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PFDJ Turns to Prayers, Pastors Return to PFDJ

Every epoch in human history brings its own booming business and now, the business of Jesus Chris has become a very lucrative enterprise even the PFDJ is venturing into. And some gibberish talking, bible wielding, scriptures-flaunting and self-crowned prophets have committed themselves to working against the aspiration of the Eritrean people by aligning themselves with PFDJ. After banning and incarcerating and disappearing Pentecostal and the Jehovah witnesses for decades, PFDJ has now embraced prayers and certain pastors have embraced PFDJ.

The YPFDJ’s 14th Conference opened with these prayers: “God save us from those who work as maids, may God save us from those who relinquish their national responsibility… and may next year we gather in Massawa, amen!!”

Some Pastors, those who were supposedly called by God as one of the “minsters” of Jesus to shepherd his flock have finally abandoned their grace and embraced PFDJ by participating in the YPFDJ 2018 Conference. Pastor and NASA engineer Eritrean Fessehaye Ghezae attended the YPFDJ 2018 Conference, claiming he came there to inspire the youth and share with them that if they work hard, burn the midnight oil, they will succeed. That the sky is the limit and that he is a living proof of a humble beginning who rose to the pinnacle or his story from rags to riches if you want to use a tired cliché. Nothing that Tony Robins or the books of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer could not tell them, but still all good and noble assertions. Noble words in the midst of an ignoble company. Maybe as a disciple of Jesus Christ he did it out of love and that engineer Ghezae was called to help the YPFD victims, that mere mortals like me cannot fathom. But unlike his high priest, we did not hear him say, they do not know what they are doing, forgive them, we did not hear him cast their demons, we did not hear him telling them that Jesus was their savor, we did not hear him praying for the Eritrean journalist, pastors, elders, and leaders languishing in Ela-Ero and dying in the high seas and victims of human traffickers.

The Kidnapped Eritrean Youth:

I am  generally very critical of the diaspora YFDJ  and have called them names, horrible names, albeit befitting their character: despite their opportunities their countries offer them to know better, despite the educational opportunities that they have, despite the human rights they enjoy, the dignity they cherish, they have sided with the PFDJ, an entity that has inflicted untold suffering according to the testimonial of hundreds of Eritreans, an entity that has been accused of modern slavery and gross human right violation befitting a referral  to the Hague. But lately, I have become sympathetic with the diaspora YPFDJ as it occurred to me that, like their brethren in Eritrea, they too, have been kidnapped. Whereas those in Eritrea are physically kidnapped from their warm homes and bosom of their beloved parents and family to Sawa at the tender age of 17 and younger, and since the PFDJ is unable to kidnap diaspora youth physically; they have opted to kidnap them emotionally and intellectually and hence, their perpetual allegiance to their tormentors, the tormentors of their brethren, their willingness of obedience to dogma.

In the latest YPFDJ Conference, the attendants called at the top of their lungs, EPLF፡ EPLF፡ EPLF, Yes, YES, EPLF today, EPLF tomorrow and EPLF yesterday! They summoned it with force and with all they might, conjuring surreal images of an anguished parent calling on a dead child and when the child fails to answer, the parent console themselves that the child is in a better place, in heaven. The PFDJ through the YPFDJ, undaunted, and subconsciously admitting that EPLF has gone to its eternal repose, it is in a better place, they invoked its omnipotence: “EPLF you are everywhere you have been spotted in Washington DC, New York, you have braved Sweden’s snow, while others panted in the scorching heat; you have emerged in Lagos and Sena’a, even in their belly, in Addis Ababa and planet Mars will be in your reach tomorrow.  A “YPFDJness” donning “Zurya” and a sparkling Bisha gold, roamed the entire globe from Beijing to North Korea’s capital, as if to sear in the minds of the gathered that while EPLF is long dead, supplanted by YPFDJ, it is watching you, it is not here, but it is not dead either, like Elijah and Enoch it has ascended to the heavens,  it is looking down at you, and by looking down I mean both watching you and is disgusted at you.

In the dramatic scene where a diaspora father is indoctrinating his son, brags about spending sleepless nights online to fight the enemies of Eritrea abroad and goes to work in the morning with only a few hours’ sleep. The son asks why does Eritrea have so many enemies and the father replies because we refuse to kneel down. The drama decries the welfare recipients in the diaspora for abandoning their country, though the PFDJ does not shy away from dutifully collecting the 2% tax from welfare recipients and those performing the honorable maid jobs. Their action is reminiscent of the hypocrites that Jesus bluntly called the outwardly emasculate Pharisees and despite their clean garment and touting Godly words that they are rotten from inside. And that is what these pastors who are embracing PFDJ are doing by invoking the noble words or what author Napoleon Hills calls the “Laws of Success”

Eritreans, pray with me:  May God save us from those who relinquish their responsibility of shepherding the flock and instead flock to PFDJ, may God save us from those who invoke the words of the Lord in the house of worship but inwardly harbor affection of the devil incarnate instead of casting him out of our youth who have been possessed by him.

Also Pastor Fessehaye Ghezai pray with me, the Holy Spirit just spoke with me and to me: “Vershit lamtoke frrefet maltook, aykerus srvertetd chamramaa”: (translation: you will cast demons in my name, you will heal the sick in my name, you will perform miracles s in my name, but I will say to you that I do not know you).

Also, Pastor, I really hope the YPFDJ members heed your call so they can be a success story for Eritrea like you as they march from rags to riches, but also since you promised to meet them again, please do not  forget to tell them to  go from riches to rags like Jesus, our savor did when he descended from the Kingdom and was born in the barn for our sake and endured humiliation for our salvation. The diaspora YPFDJ should also try to relinquish their riches and try the rags in Sawa and brave the scorching heat of Dankalia. Thank you and God Bless You.

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  • Tzigereda

    Dear Awatistas,
    Many of you might remember that weeks ago we discussed about the women conference in The Hague, March 8,2018 ( Title: “ Reflecting on Eritrean International Women’s day”). Here is an excerpt of the two days conference. የገድሰኩም ይኸውን ማለት ኢዩ ብምባል…

    • Haile S.

      Selam Tzigereda,
      Beautiful colorful event. ምጩዋት ዝጎደሎለክን የለን። ንጨና ጥራይ እኳ ሓደ ሰብኣይ ኣብ ነፍሲወከፍ መኣዲ ከም ሽምዓ እንተተቐምጣሉስ ከመይ ምስደመቐ!

      • Tzigereda

        Selam Haile S.
        Thank you for the compliment!
        As for “ንጨና እኳ ሓደ ሰብኣይ…ከም ሽምዓ…” 😂 ገሌና ዓይንና ከይንድንጏሕ ሰጊእና ለምዘመን ይጽንሓልና ገሌና ድማ ተወላዓይ ክርቢት ክሳብ ዝርከብ ንጸበ ስለዝበልና ኢዩ:)

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Tzigereda,

      Thank you. It was a reflection of the rainbow of Eritrean mosaic and all good speeches to highlight the occasion of the conference.

      • Tzigereda

        Thank you Emma!

  • said


    Can a majority protect itself from the tyranny of the minority? that most of our region have seen, experienced, and are at a loss to explain – and to how counter and make real change .
    Abiy Ahmed & the Ethiopian Regime MUST present a Convincing Committal Reforms Plan for the New Ethiopian. A Genuine Reforms and introduction of Democratic institutions in Ethiopia before future showdown. for the future stability and strength of Ethiopian Must present a well-thought through Reforms plan touching on the very core, the depth of the Ethiopian’ enormous potential capabilities, resilience and staunch commitment to peace and the Security and to be play a vanguard role by Ethiopian.
    Genuine reforms espousing respect of civil liberates, transparency and accountability Must be instituted to unleash the Ethiopian s’ potentials and Capabilities.

    This is the best guarantee to forestall the counter-forces’ conspiratorial plans and intents on compromising Ethiopian’s Security and future leadership in influencing of the regional geopolitical realities and for peace and prosperity.

    My admirations and thanks to Mr. Gideon Levy along with the following quotations that bind us human rights activists: “The Cause of Freedom is Indivisible, and The Cause of Justice is Indivisible;” Also the Late French Jewish Philosopher Maxim Rodinson’s motto, “Lazy Conscience Creates Monsters.”
    Philosophers, generally the ultimate thinkers in a society, as best exemplified with Plato in the 5th Century B.C. and the Persian Philosopher Al-Farabi in the 11th century, always dreamt of the deliverance of mankind, much as in the Nirvana, the ultimate enlightenment, in humanities attainment of the Utopian coexistence in a just and a peaceful society devoid of the inherent ills of insecurity and destructive malice born by the avarice and the mortals strive to attain false immortality material comfort, incontestable material security and false comfort of passage of endowments to ones biological lineage tantamount in the faible minds of mortals as eternity.

    Plato entailed his philosophical theses and conclusions – in mostly detached altruistic construct – in his book known as The Republic. Al-Farabi, more than 15 centuries later, much following on the tracks of Plato, articulated his philosophical vision in a writing in Arabic termed, Al-Madina Al-Fadelah, the Ultimate Virtuous Kingdom.
    Philosophers are the ultimate objective thinkers reaching conclusions through detached rational reasoning in a relentless quest to attain peace and happiness to mortals found involuntarily in the ephemeral passage termed Earthly existence. The General Collective Good and Welfare of Communities and the amalgam of the human race represented the final and ultimate goal.
    Mortals Paucity of Life on Earth, a very short passage, and the element of luck, either by birth or the serendipity of chance, tended to give credence to mostly philanthropic and socialistic renderings of Philosophical conclusions on the subjects of human material possessions, wealth and all the attendant endowments of intelligence, intellect and enterprise.

    The ultimate welfare of society can ONLY be attained collectively through sharing stemming from mortals fallibility and the short longevity of a mortal presence on Earth. The ultimate collective welfare and peace in a Society can only be realized through fairness, sharing of excess endowments of material possessions or intellect to empower the less endowed and unleash the latent creative energies of the huge multitude of the materially less endowed.
    Besides, diplomacy in all its form, American, European, U.N., etc., is of absolutely no avail dealing with the outlaws and dictators of any country. Resistance does not necessarily mean carrying arms at this stage. Resistance means “Mu’mana’a,” “Steadfastness. Resistance means active campaigns at isolating outlawed nation internationally, especially with non-aligned countries, as well as with certain Western institutions. The Status Quo is the aberration that could never be sustained and is very liable to dramatically change in the future, possibly the foreseeable future. This is judging by the underpinning fermentation and undercurrents that could find apparent expressions not in the far future.
    When a country population let say 80% is culturally and politically tolerant. They are of the same more or less of ethnic background, culture, and religion, political party they get elected based on political platform, the conservative party take 30 % party and socialist 30% and 20 % democrat liberal. The country also has a 20% minority that has a different ethnicity or religion, their narrow worldview, and their rigid philosophy of politics is by gone era, They are not committed to peace at the expense of their cultural and ethic identity and they are not ready . fair play
    The term “tyranny of the majority” was coined by Alexis DeTocqueville. He thought is greatly influenced by western European, Like Switzerland who they preferred a decentralized, federal republican form of government as opposed to a pure democracy. The concept is simple: without a rule of law that stands over and against the majority, 51% of the population could democratically kill or enslave the other 49%. Obviously, the greater the majority, the greater the risk.
    But if this tendency to harm the minority is the centrifugal force of democracy, there is an equal and opposite centripetal force that is less obvious: the “tyranny of the minority is being playing havoc and missay for century in the Ethiopian kingdom. Very few feudal people suffice enough to disproportionately move the needle to their control. be it the king or modern PM an elected by majority, All that need or one needs is an asymmetric rule at center of the power – and someone with real soul in the game in it . it all about asymmetry is present in about everything.
    We have all seen movie this in action in Ethiopia and many third world countries. The minority seems to control and bully the majority more often than the opposite and they tend less toward compromise. The TPLF as a revolutionary minority get their which and controlled the nation in their way see it fit. Initially entry ADDS ABABA as IDLOUGE of hardcore Marxist Socialism/Communism, with time they changed to become corny capitalist . This minorities run and ruled Ethiopia. not run by fair election, nor true consensus but by power and stubborn by one minorities imposing their will and corrupted ethics on majority and many others minority within the nation. small intransigent minority gradually influences the people around them to gradually become a bloc to be reckoned with and incorporate them in their agenda , then the majorly and plurality, then the majority, though not truly really representative of their people , This essentially gives the tiny minority of only 6% a control and veto on the actions of the majority.
    An example of nation during Every election time, the socialist, conservative and liberal candidates square off. Each one garners 30% of the polling data. Without the help of the 10% minority, neither candidate can win. So the socialist, conservatives and the liberals, all outdo each other in pandering to the minority – whose demands become increasingly shrill, intolerant, and unreasonable. The majority is unhappy at being taken for granted by the politicians, but that changes nothing. The liberal and conservative candidates often don’t even show their faces in majority provinces, spending all of their time, money, and promises on the minority.
    The newly selected Ethiopian PM AA may want to prides Ethiopia on its newly found principle of democracy , he want to be seeing in representing all the regions and ethnicity in his ministerial cabinet in being fair and equal and equity based on the population size . but in realty those who wiled the real power and are behind the seeing, it is really a tiny corrupted oligarchy ruled by a small but powerful and vocal minority, serving themselves , the trend continues, as the drum beats to normalize the situation and this minuscule minority often are aggressively oppressive and violent and who openly oppose free speech and freedom, espouse intolerant and often -based ideologies of belonginess of regional and ethnic group, over and against a strong majority that opposes them. Nor they are ready to play fair by the book.
    who are the hardest core and obnoxious and inflexible for real change, the ones who are in charge the organ of the nation, are the least politically Enlighted and least civilized and most abrasive – actually who run the show in Ethiopia. the tiny minorities wield inordinate power. so far Such ting group seem to go unchallenged, and this groups and institutions will decline or even collapse over time, as it did with past regime ,the natural forces all the while, there is actually a strong and vast majority that could have kept the nation and organization going along all well and just fine. wishing on PM Abiy Ahmed to play the sponsor of a new Ethiopian renaissance. Failed that, One hopes that he now considers some of the ideas – stale and possibly now irrelevant – that I admonish he takes

  • MS

    Selam Hope
    You know my H2-pumps are bombed by Emma (Emma, it’s a joke, smile): no need for H2 blockers. SGJ did not call you or the Blini people Humanoids. This is his direct quote: “You know what some exported Kerenites say about us: Felaaq–that our heads are big like a humanoid” By saying “Kerenite,” it is obvious he is including himself. He is talking about Keren Tsaeda, the multi-colored and multi-textured, the place where people need no antacids…the place where humor out matches depression. Unlike SAAY’s description of Keren as a claustrophobic and a city where, per capita, the number of its insane people eclipse that of any other city, Keren’s pride shoots above the heights of Mt. lalimba.
    Reading SGJ reply in connection to iSem’s call, it’s understood he was saying it humorously. So, celebrate that and let’s have mercy on each other. You have a lot to contribute to the forum. Let’s do it with style. That starts with me, BTW. My spring fire is beginning to die down (a coded message to HA).
    At any rate good to hear from you

  • MS

    Selam Hope
    You know the H2-pumps are bombed by