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Meb Keflezghi: Boston Strong Is Eritrea Strong

Today Meb Keflezighi won the  prestigious Boston men’s Marathon crossing the finish line with an official time of 2:08:37. He is the first American to win the men’s Marathon in 37 years.

Meb was born in Asmara, Eritrea and came to the USA when he was 12.

Meb’s win was a sweet triumph for the city of Boston after suffering devastating bombings at the finish line at last year’s Marathon. The bombing killed three people and injured 267.

This year’s marathon attracted 37000 spectators and runners, almost a third more than last year.

Meb claimed the finish line from the bombers of last year. An Eritrean gift to the USA, particularly Boston.

Eritreans all over the world congratulate Meb and salute the people of Boston.


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  • emastmagy

    Anyone who has been following Meb for years knows too well what it means to be the “underdog” . He has a shiny Olympic medal yet you’re less likely to hear his name called out while lining up among the tops. Check out his youtube channel and you would right away conclude the guy has such a beautiful form, agility and speed. He is considered to be old in his profession but he can still clocks 4.5 minuets/mile. I was extremely glad to see him win New York but I was ecstatic to see him win Boston. Congrats!

  • dawit

    What a powerful showcase of Eritrea at the UN. Once Eritrea was killed and buried at the UN.
    Ambassador Girma Asmerom was once the top footballer in Africa, representing Ethiopia, but
    forced to hide or denied his Eritrean origin, today he represent his country of origin at the UN playing political soccer at international level . Meb started his long journey as marathoner, when he
    run for his life as child from the atrocities of Ethiopian colonial regime in Eritrea. Both these athletes were denied to feel Eritreans by those who always dream Eritrea to vanish from the
    world map. .

    Meb emerged the top athlete in the melting pot of America and every News outlets tracing his origin to Eritrean not Ethiopian as in the old days when their country of origin was forced to die and buried underground. Eritrea resurrecting itself from the dead in May 24, 1991 to be a UN member state in
    1993. It gathers her sons and daughters from everywhere presenting them with flowers
    and her children proudly showing their pictures to the world as Eritreans.
    This new photo knocked out with one punch the old photo taken few months ago in October trying to link a boat disaster in the Mediterranean Sea caused by Eritrea at the UN when few disgruntled Eritreans paraded and posed their pictures with Sheila B. Keetharuth to damage Eritrean image as a free country in the public diplomacy.

  • ZULA
  • Hope

    Another Eritrean Hero(Courtesy of Shabait.Com):
    Eritrean Niguse Amlesom emerges victorious in half marathon tournament in China
    Asmara, 22 April 2014 – Eritrean Niguse Amlesom ranked 1st in a half marathon tournament in China entitled Yeongboy Jiyanzeco last Saturday, and registered a new record concluding the race in 1 hour and 8 seconds, proving a 31-seconds gap with that of the previous.
    The steadfast athlete could register vibrant victories in a total of 3 tournaments this year including the one in UAE and the World Half Marathon Championship which was conducted 2 weeks ago.
    He was proceeded by 2 Kenyan co-competitors, while Ethiopian Faisal ranked 4th.
    Eritrean Girmai Gebresilassie held the 10th rank in the half marathon.

  • Ahadu

    congratulations for Meb. I came across this interesting article by Haimy assefa,Ethio-american: Meb Kiflezigi is American, So am I :

  • AMAN

    Oh yeh………Meb is my man . Welcome back Meb !
    Meb is my inspiration. COngratulations Meb and All.

  • sm

    Why do you doubt that when you already admitted /proved the Fact?
    No need of approval by others as Truth does not change faces.

  • Papillonn

    Congrats Meb. You made us all proud and you made Eritrea proud. Hope you will rise to the occasion and unite Eritreans in their relentless struggle to uproot the evil regime back in Eritrea. Again, ኣገናዕ ሓወይ ናተይ.

    • haile

      You idiot he supports PFDJ. Only traitors, idiots, losers support the opposition.

  • Hope

    ዘስደምም መንግስቲ።ድሕሪ አስታት 300,000 ግዳያት ስግረ-ዶብ ፡ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ንመጀመርያ ግዜ

    ሓደ፡ አወ፡ ሓደ ፡እንኮ ካብቶም ስግረ-ዶብ ገበነኛታት ሒዝና ዝብል ዜና ፈነዩ።
    ካብ ማእከል ከተማ ኣስመራ ብኣውቶቡሳትን ላነድ ገሩዘርን መንእሰይ ከም ዘይተጓረተስ። ሓደ: ኣብ ተሰነይ ሒዝና ኢልካ ዘረባ ኣሎ። እምበርዶ፡
    Courtesy of meskeremnet:
    Have your say….
    Dihri mai nab be’ati——crocodile tears–

  • Hope

    Ex-Gen Sibhat Efrem’s visitto Sweden followed by the positive Eritro-Swedish relationship might back up this Tabloid News and let’s hope as Hope is our only daily food and water.
    Christian Tesfa Aikortim–yilal Amara.

  • Hope

    Courtesy of Madote.Com
    Caution: This is based on the Swedish Tabloid Expressen—SAAY,familiar with it?

    Eritrea Releases Dawit Isaac and Seven other Prisoners: Expressen
    Written By Admin on Apr 21, 2014 | 8:03 AM

    Eritrea Releases Dawit Isaac and Seven other Prisoners: Expressen

    Expression, a right-wing Swedish tabloid magazine known for its anti-Eritrean stance, is reporting eight prisoners, including Dawit Isaac, have been released from prison.

    “The government in the capital, Asmara, has released at least eight long imprisoned political activist and Eritrean prisoners of conscience in recent days, according to news agency Zajel.” said the tabloid magazine.

    Expressen claimed some of the eight released were Omar Din, Mohammed Omar, Wed al-Naser and Abdullah Gameaa, who were allegedly arrested for 8-10 years for various crimes.

    The magazine also speculated that more high profile prisoners will be released soon.

    In the case of Dawit Isaac, the news of his release, if true, isn’t really a surprise. Swedish-Eritrean relations have improved over the last few months after Sweden learned that being hostile towards Eritrea does not work, and only respecting each others’ political independence can bring about mutual benefits.

    In January, Sweden took steps towards reversing its hostility by appointing Viktor Richter as the new Swedish Honorary Consul in Eritrea. A month later, the Swedish parliament rejected a bid by Ethiopian-backed ‘opposition’ figures to ban Eritrea’s voluntary 2% recovery and development tax on Swedish-Eritreans.

    Commentary by Madote:

    Please keep in mind this is unconfirmed news. Expressen has a long track record of lying about Eritrea and its government. Expressen has also been documented on film busing hooligans to cause disturbances wherever Eritreans hold meetings in Sweden. So take this information with a grain of salt

    Read more:

    • Rodab

      I believe the report. Why? Because the control-freak regime wouldn’t allow affiliated websites to spread the news.

      • Hope

        May be,Roda’Ab hawey-Just let’s hope for the best.

      • haile


        If you’re looking for information that is from the regime, go to also eastafro (but that is part of the MoI). Others like dehai and alenalki are information aggregates. Tesfanews and Madot are the lead cheerleader tabloid. I would say they operate on about 75% phantom make-believe news. May not even be directly linked to the regime, just big mouthed supporters. Tesfanews is notorious for plagiarism from other website and Madote is more known for its white lies; they reported the sighting of Ali Abdu in Asmara, the same with Wedi Tikabo, in Dec.2013 they reported over 80% electricity supply restored, recently they said a silent construction boom is happening in Eritrea, world airliners are crowding ASM according to the same FAT lair and much more. The current news about DI is circular and bogus but that is another point. The case I want to make is that Tesfa and Madot are zealots not necessarily linked to the regime. raimoq is.

    • saay7


      Yeah, I am familiar with Expressen and its seber zena. In this case, it appears that madote was speed-reading the news and got the details wrong. This is how google news translates the Expressen news:

      “After fierce pressure from heavy-established political groups in and outside Eritrea releasing the regime in Asmara long detained Eritreans.Several had returned home to build democracy but was thrown into prison on false charges, says opposition sources.
      – Hope is great for Dawit says Esayas Isaak.”

      Maybe those who can read Swedish can go to the source and tell us how close Google News is:


      • Habtom

        I think Expressen changed and edited their original story after realizing claiming Dawit is free was too much of a stretch.

  • saay7


    My fave Meb video: training for the 2012 marathon, followed by his refueling with Eritrean diet food:

    Zeresenay, you are next!


    • Rodab

      Legend has it cyclist Yonas Zekarias was the first athlete (and the last one so far) to come to the U.S. To compete. Well, he didn’t really compete, word is he came to Atlanta to participate in the 1996 Summer Olympics and it turned out his paperworks were unfit. So he observed from the bench line and returned home. Amazingly, the same failures keep happening on all the olympic games that followed till finally someone at the federation figured it out in 2012 and Daniel T. Became the first Eritrean cyclist to ever participate there. Anyway our athletes would’ve shined had they participated in America’s prestigious Marathons such as those in Boston and New York. Entay’mo poletica zblwo neger kelo.

      • dawit

        Do you think UN Sanctions extend to Eritrean Athletes not to get Visa? If those Erit. Athletes win big and that might reflect in Eritrea’s positive image while the US Department of State which issue visas is trying hard to paint a dark image of Eritrea? Just curious.

  • dawit

    Congratulations Meb the 2014 Boston Marathon Winner. You made us proud once again. We Eritrean Americas are prouder of you persistent and hard work to achieve your goal, demonstrating the typical and natural trait of your Eritrean ancestors faith and self reliance.
    It is sad that U.S. our adopted country is strangling our country of origin Eritrea, with fabricated U.N. Sanctions. But despite all fabricated lies and UN Sanctions, Eritrea will finish first the UN Millennium Goal of 15 years of global marathon of development set to eradicate poverty to finish by 2015. It will surprising all the ill-wishers, including the confused U.S. policy makers like S. Rice, H.R. Clinton and President Obama.
    Long Live Eritrean and US people Solidarity.

  • Ermias

    That is incredible! This just makes my day, finally we get to hear something good made in Eritrea Meb. I can only imagine how difficult it is. My co-worker runs it every year. He normally comes in the 300- 400 range and he just thinks he is God and the guys is as fit as anybody. That is amazing. All of you couch potatoes – I hope you are inspired lol. Hope, that’s for you and maybe Saba too.

    Compare and contrast this with an article published today by The New Yorker. Letter from Lampedusa: The Anchor. It starts…

    “In Eritrea, you turn eighteen and go into the Army, and you stay in the Army for many years, sometimes for the rest of your life. You work for a few dollars a day – in contruction, farming, mining. Those who refuse are sent to prison. The is no other choice.”

    I am not done reading it so please don’t ask me for a full summary yet. On that note, let me play the devil’s advocate here for a minute, that is just my favorite thing to do:

    Third Wayer (TW): see Eritrea is good in every way. Better than TPLF run Ethiopia. Meb Kiflezghi is a testimony but you cyber opposition people have nothing good to say about your own damn country instead you praise TPLF’s projects…that is cheap because that money came blimano tkabo. If you believe in Eritrea and protect it from its adversaries, which is only USA and Ethiopia which we have beaten over and over again, then we can succeed once and for all. All you need is pride. Not cyber opposition. Look at Meb K. He is a proud Eritrean, better than any TPLF sponsored runner.
    I will continue later, this Easter food has been making me rather drowsy.

    • dawit

      I guess you need to neutralize any positive image with dark image of a news that happened six months ago. Didn’t Eritrea complained of some major media coordinated campaign to spoil its image “North Korea of Africa”. Don’t over staff yourself with a lot of TIRE SIGA and KITFO! just because it is Easter Monday,

  • Rodab

    Kudos AT for you effort in this.


    How about that!? America is excited and Eritrea is on America’s mainstream media. So we celebrate. Wikipedia has already recorded today’s Meb victory as his ‘personal best’. He is not far off from the record times either. How did he do it, man? I hope he is clean:-) just kidding. In 39 years an American to win it. Wow! Who knew!
    Btw, younger by many years, our Zere must have gotten a boost by Meb’s victory.

    • sm

      Absolutely Bro.
      It a big BOOST for all Eritreans.Yes,we can do .it.
      Congra Meb,the SON of the CAN do people.
      Dawit Isaac is released along with other prisoners.

      • Rodab

        Wow, wow. Easy there. I can’t let you sneak in HUGE news like that. Dawit Issak is released??? Confirmed?? For real??

        • hope

          Yeah,confirmed.I thought SM was joking.
          Eyob surprised me with his “positive” attitude as well.
          I just read it.Tesfanews? forgot it.I said this as my uncle was set free,albeit, with a serious mental problems/PTSD/Traumatic Brain Injury after he was beaten up to near-death by the security at his intial arrest.

    • saay7


      I wrote it in a different thread earlier; posting it where it belongs now:


      Meb Keflezghi did it again: he won the Boston marathon.

      Addressedto Rodab because you have given up on Zeresenay Tadesse and I believe he is going to make a come back too, just like Meb did: nobody was expecting him to win. The Kenyans own the Boston Marathon.

      In last year’s Boston Marathon, Meb didn’t participate; he was injured.
      This didn’t stop people from mobbing him; asking him to autograph his

      Life is a whole bunch of 2nd Chapters:)

  • Saba

    Meb Anbesa! That is phenomenal.