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Eritreans In London Rally, Shut Down Traffic

On February 1, for the second time in a week, Eritreans in the UK staged a rally in front of the Eritrean embassy to demand immediate change in Eritrea: the resignation of Isaias Afwerki and the replacement of rule by autocracy by rule of law.

20130201 London Demo

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    Halawwwwww. Leflafii zikonka hizbi Don’t u have something to do?

  • the worst thing i never emagime was when i sow the best of the best human being get killed when the gave their arms legs even lost most their memories to bring freedom and justies those disable our heroes lives in myhaber which is that places is a preson places by it self and they gun down just by asking for food this is happen for first time in our planet in eritrea ti is very ashame to our country to kill our disable by ouyr own gvernment

    • Hanetay


  • Berhe Tensea

    The abused people and even the zombies are waking up and smelling the coffee.

  • selam

    First, Happy birthday Eritrean President Isseyas Afeworki. We will stop Ethiopia dreaming about Sea access from Eritrea. why do Ethiopians now obsess being Eritrean and make demo pretending as Eritrean. almost 80% of those who where outside Eritrean embassy were Ethiopian specially from Tigray. This is sicknes and madness. May be They lost war, Court and now are trying last chance Psychological warfar.

    • Semhar

      As long as Isayas and HIGDEF rule Eritrea this will continue.
      The only solution is to get rid of Isayas, his son and his blind followers HIGDEF just like the Libyans did to Gadafi and his sons.
      Eritreans should unite and get rid the tyrant Isayas, his son and his blind followers HIGDEF.

  • dida

    It is amazing how “hafash” could easily be manipulated by the Eritrean government and by those who oppose it. It is really that indeed.

  • bn- erytrea

    It is really depressing to see whenever citizens demanding or protesting, the so called embassies ignoring thier demands as if they don’t work for them.

    where is the common courtesy in our diplomats and councillors the least response you would expect from a dignified person is to come and pretend to listen to you “hafash” and say few words like i will pass your demands to asmara or we register your protest.

    You expect that from educated civil ambasador but what we have is dump “tegadalay” for a diplomat and that sums our whole problem up… get rid of ’em all.

    viva london, at last i am starting to feel tiny bit of pride.

    • if we depend on any eritrean embassies any where just the same as we trying grab air with our hand because those embassis they are not in the office just because they are qalified to be embassies they just slaves of the system , so please do not be depend on those slaves.

  • yakob

    Have heard the impression of:- “nezi kitgieta do tirihxa”

  • efrem

    have faith fight the good fight. make history.

  • goodnews

    Hi all,
    This time we need to unite to say enough is enough to the misery of our people. Those are against the change you have right information about Eritrea and Eritreans now days. Our people are dying in the desert of sinai …in prisons inside Eritrea. This all is because we do not have Government who concerns about his people. We need change now. Let the thousands of prisons in Eritrea be free.. let our people live free life as the other countries people. The sad thing is some of our people living in western countries enjoying the democracy of the west they want to oppress to those living in Eritrea. They said we do not need democracy in Eritrea..Why not? The reason is they are using Eritrea as vacation place…since the people becomes poor they can make get servant using some dollars. Their consciousness is dead ..they have to wake up. Time is coming for change so it is better to be on the side of people. Good thing will come by changing the Isayas Government until then we will not sleep. We will support our defense force for change and our whole people to live in peace freedom. Let us stand all Eritreans together. bye for now

    • who ever you are absoletly right .

  • Sam

    Woyane dogs are barking every where,we didn’t see any government changed by protesting from outside.

    • eritrea

      when any eritrean challege the dictator in Asmara. wedi Afeworki convince people like you that it is weyane or CIA not eritreans.I don’t think this system is going to work this time. change will come sooner or later but the division is planted inside fool minds like you and is hard to move forward as country. this is a struggle for change and we eritreans did’t expect over night changes.AWATE NEHAFASH!!!!!!!!

    • yegermal

      Wrong, apartheid-the powerful racist government of South Africa (as opposed to the weak DIA’s gov)- was changed exactly “by protesting from outside”.



  • Michael

    What happen Eritreans? Are these the only Eritreans in England. I saw few people last week and I thought because it was an urgent and not well organized. What happen now? All opposition media were advertising as much as they can the whole week.

    Well, there is somthing wrong. ‘Susa alata’

    • DemMelash

      Michael, you are dead wrong. We are ready to get rid of your Isaias, just make sure what will happen to his dogs in general and yourself in particular.

    • nurhussein

      Mr. Michael this is just the start keep following the events unfold ,in no time you will join the movement for justice & liberty . it will grow until we all say “free at last thanks GOD almighty free at last”. I hope are young so you will reap the benefit from it equally & have a say in your country’s destiny ; instead of handing its fate to one mad man!!!!!!!!

    • yegermal

      Reality check – while support for DIA is dwindling at an alarming rate, opposition to his regime (especially by the youth) has seen the highest increase in recent months. Trends matter in statistics!

  • Selamawi Selfi

    that is the way to go….let’s do this every where …including Asmara….

  • welldone evry body for your partispeyting in the rally in london and convincing me to think wright
    awet nifash widket to isseyas telam !!!!!!!!!

  • dawit keren

    welldone all brothers and sisters who partspeted in the rally inlondon

  • Gual Tigrai Ebay Teseney

    I know my evaluation may not describe Eritreans perfectly but…. I know am Ethiopian and comments may be considered by some ppl as biased Agame lol
    but but anyways Eritreans more than or at least not less than anybody know the meaning of freedom and democracy. I was born in a very small town (a village town) called Hazemo and travelled to Teseney at the age of two in 1986 and grew up there and stayed there with my parents until 1991 we then moved to Asmera (Mai Temenai) until I came back to my ancestral family or simply to my real root (Shero, Tigrai, Ethio). I know many of our Eritrean neighbors in Mai Temenai (just to mention as an example) hate Isaias but they use to pretend as if they love him. If u ask why? This was simply because they were afraid of “the worst may be yet to come”.
    And therefore, all the silences while this man (Isaias) was killing the Nation “b Almamit” with no Mercy was just a pretending. Now they come to know that no ther worst is to come but Isaias himself is the only worst they could see him in that Tsibkti Hager.

    Ezin wedehankum

    Isaias`s are counting!
    First of all, it will be good for the Eritreans….. and secondly,,,, I am still in love with my husband who “is” still waiting for me,,, who is still caring our only boy (now he “is” 18″ from both of us,,,, our only daughter who is with me in Sheraro (now 15 years old) will see eachother once again provided that the new government to established allows us to rejoin (I would at least be happy if my Eritrean-Ethiopian son and my beloved Eritrean husband are allowed to come and visit and Ethiopian mother (me) and an Ethiopian-Eritrean (our daughter). But That is only possible only if they are still alive aaahhh,,, God is Love, with God everything is possible

    • Gual Tigrai Ebay Teseney

      ,,,,, travelled to Teseney at the age of two in “1986” ,,, should be 1976,,, am now already more than 37,,, It was exactly 32 days and 18 years ago that I had our boy,,, I was about 20 years old since I was born and 3 years since we got married that handsome King

      sorry I am so sad

      • alem

        kibirti haftey gual tigray. it is only you betrayed by the most dangerous criminal of the globe called esayyas the crazy. as you have said you are an ethiopian graw in eritrea, but compared to those who are in the ddeep digged ohle of the prison of esayaswho are fought and have waste thier precius time to thier country, betraying you is a liittle that esayas can do. but you are right, the time is coming you will rejpin with your beloved husband and eritrea will rejoin as a country will rejoin with the sister country ethiopia after esayas, erritrea will have as many as friends and sisters. keep your peomise, your husband will come, and one dau you will have your beloved husband and your son be with you and some other eritreans also will have thier loved once in ethiopia very very soon.

    • araya

      But if you are born in Hazemo, then, according Eritrean Constituiton; you are Eritrean!
      I was hoping Wiqato would come clean. lol

  • Papillon

    It is great but every time I call Asmara and talk to my mother or my extended relatives they tell me that everything is business as usual and they don’t even feel some sort of tension in the city or in the entire nation either. I am surely left with mixed feelings where the vibe of an immediate change is limited to diaspora as opposed to in Eritrea. I sure don’t mean to sound a downer but trying to be realistic.

    • yegermal

      Telephone calls are the worst tools for getting accurate information about what is transpiring inside Eritrea at this right moment. I find information from Eritrean who traveled to Eritrea recently more helpful.

      • Papillon


        Would you care to share with us what the people who have recently visited Eritrea had to say about the recent situation? Much obliged.

  • Change the capital City To Massawa!

    The main problem of Eritrea is the Capital City – this city is a cursed city and need to change to Masswa or Keren.

  • Sim Yebileyin

    The revolution is ON!!!!!!!!!