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Suleiman Adam Suleiman Passed Away in Cairo

A veteran of the struggle for the liberation of Eritrea, and an active member of the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF), Suleiman Adam Suleiman passed away today, Wednesday, February 8. 2017.

A member of the ELF until his death, Mr. Suleiman didn’t stop struggling for the freedom of the Eritrean people and he never returned to his country Eritrea which he left in his late teens.

Mr Suleiman was also a member of the Erirean Liberation Movement mostly by its Arabic name “Harakaa, and its Tigrinya name “Mahber Shewatte”,..

Like many veterans of the Eritrean struggle who died in exile, Mr. Suleiman will be buried in Cairo, Egypt, where he died today.

The un-elected ruling party of Eritrea doesn’t allow dissenters or their remains to return to Eritrea for burial, mainly veterans who are not members of its party.

Many veterans who returned home after the liberation of Eritrea are in prison, have died in the custody of the security forces, or were made to disappear.

Mr. Suleiman was a member of the ELF and a respected elder who served in many capacities since the seventies of the last century. He has made many diplomatic trips in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Mr Suleiman is survived by children, grandchildren, and relatives who are scattered all around the world.

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  • GitSAtSE

    ብሰላም ዕረፍ ሱልይማን ኣዳም፡ሱልይማን።

    እውል ተበግሶኻ ድሕንት ስድራኻ ንሕና ወረስቲ ናይ ሓባር ዕላማ ሓላፍነት ሃገረ ኤርትራ ኢዩ።

  • HayaT1

    Someone said or wrote somewhere “countries get the type of government they deserve.” Upon reading the “as member of the ELF until his death, Mr. Suleiman didn’t stop struggling for the freedom of the Eritrean people and he never returned to his country Eritrea which he left in his late teens,” clause in the article, I felt terrible and cannot fathom to understand the underpinning visible/invisible inhibiting socio political factors that have hold us back to secure the very basics as people.
    Mr. Suleiman Adam Suleiman was among the noble Eritreans who began the struggle and devoted his life to realize Eritrean independence, and similar to so many others, he has passed away NOT in the land of his forefathers, the very country he loved and struggled for, but in another country. HGDF is not like any other ordinary dictator that has the will to become magnanimous. The Somalis, Sudanese, Ethiopians, South Africans and many other countries have allowed former compatriots to repatriate to their countries not to be buried but to live and participate in the wellness of their countries. HGDF does not possess any of that.
    It is cruel, backward and selfish with the tendency to feast on the pain of former political opponents. It is painful to once again realize the despot has continued its outdated detrimental policies against patriotic Eritreans who risked their lives for Eritrea. It is painful to observe no one, including the deceased is spared from the unhinged wrath of HGDF.
    Are we inept, incapable of learning from past experiences to readdress and reclaim the very rudimentary national interest like securing the right to return home when we want to? Do we see such forbidding form of punishments in other undemocratic countries, and how long are we going to allow it to happen? Who is to blame, and what will be the fate of the countless Eritreans that are residing out of Eritrea?
    May Allah Grant the family Eternal Peace!

    • GitSAtSE

      ሰላም ሓያት እደም፡

      ኣነ ውን ብሰንኪ ብሕላዊ ግርጭታት ብሰንኪ አዋናውን (ግዜ) ሰፈር ክንዲ ማዕዶ ጠፈር (ርሕቀት) ዝዕቐኑ ዝስመዕካ ታሪኽ ወዲ ኣዳም፡ ዝረስዕክዋ ዝንጋዔ ቆላሕታኺ ኣዘኪሩኒ ብትሪ።

      አሱ ኽኣ በቲ ብሀላዊ ፥ ንስድራቤቱ ሱልይማን ኣዳም፡ሱለይማን፡ጽንዓት ይሃብኩም፡ ዘይምባልይ ኢኺ ኣሪምክለይ። ሓያት ጓል እደም።

      The sympathy to Vet, Sulleiman,Adam,Sulleimsn’s familly’s by us paying our respects vin through the virtual,medium and other forces renders no transgression of, though a foundational pillar law of respect at times of ሓዘን።

      The strength you have provided me as you either have been,AWOL,or MIA lately. And the “familiar concave up exposing the ivory or pearly whites” ፍሽኽታኺ is my anxious joy in seeing you albeit on a “sad” occassion., I wanted to rush and ask,you if you have caught Mr. AHmed Raji,,before he boarded The Rapid Express Setayo Bus over Haji Hasen Bus. If you have missed him,, he will be returning to put together the subcomittee of which you and Mr.,Beyan, Negash noded in agreement to,follow through with.

      Gual,Adem, your TeMenQeQ Set bel,in,remonding me of a major neglegence reminded of Aboy,Adem,in Kartum Telata Mekteb Jebhat Al ShaEbia. እቦይ ኣደም ኣብ ዘመን፡ሓረካን ማሕበር ሸዓተ መስረቲ ምቅዋም፡ስሕተት HIM/ንሱ ህይለ ስላሴ ስሕተት ብቲ፡ናይቲ፡ዘመን፡ቛንቃ ወንበደ ዝተሰመዩ ሰብ ዕላማ ዋልታ ወይ አግል ረሒብ ገቢል ሸዓን ኣርትርያ።፡ብሰልቲ ምስ ንፍሰሄር ሱልይማን፡ኣድም፡ ኣብ ብንባር ሓረካ ውይ ኣብ ክፍልታት ሃንደሳ ስልቲ ርጉጽ ዕወት ሰውራ ኤርትር ኢዮም ኔሮም።

      እብ 1978 መክተብና ተላታ ግና፥ ኣቦይ ኣደም፡ልከዕ፡ክምዛ ስራሕ ሻልሕ ዩንስ as Saay7 held class for the Nine (thought to,have been Eaten by ate less Unistring) as Coach of the Chess Club, Aboy Adem us well focused on our studies And The Cause. Chechers they thought was appropriate our age at the time. But, the Chess club was for the,select as just like Saay7 elite Nine.

      And so, as I remember ሓዘን the initial,shock has every one expressing their grief in their own unique way. Only the gathering under one Tent of the entire village gives Strength my the presence and conversation of which by the Third week,or so of the numerous shift changes and relays, the shock disipates and the sensitivities of are not as hightened to “Logic” con tilde y sason that would have generated a much more ferocious RESPONSRE BY ABOY ADEM,TO,ABI’ fly/hypo minor pero muy peligroso commo El Ninno(tilde) Nitrik mas Un Mil. ክንድሽሕ ኒትሪክ፡መጺጽ ኣቺዶ አሳኣተ ጎመራዊ Explossion.

      The Respect for tradition abd respect along withby Week Three of ሓዘን፡እቢ’ስ ህድማ from,the,thevBandit is Semmuna Workn as insignificant as an Antsጻጸ ሸሙና ወርቅ፡ much like The Infimous “The Aristocrats Joke” ን፡ምዝንጋዕ ሓዘንተኛ።

      Ask The Queen,of Katwe of Uganda–Chess Chapion,and Grand Master of The Blue Mouuntains of Hypo of Tekeze as fast of a swimmer as Jamaica’s Husein,Bolt! Dread Locks and The Tokhrit of Gash Setit, River Banks of Tekeze and ThevDelta in Nigeria Ogidi Anabra State – Home of African GitSatSe Chinua Achebe much– like err just ask Fukuyama You Rlthe Alchemist Saint Paul, of the similarity in ቻ በሎ ንዓ ወሽ Checkov’s Kalashn tAkhlo.
      with the Aritist Ethiopian Mesonqoist whose name is in quotes. ቻላቸው ኣሸናፊ ግዮኡ ኣለዋ።
      ፋራ ና ኣራዳ ምን ልይት ኣለበት።
      ኢትዮዊ Olympian Swimmer ሮቤል ትልቅ አሳ አንደ እበበ በኪላ ንጉስ ኣሸናፊ ይ ኣገረ ኢትዮጵያ።
      my Dear Mate Abi,it is if the check kind. CHECK MATE Set up,the board of the three dimensional Checkers..
      JAH AND Nukruma of Ghana Statesmen of that era, as well as “Chees big Head ” Chelist For the Base Saay7 Vs ministronibsoup strimg pasta Ante fara! NEXT ROUND OF TEJ IS ALSO ON YOU.

      AND To The Berieved Family Kinfolks and KindishiH familit May athecAlmighty give you And Adi KndiShiH strength… And your Suppreme Law Guardians Saay7’s NINE.

      @)ሓረካ ማሕበር ሸውዓተ ሕድሪ ህዝቢ ዓዋተ ከቢረ ኢብራሂም ዋልደኣብ ኣብርሃም ፊሽክህታ ስንቂ ዓሳ ዓርከብኮባይ።

      ከ ል ቁርሲ ቅጫ መለ ቡርትካን ሕምባሻ ዱባ ኣሜርካ።

  • sara

    ”Inna Lilahi Wa Inna Elayahi Rajeoun”
    may allah grant the family -Sabr – in this difficult times

  • Adarob

    الله يرحمه ويغفر له

  • Fanti Ghana

    My condolences to his family, and may he rest in peace!

  • Thomas


  • Ahmed Idris

    الله يرحمه ويغفر له. ..

  • Peace!


  • Paulos


  • Abi

    Hi all
    Which country did he serve in his diplomatic missions in the Middle East?

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Abi,
      Sometimes your comments , even though you claim it is a joke, is tasteless and abrasive. Try to contr your impulsive reactions , particularly in a time of mourning–I believe it’s an Ethiopian tradition. In addition, I know his relatives and children do read your comment. A little sensitivity goes a long way.

      Finally, I will volunteer to give you a reply. He was serving his people since his teen years, and was a selfless man who never abandoned his quest for justice. HE SERVED Eritreans and fought against the senile Janhoi, the bloody Derg, and died fighting against the tyrant in Eritrea. Have some respect, please.

      • Abi

        Selam Ato Saleh
        There is no joke intended. You or whoever wrote the article said he served as a diplomat in the Mid East. I asked which country? What is wrong in that? If you know tell me. If you don’t let somebody tell me. Better yet make it a policy to check with you before raising a question.
        What makes you think Janhoi’s relatives appreciate your utter disrespect to the king? He has been dead for years and you are still hammering him every chance you got. How are you better than I?

        • Fanti Ghana

          Hello Abisha,
          ooh! Logic?

          • Abi

            Hi Fantish
            I don’t see any logic where a person defending one and insulting another in the same breath. Unless it is like the movie “Children of the Lesser God “.

        • Peace!


          Try showing a little class or at least talk like you deserve respect..smh


        • G. Gebru

          ክቡር አቢ ምንም ቢሆን ያለፈው ትንፋሽ ነው፣ ለላ ቢቀር ነብስ ይማር ብለህ ጀምረህ ጥያቀውን ብታቀርብ እንካን ብዙ ልዩነት ይኖረዋል። መከባበር ኢትዮጵያውያነ ከሚታወቁበት ህብረተሰብአዊ ጸጋ መሆኑንም መዘንጋት የሚገባ አይመስለኝም።
          ከሰላምታ ጋር።

        • Paulos

          Abi Yenie Wendim,

          Insulting the living is human, respecting the dead is divine. They say, true heroism is refusing to be a prisoner of your own past and freeing yourself from the dictatorship of your own memory. Lasciai perdere!

          • Abi

            Hi Paul
            I hear you.
            I’m tired of reading SGJ religiously insulting the dead King as if he himself killed the king at the battle field. I hope he listens to your advice.

          • Paulos

            Selam Abi,

            Obviously I don’t pretend to be a psychologist of some sort and I don’t mean to intellectualize the “issue” at hand eithet but it seems our mind seeks a symbol to let a pented up anger out on as in catharsis if you will. The experts call it immature defense mechanism which should be supplanted by a mature mechanism as in love and strong will. Great men do not fall back onto the animal instinct as in hate. Great men love and forgive instead for it is not only the right thing to do but it is what it is to be human. One can not wallow in hate if one aspires to be a leader and that is precisely the difference between greatness and mediocrity.

  • Brhan

    May Allah bless him and give patience to his family

    • G. Gebru

      ጌታ አብ መንግስተ ሰማዩ ይቀበሎ፣ ንስድራ ቤት ከአ ጽንዓቱ ይሃብ።