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Eritrean Intelligence Establishes Bases in Ethiopia

Eritreans living in Ethiopia are feeling threatened by the presence of several PFDJ operative in the country.

The militarized Ethiopian-Eritrean border was opened last summer after two decades when the Ethiopian prime minister and the president of the Eritrean ruling party reached an agreement. Details of the agreement are still unknown, particularly to Eritreans.

The open border has given the PFDJ government an opportunity to send its operatives unhindered to several Ethiopian cities.

Ethnic rivalries are plaguing all parts of Ethiopia, as a result, the institutional transition envisioned by PM Abiy has had its cost. Consequently, it is still on a bumpy road.

Observers believe that Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea has found leverage to interfere in Ethiopia’s internal affairs through the many armed opposition groups he hosted and trained in Eritrea since 2000 when the border war between the two countries ended.

Recently, a blanket amnesty that PM Abiy granted to all forces opposed to the EPRDF government returned home and some are already involved in the politics of the country.

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  • Saleh Johar

    Hi hope,
    Thank you for telling you have a special dictionary. Have you considered to reduce verbosity? That will help you express your ideas coherently instead of the winding road you seem to prefer.

  • FishMilk

    Hi All. If anyone ever needs to recruit a geriatric TPLFite All Star team, they need look no further than here. Honey please get my Arecept.

    • Girmay

      Hi sorry to interfere but as you know some people are threatened by different views. These people are upset because doesn’t promote group thinking. Therefore, they divided this world into black and white and there is no room for gray area. If they have great ideas we want to hear it. I come to awate. Com with notebook ready to take notes.
      But I see that some of them think this is the Meketite, they want to be omnipresent, but their ideas are blown away by brilliant thunkers. The Mitikus and Abi’s come here to hear how great Dr. Abi, is and when his actions and inactions are questioned they cry.
      Focuse forget Tplf Woyanne, a new brave world will be knocking your door. Ideas of freedom, debate, democracy, human rights will be floating like the river Nile. This is the new reality. But you guys will miss it because you are busy categorizing people. is the light. is the present and the future. is not defined by Tplf or woyanne, its bigger than that. Keep coming Fishmilk, teach us something new. Share with us something profound. Write us 2 pages why you think that Eritrea only gave birth to one smart man ?
      While you are at it compare the actions of George Washington and King Isayas? Despite his popularity why did Washington quit after serving two terms as a president?
      Finally Fishmilk, can you write Fishmilk comfort ideas manual for commentators. I personally will follow it for day. Although I find blind follwing and obedience very boring and repetitive.
      Thank you dear Fishmilk

  • FishMilk

    Hi All. TPLFites are going absolutely crazy here as the TPLF has now commenced to withdraw troops from certain points on the border.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Hope,

    Like many other professionals, I was obliged by the oppression of my people back then, during the liberation era, and continued to be obliged by the suffocation of my people by the dictatorship of the despot, that we are immersed in the politics of our nation. Otherwise, I have a profession that not only I work for living, but also enjoy it enormously. I wouldn’t involve in politics definitely if that wasn’t and isn’t the case.

    But, to come to your point, I wouldn’t wish like the PM for the political leadership to the political landscape of Eritrea. What I wish for the Eritrean people is, not a leader who attempt to manage “crises of epic proportions” from his palace, but a leader who loves to go to the site of crises to learn first hand from the conflict (a) to give condolences to the family of the victims (b) give them assurances that he will address the issue and bring the perpetrators to justice (c) one who enjoys interacting with the public to understand their concerns and their hopes. This is the kind of leadership I hope for our people once we emancipated from the shackles of dictatorship.

    • Hope

      Selamat Istaz Aman :
      Thanks for your response.
      Let me just as you this:
      Can you briefly and honestly articulate what Dr Abiy weaknesses and failures are?
      He might be a Chameleon when it comes to Eritrea’s business with a possible hidden agenda and conspiracy but he is “ entitled” to do things that he believes serves for his country’s best interest.

      Contrary to what Professor Berekhet Habtesillasir and many of you here are blaming Dr Abiy for dealing with PIA to bring in peace that we have longed for generations,Dr Abiy has done a SUPERB JOB that no African Leader has achieved to my best knowledge !

      Forget about everything but declaring peace and reconciliation and achieving it over night makes him to be way beyond a a STATESMAN and a FIT LEADER by all standard and criteria,and entitles him to be a Noble Peace Prize WINNER as well.

      It is healthy to constructively criticize him and his policies as a Leader but it is an uncalled for to declare him as an unfit Leader!

      • Saleh Johar

        Hi Hope,

        You wrote: “It is healthy to constructively criticize him and his policies as a Leader but it is an uncalled for to declare him as an unfit Leader!”

        Do you see a contradiction in your statement? How can you criticize him as a leader and at the same not criticize him as an unfit leader?

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Hope,

    How do you claim the “inter-ethnic and cross border conflict” resolved by the PM, when the article in itself is talking about the unresolved inter-ethnic conflict along the Kenyan border? Are you try to react without reading the piece?

  • Admassie

    Selam Hope,

    If you want me confirm once more to your qualification “…if this really happened to them.” , yes it has happened. The first one is to my niece, but the second one, I heard it from some one whom I know. He said, his daughter told him the incident happened in her class and, angered, he himself went the next morning to confront the teacher.

    – You saying “This could be an isolated incident and it is unfair to generalize ,me hopes /thinks. ”

    I am not generalizing. But I am putting patterns. I always try supporting my comments with what I know has happened. The hate has been already brewed disguised for a long time. What is now happening is, being manifested openly. Because, the situation has emboldened people.

    Regarding I defend TPLF:
    I defend the policies of EPRDF/TPLF when they are good. Because they affect me, my family and my country.

    I believe Ethnic Federalism is not the problem for the crisis that we are facing. Rather It is our MISGUIDED understanding of the system that failed us. More over it has been a lifetime job for some in tarnishing the system as a disaster and have worked day in and day out in creating doubt in the minds of citizens by associating every conflict to the federal system.

    You said “To be a balanced Judge or Jury ,you should have gone through or experienced what the other victims have gone through that made or “

    In a country like mine, whose history is war and misery, trust me, most of us have experience passing through something. But that doesn’t give us, by any means, the excusr to project our over reaction on someone else and worst by association.

    Finally I agree JUSTICE must be served. Because, it strengthen rule of law, it validates accountablity, it build people’s confidence and trust on the system and makes citizens feel at peace. But JUSTICE mus be served without politicizing and for all accounted.

    Admassie A.

  • Admassie

    Dear Awatawian,

    Anyone interested, please, check ato Bereket Simon’s presentation on a discussion of our current situation held at Mekele University and aired on Tigray TV. One could say his book “ትንሳኤ ኢትዮጵያ” is written for the political economy players of our country. But his presentation is a very comprehensive diagnosis and recomendations which is clear and understandable to the ordinary person.

    It is also worth listening the whole discussion.

    Admassie A.

    • Blink

      Dear Adamssie
      Remember admassie , if the dirt doesn’t come out in the wash it will certainly come out in the rinse and Berket dirt is the perfect example , weyane lost it so do Bereket and there is nothing ordinary about a thief who managed to guard a corrupt government for 27 years . What good is his words ? He was blaming Issias for his removal and he is under investigation. Remember he was saying he represent the Amhara people yet he can not even drive in Amhara region. The Amhara people find out that some times the person you take a bullets for stands behind the gun, so no more this and that , you wanted to advertise for thieves go ahead do it in weyane world.

      • Admassie

        Dear Blink,

        I suppose you are not interested in ato Bereket’s discussion. Then my note was not meant to you. But, I thought you believe in freedom of speech and in the presumption of innocent till proven guilty. What happened? And let those who are intersed hear what a “thief” and a “corrupt” person would say. What harm is there?

        Admassie A.

  • Abraham H.

    Dear George, Singapore Airlines net profit for 2017/18 was $893 million not billion, thanks Google

  • Berhe Y

    Hi Hope,

    Where have you seen/read the report / accusation that GA were behind the assassination attempt?


  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Awatistas,

    Unlike the many distorted things being told about him, Dr Bereket Habteslassie is now defending the sovereignty of Eritrea and is in fact against the the reunion (medemer) philosophy of PM Abiy. He is saying the Issayas has given Eritrea on sliver platter. Pls listen to the interview.

    • Paulos

      Selam Professor A. Hidrat,

      I actually see it differently. Professor Berekhet should have shifted the topic into the Eritrean people and a call to them to stand up instead of making the topic about Isaias and what he has done which is by now becoming some sort of trite. The issue is not about him anymore but on how to get out of the predicament. That is precisely the reason, it is said that, Eritrea is in short supply of leaders.

      • Haile S.

        Thank you Paul for saying this. You helped me open my mouth. When I listened, I said to myself “he just repeated what commoners say”. I was expecting something else from a statesman of his caliber. I refrained from saying it not to add to what I had said before following his “confederation conference” months ago. It is easy to criticize the heavy weights like Paul & Emma, but difficult to do on the mammoths.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Dr Paulos & Hailat,

          Gentlemen, I agree. After the good doctor explained what he has witnessed, Martin Plaut asked him, then what will be going from here? He couldn’t come some suggestions how to challenge the situation and encouragement to the Eritreana people with sa kind of “አጆኻ ህዝበይ ጽናዕ ከይትምናዕ”. Rather he conclude with I don’t know how our people will react. Good observation on your sides.


          • Ismail AA

            Selam Aman H, Dr. Paulos and Haile S.,

            I listened to Prof. Berekhet’s interview on FB yesterday evening. I was left very much dismayed and wondering. I felt him like a good doctor that can diagnose an ailment but unable to prescribe the medicine. He acknowledged a resounding “I do not know” when the interviewer asked him (with undisguised curiosity) what his thoughts were about how the Eritrean people should deal with the dangerous ailment he had diagnosed.

            Actually, I did not anticipate that short conversation would get its way to the pages of this forum. But thanks to our ubiquitous Aman H who does rarely miss matters that concern the Eritrean cause in the media, I could see the views you guys have exchanged. My feeling, as I have already jotted above, agree with what Dr. Paulos and Haile have stated. The good Prof. seems be too good in weighing matters, but constrained to craft solutions for them – one of the natures of lawyers’ jobs (if I am not mistaken) who can be good at defining crimes and depend on law makers and executive powers to deal with them.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Ismailo,

            I have missed to make that point. But when you have complementary fighters on your side, nothing will be left without notice. Thank you guys.

          • Paulos

            Selam Professor A. Hidrat and Kbur Haw Ismail AA,

            The interview was rather striking in the sense that it was the first time to see him looking defeated and with a resigned look in his face. Could have been less of a vigour due to an old age when I was reminded in a striking contrast to what he said in his earlier interview with defiance, “ተጋዳላይ እየ ተጋዳላይ’ካኣ ተስፋ ኣይቆርጽን’ዩ!”

            When I said, shortage of leaders, what I had in mind was someone who can bring all of us together who instills hope with a positive vibe and someone who seeks possibilities that work best devoid of ideologies. God bless!

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Dr Paulos,

            What I am saying is whatever that entails the quality of leadership to challenge for whatever is demanded in a given circumstances. so we are not of different opinions. Good leadership qualities is always good for all kinds of challenges.

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Dr. Paulos and Aman H,

            In my humble opinion, the Eritrean mothers’ wombs are not barren to produce leaders. Every one of us can count scores of heroes in wars and politics in our pre- or post emergence of our polity as state.

            The predicament we have been facing, and still facing, is that we have not been lucky so far to get chance to politically and economically mold the diverse components of the nation into coherent society under a common and unifying state superstructure in which the beauty of the mozaic inter-faith and cultural diversity our society is endowed could be celebrated.

            Of course, there are myriad and complex reasons for this which need more space and expertise to deal with. But, the fact is that the elites who normally lead the way in a society have failed to help ours engage in laying down the foundations of the state I am talking about. Instead, they excelled in impeding the society due to egoism which they wanted to satiate through social, cultural and religious enclave mentalities that blocked emergence of national leaders and personalities. The scourge they erected is division and mistrust.

        • Hope

          Selam Haikat Abi Seb:
          Don’t forget who is interviewing him and what the motive might be.

          Plus,he might be taking this opportunity to retaliate against those.who accused him for his alleged pro-Unity Stand.
          Otherwise,I agree with your message and call.

          Kind of a cheap Interview.
          PIA presented Eritrea to Ethiopia in a Silver plate?
          Like the Amharus would say :” PMMZ presented Eritrea to Eritreans in a Silver plate !
          He should not talk about PIA presenting Eritrea since he was misquoted on this issue before!

          • Haile S.

            Selam Hope,
            Thank you for the nice words.
            You said “he might be taking this opportunity to retaliate against those who accused him for his alleged pro-Unity Stand”. Possible, but most importantly, as you mentioned and as Ismail, Emma and Paul said, what we expect from him is much higher than zooming on one person like PIA.
            Let me dare say ‘our’, though I am speaking for myself, our frustration is not having those capable leaders like him not being capable of pronouncing the right words, the right message. Our frustration is in having a regime that has closed every avenue for our country to function as a country like others. Our frustration is that we are trying to fill-in, wherever, the functions and space that we don’t have in our country, even if it is for self satisfaction only. Even those that we call regime supporters are in a way trying to defend the country, trying to be the ambassadors of a country whose regime doesn’t want to act or function normally, paradoxically helping the culpable. Here at Awate or elsewhere, when commenting, most of us, we want to be what we are not, by deficiency, by what we are lacking in our country. We don’t have the guide or the specialist in our country who writes and comments in a medium of our choice to be able to enjoy at our leisure. Lack of this, we opt to do it ourselves, becoming the jack of all trade, the philosophers, psychoanalysts, economists, historians, aviation specialists and what have you. We lost the guidelines of a functioning society thus blurring the healthy respectful relationship. Therefore, if those that had a certain authority in our country cannot promote themselves and lead at least verbally, and lack of this, if they allow themselves to get attacked by everyone and in every corner, we will not be seeing the end of the tunnel.

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Hi Amanueil Hidrat,

      It is better the good doctor to come late than not to show up at all.


  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear All,

    The bad news of “Ethnic conflict” in the southern state of Ethiopia, in the Borena region is still continuing. There are considerable number of casualties from the incidence. The people of the region are demanding the central government to take immediate action to stop the violence. Why is the PM and his administration is unable to address the crises? Where is the leadership that many were hoping to bring peace to his people?

  • Selam Hope,

    As much as die-hard tplfists are concerned, whatever pm Abiy does and doesn’t do, they are going to accuse him. If he uses soft power, they call it weakness, because he failed to mow-down the people as their strong and decisive leader they continue to worship used to do.

    They refuse to accept that tplf operatives were caught hiding in the forests of benishangul, and they were accused by locals for instigating disturbances and arming criminals, and that it does not take much to rouse people against each other, and tplf is good at it.

    If the pm flexes his muscles, they will come out and cry foul accusing him that a dictator is ruling the land. They have in mind one and only one thing; that is how to bring back tplf to power, because whatever they planned for eritrea will happen only through tplf, which you should suspect may not be to the interest of the people of eritrea. Few of them declare they are tigrayans, and yet they behave more tgrayan than tigrayans themselves. They say they stand for peace, and yet the weapon they seem to have in mind is state violence and a person who is ready to use his iron fist to squash the people.

    Nobody denies that there is a problem, but what they prescribe as the medicine (state violence, that will create more instability, against individual or group violence), is worse than the disease itself. The masses are against these paid enemies of ethiopia, and there fate is doomed.

    Remember, they attacked pm Abiy from day one, even before they knew who he was. Do not believe it is the person that is their problem, that it is about Abiy. No; it is all about continued tplf hegemony in ethiopia. Whoever may have come, they would have said and done exactly the same thing. It is their mission.

    • Haile S.

      Selam Horizon,

      You summarized well in this and your other recent comments the state of ineptitude of Eritrean opposition and we all eritreans find ourselves entangled in. Lack of innovative ways to come up with ways of changing our regime and doing the same as Ethiopia did, hallucination and nostalgia of a bygone killers of our country, TPLF & Co seems to have become our daily activity. Worst of all is acting as an opposition to a prime minister who is trying his best to calm a country boiling due the pressure that has been accumulating for years. The strategy of the strangulators with multiple objectives who have been isolating our country and playing with our opposition by diminishing it to pieces making it receiver of their crumbles cannot be a solution for Eritrea’s woes. Granted, we have their equivalent at home whose eyes are zoomed on them rather than looking at safe exit for the country and himself, but anyway, nostalgia of a python who was gaping its mouth from the south and opposing the party that dragged it back by its tail and removing this danger is not going to be helpful for Eritrea. The solution is not found there.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei Girmay.
    When you see it through your feudal Tigray system you think Tigray hasnt try the option 1 and 2 of yours. But if you go out side and see for yourself the current generation is the one the modern Ethiopians have strong hope for and your feudal system of terrorizing Ethiopia to make Tigray great is falling apart. Tigray is shivering to declare independence because the addiction of the looting from the rest of Ethiopia is so strong Tigray needs to go to rehabilitation before declaring Independence. When Tigray is finished with its rehabilitation i can guarantee you it will be a mutual happiness for Tigray to declare independence.

    The feudal system of Tigray had made Addis Ababas police and securities Tigray people while the prisoners language had been Oromigna. Do you know the distance between Tigray and Addis, and the population of Tigray and Oromo. What kind mentality you have that a minority Tigray could have so much representation in 100 million populated land called Ethiopia. F E U D A L Mentality, if you ask me. One of your nightmares by the name PM Abiy has a peculiar way of leading. He made it clear that killing is cowardliness. What choice you have than secession when killing is made obsolete. No Ethiopian is going to raise his or her hand to say no for Tigray secession because killing is obsolete. You dont kill us for forcing us to continue your unity with Ethiopia and you refuse to give hand the criminals of Tplf. This modern thinking makes your feudal ethnic based politics out of play. No Killing! Game is over as foreigners say.

  • Amde

    Selam Ato Girmay,

    “Here are other Tigray options that Amde failed to consider.
    1. Tigray can fight on making sure that the feudals stay at bay.
    2. Tigray could conspire with powerful foreign countries, and no need for me to explain the terms of agreement between Tigray and the other powerful foreign country. ”


    Just remember..
    1. TPLF is the new Feudal elite in Tigray.
    2. Other countries of the region can conspire with “powerful foreign countries” just as well and with more to offer.

    Please imagine how long such a situation can be extended and how Tigrayans can cope.

    1 year?
    2 years?
    5 years?
    10 ?

    And if you think Eritrea will be a friendly state to a lonely Tigray, you are mistaken. Isayas and PFDJ are not just being friends to Abiy, I am almost convinced they want to make Tigray into a weakened buffer zone between Ethiopia and Eritrea. I don’t think it is just an Isayas conflict with TPLF. What happens after TPLF is pushed out of power and influence in Tigray within a year or so? Have you imagined that possibility? Which is more of a threat to Tigray’s and Tigrayans’ long term interest – Asmara or Addis Ababa?


    • Alex

      Hi Amde,
      I agree with you that Eritrea will never work with TPLF at the expense of PMAA or Ethiopia as whole. PIA will try to weaken TPLF until they stop being an obstacle to the demarcation of the border.

    • Girmay

      Selam ato Amde, first of all like many Tigreans I am not against change of government. But as it is clear the change is to target Tigray and Tigreans. When Nelson Mandela,took power from the whites, we did not read or hear that the blacks were committing crime against whites. They understood that south Africa will move on only through honest reconciliation. There is no honest reconciliation in today’s Ethiopia. You could clearly the state is targeting Tigreans.
      You asked is Asmara or Addis Abeba better for Tigray? At the present moment Asmara under Isayas is not only an enemy of Tigray but also an enemy of the Eritrean people. How could a leader that is an enemy of his own people be our friend or our allay? Not possible.
      Addis Abeba at the present moment is run by ESAT, and foreign elements. Therefore, both of them are conspiring to harm the Tigrean people.
      Tigray option has to hire a powerful foreign allay to neutralize Isayas, Abie and their foreign allies.
      The message for these axis of destruction will be touching Tigray will be a miscalculation that will disfigure the horn Africas shape.
      If Tigray hires a powerful allay without specifiying the details of the deal , Tigray could trive for many years.
      Ato Amde, what you are discussing with me is what is in the hearts and minds that hate Tigray and Tigreans. You don’t want to admit the fact that Dr. Abie is going after Tigreans for his political gains. Going after Tigreans makes Isays, and the ESAT crowed happy. In other words we Tigreans are been used as his political toys.
      For these reasons Tigrean survival required bold and crearive solution. One of them should be to basically park big mighty foreign powers on the mountains of Tigray. Their goal will be to defend Tigray and when Isayas teach Abie how to operate a malfunction calculator, let the forign powers loose. In my opinion this is the most important plan for today’s Tigray.
      Mr. Amde, you guys will blame Tigray again, but you see Ethiopian elites are busy on waging revengful propganda and zero time on honest reconciliation. I think time will tell what happens. But remember Ethiopian elites and leaders are known to undermine their enemies. Haile Sellasie, Mengistu under estimated EPLF and TPLF, but look what happened. Today history is repeating itself. Past Ethiopian leaders underestimatinon and torture of Tigray gave birth to Tplf. I wonder what Tigray will give Abie who is using Tigreans as his political toys.

      • Berhe Y

        Dear Ghirmay,

        I think it seems to me there is over reaction. I think what you said “Tigray should hire a powerful allay” seems to me a little far fetched possibility. I will really hard pressed to believe that any powerful allay would put itself in internal affairs of another country. Money could not possibly be a factor in getting involved, there has to be a huge, very huge incentive to do so. The only country that I can think about is Egypt but it w

        • Paulos

          Selam Berhe,

          There is a fundamental reality people here and there seem to be missing. Practically every family in Tigrai has lost a son, daughter, uncle or an aunt during the war and there is a huge psychological investment on the Front. The people and TPLF are one and the same. Attacking the Front is tantamount to attacking the people. That is a fact where people don’t seem to get including Isaias and Abiy. The people breath-in and breath-out Weyane. And they can’t obviously live without it. As I see it, the only way out is to secede for the political situation doesn’t invite them to be part of Ethiopia. They are way better off having it alone and on their own.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Paulo,

            I like you but sometimes your Eritrean of take the better out off you, if there is such a thing:). We as Eritreans lose sight of the long term and we make quick decision and reach to conclusion that has a long term consequences.

            They can say what ever they want but I don’t see there is going to be any power strong enough that would/ harm TPLF and the people of Tigray in the ground.

            So they go their own way, then what happens? What’s going to happen to the people of Tigray in the rest of Ethiopia, pack and leave. What happens to those half and half?

            And what happens to Tigray itself, if it cannot trade with Eritrea, Amhara and Afar?

            Is Tigray going to stay land locked, or is going to go to some kind of war with Eritrea?

            And because some people said something bad to a party and a front? What happen to TPLF is nothing but a political party lose power because it had a long ride. That’s all nothing more.

            If they can’t defeat of a political process then may be they are not fit and deserve to be, and another dynamic party should emerge then from Tigray.

            This every family paid for TPLF, I think we have seen that movie in our own, with EPLF claim of hade LIBi hade Hoz I. It got us nothing but misery, and they should learn from us. Having political choice is healthy and it’s to the best interest of the people.


          • Paulos

            Selam Berhino,

            As people, the best decision we ever made was declaring independence. Just imagine what would have happened to us if we had stayed back! One thing has to be cristal clear: Eritrea’s mounting problems are not because of the decision we made, rather it is a colossal blunder committed by one man.

            Ethiopia’s political landscape is drastically changed for a long haul. The days of political acumen, statesmanship and vision are long gone. It is an era of revenge and avenge. Ethiopia has stepped into an extremely dangerous times. A whole ethnic group is targeted including a state media is openly being part of it.

            The logic is incredibly simple. If no Tigrean is safe any where but in Tigrai, why would they want to be part of it? If a government whose sole mandate is to safe guard the wellbeing of every citizen, why would they want to be part of the government? When the head of the government is conspiring with a foreign entity to attack and destroy a Front whose constituency is practically an entire ethnic group, why would they want to be part of it? History attested that, with all their shortcomings, the Tigrai people have given it all they had including their own lives to better Ethiopia but it is not working out. Again, the only option is to get out and declare a Republic.

            Certainly, it is not going to be easy, but through sheer political will and determibation, they can change their republic for better. Other land locked countries who were in a far worse situation has done it. United people always make wonders!

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Dr Paulos,

            “United people always make wonders”. Certainly.There is no cohesive people or social group like the Tigray people in Ethiopia. Definitely, they will overcome the conspiracy of the “head of state Ethiopia” (who do not want to address the hate towards Tigrians by the other social groups) and their collaborators, whether they remain as part of the greater Ethiopia or independent republic.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Hi Dr. Paulos,

            It seems Dr. Meddamar will be the Gorbachev of Ethiopia. Gorbachev glasnost (“openness”) and perestroika (“restructuring”) and his reorientation of Soviet strategic aims contributed to the end of the Communist Party in governing the state was removed from the constitution, which inadvertently led to crisis-level political instability with a surge of regional nationalist and anti-communist activism culminating in the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

            If Dr. Meddamar claims of love and forgiveness are true, he should let Tigraian people alone or in collaboration with Federal Judiciary System (if there is any real Federal Judiciary System) trial the corrupted TPLF individuals..


          • Berhe Y

            Hi Paulos,

            I understand there is legitimate concern and fear. But to secede should be the last, very last option, not a reaction based on threat that never materialize as things stand.

            TIgray people and other federalists (this should be the term they use) to build consensus and build their message and fight tooth and nail in the battle of ideas and build nationalist parties.

            They should have their own ESAT what have and fight democratically.


          • Mitiku Melesse

            Hie Paulos.
            There is a fundamental reality you and Tigray people dont get it. 10 times the size of Tirians scarification made by the rest of Ethiopia. So Ethiopans must be looted forever because of the sacrifice Tigrians mad has two fundamental twisting.

            1) You dont have to be exploiter because you make sacrifice. (besieds they made the sacrifice to make Tigray liberated from EThiopia, they changed their ideal when they see the opportunity)

            2) If making sacrifice gives you special privilege then do it for all who sacrificed.

          • Senay Zer

            Dear Paulo — As a principle political organization should never equate themselves with the people they represent, no matter how poplar or how good they’re – it’s too much burden on the people. Politician make difficult choices and in the process make mistakes, big and small. And there are the cynically corrupt and brutal. To bundle up all of these and project it on the people they happen to represent is recipe for disaster. If TPLF cares about preserving the historical front and its special relation to the people of Tigray, it should consider (should have considered long time ago) re-branding itself (not different in the way EPLF transformed to PFDJ. Most Eritreans still have special fondness toward EPLF, despite its many mistakes, as the organization that lead the last major steps toward independence, but have no qualms disdaining PFDJ). I think TPLF needs to maintain healthy distance between Tigray (state and people) and itself as political organization…unless they are already back to the liberation front mentality already, which I hope isn’t the case.

          • Paulos

            Selam Senay,

            It is a valid point. But vagaries and contingencies rarely bend the norm and affect the out come of history.

            The people of Tigrai never had a break in terms of owning the peace and enjoying the fruits of their toil when successive Ethiopian rulers turned their backs on them at times to punish a resurrection when in particular the King decimated the people when they rose up against him in the early 1940s. Later on, it was said that the King held grudges and was determined to punish them when they ended up immigrating mostly to Eritrea and to the rest of Ethiopia and their dignity was reduced into second class citizens that had spanned for a generation.

            It was with in the said grim reality the popular Front came into the scene not as a foreign entity but one of their own who shared their perennial agony. The Front not only broke the vicious cycle but gave them a dignity they had lost when memory started to fade. And you can understand the psychological capital it created where it become incredibly difficult to see the Front on a separate light from the people. The reverse also holds true.

            This is crucial for the power be including Abiy and Gedu among others to internalize. The more they attack the Front, the more the people feel threatened and clinge to the Front. That is precisely the reason their political credo is Revolutionary Democracy, a democracy a bit of a chimera not of Athenian or Jeffersonian reflection but a homegrown that is anchored in the revolution they know too well and brought about a social change. In a sense, it becomes problematic to take the Front as a political party but something an outsider like the rest of us fail to fathom.

        • Mitiku Melesse

          Hie Berhe.
          How can Tigray continue its progression without looting?. The economy is based on looting for 27 years.

        • Natom Habom

          selam berhe
          (his heart will never allow it) you wish ,I am sure your heart dont believe what you said ,if you think that Eritrean will bleed for tigrai ,you are mistaken ,if your memory function ,you will find all archives of your tplf evil action on eritrean my friend ,many like you have the audacity calling Eritrean for help ,saying (that it will be Eritrea turn if tigrai is attacked ,so let join force) , I couldn t believe it ,is you people normal ,let me tell you one thing ,if any chance happen we will bury you alive ,you have my world

    • Mitiku Melesse

      Hei Amde.
      Tplf has a greedy brain, big moth and little stomach. It swallowed 20 times its size. Now is time to enjoy the show of the little stomach explode leaving the undigested looted goods all over Tigray.

  • David Samson

    Selam Paul,

    How come you left out the big man—Niccolò Machiavelli?

    • Paulos

      Ha ha David,

      Damn, you’re right. If it was a term paper, would have costed me from C to D grade. Glad it was not. Thanks for spotting though.

  • Kaddis

    Dear Gash Paulos,
    Thank you for taking the time to give us such analysis. This exactly why we come here and feel hopeful that the wisdom in the region could light the horizon.
    I may say more on the (not on my view) ethnic federalism and how the promising journey ended up here soon…

    • Kaddis

      In the meantime you may find this article interesting..on purely the economic dilemma…titled
      “It’s back to the future as IMF spots opening”

  • Berhe Y

    Hi Ghirmay and Kaddis,

    Kaddis, first I would like to congratulate you on the very important that you chose do. I hope and wish the day that comes out people, Eritreans and Ethiopians in particular and Africans in general would focus their energy to help elevate the lives of their people instead of the stupid political quagmire that the west has setup for us and our greedy political leaders comply and inflict unmeasurable pain to our people.

    Having said that I think Amde is as cool as cucumber. I think David has tried to point out that he missed to say “IF” when he was responding to Kaddis. “If you are a civil servant” instead he said “you are a civil servant”.


    Ab rEsi lbKa, I think it’s goid that you give people the benefit of the doubt including ESAT viewers and producers. I think each should be given its merit and challenged based on the topic rather than blanket blaming everyone. Because we are on the receiving end every time we question and challenge some of the reform as TPLF this TPLF that and there is no rational what so ever.

    This understandable from the PFDJ land as they do it purposely and with a mission but those of us who are seeking positive change we should be careful.


    • Girmay

      Hi dear Berhe, I appreciate your concern and advise. I have to respectfully disagree with you regards ESAT viewers and producers. Not only I will talk negative about ESAT, I think one can build a legitimate case about their programs. I have never written hateful messages about particular ethnic groups. Because I think that hate is not good. I have said that in the past. ESAT has been preaching hate against Tigreans for a long time. As a result of their hate messages inocent Tigreans have brutally attacked. I am sorry but I will never give them the benfit of a doubt. If I have time I will give them the benfit of facing American justice system. Hate messages wither they are subtle or direct is forbidden.
      I usually try to engage in a cuvilized manner, however, when you read an intelligent person hiding some information but only chooses to discuss the others, I get disappointed. If Teddy or Mitiku do it, I dont mind. But I expect more balanced reflection from ato Amde, because I am used to getting that from him.

  • Mez

    Dear George,

    “… It is also means among other things a preemptive way of avoiding misunderstandings/conflict..”

    1) on this point we do have exactly diametrically opposite view. You are just unbelievably awesome.

    2) I don’t know how you think but your other statement ” Any responsible government and also corporates do it.” Is devoid of any factuality–please grow up know who you are and what means you have. Will alone take you no where, except further disappointment and regret.

    3) what you stated above is just to confuse people’s opinion and current political affairs view. Shame on you Sir.

    4) This all is very bad for the country. Those peoples and countries, you are about to spy on, will do it on you–that in a nasty way. They have much bigger resource-pot than you think to believe.


    • George

      Hi mez

      1. Himmm, i do not know what to say. Too cryptic .

      2. … devoid of any factuality. I’m sorry I forgot, you come from another planet. Planet heaven, where everything is perfect. But I live in an imperfect world. Imperfect words require one to be vigilant. One way to be vigilant is to have a spy. You mean to tell me you never heard of corporate espionage? So Eritrean government should not have a spy network. We are talking about a country that is unstable that can implode at any time. That have 200k soldiers in and around our border. We fought them for 60 years.

      3. You aslo said, grow up. Now, that implies I am immature. That is BRANDING. And this website it’s not a cool thing to say.

      Leslie you accuse me of trying to confuse people. Why would I do that? I like people with clear thoughts. I dislike ambiguity. So naturally, i do not like confusion or confusing people. Now, that a fact.

      as far as having your limited means. Eritrea is the land of can do people. We just came victorious against all odds.

  • Kaddis

    Selam Girmay
    It’s not my first time I argued here ESAT is a hate media. Tplf was weak to defend its constituency from the hate nurtured by ESAT and unfortunately it’s supposed coalition kind of build up on it. The Oromo activists intermittently because they know they are next in the line.

  • Kaddis

    Hi George,
    Good you see Ethiopia with high standards. There are many involved economic critics that I admire… Google an article by it’s title… “It’s back to the future as IMF spots opening”.
    The repression and it’s remedy depends on the struggle and committment to the coming election.

  • Paulos

    Selam Moderator,

    My comment for Kaddis did not appear. Any idea? Thanks.