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Google’s YouTube: A platform For Hate And Genocide Incitement

Saleh Johar’s article The Malignant Cancer of Eritrea, has,in my opinion,  undeservedly honored the bigot whom Google’s YouTube is providing a platform for exhaling  whiffs of hate, hate speech and open incitement to murder and Genocide  in an extended series of YouTube videos, which the boss of the Agazian organization call his party’s television . The bigoted dandy is neither knowledgeable nor articulate to deserve even a word from a website inclusive and respectable as such is awate.com. I have commented this, c/o Saleh Johar, at the foot of his article:

“You shouldn’t have written this essay, you don’t have to honor the Lilliputian, you shouldn’t validate the midgets’ discourse. It was not for you or any Eritrean Muslim to respond to those who opened war on them. It is incumbent on the patriotic and sensible Christian Eritreans, who may feel appalled and outraged, to respond and condemn the incitement of carnage , massacres and pogroms. the only rational response of the Muslim Eritreans, who were promised the fate of the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar, is to address the threat by appealing to the law and file legal suits against the perpetrators as well as alerting the YouTube institution that it is providing a platform for hate and hate speeches.”

I still stand by my word equally now as then. But a number of Eritrean and Ethiopian friends, Muslims and Christians who disagreed with my assessment, have spoken to me, disturbed by the brazen, flagrant and ugly rhetoric inquiring  about ways to address this mindless incitement to murder and Genocide directed to them and their families and relatives. The Agazian party’s boss have spelled his murderous instructions against Eritrean Muslims, the Amhara ethnic group of Ethiopia, the Saho ethnic, the Beja and the Jeberti in addition to the Catholics of Eritrea. His recklessness and mindlessness went as far as berating and scolding Black Americans and the black American female!

Considering what has been said, I believe that there may be few initial measures to be taken immediately! concerned Eritreans and all other ethnics and groups affected, humiliated and threatened by the bigot should report the offense to police authorities in their respective countries of residences citing this YouTube video and all the contents of his YouTube video channel. In the United States the matter should be reported to the local police authorities for referral to the FBI. In Canada, similarly, local police referral to the RCMP is in order. The same and almost in a similar manner, the matter should  be brought to the attention of  respective authorities in Australia, Germany, Holland, the Scandinavian countries, Israel and any other country with similar possiblities.

There are additional measures which may require  longer time and organized effort starting at the country where this individual is living and taking refuge. I am here indicating to the possibility of legal procedures followed towards  sanctioning and enacting  the appropriate penalties if the perpetrator found  violating the laws of his host country. It will need resources and connections.

On uttering the word connections a thousand Question marks start hoping and leaping on my field of vision.  Is it me who is in a slumber or is it the reality that very little have been done by concerned Eritreans; except for few Eritreans, who have the courage to say the truth and address the problem,  I hear no other  voice  especially from those who are supposed to have the concern and the voice. Eritreans of this caliber so far have been absent, as far as it appears to me. I don’t see or hear “Eritrea Human rights concer”  and their voice Elsa Chyrum condemning the bigot and his ideology, they have, when they were committed to their ideals, taken on themselves to fight evil and evil is here. “The only thing for the triumph of evil is  that for good men to do nothing.”  was said by  Edmund Burke. And Meron Estefanos, her peer, I hate it but if I meet her I would ask her if she didn’t recognize that a catastrophe is being wished on Eritrea and Eritreans by people who would stop at nothing unless stopped. Excuse me, I would continue,  if it Is only appearance to me that you didn’t say anything, but if it is not,  is it not the  time yet to say something and reassure your position in the eyes of your admirers as a human rights activist committed to the universal principles of human rights.

I would have liked to see our Eritrean intellectuals whom the bigot included and secured a space for them in his list of enemies,  assert their presence, not by argument and polemics, that would be uncalled for and useless; for you can’t out-argue a bigot, an irrational demagogue whose arguments start always from where they should have ended had his premises where sound.   All these intellectuals could and could have done is to condemn the bigot’s discourse and ideology in the clearest terms possible. To the Saleh Johars’  I would say:  you need not responding to the bigot, you need not addressing him you can’t argue with him, he opened, what he thinks is, a war on you. He is not in the mode of talking and understanding.

One more  thing I would like to add here. On the individual level, any one can make a contribution towards depriving the bigot from further inseminating his poisonous messages by flagging the bigot’s YouTube  messages  on the same “you tube page” as inappropriate and selecting the reason for flagging by selecting violence. You should establish an account in YouTube to do this.  This is how “YouTube would like you to do it”:

YouTube staff review flagged videos 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A video can be flagged at any time once uploaded to YouTube and then it is reviewed by YouTube staff. If no violations are found by our review team, no amount of flagging will change that and the video will remain on our site. Flagging videos is anonymous, so other users can’t tell who flagged a video.


  1. Go to the video you’d like to report.
  2. Tap More  at the top of the video.
  3. Tap Report .
  4. Select a reporting option.


  1. Log in to your YouTube account.
  2. Below the player for the video you want to flag, click More.
  3. In the drop-down menu, choose Report.
  4. Select the reason for flagging that best fits the violation in the video.
  5. Provide any additional details that may help the review team make their decision including time stamps or descriptions of the violation.

How to flag a channel:

  1. Log in to your YouTube account.
  2. Go to the bigot’s channel page here .
  3. Click About.
  4. Click the flag drop down.
  5. Select the option that best suits your issue.

if one needs to create an account on “YouTube”. One should follow this: 

To create an account, you go to YouTube.com and click on the ‘Sign In’ button on the top right hand side. On there, if you have an existing Gmail account, then you have a Google account already set up. Log in, here, and then just follow the prompts and you get everything set up.

You can also contact YouTube in the following address:

YouTube LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone +1 650–253-0000
Fax       +1 650-253-0001

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  • Mesfin

    Greetings AT.

    This is good start. But, you have to be consistent. There are people who think that they can get away with what ever crime they commit. For example, people who are trafficking people and selling their body parts are most of them in the diaspora. Have we ever attempted to hand them or report them to the law reinforcers?


  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Salam All Awate Sons/ Daughters

    Insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again, and expect different results. If you are not making change with your present strategy, it is time to stop and look for a new strategy.

  • Nitricc

    Hey all, watching this one wonders what the hack is going on. how is this guy to get be senior advisor? people we are doomed. I thought Trump will be impeached within two years but i think it will be sooner. watch and judge for your self

    • saay7

      Hey Nitricc my son:

      Here’s the thing:no guts, no glory: if you really believe Trump is going to be impeached, put your money where your mouth is: there are betting markets that can make you very rich:


      But caution, sonny, these are the same betting markets that predicted a Hillary clinton wipeout in November 2016 and they had to fork out a lot of money. I worked for a casino in Nevada for 3 years and having seen a lot of people with sure ways to win and were so broke they had to borrow money to go home all I can tell you is: the moment you believe you are absolutely right is the exact second you should ask, “what if I am wrong?”


      • Nitricc

        Hey SAAY the great; I understand what you are saying but this is impossible to comprehend. it has been only four weeks and the drama and the confrontation with media is amazing to observe. I think this Russia thing is going to get bigger and more serious. I really do think the media and CIA will do the job but again you are right things can change. I just don’t see, judging from the last four weeks this thing to continue for the next four years, do you?

  • said


    After 30 years war of liberation , for some it was tempting to think that the big questions . Eritrean independence were settled; One would hope and work out the details of democracy . Yet as PFDJ governments placed more trust in EPLF elite, popular faith in government eroded. Across Eritrea , EPLF party affiliation declined. What we see emerging is a notion of dictatorship and no hope for democracy and rights is being steadily stripped of its popular component. .
    Solution would have being the democratic process should and would have civilized us all for better . The basis of democratic citizenship is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. This is democracy as empathy ,but the hope and dream of Eritrean is being crashed. Not to see the light of day .The Deliberative democracy has been around since ancient Athens.
    There are bigots out there, but few believe the majority are attracted to the Alternative primitive Agazian extremist, few are very disenchanted and losers seeks to change the political culture by crowdsourcing its platform through “religious and political laboratories . primitive Agazian post ethnic Eritrea perspective ,one that “promotes a stretching of the moral value ‘we the majority ’ in realistic dialogue with people who begin with values very different from ‘ours. The primitive Agazian typical follower Eritrean drops down to a much lower level of mental performance as soon as he or she enters the primitive Agazian religious and political field.
    A semi-sovereign people’ was the term coined nearly half a century ago to suggest that control over political decision-making might lie beyond the reach of the ordinary citizen. Schattschneider’s thesis was a familiar theme in the sixties, discussed by a variety of critical scholars in the so-called pluralist-elitist debate. It seems to me to remain highly relevant—albeit now in a stronger and less equivocal form. For today even semi-sovereignty appears to be slipping away, and the citizenry are becoming effectively non-sovereign. What we see emerging is a notion of democracy that is being steadily stripped of its popular component—democracy without a demos. In what follows I examine the twin processes of popular and elite withdrawal from mass electoral politics with particular focus on the transformation of political parties. I conclude with a discussion of the implications of this process for Western liberal democracies.

    • Resun

      Salam habibi
      Check out Yemane Jamaica’s interview on aiga forum.
      He admitted Isaias is his relative and a Tigraway.
      So no you are not independent.Eritreans got played big time. Unfortinately.after the fall of Amma it was all downhill.

  • Abraham H.

    Zkheberkum Awatista,

    The following is what our esteemed awatista Saay7 has said regarding the issue at hand:
    “the reason I have nothing to say about them [the Aga’azian supremacists] (in case I am one of the “intellectuals” who has disappointed you with his silence) is because once you get into the “Ageb” business, then you are required to say “Ageb” to every nutcase and, oh, boy, there are so many of them–speaking Arabic.”
    The fact that Saay won’t say ‘ageb’ is one thing, and he is entitled to do so, but the man goes out of his way and feels that he has the entitlement to tell others not to do something about the issue. In his own words he says, “So I would call on my sisters Elsa and Meron: ignore this and say nothing about it.)”, wow, this comment is the most disappointing one I ever came across from Saay7 on this website.
    In my view even though there may be thousands of other forums on the net where some crazy Eritreans are spreading hate, it might not hurt to take action against the most vocal ones like the Tesfazion Agaazians who’ve thousands of foloowers and are being viewed by tens of thousands every time they release thier venomous speeches. What I wanted to say is if one can succeed in punishing the Ag’azian bigots, it may send a warning to the others that there would be consequences for their irresponsible hate-propagandas.

  • ‘Gheteb

    In Their Wheelhouse: “The Agazians” And “The Ahbashat”


    I am of the conviction that the claim of Agazian ancestry or the Agazains being as a distinct ethno-linguistic group is one of those myths that emanated from the vast mythopoetic department that has generated a complete panoply of “gargantuan hoaxes” in the ethnography of the ethnic extractions of the Eritrean Tigrigna speaking people and those Tigrayans who reside south of the Mereb river.

    Foremost of all, I don’t believe that there were/are any group of Tigrigna speaking Eritreans who are ethnically or linguistically of the soi-disant G’eez or ”Agazian” ethnic extraction. I have not seen any credible source identifying a “Agazian” ethno-linguistic group in Eritrea. NONE!

    Second of all, there is precious little in the history of the Eritrean Kebessa people oral traditions that clearly identify that the Tigrigna speaking Eritrean were of Agazaian origin nor they SPOKE G’eez as their mother tongue in their everyday activities. NADA! Well, there is one house in the Eritrean Kebessa that claims its origin to the very early Agazian settlers. Lo and behold, the progenies of this house are all PRIESTS or affiliated closely to the Orthodox church.

    Third of all, G’eez emerged in the Tewahdo church to serve the church and still is the language to this very church. Though the conventional wisdom is that Tigrigna and Tigre emerged from G’eez, the evidence offered to countenance it is vanishingly small. The only thing that is certifiable is that Tigrigna may have adopted the G’eez alphabet and may be some syntax. However, Tigrigna as was Tigre was not the direct descendant or derivative of the G’eez language. I am of the opinion that both Tigre and Tigrigna were contemporaneous with G’eez and my have a different derivation than that of G’eez.

    Fourth of all, I don’t recall any locale, public office or institution that has taken the name of ‘Agazian’ in Eritrea proper. The only thing I remember that has taken this name was “Agazian Elementary School in Asmara, Eritrean during the reign of emperor Haileselasse where the late Eritrean comedian-cum teacher Memhir Solomon Gheberezgabiher used to teach.

    Fifth of all, where the name Agazian is quite pervasive is in the Weyanes/Tigrayans mind-set. The whole world has come to know and associate the Agazian term with the murderous Weyane armed unit that has been marauding Ethiopia and, reportedly, suppressing the popular upraise of the Ethiopian people against the tribal Weyane junta.

    Sixth of all, “The Ahbashats beef with “The Agazian” is only a matter of inclusion or exclusion. “The Ahbashat” in their warped mind-set visualize the putatively termed “Habesha” to be a set made up of two elements that are Amhara and Tigray. Now that the Agaazians had the temerity to exclude the other element of the Habeshain set, “The Ahbashat” of Ethiopia and their aspirational Habeasha wanna be Eritreans are up in arms about this “Agazian” thing.

    Finally, as the ”Agazian” thing is nothing but an unrelieved heap of crapola, so is the misleadingly faux term “Habesha”. I say it is all ado about NOTHING!

    • GitSAtSE

      Selamat Gheteb,

      Man, speak of expecting a dead fly after opening hand…
      I was just about to finish your comment in its entirety, despite your first paragraph, sounding like a human thesaurus, and reading a question that I will still ask AND THEN AGAIN WITH THE WEYANE.. Okay that makes you SHAEBIA does it? Or WHAT? What does it make me???? Or any reader????

      What a waste of knowledge at times on the grasp of the elites.

      This is the rhetorical question I was formulating before I abruptly crumpled and chucked your paper:

      The Hazega tseAzega, oh nevermind tseAgaz.. it would had to be for the query. And I think Hagaz is reaching.
      Well, I suppose we can call it even. Wasting one another’s time. What is worst is it more than doubles the Grand Total Loss.

      • ‘Gheteb

        Selam tSAtSE (እቲ ጻጸ )

        Leaving aside some of your remarks that smack as nothing less than a ሻውላዊ ጉሮማይለ ( ghetto jargon), let me leave you with the following tidbit in the hope of manumitting the deep recesses of your psyche of some unwanted and erroneous Agazian misconceptions.

        Do you know that the words Hazega and TseAzega are Bejaian terminologies??? They are indeed Beja terms that are pronounced as ” ሃሰጋ and ሰዓ’ሰጋ”.

        Yeah, the true Bejaian origin of the Eritrean Kebeassa people.

        • GitSAtSE

          Selamat Gheteb,

          I doubt you can pick a single local that you know to be gehto and bring forth a language of a people that is greater. Yes you are right, aside from.the walking human thesaurus that you are allow me to answere three rhetorical (this seamed to have worked the last time) questions.
          And my sincere thank you for the Bejan (any correlation with Bejamdrr or is it 1:1) origins of Hasga and sAAsga. I feel even more closer already to Hazega, tsAzega and GashSetit.
          1) Why is it the only time Gheteb responds to tSAtSE is to a scratched rhetorical question.
          2,) in your life time are the number of cups of coffee you drank more in paper finjals or TTassa finjals.
          3) Your directive from where ever is its command base, does it serve more a) The Agazians Lunatics b) The WEYANE c)The ShaEbia d) from non of the up to all of the above (ab, ac, cb)
          There are followups, but since you have disagreed with my wasted time assessment, I believe your response will greatly help us students in building critical thinking capacity.
          I trust you will prove our friend Mr. Pedantic wrong and tell him Fukayuma you HOMIE! And sign off with Honor on your next response with;
          And ofcourse Ali Beja Hzbi!

      • Paulos


        Gone are the days to sign off with “Awet N’hafash.” The directive from high and above is sign off with “Murderous Weyane.”

    • saay7

      Hey Cuz Gheteb:

      Where have you been, bud? I have so many questions but I will restrict it to this: is there a difference between relieved and “unrelieved heap of crapola?”😂😂

      I have nothing to say about this whole Agazian thing other than people are free to call themselves whatever they want. And also, when a movement has no parameters, no minimum requirements, then anybody can join–those who call Tegadelti “shifta” and those who dig up glorious names. (And Burhan Ali: the reason I have nothing to say about them is because once you get into the “Ageb” business, then you are required to say “Ageb” to every nutcase and, oh, boy, there are so many of them–speaking Arabic.)

      Where was I? Yeah, in the interview with Jamaica, the interviewer concludes by asking him to mention his favorite song and he mentions this one, which, I was absolutely convinced was an EPLF song. So, I call one of my favorite EPLF fighters and he says, “no, that is a TPLF song. It is in fact a signature TPLF song. It is just that when you heard “BaHrna: hafash hzbna” you assumed when it comes to BaHri, they don’t got any so it must be an Eritrean song.”

      And I would have bet any amount of money that it was an EPLF song until today. Lesson: memory is not reliable.



      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Saay,

        I think there is more to the reason why you may have “thought without thinking” it was EPLF’s. When EPLF gave TPLF radio time (before we made our own; hihihi), TPLF’s theme song before and after the program was BaHrna without the lyrics. That plus the baHri whenever you heard the song can easily register as the way it did with you.

        • GitSAtSE

          Hey Fanti Ghana,

          I think the Eritrean-Ethiopian Crimea is bedeviling us enough in juggling simple tasks
          Weriduni Haw Silas, lomis gelle ksemiE iyye. BAHRINA, tetebtebu yotob do motub.
          Embarked Hji Ane Sga Sariamm kemzi zsiEb mlkitta abta youtubkum ktderfu enhailkum:

          Natna inkumm
          Natkum habirna

          Dekii Erey Dekii ityopia
          Eidna nlomi kikhonelkum idkum kemou neAAna..

          Natna inkumm
          Natkum habirna
          Natkum delina
          Natna delinikhum.

          Inkumm habirna
          Hakunna Matatata.

          Gash Able inie Qua Ashefa Jembede TezebareQyegne.


          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat GitSAtSE,

            Let’s dig our Crimea and make it a huge ዒላ, that way I get to swim and you get to farm???

      • ‘Gheteb

        Howdy Cuz SAAY,

        Speaking of “relieved” and “unrelieved”, though they appear ‘related’, they are not quite the opposite of each other.

        adjective: unrelieved
        lacking variation or change; monotonous.
        “flowing gowns of unrelieved black”
        not provided with relief; not aided or assisted.

        adjective: relieved
        no longer feeling distressed or anxious; reassured.
        “relieved parents who had waited anxiously for news”
        glad, thankful, grateful, pleased, happy, easy/easier in one’s mind, reassured
        “I’ll be relieved when it’s over”

        Well, as it is my wont, I will even share with you where I picked up the word. The late Dr. Edward Said had variously used the word “unrelieved” such as when he dismissed notions he deemed worthless as “an unrelieved rubbish”.

        Where have I been? Well, I was busily absorbed in some mundane things such as chaperoning and taking some teenage kids to a testing center for an SAT tests and some other stuff. Some weekends tutoring or helping with the verbal section of the SAT and one weekend end taking them to the testing center.

        These kids are currently in Junior High attending 7th grade classes. They are 12 — 13 years old; one male and the other female.

        A couple of weekends after their SAT test, I have the unfortunate honor of driving the same two teenagers with the addition of another male teen who is an 8th grader to a university to participate in some science competition. The 8th grader has taken the SAT test last year and has scored in the 98 percentile within his age group. All the here teens are unrelated.

        Why am I telling you all this about this Eritrean-American teens and their insanely scary ‘smartness’? Well, in our return from the science competition in the university, we stopped to grab a bite in some fast food restaurant and something interesting transpired.

        One of those working in that restaurant happened to be an Ethiopian ‘girl’. While the teens were scarfing up their food, the Ethiopian girl came to the table we were sitting on and something in the order of ” Habesha Vs. Himbasha” (ሓበሻ V. ሕምባሻ ) ensued of which I will say some more in another time.

        Apropos the “Bahrna” song of the TPLF, I think it is truly and originally is a Weyane song. Their “Bahri”, sea, obsession is transferred to “Hafash”. A good example of what psychologists call “transference”.

        • Paulos


          Transference? Wrong! Transference is say the therapist absorbs or to put it differently the therapist becomes the “subject” if you will in a bid to internalize the root of the “psychosis.” I don’t see its relevance to the issue at hand.

          • ‘Gheteb


            Since you are going all pedantic here, let me add something here for you to chew on.

            [[ One definition of transference is “the inappropriate repetition in the present of a relationship that was important in a person’s childhood”. Another definition is “the redirection of feelings and desires and especially of those unconsciously retained from childhood toward a new object”.]]

            You ask of relevance here? Well, then I enquire of which supernal body you are a denizen of? The Weyane’s abnormal psychology is way too manifest to merit further elucidation here. However, your knee-jerk reactions in your futile attempts of parrying anything directed at the MURDEROUS Weyanes speaks volumes about your psychological make-up.

            ዓወት ንሓፋሽ!!!
            النصر للجماهير
            ዓወተ ግል ረሒብ ገቢል!!!
            Victory To The Masses!!!

          • Paulos

            Wow wow dude, you don’t have to shout. I thought you were going to pull “t’im merits’na” on me. Chill’

          • ‘Gheteb


            No. I ain’t shouting at all. What you are evincing here is a classic example of ጭጉራፍስያ ባዕላ ሃሪማ ባዕላ ተእዊ .

            To borrow a line from of one of the Weyane’s song which is the translation of the adage “to kill two birds with one stone” — ብሓንቲ ጸጸር ክልተ ኣዕዋፍ — which seems to be your strategy here, is not gaining any traction at all.

            It was ዓወት ንሓፋሽ!!! Now it is:

            ወትሩ ዓወት ንሓፋሽ!!!

          • Resun

            Salam habibi
            U remind me of the movie back to the future.
            Awet nhasas.

          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat Paulos,

            You mean like Bill Murray and Dryfus in What About Bob?

            Dude some cats get Three Medical School invites based on the MCAT score alone. Not some cats, very few cats! An invite into Albert Einstein for a MDPhD program,
            Forget About as they say in Brooklyn.


          • Paulos

            Yea Tsatse, that’s a funny movie.

        • saay7

          Hey Cuz Gheteb:

          Never mind the habesha-hmbasha story, I want to hear why the girl in your story was referred to as “girl.”

          And careful, according to Tinder, there are 37 gender identities now: 35 more than we knew 35 years ago:



          • ‘Gheteb

            Hello Cuz SAAY,

            My bad. I failed to impart what I was thinking clearly and accurately and don’t you worry as I ain’t saying anything about the Habesha V. Hmbasha thing.

            Actually, I referred to the Ethiopian female in the story as Ethiopian ‘girl’ and not as Ethiopian “girl”. After we left the site where the incidence occurred, the three teens where talking about what has transpired. They were referring to the Ethiopian female as “The Ethiopian girl”. I failed to detect a “SHE” pronoun in their conversations. I was trying to capture that and nothing more.

            I feigned a total disinterest and was trying to be utterly dispassionate about their conversations all along, but I was keenly listening to all the words that were uttered.

            The Ethiopian girl looked like to be in her late teens and she is probably a high school junior or senior working the weekends to make some extra bucks. No, the Ethiopian girl is a girl, if that passes the PC ‘muster-meter’ and I have detected nothing else.

          • Resun

            Hi all ,
            Speaking of Bahri…
            The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea.
            Mao Zedong
            NHNA Assault koynina
            Nsu eine bHrna zimetse tselaE kinmikito ena yiblu nerom jeganu weyenti.
            So no we are not the ones obsessed with the sea. Gimelkum may astiyula.
            U are the ones drar bahri koynkum zelwkhum (unfortunately)

    • Haile S.

      Hi Gheteb,
      I know 3 schools known by the name of Agazian situated very close to each in Edaga Hamus. Agazian Mender Elementary (AKA pejoratively enda deAaru) till 4th grade found by Memher Ezra. Agazian Elemetary kinder to 6th grade found by Keshi Endrias (I am not sure if you were referring to him and his son then director when you mentioned about ….all priest family). I don’t think memher Solomon thought in these schools. At the time I was in both schools, I believe he was teaching in a school in Edga Arbi or medeber area where he authored and played the theatre arbAa (40). The third is Agazian junior high school where memher Solomon could have taught. The reason I am giving these details is Not that I wanted to prove existence of any pierre-angulaire of Agazianism movement in Asmara, but not to let things get limited/reduced to what is mentioned or said. Any Asmara-grown would know the beautiful mosaic embellishing the facade of the Agazian junior high school; it is a one of the landmarks of Asmara, at least for those with art tendencies.

      • ‘Gheteb

        Hi Haile S,

        Thanks for the info. For your information, I am NOT an Asmarino. I hail from the proverbial city of Keren and I consider myself a through and through Kerenite. I have been to Asmara on many occasions to visit relatives who were living in Asmara.

        One such visit was when I was a 4th grader in the early part of the seventies. I stayed the whole summer vacation in my uncles house which was located behind what was known as Santa Familia university or what was later known as Asmara University. I still recall walking down the hill and making a turn on the street where the Agazian Elementary school was located.

        Memhir Solomon Ghberezgabiher lived across from my uncle’s house and, if my memory is serving me correctly here, I have seen him ‘walking’ towards this very Agazian school. Many kids in the neighborhood said that he taught at that school. Well, it could be that he was teaching only for the summer time. As I said I was only there in the summer time.

        Another thing is that the Agazian school I am referring could have been a junior high as I am basing all of this on a 4th grader memory and a sojourn lasting no more than a couple of months of summer break.

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Haile S.,

        I have some sentimental attachment to Agazian junior high, but my memory of the structure is fading from me. All I remember now is: the ground was reddish; it was on a higher grade than the road (Akebet), and the wall was uniquely painted, perhaps the mosaic you mentioned. The area seemed always under construction, at least in 1972 or 1973, and the entrance faced east. Am I okay or I am thinking of God knows what?

        • Haile S.

          Hi Fanti Ghana,
          It has been a long time, not easy to remember everything. The school is on the right side in the direction to HazHaz and the entrance faces west. The playground inside was red dusty soil. A little bit further in front of the school is the hill where the University of Asmara and Gheteb’s uncle lives, otherwise it is on a flat ground. I am not sure if there was construction immediately in or around the school in those years. You might be talking of the construction of the SETAE garage few hundred meters north. Just a small distinction, you said wall painting; it is a mosaic made of small squares of ceramic tiles (dama, ዳማ), that is what makes it unique and exceptional.

          • Paulos

            Selam Haile,

            Your panoramic memory of the area including the names of the teachers is impressive. The mosaic quasi-marble or mural of the school is one of its kind as well. One thing you missed and left out is the private school right across AgAzian called Qdus Paulos. I wonder if you remember Memhir MaA’adai not his real name but because the guy was almost always about giving advices to students he was nicknamed as such. He taught at Ag’Azian.

          • Haile S.

            Hi Paulos,
            Thank you, though not comparable to your panoramic knowledge and interests. I remember very well of Qdus Paulos school, but not the teacher you mentioned. It was good time where schools were flourishing here and there in Asmara. For example I remember of the opening of Martin Luther King elementary school on the road to Mai-temenai. I was very young at that time and didn’t know who this man was. I knew about Martin Luther the protestant, a white. The first time I saw the name of the school and the painted image of King in front of the school, I was very puzzled. It took me some time to figure it out. Because of Kagnew station we the young were exposed to American cartoons like Archie, Veronica, Judgehead, superman and the leagues etc, but not to what counts most like the racial divide in America and especially as such divide existed in its worst form in our city 3 decades earlier. Perhaps our elders at that time were more conscious. Just a reflection.

          • Abi

            Selam Haile
            The government should be commended for the flourishing of the schools. It shows it invested in the future generation.

          • Abraham H.

            Hi Abi, as far as I can see, they are talking about schools estsblished by religious institutions.

          • Abi

            Hi Abraham
            Religious schools? Are they in heaven or on earth? Someone was kind enough or understood the value of educating the future generations to allow them to flourish.

          • Abraham H.

            Hi Abi, do you know what, life had to continue anyway in Eritrea, despite your Derg’s ravages.

          • Haile S.

            Hi Abi,
            Granted! to the government who allowed as well as the individuals who took the risk and invested in opening private schools. These were private elementary schools, not religious as Abraham alluded. I understand the frustration you have been expressing lately on this subject. I see in you some of my dear Ethiopian friends who remain speechless when I talk of the many wrongs done in Eritrea by HHHS1st and Derg. If we had the liberty to discuss freely the Eritrean question before independence when we were together, such surprise wouldn’t have happened. But as you well know, it was beyond impossible. Let alone to discuss issues, the bare mention of something related to the liberation fronts would send you to prison for long. My old aunt paid 3 years in prison for saying that the EPLF had attached the Asmara airport one night. She said it at a coffee ceremony between friends and one of them was not really a friend. Can you imagine moving an old lady (~65 years old at that time) from Asmara Prison to Kerchele near Beg-Tera in Addis? The questions you ask and your frustration are understandable; since it is a recurrent issues, I hope to discuss it with you in the future.

  • GitSAtSE

    Selamat Nitrck: The Nsomn kndifrqomn rbOumn ms Tedemerku msOum itta AAbay Einklil tkheWn KndishiH.

    Ask AC 360 to raise the Air Condition to 360°.

    Dude, I will see if you can get back with the answer ahead of Amde. He has the 789 reduction.


  • Fanti Ghana

    I think we may have touched this subject before, but I want to say it and make it official. So, here is a sample of my reasons for up voting:
    1. I hear you / I will get back to you
    2. good question
    3. this deserves an answer
    4. right or wrong, well said
    5. right or wrong it seems honest
    6. I agree
    7. thank you
    8. great humor
    9. I love you
    10. zeytmel’e Aserte

    Others, please feel free to add.

    I am dedicating this post to you, my friend Abraham H.

    • Abraham H.

      Selam Fanti, I would agree with most of your ‘criteria’ for upvoting a comment. But I think you’ve left out “I would also upvote someone who dares to challenge some folks whom I feel are invincible”-something to that effect, excuse my poor english.

      • GitSAtSE

        Selamat AbrahamH,

        Look at number 10. It is right under your nose man. Smell it! Aye izzenn klte feHam “Metkekh” Awelenn bunn Haftey Abrehet Yosief ayesaliTeoun doU ykhona?

        • Abraham H.

          Hello Tsatse, mr. sophisticated, I don’t usually get your coded message:)

          • GitSAtSE

            Hey AH,

            What code, who what why, @#$& I don’t know nothing about code man!

        • Abrehet Yosief

          Hi GitSAtSE,
          Aye we Haqika:: Lebam kemzi kemaKHa eyu zifelTo::

      • Fanti Ghana

        Selma Abraham,

        Zigeberka gerka sErkani. A good one!

        • Abraham H.

          Hello Fanti, of course, feel free to upvote whatever you want. I asked a question and got answer, and i’m perfectly content with that.

    • Abi

      Hi Fantish
      Do you also up vote for future comments ? Kind of ቀብድ?

      • Fanti Ghana

        Selam Abisha,

        As a matter fact, I do. You know, I have up voted some folks for only saying “I will get back to you.” That is kebd if you ask me.

  • GitSAtSE

    Selamat All,

    FatNa Zahra And the SPAM RULE.
    Neither the elites know whether they are victims or the victimizer.

    The matter is not settled. GizyoU alewwo. AbrahamH, the exhibits are right under your nose. If you can’t see it because of you big nose, then smell it for the Mahatm’s sake.


  • Paulos

    Selam Haftey,

    Wow that’s just beautiful! Again well said!

  • GitSAtSE

    Selamat Burhan,

    Whose in DA House! “Ye Adebabay….” Abi.

    Haven’t read the article yet, but the my charge on SJG and iSEM stands. Hate.

    Ma House!
    Exhibits to follow.


    • Saleh Johar

      Is just like your hate of anything SGJ? I also hate that guy SGJ.

      • GitSAtSE

        Selamat SJG,

        On the contrary SaliH. If one hates hate, by the double negation in the X Rule, Love is the Positive result.
        This is a tSAtSE Broad Shoulder, climb on and reach for the stars.

        tSAtSE, I believe can still cary at least Twice it’s weight even if it is in a vertical climb.

        There is no impregnable trench serves all.
        For the record, I have viewed not a single video of the si call AAgazian. The LUNATIC!

        Issue at hand: The Seven Nations of predominantly Muslim Nations is not only illegal but also and MOST importantly WRONG!

        Islam IS LOVE first and foremost. And though, I am a Christian by faith,

        My genealogy contains a Seventh of each of these countries AND I TOO WILL PUT ON THE CRESCENT ON MY CHEST.
        I will now read Burhan’s article.
        What ties us in this house we call Awate IS Eritrea. And HATE? Think it over. We can start by putting it in “Hate”.

        Ohhhh Yoty Topy I will Yodel for…

        • Saleh Johar

          Hi TsaTse,

          Are you really preaching what Islam means to me?

          The rest of your comments, as usual, I do not understand as a comment. But I do understand each word on its own. Someone advised me to be in a special state of mind to understand your great, great, great comments. I would rather not take what he suggested 🙂

          Stay good

          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat SaleH’s Johar and AbragamH,

            No. Just as I cannot preach to a Tewhado Qeshi.

            Nor can you preach to yours truly. Just think of me as the MuUzn atop of the Mosque on on the megaphone calling on the Choir to come for worship.

            It is Saturday the day of the Jebena here at Awate. So, Temrr Ajua with Eimbaba and Halewa for the little ones…

            My favorite Tomas from DEMBELAS, iPaul, berhe”way”Y, AbrahamH…. And all the KokhobtSibaH will enjoy the GABA Temr Halawa and Eimbaba…

            The MuUzin from atop the Mosque of Teseney or NaKfa one early moring hour of February in 1977.

            Interrupted. A Month of battle Teseney falls to the ELF.

            The MuUzin call to prayer that Easter Sunday … Fast Forward to NaKfa1981…

            And These words: “NAserteTishiAtte Amett Gehdli ktGobtuu tbigesu bHaili…Bdho Bdho..”

            Can you hear the influence of the MuUzin’s voice in that song.

            To Abraham and SJG, the Data Mining for the ample Exhibits will have to hold. There was a time when 10 valuations preceded by 10 Data cleaning…
            The Refugees And The Solution is taking precedence, and quite frankly I am in search of one very precious
            among the fHam that is a DIAMOND. BIT KiTkaTT as you ALL are.

            For now I can confidently tell SaleH’s Johar that I can certainly PREACH ERITREA TO YOU. Just send your invite for a guest preacher at your church.

            Happy Saturday… And any one please feel free to link Zematch’s BdHo song as you Envision! (Great nick) Nakfa’s Mosque of 1981.

            I am hill sliding on a cardboard next to the Jirba fill station at the. moment and yes I can hear the MuUzin’s call on that day.


          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat Saleh Johar,

            Well if you are not seeking understanding and chose not to partake, I will take your portion of what he suggested. Do you still have it with? I am hoping it is Abi’s TiHlo:)

            I don’t know why people forego the scenic route for a the shortcut Y when they reach the Delta shaped like such: Y.

            Ogidi in Anambra State, Nigeria home to Chinua Achebe-Things Fall Apart.

            A check mark for Eritrea awaits us. Hey SJG “got canoe?”

          • Paulos


            I often wonder if your train of thought is the same like your comments. Or to put it differently, would you write with the same style if you were to give your comments in Tigrinya?

          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat Paul,

            That is an excellent question. And I will cut to the chase and spare you the “AyTeHarenan” style of response.

            For me the short answere as of now is definitely no. However, it can be developed to be similar to my, pseudo writing EHHhhm get your own TiHlo man humbleness,.

            Now what makes it an excellent question is how the Visual Arts in Eritrea’s Tigrigna arising from this Tigrigna&Ferenji language compounds that ruins the production of excellent contemporary literature.
            ISEM feel free to jump in, you too have given this some thought. (Don’t Worry Dirty Harry’s 45 is tucked away.,)
            Okay, to late, if both you of you i1 and i2 call me AyTeHarenan2 the 45 comes out.
            Who was that Russian play write that said if you put a shotgun on the set of the stage, then it must be used in the play. I don’t know if I agree with the Russian. Formulaic ha! Maybe Aya AmanuelH will jog my memory here.

            AyTeHarenan2 news back to you Anchor man.

          • Paulos


            I am sure you’re thinking of “Chekov’s gun.” That said, I truly believe that you’re a genius yet to be discovered. Your sense of creativity is amazing.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Paulos,
            I concur!

          • GitSAtSE


            On BIT KiTTkaTT 8 we can all work to find that diamond in the rough or fHamm. And we are ALL working towards it and are within touch of it.

            Lets hold off on that genius for as you know already “it is in all of us.” #8 BIT by BIT

            8.) Somalia’s President Abdulahi “Frmajo” Mohammed.

            In a BIT,

          • Paulos


            fHam mining? That is wicked! I am still laughing.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Solomon,

            He was “Anton Chekhov” in his letter to Alexander Semenovich Lazarev in Nov. 1889. The exact quotation is: “One must never place a loaded rifle on the stage if it isn’t going to go off. It’s wrong to make promises you don’t mean to keep.”

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Amde

            Selam ጻጸ and Paulos

            “Now what makes it an excellent question is how the Visual Arts in Eritrea’s Tigrigna arising from this Tigrigna&Ferenji language compounds that ruins the production of excellent contemporary literature.”

            The conjugationlly formed universe in Amharic and Tigrinya is potentially sooo much wider that the white man’s tongue, I consider it a travesty we have such a drought of organically formed words and terms that effortlessly march along the modern world.

            Consider this atrocious (to me anyway) misappropriation of the word “jealous” in modern Amharic slang.

            ጄለሴ (lit. “my jealous” = he/she who makes me have thoughts of jealousy were I to see him/her as the target of someone else’s affection) is now considered almost part of the standard lingo.

            But then, the conjugation machine takes over and we start seeing forms like እንጀላለስ.. (Let’s hang out)
            እየተጃለሱ.. (as they were hanging out/going out)

            Well now, that’s a new, and in my eyes a cool thing.

            I would almost imagine a mind that is used to Semitic conjugation is more primed to expect / accept a world with more complexity than someone who is used to the lego like affixed and suffixed conjugation of english. But then, the world says..”Nah.. you’re just imagining things” and points out that example where semituc speakers have royally screwed up.

            Anyway, as you were.


          • GitSAtSE

            Selamat Amde X,

            The Delta, where The Three tributaries of a river system is shaped like the alphabet Y. Delta, the Change in the fluid dynamics or as Paul would use the English word “Lucid” for easy flowing.
            The Three Nodes of The Delta, ∆, The Alchemists and i and I await your arrival Sire at the gathering at Azmari beit for a round table parallel processing of Tigrigna & Amharic. Ye Marr Tej on this round table,°, will be on Abi(net)’s KiTTkaTT. If he opts to spend his Samunii for the next round, he is advised of the Canadian contingency that will be flowing through the doors for the The Ethiopian Violinist Challachew Ashenafi as well as Saay7 Enterouge as The Nine Children are now gazing at the Celestial bodies on a clear night…
            The Roman X X X, The Boolean 10 10 10
            VII Eight VIIII. Seven.

            Fanti, the usage of Cento only serves the 99 percenters Vs. 1 percenters . Or the Elites Vs. Laymen/Governed dichotomy. An algorithm for Nurture Vs. Nature is producing The Future Elites Ten Folds when 2π numeric equivalent 360 is utilized.
            SAAYs nurturing of the select Elite Nine Children with Gudda Cheese or Jibna if you will. KitCha and Himbasha slice of π and Astrophysics in the Semetic language of G’eez influenced Tigrigna and Amharic tongues.
            Gheteb and MaHmuday linguistics for the “relieved” and “unrelieved” will be the added MiliH or Salt at the round table as they take their seat.
            “As we were” Y/∆ “As We Will Be.”
            In literature Saay7 has informed me of the chech marks next to Nigeria and Ethiopia, two giAnt African Nations from West to East.
            Saay7′ e&E Literature Freeing check mark √ next to Eritrea’s awaits.
            BIT by BIT Black Institute of Technology Nine Chancellors of The U.
            Star String theory with the vibrations of the Mesenqo.

    • Abraham H.

      Selam Fanti, I’ve respect for you as a nice and knowledgeable awatista. In my world, if someone upvotes a comment he agrees with what the commenter has written. Here I see Tsatse aka Solomon Haile accusing SGJ and Semere A. of hate; my question to you Fanti is, do you agree with that charge?

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Abraham,

        Are you a fun of the NPR’s Sunday show called “Says You?” In that show, which involves lots of questions and answers, someone sometimes give an absolutely wrong answer, but the host would give them high score for their creativity of coming up with the wrong answer.

        So, I am much like that host. I up vote for many reasons including for a great sentence in an otherwise mistaken paragraph. Having said that the real question should be: why won’t you up vote someone for being daring enough to challenge SGJ and iSem in the sentence? Some people!

        • Abraham H.

          Selam Fanti, I don’t think anybody is afraid of challenging, criticizing or questioning anyone else here. Besides, I would like to see a challenge accompanied with counter arguments rather than detatched accusations.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selam Abraham,

            What more can you possibly expect from Sele, he reduced SGJ into replying with only one sentence at a time, and disappeared iSem altogether. He can’t possibility argue against his own self.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Fanti,
            Decency requires it. If someone call you a dozen times, at least you have to acknowledge it once. But I am collecting the words and try to play word-puzzle, maybe there is a formula there. Could you help decipher the wisdom of the comments 🙂

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Memhir,

            I was testing myself how long I can survive Abraham’s eagle eyes.

            There is a good chance I might be smart after all, because I figured long time ago that it is easier to catch than trying to understand tSAtSE. I get my kicks from his fantastic ability to play with words. However, occasionally I get close enough to getting it, but eventually I find out it was exactly the same as the feeling when you sweep your hand to catch a fly, you thought you had it to only see nothing when you open your hands expecting a dead fly. That is my story with him, but I blame it all on my aversion to American sports!

      • GitSAtSE

        Selamat AbrahamH,

        Officially, it is Solomon M Seyum.
        I suppose, I will amend it to Solomon Haile (Seyum). Similar to SJG, henceforth SHS. Yeah yeah, I hate that guy SHS too.
        FeHam miner for a Baliga.

  • Brhan

    Selam All,

    Credible communicators are those who enjoy the invitation of public meetings to be key note speakers. Those who are not will always hide and and deliver their hate speeches

  • Abraham H.

    Selam All, where does this guy reside? I think those who are in his area have better possibility to handle the issue than others. I’m willing to contribute should anyone take a legal action against him.

    • Nitricc

      Hi Abraham like all the lunatics live, he lives with you. I am not calling you lunatic but for some reason people from UK are a little off. lol

      • Paulos


        That’s funny.

        • Abraham H.

          Selam Paulos, I’m struggling to find the fun out of what Nitricc said.

          • Paulos

            Selam Abraham,

            I have been to London multiple times and I remembered something similar to what Nitrikay said.

      • Abraham H.

        Hi Nitricc, I don’t buy your lunatic generalization; but I suspect you are having fun with this bigot, as I could see some commonalities between you and him, both of you worship the bigot-in-chief Isayas,

  • Abraham H.

    Dear Burhan Ali, I had the opinion priorly that this bigot must be ignored; but now I’ve to say all those who spread hate, incite violence and intolerance in any shape or form among peoples should be confronted with counter arguments and the truth. Their lies and distortions of history should be lain bare so that they do not take with them innocent minds. And I promise you, I will do my part to notify the YouTube establishment regarding this heinous hate propaganda being disseminated in the name of ‘Ag’azians’.

    • Yohannes Zerai

      Hi Abraham H,

      You wrote: “… I had the opinion priorly that this bigot must be ignored; but now I’ve to say all those who spread hate, incite violence and intolerance in any shape or form among peoples should be confronted with counter arguments and the truth. Well said ……. AND WITH THE FULL FORCE OF THE LAW.

  • Brhan

    The Bigot lives only in youtube and will be rotten in it,so guys let us not be distracted

  • Some communist guy

    Dear all,

    Although I do concurr with your analysis and recommendations dear Burhan Ai, I must say we need to see the bigger picture here.
    Social networks, high-speed internet and interactive platforms that were once presented as “tools for the flow of ideas” (which means for a dozen idiots around the world still believing this the beginning of “global democracy”) reveal the worse of mankind and provide fascists (Agazians, some Pentes, Jihadists, White nationalists, Nazis, etc.) the tools to spread rapidly their ideologies, at a pace that is impossible to follow (legally and technologically). Old school Cold War ideologies (communism, social democracy, liberal democracy, tory-like conservatism) cannot catch up. So what is we do ?
    Do we spend our days reporting stuff or do we counter-attack ? Do we consider absolute online freedom an absolute right or do we return to censorship ?
    I have no definitive opinion but I must admit Gramsci here helps us: “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born, in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.” Let’s fight for a new world !

    • Paulos

      Selamat Some Communist Guy,

      It seems to defeat its (what you just said) purpose when you seem to subscribe to communism. Of interest, right after the end of the Cold War, this was what Time magazine had to put for a caption where Lenin was saying, “I was just kidding.” As for the “Prison Note-Books” I say, it as well is anachronistic in terms.

      • Some communist guy

        Hi Paulos,

        i see you belong to this category of people who judge others’ opinions. I think no discussion is therefore possible.

  • Kebessa

    Selam Burhan Ali,
    I think you are way overreacting here. I personally haven’t watched Tesfazion’s videos more than few minutes, simply because on first impression I found it to be like a bad long movie. I lost interst right away. Besides, I am not into this whole Agazian thing where you slice Kebessa like a piece of bread and tell the rest of Eritrea to take a hike. That’s one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard:). I am quite content with the shape, form and structure of our nation as is. The real issues all Eritreans need to attend to is the issue of justice and governance. That’s where our big guns like Meron and Elsa’s focus is. It is almost irresponsible of you to try to draw their attention to petty issues like this. They’ve got better things to do! What if they are not aware of the existence (or extent) of these videos anyway? May be you are assuming wrong.
    Lastly, I would say if you try to silence them, they become stronger. Let them be and let them burn out!

  • blink

    Dear Burhan
    I fully agree with your view, that this idiot must be dealt with in legal way but do not try to blame others for not saying a word , why would they even mention this lunatic scammer name .The reason they did not talk can be personal but does it make any sense ? Did you or Mr.Saleh gadi talk about the sheikh who is claiming many bad things about Eritrea in arabic channel infront millions of muslim viewers ? did You write any article about these islamists who are working to shade blood in Eritrea ? The fact that any one can say any thing about Eritrea in paltalk rooms and youtube videos ……just for one reason and that is Ethnic politics has been shading light in the Eritrean opposition for years by the help of Ethiopian money plus some irrespossible people” who claim group rights is supperior than individual rights” .I can say their result is this scammer . The failure started when people try to paint the PFDJ gangs are benefiting the tigrina speaking people . I strongly oppose this idiot and we all must take action .

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Blink,

      You are repeating many times that there are ethnic politics in the Eritrean oppositions. Let me ask you this: what is ethnic politics by the way from your point of view? and then we will discuss whether there is ethnic politics in the opposition or not.


    • Brhan

      Can you put any link about the sheikh you mentioned above

      • blink

        Dear Brhan
        Go find them yourself sir , that is not my job , if you deny their existence , i can offer countless, unless do not try to be mr guest to the subject. At this moment you and some people who deny the existence of such as eyob in arabic are only cheating themsleves . I know their existence andd i know people like you and saleh gadi gave them a green light unless you could have written many articles about them many many years before. when it comes to shavol , you are not free but this does not make Eyob the scammer say every evil words .Mr saleh gadi was a guest in a paltalk room called smerr room 1 , do you know who own the room and what they say to our revolution ? did you know what they say to our heroes be it from ELF and EPLF ? i can go on and on but it will not make any sense.

        • Brhan

          Hello blink,
          The fact that I asked you to support your point by providing concrete evidence is just to help you make your input credible.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Blink,

      Is there anyone in this forum who said “Group rights is superior than individual rights”? what is group rights? Is there any relations between the two? I will assume you know individuals rights as you are advocating for it. I am also waiting an answer to my earlier question which says: What is ethnic politics?


      • Abi

        Selam Ato Amanual
        An ethnic politics ( read stupidity of the highest order) is a branch of politics that promotes backwardness and stupidity.
        Glad to help.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Hi Abi,

          That is not the definition of the concept. This is purely an insult.This could only come from an illiterate who could not make a sense of a political concepts and their implications.

          • Abi

            Selam Ato Amanual
            I’m ready to learn a thing or two about ethnic politics from you.
            Do you promote ethnic politics? Why/why not?
            How do you describe an illiterate person?
            Give me the advantage or disadvantage of ethnic politics in general and in our countries in particular.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Abi,

            I do not promote ethnic politics if you know what “ethnic politics” is. The rest you could make your own research and come up with the meaning yourself. Politics or any philosophical concept can not be answered by one liner sentence. You could take it as your own homework if you will.


          • Abi

            Selam Ato Amanual
            Fair enough.
            You don’t promote ethnic politics. Have you ever experienced the consequences of ethnic politics?
            If you choose to answer I don’t mind one liners. That suits an illiterate person perfectly.

  • Mez

    Seasoned greetings,
    No Mr. Ali, the biggest bigot of our time is President Isaiyas Afeworki and his PFDJ.

    This guy (mr. Berhe), and his followers, are the byproducts of the arrogance which beset Eritrea for the last 50 years.

    Mr. Berhe and his followers are just the byproducts of the anomaly in Asmara. Please, leave alone the Amharas in this discussion; it is purely an Eritrean populist movement.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Hi Mez,

      Berhe is from the young Eritrean generation. He has nothing to do with the fifty years of Eritrean politics. However, I will agree with you, that the current Eritrean politics has nothing to do with the Amharas, it has to do with us the Eritrean people and the totalitarian regime of Issayas Afeworki and his party.


      • Paulos

        Selam Emma,

        I think what this guy Eyob Berhe considers a success is not to materialize his rather absurd bigoted talking points but to have his little ego occupy households including finding a space as we talk about him in this forum as well. I sort of gleaned over his couple of videos and not only that he got the historical accounts all messed up, he is completely out of touch as well. I won’t take him serious for he is a complete joke.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Paulos,

          Sorry I thought this “Berhe” mentioned in the comment of “Mez” was for “Berhe Y.” I was totally lost. Thank you for correcting me. This bigot Eyob Berhe should not be given a space to discuss even as a person let alone his diatribes on this website.
          Thank you again.


          • Berhe Y

            Anta Emma.

            bHade Afitu:).

            I actually think Berhan idea is good and everyone should complain and report to google so he will be shutdown.

            The other day he already started soliciting funds for his “media” work. He is a froud and he went to Israel and he got an audience of Hade Meadi.

            All he saying and doing is to create enough traffic ti start making AD money from google.

            Once he starts getting money he will have the means to continue to do so.

            I don’t think he will have anyone to pay attention to his crazy idea much less to follow.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Berhe,

            I just jumped to defend you, when I saw the name “Berhe” being attacked. I wasn’t aware the last name of the bigot is Berhe. We have to stop debating on this sick person who can not see beyond orthodox, and who defiles all ethnics and religions other than orthodox and the tigrigna speaking people.


  • Amanuel

    Dear Burhan
    I will put few words just to point out this person called himself Tesfatsion (Eyob Berhe) doesn’t deserve intellectual response or engagement. He is a common criminal (fruadster) who squandered his family inheritance (land) and convicted for attempting to defraud HMRC in the UK. He was also diagnosed with mental illness problems, and hence a judge let him off with two years suspended sentence.

    I completely agree with you that the legal route is the best option to deal with him, specially flagging out his channel on youtube to get quicker results.