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Release Of Hussein Khelifa And Hamdoi Expected Anytime

If the Sudanese authorities keep the promise they gave to different people, Hussein Khelifa, the leader of of the ELF, and Abdelah Hamdoi, a member of the leadership council of the same organization, are expected to be released from prison anytime.

One of the sources that communicated with the Sudanese authorities told Gedab News, “They have made a promise and I have no reason to believe they will not honor their promise.”

Hussein Khelifa is a veteran of the liberation struggle and was a senior military commander of the ELF. He has been struggling for freedom of his country and people since 1965. His colleague Abdela Hamdoi is also a veteran of the ELF.

Since the two leaders were arrested on January 30, 2016, many people have intervened on their behalf and appealed to the Sudanese authorities to secure their release.

Over the last few days, tribal leaders from Eastern Sudan, as well as dignitaries and influential people in the region have been pressuring the Sudanese authorities to release the two leaders.

In addition, several diplomats representing international organizations and countries of the region have appealed and exerted pressure on the Sudanese authorities to release the two leaders. Several human rights groups have also requested clarification on the circumstances of the arrest from the Sudanese authorities.

Since it signed a security agreement with the Eritrean regime of Isaias Afwerki, the government of Sudan has disallowed Eritrean opposition forces from operating in its territories. The Eritrean regime has a considerable influence on the Sudanese federal government and the regional governments of Eastern Sudan where its security and intelligence operative roam freely.

The Eritrean regime is known to have kidnapped many Eritrean dissidents from the streets of Sudanese towns with the cooperation from corrupt Sudanese security officers, who often arrest leaders of the opposition forces and hand them over to the Eritrean security across the border.

In mid-February, 2012, an Eritrean opposition figure, Mohammed Ali Ibrahim, a senior member of the Eritrean Peoples’ Democratic Party (EPDP), disappeared after he left his house in Kessala, Sudan. His whereabouts are not known yet.

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  • Abrehet Yosief

    Dear Awate,
    I keep coming back to this article. I just love reading “released from prison”. Oh, what sweet sounding words.

  • AMAN

    Dear Awatistas
    Sorry I apologize to you and especially KS
    when I forgot to upload Yemane Baria’s
    song from the you tube music here
    at Awate forum.
    The song I had in mind was the following
    that I thought I UPLOADED it for you along
    with the other songs. Sorry sometimes the
    people upload them with different titles tha
    we commonly know or knew it before.
    Here it goes

    ዝሓመምኩ ይመስሎ ዘይፈለጠ ፡
    ብፍቕርኺ ሂወተይ ከምተሸጠ ፡
    ገጸይ ማዳ ወጺእዎ ማሲኑ ፡
    ይሓምየኒ እንዳበለ እንታይ ኮይኑ።

    ዝፈልጠኒ ኩሉ ጋግዪኒ ፡
    ንሱ ድዩ አይንሱን እንዳበሉኒ ፡
    በብዝሓለፈክዎ ጎደና ፡
    ተገምጢሎም ይጥምቱኒ ።

    ከምዚ አይኮንኩን ነይረ ብዓንተቦ ፡
    ፍቕርኺ መጺኡ ግን ንልበይ ምስ ሰለቦ ፡
    አይ ሽዑኡ እንድየ ዝሰአንኩ ሐቦ ፡
    እወ ዝአተኹ አብ መጻብቦ ።

    Courtesy : Yemane G/M (Barya)

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear LT and all awate friends,

    I think there is good news now that they are released. Let us make sure.

    • Dayphi

      merhaba ya Najm,
      indeed, some eritrean sites have reported that the two leaders have already been released and that Mr. Hussein Khalifa flew or enroute to Addis. As you said, lets get confirmation from ELF news conference.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Dayphi,

        Sudan’s government will not have choice actually. unlike before their is a network internationally fallowing developments and hero Eritreans are are exposing everything. besides good reacting department is there and PFDJ will even directly pay prices. Now, Sudan will even allow opposition to move freely and the bad days are ahead for PFDJ.

        • Dayphi

          عزيزي نجم السلام،
          من بؤَّك لباب السما.
          بالرغم من بعض عراقيل السياسة وتخاذل نظام البشير، فإن الاخُوَّة السودانية الارترية أخوة أزلية دائمة.ولدينا من اللاجئين والمستوطنين في ارض السودان ما يربو عن مليون ارتري.

    • Solomon Haile

      Selamat Kshafa,
      Two or more per the OX..
      One can then conclude: Regional cooperation through legal advocacy on the level of___________
      Syllogism! I tell Ya nebsi! your update leads…

      • Kokhob Selam

        Hi Sele,
        Kshafa? It seems you put this post in wrong place. how are you bro….But what happened to PFDJ sales department? Is that they couldn’t provide ladies or no more demand ?

  • adarob

    Please read”understand tigrayet”

  • Solomon Haile

    SebaH alKhier Hayet,
    The Menfiit Filter picked up a “Qidmi Eisran Hamushten Amet EtioPia tetiTseniH..” noise signal.
    Got to admire Saay’s the 43rd Bush like head on one on one, bear knuckles with “The Man.” Every laborer on “Hade Gnbot” recognizes the oppressor is “The Man.” Not only the communists. Americans just have an extra Labor Day in “Meskerem.” “Ahgurawi beAl SheQalo/Harestot iyyu Awet nHafash.” One sentence from the classics allowed by “yOM AL SEBit” boundaries and jurisdictions. “Syllogism.”

  • Ali

    The only real terrorist in Eritrea is Isaias Afewerki and his thugs.

    • Ali ome

      Well the regime hi is with terest can trey luke Sudan and the. Golf manakey an so coll Israel is natine new we no hi donker ertrean popole mast government in mast sheng by Sudanis after that eritrea get ferey from this terest hdgf

      • Ali

        Sorry bro, I don’t understand what you are saying. But, yes I did read hdgf are terrorist and I 100% agree. 🙂

  • L.T

    If our GVT cought them I think it’s not good idea to have them becouse they are so old and they cost alot so my suggestion is to release and deport to where they come from.Eritrea has no afford to have them.

    • adarob

      Hahaha do you mean Hussein Khelifa and Abdelah Hamdoi come från tigray and will be deported to tigray? Don’t worry every one knows thier origin 🙂 What about you?

      • Alhande M Shejeli

        Adorb are u related to the people of Tigray even thru marriage if not ethically?

  • adarob

    How come your name sounds like “boko haram” if you are anti terrorists? :)That means you don’t know the diffrenence between terrorists and free men like Hussein Khelifa, that are fighting to free you from the mantra of Awet-N-Hafash idiocy. A person of the lowest order of mental retardation would tell you the diffrenence. There is no respected hafash in Eritrea today. You seems to have a very naive attitude toward politics.

    • kogne

      Hussein khalifa fighting to free you from the mantra of awet nihafash, you are kidding ,there is proverb in tigrinia(BI GI ZIE WUBE ZI ZE MEMES ,WUBE KIBIL MOTE) jebha died 1981 that’s it, and the leaders of jebha like Hussein khelifa after jebha they cant find a job, the only money they can make to survive is, the only choice they have is, the same thing they been doing after Eritrea Ethiopia border war, to go to Ethiopia just collect 20-30 people open office give organizational name ELA, EPDP EEEEE ,etc get TUKABO from SANAA FORM, MELES, etc , stay in a hotel in addis ,they did nothing,they been fighting each other for money they just been making a living,thats laughable to tell as they are fighting to liberate as from PFDJ,thats shame on you

      • adarob


        Ok! is their imprisonment in sudan the same as staying in a hotel to you?

        • kogne

          adarob,i dont support any eritrean to be imprisoned (siga entewodeket hamed hiza titisi e) i know hussein khalifa with his military walkie talkie during jebha ,i dont like any eritrean to be harmed,we are a family,we have different ideas thats healthy.we are different political vision, i believe thats good too ,but i dont know when we are going to accustom that ,every body have his right to believe whatever he wants,But i dont agree when you said hussein khalifa is fighting to liberate you from mantra awet nihafash, dont take me wrong i dont support their imprisonment i pray for them to be released soon

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear L.T.

    not so easy. million light years to shine.. Kokhob is here to stay longer than you thought …. burning the devil. watch!

  • Kokhob Selam

    ክቡራት እንዳ ዓዋተ

    ጉዳይ መእሰርቲ እዞም ክልተ ውፉያት መራሕቲ ተግድሎ ሓርነት ኤርትራ ምስ ተቃለሐ – ኢድ እቲ ጻሕጋር ጉጅለ ከምዘለዎ ዘይጠርጠረ ኣይነበርን :: እዞም ሰባት ንኽፍትሑ ዝተገብረ ጻዕሪ – ነቶም ዝጸዓሩን ገና ዝጽዕሩ ዘለውን ምስጋና ይግበኦም :: እንተ ዝተገብረ ህዝባዊ ቃልሲ ግን ክሳብ ሕጅ ኣብ ትዕዝብቲ ዘውድቕ እዩ :: ነዚ ክብል እንከለኹ ሓፍ ኮፍ ዝብል ኣንባቢ ከምዘሎ ይርደኣኒ እዩ :: ኣጸቢቑ ክሕቆን ‘ውን ኣብነት ከቅርብ :- ኣብ ‘ዛ መርበብ ሓበሬታ ኣብ ውሽጢ ዝሓለፋ 30 መዓልታት ዝተጻሕፉ ዓንቀጻት – ገለን ጠቃሚ ገልን ሃለውለው ዝዓነቱ ርኢቶታት ተጻሒፉ ክንሱ ነዚ ጉዳይ ማእሰርቲ ብዝምልከት ለካቲት 2 ዝተጻሕፈ ሓበሬታ 4 ጥራይ ርኢቶታት እዩ ነይሩ :: እዚ ኸኣ ነቲ ኣማዕቢልናዮ ዘለና “እንታይ ገዲሱኒ” ዝብል – ብተግባር ኣብ ሓድነታዊ ቅልሲ ዘለና ድኹምን ምውትን ሕልና ዘንጸባርቕ ጉድና እዩ :: ጉድ ናይ’ቶም ስምረት ዶ ሓድነት ዝብሉ ብተግባር ግን ወላ ብቃላት እኳ ነዚ ዝዓይነቱ ገበን ዘይምውጋዝ ዘሕዝን እዩ ::

    እዞም ካብ ስሳታት ኣትሒዞም – ዓለም ለኻዊ ርኢቶን ኣይድዮሎጅን ብዘይገድስ – ግዳ ነቲ “ናይ ሓባር ዓላማ ኣለና” እናበልና እንጭድረሉ መትከል ዓትዒቶም ብምሓዝ ብጃ ዝሓልፉ ጀጋኑ – ቃልሲ ንዓዓቶም ዝተሓዘአ ዕዳ ድዩ ? ካን ዶ ሕልናና ቀቲልናዮ!!

    ህግደፍ ከምናይ ቀደም ህደናን ጭውያን ከቢድዋ እዩ : ከም ቀተልታ ዝቀትሉ ከም ጨወይታ ዝጨውዩ ምዑታት ነቂሎም እዮም :: ነዚ ዝፈለጠት ምትእኽኻብ ነቶም ክትቀትልን ክትጨውይን እንከላ ፋይላት ዝዓጽውላ ዝነበሩ- ወላ ብዝተሓተ ደረጃ ባዕሎም ኣሲሮም ክውዕሉን ክሓድሩን እያ ትፈታትን ዘላ :: እዚ ውን ኣይክትዕወተሉን እያ ! ጉዳያት ብክልተ መንገድታት ተታሒዞም ኣለው : ብውሽጣውን ግዳማውን : ውሽጣዊ ማዕሪኣን ልዕሊኣን ዝናኸስ – ግዳማዊ ኸኣ ጉዳን ግዳጉዳን ዘቃልዕን ንዝኸበደ ዓለም ለኻዊ መጽቀቲ ዘዳርግን ::

    እንኳዕ እኳ ሕድሪ ሰማእታት ዝተሰከሙ ኣናብስ ሃለውና እምበር – ካብ ሰብ ሃተፍተፍ ሲ ሃገር ኣይምሃለወትናን ::እንተ ዞም ውሑዳት መን ናይ መን ውድብ ሰዓቢ ወይ ወካሊ ብዘየገድስ: – ንሰብኣዊ መሰል ቅድሚት ሰሪዖም :- ሃገር ካብ ብልሽዋት ነጻ ከምዝገብርዎ ዘጠራጥር ኣይኮነን :: እቲ ምንታይ ሲ ወላ ውን ነቶም ላዕለዎት ኣመራርሓ ህዝባዊ ግንባር ነበር – እሞ ድማ ክሳብ ነቲ ናይ ስለያን ጸጥታን መራሒ ዝነበረ – ኣብ ምውሳን መቅተልን መጭወይትን ግደ ዝተጻወተ ‘ውን ከይተረፈ ድሕሪ ተረኽቦ ማእሰርቱ 2001 ንሕጋዊ መሰሉ ደው ኢሎም እዮም ዝምክትሉ ዘለው ::

    ኣብ ዚ ኣጋጣሚ ‘ ዚ እቶም ሹድሽተ ውድባት ንመንግስቲ ሱዳን ዘቅረብዎ ጠልብ ይጋውሕ ኣሎ :: ወላ ዶንጉዮም ‘ውን ምንቅስቃሶም ኣይጽላእን እዩ :: እዚ ግን እኹል ኣይኮነን – እቲ ግዳይ ዓለም ለኻዊ ኣትኩሮ ክህልዎ ምጽዓርን ንሰለይቲ ህግደፍ ምስ ሰብ ሕድሪ ተጸንቢርካ ካብ ጠቅሚ ወጻኢ ምግባርን ህጹጽ ናይ ዛ ሰዓት ኣገዳሲ ውራይ እዩ ::

    ፎእ ንድሑራትን ተበለጽትን ! ፎእ ንእከይ ምሕደራ ህግደፍ ! ቀተልትን ጨውይትን ኣብ ነጻ ቤት ፍርዲ ክቀርቡ እዮም ::

    ኮኾብ ሰላም 11 – 02- 2016