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Eritrean Exodus: Reversing The Trail Of Moses

In an act of complete desperation, a mainly-Eritrean crowd of refugees in Israel has decided to march to the Sahara this Friday morning.

About one thousand refugees left the barbed wire protected Holot detention camp on their way to the Sahara to protest their mistreatment by Israeli authorities.

Eritreans have been escaping from their country in their tens of thousands for over a decade with no specific destination but in search of freedom. Tens of thousands are now found in many countries around the world.

UN records testify that 4000 Eritreans flee their country every month.

While many of those who made it to the West are already settled, others who ended up in the Middle East, mainly in Israel, were mostly rounded up and put in a detention camp.

Due to their large numbers, the refugees in Israel are in worse situation because they are not granted asylum. A refugee reached by telephone told Gedab News, “we found ourselves in similar situation to the one we escaped from!”

In 2013, Israeli authorities decided to intern refugees by rounding them up from cities where they resided for several years.

The rounded refugees, mainly Eritreans but including a few Sudanese and others, were taken to the Holot detention camp in the Negev Desert. Around 2500 refugees are interned in the camp that the authorities call “an open facility.”

The detained are considered illegal immigrants who violated Israel migration laws.

Before reaching Israel, many have suffered in the hands of ruthless human traffickers, hostage takers and human organ harvesters who crowd the Sinai Desert. Unknown numbers of victims have lost their lives in Sinai before making it to Israel.

Many of those who finally reached Israel had hefty amounts of ransom money paid on their behalf by their relatives who reside in many countries around the world.

While a small number of Eritrean refugees have comfortably settled in Israel, tens of thousands are left in a limbo without the protection of the Israeli state or UNHCR.

Recently, the refugees had attempted to march to the Egyptian side before they were stopped by border police at the demilitarized zone between Israel and Egypt.

The refugees who embarked on the journey to the Sahara have carried water and other necessities. But it is doubtful if anyone can survive in such a difficult journey in the deserts of the Middle East, or if they will be allowed to continue the journey at all.

Eritrean and Israeli human rights activists are appealing to the world community to find a quick solution to the predicament of the refugees.

Following the march, Israel authorities have arrested a few people at Holot Camp accusing them of being the organizers of the Sahara March.

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  • ay

    Why is Every Eitrean a hero out of his country? Why do you require justice in a foreign land .

  • Haile WM

    good idea! in principle I agree with you, the problem is how do we fight and what do we fight for?
    In my opinion the fragmentation of the opposition is due to lack of clear principle behind which to stand. Some oppose the system, some oppose the dictator, some just oppose driven by the fact they suffered directly or indirectly by the hands of the dictator, other oppose because were part of the old ELF etc… and we are also devided on how to bring about change, some would change the system, some would weed-out pfdj and some would only change leader and keep up HGDFE v2 etc…

    on the other hand the HGDEFites have one monolithic principle to stand for, i.e. Iseyas, they adore him and would do anything to defend him (this one is in principle, yet to be tested on the ground).
    Back to your Idea, how do you stay in Eritrea and fight ? do we fight alone ? do we need an organized fighting ? is organized fight only trough peaceful means or we could also start non peaceful action ?

    Fighting does not only need the general feeling that something is wrong (actually many things are wrong in our case) you have to clearly see your goal and be ready to sacrifice what is required ( life? ) for it and (pardon me if I say this) in my humble opinion we are not ready for that, we still have so many Bologna festivals to dance in, that we can’t let it go 🙂
    One of the most amazing things I have seeing in the years since the Libya exodus started is that, many of them, (theoretically the abused ones fleeing their country) end-up being the main supporters of HGDEF and tools in the embassies and parties sponsored by HGDEF (ask in Sweden, UK, Italy, Germany, ecc… )

  • AMEN

    congratulations Hope !
    you are in control ! you have got it right ! Because I / We can see that what you are doing .
    It is great work that needs to be commended. But when you call to those people you have listed them down in your list… it seems you are calling for the wrong ones citing their past history. Otherwise, I / We wish you success on your journey.
    On behalf of all our democratic fighters for fundamental change in our country.

  • haileTG

    Hi Awatistas,

    Looking at the video on this link, it makes one think that the situation of the refugees in Israel might take a turn to the worse



  • Truth

    Africans always worried about elections. Elections don’t solve your problems. Development does. Follow the lead of Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, China, etc. Democracy prior to development is useless and this is proven by the simple fact no nation over the last 50 years or so has accomplished this without sacrificing their political rights for the time being. Elections don’t feed your people, hard work does.

    • Really

      Your argument is void when there is no development. When the people are not being fed.

  • mharper42

    No country is REQUIRED to accept illegal aliens who show up and want to be taken care of.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear mharper42,

      How about killing the one that you are calling “Illegal aliens” Ig there is a world that is applied to human being called “Alliens” then Jews are number one in this world. They have being killed and now they are killing, may be they are revenging it for African people.

    • Rodab

      Mr. Tea Partyer,
      Illegal aliens, as you call them, built the vibrant America you are enjoying today.

      • mharper42

        Nuts. Colonists from several European countries settled in North America and eventually established the USA.

        • Haile WM

          Europeans must have being illegal aliens back then ? correct me if i am wrong did they ask tourist visa in that case ??

          oh lord… how are people so narrow minded? how come they keep uttering in complete ignorance and nonchalance, just amaizing

          • mharper42

            Notice a little discrepancy in your picture? The Native Indians did not have firearms in 1492. Part of being able to establish a country is the technology to defend it.

          • Haile WM

            did you really believe the picture was taken in 1492 ? I mean there are a lot of discrepancies in the photo…(eg. you should have expected English was not the language in 1492 the native used in their slogans lol)
            I thought the message of the picture was not that subtle to the point that even you could miss it 😀
            and thanks about the profound insight about countries and technology to defend with; we can reassure the ayatollah of Iran now 🙂

    • Nitricc

      I agree! a
      they don’t have to take you in. built your own country the way you are and the one you are aspiring too.
      why not?

      • Tesfabirhan WR


        I have stopped calling you dear and your brother. Yo don’t deserve it. You are a killer. Stupid!!!


        • Nitricc

          you are unstable but i did not ask you to call me anything but
          then shave it to your; you know what. if you have any balls why don’t you go and fight instead in blabbering behind a computer? i hate and can’t stand people who run their mouth and don nothing. dude, did’t you say you go to school? do your freaking school and take care your sheet.

        • abrham

          Hi Tesfish
          Do not insult Nitricc or you are among the irresponsible Ethiopians. Courtesy: Aya Mahmud Saleh

    • Hope

      But do you know about the UN Refugee Convention and that Israel is the signatory?

    • Haile WM

      illegal aliens ? what is that ? If there are illegal aliens then there should be legal aliens as-well right ? i suppose the only legal aliens come from Mars and Jupiter… I am just wondering if Israel would accept the legal aliens 🙂 or would require them to be jews by mother… legal Jewish aliens from Mars sounds quite good right 😀

      • mharper42

        If you visit the USA on a tourist visa, and leave on time, you were a legal alien. Capische?

        • Haile WM

          non capische ! 😀 then we should advice the illegal aliens to ask for a visa, they must have missed that they can ask for a tourist visa… good point 😉 next time please do advice the whole refugees around the world fleeing war, dictatorship, mas murder and rape to kindly ask for a tourist visa… so that they can be at least legal on top of being alien 😀 😀

          • Really

            Here’s an idea: how about we stay in Eritrea and fight? I’m not pointing the finger at anyone specific, moreso questioning why it is no longer within our culture and temperament to stand our ground (let alone actively change our situation IN Eritrea)? Over 20 years of this is only possible if the cowards and complacent folk far, far outnumber the leaders, educated, and the revolutionary. So as a people, do we deserve anything other than what we have: a bankrupted economy, a corrupt government, a population with no respect in this world, and a future bordering on no future at all. If you have a home and your neglect of that home is so great that you’d rather bang on your neighbors door than eat and sleep on your property, should you be a homeowner at all? Would you be surprised if your neighbor makes you work off the debt from your stay, demands you leave his property, or outright uses and abuses you?

            Why aren’t we cleaning our house?

            I am not a gambling man but I will end with this thought: the easiest bet in the world is to put your money on nothing ever resulting of any event in or outside Eritrea when we are the drivers. Protests and embassy occupying? Nothing will come of it. Coup? Nothing will come of it. Conferences of more opposition groups than you can name in alphabet soup? Hundreds drowning regularly? Catholic Bishops write a plea about our dire situation? Vacaro presented as the next hope? Bologna? Freedom Fridays? Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. In our world, idiocy, half baked attempts, victimization, opportunists, and showboating reign supreme. We care not for results.

  • saay7

    Selamat Awatistas:

    Meanwhile, as the exodus of Eritreans reaches biblical proportions, Eri-TV had a lengthy coverage of how the PFDJ hierarchy attended a 20th anniversary commemoration event for the Rwandan genocide. Candles were lit, speeches were given, trees were planted. Enda Isaias make surrealisim real. All I could think of was the lyrics from an old Bereket Mengesteab song:

    ንሰይቲ ኣቦይ ሰይቲ ኣቦኣ ሞይታ፥
    My step mother’s step mother died:
    ቐብሪ ኸይደ ቐብሪ መሰነይታ፥
    Went to the funeral as an escort:
    ኣብቲ ኸብደይ ዘይብሉ ሓጠቅታ:
    [Feeling] no sorrow in my gut,
    ኣብቲ ዓይነይ ዘይብሉ ጸረርታ::

    nor tears welling in my eyes.


    • Hope

      What if we do our home work,rather than waiting for PFDJ/while the PFDJ is hibernating or having a slow death?

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Dear Hope,

        here is what justice seekers are doing in Oslo, Norway. (An extract from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eritreanyouth/)

        Sofia Tesfamariam has been kicked-off from the city center.

        here is reads;

        “I am so proud of my brothers and sisters who managed to join and mobilization within 24h as we did today. Sofia Tesfamariam was not wanted as a guest in my home town of Oslo so they had to change the plan and move conference at a hotel in the countryside outside Oslo.

        When Ypfdj arrived at the hotel by bus or car, we waited for them. We had permission by the police and they could not come to the conference with us and spacewalks. Today we are so close to each other physically as we could outer opinions and feelings, take pictures. Anyone who would enter the conference was met with strong verbal statements, hegedf priest was told by his parishioners what they thought about his participation to the conference Hegdf today we got to see firsthand how things are with you and how many faithful followers, you have, there are not many .. Sofia Tesfamariam you should get out of Norway, we love our democracy and our democratic rights and we do not want your propaganda here.”

        Proud to see such actions in all areas of the world.


  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Dear Awatistas,

    Here is the treatment dedicated to our brothers and sisters in Sinai desert now.

    Shame to The Israel Government, shame to PFDJ government, shame to the world, shame to UN and UNHCR

    African asylum seekers treated in a barbaric way, Sinai Desert

    Let’s voice for them

    • haileTG
    • Hope

      Good job wed Ad…Thanks for listening to me then.
      Let us walk the talk then…
      i will be the first one to join you or any one who can walk the talk in any form.

    • Hope

      Are you there/can you see this?:
      “the AT/Awate.Com Reps of Human Rights?
      -Haile the Great?
      -Meron Estifanos?
      -Elsa Chyrum?
      -Selam Kidane?
      -the Human Rights Council?
      -the Human Rights Watch?
      -the Bogus Amnesty International?
      -the Canadian Human Rights Council?
      -Attorney Ghezae Hagos,where are you hiding?
      -the EU?
      -the USA,the “Champion of Human Rights and Democracy”?
      -the UN?
      -the UN Security Council?
      -The eritrean opposition
      -the PFDJ,etc–
      -the Eritrean people—at home and in Diaspora?

      Did you ask Me? Yes–I am watching it and i feel ashmed and disgusted for doing NOTHING…

    • Hope

      —and SHAME on you and on US,Tesfit—don’t escape from the responsibility.
      No immunity –what-so-ever–all of us have sinned—and are responsible.

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Dear Hope,

        I am not escaping, I say lets raise our voice. I am calling to all of us. This is real exodus.


    • Hope

      To start with,all concerend Citizens and other Humanities should protest all over the world, NOW.!!
      The State of Israel should hand over these poor and defenseless people NOW!!

      • Really

        How about we handle this ourselves?

  • Hope

    “Where is Sheila Keetharuth?
    “Pointing fingers is the easiest part, advocating for their plight should follow the victims.”.

    Courtesy of Meskerem,Net.
    Happy Sunday!
    And if I may add:
    While Human Beings are dumped/disposed to the desert like flies and waste:
    “Where is the AT/Awate.Com Reps of Human Rights?
    Where is Haile the Great?
    Where is Meron Estifanos?
    Where is Elsa Chyrum?
    Where is Selam Kidane?
    Where is the Human Rights Council?
    Where is the Human Rights Watch?
    Where is the Bogus Amnesty International?
    Where is the Canadian Human Rights Council?
    Attorney Ghezae Hagos,where are you hiding?
    Where is the EU?
    Where is the USA,the “Champion of Human Rights and Democracy”?
    Where is the UN?
    Where is the UN Security Council?

    • haileTG

      oh hope…they all alive and kicking…rather ask where the snark webpage in the name of “opposition” is when it is time to stand with the PEOPLE? I am liking his desperation, facts are speaking for themselves…Lol

      • Hope

        I think you got my simple message:
        Why arn’t we saying or doing something about the desperado refugees suffering in the middle of NO WHERE as we speakk ,but we are bluffing about this and that—.Why can’t we appeal to the UN and its Council about this immediate DANGER looming over our young people.?
        I wonder why even the EPDP is quite.I guess as,Ms Meron Estifanos said it plainly, that the EU might have ordered the EPDP to shut up and NOT to say anything about Israel,for “security reasons’.is that why you are silent about the atrocities committed by——?Huh.
        Do you know that the Sate of Israel,in fact,has NOT been allowing the resettlement of the Eritreans to a third country,at least until recently?But deporting to Uganda?
        If you have the gut and courage to bluff about the PFDJ crimes,why can’t you have that gut and courage to protest agisnt the atrocties happenning in front your eyes?
        Why can’t the Sate of Israel hand over those refugees to the UNHCR?Or why can’t you try that –appeal to the State of israel or to the UNHCR to treat these people in a humanitarian way?
        I guess Dr Saba is right about labeling you as non-functional Cyber Opposition!!

        • haileTG

          …and how did you know they’re all quite? Perhaps they forgot to call you @the PFDJ office or you have a way of telling? So you think Meron is quite?…the best joke of the day!…I guess 🙂

          • Hope

            Ahah,things are done behind the scene when it comes to this kind of atrocities but done openly and officially in the speed of LIGHT when it comes to—the PFDJ abuse.Isnn’t that ,rather,the best joke of the day?
            When is it going to happen that joke of the day?When the poor refugees are gone and disappear for nothing?
            This atrocity has been going on for years now…but things against the PFDJ is being done over night??Huh–is that your defense mechanism?

  • Jonas

    go back to where you come from !

  • Serray

    Thanks AT

    There are more jews outside israel than in it; meaning at one point they were immigrants in every country they live today and depended on something they are denying the eritreans. It is truly ironic that the jews deny refuge to people persecuted in their lands. If you ask me, the jews now resemble the nazis in their treatment of eritreans; the only thing missing are the ovens and the savage Bedouin and rashahidas provide another version of it. To see how inhuman the jews are, these refugees are heading back to sinai.

    Shame on israel, shame on jews! What do they say to remind themselves what they are doing to these poor eritreans doesn’t happen to them again…”We will never forget”? When this is over, I hope we remember what they are doing to our people

    • Hope

      And if I may add,they were well treated in Asmera,Roma de Africa….even now.

    • Hope

      I would have been the first ONE to kick them out from Asmera, THE Roma de Africa,bare -handed and bare feet….since they believe an Eye for an Eye—if there was NO new version of it, the New Testament !!

    • Hope

      Yes,”We will never forget”it!!!
      And the worst thing?They do not even allow the refugees for resttlement-at least until recently?
      What the heck is this about?

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Serray:
      These people who made something bad good by rising from the ashes of the ovens that tried to exterminate them, they were our heroes, a role model for people like Eritrea, who are in the process of extermination by their own government. Israel could have done better to alleviate the suffering.

      • Serray

        Selamat Semere,

        When I look at shaebia and israel, I am always reminded about Nietzsche’s, “if you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back into you.” Fighting monsters come at cost to your humanity.

        On unrelated subject, I came across this article from business week and it hit hit backward shaebia regime is. In their zeal to suck the life out of eritreans, they turned eritrea into the most technologically backward nation on earth. In order to exploit the host, shaebia eats its lifeline alive.


        • Papillon

          Dear Serray,

          Isaias is actually misunderstood. When he came of age including in his formative years, he was rather influenced by Jaques Rousseau’s Romanticism*. He figured that, the scrooge of humanity is due to its detachment or dislocation from its natural habitat where about technology not to mention information super-highway stands out the most. As such, Isaias with all good intentions is determined to turn Eritrea into the Stone-Ages. His zeal and vision doesn’t end there, instead he has taken it upon himself to see his mission pervaded not only within the region but beyond the continent as well. Of course, he is fond of listening obsessively to Lennon’s “Imagine” as in “………..You may say I am a dreamer…….”

          “It is said, Isaias is recking his brains out to find the exact translation or meaning of Romanticism in Tigrinya.

  • jona

    To the irony of all some one here is accusing the israel government hahahahahaha i can’t believe this atleast the jews didn’t murder,rape any one and sell their bodies. Does israel have a responsbility to accomdate any one who comes there and is called Ali who believes israel shouldn’t exist with his arab masters. I can’t believe that their failures should be the reason to accuse israel of unfairness when they didn’t protest about the barbarian arabs who attacked eritrean like wild savages.the israel won’t let their country be destroyed by the democracy their created for their ppl to live in peace when many come there and sympathy with the arabs. To let some one stay in your country at their most hard times is a blessed thing to do but first of all this ppl that you accomdate atleast should have sympathy for you. First lets protest about our governments mistreatment that protest about the most kind country that can be found in middle east. We know many eritreans in israel openly support and give many to the devil that came from sahel/nakfa and sits on the throne of eritrea and for the irony complain about israel. As the bible say i will bless the ones who blesses you and curse the one who curses you oh israel. first protest about your evil government and you savage arabs who kidnaps and murders you every second!

  • haileTG
  • welde

    The irony is that they fought for 30 years to get their country but soon after they start to run away from it! Did they really fought for Eritrea or for the Isayas? He made sure his galantry, true or exagerated, reputation preeded him, everyone knows somethimg about Isayas greatness than the mainreason to liberate Eritrea. The majority of young Eritrean student who joined the liberation struggle in the 70’s and early 80’swere attracted by the legend of Isayas the man than for the need to liberate Eritrea from colonization, since they truly believe that they were not under a colony, he was the attraction to join the struggle. If one realy blead and died to liberate his country, what is stopping him now when his country is really on the verge of its death bed.
    The conclusion is if it were not for the attraction of Isayas pull factor Eritrea would have remained being part of Ethiopia.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear welde,

      Your pointing to Issaias’s charisma as a leader is just misleading. Yes of course one chosen to be a leader is not going to repel people around him. They selected him because he had qualities to lead and Eritreans made sure about this. In the other hand, ELF leaders were also attracting thousands of freedom fighters in their camp. In fact, just at the time of ELF liquidation, more than 15,000 fighters were under the umbrella of this giant revolutionary front. Then, who is the center of attraction, the Issaias or EPLF, ELF or the late Ahmed Nasser? Personification of the Eritrean mass to join the revolution is nothing but the mere reason to get an independent and free Eritrea. In fact, fighters were much frightened by the criminal behaviour of Issaias and those many who were really conscious did not join EPLF but ELF. But, as a leader he did his part to lead the arm struggle.

      Therefore, stop personifying the Gedli era. Every freedom fighter joined for his own reason and that is in search of free Eritrea. Many were horrored by the evil acts, especially the elites by the dictatorship of Issaias from the very beginning.


      • Truth

        You obviously have no idea about the ELF or EPLF for that matter. Internal bickering, poor leadership, division along religious, regional, etc lines caused the ELF to collapse. Their vision for a free Eritrea would have dove the nation into endless chaos. Please go do your research before spewing such nonsense. Work on your consciousness.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear Truth,

          Here is the conference done by ELF in 1989. I am still reading history in detail.




          • Papillon

            Cool shades. I wonder if Ray-Ban was giving out for free in support of E.L.F. And of course, one wonders if those kind of “excesses” were a sign of “ፍሉይነት and ንኡስ-ብርዡዋዊነት.” On a serious note though, in my opinion, the biggest lose to us was the untimely death of Seyoum Harestay—a man of immense charisma and intelligence where he would have been a great leader in post-Isaias Eritrea.

  • Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai

    I don’t know if you Awate people are with the Dan Colonialists because I would like to make it clear that I am not for

    DAN CONNELIASM! Asmera Post Office has been closed for like forever, OPEN IT Menghisti Eritrea!

    No electricity in parts of Asmera for some ten days, what kind of governance is that?

    Additionally when a goverment/any given leaderships does NOT LISTEN TO THE CRIES, QUERIES, DEMANDS and

    solutions being given TO IT by its OWN people, THIS is tyranny, LOOTING, CORRUPTION AND DESPOTISM.

    The thoughts, solutions, queries and suggestions of the people ARE THE SOURCE OF DEVELOPMENT.

    The intelligence of the people is a RESOURCE which must not be exiled if we are to make any kind of progress.

    I am seriously beginning to wonder if PIA is a western puppet and this because I see him doing nothing while

    hezbenna yederbey alo.


    AWET N’HAFASH anta mewaredi!

  • Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai

    Everytime we encourage emigration in and from Eritrea – we lose that much more of our culture, manpower, resources,

    dignity and ability to develop our country. Instead of emigrating we Eritreans should be modernising our

    culture and country, in order to do this we must introduce ELECTIONS and WOMEN’S RIGHTS. Everytime our people

    emigrate to Europe, the US and elsewhere we enrich other countries, peoples and systems.

    Asides from the economic aspect of things, exile and emigration mean TRAUMA, DEATH and REGRESSION.

    We must stop this regressive circle of archaic and oppressive political methods by demanding PEACEFUL ELECTIONS on Eritrean

    soil. Even MUGABE has elections Eritrea, even MUGABE.

    THE CORE ISSUES ARE WOMEN’S RIGHTS, TRANSPARENCY and the eradication of all discriminatory thoughts and methods.

    PIA kindly step down or let us hold elections WHILE we make the HIGHLY necessary constitution ramifications.

    What we have at hand is an entire generation of Eritreans who have no experience of free and fair elections.


    DON’T LEARN TO ELECT OUR LEADERS SOON according to their aptitude to create a viable economic plan for our people

    and within our own country).


  • Eyob Medhane


    Here is the clip that made me really blue. In today’s demonstration in Sinai, here is a young Eritrean man arguing (it sounds a bit confrontation) with an Ethiopian-Israeli policeman. I couldn’t understand the few Tigrigna words that they were saying, (Your help may be needed) but the body language seems heated argument. I hate to see these two young people with identical language and culture on opposite side. I really do…


  • Goytom

    This is the legacy of isaias afwerki. A disasterious rule whose results can only be seen in war torn countries like syria and south sudan. Yet in eritrea its peace time. and what is his response to tha mass exodus and the plight of those in israel, libya, ethiopia or egypt, “they stole from the country”. What a sad and pathetic legacy.

    • Nitricc

      No it is the legacy of the people who are you looking at them in the picture. Is there any low than what you are looking at? Where is the personal and generational responsibility?
      One time, an Eritrean ambassador to Israel, said, if we are that bad, then get a gun and fight us. So, if the government is that bad, why are not those people carrying a gun and fighting the government? You see, it is not the government or the system but it is all about ……….( i can not say it, i will get shoot) so, stop making excuses!

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Hey Nitricc,

        Please have sympathy to your sisters and brothers. If the regime build a system of a very tight security apparatus, they can’t fight the fight you are looking. Look the merciless bloody North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and what he did even to his own uncle. He killed him because he questioned his reckless government. The Eritrean people are entangled in the same trap. It is not easy to fight a tyrannical regimes. If you have the courage, recognize their predicament and try to help them to alleviate their trauma. If you can’t, don’t despise them please.

        • Nitricc

          Aman: I don’t know how you are interpreting my take but this
          is not my fight, this is not my responsibilities. My fight and my responsibilities
          are the next generation. All I am saying is, the people you are looking at the
          picture have neither the courage nor the gumption to face whatever the situation
          at their home-land is. I don’t know about you but for me, life and dignity are insuperable.
          You better take my life than my dignity. You better put a bullet between my eyes than
          take my dignity like that. And I am not being rude and insensitive or showing any
          disrespect, rather telling as is.

      • Goytom

        Many different ways to responde to an oppressive tyrranical government. One can pick up a gun and fight to get rid of the oppressive government as they are doing in syria. Two, millions of people can come out into the streets day after day demanding the fall of the regime as they did in tunisia and egypt. Third, they can responde by fleeing the oppressive tyrranical government in their hundreds of thousands despite the opsticals of fleeing as they are doing in eritrea. The real question is not are they oppressed, its obvious they are oppressed, but why don’t they stay and fight. Do they feel that the force arrayed against them is too powerful or do they simply believe the place is not worth fighting and dying for.

  • haileTG

    Hello Awatistas,

    Revisiting today’s other major development, i.e. the establishment of the UN commission of Inquiry, it is likely that it is still sinking in and the PFDJ mouthpieces are shell shocked judging by their typical fainting when such things come up.

    Every commission of inquiry’s primary objective is to establish accountability for violations that have taken place, ensuring that those responsible for violations are brought to justice. The commission on Eritrea appears to have been set up along side, i.e. not in place of. the UNSC rapporteur’s work. Hence, PFDJ has now ended up with two investigations rather than one. Considering the objective of the Inquiry commission however, it draws a distinctive line. All those currently serving the regime and planing to continue doing so, may or may not be the subject of the investigation and if found guilty, that tag would outlast their current role. It is highly critical time for PFDJ rank and file to consider if they should hang around till they get implicated with crimes that they would be unable to refute once established by the commission or abandon the sinking ship and make an exit strategy to put up a last ditch effort to mitigate what could soon hit them.

    What ever they do, however, it is best if they forget about backdoor attempt at sneaking in to power again to continue their divisive rule that has brought our nation to the gates of hell. Let them just join the people and let go any delusional perception that they hold any kind of magic key:-)


  • haileTG

    Thanks Gedab News,

    Here is a latest picture from the Sinai. I think Mr Hope is going to reject their plight unless they also call for the lifting of the sanctions from the dictator 🙂

    • Rodab

      Hi Hailat,
      Related video, courtesy of Asmarino. I am assuming this is from today’s demo.

    • hope

      Good Morning Mr Haile,
      Absolutely,you are right.!They should also protest against the illegal sanction and the NO PEACE,NO WAR status imposed by the same gang,which has contributed to their misery.
      Let me ask you again ,as I did a while ago:
      If you have that amount of time and courage,why can’t you do something against the Zionist Regime. torturing those you are so compassionate about?
      Are you an Ethiopian/habesha Jew,by chance?
      I suggested to you that we should hire 2 International Lawyers to challenge the Zionist Brutality on our Innocent Eritreans and alike.but you ran away and kept quite.
      What about that?
      Where are Ms Meron and Ms Selam Kidane with their NGO Fund?Do they have a gut and courage to challenge the zionist regime torturing innocent , helpless and defenseless refugees?
      Where is your toothless UN or the Human Rights Council?Why is it so silent about the unheard of human torture and abuse by the Zionist Regime?
      Ooh,I am sorry,I forgot that the Jewish State has an unlimited immunity to do so,no matter what!!
      It is NOT DIA or PFDJ dumping Innocent Human beings to the Negev Desert like flies or waste.
      Can you say a word or two about this,please,if you have the gut or courage?