mariam,Selam T/gh/Mariam,

        I really hesitated to write these few lines about the content of your comments. They add nothing to our understanding of the issue being debated. What you have written in your first paragraph is ugly. Had you read either Aman’s or my post without letting your emotion gush out, you would surely have seen there is nothing in them of the things you are complaining of. Where did you read things like “wiping out the youngsters, using chemicals etc.? This was reflection of the working of your emotions. Your behavior makes you like you have been afflicted by the old venomous sermons of HIGF propaganda barons.

        Reading your fabricated allegations, I am reminded of the typical reaction of regime zealots. They jump over the issue and assault opponents being Woyane stooges or betrayers …like what you did about the late Abdalla Idris. Please try to free yourself from being victim of your own emotions. History has already moved on.

  • iSem

    Hi All:

    System vs. one man, a case of two things which are both wrong and right
    Systems vs. one-man rule are both valid, it is all a matter of perspective, as viewed from the person’s reference point. Sal has said, one cannot even run a lemonade stand let alone a complex tapestry of people and culture even with brute force, I hasten to add. Before he comes and asks me to source it or demands I quote him verbatim, I would like to say I am paraphrasing him. To take the analogy on this article further, in the nervous system, the brain is the dominant one that “lords” over this system, the other pars of this system, the electrical, the mechanical all work to enable the brain to do its magic, we all have one brain.
    Amanuel Hidrat says that there is an interconnected network of people who do small things at the command of the brain, so it is a system and a system needs to be dismantled, not weeded out. To me dismantling and weeding out do the same thing, it all a matter of semantics. Dismantling is a technical term, weed out, although it has a connotation of only targeting the weed, it means to uproot something so it will not grow again until the harvest is collected. I think Emma is agonizing the vicious cycle of weeding out weed come every rainy season,:-)
    Both arguments do not identify the enemy, they both fall short.
    They both hanker (not necessarily on the latest articles) of the notion that the EPLF was only made up of innocent, dedicated people from every sector and ethnicity of Eritrea who yearned freedom and toiled and died in its pursuit, hoping to live for it, and die for it, if it demands it, certain that children will enjoy the fruits of their death. Or they thought they were dying for liberty and freedom. They were fooled by the alliance of killers, who murdered, raped and tortured their way to Asmara from the wilderness of Sahel. This notion of the alliance of killers is being proved right with every passing day as PFDJ/EPLF unravels and as the notion of a hijacked freedom movement becomes foolish by the day.
    In any collection of people, society, there are the criminals and we cannot do anything about it except control and tame and subdue them. And this is how the civilized countries live them. But in our case, in their hideous of the mountains of Sahel, the alliance of killers thrived and now are at the helm, wreaking havoc day in and day out, making the future bleak with every passing year as we agonize over semantics and the appropriate definition of our enemy.
    Our enemy is cruel, composed of our most cruel, and most criminal members and our enemy has also perfected his demonic craft while we innocently laboured and died, so no training in activism would have prepared for us to face him, our only hope is as PFDJ turns against each other when the most just arbitrator, time has interfered. And the transition will usher in more blood and fire and our TIME will give us an other opportunity if to rise from the ashes. This is also far fetched because it does not seem that we have exploited all the teaching moment that TIME has offered us to prepare for the day. The identity of our enemy is that simple
    Oh, also, Freedom fighter Semere Tesfai is conflicted, he thinks the civil war and blood shed are possible if IA dies tomorrow, in other words if PFDJ collapses and his solution to the inevitable is more of PFDJ, this is conundrum, the long PFDJ stays the more the chance for blood shed, yet PFDJ must stay to avert the inevitable. Go figure!

    • saay7

      Hey iSem:

      Welcome back! So, if the One Man theory is wrong; and the System approach is wrong, what’s the right one? “An alliance of killers”? But an “alliance” is made up of….allies. And that implies some sort of egalitarianism, or parity, where each ally is crucial to the whole—especially in “political alliances.” It also implies that the member of the alliance, the ally, has a formed identity, one that was pre-formed before joining the alliance. No?

      Moreover, Emma’s and my theories paint a big fat target on the opponent, as we define it. Your “alliance” is a blob, an amrphous group which is hard to pin down.

      On Semere T, I don’t want to pile on but his definition of the PFDJ as one that is based on Tigrinya values is perfectly defensible. But he has to defend it, in much the same way that Mejlis Ibrahim Mukhtar did when it defined the regime in Eritrea as an “ethnocracy.” For one thing, he will have to edumacate the class the difference between “Tigrinya values” and, say, “Tigre values”. But that whole post was rushed because he denied that the Isaias regime was a monarchy, when nobody had made the claim that it is.


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Sem,

      Welcome back. Let me correct you in your first comment after your brief hiatal from the forum.

      You have said that, they both (saay & Amanuel) hanker of the notion that EPLF only was made up of innocent and dedicate people from all sector and ethnicity of Eritrea who yearned freedom and toiled and died……………”. I don ‘t believe on that nor do I think saay. There is no such claim to be uttered or believed that any political organization could be made up of innocent people. This is basic obe has to know before he/she involves in politics. Both of us (saay and myself) could not miss the nature of pilitical organization. Avoid such perceptional argument that does not have any truth atleast on my side.

      Second, you could disagree on our definition what enemy entails in the case of Eritrea. But both of us have defined our enemy. “One man” as in the case of Saay and “PFDJ and it ‘s System ” as in the case myself. I do not see a clear identification in your case.

      Third, when you debate in politics you have to apply the right tools of political terms to clearly understand the know how of the of that particular discipline of study(in this case political science). You do not weed out the “strucure of a system”, rather you dismantle them. If you disagree, it is okay as far you understood as to what the term “dismantle ” means in my application.

      Ananuel Hidrat

      • Saleh Johar

        Hi Emma,

        You make a good argument then you get lost in semantics–weed-out, dismantle, any other word is a figure of speech. Don’t take them literally. Can you do not weed out the system? Of course no, it is not a…plant. But do you think anyone mistakes the PFDJ for an actual weed, a sort of grass? Of course not though it is worse than a weed 🙂 It’s a figure of speech, exactly as when you say “dismantle”, because if you also take that literally, you cannot dismantle the PFDJ like a machine. The dictionary defines “dismantle” , “to take (a machine or structure) to pieces. Both weed-out and dismantle are used as a figure of speech. Whichever one or any other word you use, I believe it’s fine provided the PFDJ is eradicated just like the Workers’ Party of Ethiopia (the Derg’s ESAPA). Nothing should be left of the brutal oppressive machine. And for those who try to define weeding out for what it is not, here is an explanation. The same thing that happened to ESAP should happen to the PFDJ–in the case of the ESAPA, nothing happened to the common members or supporters. In fact many of them are among us, both in the government and in the opposition and inside fenced political communities. The ESAPA was weeded-out, not the people who by the way are very good at jumping ship in the right moment.

  • said

    PFDJ Moral idiocy and moral bankruptcy and Identity politics is the root of evil.
    There are few who left the regime and are full of remorse and feelings of guilt for their behavior while serving the regime in office. In such a situation, in past most of EPLF fighters people “went along with the flow” even if they knew better, and then, years pass by, they witness crime after crime, and then in later life, by being quite and never to rise to the moment, some suffer from the trauma of the experience.
    Moral idiocy can be seen as a very long-standing cultural flaw that often gives license to the violence that for higher reason and cultural mores are, simultaneously, trying to subjected and control the masses. PFDJ often take advantage of this creep loophole. Ironically, it is the very people who lead our country and those assigned to defend the country and that never to enforce the rue of law. Lack of accountability makes for very poor soul victim.
    none of us is born with a gene that tells us right from wrong. Those notions are religious and cultural, though some basic principles (say, seeing murder within one’s political affiliation or group belonging as morally wrong). Nonetheless, because we are not dealing with something genetic, it is quite possible that all of us or most of have a potential for this moral failing. That being said, the vast majority of former EPLF do successfully learn from their cultures that moral indifference is wrong and that committing what their society deems bad behavior should result in remorse and feelings of guilt. It also seems that a minority do not learn this, or learn it only superficially and they are the hard core of the regime. Most of this minority, realizing that such indifference is viewed negatively, keep it hidden as much as they can. Yet when, on occasion, these closet moral idiots reach positions of power and influence, they can cause enormous damage to nation, as is the case of PFDJ.
    Identity politics are the core PFDJ of dictatorship state. As core strategy of the regime is liquidation of an wanted individual and other groups identified as perceived potential enemies of the state. Identity politics eliminate the potential free universal value human rights believer and politics and class consciousness that crosses language bearer, ethnic and religious boundaries. Identity politics divide Us V them and fragment society the subdued society -serf class no matter what you are, ethnic and religious divided silos that are propagandized into viewing each other as enemies rather than stake holders and colleagues.
    The appeal to language, ethnicity /religious identity as the sole definition of political selfhood is the perfect tool for manipulating the masses–and this is why the only possible output of value system of identity politics is dictatorship. PFDJ deploy and perfected identity politics. “if you don’t support the PFDJ system you’re a sell out and traitor to your ethnicity” a line of subtle propaganda. The main goal PFDJ course identical. to dived and fragment the poor soul bottom of economic scale of the vast majority who actually share common cause and believe diversity of all kind of ethnic, two main religious and some secular silos that cannot possibly threaten the power hungry PFDJ elite’s that hold on the nation’s to their wimp of wealth and power. If you fall for identity politics, then you’re complicit in an oppressive, parasitic system that aggregates most of the wealth and power in the hands of the few of PFDJ elites at the expense of the nation.
    Many Eritrean are working hard to make a difference. Generally speaking, Eritrean, give them a chance they hard working people, neither stupid nor lazy. Eritrea has great potential, undeniable strategic importance. One cannot be denial Eritrea’s geographically and geopolitically strategic importance.
    IA hand-selected member of the ruling elite brutal PFDJ has made Eritrean lives unspeakably miserable. An abuses against its own people a bunch of over privileged class, retrograde parochialism who channel their rage and bitterness with forces even beyond their boundaries and control.
    Years of suppression have destroyed the small nation character for worst. the one of the most disgusting regimes on the planet earth. Time and again Eretria is routinely awarded the world’s “Worst of the Worst kind regime” status for its extreme violations of fundamental human rights. zero tolerance policy toward any political opposition. Innocent so called political prisoners are rotting in the nation’s prisons. Poor soul Eritrean put into unspeakable torture is standard and endemic; People have no freedom or much less freedom than any time.
    Eritrean fought long and hard for their independence. It requires and incredibly brutal and ruthless PFDJ military and internal security, police apparatus to prevent them from rising up and overthrowing their afoul oppressors. So this is exactly what the PFDJ regime has delivered since the country became independent from Ethiopia in 1991.

    • Solomon

      Dear Brother Said,

      Our waves of thought shall be in sink soon enough, for you have succinctly with this powerful statement have registered your vote for “disnanteling” for our “Three course meal” on the third section of the “It is a system,” i.e, Aya Amanuel Hidrat’s third if you will.

      My point of contention, I will register now, and it is a function of position and time.

      It is not in fact “exactly” what the PFDJ has delivered since 1991.
      I respect your position and Unequivocally stated “Stand” as the first formidable stance, as well as the clarity of your utility of the adjectives, “beyond their reach” for example.

      Until our inevitable marching in sink, I will leave you my Eritrean Brother with this existential current circumstantial question lamented melodically by, Eritrea’s poet extrodinair,
      Yemane “Baria” GebreMichael.
      For you to build on, in the meanwhile.
      “Emoh The deA Hiji intay yegeber?”
      Until we engage again sooner than later,In ShaAllah.
      I will continue with the incline hike and avert your fortified trench my good Brother.


      • said

        Greetin solomon

        In general, those who support IA has staked too much in the outcome of the disposal IA in Eritrea and to allow IA to be thrown under the bus in service to a contrived and transparent attempt to depose him under the guise of change democracy, justice a peace full plan transition. Will not be acceptable regime supporters This is not to claim that IA should lead Eritrea in perpetuity. those who support IA, it is, however, to claim that the government of Eritrean is a matter for the Eritrean people and that at this point IA’s survival is coterminous with Eritrean ’s survival.
        But let’s not delude ourselves that the timing of the unveiling of this kind of effort to depose IA has everything to do with alleviating the biblical suffering of Eritrean and its people. It is not. Instead it comes as evidence of the desperation of those who are seriously committed to dispose him.
        The objective of those who have suffered and sacrificed so much is victory not transition.

        • Solomon


  • Abraham H.

    Selamat Awatista,
    I don’t think it is so difficult to figure out the system of rule we have in Eritrea. At the top there is Isayas who controls everyone and everything, without whose approval nothing could be done in the country. He has built the political, economic and social structure of the country so that it would serve his insatiable appetite for absolute control of the Eritrean society. Those at the top positions of leadership have also benefits from the system as long as they are willing to serve Isayas without any form of challenge towards him. All of them know very well the time they deviate from this absolute obedience, they would be stripped of all their previleges, ending up in the dungeons. At the recieving end of these policies we have the Eritrrean masses who’ve been systematically crippled so that they could not rise up against the regime. But paradoxically enough, it is those Eritreans at every level of the government and front whose hard work and toil and loyalty to their people and country that is keeping the regime in tact. Therefore if any change is going to happen these masses have to be convinced and emboldened that their hard work would have served them much better if they challenged the corrupt regime of Isayas.

  • blink

    Dear Saay

    why should other people write any article and say things they can not clarify ? is it a shortage of time that you did not write more often or you got bored with us ” who could not learn an inch of yours ” or you want to leave things to ugly people like me who contribute nothing except a hearsay . Thanks for your time sir , when it comes to Eritrean politics you are always one of my best writers .

    • saay7

      Selamat blink:

      Thanks…. and It is shortage of time. And I don’t get bored with you, but I fear you will get bored with me if I repeat myself –which is what I will inevitably do after 20 years of writing.

      And don’t call yourself ugly: we are what we think. Think it, and you will become it. Curious: is your nickname “blink” based on the book by Malcolm Gladwell?


      • blink

        Dear Saay

        I never bored of your articles really ,i have copy for all of them ( It means … some thing for the future ).Yes you are right about blink. Gladwell is an excellent journalist but no scientist. He mixes different topics. There is an interesting Henry Mintzberg article about three decision styles (doing, seeing and thinking first). Apart from the stereotyping which is not really relevant, the book is mostly about expert decision-making (seeing first). Experts learn to distinguish patterns, so they *see* a situation and their guts tell them the correct decision because in their brain they have identified a matching pattern. This is the way firefighters, nurses, doctors etc. operate. The american people failed to see Bush and he gave them trillions of loses and we have done the same.He wants to tell stories rather than to analyze a phenomenon. He tells them well enough, if you can stand the style. (Blink is written like a book intended for people who do not read books.) So do we , about Eritrea’s politics. And there is evidence against Gladwell ,President Bush would be an example of someone relying more on intuition than analysis. One wishes he would engage faculties higher than the hunch or the gut more often. Still, if Gladwell’s thesis is right, you’ll buy the book. Which will prove his point. Blink devotes a significant number of pages to the so-called theory of mind reading. While allowing that mind-reading can “sometimes” go wrong, the book enthusiastically celebrates the apparent success of the practice, despite hosts of scientific tests tend to disagree.

        Do not you think Eritrea’s politics is some how like that , we fall in love with EPLF in 1991 and most people assumed to be nice , we got them wrong and here we are , we can do no better because we are not after patterns nor after analysis.

        • saay7

          Hey Blink:

          Thanks buddy…and nice book report on “Blink”. Have read Gladwell’s “Tipping Point” and “Outliers” but not “Blink”. He writes good airport books:) In one of his books (“outliers”) Gladwell talks about how research shows everybody–including so called “children prodigies”–need to practice for 10,000 hours to be really proficient at anything. Sounded persuasive enough until the author of Freakonomics (Dubner) told us that Gladwell got it all wrong and it’s not 10,000 hours of practice but 10,000 hours of deliberate practice (practicing under someone’s tutelage) and that at some point there is diminishing returns: for example, a student straight out of medical school maybe better at detecting you have a heart murmur that a very experienced general practitioner who has been doing nothing but referring people to specialists.

          We didn’t get EPLF wrong. They told us (in 1987 at their second congress) all the things they would do to respect our civil liberties and then, once in power, realized that that gets in the way of “their” power. And by “their” I mean “his”:)


  • Semere Tesfai

    Selam all

    Without a doubt, the PFDJ government is a SYSTEM – and absolutely not a MONARCHY or MONOCRACY.

    – Monarchy is a family rule – descendants of one family line at the helm. One family rules the country and the citizens of that nation are expected to obey, worship, and appreciate the rule of that family. Isaias doesn’t have a family in his governing business. And Monocracy is a one man rule – which is unheard of.

    – PFDJ is a SYSTEM that has Ghedli value as a SUBSET of Tigrigna value. Ghedli value – because, a progressive or the right leader in Ghedli years was a leader who is – selfless, not temped by material things, very hard working, a simple-man among his Tegadeltis (ገስጋሲ ተጋዳላይ ዝባሃል – ቆማል: ዕሩቕ: ጀልፋፍ: ምስ ኩሉ ሰብ ሕዉስ ሳሓቒ ተጻዋቲ: እንተኾነ ልዕሊ ብጾቱ – ከምኡ ‘ተኾነ ድማ ማዕረ ብጾቱ ዝሰርሕ)’.

    – True, Isaias Afewerki is a leader with a dominant personality. Isaias is a – hands-on leader who micromanage every decision. Yes, as a president, all leaders under him serve at his pleasure – which they should. But make no mistake –

    – No single individual person can rule a nation at whim. An individual person can play an important role in society but not a decisive role. PFDJ is a system of government based on ETHNIC TIGRIGNA values.

    – It is a SYSTEM dominated by Tigrigna values (the individual leaders who’re holding key positions are from ethnic Tigrigna), it has government ORGANS that support the system to function properly (the institutions of – arts, education, language, literature, media outlets, distribution of resources……) all enhance the Tigrigna value. There are healthy organ TISSUES (communities) inside the country and in every corner of the world that support the system. There are highly devoted individual CELLS that support the system with great vigor and zeal financially politically diplomatically…… rain shine or snow. And every individual cell is equipped with a well functioning ER and Ribosomes at their belly to synthesize and propagate every assignment that come from the higher-ups of the chain of the system.

    – Now ask yourself: if Isaias Afewerki dies tomorrow morning and is replaced by one of the Yemanes or one of his top Generals (even if the General is a Muslim) what would change fundamentally? Nothing! And that is the point of those who want “TO REVERSE THE TIGRIGNANIZATION OF ERITREA”.

    – If Isaias dies tomorrow, could there be ugly power struggle inside the PFDJ camp? Absolutely. Could there be civil war? Yes, it is possible. But, but, but – the likelihood of that happening is less with PFDJ at the helm, than with the never converging parallel politics of the current opposition.

    Semere Tesfai

    • Saleh Johar

      Hello Semere,

      As you know, I have always admired your honesty, even when I didn’t agree with your views, and even when I despised them 🙂 Thanks for blunt view.

      Having said that, I agree with you, this view is held by the PFDJ and most of its supporters. It’s is an irresponsible policy and so far has brought our nation to the disarray we are in. So, I see your characterization. However, I need to know whether you are just explaining (or describing) Eritrea’s reality under the PFDJ’s or endorsing the reality? If you are endorsing it (which I doubt you are) what are the risks that we face as a nation because of it? Also, do you think that the non-“tigrinya” elements within the PFDJ are actually non-entities who have no sense of pride? Finally, can you go a little further and see if what you presented as a block-value is actually fragmented along regional lines?

      Dear Semere, I am hoping you realize what you mentioned is not tenable and you would present ideas to resolve and reconcile the problems. That is because the maladies are known even to the average person, more of less.

      Thank you

      • Semere Tesfai

        Selam Saleh Johar

        1. – “I see your characterization of PFDJ. However, I need to know whether you are just explaining (describing) PFDJ’s reality or endorsing it?”

        Your question is very vague and loaded. I’m going to assume many things, but hopefully, I will make you happy – meaning I’m going to answer your question even if you don’t like the answer.

        TIGRIGNANIZATION OF ERITREA – In Eritrea, the Tigrigna language is there to stay as a dominant mode of communication. And you know – with language comes the value of the ethnic that invented the language itself. So get used to it – if you choose to be pragmatic that is. Why pragmatic? Well, let me challenge you:

        At the UN body, if you want to communicate with other world leaders and diplomats, there is only one language that will let you do just that: The ENGLISH language. In America, if a Nigerian, Syrian, Vietnamese, Eritrean, and an Indian are gathered together to have fun at a social event, again the language they use will be ENGLISH.

        Now, let me ask you a question: imagine a Jeberty from Mendefera, a Bilenay from Halhal, a Saho from SenAfe, a Kunama from Binbina, an Afar from Tio, and a Hidareb from Keru – all Muslims having a good time at a tea-shop. What language do you think they will use to communicate (today)? Of course Tigrigna or Tigre(?). Now tell me: what language should their great, great, great…. grand kids speak – say hundred years after PFDJ is uprooted?

        Personally, our focus should be on equitable distribution of power, resources, opportunities and services to all citizens irrespective of their region, ethnicity or faith. Languages come and go. We are small nation, and as a small nation we’re going to lose our language soon anyway. Personally, if you would ask my preferred co-national language for Eritrea, it would be ENGLISH. A national language for X number of yoears? Tigre or Tigrigna – Tigrigna for practical reasons.

        2. – “Can you go a little further and see if what you presented as a block-value is actually fragmented along regional lines?”

        Honestly, I don’t understand your question. But if you’re asking me, whether one region of ethnic Tigrigna is more victimized by the PFDJ regime than the other, my answer is definitely no. I don’t believe, people in Karneshim are better of under PFDJ rule than people in Logo-Sarda.

        Semere Tesfai

        • Saleh Johar

          Oh Semere,
          My question was very simple but you wanted to portray is as loaded so that you get the license to offer your loaded reply 🙂

          Never mind.

          Let me be honest, promoting a value system is not limited to “communicative” language, there are many layers of values that are packaged with it. Sometime values are also loaded with fascistic tendencies, underestimating the “other” and everything you see (you might not see it) about the PFDJ.

          The problem with your argument (and publicly undeclared PFDJ argument, but hash-hash) is not the language. At the end of the day, as you said, who cares if one would communicate through sign language. It makes no difference. But any minority in Eritrea should be worried with the attitude that comes with your argument. It is not benign, we have been there–Haile Sellassie’s argument was identical when he imposed Amharic… and see where that got us.

          EH zbele yetaHagom, does not help build a just, stable, and peaceful nation. Abey adi’en keybetsHa, is even worse. For me and many others, it not the argument or justification, it is rather the arrogant attitude that is scarier. My humble advise is, to do away with the “diversity and equality” claim, it must be discarded in open daylight. And please realize that the argument you described does not respect the choice of others, even their citizen rights. And that is the choice people have, to either live under the PFDJ as serfs or leave the country to live as refugees and exilees. “Get used to it”, was your verdict and I hope you sleep soundly after uttering such a, ….. a kind and decent verdict. Personally, I thank you and you need not worry, I am naturally used to it. My mother tongue is Tigrinya (until you force me to adopt the value wholesale as well), but you will have to deal with those who will never get used to it, and I watch with sadness as such politics push everyone to the corner and Eritrea to the abyss. I hope those who advance such an arrogant attitude will be blessed with farsightedness; we know where shortsightedness took us in the past.

          As usual, thank you

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Saleh Johar

            Saleh: what you said is uncalled for. But that is fine, I’ll take it.

            But if you want intelligent discussion, you have to come-up with a solution. And YOU GOT NONE!!!

            All you’re doing is, complaining, shaming me, and labeling me as an insensitive and a bigot.

            Well, that never worked for the Eritrean opposition – and I don’t know if it ever will work for you.

            Thanks for engaging, anyway.

            Semere Tesfai

          • Saleh Johar

            Hello Semere,
            I am very sorry you feel that way. Still I think your outrage is not warranted. If anyone else would explain to me that in any way I misrepresented your views, your comment or your tone, I would happily apologize and learn from the mistake. I am sure many read it and could tell me if I made a mistake. But your reaction ? I didn’t expect that.


          • Hayat Adem

            Dear SemereT,
            Look at yourself. It is like that proverbial baboon. The baboon saw her self in a mirror. She didn’t like what it saw. But it was relieved thinking the image belonged to another disgraceful creature. And the baboon didn’t leave the mirror without a comment. Translated from a baboon language: “if I were that ugly animal, I would kill myself”. Well, it will never occur to her that animal indeed was no other than itself, the same baboon so it will never have a reason to kill itself. She is safe. You too SemereT. You will never know that and you are not going to hate your self. So you too are safe,
            Didn’t you say above, “PFDJ is a system of government based on ETHNIC TIGRIGNA values.”? Didn’t you say, “It is a SYSTEM dominated by Tigrigna values”? Didn’t you say, “[The] government ORGANS…all enhance the Tigrigna value.”? Didn’t you say, “And that is the point of those who want to uproot the system and “REVERSE THE TIGRIGNANIZATION OF ERITREA””? You just all those things today in a matter of hours. It is amazing that after saying all you have to accuse the opposition in hours time and say the following: “And all (the opposition) while calling the PFDJ regime an ethnic Tigrigna regime – as if ethnic Tigrignas are enjoying life more than the next door Muslim…” Are you and you really together SmereT?
            And to his credit, SGJ just asked you to state if what you said was just a description or prescription, that is, whether you were only reporting them or endorsing them as well. You are just growling at him for no reason, my friend. He has no way of understanding the reason you said those things first was not for the purpose of how the discussion ended up evolving to. I am guessing, first you were trying to argue against the messages of the article that IA is not a one-man system. He is normal and he is running a normal government and an orderly well running, well oiled one at that. That was your initial purpose when you were bringing stuff you thought would lend logic to describe his Majesty as a system. But then other problems surfaced sooner than you though as to what kind of system you were talking about from your own stated views. That is where you started to play defensive “shaming me, and labeling me” stuff. When things don’t hold up to the last, there is a better way to handle: I made a mistake. I will go back to the drawing board and come back clean. You can do that quietly should that feel better. The worst thing to do for mistakes of your own is blaming others. That is uncool, my friend.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Hayat

            You want to argue, you have a point to make, you see contradiction….. make your case. I know what I said, and I can and will defend what I said. When it comes to PFDJ, I never said things that have never been said before. I got upset because –


            I never said “EH zbele yetaHagom”, I never said “Abey adi’en keybetsHa”, I never showed “arrogant attitude”……. I never stated my personal opinion – I just described the PFDJ regime.

            Now quote me, and show me my contradictory statement.

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi SemereT,
            Please refer to Osman’s feed. The contradiction is clearly captured for you.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Hayat

            If I say, the EPRDF regime is Woyane dominated regime. If I say all the misery that we’re witnessing today in Ethiopia, is caused by the ethnocentric Woyane regime.

            Do you blame the people of Tigray for the sins of Woyane. Absolutely not. And that is my point.

          • Thomas D

            Hi Semere T,

            Long before I even got to read your comments on this forum, I just sensed your narrow mindedness. Why you decided to support the PFDJ regime with a mask put on your face. You can run, but you cannot hide my friend!! I can simply sense those who stand for justice and those who want to deny justice to others or defend injustice. Trust me, some things will never change, you will never change. I can see you getting busy recycling hate. I am just concerned that it will have an impact on your health, that is all!

          • Lamek

            Semere, you made excellent points today. The Tigrinya elites are our worst enemy. They will never get the clue. They are talking about prescription, right? I prescribe to them Tesfazion. They might then understand the utter failure they have been to our people.

          • A.Osman

            Dear Hayat,

            When I first read Semere’s comment, I thought he was being sarcastic (from my mobile I had to recheck is it was Semere Andom playing – where is he these days anyway) as his position on change is closer to SAAY than Aman or any other that is looking for more than the head of DIA. The response to blink shows his annoyance with describing PFDJ an ethnic Tigrigna;

            “And all while calling the PFDJ regime an ethnic Tigrigna regime – as if ethnic Tigrignas are enjoying life more than the next door Muslim.”

            As opposed to his first post that claimed “PFDJ is a system of government based on ETHNIC TIGRIGNA values.”

            Was his follow up response to SJ out of irritation? God knows, but it did regress as you pointed out in your response.


          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam A.Osman

            “He (Semere Tesfai) did regress from his first response that claimed “PFDJ is a system of government based on ETHNIC TIGRIGNA values” and went on to say “And all while calling the PFDJ regime an ethnic Tigrigna regime – as if ethnic Tigrignas are enjoying life more than the next door Muslim.”

            A.Osman: There is no regression and there is contradiction there. And let me explain:

            The ethnic Tigrigna language and the ethnic Tigrigna values were there before PFDJ, they are alive and well now AS THEY SHOULD, and they will thrive after PFDJ is long gone.


            There are some opposition organizations who claim to have an objective to “Reverse The Tigringnanization of Eritrea” – I suppose, to make all Eritrean ethnics equal. I don’t know, if they are planning to get rid of the people, outlaw the language and culture, or all of the above – but De-Tigrignanization of Eritrea is what they think – is the solution for Eritrean’s current problems.

            And this is my thing: The Tigrigna Language is spoken by the great majority of Eritreans. The Tigrigna language is a Co-official national language of the state of Eritrea. You can’t separate the Tigrigna language and the Tigrigna culture, from the Tigrigna people. It is there to stay thriving and changing with time. And when it comes to equality of languages and cultures


            By whom? Not by the government, but by the respective ethnics themselves. Government could only help facilitate to make things easier, and appropriate funds to make the objective a reality.

            Semere Tesfai

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam Semere
            I think that’s a take I can agree with.
            1. It’s wrong to think of PFDJ as if it has the legitimacy of the Tigrigna people, it does not represent that big chunk of our society
            2. Tigrigna language and values are Eritrean as long as it does not oppress the other languages and values of the other social groups
            3, De-TigriNaization is not the way, but helping the others to uplift themselves through appropriate policies, in order to thrive like to Tihgrigna, is the right approach.
            4. Respecting social groups to exercise their rights as to what language to use and allowing them to decide how they want their children be taught.
            5. equitable representation in decision making bodies.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Mahmud Saleh

            Thank you sir. It means a lot to me when you said “I think that’s a take I can agree with”. Thank you again.

            Semere Tesfai

          • A.Osman

            Dear Mahmoud and Semere,

            First, Semere thanks for your clarification, I could not get my head around your original comment, knowing your view from past articles and reading you connect PFDJ with Tigrigna values. My assumption was that you would defend not associate.

            On point #3 as listed by MS – not that I disagree, but would like more elaboration on what the De-TigriNaization really means. Is it coined to create fear or there is an active policy to fight people using Tigrigna (I have not followed the Lowlander group and If anything ST is likely you are pointing your finger at them with the “some in the opposition”.

            Even the ” helping the others to uplift themselves through appropriate policies, in order to thrive like to Tigrigna” could be considered De-TigriNaization depending on the resource invested to achieve it.

            The more substantive debate on the topic was about the failure of “mother tongue” policy which has an intention to help the others to uplift themselves. So the status-quo will be good to fulfill ~#3.

            A number of options were proposed by some writers including, English only, Tigrigna&Arabic, Tigrigna&Tigre etc..The debates were passionate and resistances shown were driven by fear of “imposition of a solution”.

            For me the solution lies in #4, if a poor country like Eritrea can manage/tried a “mother tongue” policy, any alternative/combination will be manageable, so long people don’t feel things are imposed on them.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear AOsman
            Firstly, I want you to know that I REALLY, REALLY, admire your composure, knowledge, and your readiness to help anyone who is in trouble searching for anything in the internet. You are indeed, one of the people who make this forum sane. Otherwise, if it were up to me and Hayat, Awatista forum would long be a relic.
            Coming to your comment, it’s one of the landmines that has been creating a divide-line between and among Eritrean political groups. If you promise you will calm down the queen, I can open a thread because it’s a very important topic. I did have my share in this area, but I’ve been away for the last 21 years. However, I continue to follow it. I think a democratic medium would need to proceed the determination of such areas. That means the democratization of the political process should proceed it. Once we have a democratic vibe and possibilities, this could be one of the issue that will be determined by th4e concerned social groups. Of course, the subject is fertile for inputs from pedagogy, sociology, anthropology, politics…At the end the concerned communities assisted by professionals could make the decision. In the Eritrean case, I think it’s very easy. Depends on my time, if the thread picks up I can say more.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam A.Osman

            Thank you for caring about Eritrean issues and thank you for your probing questions.

            1. – “Would you elaborate more on what De-TigriNaization really means. Is it coined to create fear or there is an active policy to fight people from using Tigrigna (I have not followed the Lowlander group and If anything ST is likely you are pointing your finger at them with the “some in the opposition”.”

            In the Eritrean opposition camp, the idea of De-Tigrignanization of Eritrea is not unwarranted fear or groundless claim by folks like me. It is as real as it can get.

            And this is the reason for the De-Tigrignanization argument: (a) the PFDJ regime is ETHNIC TIGRIGNA REGIME that serve the interest of ethnic Tigrignas only (b) Ethnic Tigrigna culture is inherently violent culture (c) Ethnic Tigrigna language and culture is dominating Eritrean society by oppressing other ethnics and cultures

            Therefore (a) the ETHNIC TIGRIGNA REGIME (PFDJ leaders) has to be defeated (b) the ethnic Tigrigna party (PFDJ) has to be outlawed (c) any trace of the ethnic Tigrigna party should be cleansed and bleached (d) and finally, the De-Tigrignanization of Eritrea has to be reversed.

            Now, just to make a point, that the De-Tigrignanization idea is real, scroll few comments up and read Saleh Johar comment – and see why I was offended. This are his exact words

            “Promoting a value system (Tigrigna value) is not limited to “communicative” language, there are many layers of values that are packaged with it. Sometime values are also loaded with FASCISTIC TENDENCIES, underestimating the “other” (Muslims) and everything you see (you might not see it) about the PFDJ. Any minority (Muslim) in Eritrea should be worried with the attitude that comes with your argument. It is not benign, we have been there–Haile Sellassie’s argument was identical when he imposed Amharic… and see where that got us.”

            Now, I’m not asking anyone to prove to me whether Tigrigna value is fascistic or non-fascistic. I’m not asking anyone to explain to me whether the thousand year old Tigrigna language and Tigrigna culture belongs to PFDJ. All I’m asking is, if the Tigrigna culture is fascistic culture – meaning undesirable culture that need to be defeated – how do you separate the people from their language and culture? How do you defeat one without defeating the other?

            2. – “Even the ” helping the others to uplift themselves through appropriate policies, in order to thrive like to Tigrigna” could be considered De-TigriNaization depending on the resource invested to achieve it.”

            I disagree. Languages thrive or die for one simple reason: Market. Even with infinite amount of funds and un-restrictive environment, languages die if they don’t have market – don’t have listeners (radio TV), don’t have visitors on their website, don’t have readers (books, newspapers….), don’t have too many speakers…..

            The idea is all about – giving communities enough latitude to exercise their freedom and appropriate enough funds to reach their intended objective.

            Now, let me leave you with this thought. Individual person can’t govern a nation, whole people of a nation don’t govern their nation, a whole ethnic group don’t govern a nation, Christians don’t govern a nation, Muslims don’t govern a nation…….. NARROWLY CONNECTED GROUP OF PEOPLE DO. To earn legitimacy, then this narrowly connected people would claim to represent the whole population at large. This is true, not just with PFDJ, but with all governments. While in reality, the people don’t know what their government is doing in their name.

            For a smooth governing, this like-minded connected group at the core, will assign their mirror image individuals – if not throughout the chain of command (from top to bottom) – at least in all key governing positions, in order to control and govern. This like-minded connected people use their community’s language and culture to run their business – but with a little unique culture of their own.

            Thank you for engaging, and thank you for your respect.

            Semere Tesfai

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Semere T,
            You have a point in saying that market can play role in language expansion. It could serve as lingua franca. For instance, any Eritrean from whatever ethnic group he might come will need to communicate in Arabic if he wants to sell or buy goods and service in Sudan or Yemen.
            But how about dominant authority? History tell us people tend to adopt the language and religion of their rulers. A ruling authority imposes its legal system and culture on the subject. We remember that the imperial government of Ethiopia’s first measure was to impose Amharic on our people.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Ismail AA

            In Eritrea, PFDJ or not PFDJ, if any government (authority) imposes its legal system and culture on any/all other ethnics, I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO BE OPPOSING THE REGIME ON YOUR SIDE.

            I’m not for any privilege for ethnic Tigrignas – non whatsoever. I’m for equitable distribution of power, resources, opportunities and services to all Eritrean citizens irrespective of their region, ethnicity or faith.

            Semere Tesfai

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Semere,
            Fair enough; but how do we understand the country being rule by decrees for the last now more than 25 years? What do we call banning (pressuring at best) community schools to teach in other language than Tigrinya? Do you in all your conscience deny that the regime does everything possible to undermine the Arabic language which is the choice of at least half of the population? The question can go on and on.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Ismail AA

            To be honest with you, I don’t know much how the PFDJ regime is running the Education system in Eritrea. I think our (Awate) Mahmud Saleh and other forumers know a whole a lot more than I do.

            Is the PFDJ regime doing everything in its power to undermine the Arabic language? probably it is; I don’t know.

            But, if the PFDJ regime is undermining the Arabic language, we (you and I) have to pinpoint what the regime is doing wrong, and come-up with a solution to right the wrongs. Otherwise, complaining is not going to solve the problem.

            Inform me, be specific, and I’ll tell you my opinion.

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Semere,

            Sorry, I just saw your last response. Then, knowing you through the qualities of your postings, level of argumentation and defense, it amazes me when you tell me that you are not aware of one of the crucial policies of the PFDJ. How do you think Tigrinya and culture gained the status you have mentioned?
            What do you think it meant when the EPLF insisted on the nationalities preposition, and that one of its first education policy was primary education in the mother tongue. Don’t you think this was a strategy to block restoration of the old federal era policy of Arabic and Tigrinya at primary level? Do you think the key reason for banishing (we do not know yet whether alive or dead) 150 teachers were for sheer political reasons?
            Thus, I do not believe ambivalence and looking the other way will be at the end of the day in the interest of the nation, especially the elite and the literati among them. This issue is in fact one of the most discussed issues in our affairs. I hope you know patriots like Abe Are are rotting in the dungeons of the regime for their appeal and view on this matter.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Semere,

            Why do you keep insisting on talking on my behalf? Please do not do that. But since you damaged my remarks beyond recognition, let me restate them.

            1. I do not recognize you or the PFDJ represent Tigrinya speakers (for God’s sake, I am one and they do not represent me. )

            2. I do not recognize that Haile Sellassie represented the Amhara but all the same, he usurped the culture and used it to advance his grip of power. And yes, he was fascistic and anyone who thinks along his lines, for the promotion of whatever language, I am afraid is a fascist tendency.

            3. I am not that naive to deny the existence of those in power who think along the lines you explained, “Get used to it.” Yet, they are not representative.

            4. Refer to what Saay mentioned, “The Covenant” which was issued by Mejlis Ibrahim Mukhtar which identified the culprits as not more than 200 people, male. And these are by no stretch of imagination representative of Tigrinya. They are PFDJ and they must be removed.

            5. I give you that there are their equivalent on the other side (the opposition or what have you). They are on a campaign mood repeating, Habash this and Habash that. They are the cousins of PFDJ when bigotry and hypocrisy is concerned. Like the PFDJ, they represent no one.

            6. So my dear Semere, when you can pick on the few who are declared bigots whose targeting of Tigrinya speakers , why can’t one pick on the few declared bigots who happen to be Tigrinya speakers? I am sure you didn’t give that impression consciously, but you need to think about it.

            7. Please, never equate Tigrinya speakers with Christianity (it is particularly offensive to me 🙂 That is why you inserted Muslims withing parenthesis when you quoted me. That is dishonest Semere, but I will pass that. I will not allow you to strip me of my language just to prove your perceptive views. It’s wrong.

            8. Tigrinya doesn’t belong to the PFDJ just like Amharic didn’t belong to Haile Sellassie.

            Finally, please be careful not to misrepresent my ideas, and do not insert words that do not belong to the quote, it is offending and I am not faking outrage here. If my comment is not clear, please ask and I will explain. Don’t worry I will not mince words.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Saleh Johar

            – I think I removed all the words that I added in parenthesis. Sorry, I shouldn’t have added them on the first place.

            – As the saying goes (if I’m not mistaken) ዒሳ ብዲኑ – ዎ ሙሳ ብዲኑ – let’s find a common denominator that could bring us all closer, and oppose the PFDJ regime to make Eritrea, a better place to live.

            – There is a glaring fact in the Eritrean opposition: There are not too many ethnic Tigrignas in the Eritrean opposition. And that many ethnic Tigrignas can’t be PFDJ zombies, ethnocentric bigots……. Probably there is something unattractive for ethnic Tigrignas in the opposition camp.

            – For starters, when ethnic Tigrignas say ‘we oppose’ the PFDJ regime, please ‘believe them’

            – So please, lets make the Eritrean opposition a little ethnic Tigrigna friendly – even if the only ones you can find for now are – the likes of Semere Tesfai 🙂

            Semere Tesfai

          • Saleh Johar

            Thanks dear Semere,

            It is long time ago that I declared I would better have you a million times than the declared bigots.
            Still, you keep bringing religion when you address me. I beg you to see me as Saleh, just Saleh. Forget my other identities, just forus on the national one. The one that kept us together through the struggle. I never argued for religion as an identity so there is no reason to bring that to me repeatedly. To your Issa bdinu I add, Saleh bdinu w’ Semere bdinu. I don’t care what that is.

            The problem is with religion as an identity which one cannot avoid even if he was a known atheist. It shouldn’t stay on the back of our mind, always active as it is.

            I do not believe that anyone hold the monopoly to the opposition camp. There is no single door through which anyone should pass. Tigrinya or not, anyone can struggle, even form a one-man opposition. Your protrayal of the opposition as if it has one door is wrong, I think.

            If you are talking about the religious and ethnic groups, I think there is no way they can attract anyone outside their fold–you can only forge an alliance if you see worthy. Otherwise, you can’t hold anyone responsible for making it exclusive except the groups themselves. I do not have any responsibility in that more than you do, we both speak Tigrinya, remember. Aha, the identity! That I cannot help, you have to scrap it off your mind on your own. Only you can do that.

            The fact that the PFDJ attracts mainly Tigrinya speakers certainly results in a backlas, forllowed by a baklash, followed by another. Is it the egg or the chicken kind of argument. But I agree we have a national problem. That problem concerns you just like anyother Eritrean. Don’t pretend you are absolved. We are all in it, though maybe in differing degrees.

            For starters, please recognize that I am a Tigrinya speaker, not someone from Siberia. Please recognize that. Also, please note that I do not take any condescending, paternalist attitude from anyone on that one. I can beat you hands down on that, and on my diverse circle of friends, something that I proudly boast about in occasions. Humble yourself Semere, I will pass this, but don’t insult me 🙂

            Okay, your concluding sentence is good, “Let’s make the Eritrean opposition tent a little ethnic Tigrinya friendly…” I will help and I always help. But the way you address me, I feel like I am the commander of the opposition tent. First, I am not. Second, why are you trying to downplay the presence of Tigrinya speakers in the opposition camp? What gives you that impression? If it is second-hand information, it is skewed and I advise you to consider a different source. The likes of Semere Tesfai are good. In fact very good provided they don’t insist on seeing three layers down when the surface layer is good enough 🙂

            It has been pleasure, but too much Semere and Saleh spoils the soup that never was 🙂

            Take care

          • Peace!

            Hi Saleh,

            ان ما قاله هذا الشاب قد أفزعني ،وسالت نفسي هل صحيح يوجد عندنا ناس مثل
            هذا الشخص وأخيرا الى أين سوف يكون مسار هذه البلدة والذي اخاف منه ان لا ينتقل هذا الى الأجيال حديدة التي جالسة تأتي ،ولكن على العموم ان الجواب الذي أعطيته جواب كافي


          • Thomas D

            Hi M and S,

            A L complimenting L seems to be the case. Go on and good luck with that, I am sure history will comeback to you, it will just be a matter of time.

        • blink

          Dear Semere
          Can you use your mirror to reflect on the same angle of the current opposition and activisim we have ? As saay put it wisely and to the point ,do you think we are wasting our time on how to root the system due to our lack of understanding ?

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Blink

            The reason for the failure of the Eritrean opposition is, the opposition itself. Their demand:


            Who in his right mind will hand them power, if what they want is to kill and arrest the top and mid-level PFDJ leaders, outlaw the PFDJ party, and weed-out and bleach all the perceived and real stains of PFDJ.

            And all while calling the PFDJ regime an ethnic Tigrigna regime.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Semere,
            You described the regime as Tigrinya regime, why blame others? Unless you disowned you description of two hours ago!

      • blink

        Dear Saleh Jouhar
        Can you please put some suggestions , the young activists can do things better ? Just a list from your observation , what are the things we lack and the things we should push more ?

        • Saleh Johar

          Hi Blink,

          Think in terms of justice. Always. What is unjust for you is also unjust for the other guy.

          Respect the experience of other and learn from it, not necessarily accept it.

          Problems of past generations will always be there until they are resolved. Never dismiss a social problem as if it doesn’t concern you.

          Stay away from offensive, arrogant attitudes.

          Don’t b belligerent, particularly wars that you will not fight.

          Remember a fires of war spreads wide and far. You can not control it a if it were a cooking fire.

          That is what I can say at this moment.

      • Thomas D

        Hi SGJ,

        I know Eritrea has many of Semere’s kinds, but I cannot believe he could open his mouth that wide in pointing out his extreme position. If he was originally from the U.S., I would have called him a redneck. These are the kind of people who are leading our nation. However, I have to mention this to you that this guy is not only a tigrigna fundamentalist, but he is obviously:

        – A regionalist
        – does not like people more than 5 kilometers or less from his own village
        – does not like people other than Orthodox
        – does not like people who do not dress, eat and breath like him

        I just cannot find words to describe this guy and his kinds. The only good thing is they will surely fall with the fall of their bosses. The sad thing is we have a long way to go. Now, people can see why I said that Eritrea will need a diverse of people from other nations to neutralize the kinds of Semere: ) As such, it will be wise to have the United States of Eritrea instead of a centralized Eritrea. So that we can have Semere to live in the Badme area of that state:)

    • Thomas D

      Hi Semere Abraha,

      “If Isaias dies tomorrow, could there be ugly power struggle inside thePFDJ camp? Absolutely. Could there be civil war? Yes, it is possible. But, but, but – the likelihood of that happening is less with PFDJ at the helm, than with the never converging parallel politics of the current opposition.” — “Tedeliyiyo emo yizga’aki” elemo:) So, Eritrean unity is better kept under PFDJ ruling or there will be civil war in Eritrea? So, Eritrea can only survive without the Tigres, Afaras, Sohos, Kunama and the other 5 ethics. However, there will be civil war if any or all non-tigrigna ethnic groups given a chance to demonstrate or revolt against the current system? I really need oxygen because I cannot believe I am hearing this from Semere Abrha? Eritrea – please DO NOT tell me that this guy is our own?

    • Abraham H.

      Hi Semere,
      I really don’t think a man of your calibre would write such a rubbish stuff as you did here. And I don’t think you really mean what you’ve written; probably you are trying to provoke angry replies from other forumers, which is silly of you.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Selam SAAY
    A nice one. I’m sure Emma is coming back to enrich the discussion. A year ago, long before the news of Walkait and Xegede, and before our queen Hayat finds this dude called AG, there was a discussion about this topic- of course between you and Emma. I found a little space between you guys and squeezed myself to say a very long Hateta. I will post an excerpt of it which is relevant to the topic, without any editing.
    “From what I could understand, SAAY is saying PFDJ, or by extension the GOE, is totally controlled by IA. There is no question that there is a structure and a system, however, that system is not a system that could sustain itself as it is without IA. I agree with him here. For anyone who knows the frictions between PFDJ and professional oriented institution of the country, he/she will recognize that what is keeping the balance is not institutionalism and institutional rules and regulations which logically should also keep IA at bay from his whimsical bouts of freezing and disbanding figures and institutions at will. So, I also see this as a bad value system of governance that PFDJ has purposely introduced and cultivated in order to make IA the supreme arbitrator.
    SAAY’s and my view recognizes that the institutions in the country, particularly the political ones, are institutions of administrative nature where instructions/commands and decrees are flowed top-down stream. I think of them as executor entities with no institutional backing to be self regulating, self-sustaining, and self-managed and guided. At any point in time they could be stopped, interrupted, or changed without any legal recourse to resort to in order to protect their existence, quality assurance, productivity…and what have you. They could at any time be dismissed, or created by IA. The institutions are not created to answer public demands but to enhance IA rule.”