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Lampedusa: Rage, Grief, Indignation Grips Eritrean Diaspora

On Thursday, October 3, nearly 500 immigrants crowded on a 60-foot long boat originating in Libya were shipwrecked in Lampedusa, Italy when, due to mechanical problems–and the subsequent actions taken by passengers to draw the attention of rescuers–the boat was set on fire.

Despite the efforts of Italy’s Coast Guard, hundreds are presumed dead.

The incident has shocked the conscience of Europe in general and Italy, specifically, which has provided it with the wall-to-wall media coverage it warrants and declared Friday October 4th as a day of mourning.

On Sunday, Italy’s largest daily paper, Republicca, published a list of survivors compiled by the immigration office of Italy.  This is what the list shows:

  • Of the 153 survivors, all but one (Tunisian) are Eritreans.
  • Of the 153 survivors, 5 are female and 148 are male.
  • The youngest of the survivors is 11 and the oldest is 44.
  • The median age of the survivors is 22.
  • The mean (average) age of the survivors is:  22
  • The mode (most frequently appearing) age of the survivors is: 20.

Based on the data of the survivors, it is not unreasonable to conclude that almost all of the dead and the missing are Eritreans in their early twenties.

The realization of the magnitude of the tragedy, combined with the news blackout in Eritrea, has resulted not just in sweeping grief, but also righteous indignation among the Eritrean Diaspora communities.  Feeding this moral indignation is the callousness and indifference of the Eritrean government whose representatives have yet to publicly comment on mass media accessible to Eritreans in Eritrea.

The Network of Eritrean Women (NEW) has joined the Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC) in demanding that “the bodies of the victims be returned back home for proper burials.”  NEW goes further to demand that “all Eritrean political organizations, civic associations, youth movements, women organizations and human right activists…send their representatives to Lampedusa.”

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  • Papillon


    The sad reality in a nutshell.


  • haile


    Tracing Request for Lampedusa Tragedy of 03-oct-2013


    “this on line form is designed by the Italian Red Cross for all Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societis, organizations, NGO’s and people who need information about relatives or friends supposed to be on the boat that sanked in Lampedusa on 03 october 2013. All your request will be processed as soon as we can, all of you will recive an answer but we don’t know actually when. Thanks for your comprehension and your support.”


  • saay

    Selamat awatistas:

    Well. You, and all Eritreans who have been vocal about the Lampedusa tragedy, have done it: you have shamed inda Isaias.


    Short version: it’s all the fault of the United States.

    So, what did we learn? If tragedies befall Eritreans, it is “politicizing the issue” to blame Isaias and his clique. But it is not politicizing the issue and, in fact, patriotic to blame the United States.

    The cult members will eat it up. Those of us who are not part of the cult must elevate the debate now that the Isaiasist have been forced to, kicking and dragging, to join it.


    • Ghezae Hagos

      hello all,

      “The prime responsibility for the gross loss of human life, as verified by concrete evidences, squarely rests on the US Administration that assigns agents of international and regional bodies, in addition to deploying various officials and spy agencies of different governments.”

      Clarification please..rather translations please? preferably in Tigrigna or English too..

      Ghezae Hagos

      • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

        They are talking about you Ghezae, the man who, unlike me, is deployed by “various official and spy agencies of different governments.” Share it Ghezae, can I send you my bank account?

        You can only laugh at their stupidity… how could Eritrea end up in the hands of those goons?

      • saay

        Selamat Ghezae:

        Nah, we should not be dancing in their hashewye, rebutting their inane accusations. Why should we? Our accusations are backed by facts:

        * The Isaias regime should have been the first to comment about the Eritrean tragedy which took the lives of 350 Eritreans; it was the last.
        * The Isaias regime should have been the first to give its condolences to the Eritrean people in general and to the bereaved family members in particular. It was the last;
        * The Eritrean regime try to hide the news from Eritreans in Eritrea for days. It should have been the first to tell our people, whose only source of information is regime-controlled media. It was the last;
        * The Eritrean regime has still not committed officially at the highest level to repatriate the dead to their families for proper goodbye and traditional/religious rites;
        * The Isaias regime has not acknowledged its role in creating the exodus of the youth and their eventual victimization by brutes, savages and money grabbers;
        * The Isaias regime is holding from the people the outpouring of compassion that the world have sent their way in their hour of grief.

        We have truth on our side, and we have decency on our side. All they have is what they always had “retreat forward: hdma nqdmit.”

        When I say we elevate the debate I mean that we move on to the next stage: demand that be held accountable for their gross negligence, conduct unbecoming a statesmen, contempt for the people and resign immediately.


      • Papillon

        Dearest Ghezae,

        This is not healthy at all. This is sickness. This is the true manifestation of schizophrenia. I ain’t kidding you. In fact, with in the multi-layered facets of schizophrenia, this is a typical disorganized schizophrenia. The interesting thing about the whole bizarre state of the regime is not the fact that it is the way the regime is, rather the fact that its exponents, proponents and apologists take the regime as a normal entity. It is just unbelievable. As Saleh Gadi Johar “sarcastically” put it, you should absolutely be proud of yourself for rendering the regime get on its knees. If I am not mistaken, this is the very first time, the regime is responding to a concerted pressure. This is just the beginning of its fast falling end. Those who had said all along that the regime is not going to make it through 2013 are right on the mark. No doubt.


    • Ermias

      Crocodile tears!

      I repeat – HIGDEF will not survive this one. No matter how long it will take, this very tragic event is truly the beginning of the end for the era of shabia.

    • haile

      Hi saay,

      Let’s elevate the debate you say. Indeed let’s do so. By the regime’s own account:

      1 – There are hundreds of thousands of Eritrean refugees scattered all over the place.

      2 – It believes that the USA is not only directly responsible for Lampedusa but also for organizing this influx of Eritreans unto the unknown.

      Now that since the refugees themselves are not willing to return to Eritrea and rather face certain death to move away claiming that they fear the regime. Is it not timely for Eritrean diaspora to demand that the regime hands over power to transitional administration? This would effectively remove the threat, real or perceived, that is holding back the refugees from returning?

      Isn’t every diaspora Eritrean duty bound by moral conscience, to sign a petition demanding the regime of IA hands over state powers to transitional administration? This amounts to a moral choice between putting their brothers and sisters in harms way and their nation to civil war and distraction or that of allowing the current state of affairs to be corrected and effectively come to the rescue of their people.

      Indeed, it is time to elevate the debate…


      • yegermal



        “Is it not timely for Eritrean diaspora to demand that the regime hands over power to transitional administration? This would effectively remove the threat, real or perceived, that is holding back the refugees from returning?”

        Am my missing something here or are you saying that DIA would hand over power to anyone just by our mere demand? Please expound on your point.


      • Serray

        Selamat Sal and Haile,

        In a way, the regime is acting exactly as it should. If you think about it, there is absolutely no other way for it to act but the way it does. If you tell (not ask, but tell) a thief that you lost money, the first words out of his mouth is, he didn’t steal it. The next will be to point at an innocent person. It is simply in the nature of a guilty party to deflect and misdirect.

        If 350 eritreans were killed in a plane crash going to italy after a vacation in eritrea, the regime would have been all over it. Every news outlet of the regime would have started and ended with it. Condolences from other countries would have been read daily and book of condolence would have been available at every embassy. Even the dummy would have taken his bipolar medication and appeared on TV dazed and raffled as he does when one of his lackeys dies of overeating or alcohol poisoning.

        Any one who buys the regime’s response is clinically insane. Most of the goons who have repeated the same line are not doing so because they bought into it, but because they have to say something. They reached a point where even they know that keeping quite in the face of a tragedy of this magnitude is an admission of guilt. Let us not forget that the goons and the regime is watching that the head of state of Italy not just expresses sorrow, but actually came to visit with the survivors.

        That the regime is the real killer of these victims is not subject for discussion. In addition to Sal’s demand for resignation, we also need another demand directed at the international community; a damand for justice to these and the tenth of thousands the regime for tortured, raped, sold their organs replacement, disappeared and murdered.

        • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

          Serray, I am not for the resignation angle… I believe he should be brought to justice. Any call should aim at bringing him to justice, if some frustrated person didn’t take justice in his own hands before that.

          • Ermias

            God bless you SGJ. If you do a search under my name on this site, I have been repeatedly demanding to the world to bring IA to justice. He is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Eritreans pre- and post-‘independence.’ Anything less than charging him for manslaughter for every life he directly or indirectly took will be a gross injustice and failure of us Eritreans and the world community. Merely demanding he resign is timid and not worth our while with all due respect to brother saay.

          • haile

            Hi SGJ

            Here is the problem I see there. Demand for resignation doesn’t translate to an offer of amnesty! The issue of justice and restitution are natural follow on to the whole process. The danger is however, to make the demand for justice before resignation, essentially plays into the regime’s hand that the mass outrage isn’t born out of the facts on the ground but rather that of grudges and scoring old points. Demand for justice may not be the direct route from A to B in this case, I am afraid 🙁


          • haile

            ahh…please correct SGJ…noted for future too 🙂

        • haile

          Selamat saay serray and yegermal

          You’re right yegermal, I need to explain this. Essentially I agree that the only moral and right thing to do here is to demand the immediate resignation of Isaias Afewerki and the regime he leads. This is so for two reasons:

          1 – Unless there is an immediate change in Eritrea RIGHT NOW, brace yourself for more tragedies of the same or greater magnitude.

          2 – Unless Eritreans in the diaspora lead the way to initiate such a demand en mass, the diaspora is already implicated in this crimes (by complicity or silence) and as the unsustainable situation progresses further, it will divide Eritreans for good for posterity.

          My assertion earlier sounded different because I wanted to outline the specific demand and its intended objective in a clear and concise manner that easily understood by Eritreans and the international community:

          “We demand that Isaias Afewerki and his regime to resign, effective immediately, by transferring state power to an interim political and military administration for the state of Eritrea; in order that the current influx of refugees and attendant perils be halted and those in refugee camps be safely returned to Eritrea. Such an action, we hope, would also pave the way to resolving the root problems that are causing refugees to flee the country.”

          Such an action can start by collecting 50,000 signatures for a petition, demonstrations lead by community (none PFDJ) leaders of various diaspora groups, and more that can be added by debaters here.

          So, if you can rattle the regime into complete U-turn due to what happened yesterday (they could literally see the train that was coming to crush them:), it is very telling that how our silence (ok I am a loud silent type:) was a factor all along. Trust me, the regime would be out in no time. Its goons have learned an important lesson today that we can drag out their boss by his ears to say exactly what we wanted it to say, well take heed – never underestimate us I would say. 🙂


          • Papillon

            Dear Haile,

            Talk of the town is abuzz with, “When Haile talks people listen, when Haile writes, people read.” Thank you hawey. I mean it.

        • saay

          Selamat Serray, Haile, SGJ, and all:

          Serray, I disagree: this was not the inevitable card the regime was going to play. It is playing it because it’s feeling the pressure. This is, pure and simple, a victory for our side. We are so used to losing we don’t know what victory feels like. It was going to pull the “naizghi kflu” card: the “sqta merixna alena” (“we have chosen to be silent”) stalling strategy of waiting for the storm to blow over. But that strategy worked with Naizghi Kflu, the G-15 and everybody else Isaias and his clones murdered because many people had done the “neniHidHidom baElom yfaletu” (they know each other more than we know them), kinda like how the people react when one mob boss assassinates another.

          Not here. Not now. Last week, I think I told someone who was trying to pull the “they are not Eritreans” angle that Eritreans are separated by one or two degrees of separation, at most. We are a small country of intermingled people. Proof: the survivors are almost finished with compiling the list of the dead. They are already making phone calls to the bereaved families. Italians are making a state funeral arrangement. They couldn’t pull that bzuH zeytfelTwo alo (there is much you don’t know) card they play on their gullible cultists. Not on the souls that perished. So now that they know they can’t stop the storm and its energy, they are trying to direct it. There will be candles and fund-raising at their “community centers.” There will be mock outrage. There will be, as Serray said, an attempt to redirect the anger to somebody else: America, the UN, the KedaAt, the Diaspora, and the “naive” victims themselves. There may even be concerts: anything for a buck.

          Oh my God, everything is politics to the PFDJ, which is why it is absurd when they tell people to stop “politicizing.” It is their call for unilateral disarmament. By all means: PLEASE POLITICIZE. I think I told this story before (stop me if I have.) After the 2001 University of Asmara protest, I met a kid who made his way to America and he was visiting a “community center” (A PFDJ cult club.) As he narrated his story of every abuse he and his fellow students suffered at the hands of Isaias’s cronies, there was an Isaiasist giving us “color commentary” to negate the first-hand account of the kid. Every time the kid would say something, like, “we were asking for our rights”, the Isaiasist would say, “oh, to be young!” When the kid said, “we refused to go on the government mandated campaign instead of what the funding sources indicated”, the Isaiaists would say “oh yes, we were young and impatient once!” At some point, I was more mesmerized by the skill of the spinner than I was by the first-hand account of the university student.

          SGJ, I believe the call for the resignation of Isaias Afwerki is the right one. This is a simple statement of a citizen, a stakeholder saying: you, Isaias, presided over one of Eritrea’s worst disasters (350 Eritreans dead: the Americans, with 350 million people, lost 3000 and it changed them: we, with about 5 million lost 350 people) and you mishandled it completely. You failed in consoling the people, you failed in feeling their pain, you were utterly disrespectful to them. You, Isaias, need to acknowledge your mistake, you need to resign, and then you need to throw yourself to the mercy of the people who will treat you much better than you treated them: they will show you justice. So, to me, demanding for his resignation and demanding justice are not contradictory. It is simply the case that one (resignation) precedes the other (taking him to a court of law.) One (resignation) is immediate: it is instant justice for the people. The other (a court of law) will (should) take months, maybe years.


  • saay

    Selamat awatistas:

    I don’t know if even the scary-smart Serray saw this coming. Serray had written this in discussion with YAY:

    “The regime you are desperately trying to exonerate is involved at both ends of this tragedy; it caused the dislocation and, by trafficking them, benefited from their dislocation.”

    Now, here it is closing the loop: it will use the repatriation of the Eritreans who perished in Lampedusa as a fund-raising opportunity. Read this and (those of you who are familiar with its internal workings) see if you agree that that is where this is headed:


    Eri-TV has also listened to Nitricc and is going to make the perishing of Eritreans as a “teaching moment.” A special program about human trafficking is scheduled for today. Of course, all the factors that contribute to human trafficking will be discussed–all except indentured servitude, a country without a constitution, and a collapsed economy.


    • Amanuel

      Hi saay

      Is this letter authentic? It hasn’t been signed.

      • haile

        Selamat Aman

        The letter is ‘real’ alright. The question is whether the message is intended to do what it says or not. Yared Tesfay, YPFDJ organizer and chief off awahahadit in UK, posted it at dehai. He is part of the embassy there.

        Given the message contradicts what the Italians are saying, it is reasonable to assume that it may be for political consumption aimed to stifle the momentum that has been created for confrontation between the diaspora and the regime (notwithstanding SGJ’s take too). The message was not given through mass media and was intended for circulation in social media instead (where most opinions are being formed). The regime is offering a fight back, but the odds are well stacked against it.


      • saay


        I would have been very suspicious if it was signed. It is the norm for enda Isaias to never sign documents. Just a seal and Awet nHafash. That way anything, whatever it is, can provide what criminally-inclined bosses want: plausible deniability. You like it? Good! You hate it? It’s a forgery.

        To understand the Isaiasists it helps if you think like a criminal.


    • haile

      Selamat saay

      Interesting perspective. Let me throw in mine. IMO Lampedusa is huge in magnitude and scope of implication to IA. Lampedusa hasn’t started yet. We observed the outpouring of objection to the regime’s silence by the diaspora through the petition posted yesterday and hit through the roof in less than 12 hours. Today’s announcement is the result of the regime’s acceptance that it simply can’t ignore the issue and hope to exist. We know too well that the regime can’t be trusted to make good on its rhetoric. A commenter “Dawit” was here “supporting” a view, that he assumed the regime would have, to deny burial to the victims. Well, what does Dawit think now.

      The regime bought time to embarrass its supporters (so that they are weak and isolated for it to abuse) inviting them to festivals and all night dance. A most dumb thing no one would even contemplate let alone do. How ever, incensed by the fact that Eritreans weren’t going to take a NO for an answer and it is basically its existence that was put on the firing line, it succumbed and abandoned its foolhardy posturing.

      The main problem now appears to be that people need to adjust their expectations in the sense that Eritrea under the regime is balancing somewhat precariously. If you take out the clutter, IA’s last interview must have put the perspective right for fellow Eritreans (supporters or opposes) that the nation is in crisis situation. The state has no money. And, we are not privy to how much money is circulating in PFDJ owned economy. The regime is now forced to take this action, and whether we like it or not Lampedusa will have a serious implication that would affect every sphere of our nation’s well being. You can’t suck blood from stone, there is very limited that the regime can practically do short of abandoning the country. It has very limited political and economic room to maneuver at this juncture of our history. The regime may be responsible for causing the current situation, but all of us would be likely be responsible to what is going to happen as a result.

      It is time that the diaspora, just like they succeeded in telling the regime the way it is through the petition, really calmly consider what should we do. We are Eritreans, we got no where else to go in a nutshell:)


      • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

        Haile and the rest,
        Please think with me how to deal with this: I heard the PFDJ embassy is planning to transport the coffins in a military plane to arrive in Asmara after mid-night so that no crowd gathers there. I suspect they will arrange military vehicles to carry the bodies and drop them in the homes of the victims in every village and town, just like a milkman drops bottles every morning in the past. They did just that to many prisoners they killed and then silently dropped them at the doorsteps their houses. We should find a way to announce the exact arrival time; proper procession should follow after the necessary religious/traditional ritual at the airport.

        • Selam SG,

          I just read that Italy will make state funeral for the deceased.Where? it is not clear. Besides the letter from the Eritrean embassy posted in the comment section does not look authentic. I saw it as theatrical political bluffs from the PFDJ diaspora troops. We didn’t hear from the official mouthpiece (eri-tv,Haddas Eritrea) or from their master DIA. So let us wait to hear at least from the Italian government who paid national mourning for our brothers and sisters and who are planning state funeral for them.


    • Serray

      Selam Sal,

      I didn’t see that…but let’s face it, the regime is like a street whore; it doesn’t do anything for free. If you ask the psychopath heading the regime about this tragedy – now that he has a few alcohol soaked days to think about it – he will tell you it is a loss. They lost the 2 percent (even though they recouped some of it when they sold them to the bedouin).

      The funding idea must have come when the repulsive goons we call regime supporters heard about the EU pledge of 30 million euro.


      There is a point in all cannibalistic regimes existence when their propaganda fail to convince even the goons and the cultists. This is on of those moments. In their panic, they might thrust the dummy into the spotlight when he is least prepared for it. If they don’t let isaias come on TV to explain to the people that slavery is good and living in dark ages has its advantages, then it means, when he hides from public view, it is because he turns into a basket case.

    • yegermal


      That’s right! DIA’s money-making-machine never misses a golden opportunity to milk its clueless cows. let alone when they’re at their most vulnerable emotional state!

      In another news, shabait.com has finally published a press release on the Lampedusa tragedy (based on press reports NOT on info verified by Eritrean officials in Rome), and although it took it 6 days to come up with the amateurish and poorly written piece, it has admitted that the majority of the victims are indeed “Eritrean citizens”. Here is the summary:

      (1) 33/311 words were dedicated to repeating what other reports have stated ad infinitum
      (2)11/311 words were dedicated to an insincere expression of sympathy for the “bereaved families”
      (3)267/311 words were dedicated to blaming the US for the tragedy and a fake appeal to the world community to investigate human trafficking.

      This , am sure , will be followed by a 5 hour interview by the psychopath who had been acting like “AB MAI ZIATWET ANTCHIWA”, when all along had only been drinking his miserable existence away.

      Again, is there a limit to the amount of abuse and contempt the Eritrean people can take?

  • haile

    Recent development…

    After the mass outpouring of the Eritrean diaspora through expression of call for burial of the Lampedusa victims in Eritrea, the regime’s embassy in Rome has issued a press release today announcing that it will receive the bodies of the dead for proper burial in Eritrea. Official document of press release will be forwarded soon.

  • T.Kifle

    Dear all,

    I am not aware of their grievances but here is a link of the demonstrators in May Ayni

  • Dear Michael
    I may agree with some part of your analysis and assessment of DIA (After all one who believes works for a nation would never destroy the socioeconomic and political fabric of a nation; would never work to extinct the next generation, would never destroy academic institutions, social norms, societal values; would never treat his own people the way the people of Eritrea are being treated; would never break every horrible record the Eritrean people suffered by foreign colonizers)
    The baseless, rootless and heartless, bloody dictator DIA, is a fascist student of by gone era, of Bolshevik and Maoist bloody school, who took advantage and profits from the nation struggling for its independence and welcomed him open heartedly as patriot citizens. In this sad tragedy in Lampedusa ,again DIA have showing his true face .the youth losses means nothing to him , shows his cruel mentality of non sympathy and compassion of his no belonging to nation and interest of national horrific demission catastrophe , don no care or have true loyalty to our nation youth and to the people in which he rule over ,contrary DIA takes Eritrean misery as a political score and takes advantage of ever step to demolish, wreaking and shamble Eritrea fabric and always devises clever two-faced vision manoeuvres that demonstrate his essential total sell out, an hypocrite to Eritrea national interest. DIA did not ever prove he is a true patriot and true loyal Eritrean. He forfeited and renouncing his Eritrean belonging for not working for national interest, first and topmost our people. DIA have proven his disloyalty to Eritrea all along, A divisive and sellout to our national interest and hypocrite as insider or as outsider masquerading as patriot and loyal Eritrean. DIA never felt Eritrean , never worked for good of Eritrea ,never loved Eritrea — at a time when Eritrea was a far more open society and welcoming than time the one DIA first man to rule Eritrea, as prison and closed nation , what an unwelcoming Eritrean president by not even allowed its citizens to be buried in their fatherland . The loses and devaluation of Eritrean lives will continue.
    With time, as the bodies disappear outside public scrutiny, the moral horizon will be vanishing. Publicly Eritrean regime for years in total denial of Eritrean youth losing their life at sea and crossing the desert .DIA acceptance that desert and a watery graveyard for Eritrean youth is a necessary evil for the maintenance and upkeep of regime. This is a total disgrace and shameful , the suffering in heart ranching sun crossing the desert and the frizzing chilly waters off Sicily calls into question DIA belongingness to Eritrea and the moral integrity of the DIA sellout political agenda (to the extent it can be called one).

  • Serray

    Selamat Sal,

    As we mourn our dead in Italy, a tragedy is unfolding in ethiopia. Peacefully protest is met by guns. While we are distracted by one tragedy, the woyanes are shooting and disappearing our young for asking to be treated like human beings.

    We need to put this violence into perspective. These unarmed refugees live in a concentration camp like restriction that there is zero chance of the protests spreading anywhere. The firing and disappearing of their spokesmen is nothing more than punishing them for not being satisfied living like animals for years.

    And our opposition are sitting in addis abeba doing what is isaias is doing in asmera.

    • saay

      Selamat Serray and Awatistas:

      We were actually “scooped” on that story. Gedab News got a lead about the killing (murder, actually) of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia a day after the Lampedusa tragedy. While we were doing our due diligence (we get a lot of false alarms from people whose SOLE agenda seems to be to destroy our credibility), VOA scooped us. Notwithstanding who reported it first, this is a story that deserves its own coverage: EVERY ERITREAN LIFE IS PRECIOUS and when we lose one, we must raise holy hell.

      About the opposition, well, it is even worse than you think. One of the things they are considering is to have a condolence center where people come to give them their condolences on the loss of lives. They are essentially saying we are no more agents for change than the Eritrean mother in Eritrea who is being consoled. An assertive opposition (particularly those who are based in Europe) should have descended in Lampedusa and made noise. The assertive youth in Italy who made an impressive demonstration in support of Forto 2013 are missing too, probably because they have “legal status” issues. (My guess.)

      My view is that Lampedusa should be used as a date for everybody to RE-EVALUATE everything we do and to RESET and REBOOT. There is a petition circulating to demand that the dead Eritreans be repatriated to Eritrea. The next petition should have a demand that Isaias Afwerki resign. We should not be paralyzed into “yeah, but he will ignore it” thinking. We, those of us who believe he is not fit to lead the decent folk of Eritrea, should take the self-empowering act to demand that he resign.


      • Ermias

        Saay, I have been advocating a world wide protest against the Eritrean regime. I am glad you are preaching this too because you have no idea how much influence and weight you have on those of us advocating for change in Eritrea. I met you in Oakland in 1999 or so and I have read more of your articles than everything combined together. But I completely disagree with you on your call for IA to resign because you are being too kind. We need to demand for him to be tried for manslaughter of tens of thousands of Eritreans before and after ‘independence.’

        • saay

          Hey Ermias:

          Thanks for your kind words. I actually think the first step should be a call for Isaias Afwerki to resign. Not just Isaias, but anybody whose title says they are responsible for something. Fozia Hashem is “Minister of Justice.” There is no justice in Eritrea: she should resign. Sebhat Ephrem is the Defense Minister and all the agelgelot who are being abused and forced out of their country fall under his domain. He should resign.

          A demand for resignation is a simple statement of lack of confidence: I have no faith in your ability to carry out your duties as president, as a minister. What follows after that–why they are not able to carry out their duties in a matter that meets with the approval of his bosses, the people of Eritrea–is something that can be deferred. But for right now he and whoever holds meaningless titles should be asked to resign. It doesn’t matter (for now) whether they will or not–it only matters that the people exercise their right to demand it. If/when they ignore the demand, that too will have its own dynamic and chain reaction. I think our message should be: we are done playing Godot: we are done passively waiting for change.


  • L.T

    Awate ,where is the Eritrean comments here?Girm’ba natkum!It make you exremely unpopular among the Eritrean.Your served only to provide the ego with a Weyanological alibi.But you cannot oversimplify without distorting the facts even when you are doing your best to tell the truth sometimes(ipso facto a liar)Isaias as a loyal communist to protestant Hamma-Sien,Yemane as Monks and Nay-zhgi as Nazi….it hard to feel very proud of your activities becouse you do these things for the sake of a group of our neighbors.You can seek power and money,can enjoy but you may be sure this is not a acts of heroism but merely egotism.

    • saay

      Selamat LT

      Whoa, where did that come from? We enjoyed your writings better when they were LSD streams of consciousness: their beauty was in their mystery. Now that you are coherent*, I guess you had all along been writing boring stuff.

      *thanks Haile (sort of)

      • haile

        Selamat saay

        ahh…sorry to spoil the fun. But, hey,,, I ain’t regretting it a bit 🙂 This is my moral duty to make sure Lamek’s right to express his opinion freely and unencumbered! Let’s now hope L.T. would extend the same courtesy to my people in Eritrea that made to lose dignity by banishing their right to express their views freely 🙂

        HR should start at home…AT’s comments forum in our case 🙂

        • saay


          Hey, you are taking this freedom of expression too far: LT has the right to express himself; he doesn’t have the right to be understood 🙂 Whenever I read his cryptic notes, I used to think there is something deep buried here and, like a poem, it is up to the reader to interpret it. Now, with your double google-translate suggestion, you spoiled it for me and it turns out his posts are ordinary Weyane-Tigray obsession. Sigh. 🙂

          Awate 4.0 had a Fareed who, apparently, was also writing in Arabic and translating to English using Google-translate. I am glad you weren’t around then or you would have ruined that fun too.


      • L.T

        Tsbuk Alena Saleh;
        We have internal problem here on Awate and It was just my traumatic feelling that forces me to sent you for step out of one’s own work unity.I just disagreed with your new policis and am not a bitter civil war with Yi’kaalo.

  • Horizon

    Some regime apologists must have been born with a brain with an underdeveloped part that is responsible for human sentiment. They are like a monster that eats its own children, creatures devoid of love and compassion. Even a fallen enemy is respected and when possible buried with respect by the conqueror, let alone ones compatriots. In the parallel universe of regime apologists, those who have a different opinion to the master and the regime they serve with such unbelievable slavish devotion, are characterized as materialistic people, traitors, deserters and non-Eritreans. In their deranged minds, there could only be one type of Eritrea, the Eritrea created by the lunatic master, and it doesn’t matter at all, if it is functional or even doomed to fail.
    Instead of dying in the Sahara, Sinai and the Mediterranean, trying to reach freedom, according to these regime apologists, the fate of all Eritreans should be to live and die in Eritrea serving the dictator. This is the only glorious death there is for an Eritrean. It is so pathetic, nauseating and disheartening.
    The die-hard supporters of the regime treated disrespectfully, callously, inhumanly, traitorously, feloniously …the dead, their relatives and the thousands of Eritreans that mourn these young people. These regime messengers who have been instructed to falsify the Eritrean reality whenever and wherever possible, are a liability not only to Eritrea and its people, but also to the regime they serve so selflessly and shamelessly. They are doing a disservice even to the regime. When they go to the extreme as they are doing so in this tragic moment, by accusing, disrespecting and molesting the dead, simply because these young people exposed the inhuman nature of the regime by dying outside Eritrea trying to reach freedom, when according to the apologists they should have died within Eritrea serving the dictator, where nobody would have been aware of their death, the only thing these soulless creatures would succeed is to create more anti-regime Eritreans, because they are insulting not only the memory of the dead but also the intelligence of the living.
    They denied the victims their humanity in life by the inhuman and atrocious treatment at the hands of the most abysmal regime; and in death, they are denied their Eritreaness, being labeled as Ethiopians faking Eritreans, thus turning them to people without a country and without an identity. These unfortunate Eritreans are abused even this very moment as their corpses lie in the most macabre row of death begging for a decent burial. They did not die once but twice; the second time at the hands of regime apologists. Their dead body has been degraded, soiled and desecrated.
    Contrary to what regime apologists say, these young Eritreans died an honorable death at the doors of freedom. They did not surrender their freedom to the dictator and his cronies, but they died running away from being hunted as if they were wild animals, bought and sold as if they were slaves, and their body turned into spare-parts to fill the deep pockets of regime officials, simply because they could not fight their abusers with empty hands. History should record this as one of the darkest chapters of human history, as one of the horrible things that happened in the 21st century, to the children of a lesser god from Eritrea, under the rule of one of the most inhuman dictators and his callous supporters, and in front of the eyes of a so-called civilized-world of that era.

    God rest their innocent souls.

    • Kokhob Selam

      yes brother Horizon, they were always there. we have been suffering since ever.But now they are all exposed, thanks God.

    • michael

      Dear Horizon

      May the souls of the victims rest in peace – Amen

      Thank you for the perspectives on the lunatic regime supporters; May God forgive them as they do not seem to think and know what they are doing. When they wake up they will be a component of the tool to save Eritrea.

      BUT ….. a very big BUT, I am beginning to think differently and ask myself a very weird question, it is weird but no longer weird for me. The question is WHO IS THE PRESIDENT OF ERITREA WORKING FOR? DO YOU BELIEVE HE IS WORKING FOR ERITREA AND ITS PEOPLE? I do not. Over the past two years or so I started putting some pieces together and begun to think that he is working towards realizing the dreams of the seemingly long forgotten Tigray rulers – The president’s pedigree and the identity of the people surrounding him right now clearly points to that direction. This line of thought is hard to believe and follow but we should never rule the possibility out. After all one who believes works for a nation would never destroy the socioeconomic and political fabric of a nation; would never work to extinct the next generation, would never destroy academic institutions, social norms, societal values; would never treat his own people the way the people of Eritrea are being treated; would never break every horrible record the Eritrean people suffered by foreign colonizers. throw these on the above equation/assumption, it all makes sense – THE GUY GOT A HIDDEN AGENDA – In my opinion, as weird as it is, this is a subject worth discussing.

      Keep well

      • T.Kifle

        Dear Michael

        It’s disingenuous to connect the fault lines of your president to his roots. DIA is working for nobody. Tigrean rulers of the past or the present never worked to destroy the “Eritrean social fabric”. It’s a make-believe-story concocted and laid down to you (if you are young enough) during the revolution and a justification for keeping you on indefinite military service unparalleled in world history. The Tigrean people were and still are in the receiving ends of IA’s dictatorial rule. I can assure you, IA has no hidden agenda. He serves no one himself included. He is walking on the sharp edge of the knife leaving a legacy of briar patch for his children. The problem is not that he has an agenda but he has no agenda at all. He wanted to be left alone while sitting on the driver’s seat, confusing Eritrea as his private real-estate.

    • Danny

      The supporters of the dictator are becoming literally nsu. Nsu was too destructive to Eritrea. God, what are we we going to do with the cloned ones?

  • berhan gedem

    ኢዚ ወሪዱ መሪር ህዘን ንበተስቦም ብተቅላላ ንኤርትራ ህብረተስብ ኪክውን ክሉ ናይዝኩሉ ጸገም ተህታቲ ኢሳያስን ኮራኩሩን ኢዮም

  • saay

    Selam Awatistas:

    Where prose fails, poems fill in. Read Kiros Yohannes…

    Where words fail, music jumps in.

    Jebena/Merhaba now serving two videos to the survivors and victims of Lampedusa:

    To the survirors, Abraham Afwereki sings Semay “The Sky”…and how to overcome hardship by swimming….

    To the victims, Tesfai Mehari (Fihira) sings “Bahri” (the sea)…and the agony of separation when your love is lost to the sea.

    Both videos have English subtitles and you can find them here:



    • Kokhob Selam

      All my respect to you Saay. let me ask readers to chose their title for new poem.

      rodab, and all give me one title and let me sharpen my pen today.

  • rodab

    It is heart-warming to see both pro-gov’t and opposition Eritreans in various countries are honoring the victims through candlelight vigil, social media messages and other means. And appropriately so.

    One interesting observation is, pro-regime compatriots and the useless state media went on their separate ways. If that has happened before, it must be rarely. The state media has completely sealed off itself. Even YPFJ fared better this time :-). For the thousandth times, EriTv & Co. find themselves in awfully ackward lonely position.

    • saay

      Selamat Rodab:

      The “YPFDJ” statement is composed, written, and edited by Yemane Gebreab. Time permitting (and time never permits) I could show you why that’s so. So the YPFDJ is still a puppet with Yemane as a puppet master.


      • Ermias

        Selamat rodab, saay, and all awatistas. After reading this thread, I got quite curious to see what YPFDJ had to say and dug this.


        I do have my own reasons too, saay, to confirm that monkey is the author of that statement.

        More importantly, please read the readers reactions. The most repeated phrase was “crocodile tears.” Nearly every single response was utter despise and dismay at PFDJ. That’s not an opposition website mind you. Oh my! HIGDEF will not survive this one.

      • haile

        Selam saay and Rodab,

        On YPFDJ, I have to go with saay on that! The kids are note there yet, what is strange however, that they can write 5240 word piece of nothing to cover their own back, yet hardly any thing to look out for their Eritrean brethren.

        On a separate note, the press release from “mahbere com Italy”, the Atlanta and Saudi Arebia saga and Osman Salih’s appeal for 2% at his speech (side stepping dwelling on the tragedy) all points to the fact that:

        – the regime is so sadistic and making a spectacle of its goons in front of the world to show you its level of hold on their lives. If it can literally cause the death of their brothers, sisters, children… and have them dance all night long as well as make them scribble any old useless #$%$#…you got to give it:)

        – That IA may be locking himself up and knocking down that Areki like crazy (sh!t terrified) and the Gerahtu’s are left to just do the disappearing act – where is that big mouth any way:)

        • saay

          Hey awatistas:

          Remember, the “Y” in “YPFDJ” stands for Yemane. Gebreab, not Gebremeskel. How YPFDJ came about and why.. that’s a whole different article. Time permitting.

          Remember Rodab, just a month ago (read Jihans article) YPFDJ was totally in denial about the existence of human trafficking and they were doing their kiddie version of “where is the evidence” and could never write the article that carries their name. Here’s a clue: the article quotes Osman Saleh twice which is essentially Yemane Gebreab quoting himself. Nah, it’s not Eritreans Vs Eri TV. It’s the world vs the Isaiasists.


          • Dear Saay,

            The “Y” in YPFDJ stands for “Yemane”!!!! Oh my God, this is a new expose. A youth organization in the name of Yemane Gebreab. It is a weird adventure and weird nomenclature in a weird nation of ours. “zeyte-gebre yelen zeyte-negre de’amber” kind of traditional adage……. Eritrea looks an alien nation at odd to the normal international etiquette on one hand and at odd to normal axis of engagement on the other – A universe of their own difficult to explain.


  • My condolences to the victems of this harish death of the sea and deserts. As we all know, this is not the first time to happen to us. What amazed me is what kind of cult we get into.that everbefore to accept so many losses. How many of our people are dying in jail with out any justice and how many others suffering with out enough payment caring guns with no war no peace and for how long? And how many others leaving the countr to unknown distination to die like yesterdys everywhere. It is to heavy to bear such things.People it is n’t time only to mourn It is time to RISE UP by all means to uproot the root of this all things.Forget about those blind suporters of the dictator.That will disapear llike the ash in the air and as snow melted down when the sun shine.

  • yegermal


    In the midst of our ghastly and indescribable sadness, there is always a ray of hope that lifts our spirit and restores our trust in humanity. Here is an example I couldn’t resist to share.

    Compatriots forming a human chain to protect the rights of their brethren. I long for the day diaspora Eritreans will act in similar fashion to bring about justice for their brethren in Eritrea. Enjoy!


    • yegermal

      *ghastly reality

    • Papillon

      Dear Ygermal,

      These are the words of Job (Eyob) as he conversed with God about his ordeals but all along, the reason he went through the unimaginable suffering and sorrow had a providential purpose. There is no doubt in my mind that, there is a divine purpose for the horror the Eritrean people are going though. There is a divine reason that God sent us this evil man masquerading as a bonafide and as one of us. The Eritrean people will soon be resting on a green pasture; they will be people of tremendous wealth and prosperity basking in a social harmony. Before we get there however, God wanted us to know Him through suffering and pain so that when we get to the pinnacle, we would always remain humble in His eyes. As Eyob was able to converse and see God at the end of his ordeals, the Eritrean people as well have at long last conversed with God. God will destroy the evil man sooner than we think.

      “You said, ‘Listen now, and I will speak;
      I will question you,
      and you shall answer me.’
      My ears had heard of you
      but now my eyes have seen you.
      Therefore I despise myself
      and repent in dust and ashes.”

  • saay

    Selamat awatistas:

    1. Yesterday, Voice of America (Tigrinya program) interviewed one of the survivors (Tesfaldet). In the interview (excellent, excellent hustling and journalism, by the way, Minia Afwerki), the interviewee mentions, incidentally, that the “Tunisian” listed in the list of the survivors is the captain of the boat. This means that 100% of the survivors are Eritreans.

    2. There were 520 passengers on the boat, which was a triple deck.

    3. Tesfaldet (I love that he says “Egziabher ymesgen” when Minia asks how he is doing, which means that Isaiaism has not taken root in Eritrea; it will blow with the wind) says that the survirors are compiling a list of the dead and they have already started contacting their families in Eritrea. This is absolute evidence that the dead are Eritreans. (We really are a small country.) There WILL be a complete list of the dead.

    4. Those who survived swam for 4 hours. At 2:00 am. FOUR HOURS.

    5. Those who died were either crushed by the boat, as it sunk, or they were in the wrong deck/location, or they couldn’t swim, or they could swim but were dragged by panicked people who couldn’t swim. (common reaction of those who can’t swim)


    6. Radio Assenna interviewed three survivors. We learned from the interview that:
    a. Of the 500+ Eritreans, only 6-8 were Ethiopians;
    b. The fire was set by the captain (not the passengers) in the wrong place (middle of the crowd.) Its purpose was to draw attention of the authorities. Apparently, the captain got rid of his phone (some human smugglers protocol that says get rid of the phone) once he reported to his bosses that he had made it to the shores of Sicily.
    c. Two boats circled them, but didn’t help, although the passengers used their flashlights to draw their attention;
    d. The passengers were screaming for attention, at 2:00 am, but nobody responded;
    e. The passengers could not call anyone because their mobile phones were confiscated in Libya;
    f. Some of the Eritreans who could swim may have perished because those who couldn’t, dragged them down (common reaction of people who can’t swim.)
    g. Life jackets were not even considered because everything (including essentials like water and food) is extremely expensive.

    Awate Team is in discussions with our colleagues and compatriots to create a virtual “condolence book” for Eritreans to express their heartfelt grief over this massive loss. If there were 500+ passengers on the boat, and 152 survived, that means 350+ mostly, if not exclusively, Eritreans have died on this boat. And our assumption that the dead are like the survivors is incorrect: there were disproportionately more women and children in the list of the dead.

    There is an album of some of the dead which we are not publishing until we have confirmation that their loved ones have already heard about the loss. It is absolutely heart-wrenching of how SO YOUNG they are. It is virtually unwatchable if you have children their age.

    To those Eritreans (still our compatriots) who are still instinctively defending the Isasis regime, please note that even if everything you are saying is true (that the dead are naive victims of human traffickers, deserters, etc.) the decent, humane thing for the outlaw regime you so love to do is to express condolences to the bereaved. PUBLICLY in MEDIA THAT THE COMMON ERITREAN CAN GRASP. 350 dead means, in Eritrea’s tight social structure, thousands and thousands of grieving family members. You may be told that “its not in our political culture to do that.” Well, that’s a terrible political culture: one that has one rule for its favored (remember the condolence messages and books that were signed for Ministers Ali Sayed, Saleh Mekki and Woldemichael Gebremariam) and one for the rest (Ghebar and all Tegadelti who were not in good terms with Isaias Afwerki.) This is WRONG*. Especially because, with all due respect to the families of Ali Sayed, Saleh Mekki and Woldemichael Gebremariam), this tragedy has rocked and shocked Eritreans with exponentially more sense of loss and are blanketed by grief and rage.


    * Those of you who read what I write and say that I have picked the wrong hill kmhlel, please know always that my target is never the Isaiasits (well, except for the Nitriccs: I give him a year to come to his senses) but those whom Haile (the great) calls the “silent majority” who may be persuaded by the arguments of the Isaiasists.

  • Girmai

    1.150-200 Thousand of the young already left Eritrea.
    2.Eritrea is the only natin in the world with no a Constitution,courts of law.
    3.He had been and is murderin imprisoning members of the defence forces,parlament,and civilians.
    No work,food and Education for the population.Therefore it is time to remoove this wolf dictator by all means necessary,before he totaly distroys Eritrea.

    • TheTruth

      For clarification purposes,the UK and New Zealand do not have a constitution.

  • haqi

    thank awate.com god bless you

    I just wish you would ban hgdef mendef for a month. I don’t even want to read what they have to say anymore. you are strong people for allowing them to mock, insult our people in this dark days

  • Tragedy after Tragedy
    One is at lost of wards to comments about the tragedy in Lampedusa,and Pope Francis who sought to bring its conditions to world attention is one of the epicenters today with it Eritrean youth , again in the news after many Eritreans died and many still remain missing when their ship sunk off the coast of Sicily after a fire broke out on board from an attempt to signal authorities at night to come help them. The passengers of ships sailing to Lampedusa with so many Eritrean youth often met their final death. and that hundreds of my fellow human beings lost not just the right to the pursuit of happiness, but to life itself as their ship sunk and no help came .And many more died related to dehydration -have been occurring crossing the desert there have been a series of deaths that have being occurring unreported . And they are victims of persecution and exile by DIA regime the sources and the originator of all evil. In the last few today’s and in brought daylight, in front of the entire world, in front of television cameras, we have witnessed yet again Eritrean youth drowned and lost their dear life .
    DIA regime brought in the culture of barbarism and extreme savageness of Middleville of Middle Age time, Eritrea stuck in poverty and bottom of underdeveloped county, in this backward, grotesque, some even seem retarded societies! The Regime supporters are so proud of their image and of themselves, where fascist regime believe it gradually that it became so undeniably noble of the noblest, so highly refined, so keenly sensitive, and so absolutely politically correct. But the real tragedy and issue is: what do we do? To a regime that treats all of the people like a slave and enslaved of by gone era.
    Remembering Eritrea – a country that we love with all our heart, she is beautiful, newly born, naive, proud, pure, and serene. PFDJ proverbial thugs and gangster; they kidnapped, tortured and finally finish her before she could mature and grow and be one of the world admired and respected nation .For more than two decade they ravished, and “This is the way to honor and love our nation and our youth . I am sick and compelled to say: ‘get lost and for such honor and love’! PFDJ thugs and gangster invited culture of terrorizing our people and that pushes our youth to the sea, hell with regime.
    When one read stream of hateful messages directly or subtly poisonous from so called Eritrean regime worshiper, it is very strange culture from strange minority. This is culture of hating themselves, a culture of arrogance and war sick, sad to read the victims somehow deserved what they got. How sick can this be?
    How this could be in situation like catastrophic tragedy in Lampedusa. One of the most frustrating aspects of writing is when people read about tragedy comments, written by many well refined honorable Eritrean with awate site leading the eulogy , an eulogy, a moving piece and then regime worshiper react to what they think and commented —completely devoid and missing sympathy and compassion .
    How hard is to change regime supporters, and how do we start transform society? It all begins with the changing of our poisonous negative culture, which was invented for most by PFDJ thugs and partly by our society, that in so many ways that still controls us. It is difficult to free from the shackle and change culture, it embodies our belief system, and we resist changes. It is a very basic value if we want to have a just community. This is difficult because we are not free people and we are awfully oppressed ,the poor communities and society are largely ignored by those with power DIA and his cronies , acting like thugs and gangster with gun ready to use it any moment . So if we want to create a more just Eritrea, we have to know what injustice is and that if we do nothing about it, we are the real problem. And that is the point of Cultural of change or the transformation of a community and society culture is more much more difficult. Many aspects of our culture are positive and we should defend them. But we have to put them into a contextual framework of our injustices of today in midst of our communities and society we must get rid of injustice and regime with it..

  • Nitricc

    to all of you who are going banana over my comments. get this
    There is an archive icon on awate.com and when you click on it, just to access the archive, it will tell you to visit the old web-sight, when you click on the old web-site icon, then it will direct you back to the current web-site. Knowing how awate.com is current and religiously updated, I say to my self, I must do something wrong. Tried it three more times then I knew it wasn’t me and it didn’t work. I gave up the idea visiting the archive. The point is, if something is not working how often and for how long should you try it before you say okay it doesn’t work? Anytime this happens, the finger pointing goes back and forth? First, you have to call what it is and it is what it is. Most of you are pissed with me because I call it the way I saw it. Any one who abandons his/her post with out consent of her/his superiors he/she is a deserter. Take that to the bank! This is not to say they are not victims. They are victims, they were misled and lied to.
    I don’t care what your dictionary describes it. Here you have it. You can go back and forth like the archive I describe above or you can get to the bottom of this.
    Are those people Eritreans?==================== Yes!
    Do they deserve to die? =======================NO!
    Is it tragedy?================================= Yes!
    Are they deserters? ================================Yes! Except the minors and their parents should be charged with endangering a child.
    Why do they desert? ========================Just To better themselves like every hypocrite in here.
    Are they responsible for their actions? ==========================Yes.
    Who is to blame for this? The Diaspora, the Diaspora, the Diaspora, the Diaspora and the victims themselves. They should have known better to listen to the Diaspora’s lies.
    What is the solution?
    Tell everyone you know to stay home. Tell them to concentrate on their schooling and their personal development. Tell them to make their country as good as the country they whish to migrate to. Tell them if the system is the problem; tell them they have the power to fix it. Tell them it is their country and they deserve to live in dignity. Crying in here and blaming the only one you know to blame, the government is not going to solve any problems. That is the only way out.
    I was reading at Andnet.com and some one suggested that Eritreans should invest in to buying life jackets so; every deserting Eritrean should wear the life jacket before boarding the human trafficker’s ship. Is there more dumb idea than this? While we are at dumb thing to say,
    You people keep saying RIP, when you are dead what else is there do but rest ? So, what is the point saying it?
    And some of you keep saying god bless the dead, really? Who killed them in the first place, I thought god did all this and nothing happens with out his consent?
    How is that work? God kills you then he blesses you? Really? Whatever.

    • Ermias

      You attention [xxxx]! I doubt you are Eritrean but if you are by any slight chance, you might have close relatives or friends (if not siblings) amongst the victims. You and your HIGDEF junta are in deep s..t right now. 500-155 = 345 Eritreans precious lives perished and you are making a mockery of one of the most tragic incidents most of us have ever heard about in our life time. The Eritrean people are taking a good note. We will turn on you cruel beasts. One day it will happen, when that happens, you will be burning in hell for all your crimes. For the manslaughter of tens of thousands of Eritreans.

      The Italian government declared all the deceased as Italian citizens as a sign of compassion and deep sorrow but your govt has yet to acknowledge and express any sort of condolences to the families of the victims. This is a real tipping point, HIDEF is not going to survive this one. Mark my words.

      • Crocus

        Why do you doubt he is Eritrean? Are you not in your own way manifesting another form of delusion? There are many intoxicated Eritreans like him. I see them all the time. It is hard to drive sense into them. That is not a reason to deny that they are Eritreans.

        The simple litmus test of who has and who does not have sense is whether they can think a step ahead, and beyond themselves. As brutal as the regime is, it is stuck. It cannot move forward. It has exhausted all possible means. Period! The regime’s supporters are also stuck. All are prisoners of their short-sightedness and sinister ways. The sooner they take their feet off the political pedal and step on economics the better. Nothing will change until there is a clear vision of how to build the country economically. And sorry to say this, more tragedies will follow until the nation is on a viable economic path, which will usher some peace and stability. Nothing is going to rain from heaven.

        Eritreans need to take a psychological leap. For a start, that requires swallowing one’s pride and getting along with the neighbors. To the people who cannot realize this, know that Pride goes before the Fall!

    • Papillon


      There is a rehab center for halew-lew-ism. In case if you’re not aware that is. Tesfanews has posted a similar hetew-qetew as yours. Perhaps you can find a sort of feel-good-moment in it for you will find yourself in the same pathetic league.

    • yonas

      I wonder if you have any idea of what you are talking about. And I see you have no qualms naming names to people you don’t even know, and at such a tragic moment. By the way, deserter is not what you think it is. Deserter is someone who by law should have been at his/her post. But Eritreans are not in the army because of the law of the land, but because of total disrespect of the law. Just read the “Proclamation to establish the National Service of Eritrea”, and its subsequent amendment, it was amended only once, to make things tight. And the law clearly provides only for our citizens to be in the army only if they are between 18-30, and only for 18-24 months. Anything more than that is holding they youth against their will and without any legal authority. Just because you can hold people at a gun point, and they have managed to escape doesn’t make their action illegal. But I know am not going to make you see what is right, or what is legal. After all don’t you follow a man you have even the right to vote for? What a pathetic person would do such a thing is beyond me.

      • yonas

        I meant, “after all don’t you follow a man you don’t even have a right to vote for.”

  • haile

    Selamat all,

    As the regime of IA continues to give deaf ears to one of most horrific tragedies to fall upon our children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, it is heartening to note that its diaspora stronghold defenses are crumbling fast as we speak. The current wave of rejection of the regime will soon make its way to Eritrea proper. One of the saddening acts of the regime is its withholding of messages of condolences to the Eritrean people from around the world. Here, even individual citizens of the world are expressing sympathy at our loss. The following is what an Ethiopian citizen inked on social media:

    “<> Tesfahun.”

    Here is a new song of reflection for our people:



    • haile

      Sorry it didn’t work first time, here is the message:

      አረ ጌታ ሆይ በቃ በለን!!!!!!! አምላኬ ሆይ ነፍሳቸውን ከአብርሃም ጎን አሳርፍልን፣ ለመላው የኤርትራ ህዝብና ቤተሰቦቻቸው መጽናናትን ስጥልን፣ ስደታቸው የስደት ዳርቻ አድርግልን።
      አሜን! በአንዲት ጀምበር ምሽት ከ 300 ሰዎች በላይ…….. ትረፍ ስል ጌታ ደግሞ እንዲህ ነው…….

    • Haile,

      You are doing a big service to your people by digging anything and everything to inform us. Stand tall.


      • haile

        Thanks Aman bro:)

  • Yemane Johar

    I just want to say thank you to the awate team for listening to the suggestion to give the current Eritrean tragedy a special place and attention. Awate is one of the independent Eritrean websites where individuals like me stop by for a refill of new ideas of weaponry and use it in its lethal force to fight and disseminate the disinformation and misinformation campaign of our adversaries as well debunk the deeply held distorted believe and ideology within the establishment of the evil cult of pfdj. I visit awate almost every day and the comments that cascades from all conscientious minds are empowering! I am proud of you All! My love and my respect….! Hawkum!

    • L.T

      Yemane Johar (Haw);
      The teachers (Awete) already infected you by the hysteria of their principal ..reading and writing “WegaH TbL Awate” Not only did you feel yourself unworthy of so high an honor,you re also much too busy with your duties as an awate priest.

      This also is an experience of Dehai-ness
      the most satisfying kind of experienced of other-ness..I felt insulted by you Yemane.

  • Serray


    Another gruesome aspect of the tragedy is unfolding; few women survived the tragedy. Of the 155 survivors, only 6 are woman, but of the identified 250 dead, 75 are women…one with four of her children according to CNN. Only a bankrupt of group of men would let this happen to women in their society. But then again, this is a continuation of a system that enslaves, traffics or sells the young, the future, of their society.


  • Tzigereda

    Dear Haile,

    thank you for your excellent contribution,indeed Haile The Great!

    • haile

      Thank you Kbrti Hafti Tzigereda,,,, koynu gin entay waga’mo alowo elkiyo… blutsat aHwatnan deqnan endyom blaSh tefiOmna 🙁 TsnAt yhabena

  • Kokhob Selam

    Eritrean Tv (serving the truth) was telling us “illegal Africans…”. it seems our poeple should stand firm supporting one. now one of them is Eritrean not both 01.the victims 02.PFDJ.
    one of them is legal 01. our victims 02. PFDJ.

    here we go.this death is not going to end just like the prevouse stories.it is going to burn PFDJ.

  • yegermal

    OMG, a PFDJ goon in Atlanta( I think)justifying why they should go ahead and dance the night away with Wedi Tekabo, although they have just found out about the Lampedusa tragedy. It’s official, nothing will ever move the PFDJ dies hards. This utter affront and desecration of our brothers and sisters. WAKE UP PEOPLE and stop blaming the opposition for failing to enlist these animals on its side. We must identify and shame these shameless goons!


    And compare this to the heartbreak a brother (Abel) felt when he couldn’t find his bother (Abraham) among the survivors. We are living in two different parallel reality!


  • Tzigereda

    Selam Awatistas,

    In less that 3 hours, 886 people have already signed the petition!

  • saay


    Here’s a petition demanding that the Isaias Afwerki regime allow the Eritreans who perished in Lampedusa be returned home for burial. It takes a minute to sign the petition. The organizers are hoping for 5,000 signatures.



    • beyan negash

      Thanks Sal for keeping us abreast of what other Eritreans are doing so as to avoid replications. I just signed the petition and as you said, it does not even take a minute at all – quickly in and quickly out and it was done.

      But, of course, we must reach out to our friends and foes, families and relatives so as to prompt them to participate. 5,000.00 should not be a problem at all. We should be able to get five times as much in a week, I hope.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Thank you saay.

    • yegermal

      Thanks Saay! I signed it already and am passing it along.

    • Yemane Johar

      I just signed the petition thanks for making it easy to complete!Thanks saay!

    • Saay,

      Thank you for the petition drive.I signed.


    • Zegeremo

      Signed, thank you Saay !!!


  • abdu

    Here is a great speach by vitran Wedi Vacar
    please listen to it.


  • L.T

    Today,in this short article there are manay Ethiopians from Tigria translated this tragedy to their advances and every comments in this site we have of them we do not have definitive answers,but I can now at least make reasonable attempts to answer them.
    Part of their enjoyment of our 03/10 national tragedy and we hope not for you this story.Becouse first you are a human entry into this earth and when humans had gone from this earth we do to wish you will arrive in save hand place.
    And than we Eritrean now the sole survivors and we had have accomplished all things that modern humans have done-did you go quietly now?Stop to promise us that we are your closest”HabesH”cousins.We had survived extreme hardship before 500 yeras ago.Life is like ice milt period and the future will hold for us.
    Eritrean modern human has only begun.I am better than you.

    • haile

      lamek tewelde

      I use to think you were writing in a weird style for a reason, I now think that may be isn’t the case. Are you writing in Swedish then applying google translate? If so, my advice is to re-translate the English back to Swedish or whatever and improve and re-do it. I was told that you could do that several times to make the google translator almost fluent in the language you desire to present your texts. If that is not the case, ignore the remark 🙂

      • Papillon

        Dear Haile,

        No wonder I always had difficulties to make sense of what L.T. had to say in his comments. I never thought that could be the reason (translating what ever language he is at ease with to English.) You’re sharp. You’re starting to scare me.


  • haile

    More updates:

    “The hundreds who lost their lives off Lampedusa yesterday are Italian citizens as of today,” Prime Minister Enrico Letta said on Friday.



  • haile


    I know that it is a little belated to argue the identity of those Eritreans who perished in Lampedusa. Fact are pouring out and so are emotions. However, we can’t help but observe in disbelief the unfolding drama in the regime’s quarters. Here you have a party controlled state media adamantly dismissive of those powerless souls whose ordeals has shaken the entire world, as “illegal migrants of African or possibly horn of Africa nationals” much less to spend a mere 10 minute program to transmit the event. We then have the diaspora based regime operatives shedding crocodile tears and calling for remembrance vigil and issuing press-releases. Who is in the lead here? Indeed, what a spectacle of opportunistic disarray.

    True to their duplicitous and dastardly manners, some of their ranks come to argue that they were “Ethiopians”. So, wouldn’t it be the right thing for them to do to go to their nearest Ethiopian Embassy or website to offer their condolences? Why do they need to share that with the rest of us who believe that they’re almost entirely are Eritreans? Well, their objective is of course to lower the perception of the magnitude of this gruesome tragedy. And why would they want to do that? They do that to recover political lost grounds for their regime. But, didn’t they say that it is wrong to politicize it? Well, the rules don’t apply to them.

    They even up the ante of politicizing it to include the claim that the world is conspiring to whisk off these victimized souls that are attempting to flee the worst form dictatorship in human history. But, it is that same world that is fighting tooth and nail to wrench the dead from the depth of the seabed and the jaws of menacing elements of nature. Yes, to claim their fellow humans and afford them the dignity of a brave farewell. A process of sent off that is opposed by those who see a political problem in burying their own dead.

    Some of their confused and frightened ranks are foolishly asserting “National Service doesn’t kill”. As if the flip side in the affirmative of such assertion the reasons that they were subjected to a life of servitude. Ethiopia will invade any time soon. As if they would then exchange flowers in such an eventuality! Other grave diggers of the child killing regime are also saying that “but the victims are young how could they have escaped national service?” as if national service and other repressive measures weren’t the threat that they fled to avoid, and sadly meeting their tragic fate.

    This are a very tragic times for our nation, where those in control have anything but. They may lack control in dealing with the aftermath, yet they stand accused by the UN of profiting from human trafficking of Eritreans for money. And are fugitives from international investigators who claim to have names, places, and other details that implicate them.

    When Eritreans are describing this tragedy, they owe it to the victims to firmly use the reference “the Eritrean victims” not pay heed to the operatives’ callous and confused subterfuge of “African or Eritrean and Somalia…” although the hand full non-Eritreans need to be respected too, this was an all Eritrean tragedy. If an Eritrean congregation of more than 500 was to perish; and they had five or six non-Eritrean gusts in the audience, we don’t announce the Eritrean event (bet it wedding, social…) a none-Eritrean event. Their ways are sick

    Indeed, they never expected the regime would ever ask them to defend its causing of the killing of these tragic victims, they are in their own shipwreck of their own making.

    What made you leave?



    • Ermias

      Selamat Hailat. I am sure you noticed that Nesredin adamantly made a clear point that he left Eritrea to find a safe place (I am sure that is the exact sentiment for all of them). He didn’t necessarily set out for Europe. It was first Sudan – that was no good. Then Libya – probably worse. Then Italy, France, and finally UK. This shows us that these young Eritreans do not give a rat’s ass about ipads, nikes or whatever brikirik gadgets. Period. A lot of my family and friends are apologists for the dictator and their argumets usually go “wela deki habtamat, shigir zeyblom endyom, wela temahro nfuat, etc. suk elom ztefu zelewu…” They leave Eritrea because they do not feel safe and secure there. The other point Nesredin was trying to make was the smugglers are not the cause of the problem as I repeatedly said yesterday. They are businessmen. Nesredin said they were the only hope. Some of the reports I read state that over 30,000 migrants have made it across the sea to Italy in 2013 alone of which 7500 are Eritreans. What does that say? Albeit a gruesome tragedy as in last week, most do make it safe again albeit after a horrendously dangerous and nerve racking journey. For Eritrea, the root cause of this problem is Isaias Afwerki. The other officials are useless mouth pieces but they are just as guilty by association and for sitting on their hands and watching all these tragedies.

    • yegermal


      DIA and his goons may not care about the Eritrean victims, but the Eritrean community in Milano does.


    • saay

      Haile (the great):

      You wrote: Some of their confused and frightened ranks are foolishly asserting “National Service doesn’t kill”.

      I saw that the Isaiasits are recycling the NRA slogan (guns don’t kill people. People kill people”). Apparently, even the science of chain reaction has been made illegal in PFDJs Eritrea, except when it serves their purpose. Observe their quackery:

      We can’t have elections in Eritrea because we have internally displaced Eritreans who can’t return home because of US policies and they deserve to vote. Chain reaction? Yep.

      Eritreans are taking risks to leave Eritrea and endless conscription and a life of servitude. Chain reaction? No.


  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Serving the truth is shattered since Lampdusa tragedy! Since the banning of free press in Eritrea pfjd Calls its monopolization of media serving the truth. And ‘the truth’ is spiraling to almost a full stop. Largly it was reduced to the endavour of multitudes ponds but now that is too is like squeezing saft from a dry suger cane. If it were only the pfdj which suffers from this Madness it was the best time to make funn of pfjd. Unfortunatelly it is not even fun that pfdj collapses. It is just a matter of neccessity. They even take this from the majority. Damn pfdj!!

  • L.T

    Our people killed by Agaazi Weyane in Tigria in a few small oases”Adi Harish,Adi Teseser.in dirty wood smoke streets ..this is a new large news today.They are my generatione blood long before and who started and what the case history?The first took notic of this is Weyane-Zionist and we would accept nothing of them and we lost one of its most promising and a very exceptional childhood-the first son born(Bet-tmhriti Sewra Weyane)fabricated,unique language,no information and nothing communicated with this shocked child,how nasty it is!”
    One was born in a crowd,one died in a crowd,one even relieved nature in crowd and on occasion one had to make love in a crowd.If one’s blood were blue.the well-rounded life in mai Ayni and Adi Harish and where are the healthy young humanist?sure they are in secret corner.

  • Hayat Adem

    ሕጂ ክልተ ነገራት ንፈትሽ። እቲ ሓደጋ ንኽወርድ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ጠንቂ ኾይኑ ድዩ? እቲ ሓደጋ ምስ ወረደኸ ከምመንግስቲ ዝግባእ ምውስዋሳት ዶ ገይሩ?
    ነዘን ሕቶታት ክንውከሰን ሕጂ እዋኑ ድዩ? እዋኑን ፈረቓን ‘ምበር! ከመይ ድዩ ግዲ፡ እዚ’ኮ እቲ ክውንነት “National Tragedy” ደረጅኡ ድማ “National Scandal” ተባሂሉ ዝግለጽ ኣብ ሃገር ዝወረደ ሕማቕ ኣጋጣሚ’ዩ። እዚአን ክልቲአን ንመንግስቲ ዝምልክታ ተርእዮታት’የን። እዚ ምስበልካ ከዓ ንቡር ሓላፍነትን ተግባራትን ብምፍጻም ክሕለፍ ዝኸል ድዩ ነይሩ ወይስ ኣይኮነነ፤ ልዕሊ ሃገራዊ ዓቕምን ብወዳዓውነት ዝወደቐና ሓድጋ’ ድዩ አይኮነን፣ ዝብል መሊሽካ ምሕላፍ የድሊ። ትራጀዲ ከይተጸበኻዮ፣ ዝግበአካ እናፈጸምካ ከለኻ’ውን ሃንደበት ክመጸካ ይኽእል’ዩ። ሽዑ ህዝቢ’ውን ይርደአልካ፣ ዜጋታት’ውን ዝዓቕሞም ክሕግዙኻ ምሳኻ ጠጠው ይብሉ። መንግስታዊ ሓላፍነታትካ ብዘይምፍጻምካ ንዘጋጥም ትራጀድን ስካንዳልን ግን ምሕረት ዘድልዮ ጉዳይ ኣይኮነን። ብፍላይ ናይዜጋታት ህይወት ዘራኽስ ፍጻመ ምስዝኸውን፣ በስ ኣኺሉ፣ አብቂዑ።
    ጎና ጎኒ ምሬት ሓዘናን ቁጠዐናን ነተን ሕቶታት ክነስተማስለንን ክንምልሸንን እዋኑን ቦትኡን እዩ። ናይ መጀመርታ ሕቶ መልሳ ብድሙቕ “እወ” ዝብል’ዩ። ዓዋተ.ኮም ክምዝበሎ፣ መንግስቲ ዳርጋ ሙሉእ ንምሉእ ተሓታቲ እዩ። ተመሳሳሊ ድኽነት ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ’ሎ፤ ኣብ ኬንያ’ውን፣ ከምኡ ድማ ኣብ ኡጋንዳ። መናእሰይ ድማ አለው’ወን፤ ናተን ኳ ይበዝሑ መናእሰይስ። ሓሓሊፉ ስደትን ሓደጋን ዘጋጥመንኳ እንተኾነ መጠኑ፣ ጻዕቑን ምድግጋሙን ከም ናይ ኤርትራ ኣይኮነን።
    ኣብዘን ሃገራት ዘየሎ፣ ኣብ ኤርትራ ጥራይ ዘሎ ሚስጥር ደኣ እንታይ’ዩ፣ ኢልና ምስ እንሓትት እንረኽበን መልሲ ክልተ እየን፡ 1- መንግስቲ ኤርትራን፣ 2- ብሽም ሃገራዊ ኣገልግሎት ዝጸዋዕ “ባርነት መናእሰይ ኤርትራን”። እተን ኣብ ካልኦት ዘየለዋ ኣባና ዘልዋ ክልተ ነግራት እዚአን ጥራሕ እየን። ነቲ መንእሰይ ሃገሩን ስድርኡን ገዲፉ ዕልምልም ፊጽ ዘብለኦ ዘለዋ ከዓ እዚአን ከይኮና አይተርፋን። ናብ ሓደ ንጠቕልለን እንተደኣ ኢልና ድማ “ባህርያትን ፖሊስታትን” መንግስቲ ኤርትራ’ዩ ንመናእሰያትና ናብ ዓዲ ሞት ዘህንኖም ዘሎ።
    ከምዚ ዝበለ ሓድጋ እንተጋጥም ሓዘንን ምሬትን ክህሉ ግድን’ዩ። ግን ነቲ ዝፈጠሮም ኩነታት ረሲዕኻ ኣይኮኑን ምሕዛንንን ምጉሃይን። ከመይ ኢልና አብዚ በጺሕና ዝብሉ ሕቶታት እናመልሽካ’ዩ ምስዝኸውን ትርጉም ይህልዎ፣ ሃናጺ ይኸውን። እቲ ኹነታት ከይድገም ወይ ከይቕጽል ከዓ ገለ መምሃሪ ይረከበሉ። ናይ ጥንቃቐን እርማታትን ስጉምቲታት ቐጺሎም ይስዕቡ።
    እቲ ሓደጋ ምስ ኣጋጠመ ዝተራኣየ ናይዚ መንግስቲ’ዚ ጸባይ ግን ፈጺሙኳ ዝርደኣክ አይኮነን። ሳልሕ “ጓና strange” ኢሉ ዝገለጾ ማለት’ዩ። ኣብ ከምዚ ዝበለ ኹነታት ዝኣተወ ዝኾነ መንግስቲ ዝገብሮ ነገር ግሙት’ዩ፡ 1)ንህዝቡን ሃግሩን ወኪሉ ሓዘኑ ይገልጽ፣ 2)ሓበሬታ ዝእክብን ነቲ ኹንታተ ዘጻርን ጉጅለ የዋፍር፣ 3) ንስድራን ህዝቡን ሓበሬታ የሕልፍ 4)አብ አትሓሕዛ ግዳያት ይሳተፍ ጥራሕ ዘይኮነ የተሓባብር፣ ሓገዛት ይጠልብ 5)ኩንታት ኣጻርዩ ተመሳሳሊ ጸገም ንከየጋጥም ኣድላይ ዘበለ ስጉምቲ ክወስድ ምዃኑ መብጻዓ ይኣቱ። መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ግን- ስርሑ ኩሉ ስግንጢር’ዩ። መመሊሱ ሕልናኻ ዝርብሽ ነገር ይገብር። ንህዝቢ ሓበሬታ ዘይምንጋር ወይ መደናገሪ ሓበሬታ ክትዝርግሕ ምፍታን፣ ንግዳያት ምስትንዓቕን ምክፋእን፣ “ኣይንትናን” ኢልካ ምኽሓድ፣ ከምዝይምልከተካ ኮይንካ አብ አተኣላልያ ሬሳ ዜጋታትካ ዘይምስታፍ፣ ንስድራታት ዘይምእባድ…እቶም ደገፍቱ ከዓ ካብዝነውራም ጠባያቱ ክምለስ ክንዲ ዝምኽርዎ ነታ ዝሓዛ ጽይቕቲ መገዲ ከማዕርጉ ላሕ ይብሉ…ግመል ሰሪቕካ ጎምባሕባሕ! ሰመረ ዝበሃል ሓው፣ ከምዚ ይብል፡
    “ህግደፍ የሕዋተይ እዮም ክብል፡ ምስኦም ክስሕቕ፡ ምስኦም ክጻወት፡ ምስኦም ክስዕስዕ ከልኹ፡ ብታሕጓስ ጭድድ-ፍንጭሕ’የ ዝብል። ኣብ እዋን ሓዘን’ውን ኣብ ማእከሎም ከሕልፎ ከለኹ፡ ኣብ’ዛ ሓላፊት ዓለም ፍቕሪ’ምበር ጽልእን ቅርሕንትን ቦታ ክህልዎ ከምዘይብሉ፡ ጥራይ እዩ መመሊሱ በሪሁ ዝራኣየኒ።”
    ሃየ በል ሰመረ! ግርም፣ ዝበልካዮ ኩሉ ብዙሕ ክፋእ የብሉን። ግን ንህግድፍ ከመይ ከምእትደናገጸሎም ኢኻ ነጊርካኒ። ኣብዛ ሰዓት ግን ካብ ንህግደፍ ዘለካ ሓልዮትን ምድንጋጽን ቆንጢርካ ነቶም ዝሃለቁ መናእሰይ ገይርካዮ እንተትኸውን ኣብ ቦትኡ መኾነልካ። ሎሚ ተቐዚፎም ዘለው ተራ መናእሰያት ኤርትራ እዮም። ተራ ዜጋ ኣብ ሽግር እንትወድቕ ፈለማ ዝምልከቶን ክበጽሕ ዝግብኦን ኣካል ናይታ ሃገር መንግስቲ’ዩ፡ ማለት መንግስቲ ኤርትራ። ሓደ ዜጋ ካብ ሃገሩ ምስወጸን ካብ ውልቃዊ ዓቕሙ ንላዕሊ ብዝኾኖ ኩነታት ክብዳህ ከሎ ቀልጢፉ ንድሕነነቱ ክበጽሐሉ ዝግቦኦ፡ መንግስቱን፣ ደቂ ሃገሩን እዮም።
    “ኣብ’ዛ ሓላፊት ዓለም ፍቕሪ’ምበር ጽልእን ቅርሕንትን ቦታ ክህልዎ ከምዘይብሉ…በሪሁለይ” በልካ። ፍቕሪ ዶ ትርኢ አሎኻ ሎሚቕነ ካብ መራሕቲ ህግደፍ? ሓዞኖም ዶ ጋሊጾም? ሬሳ ኣብም እካብ ዶ ተሳቲፎም? ንስድራ ግዳያት ሓብሒቦም ዶ፣ ጽንዓት ይሃብኩም ዶ ኢሎም? ብቴሌቪዥን ቀሪቦም፣ ኣጻሪና ኣራሚ ስጉምቲ ክንወስድ ኢና ዶ ኢሎም? መአስ ኢኻ ክትሓቶም ሰመረ? ምስ ህግደፍ ዘለካ ነገር ቁርባን ድዩ ፖለቲካ?!!!

    • L.T

      You are a decorated skin W/ro Hayat with two ball-players…each time the ball was passed between the goal of either party,one was counted for their game…and so on until the successful party arrived..Ezi Hatw-KotewKi eko measeri tesaeinwo Habibti..
      Her dancers and walks in front looks like a”mud woman”with chameleon eyes.W/ro..We lost a great deal of blood in the process to our proud Eritrea:
      “Tseweta Yeakleki”Hafteeyyyy

    • Ermias

      Hayat, one thing I would go further with is that Isaias Afwerki is 100% responsible for the deaths and tragedies of our people. The rest of HIGDEF b hiwet kem zelewu kitkotsrom atsegami eyu. nsu nhna, nhna nsu eko eyu chirho’om. The last thing any decent human being would like to be associated with is IA but HIGDEF is full of indecent and heartless ignorant sectarian morons.

  • dawit

    I suspect this will not be printed by the Awatista gate keepers, because it is written by GoE supporter which I think they hate to deal with, but I will write it anyway at least the keepers will read it.

    I have two relatives a nice from Eritrea and a nephew from Ethiopia whose last addresses I heard were in Libya. They took their chance against my advice of staying at their homes. I promised to help them for their education if they stay in their respective countries, but refused to send fund in Sudan. I was exploring a way to settle then to Canada legally, when they abruptly left Sudan and went to Libya. I don’t know what their fate might be, but I pray they are safe.

    Impressed by the statistical knowledge and presentation of the writer But then the article thinks of himself as educated and smart and those who follow and support as ignorant and stupid. I think the reverse might be true. The only person who writes sense is YAY. The rest are consumed with blind hatred of one person PIA and would not care a bit if the whole nation is burned to ashes. They are not any different than the three successive Ethiopian governments. That was their wishes but God spared Eritrea, through sacrifices of its children. Now, let us think about those unfortunate souls that perished in the latest tragedy, where did they start and where did they end up. It is not the fault of Eritrean government that is sending these refugees to strange lands. The government wants all to stay at home and defend their country. Some gambled and left, thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Those who perished in the sea they could have been living today instead they ended in a disaster. Yes they are loss to the country, but that was the case when they crossed the border illegally, listening to your stupid advice to abandoned their post. Did you forget you were accusing the Eritrean government ‘Shoot to kill policy’ that was orchestrated during the human right debates few months ago? Now the GoE opened the border wide open to Ethiopia refugee camps and your smugglers drove then through the deserts of Sahara and Sinai finally to the bottom of the sea. Each person is responsible for his/her life, we only have one life, and if we throw it away because of false promise of heaven in Europe or Americas we cannot blame others. Isaias and the PFDJ members of their age when the joined the liberation of their country. America and Europe were there then too, but they chose to stay in their country and fought and many gave their lives for what they believed, and few lucky ones survived. The only true victims in theses disasters are the children who needed and trusted their parents, but were put in harm’s way. About the burial arrangement many of you are talking to take place in Eritrea, but none of you suggest how to finance it. Sending a coffin to Eritrea must be expensive, I don’t expect you to send the bill to Eritrean government, and after all it considers the majority as deserters. Are you contacting USAID or European Fund? Who will accompany the bodies to Adi? Are you ready to travel to Eritrea; sorry I mean to say the ‘North Korea of Africa’? Can someone write on those topics, otherwise this could end up like that of bunch of rats and the cat a brilliant idea, but no one was willing to tie the bell on the neck of the cat. Just being curious wanting to be educated.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      It is a miracle your article pops up on Awate.com. Why did not try it on the eritrean government websites? Why doesnt eri-tv list the victims and blame the the culprits instead of accusing the Young who survived and the one who have lost their dear lives?

    • Crocus

      You are a callous person, no doubt. By denying the dead their dignity, you have betrayed your humanity.

      As for cost, for all it is worth, raising a maximum of 5 million dollars would not be that onerous for the diaspora and people of good will. It would cost about $1.5 million per 100 bodies, commercial fare. Chartering a plane would bring down the cost. I trust someone has already initiated the effort. Moreover, it is the right thing to do.

    • Hyatt

      You and like are responsible for the death of your nephews!

    • Saba

      He promise to send his childern to eritrea to serve in military instead of money.

    • Ermias

      You say, “The only true victims in theses disasters are the children who needed and trusted their parents, but were put in harm’s way. ”

      Every single one of them who lost his/her life is a victim. They were given no choices in their own country but to take a risky way out to freedom. Average age is 20 if you have been following the posts here. For all Eritreans who lost their lives after independence fighting in neighboring countries, in all prisons, and in search of freedom, Isaias Afwerki is responsible. I hope to see him charged for tens of thousands of counts of manslaughter but he will be dead before he sees the UN courts.

    • Danny

      Dawit, why are you not in Eritrea defending it from all it’s perceived enemies? Why send money to your nephew and niece, while you can secure their freedom in Eritrea. You are in the west because you are comfortable than you would be in Eritrea but you don’t wish what you have for your nephew and niece. That simply makes you a hypocritically sick man. Psychopaths have a way of blaming victims.

      • dawit

        I am here at Awate.com to reason with Eritreans and not trade insults through the ciber space. It is not in my nature. Tamrat I suspect your are paid to deflect and spoil any reasonable discussion amomng Eritreans, I have never read any positive thought that came from your posts. But then that is you job, what else can you do? To those who question why I am not in Eritrea? Why I send money etc?

        I do what I can whereever I may be to help Eritrea. At least I am not engaged in destroying it, and that what most of you have been doing for the last several years. You campaign to Sanction Eritrea with fabricated lies, so that the economy will deteriorate and people in Eritrea suffer, hopping they will rise up against their government and creat civil unrest in the country. As they say in Amharic ‘yegebeya giriger le leba yamechal’ You want to steal state power, from those who rightfully fought for it. Thanks to God majority Eritreans inside and outside have not followed your call, and the country is by enlarge in Peace, despite the economic hardship imposed by economic and military sabotaged declared on the nation. You have only succeded confusing the few young souls who followed your stupid idea and marched to their death camp. Now your crodile tears would not bring back the lost victims of your plan, it will bring only more tragedy to those who will follow them. I pray that God will open your eyes and refrain you from you criminal actions against Eritrean people.

        • Danny


          Please don’t confuse your supporting a well entrenched dictator with helping Eritrea. You are the one who have destroyed the aspirations of its people after a hard fought sacrifices by siding with their tormentor. Where are the reasonable voices who gave their youth fighting for their people? Would Era Ero has any room in your conscious? Era Ero is just an example out of so many miserable and cruel deeds of your master. And you have the audacity to preach to us how well Eritrea is faring under a proven evil.

        • yegermal

          “‘yegebeya giriger le leba yamechal’ ” hiji b’Tigrigna dighema ata sidetegna!

        • Tamrat Tamrat


          Since i am ‘paid’ for spoiling discussion i will add some more challenging on you.

          I have followed both opposition and pro government medias. Concerning the victims all the oppositions show how a normal social gruoup suppose to do. And Awate.com and assenna have done in covering the trajic incident more than any one organized governmental massmedia can manage leave alone an oppostion Group which most Depends on free will Group of People.

          So let’s come to Your government then. What does stop Your government in storming to Lampedusa With prists and imams and show the world that there is a government that cares for its Citizens. And comeback home make a national burrial seremony. Show each picutre of the departed ones one by one and tell eritreans and the world look how the enmeies (who ever they are on the list) endanger the Citizen of eritreans. This kind of a government one can expect from Your explanation. What is Your explanation for this?

          • dawit

            [Moderator: Dawit, insults are not allowed here… We corrected Tamrat’s name which you changed into an insult.]

            Tamrat square

            The government Of the People, By the People and For the People ended your five days dance and wipeout the crocodile tears of its enemies with one Press Statement, The GoE announced that it is ready to do the necessary arrangements and all expenses for the proper burial of its citizens in their country of origin Eritrea, who were victims of a coordinated paid spying operators?. I wonder Where did GoE got the found Ca5h to do that? Perhaps the 2% tax from the Diaspora supporters?

            Waiting what Ethiopia is going to do for its citizens victims. me too? Waiting to hear what Ethiopia planned to do? Ask or beg for fund from USAID, WB etc.

    • yonas

      I agree that Isaias and some pfdgs joined the armed struggle and they CHOSE to stay. You see they chose what they wanted to do. would they have stayed if they didn’t have the choice? Would they have stuck by if they were held at a gun point, with no right, no dignity as human beings, forced to servitude. I don’t think so. And about defending the country, am sure many did, if it was not for the gallant sacrifices of AGELGILOT, even your IA would not have survived the Ethiopian offensive last time there was war. You can check the archives of t.v. Erie, they have plenty of footage of how agelgilot fought, and if you go deep enough how many high ranking officers deserted the young kids when things got dicey. So keep your crap of – staying at home- to your self. If you don’t feel the lose am sure some day it will catch up to you. Till then leave us alone to mourn.

  • Eyob Medhane
    • Papillon

      Dearest Eyob,

      Glad you’re lending Haile a hand. He has been keeping us abreast about the tragedy that has befallen our people pretty much around the clock. He is the guy and I dare say the only guy whom the rabid dogs of the regime tremble as he knocks them down mercilessly with his facts-hard core facts. I suspect, we ain’t seen nothing yet. He is just warming up. Again, many thanks for caring.

      E’h’tih (Your sister).

    • beyan negash

      Selam Eyob, likewise as Papillon, I too was touched to the core by the link you sent. Human spirit and the defiance in those hopeful voices as they called on the power of the universe, on the Supreme Being, is heart wrenching to hear.

      I cannot for the life of me know how Haile does what he does. An incredible voice of an archangel on behalf of those who had been claimed by the violent sea.

      Here is my drop of a bucket in trying to find solace wherever it can be gotten. A friend just e-mailed me a link to a very sad song that I find prophetic, because the song is older than the recent tragedy.


      If the gaskets and the dead bodies of young human beings do not move people, at minimum, seeing the faces in despair of the women in the image might, just might bring some to their senses – this tragedy traverses any political and ideological underpinning and leaning we may have. Human spirit, an unflinching spirit to move on is direly required here – too painful, too humongous to dissipate this quickly.

      This is tragedy of biblical proportions and the least we can do is show some empathy. Look at the tragic death of the Titanic that claimed 1,517.00 (I think it was out of 2,223 people) and the West makes sure such equally tragic event is not forgotten as it employs myriad artistic endeavors to keep the tragedy alive and that collective memory lives on; a century later we still hear of it continuously. And, some want us to not even mourn our Titanic for a day. Go figure.


      • dawit

        Can we assume those who perished in this tragedy were the ‘Jesus Love crowed’ who deliberately refused to defend their country that provided their free education. Even Jesus followed the Rule of the government in power and advised His followers to do so. All of those young Eritreans could have worshipped their Lord in their country while serving or fulfilling their obligations to their society alive. Too bad they only thought then few verses of the Bible to rebel against their government and society. Again this is a cheap propaganda to score cheap political points, by those who hated Eritrean existence as a nation. Thanks Awate.co for allowing us to express our thoughts.

      • Nitricc

        What a hypocrite
        Beyan you and your likes are responsible for the tragedy. If wasn’t for you and your likes who talks and writes about how many gadgets they have none of those people will be killed.
        I don’t expect to get it. Stupid

        • beyan negash

          Dear Nitricc,

          I am going to say this in its simplest form because you seem to neither know your left hand from your right, rather your right and left side of brain are having a tag of war. You are fighting a losing battle. A little clue for you to learn from individuals like Asmara who knows when to be mum and when to speak up. Notice, how quiet he is because he is a smart man and knows when to keep under the radar screen and when to surface. You on the other hand are beyond yourself debating against yourself.

          Consider what you said about two weeks ago. You know what? Let me quote it for you because it was one of those idiotic episodes in which you wrote this. Here it is:

          “Nitricc on September 23, 2013 at 9:41 am said: Hold on Haile. Selamat Beyan, I tried to replay to your outrageous outrage while I was completely submerged in managing my games and I did not explain my self as I wish to do.” I wonder what “games” could you be referring to here. Was it the Play Station, an iPad, or Handay, Tellay Tellay or mai do Tseba? And then to add insult to injury in one of the left and right hand mix-ups or is the left brain contradicting the right brain, this morning you said,

          “you [meaning me] who talks and writes about how many gadgets they have none of those people will be killed.” Now, you just accused yourself of being part and parcel of the killing machine, haven’t you? as you were “so submerged in managing your games” just two weeks ago. Or was that a game of hide and seek?

          Dear Nitricc,

          I cannot even accuse you of an educated fool, because your inability to conjugate is so transparent. Not only that but having difficulty in the rudimentary aspect of verb and subject agreements is just to dizzying to read. In case, you have mistaken this for a junior college, this is Awate.com where people have their mental faculties intact and can reason and argue with lucidity and command of language.

          “Unlike you who seem to shoots his self on the feet every time you opens his mouth.” This is how bad you sound dude. Please heed my suggestion and take a hiatus from this august site and come back when you can conjugate to a level of your readers can understand what you mean without trying to decipher and ascertain the message you are to convey. Give me a city in which you live and I will be more than glad to direct you to your local junior college. It is never to too late to learn, but it is just that Awate is not an online college. Please spare us, won’t you, sir?

          As ygermal aptly put it, learning a language does not necessarily help in moral compass, but it is a darn good place to start to communicate effectively. So, if for nothing else, do it for that.

  • Nitricc

    Can anyone point me where you find my comments to be offensive and appropriate. I know some of you just want to unload your emotional garbage on me and I will tell you this, none is taken.
    If you have a case say it and tell me what exactly offended you and if I am wrong I will make it right and I won’t do it again. If you are going banana on me because I said I support the government then you don’t know me. I will give you things that will spin your head. The truth I have not said anything because I know your low tolerance for the truth.
    Now please some body say…. We think we are wrong because you said this…………..
    I am challenching you.
    You can teach a person by being emotional, name calling, degreding and being stupid
    Act like civilized human being and tell me what said that you find it offensive

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Assume a man running an illigal bordel in Asmara for some sudnaese sex turists. The man blinded by the quick cash started to recurite even minors for his sex-industry. Remember prostituiton is illigal in Asmara. As the business is florishing and the sudanese are streaming to only this peculiar Club the owner of the bordel must be agressive on the Security issue. No wrod shall comes out of the bordel to outside other than the concerned ones. So Young girls can be persuaded easily into the bordel but cmming out is a horrible taboo and followed by Death or disapperance, abuse them for the remaining to learn the consquence of leaving his buisness which according to him which gives them a better life before they came to him. What the sudanese sex-turistes doing to these gils is awfull but the turists think if they dont buy it some wone does it as long as the girls are for sell. Here you have to think of the girls. They are Young and abused. They are trapped. There is taboo. Some commute sucide. Some use alchole. But some determined to Escape. Escaping has many consquence. And let’s say two escaped and killed not by the long arm of the bordel owner but by pure accident.

      And now you come to the Picture. You supporte the bordel owner. And you blame the two girls they run for a better life than working for a bordel just to cover their outfit for daily party in the bordel and Food. So by doing so you are offending all People who not only oppose the illigal bordel owner but want to stop his illigal Activity and punish him for the cirme he has done.

      • L.T

        Tamrat or Aba Tekel
        step up gentlemen step up.You are naked truth like Aba Tekel Hailesillasie diabolic agency.

    • Saba

      . How about calling the victims inluding the children deserters ?. Why don’t you go to serve the country?

  • Ermias

    I, along with my family and close friends and all compassionate Eritreans, have been in huge emotional turmoil since Thursday and I myself have read nearly everything that has been written with regards to this extremely tragic shipwreck.
    We will remember these young and beautiful souls forever. May they all rest in peace!!!
    Now what? Eritreans, my people, please wake up. Why are we running around with two hearts? On one hand, we utterly reject the dictator, his policies and his junta, on the other, had we do not speak up lest we get harassed by HIDEFites and lest we lose our houses back in Asmara or elsewhere in Eritrea. What do we lose if HIGDEFites declare isolation on us? Guyla. That is pretty much it. Ab hazenomn ab hagosomin aytitihawesu – Yemane Gebreab’s words. But they need us more than we need them. I do not know of any member of HIGDEF in the city that I live in who can read and write. Back to your houses – the two previous Ethiopian regimes confiscated lots and lots of houses but people have recovered their houses. Isaias is not going to eat your house but he is eradicating your families, your pride, your whole being. Wake up!!!
    What we need is a world-wide protest in honor of the victims in Lampedusa. Let’s show our faces to the whole wide world without any fear of being recognized by HIGDEFites. They are worthless bunches. As I said we have nothing to lose from not going to Guyla. In all our religions, guyla is hatiat in the first place so you will be saving your soul along the way.
    We need a united opposition movement without even having any officials or anything like that. We can worry about that later. There is absolutely no worse situation that can come about by deposing of these brutal thugs. We would be saving lots of lives if we facilitate the demise of this regime. There is no need for endless meetings.
    I call on Awate.com to organize a world-wide protest against the junta in Asmara on behalf of the very precious lives we lost this past week and in the months and years before that be it in the seas, in the desert, in Sawa, or during the Ethio-Eritrean war. These are innocent lives that perished exclusively because of DIA, the two Yemane’s, Osman Saleh, Askalu Menkorios (ymonksa), Alamin Mohammed-Said, etc. These cowards are fattening their bellies as our people suffer immeasurable hardships. These are astronomical hardships. No human being should be subjected to anything like we have in Eritrea. These young men and women knew full well that what happened to them was very possible. Human traffickers are businessmen. There are over 30,000 immigrants that made it through the sea in 2013. The human traffickers, with all their greed and cruelty, are not the root cause of this problem. The Eritrean regime is the ultimate cause of these tragedy and we need to make them pay for this. We start by a world-wide protest and target DIA. We can do that. Get him taken out and the rest will ran for their lives but they are guilty of watching this happen and not taking any action against this murderer who killed and persecuted their lifelong comrades and the very people they brag about bringing independence for. Independence my a..!

    Tegadalay: Bmintay
    Warsay: bsawa.
    Tegaday:Abey aleka baal sawa.
    Warsay: Referendum eske hiji digemuwa.

    That’s a true story from 2004.

    • beyan negash

      selamat Ermias and Awatawyan,
      I normally visit Awate and Asmarino on intermittent basis, but not this time around. I have not been able to leave it in hopes of finding some proactive idea or ideas to latch onto. Extraordinary events and calamities like this one call for extraordinary measures. And you may be onto something big here.

      Ermias, I agree with most of what you say here. I would also hasten to add that we need to create memorial funds, the collected money of which can be spent on something worthwhile. Ideally, having memorial wall built somewhere in Eritrea with each and every name gracing the wall, much as the one in Washington DC would be the least these innocent souls deserve – short of demanding their burial to in Eritrea. I realize both ideas may not be tenable today, but it is a start. Imagine each Eritrean the world over contributing, say, $100.00 toward such project, it would send a resounding message to those who are morally bankrupted individuals who lost their moral compass and who still feel the need to support such a regime.

      I am not so sure though if asking Awate.com, the Team that is doing a great deal already, to take up such a task would be a good idea. We don’t want to stretch them too thin here.

      We could conceivably start a committee, where the Awate, Asmarino, and other website that are willing to participate could be on the board to report, assess, analyze, and when necessary criticize of any shortcoming that may surface, for transparency and accountability.

      • Nitricc

        Lol my awate.com with Andinet.com
        I wonder whose idea is that.
        I get it,
        If you can beat them join them.

        • beyan negash

          “If you can beat them join them” Does this kid need schooling or what? Perhaps, he should start with ESL. just in case, ESL stands for “English as Second Language” numbskull.

          • Ermias

            Selamat Beyan,

            When I wrote that piece earlier, I was in extreme emotion and I do not mean to discount what Awate.com is doing in any way. They are a great bunch. Really at the forefront of our collective fight. I am all game for chipping in a $100 or so for a memorial for the perished brothers and sisters. In fact, we need one big memorial for all that have perished after independence at the hands of GoE or in search of a better life. Of course, I assume there must be one for the independence heroic fighters too.

            In any case, I see there are some great leaders in this forum. Yourself, Sal, Haile, and many more. This could be a launching pad for fresh ideas and we all have one goal and that is to provide our people the opportunity to live under rule of law and justice. It is not far fetched in my opinion if as you said we start with committees and perhaps even a convention. I am jumping beyond my faculties here because I am just really frustrated.

            But I still think if we all go out to the streets in every major city in the world, at least our people back in Eritrea will have a second thought because everyone that visits there says that they blame diaspora Eritreans for blindly supporting the dictator. Worse yet, most get surprised to see how bad it is but when they get back to the West, they hush out what they saw and they just move on. We hear this all too often but we can show our people that there are a lot of us who despise the regime and who understand the agony and misery of Eritreans in Eritrea. The fastest way for any change, however, is to finish off the nut head IA. The rest would be like a snake with his head chopped off.

          • beyan negash

            merHaba Ermias,

            I heard the anger, the frustration and I still hear the desperate attempt in wanting to take action in your voice, Ermias. I could not have said it any better. I just hope your good idea does not rest in the virtual equivalent of dust bin and that it prompts grassroots movement that will end up reverberating across the globe. I hope it picks up the needed steam.

            I am ready to contribute and participate in such endeavors so that our collective voice is not silenced for the sakes of those who have been silenced by the violent sea and by the sand dunes and by the dungeons of the regime.

            I think that you are absolutely right this kind of undertaking needs to be an all encompassing endeavor with a well thought out and meticulous planning that can only come subsequent to collective minds getting together and brainstorming.

            Any ideas Awatawyan?

          • yegermal


            Ouch! Please be easy on our lost bro, for he knows not what he is doing. And am afraid ESL will not fit that a moral deficit.

          • Danny


            This dude needs a lesson not only in ESL but also a lesson in the basics of how to become a person, a human being first.

  • haile

    More updates:

    – Inside the room where Eritrean youth survivors are being held:


    – Close up of the ship wreck where corps of Eritrean youth, children and women (including pregnant women) is still strewn:



  • YAY

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Dear All: I would like to know, wouldn’t you?

    An editor of ze-Habesha, an Ethiopian internet news outlet, Henock Alemayehu claims that he knows that most of the more than 500 Lampedusa boat wreck victims were Ethiopians with fake Eritrian identities.

    What is the truth? I would like to know.

    • Araya

      Thank you for the link. Now, that makes sense. Still shocking but they can’t be all Eritreans. I know about 15 Ethiopians in UK, they all got they asylum by declaring that they were Eritreans.

      • Fev

        Listn to the latest Assenna or VOA Interview with the survivors. Out of the 500+ people on the boat, only 8 were Ethiopians. There is no end to the contempt these pathetic PFDJ goons have to the Eritrean people.

      • Fev
      • Serray


        If you find out almost all the survivors and the dead are eritreans, what about you will change. Will you still vacation in ethiopia and still support the eritrean regime enslaving people pretending it is at war with your vacation spot?

        Anyway, check the link below, the reported is saying all of the survivors are Eritreans. Of course, you still have the right to believe wela tinfer tel iya….


    • jonas

      First there is no way this trash called Hencok would know everybody, these poor souls are undocumented who paid cash to smugglers, the smugglers have no desire to keep their book and give it to this whatever his name is. Second, ze-Hbesha and it’s likes are a sworn enemy of Woyane and they always try to score on them, there is no evidence of mass exodus from Ethiopia, yes they are poor but Ethiopians are not as desperate to risk their lives

    • Ermias

      Are you stupid or what? What the Ethiopian guy said is his opinion. He has no facts whatsoever. They are all Eritreans with the exception of perhaps half a dozen.

    • Tes

      YAY what a barefaced lair you are. From my village only 7 died and you telling me they are all ethiopieans. From the 500 or more only 8 are ethiopeans. Listen radio Assenna an eye witness. You always trying to defend the evil regime.

  • Sara

    RIP my dear people. Nitricc please stop being an idiot.

    • Nitricc

      Yes I am an idiot. Please educate me. What have said that offended you. Please say it.
      You people keep accusing me with no real evidence. Tell me what I have said if I am wrong I will learn and apologize. If I am right hell will be freeze.
      Thank you

      • jonas

        You are an idiot calling the dead deserters.

    • sara

      yes RIP to all those who died in the Mediterranean sea.
      Nitricc is telling the truth as mentioned on the Italian press.
      Sara don’t be stupid!

  • Weldeab Idriss

    Selam Nitricc
    Based on the past readings of your position with respect to the government of Eritrea, I cannot for the life of me understand why you are surprised on the actions/inaction of the government? Isn’t the cause of all evil that has descended upon Eritrea be traced back to Eritrean government? How many more must die for you and the likes of you to say enough is enough? How is your loyalty to politics much more important than to life? Aren’t you human first and Eritrean second or third? Doesn’t it occur to you that one of these bodies that is resting at the bottom of the sea, or in the un-forgiven Sinai desert…could have been you, your brother, or your sister, if it wasn’t for pure fate?
    As for the rest of us (including myself), if this is not a rallying cry to stand up, for the sake of our people, to demand and attain justice once and for all and NOW: then have we not relinquished our self-worth? Forfeited the essence of being people of any kind? When people of Rome are more mortified with what had happened in deep seas, than those in Asmara, have we surrendered our forefather’s moral compass Aageb to fear?
    The engineers of this tragedy should not sleep well at night. Both Yemane’s should be running way from their own shadows. Like these brave souls who stared at the sea and took a chance there are thousands of brave souls staring and willing to take chance on the Yemanes.
    Enough is enough!

    • jonas

      Well said Weldeab
      Niricc and his likes are Iasyas’ paid agents, there is no way someone could be this insensitive to their next of kins unless they are work for Isayas.

      • beyan negash

        I second the motion to Jonas’s assertion, “the paid agent notwithstanding”. I don’t think Isias and his stooges are that dimwits to hire an imbecile as this character Nitricc. He is simply enjoying the attention he is getting from Awatawyan – you know what they say in the world of entertainment any publicity is good publicity and this Nitricc character is taking that to the hilt.

        More importantly though, Weldab’s assertion of the two monkeys being afraid, very afraid of their own shadow is spot on. It is going to come to that pretty soon. I would not be surprised if some such news are in the offing already. After such an event, the coward Isias will be in state of paranoia until his doom.


        • Nitricc

          Beyan don’t you have more personal matters to attend, why worry about me? My man work on your issue. I am not worth your time. Take more important things in your life. You know what I mean!

    • Nitricc

      Hi weldieab
      What exactly did I say that you find it offensive. I am sorry I question everything that is who I am. Now, would you please direct me where you find it offensive with what ever I said.

  • yegermal

    Dear Awate Team,

    May you please share the following information from the Italian Red Cross. I think it would be quite helpful to the families that are desperately trying to find the whereabouts of their loves ones.

    “Roberta Riga’at Dirar Deambrosi
    PLEASE SHARE: #Lampedusa
    A phone number and e-mail for information and family links.

    e-mail: lampedusa@familylink.cri.it

    Family members can also call the hot line 0039 06 4759 2725 effective Tuesday 8th October 2013 at 8:00AM.”



  • YAY

    Dear All: This could be our common ground.

    “Tragedy in Lampedusa: A Day of Mourning”

    Posted on 04 October 2013. http://www.tesfanews.net/tragedy-in-lampedusa-a-day-of-mourning/

    “Condolences to the families who have lost their dearest ones in the Lampadusa disaster. Time for urgent action to ensure this never happens again.” – Yemane G.Meskel, Director, Office of the President

    A great loss, tragic and heartbreaking

    By TesfaNews,

    The Eritrean community in Italy have declared Sunday 6th of October 2013 to be a day of mourning through out the Eritrean Communities in Italy following scores of Eritrean migrants death after their boat caught fire and sank off the southern Italian island of Lampedusa.

    Eritreans, friends and well wishers can visit the nearest Eritrean Community centers in town and express their condolences.

    International media reports suggest that the boat which set off from Libya was carrying about 500 migrants from Eritrea, Somalia and Ghana.

    Sources close to TesfaNews indicates that the Eritrean Embassy together with the Eritrean communities in Italy are closely following the matter on the ground to ascertain the exact number and details of Eritrean casualties.

    Observers, however, agree that the task of identifying Eritrean identity among the hundreds of victims would be a daunting task for the team as most of these immigrants, including the Ghanaian and Somalis, embarked their journey either without valid document or assumed an “Eritrean identity” just to get an easy passage to the European country.

    Yesterday, the Eritrean Foreign Minister H.E. Osman Saleh in his official statement at the United Nations High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development expressed his utmost shock and sadness following these tragic losses. He said,

    “… International migration is not without its own problems or perils, as we heard this morning of the tragic and sad incident in Lampedusa (Italy). I wish to extend my condolences to the families of the victims. Many migrants are facing death, violence, horror, abuse, exploitation, and are becoming subjects of organ harvesting by organized criminal elements. Human trafficking ought to be combated in all its manifestations and we need to cooperate and build a common front by fully implementing the United Nations Global Plan of Action on Human Trafficking…”

    It is another sad incident and loss but let their Soul Rest in Peace!”

    There are times for action and times for politicking, and please let us not try to provoke each other. Help the Government of Eritrea do its part for the good of each and of all: “the Eritrean Embassy together with the Eritrean communities in Italy are closely following the matter,” according to Tesfanews.net. Let us put political demands or maneuverings aside for a period of time and act: gather information, help survivors, honor the dead as Eritreans and human beings, educate potential migrants of the risks at sea, and may be we could make ready 1000(?) re-useable inflatable survival vests for sea travelers, etc. The long-term solution may be to make the youth stay in Eritrea (by working for peace, lots of investments, reforms in governance, etc.)

    • Serray


      Your take suffers from two opportunistically manipulated defects. First, and I can’t stress this enough, THE REGIME IS THE REAL CAUSE BEHIND THIS TRGEDY!!!!! You expect us to work with the real killers because a couple of its operatives expressed obtuse and ultimately bogus concern for the victims. You must be joking!

      Second, and here is the funniest thing you said, “The long-term solution may be to make the youth stay in Eritrea (by working for peace, lots of investments, reforms in governance, etc.). Stay in eritrea as slaves? Because, you didn’t mention the reason these people are risking their lives. Maybe because you believe they are simply spoiled kids looking for ipads. Here is where your lack of honesty shows; there is no war in eritrea, there hasn’t been one since the war it ignited ended in 2000. The slavery disguised as national service is in place to benefit the regime; that is why we believe the dislocation is on purpose. The regime you are desperately trying to exonerate is involved at both ends of this tragedy; it caused the dislocation and, by trafficking them, benefited from their dislocation.

      There is no common ground here; the reason you bought to the lame and fake statements by the hired hands is because you blamed the victims in the first place. The only good thing about your post is, you thought we will buy it.

      • YAY

        ዝኸበርካ ጽራይ፡ እምም..ም..ምም
        ብዛዕባ እቲ ዘቕረብካዮ ብህለታት ወ መጐተታት ምላሽ ኣይምሰኣንኩሉን። ግን ምእንቲ ክብረት አሕዋትና ኤርትራውያን ግዳያት ሓደጋ ስጥመት ኣብ ማእከላይ ባሕሪ፡ ምሉእ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣብ ጥሉቕ ሓዘን እንከሎ፡ ግቡእ ግዜኡ ዝሓለወ ስለዘይመሰለኒ፡ ካብ ዝማጐተካ እምምምምም ብሂለ ኪሓልፎ መሪጸ ኣለኹ። ንዅሉ ግዜ ኣለዎ። ይቕሬታኻ ብትሕትና እሓትት።

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    Hi All,

    When a tragic calamity like this befalls a people, it is only human to grieve. So at times like these, as was so often the case over the last twenty or so years – our grief is only natural or humanly, so to speak.

    Also when we all try to denounce and shame those ultimately responsible for the tragedy (none other than HGDEF thugs) as is the case here, then even if for nothing else, such efforts will at some point serve as damning records which could be used as references for the prosecution of these criminals.

    That said though, neither our grief nor our denunciations will ever matter to HGDEF thugs – not even by the faintest stretch of the imagination.

    Calamities – we have faced by the bundles over many years past, all courtesy of HGDEF. But it goes without saying that our collective efforts to instil a sense of humanity in these thugs were as futile as ever.

    On numerous occasions and in full view of the whole wide World and also just through the brazen recurrence of their despicable crimes against our people – HGDEF thugs basically told us to get lost. In other words, in case this didn’t sink in, they had the audacity to tell us to shove it. Period.

    So folks, here’s what it all boils down to:

    It all boils down to “how to” – yes, how to destroy these HGDEF bastards.

    Thus, our expression of grief at the tragedy and our denunciation of these bastards must be augmented by a work plan of action – and one with a defined timeline to destroy them by any means at our disposal.

    Failing this, all our talk will amount to nothing more than an abstract discourse that does not reflect the plight of a distressed people.

    May god have mercy on all the deceased and may he give strength to their loved ones.

    • Bini

      Well put brother Mohammed. I would say the strategy would have to be to take out DIA and after that I can assure you that Eritreans would turn on these thugs like the Egyptians and Tunisians did. We just need to break the ice. Ezi anjal DIA need to be taken out before we can move an inch.

      • Mohammed Ahmed

        Ahlen Bini

        Thank you so much.

        I couldn’t agree with you more. It is about time that we walk the walk. Let’s discuss how we can bring HGDEF down – head first.

    • yegermal


      Good to see you back! I wholeheartedly agree with your assertion. But how do we go about annihilating (that’s what we should aim for) this malignant monster? Any ideas, and here I am not looking for a comment…but for idea or plan. It does not have to be spelled out her of course.


      • Mohammed Ahmed

        Ahlen yegermal,

        Thank you so much – as always, it is good to be back among family and friends.

        True, no one can claim to have a crystal ball which can solve all of our problems at once – it would be utterly silly. But what is even sillier than that is to keep doing the same thing we have been doing for the last twenty years over and over again and then expect different results. It defies common sense.
        I will share my modest thoughts on Destroying HGDEF in my next posting – as I said before.

        Also, I did touch on this briefly on an earlier posting – here is the link:

        • What would the aftermath would look like if you took out the dictator? The outcome may be more disastrous. You may plunge the country into another civil war with the generals turning into war lords.

          • Hyatt

            So what? QeyiH keykefelka Awet yelen! People are suffering and dying. Enough is enough to ” miEnti mogogo TiHlef anchuwa”

        • yegermal


          Thank you for the reply. I look forward to your next post.

  • Semere Andom

    And yet the GoE has not officially admitted that Eritrean citizens have died in the accident that shocked Europe to the extent that Italy flew its flag half mask to mourn human beings, a flag that the dead have no allegiance to. If history is a guide the demands of the Youth and Women groups to give the Eritrean dead the respect they deserve will fall on deaf Ears. It is a futile attempt, but a well-intentioned one.
    Instead of doing the honorable thing becoming of a government the PFDJ and its supporters have restored to their usual ignoble manners of black mailing and blaming the victims as deserters via its gossip network of 03.
    Here in Toronto during days of sadness, PFDJ functionaries are stopping people in trains and streets to ask them to sign a petition in support of allowing Eritreans to collect 2% tax that was banned. Yesterday they stopped a friend of mine, whose brother survived, but his friend, a child hood friend of hers did not make it. PFDJ supporters have no class
    The Eritreans have no government, no flag and no respect from the nation that they bled for and their fathers die for.
    God bless their souls

    • jonas

      The die hard supporters will never stop supporting the dictator as long as they sit comfy in the west. But once the dictator is thrown out the new government should not let them in. They are traitors who valued the dictator more than their country.

  • zegeremo

    Given the enormous price we payed, a proper burial for Eritrean citizen should be endowed with inalienable rights.


    • Nitricc

      Zegeremo what does it matter where your dead body rests, does it? I mean you are dead you will never know the difference. I don’t get this one either. Am I missing something missing in here?

      • yegermal

        You’re missing the H in your HNO3, hence. Move your hands upward and check if it is still attached to your shoulders. Seriously!

        • Nitricc

          Ygermal that is my problem, I keep missing the big H, not the proton but the H, The Hypocrosy. This is the first time you uttered the truth. 🙂
          I know what you mean. You hypocrit

  • bini

    Saay, just to add one thing to what you wrote, below is a google translate from an Italian website. I think we can simply conclude that ezi anjal IA and his heartless and coward cronies are the only human beings (if we can call them that) that have not felt immense sadness and sorrow due to this extremely heartbreaking tragedy.


    “Life is a right for all # Lampedusa.” This is written on the shirts that Inter and Roma will wear in the heating of the pre-game of tonight’s San Siro stadium to remember the victims of the tragedy at sea off Lampedusa. Before the kick-off meeting will be a minute of silence in accordance with the CONI president Giovanni Malagò, to witness the deep feeling of sympathy and emotion throughout Italy, including sports organizations.

  • Nitricc

    What I don’t get is, the government could have used this tragedy as teaching and discouraging for others not to try to flee. What is the point Haiding it from the people.
    It is just stupid..
    Let the news open in all media and use it to save futur lives

    • GM

      Nitric the worthless tembienite tewellige,

      To save future Eritrean lives and make feasible Eritrea’s bright future, your IDIOT MAFIA BOSS the HASSAD ISEIAS and yor likes tewellgie puppets MUST BE REMOVED.



    • Amanuel


      You have been insensitive and at times very rude to the dead you should know it is wrong (Mwut aytkses). It is not about scoring points against saay or zegeremo. It is speaking for the voiceless of this unimaginable tragedy.

    • jonas

      You are by far the stupidest regime supporter I have seen here so far, you are even more stupid than Isayas. Treating dead bodies with dignity is a fundamental show of human decency. For shallow person like you it might not mean much but I will say kudo for the Italian government and its people for grieving with real Eitreans .

      • Nitricc

        Jonas, you don’t have to tell something I already know, yes I am stupid, the deference is, I know it. And it does not surprise me for you admiring the whitey it is the charcter of African slaves like you. I have said nothing that will degrade the dead. But even simple comment for people like you with slave mentality, I see!

        Aman show where I disrespect the dead? Show me?

        GM what are you saying? You are a classic reason the opposition is where it is.
        You must have a very depressing life.

        • Amanuel

          Here are some of your comments
          “Sal is blaming the government for not may not be allowed a tent for the dead once in Eritrea. I guess the government should have handed every dead one with a model of honor. What do you want Sal? They are deserters! What is wrong with you people?” If this is not insensitive and rude I don’t know what you call it.

        • kidun

          Hilna albo wild. haki inteleka shemka xihifka ito zaiwegh mesiluka b hiwet ETRAWYAN TEXAWET ALEKA KWEGH IYOU KETHITET IKA AB ZEZELEKMO BOTA NEFELTEKUM INA.