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SBS Radio Reads Tedros Abraham’s Article

sbs-reading-of-Tedros-abraham-on-agazian2Since a few months ago, a group of Abyssinian fascists have been spreading hate speech and racial incitement. They have also been calling for ethnic and sectarian cleansing in Eritrea, using the Youtube platform. In relation to that, the Tigrinya unit of the Australian SBS radio read an article by Tedros Abraham, written to address the haphazard use of ancient history for agitation and to massage raw nerves.

Awatestaff believes Tedros’ article is educational, particularly for those who use ancient racial and sectarian references as if they are constant realities. We thank Tedros Abraham for the article, and the Tigrinya unit of SBS radio for making it available in audio format.

  • KBT

    Selamat kulukhum
    I don’t think you need to worry about those garbage they are from Tigray
    They are desperate to instigate ethnic and religious war in Eritrea
    They have a teacher call tesfasion,he is TPLF stooge
    They still don’t understand how unity between Eritrean is strong whatever we are different in politic

  • Haile S.

    Hi Awatestaff,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is a well references well articulated narrated article. I wish it was presented in a written format so that everyone could read it. I went through 3 Agazian schools (0 to 8th) in Asmara and have a great memory of my life every year in those schools. What a disgrace this You-Tube individual desecrating and associating a simple historical name with such violence. One of the vivid memories I have in that junior school is when I was 8th grade. We had a history teacher (Haileab, I think) while teaching us the history of liberation fronts in Africa, after mentioning FRELIMO, ZANU and the rest, said ELF or jebha was the liberation front for Eritrean. It was unbelievable; I hesitated to write it, but finally did; Jan’hoi was in his final months on the throne.
    I am not dragging you into any controversies of naming and renaming, but just to mention that when I hear of preserving of Asmara’s historical architecture, I cannot ignore that humongous beautiful and exception mosaic, a master-piece in its art category in the facade of the old Agazian junior high school now renamed Bahti Meskerem school (address Sudan street, Edaga Hamus, unless changed recently) that I think needs to be preserved as well. But I acknowledge, we have far more important urgent things to preserve; our youth, our population, our diversity, our future…
    Haile S.

  • Abraham H.

    Selam Awatestaf, your article heading says Tedros Adhanom, while the article you’re refering to was written by Tedros Abraham.

  • Abrehet Yosief

    Dear Awatestaff,

    Thank you for making this available in your forum. I sympathize with the young whose history lesson started with “megza’eti Turkey” and continued with a list of subsequent of oppressors. They then grew up to find that the one who taught them about their historic oppressors and proclaimed he was their emancipator was indeed the worst oppressor. Hence, their need to find redemption of their identity through any plausible argument. While it is easy to dismiss Tesfazion as a charlatan, as our proverb says “Hade qumal sire yefitiH Hade weregna hager yifetiH”. It is good that someone gave a measured response.

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