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Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

Clipped Into Co-option


  1. Admonishing Eritrea;
  2. Brief reply to comments regarding my previous posting (Ethiopia, Tesfay Temnewo, Our youth)
  3. Clipped into Co-option

I know beforehand that this article is going to stir some grumbling within some corners of our communities for two reasons: confrontational denunciations of patrons of the Ethiopian intrusion, and for diverting focus on Ethiopia rather than admonishing PFDJ.  Anyway, before I delve into the analysis of my subject matter please allow me to say that I have no other reason or hidden agenda but to put certain things in perspectives concerning Eritrean affairs – i.e. primarily against the tyrant in Asmara; in addition to that, the tricksters in Addis Ababa.

Admonishing the Government of Eritrea is appropriate.  The number of prisoners of conscience and political prisoners continues to grow; political persecution, torture and other ill-treatment are prevalent; there is no end to military conscription; the number of refugees, asylum-seekers and defections is increasing every year; Eritreans are being trafficked more than ever …etc. I guess it suffices to read the following reports that have been internationally published since last March.

  1. Young and Astray: An Assessment of Factors Driving the Movement of Unaccompanied Children and Adolescents from Eritrea into Ethiopia, Sudan and Beyond. By Womens Refugee Commission
  2.  Refugees and the Rashaida: human smuggling and trafficking from Eritrea to Sudan and Egypt. Reasearch Paper sponsored by UNHCR
  3.  Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea. United Nations A/HRC/23/53 General Assembly
  4. Eritrea: 20 years of independence, but still no freedom. Amnesty International
  5. Eritrea: Scenarios for Future Transition. International Crisis Group

Eritrea, rightly so, continues to be admonished for all its human rights abuses in the world arena.  However, as pressure mounts on Eritrea, the international community is not paying attention to what is happening to us – pressure from our neighbors to yield to their prescriptive tactic.

My fellow Eritreans, we cannot afford to stop asking ourselves hard questions during this crucial moment in our history.  As PFDJ continues to sit on shaky ground we cannot afford to sit still on the fence and watch things get out of control from afar, can we?  At the same time we cannot sit back and allow Ethiopia aggravate our situation through its intrusive activities.  Let me address the issue regarding the need to steer clear of Ethiopia’s pathway.  My argument is speaking out against and rebuffing Ethiopian intrusion in our affairs is one of the many actions we can take while we have time – before the sound of our protest dies unheard.  If Ethiopia wants to help us then it should stop meddling now.  Their intrusion will make our struggle a purposeless campaign.  To deny them the moral high ground they are trying to appropriate through various means, is tantamount to strengthening the inner conscience of our country.    .

Call it vanity, I often catch myself asking a question I find quite challenging.  What do I want to be remembered for after I die? Over the coming years, we may all face this important question.  The question comes to me because of the tragic circumstance that has been created around us by those who are misled by Ethiopia. Aren’t we witnessing some Eritreans not stepping up to some needed issues and not taking on great odds in exercising our patriotic obligations?  We may not want to ask ourselves such a question because we are too caught up in our lives.  Whatever our circumstance may be we have the obligation to raise questions regarding our country’s future not only in terms of PFDJ’s brutality but Ethiopia’s unscrupulous intentions – facts our young citizens should be aware of.

In my previous article I mentioned that some are betraying themselves as they are betraying our people by colluding with Ethiopia-led campaign. I believe this point raised some interest among some readers.  Some wrote with regards to:

  1. Ethiopian dominion:  I believe the Ethiopian intrusion to muddy our struggle and undermine our confidence is a futile exercise. I will raise more points regarding this matter in the ensuing paragraphs.
  2. Tesfay Temnewo:  Please forgive me for being cruel and crude here – I am not going to allow a ‘hadami’ (deserter) to lecture me on the history of our struggle for independence.  I want others to inform me what our struggle was all about – the soul of Kidane Kiflu, the courage of Dawit wedi police, the confidence of Fissehaye wedi Finanza, the intellect of Abu Arre, the ever inspiring songs of the legendary wedi TiKul, the melodious poetry of adey Zemzem  and more.  Tesfay Temnewo is an opportunist who is distorting our history to his advantage and trying to improve his social status because he has been rejected in all aspects of his life.
  3. Our Youth: What do we call the generation of young men and women who came of age during or immediately following Eritrean independence? The Lost Generation!  Being products of the Isaias Afwerki era, the post-independence generation is viewed by many as cynical and disillusioned.  Sadly, they seem to have lost the tenets we once espoused; they ignore accepted standards of behavior and they have become contemptuous of values many of us grew up with.  I am afraid they, of course of no fault of their own, are disillusioned because they have no ideals.  How much our youth have missed out on in life is indescribable! Anyway, these very cynical and disillusioned youngsters, who are dispersed in neighboring countries and beyond and are leading harrowing lives, are the ones Ethiopia, with the collaboration of some of their Eritrean counterparts, are trying to recruit – to mislead them into becoming pawns entrusted to shove us into the Weyane (TPLF) corner.   What do our youth want to be remembered for after they are misled into picking up arms against the Eritrean regime?   Betrayal? Bloodshed?

The good thing is so far the conspirators who are taking direct instructions from Ethiopian officials have spectacularly failed.  Not only have they been ignored by the silent majority but they have also been at each other’s throats. Now the cynical and disillusioned youngsters are squabbling among themselves.  Furthermore, those who were entrusted to wage an assault on the rest of the campaigners from various fronts will hopefully learn from the failures of others – that the TPLF ideology will not penetrate into our psyche simply because ‘Hdri swu’at allona’ .  Our martyrs’ legacy is still alive.

Clipped into Co-option

With this article I hope, with a bit of luck, to kick-start the process of recuperation from the unfair onslaught some responsible campaigners have been enduring the last few years of our struggle for justice and democracy. Again, I would like to underline that it is not my intention to provide the Asmara government a reprieve, or disregard the appalling crimes it is committing against our people; on the contrary, my objective is to process some thoughts of concern and perplexities that are tripping us, agitations that are exploiting our vulnerabilities, and sugar-coated lies that are poised to ensnare us.  I believe once we have certain facts under our belts, and hopefully under our control, we will be in a better position to have a say in our destiny – a movement of our own, spearheaded by our own efforts and for our own people.

My fellow Eritreans, it is my moral obligation to say the interest Ethiopia is demonstrating in our affairs is not to remove Isaias from power only but to use the removal of Isaias to commandeer its strategy of gradual appropriation of Eritrea. In other words, we have to understand the Ethiopians are not doing us any neighborly favor.  We have to be aware of the fact that they need Eritreans to make their plot look legitimate, expedite their strategy to bring their yes-men in power and eventually fulfill their dream of appropriating their demands.  I am saying this not for the sake of convincing those who do not know the truth as I understand it, but for the sake of expressing my solidarity with those who do know it.

We are witnessing many deluded Eritreans sacrificing the truth to their vanity, comfort and advantage in their make-believe worlds. Take the case of Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change (ENCDC), for instance. How Ethiopian is ENCDC? As far as I am concerned, forgive me for being too blunt, it is an organization set up by the Ethiopians, through Ethiopian resources, for the good of Ethiopians. The nonentities of the ENDC leaders seem to enjoy the attention they have received from Ethiopia for now.  Nonetheless, ENDC is run by the ineffectual pro-Ethiopia individuals who continue to nurse their chronic impotency.  To call a spade a spade, ENCDC is a sham. How soon can one forget the huge sacrifice Eritreans paid to drive the Ethiopians out of Eritrea is the source of our dignity?  We won our independence through sheer determination, and that makes us special.  We are not going to allow Eritrea to be a copy of Ethiopia. The question is how are we going to keep the Eritrean fervor alive as we are going through these challenging times?   The simple answer is by reminding ourselves repeatedly the price we paid for our independence and by our commitment to action – to remain independent as we fight for our rights as one.

Let’s also remember the following.  In the last few years we could not fight as one for obvious reasons.  We have witnessed the coming and going of Eritrean opposition groups as they were assembled and disbanded by Ethiopia at will.  Think of EDA came about and how it was rendered irrelevant when ENCDC was brought to the scene. Remember how the ENDC was ridiculed when the Debrezeit group was manufactured. Many were discarded in the process and humiliated as we sat back and watched the various acts conducted by Ethiopian officials. Those groups were made to point their finger of guilt at each other as they kowtowed to Ethiopian leaders. The kowtowing still continues. In other words, those discredited groups are clipped into co-option.

 If it weren’t for Isaias Afwerki and the PFDJ government we would have achieved a respectable position in the region by now; and a considerable level of national development. PFDJ will pass on and our time will certainly come!  For now let me say it is about time those of us who believe in Eritrea’s sovereignty got together to make a judicious and well-informed stand at this crucial time – reject Ethiopia’s manipulations, and at the same time oppose PFDJ’s rule resolutely.  Our struggle will be easier once we carve our unity out of our past struggle against Ethiopia. We should not allow the very thing that brought us together (our struggle for independence) be used to pull us apart (by the likes of Tesfay Temnewo’s skewed arguments).  We need to imagine Eritrea in oneness – a place which we are all part of, a place from which we rise up to defend, and a place to which we all return.  My fellow Eritreans, let’s prepare ourselves for what is to come tomorrow.  How?

Until next time …

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  • yemane

    I am surprised when people get convinced on the existance of the so called Opposition….The truth is “Opposition groups never exist”.If you are talking about those who are the Social media tegadelti or The Ethio-phobia Weyane [moderator: lumpen vocabulary deleted] of rs,well;That is not opposition.They are just old folks who are remnants of history….If you consider Salh Gadi,Semere Habtemariam,Adhanom,Mesfin Hagos,weldeyesus Amar,Ahmed Nasser,…etc…as Opposition,that is just a sign of Delusion….I have never seen any one of them to be better than DIA…Atleast,DIA secured Eritrea’s independence….

  • belay

    Ato Gila jel
    You came to Awate website,instead of giving a proper response you are insulting every Eritrean.
    You are embaresment to Ethiopians.stupid like you calling others inferiour.

    • Ato Belay Jel,

      Gila did not call “others” inferior. Gila is talking about feelings. Gilla is right on the money when he inquired whether Eritreans in general feel inferior to others, particularly to Ethiopians or Americans. I , for one, say yes. We, Eritreans in general suffer from inferiority complex.

      You can easily notice it in their writings as well as conversation. They say, write and do all sorts of things to cover up their weaknesses, a sign of inferiority complex. They feel invincible yet they are weak and vulnerable. PFDJ/Former EPLF/ELF are prime examples.

      You have to be lucky to find an Eritrean who exhibits humility, admission of guilt, or admission of wrong doing. However, you will find many who portray their vanity shamelessly. For example, compare an ordinary Eritrean with an Ethiopian. You will notice a stark difference in personal traits. An Eritrean is usually “men kemay behalay” whereas an Ethiopian’s personal trait is marked by meekness and modesty in attitude as well as spirit, traits that we should emulate.

      • Araya

        this dawit guy is with incredeble low IQ. What is interesting is that when the Tigryans try to be an Eritrean, they use like Senait, Dawit, Habtom names. i bet you with everything Dawit is from some where deep in Adi-grat.

  • Gila

    Unbelievable. Is a deep rooted inferiority complex a national trait of the Eritrean psy make-up? Is the apparent hubris of the Eritrean actually a figue leaf to hide an inborn absence of self-confidence, particularly when it comes to dealings with any thing Ethiopian? Can’t an Eritrean relate to an Ethiopian on equal terms? I wonder. And this Admas (dubious pen mane for some one on a hate campain against Ethiopians), I bet he is invoking the jign’net of the eplf to exorcize his cawardice when (most probably IF ever he was a tegadalai) he was in the front. The most vilain ex-fighters have become the most vociferous eplf in the Diaspora … smart Issays has always been an expret in hand picking them. Do not serach far, take wedi gherahtu, typical bejbaj of a leech now beating the war drums for a civil war in the name of shaebia.

  • Hayat Adem

    Haile and Aman,
    Being mindful of Aman’s concern of diversion from the real homework; and weighing on the benefit of engaging people who have factored the Nile issue into an Eritrean political calculation, I would like to reflect on some signposts for Eritrea with regard to the Nile politics:
    1) The biggest mistake for Eritreans would be openly siding with Egypt. The lesser mistake, but still a mistake, would be exploiting the tension for bargaining over our unsettled issues with Ethiopia. The most sensible position, which later would become the most rewarding national asset would be openly siding with Ethiopians. The less positive, but still positive, position would be covertly indicating to the Ethiopians that on such generational matters of huge regional showdown, we stand with them. (I can explain this point should I be asked to)
    2) The Ethiopians will surely prevail over this but it might get worse before it gets better any time soon. Remember, Egyptians will give it their best first to stop the dam from being built; if they can’t do that, they will start their best to destabilize Ethiopia and slack the pace as much as they can; if not; they will bargain with the Ethiopians to get it filled in a protracted and at a slowest pace possible (not 5 years but 20-30 years)…
    3) What they will not dare to do is a direct attack, or if they do that will be the foolishest mistake, like what our PIA did in Badime. But they are not PIA, and they will not do that. So, the “Egypt has a bigger army” argument doesn’t hold water. It simply will not happen for a lot of reasons. (I can explain this point as well should I be needed to)
    4) After all these dust and smoke are settled, I envision the best amicable relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt to follow. The dam will be there imposing an Ethiopian geopolitical reality over Sudan and Egypt. Egypt and Sudan cannot afford to be at quarrel with Ethiopia after the Dam became a reality. Egypt is trying hard for such scenario not to become a reality. But it will become so. And Egypt will be tamed and petted with all Ethiopia’s agenda then after.
    5) It is my wish Eritreans read the coming time ahead and use this best opportunity to take the right line to support and defend their shared future by siding with Ethiopians.

    • haile


      Here is the way I read this whole issue. Unlike Aman’s quick temper reaction of dismissing it as “irrelevant”, it is actually a huge issue as big as the dam itself for Ethiopia and Egypt. Now, we need to know, as Eritreans and as realistically as possible, what it is that we ought to do. This requires a good reading of the situation.

      The likelihood of war due this one single dam is slim. However, a long drawn out negotiations are ahead in terms of an acceptable agreement for the longer run. We may shy away from frank discussions, but politicians don’t. Egypt’s side is banking on two things;

      1- Moral and legal rights
      2- On a military threat;

      Ethiopia’s side also has

      1- Moral and legal right
      2- _______________

      Now you could see easily that Ethiopia needs to also counter Egypt’s #2. The threat is more of a psychological value to Egypt and there is no doubt Ethiopia would be thinking about neutralizing that aspect. In fact in my earlier link to Hizbawi IA seemed to have already given the signal that he is more on the Ethiopian side of the argument than that of Egypt’s. But Ethiopia may want to go further than that and explore the possibility putting stakes on the Red Sea security via defense pact with Eritrea. This would send alarm bells ringing through Cairo.

      For Ethiopia, this is a national interest issue and can’t be possibly expected to assume to do the job of an invisible Eritrean opposition that thinks of their major stand-off as “irrelevant”.

      I would have expected a small press release or expression of stand from the opposition that have been shouting Ethiopia Ethiopia at their top their voice and went on to benefit financially and politically from Ethiopia in the last decade also. How do you think the Ethiopians appreciate that? This is the problem with the toothless Eritrean opposition that is refusing to grow out of breast feeding! The opposition have been righting letters of solidarity to Canada’s to the latter’s Foreign Affairs Minster but openly say it is “irrelevant” to Ethiopia! Is that a white thing? 🙂

      In the end, there is no stopping Ethiopia’s ownership of the bulk of Nile and Egypt’s dependency on it. An Eritrean opposition with a sense to shoulder governing of Eritrea would have something to say about it, PFDJ did so months ago.

      • F.M.

        the score on Nile:

        Ethiopia 2
        Egypt 0

        1. Has a legal agrement with all the riparian states except Eritrea that opposes Egyptian domination.
        2. Building Dams.

        Egypt has only mastered frost.
        Negotian with Egypt will not only be drawn out long, it already has been. It’s a little disingenuous for Haile to assume Egypt is staking a negotiation position when the concensus pretty much points to Morsi trying to divert public attention from domestic issues. The smart heads is Egypt are in fact embarrassed by the infantile Egyptian Islamist. I like how one Kenyan paper summarized it: Ethiopia is a power on the rise and Egypt is a power on the decline. They can afford to wait out any regional pretenders who have exploitative eyes when they see Ethiopia.

        • haile


          Let’s be as good pundits as we can (I guess what else can we be:-) ). Yes Egypt has superior military, but Ethiopia has legitimate right to discuss the sharing of a water resource that originates inside its territory. Isn’t that exactly what Eritreans argue about Assab? So, power isn’t the main determinant here, negotiation is. Ethiopia has taken steps to ratify the entebbe agreement, I can guess the calculations there, so is Egypt by injecting talk of war into the developing issue.

          There is no alternative to negotiated settlement to this issue. Egypt can’t go into an open ended war nor can Ethiopia completely ignore the fact that 97% Egyptian lives depend on it. So what is disingenuous about it? What is happening right now is the ‘high ball to low ball’ effect technique of posturing to negotiation. If you stake your demands high enough, your opponent may eventually accept what they would perceive to be a lower offer to you (yet something that you wanted all along). Ethiopia has ratified a deal that didn’t include Egypt and essentially would be a toss up as far as Egypt is concerned, there by making a high stakes claim. Egypt on the other hand is making an unacceptable posture of “not even a drop”, there by making equally high stakes posture. In the theory above, when both sides slide down from their respective positions, their path would likely intersect and a deal would be struck.

          Also, please ignore what a western newspaper say, remember how they fanned the Ethio-Eritrea conflict. The Western capitals tell you they are not taking sides, yet their media is working overtime to spreading rhetoric coaching the confrontation.

          I know you gave me Dora’s show which helped me find the map of Ethio-Eritrea border:-) Here is a video for you to have a sneak preview of what the Egyptians brandish for a ‘Power’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtCglc_AQv0

          • F.M.

            Haile: you sound just like Ayman Nour on this video. Watch the meeting of the theocrats in Cairo ….

            Disingenuous for the skewed view you present, no mention that Morsi sees he can unite the different factions arround the Water issue, not so much because there is an Ethiopian threat–he has been rejected by the non- Islamists. You give no credit to Ayman Nour for the idea to use the military’s show of force as a negotiation tactic. You are blowing up what Ayman Nour said so much so that you can in your mind fit in Eritrea .

            Your media conspiracy theory… Lets not talk about that.


    • Kaddis

      Hayat –

      The Nile is a tough issue. Just a small remark – Eritrea should have asked an apology from Egypt politicians ( they have done so for Sudan ) for bringing Eritrea in the same phrase of using it as a mercenary; Djibouti and Somalia included. Maybe – Shabia will react as it did in the Syrian case, though late and with those ambiguous phrases.

      Expecting Eritrea to take side with Ethiopia is too much to ask from your country; no country, even the other riparian countries didn’t say anything. Because it’s a serious and contentious issue which might divide the Arab and African states even further and create endless contentions equivalent to the Palestine issue. Look how cautious the West and major institutions are, not to be considered siding with anyone.

      Eritrea siding with Ethiopia would look like Yelebeta ( pretentious ) – for short of words. I don’t even think it will have much weight given Eritrean current position in the global and regional politics. Like all parties to the issue ( Ethio gov and Egypt) Eritrea might try to use it for political points to some extent. But Shabia could be busy right now fearing Canada’s ‘bullying’ could be repeated in Sweden.

      • haile

        Kaddis –

        “Eritrea siding with Ethiopia […] I don’t even think it will have much weight given Eritrean current position in the global and regional politics.”

        This, I am afraid, is fudging the reality at best. Actually, there wouldn’t be any other regional entity that is extremely well placed and strategically central, in both the diplomatic and military analysis of the issue.

        • yegermal

          hmm…..care to elaborate on your point that “This, I am afraid, is fudging the reality at best. Actually, there wouldn’t be any other regional entity that is extremely well placed and strategically central, in both the diplomatic and military analysis of the issue.”?

          • haile


            The dam is located close to the Sudanese border.The Eritrean regime has extensive influence in the Sudan, Darfur and many of the factions there. The Red Sea…we don’t even need to get there. Security and intelligence relationship with Egypt in many areas is another. Eritrea is also holding down the biggest part of the Ethiopian military, and many networking with armed Ethiopian groups…would this do for starters?


    [Moderator: Please post your poem on Jebena section.]

  • haile


    Here is a discussion on Eritrean issues, the border is discussed at the very end.


    • F.M.

      Haile, you sure work some suspicious overtime hours. The road to demarcation is wide open: the Ethiopians want to talk on demarcation and normalization — we all know this. Through your trademark Kolel, you now say the same thing. Except like the cartoon character Dora who asks where is the map, then answers her own … you ask where is Badme then you answer your own : over the bridge, pass the river, over the ocean past the desert. (Will provide Dora link later).

    • F.M.

      check out Dora The Explorer…. She is cool and will teach a thing or two about Maps 🙂


  • brukeg

    Dear Eritreans,
    I believe it is fair & moral to direct all our rhetoric towards the ways and means of emanicipating our people from the worst ever subjugation under the dictator. All else should be talked about once the priority Is accomplished. At this juncture we really are no one to do much about the hot Nile issue except to be a tool for unjust desire of someone out there. We can regain our rightful status both in the Horn and the world by getting rid of the tyrant who is responsible for turning our country into a pariah state.
    If it is just to express our opinion about whether we should support Ethiopia’s initiative for the hydroelectric dam, please let us be positive. Forget the direct benefit of the dam to Eritrea. Anybody who do not want to see a rich neighbour has a problem. No matter what has been done by Ethiopian rulers on the Eritrean people, the two brotherly people has no enmity to each other. So the two people should be there to help each other in times of need.

    • Dear Bruke,

      The author of this piece and those who are revolving around his argument do not posses “high order ethical reasoning.” Look the groundless conspiracy argument with no iota of evidence by the author and the diversionist like haile talking about “Nile issue” which is irrelevant to the current predicament of our people…all are intentionally aimed to divide the opposition camp. In fact so far they are successful in doing their homework while the resistance forces indeed failed in their mole traps. In politics there are no permanent enemies, there are only permanent interests. But these individuals considers all our neighbor as enemies thereby they support in every war effort so far navigated in region by the regime. So the fight should be against this perception.

      • haile


        I was considering the vacation you prescribed but I am worried you may not be up it to run the show in my absence:-)

        You say ““high order ethical reasoning” is missing in us. OK let it be so, however you would like Ethiopia to risk it all to help you to overthrow PFDJ and you also refer their “Nile issue” as “irrelevant”.

        I argued it is irrelevant but for different reasons. If you observe carefully the “Nile issue” seems to strongly resonate with most Ethiopians and is becoming “Ethiopian issue”. As you might have followed, it is not about the use of the water per se, but what seems to anger Ethiopians more is the fact that Egypt is appearing disrespectful and simply threatening force if they dare use their resource. It would somehow be worked out and it wouldn’t come to that. However, Ethiopians may not appreciate their main guy dismissing it as “irrelevant”.

        I believe the PFDJ wouldn’t contain itself following the border demarcation, you believe you need the current stand off is a better option. That puts be on a better position to make rational argument. As an opposition, you need to shadow governing and saying it is just “irrelevant” is just “failing”.

        What is your ““high order ethical reasoning” view of the current dispute between Ethiopia and Egypt? That it is irrelevant?

        If you want to build a case you need to get your hands dirty and involve in the debate. No point calling us “diversionary…” TPLF and EPLF had positions on a range of regional and intl. issues during their struggle. Please don’t be isolationist, we have the real thing in PFDJ on that.

  • haile


    In the face of the wrangling going on between Ethiopia and Egypt about the equitable sharing of the Nile water resource, Egypt seems to bank on military muscle. Egypt is a &540 billion GDP economy and a 1/2 a million standing army and an 1 million reservists (making the biggest military in middle east). Ethiopia is a $110 billion GDP economy and around 300,000 standing army (one of the biggest in Sub-Sahara Africa). Hence, you can see how Egypt is using the apparent gap in strength to force the negotiating terms.

    Eritrea’s geographical position and proximity to both sides, may not have significant value to Egypt but may tip the balance of negotiating strength should it join the upper reparian states. It also goes to demonstrate what we mean by Eritrea’s Geo-strategically commanding position. Unfortunately, PFDJ only thinks of gulbub mirqa when it comes to being sanctioned and kicked-out of places:)

    Eritrea could have now sent its envoy, lead by the Foreign Minster, to Ethiopia to deliver a message pertaining the issue, security matters and the demarcation of the border. The worst would happen would be for the Ethiopian side not to meet the delegation (in which case you just say hello to Girma Asmorom and head back). Or Ethiopia may counter the offer with its set of proposals and see what would come out of it.

    Anyway, this wouldn’t happen, because I am doubtful that PFDJ would want to risk demarcating the border and letting the cat out of the box:)

    • Haile,

      Since I don’t like you some times, I don’t want to address you as dear but “Guad”,”Bixay”, “Comrade” or compagno 😉

      Your hypothetical case is unrealistic but a good theme for a story or plot. Why don’t you write a novel based on your unrealistic hypothetical reasoning. Oh, make sure you have two protagonists (Egypt, and Eritrea), had you decided to write a novel. At least you would satiate your deep seated hatred against Ethiopians and Ethiopia.

      • haile


        If the protagonists are going to be Egypt and Eritrea, then the conflict would have to be a belly-dance competition between two models from each country. That unless you can volunteer another conflict theme that would be remotely realistic:-)

    • hizbawi

      Merhaba Haile, PIA needs to do nothing. all he has to do is have some pop-corn and watch the movie. i do not know how you see it but in my opinion, he just become the most important person on that region. I truly believe PIA will get what ever he wants from the Ethiopian side. TPLF can not fight and defeat the lonely nomadic Somalia Islamist let alone the superior Egyptian army. if they do decide to face Egypt then they must resolve every issue with Eritrea. it is good times for Eritrea. for a change let the Ethiopians feel the pain living under more populous and more armed enemy.

      • haile

        Selamat Hizbawi

        I think the war talk, as I said earlier, is just pre-negotiation gimmick. Egypt is indeed armed to the teeth and its military industry is the biggest in the middle east after Israel. It does independently produce different armaments, the most advanced seems to be Scud B and Scud C missile systems. They exported some other carriers and battle wagons to Kuwait recently. They apparently have the capacity to reach longer range and higher altitude in their payload delivery systems. They do have highly sophisticated missile defense systems too. I believe their Atomic research and development has long been discontinued. They also independently manufacture some training aircraft but have the capacity to refurbish some of the latest fighter aircraft.

        Their talk of war with Ethiopia is probably a way to get a better deal during the negotiations for the use of the Nile water. For Ethiopia, this is a long term issue for which whatever settlement is reached now would be sealed for generations. Hence, you can imagine that the negotiation could take years and may involve a lot of arm twisting. So, I am not sold to the idea thatt Egypt and Ethiopia would go to war anytime soon.

        For Eritrea, the main issue would be what proposals to lend its support to, as talks progress. A lot of room for bargaining but would be foolish to blow it out of proportions. My earlier indication of longer term Ethiopia and Eritrea defense pact isn’t really tied to any one government (as some would like to believe). But it is something a healthy opposition would have studied carefully and made sense of possible avenues of cooperation. The vocal opposition doesn’t have serious leadership, give it any lofty issue and it acts as if somebody had just snatched their pants and made off with it. I think Dora the explorer is a good show for them, FM can lend some tapes:)

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      ‘Eritrea’s geographical position and proximity to both sides, may not have significant value to Egypt but may tip the balance of negotiating strength should it join the upper reparian states.’ said you.

      You are too fresh for eri politics. Did you know how much Egypt invested on elf?

  • Ghenet

    ‘Please forgive me for being cruel and crude here – I am not going to allow a ‘hadami’ (deserter) to lecture me on the history of our struggle for independence.’
    I wish all the young, wise, educated, elites etc. who were killed by the few thugs of the Ghedli era did what tesfay did – save their lives and be more useful with their lives instead of being killed by their own brothers. We would not be in this situation. You may say that liberation might not have materialised, but so be it!!!!! what did Eritrea and Eritrean get from liberation? We still live in fear from GVt that we call ours, we still are running and leaving our country. We are even in a worse situation – now we are being sold like a piece of furniture, our organs are being harvested in deserts!!!
    OMG! you talk about ‘hadami!’? I would call it a decision of ‘live-to-tell’. I hope we have many more like him and they would come forward to give us some more of our hidden history.
    As for teh rest of your ‘Ethiopia this Ethiopia that’ I would say we nee to wake up and own our problems and try to find solutions. Let me be as blunt as you are – ‘fear of Ethiopia’ is our biggest obstacle here.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    When Egypt was the ‘darling’ of the west, they sold palastine for the fulfilment of Isreal state. When elf was created in cairo they were against the wish of isreal and off course the west. One eye on the billion dollar from the sell of the palastine Arabs while one eye on the nile. A United peacefull ethiopia is assumed by Egypt as a threat to its water Resource. What a criple way of serving its Nationals. Isyas has learnt that quick. He used Assab to force ethiopia under his grip. Off course the Arabs were behind him. If cairo created elf to help Eritrea when Eritrea was United With ethiopia, where was it for the last 22 years?

    Anyways if Egypt doesnt change its water policy With the upper stream states then elf would be a target by all ethiopians and unionist eritreans.

    • Elihude

      What the hell are you talking about?

    • Kokhob Selam

      My friend Tamrat,

      ELF was not created in Egypt and was not serving any international Agenda. with all it’s weakness that front was rejecting all the proposals given by different international political sides. ELF failed by it’s own administration and in fact the external powers all were not happy with that front. for your information, the TPLF,EPLF forces were supported in pushing that front by others.

      ELF was the result of Eritrean people peaceful question which was ignored by then king of Ethiopia. unlike today’s Ethiopian government Haileslse was greedy to own Eritrea by force. Instead of using Blue Nile (totally not used river)he was dreaming of red sea. if he knows how to create peace among people who could have used simply the red sea and both countries could have lived in peace.

      I notice you keep in blaming external forces as the main cause of your countries problem. the same and typical PFDJ of Eritrea. My friend the problem was always internal before it is external. Look at your government today, they concentrate in their internal affairs more than external. in using Nile no single power will stop them. they are just simply working and telling the world here is the river (god given gift) for all of us to use. they don’t mix the case of Israel,plasticine etc. they know change starts within. What the hell will Eritrea or Egypt administration can do about it. it stars from Lake Tana Bahirdar not the other way round.

      Egypt is suppose to give a gift in building the Dam and appreciate Ethiopians for using it for thousands of years.

      Imagine god stop this river and make it dry, what could have happened to Egypt? I think it will be the end of Egypt. greediness is the mother of all problems and if only you see it carefully Egypt was not using it all the chance they got. it is time to work, work and work by using the chance and allow others to live in peace by accepting their rights.

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        Dear Kohkob,

        I thought you were against if this if that, imagine etc. The king did not use force. And Egypt has invested on the termoile of Ethiopia/Eritrea for centuries.

        ‘If’ God keepst the nile dry, cant he dires the red sea too just to stop many more ‘greedy’ People/s?

        Let us not undermine the Egypt role in the chaos of sudan ethiopia and Eritrea.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Tamrat,

          “The king did not use force. “Shall I believe you more than my parents? and I have been 6th grade when he was replaced by Derg and remember how he governs.

          “Let us not undermine the Egypt role in the chaos of sudan ethiopia and Eritrea.” it seems to me you are exaggerating. What they hell can they do if we are not opening the way. they have only one choice if they want peace, accept the right of Ethiopia to use Blue Nile.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Tamrat,

            “if this if that” I am not using if for the past stories but here I use it with the current and future and also to show that we should thank the almighty. to say Nature has given us enough and more than enough to stay in peace. blue Nile keep running to serve people and people should be happy to use equal is my massage as greediness may let the universe angry.

      • abel

        Hizbawi, Poorly read I guess?
        I mean history of the war of Egypt vs Ethiopia.What was the score again?
        Besides what is more important to win a war? a pile of armament,millions of conscripts? or a just cause. i thought this was elementary analysis.

      • abel

        Correction to Kokhob and co.,
        ELF was indeed created in Cairo with one man radio station,fully funded and operated by Egyptian security and then recruited more from Sudanese army,and eventually some Askaris from British army inside Eritrea such as Abdella Idris Awate.
        That is the truth.

  • belay

    Dear Araya,
    Mr Isayas Afeworki will never attack Ethiopia again.
    The Eritrean people have woken up long time.They know Ethiopia is not their Enemy.And for you to think Eritrean people will fight to keep Isayas on power is insult to Eritreans.And it is more insulting for you to think Eritreans will die for Egyptian cause.
    Anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts. honestly.
    There will never be a war between Egypt and Ethiopia.

    • L.T

      But Haileslassie and Dergue were our best enemy and Weyane is our lovely enemy who never get sleeping to think over Eritrea day and night and he is always ready to protoct us if the enemy come and invade us(I don’t know if they re Turker,Egyptian or Italiano)?!
      When Hailesillasie come to Eritrea 1952 my grandmother used to say”This man is like Mesih and he pray to us to save from the devile”
      Col Mengustu come to power and he said in his two books “Memory from Col Mengustu Haile maraiam “by Genet Ayale and his latest book “Tiglachin “Our struggale part one”Said like that”We gived them more than federation to Wenbedie”
      Hamed yikelelelu Ato Meles also on his speech in Asmera in 1993″Our blood are yours”
      Gen Aman Micheal Andom on Sep 1974″Ethio/Eritrea-Tikdem
      All they are gone but me beloved Eritrea are always there.I love my Eritrea just to me!!

  • rodab

    In the current Ethio-Egypt conflict, as Eritreans, should we take side? On one hand Ethiopia is closer to us in every aspect, on the other hand it is Ethiopia that is our “enemy” at the moment. As for Egypt, they have done us no wrong as a country, at the same time they don’t care about us or any African country – so there is no reason to side with them either. So, for me the best option is to remain neutral and get the heck out of this water politcs – not that PIA will resist the temptation based on his personal grudges with the Woyanes.
    If there is a way to build the Grand dam without hurting Egypt, it will be a good thing for us in the log run because, once normalcy prevails between Eri-Ethio, we will have access to cheaper electricity market next door.

    • haile


      Ethiopia is not our “enemey”, it has never been our “enemy” and will never be our “enemy”. Please correct your perception. HS has taken a decision that was not in the interest of Ethiopia and Eritrea, so did the derg and so is doing TPLF. I don’t know about you but in my experience our relationship with Ethiopians may be termed as tense and mutually suspicious of each others intentions, yet “enemy” is simply not supported by facts on the ground. HS was the yardstick of true Ethiopianism in his time, derg was the next yardstick and now TPLF is the current yardstick (all self appointed of course). So, it doesn’t serve the truth faithfully when you start with such a wrong headed approach.

      It is wrong to also conclude that Egypt hasn’t done anything to us. The politics of the Nile goes a long time back to the time when HS had cut off the Ethiopian Orthodox church’s links with its counterparts in Alexandra and Saddat was actively involved (in clandestine) in the movements. Egypt is not exactly an angle either.

      However, when all is done and dusted, I doubt if the issue would ever come to armed conflict at all. And if it ever does, we would be very lucky not to be dragged into it. But as things stand there doesn’t seem to be any appetite in the Eritrean side for getting involved one way or another.

      As to the cheap electricity, I can only envy your presumptuous optimism 🙂

      • Hayat Adem

        Your argued that Ethiopia is not our enemy. Correct. You also argued, Egypt has not been all angel. Correct. Add to this, Eritrea is an upper riparian of the Nile basin. That puts her in the basket of the upper group. Also, Ethiopia is much more closer in cultural and geographical proximity. Sudan, too. Be mindful, also, Sudan supports GERD from its own interest. The Electricity grid connection is a possible reality and more than your try to portrait as as unrealistic. Djibouti and Sudan are on it, why not our Eritrea when things change? Above all, Egypt bullying unfair at this time. Otherwise, there is no any worldly or heavenly logic that would disallow Ethiopians from using their fair share water for what ever they want. But, my best reason our own interest. Eritrea could have used this as best opportunity and with no cost to rebuild and re-cement the unnecessarily damaged sisterly bondage between Ethiopia and Eritrea, knowing how Ethiopians feel about this. So the most logical thing for Eritrea would be to express at least a moral support on the side of the Ethiopians.

        • haile


          It is not unheard of to consider tactical moves in times of fall out among others. Mind you, I tend to think that the current tough talks between Addis and Cairo is more of a tactic in themselves (before entering negotiations) than a serious strategic consideration for a military solution for their differences.

          Eritrea’s may have some political value in the process but its actual share of water in the Nile very minimal. Ethiopia owns the bulk of the source of the Nile and Egypt depends on the bulk it. Ethiopia may be looking at building a single dam which in reality would not affect Egypt very much (the dam is actually built in the middle of the Nile itself, hence no meaningful loss other than some to evaporation). What is incensing Egypt may be more to do the concept of economic utilization of the Nile expanding within Ethiopia and setting precedent to the other riparians.

          Hence, it is inevitable that a new collaborative agreement would have to be put in place (since Egypt and Sudan didn’t sign the Entebbe agreement). From Eritrea’s short and long term interest’s point of view, our vote to something that would strengthen Ethiopian position on this new agreement can be negotiated in relation to finalizing the stalled border demarcation.

          In the longer run, this can also serve as a basis to building trust and normalization of relations, following the demarcation. If it comes to it, supporting Egypt would be a wast of our vote:) and meaningless in practical terms.

          So, from this angle, either supporting Ethiopia or remaining neutral would be the only options for me.

          • Hayat Adem

            sensible position.

          • haile

            Hayat (I don’t know if you answer before reading this:)

            You also need to factor in security considerations vis a vis Eritrea’s calculation. Egypt hasn’t got (so far) any alternative to mitigating the situation beyond threatening Ethiopia militarily. Recently some Egyptians were calling to block the Suez Canal to countries helping Ethiopia in the Nile venture.

            Eritrea holds decisive strategic value in Ethiopia’s neutralization of military threats and security logistics in the Red Sea from serving as bargaining chips…lomzeben eza gudam terf kt’hixex eya mesleni:-)

          • Guad/Bixay/Comrade Haile,

            I would have liked, had you elaborated on the following:

            “Eritrea holds decisive strategic value in Ethiopia’s neutralization of military threats and security logistics in the Red Sea from serving as bargaining chips…lomzeben eza gudam terf kt’hixex eya mesleni:-)”

            If I were to speak on behalf of “the silent Majority”: “WugiEna Ms Ethiopia zeykone, intay deAa, ms PFDJ/EPLF/ELF (demegna xelaEti eyu”

            What many dubbed “the silent majority” does not have anything against Ethiopians. Ethiopians , more than any time before, has come to be sympathetic about the plight of Eritreans. Ethiopia is a friend and not a foe. Ethiopia has on many occasions come to our rescue, particularly in time of our troubles and therefore deserves our gratitude..

            If any threat comes from Egypt, or the Sudan, Eritreans will always be on the side of Ethiopia. We will act covertly as well as overtly to fend of Ethiopia enemies. (Such is the opinion silent majority is prepared to maintain)

          • haile

            Bxay Dawit (ye qurt qen guadoch:)

            My point is that we are strategically positioned for Ethiopia to fend off Egyptian threat. Suppose Ethiopia and Eritrea decide to re-activate their common defense pact signed and sealed in the 90’s and hence Ethiopia was to move some significant military infrastructure into one of the red sea islands (sounds a whack of a dream on thing I know:) but how would that effect the current belligerent stand of Egypt. Mind you, the same has been used to tame Yemen in the past. Ethiopian Air Force assets were brought closer to Yemeni skies as deterrent (Eritreans didn’t have any)to get Yemen to back off. Otherwise, its leaders were under much pressure to escalate the conflict wit Eritrea, but quickly were made to be aware that Ethiopia and Eritrea were operating under common defense pact.

            So, what I mean is that technically Egypt can’t have it the way it is and its military calculation would have been cut to size should Ethiopia and Eritrea had leaders that act on the benefit of their people than petty politicking. A simple gesture of demarcating the border, exchanging embassies and normalizing bilateral and defense ties would have been a good move. Unlike some, I have great belief that Eritreans can take care of their domestic issues with PFDJ far better under such conditions. It really isn’t for Ethiopia to deal outside of the national realms with us.

    • L.T

      EEthiopians abused Eritrea fm Yodith to Ahmed Gringa,fm Micheal Suhul to Dej Webe,fm Alula to Weyane.Egypt are our better friends and brothers then you.

      • Elihude

        You gotta be kidding me? Are you for real?

  • Semere Andom

    You have nothing to offer to the struggle for justice, your sole goal is to distabilze it and to divide the peace and justice loving Eritrea. This trick has worked for decades, but Eritreans have come to decipher the subtlety of such un-Eritrean intrigues.

    As to calling Tesfay Temnewo hadami, you have to be ashamed of your words, but if you have taken PFDJ’s communion with Isaias’s blood am sure no shame, or ethics can be recovered from you. Sorry to be so cruel, we cannot be lectured by a PFDJ stooge,who claimes to stand for justice and peace. You wanted Tesfay and his likes to just watch when crimes are been committed against innocent Eritreans. Or are you saying that it is ok as revolution feeds on its own children? I wish all of the G-15, who were present durng that time could have “deserted” the PFDJ, Eritrean independence was possible without EPLF and your Isaias. It was the yearning of Eritreans that made it possible,not PFDJ. I wish all Tesfay’s peers have “deserted” the PFDJ. I wish we have more “deserters” from the PFDJ, who can give testimonies to Isaias’s cimes, who are courageous enough of own up their mistakes cleanse themselves.
    Your other comment about Ethiopia will fail to interfere in our struggle. You know they have succeed and your government failed, they play their cards correctly unlike PFDJ which gambles with our fate starting from calling Woyane to help it destroy ELF when our armed struggle was precariously hanging on the mountains of Sahel. Thanks to PFDJ Eritrea is “configured” to fail when PFDJ finally goes to the dust bins of history, to qoue of the self-grandizing EPLF songs ” tarik alewa gohaf nhan alena mEraf”
    You are just trying to stork the ego of Eritreans when you confidently asserted Ethiopia will fail to undermine our future. think of the Kunama and Afar and how Ethiopia is shrewdly playing their hand. Stop the hot air and aura of the Eritean invincibility no one will buy it, we can fail or we can succeed in keeping the nation called Eritrea after EPLF and PFDJ are done with it. Success is not a sure thing, we maybe like Somalia, not necessarily due to ethic strife, though. But Isaias and EPLF will be responsible, oh I forget we should keep EPLF so as to avoid the Somalian fate. Your soft balls to PFDJ cannot fool people,you are here to disorient the rhetoric.
    The reason I bring ELF is to impress upon you and many that the Woyane have always won against PFDJ starting and ironically even when helping EPLF, Isaias decided to sleep with the Woyane and Melles ended up been on top. Get it that is how is going t be. Did they tell you that we beat the Tigrians in Haz-Haz when Wedi Eleni was the leader, but he was fooled by Alula and died in detention.Get that.
    We can still reverse the damage, but not while we are still falsely proud, pride the root of all sins must go with the PFDJ.

    Semere A

    • Araya

      Semere, can you read? Admas is talking about Eritrea future and overall well-being of her security and you are stuck in the past. Semere, it is 2013 and ELF dead, EPLF is long gone and Eritrea under extreme sabotage by your masters, the TPLF. Now how hard is to understand where Admas is coming?
      The sooner you get rid of your grudges the better for your health. Let it go man.

      • Semere Andom

        We know who the TPLF are masters of. About the grudges and ELF, I am just trying to make a point otherwise I cannot possibility have grudges about something that I was not a victim of (ELF liquidation by EPLF with the help of TPLF) or impacted by it or have a vivid recollection of it. I read my Eritrean history, talked to people who are alive. So the point is that the fear mongering Admas, just pops up out of the wood work to scare and lecture us about how it is wrong to get help by Ethiopia or that we will triumph over Woyane. How hard is this concept to grasp? I believe the new spin by the likes of Admas is an agenda driven motive to derail the momentum that the struggle has garnered recently. The immediate danger for the unity and survial of the nation is EPLF/PFDJ, not Wayne, not the opposition, not the Jihad not the CIA
        Also your author tried to inject the fallacy that Ethiopia will not undermine us, a hallow hubris that is EPLF/PFDJ signature. EPLF never defeated the Woyanes, not in 1981, not politically or militarily. TPFL w undermined the EPLF by circumventing EPLF’s military “giffa” of those Eritreans who were fleeing Derg. The Eritreans would go to TPLF liberated areas and surrender all their belongings, where the TPLF will expose them to their struggle for 6 month and then give them all their money and transport them to Gedarf, Sudan after indoctrinating the, This was in 1987/1988 before they reconciled with EPLF when it suited them. They also humiliated PFDJ in the last war; they humiliated them again in Feb 2012 when they attacked them by drones and planes and PFDJ was so impotent to do anything. So the longer the EPLF stays at the helm the more any idiot will be able to undermine Eritrea let alone the Woyane who has proven track record of defeating the EPLF. One take away from this comment sir is that the PFDJ cannot protect Eritrea; therefore yes Ethiopia can undermine Eritrea.

    • F.M.

      Semere, I wish you would join the writers column, and set discussion topics like you did with your Toronto PFDJ gathering instead of being reacting to warn out, dianasors topic the likes Haile wants to engage in. I would like to see your fresh perspectives ….

      • haile


        I know I am comment a bit more than my fair share (like Egypt):-) But why is it I get to be mentioned when I haven’t even commented in the thread? Goodness’ sake! why are people saying haile haile haile, some are even having to correct on re-post for addressing others as “Dear haile…” on their posting! 🙂

        • F.M.

          H , it was a Freudian slip partly because ‘youz’ share the same name Haile; partly Admas fulfilled your wish to start with a Summary; partly as you also once suggested I wonder if Admas paid to have this garbage published at Awate . I am all for new converts, for the latest however to say ‘we don’t like DIA, but we like his policy’ …. Well it’s a start.

        • Haile,how do you miss the obvious reason? The reason is simple…to move you out from the zone of “oddity” where you embarked you argument to enhance the argument of PFDJ that hold our young to endless slavery to quench the insatiable Issaya’s desire for power and illegal intrusions. I don’t think you miss that..but…but (fill the rest yourself). You should appreciate the effort of your country men who are trying to extract you from the den of the evil man.

  • belay

    Dear haile,
    I understand if Egyptians are worried but i do not why you are worried about.
    You know that is going to benefit Eritrea too.
    And you know it will happen sooner than you think,and i am sure,you will be happy and proud of Ethiopian gvt.
    The Egyptians are worried by the volume of the water, not what the water does on its way to Egypt.
    Still i respect your opinion.

    • haile

      Ato Belay

      I hope you understand my points:

      1- Ethiopia can have whatever it wishes, no concern from me
      2- Ethiopia has defaulted on implementing a final and binding res. on Ethio-Eritrea border
      3- There is a political party[s] in Ethiopia that argue Assab is a natural outlet to the sea for Ethiopia (I don’t disagree and believe that Ethiopia would eventually have to get preferential access)
      4- My issue is with woyane’s modes-operand of brazen disregard to common sense and rule of law.
      5-And its cadres coming here to patronize Eritreans as to what we should think or not about the whole issue.

      Other than that, I respect your views too. It is my belief that Woyane’s militaristic tendency is not good, and never have been good for the region. May be it wants to join us on the sanctions legue of nations:)

    • Araya

      Belay i am happy about this situation between Ethiopia and Egypt.
      If TPLF to face Egypt, and remotely face confidently. then, they must make things right with Eritrea. I mean, we know what is up with Somalia, we know what is up with Eritrea and we know what is going with Egypt as we speak. They can’t face all those adversity all at once. So, may be they are packing out Badime very soon. If not all the Egyptians got to do is talk, arm and empower Eritrea and the Ethiopian opposition. Such as TPDM through Eritrea. Issaias won again.

      • Elihude

        Araya, your comments are really idiotic.

  • belay

    Zegeremo said,
    “3000 yrs of poverety etc…”
    Dear Zegeremo,
    3000 years includes Eritrea too.
    Then again you can not blame people for natural or man made disaster Even if it was true but it was not,not for that long.you know that.look it this way,
    Am i going to blame the victoms of Senai Desert for being a victom or blame all Eritrean people for it?
    That is called evil ,sad and coward.
    I am sure you are not like that dear brother.
    Lets say it could be me or my family Member.
    Lets hate,hate itself.
    I thank Awate web site for giving this media to communicate and repair our tampered brain by hate.

    • Zegeremo

      That was a simple response to the dubiously ignorant assertion. It didn’t pop up out of blue.


  • abel

    As an Ethiopian,I wish to see safe and prosperous neighbours including INDEPENDENT Eritrea.What I can not stand is the likes of Awate group who,instead of looking deep to find a cure to the utter disaster of the state Eritrea,are continually blaming for their own ill and abuse the humble hospitality of Ethiopia.FYI,
    *Ethiopia was the first to recognize ur independence,
    *PEACE loving Eritreans In tens of thousands freely leave in peace and harmony just like a citizen in any part of Ethiopia,n ethiopian can not do business in eritrea but the free in Ethiopia.
    *Over a thousand Eritreans enrolled in Ethiopian universities FREE
    *Ethiopia received with open hand to the deportees from ur Muslim brother countries such as Egypt with no strings attached.
    *Close to 100 thousand Eritrean(Warsay/Yikaalo) are in Ethiopian refugee camps……etc.

    Let me know if any of you can match such hospitality with that of your favorite muslim countries.
    One thing should be clear to everyone,Ethiopia is better off without Eritrea,So the dream of re union is unthinkable,it is dead in the Nineties.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear abel,

      all is true and we have said it. and for the statemnt
      “Let me know if any of you can match such hospitality with that of your favourite Muslim countries.” I would like to correct you Instead of “Muslim countries” put it as Arab countries. and if so I am the first to agree with you. and say Wellahi true.

      • abel


    • Zegeremo

      3000 years of poverty, diseases, war, depression, anguish, tribulation, sorrow, and now puppetism. Too contagious to even get close.

      • haile

        Selamat Zegeremo,

        If you remember, woyane was saying bun alona, gieso alona, harch alon…blah blah when it ignited a war with Eritrea. It is singing the same song now too…kampo nay sideteNa alona, elektrik alona, medrassa meqele alona….

        This clique thinks the neo-andinet Eritreans (fituh sire as may be) represent the totality of Eritreans. In fact they only represent their individual greed and madness. If Ethiopia thinks it is justified to hold peace hostage in Eritrea with its Assab calculation, what is wrong with Egypt’s Nile calculation?

        Who is going to trust woyane, after reneging on the EEBC final decision that it swore it would honor?

        If Assab is of strategic importance to much of northern Ethiopia, so is Nile to Egypt. Ethiopians can have 4,5 even 10 dams if they like. But just sit back and observe the drama of woyane, that devoid of common decency! In tigrigna it is called hargaf…

        • Tesfamariam

          Dear Haile

          Again good entertainment, hate and jealousy is driving you crazy
          keep on entertaining us

        • zegeremo

          Neo-Andinetism is a mental and identity disorder, so don’t even waste your time,let them figured out. As for Woyane, “Black woman worships white men!”



      Abel ,

      I am Eritrean who knows his identity & proud of it.ie. Tigrawt are my fathers & Amharas ,Adere,Silte ,Adere..etc are my children.Afars & Kunama are my fellow citzens.Love is not restricted to only Paternal /maternal ,romantic & natinal relations only…countless Eritreans of ¨Hizbe Tigrinya¨…hate to admit this ,because it would make them Abyssinians..When it comes To Hizbe Tigrinyaentality & reality..well ,too bad for reality.
      I am totally opposed to reunification..& if Ethiopian govt. accepts it ,it should be regarded as crime against Ethiopian people..,my parents were mahber andnet..due to caring for Eritrean people opted for Unity with the motherland ,but did a great disservice to the motherland Ethiopia.Exploited by mostly hizbe Tigrinya ,insulted degraded & those very people tthat were sucking Ethiopia´s breasts were the ones financing EPLF ,a bandit group with a made up history & the rest is history. We should not forget the cruelty of Janhoy´s army of massacaring moslems without cross neckless…that enraged including the christian tigrawot of Eritrea..ie …my ethnic group. Ethiopia seems to be on the right footing economy & basic rights wise. I want Ethiopia to be refuge for my Eritrean people ,for security ,work & education..Americans say LIVING WELL IS THE BEST REVENGE..Ethiopia has shown beyond resonable doubt and is on it´s way on being the worlds shopping mall. BECAUSE I LOVE MY PEOPLE ,I COULD CARE LESS
      ABOUT ERITREA EXCISTING ALONE OR ANNEXED TO SINGAPOUR OR IRAN…I want Ethiopia to prosper,,because we could become the Mexico of Africa..Ethiopia being the USA…As our university is closed ,we could work as maids ,dish washers & the old profession hoing. That is what people without College education do.

      I hope we develop together
      N.B — We really hate Ethiopians & nomateer what you do we will still hate you ..but my nephew has run away from national service & is in your country ..could you please help him get visa to California.

      We still hate you

      • abel

        Dear CYBER CURE,
        Your nephew is in safe hands,not to worry.We will feed him care for him, educate him and eventually let him decide his destiny.”self determination including and up succession” is in our constitution and we cherish it very much. And again he will stab us on the back or bite our finger.We know that too.

    • Elihude

      Really Abel? You didn’t kick one Eritrean out of Ethiopia? For your info, my folks were one of the first deportees out of Ethiopia!!!!

      • abel

        Yes we did,I feel sorry for the innocent Eritreans and 150,000+ Ethiopians deportees,but I wouldn’t say the policy was wrong. Do you think Ethiopia will be at peace and prospering with 50,000 Shaibia’s inside its territories, inside all institutions? I don’t think so.

        • Elihude

          No! Is there no respect for the citizens or dual citizens? Was it just pure hate? I say the latter because I used to hear all kinds of noises about what the Ethiopians would to the Eritreans if war broke out. Again I say the latter because these people did not given a chance to pack their belongings. It was tantamount to what the NAZIs did to the non-Aryans during WWII minus Sobibor and Auschwitz concentration camps. Do you support that with your clear mind? I don’t think so!!

          • abel

            Dear Elihude,
            You seem to be ill informed or biased.Did the over 150,000Ethiopians got the same treatment too,do they matter to you?I mean did you felt any remorse at all?humanity and justice is never been one sided.
            Again I feel sorry for your family and the innocent by standers, assuming they have nothing to do with Shaibia.FYI a geat number of the so called wrongly deported are back and claiming their property,further ,those who where working as a civil servant and suspended during the war are also reinstated with full compensation.As far as Ethiopia is conserned it has undo the worng.
            What can you tell me of your Eritrea?

  • Admas Haile – the author

    Selam Haw’Semere,

    I am very sorry that you are unhappy by the association a certain Berhe drew between you and I. Why are you so concerned? Please remember we live in a dog-eat-dog world, and anyone can say anything they want and certainly get away with it these days. Besides, the internet often gives a small thing a big shadow; and as far as I am concerned modern day shadowy figures, those of the internet age, come out to either intimidate through allegations, or to cast even bigger and darker shadows. I have come to realise it does not help to roll with the punches but focus on one’s own target audience; in my case those in the silent majority and perhaps those who are holding the sovereignty forts.

    Frankly speaking, I am honored to be compared to you. I have been following your writing at Awate for some time now and you are one heck of a writer. What makes you a great writer is because you are or remain true to your core beliefs. Unfortunately I am not you, not even close; and you are not me. I hope this helps. While I am at it, let me add my appreciation of some writers whose pieces I have enjoyed all along. Sal Younis’ tidy analysis and Saleh Johar’s parables are quite enjoyable. As for me, I will continue to address issues of importance to me and my likes – that is in pursuit of Ethiopia-less agenda.

    Allow me to go off on a tangent here by going back to our history. Let’s remember that the Andinet youth group of the 40s and their Shifta friends, all, with Ethiopia’s backing, collaborated to deny Eritrean nationalists of the time – I Sultan, W Woldemariam and A Tessema, the support they needed to promote their ideals. Sadly, Ethiopia had things its way then. After our gedli era, the human sacrifices we paid to free Eritrea … never again!
    Dear Semere, if you ever come to my whereabouts – the outskirts of Guildford, please drop me a line.
    Admas Haile

    • Semere Habtemariam

      Selam Admas,

      Thank you so much. I definately will call when I happen to be in the UK. There is a tenative plan where I will travel with my son (bokri wedey)who will graduate high school next year. We will definately be in London and depending on how easy it is to visit Guilford, we might stop by.

      Nicely done by the way. I like it.


      • wolde ab

        Is this what is commonly referred to as man love and reciprocity. I tell you how brilliantly you write and I will tell you how original your writing is and then we will tell each other we hate Ethiopia.
        Poor Ethiopia!!


    Respected Awate staff ,please disregard the former posting & place this ¨revised¨part.thec English is as bad..but as always ,brilliant & TRUE,.

    I am just going to use commonsense on how to evaluate of who is defaming a person or exposing an open secret .I have not struggled with ELF nor did I roam meida with a gun under EPLF,….I had EPLF sentiment until 1978 ,I hope,I being a christian had no influence..or maybe the propoganda factor.
    I was not there to qualify as an eyewitness ,but fellow Eritreans my englishmay equate to an Eritrean Soldado Banda who knew italian by eating Musolini soldiers left over canned food, however my conscience & commonsense is intact.
    It is an open secret that EPLF used our kebessa people´s weak side to preach against Jebha/ELF as a Muslimj fanatic ..that specializing in knifing people..like the stereotypical Arabian moslem thsat illulates ,after beheading his enemy.A very untrue of Eritrean moslems ,this is the EPLF that forcibly recruits brides in the middle of honey moon (Hitsinot)..that has abducted my open minded uncles in dimbezan..(just because like the settler (deqi arbaAA)SYNTHETIC POTATO so called hamasien did not buy the moslem killers crap..BECAUSE MY UNCLES ARE NEIGHBOURS TO TIGRE, BILEN & other moslems ..the moslems we know ,if they found a christian in a desserted forest would feed him gaAt & prepare him coffee .I AM NOT A MOSLEM & I DO NOT BELIEVE I WILL EVER BECOME..but as TESFAY TEMNEWO the Dimbezanite ,I have always stood up for Eritreans believers of ISLAM…If it were not for the Eritrean moslems ,that are part of my Eritrean family.. that have only seen increased massacre & evicting them of their land ..that is giving it to RICH HIZBE TIGRINYA rich diasporans to develop it ….Is this the wudub /govt I am suppose to believe it was a healthy unifiying orgprobably I would have stood up on the side of ANDNET..(part 2)
    . PEOPLE WILL YOU BELIEVE YOUR OWN EYES OR THE ADMASES & ADHANOMS ….that have measured criticism of PFDJ but want to instill in us that Woyane & Ethiopians are our enemy.I know they are not wenemy of the Eritrean people ,if they are enemy´s of the fajke independence of Eritrea.
    I can not verify if Tesfay Temnewo was paid by Ethiopia ,CIA or the Thai government ,,,but the only thing Tesfay enlightened to me was what was happenning to Akeleguzay Awraja originated individuals ..I used to hear it from Akeleguzay aquaintances was true. Wrong is wrong.I felt sad I had to appologize to the people that originated from that Awraja..the diasporan narrow mided from that area may have influenced my error ,no matter I do not support it .Because after Akele ,he has gone to Kunama ,Afar ..to make them special enemies & now it is spread all over.
    I do not know how to summarize or conclude it ,but I wish Ethiopian examplary of progress would spread to us ,I hope Kunama, Afar & all others have organization/kilil , that represents the greviences that is always overlooked because we have to stick together as Eritreans is full of crap ,that does disservice to minorities.I believe in majority rule & minority rights.As a Christian & Hamasien I am hardly a minority ,just minority because I have a conscience .MY SON WILL NOT SLEEP COMFORTABLE IF THINGS CONTINUE TO BETTER FOR ERITREA ,WHILE IT IS A LIVING HELL FOR KUNAMA,AFAR..etc KIDS.
    well gooed bye..I am emotional

  • Admas Haile,

    You think you have been making sense in those two articles of yours.The truth is that you have not made a single valid argument. What you have come up with is a pile of libelous statements. Sensing an explosive situation brewing in the diaspora opposition, you chose to throw yourself into an ugly game of dirty politics. If you are a self-respecting person who happened to make an unfortunate mistake, you need courage to self reflect and revisit your flawed articles.


      Tsige ,

      I want you to hear Adhanom ,it is on meskerem it has reached ..part 5..,just the photocopy of EPLF /MUDADA/PFDJ tactic..accompanied by poems that really sound attracting but no value ..Adhanom only presents error in dates & events monthes….ADHANOMS & ADMASUS WANT US TO BELIEVE THEIR BANDIT LIFE WAS A MANNA FOR US.
      Please take away their manna & feed me rotten eggs.

  • Semere Habtemariam

    (A response to a previous Article/comment that was brought to my attention yesterday by Saleh Gadi where Berhe is making an outlandish assertion that Admas and Semere are the same people.)

    Selam Berhe,

    I really feel sorry for you to waste your time and energy on this. I guess the kab Hmaq zgebruka Hmaq zmhruka crowd; pen-names have gotten into you.

    Let me share with you one simple fact: all Awate writers/contributors have to provide their address and contact info and if you’re interested in knowing who Admas Haile is, you can ask Awate and they can verify it for you. I know about Admas as much as you do but I know he is a real person who lives, I believe, somewhere in Europe. Why don’t you ask him to reveal his identity. He might comply; you never know, and you can ask other Eritreans who live in the same city with him to verify his identity. When you do, I hope you come back and publicly aplogize to me and to the readers whom you’re, at least some, confusing with your conspiracy theories.

    Admas, if you’re reading this, I hope you nib this in its bud and let your readers know where you live: city and country. You might find my request a bit unfair, and I can understand; but it will avoid us unnecessary distructions. Admas, if you would agree with me and I believe that is why people like you and me write, the best service we can render our struggle is our identity. I remember in the early days in post September 18, 2001, how the larger Eritrean community was hostile to those of us who opposed the draconian measures the govt took against high ranking officials and journalists of the free press. Some of us chose to make our views and our identities public and faced hostility from our own family members and the people who are closer and an integral part of the fabric of our lives. But, I tell you, it was one of my proudest decisions in my life. I like to stand up for what I believe is right and stand tall. I don’t have any respect for people who hide their identities and the change we aspire to bring to Eritrea requires us to be open about our identity and assert it on every occassion. I will share this with you, haw Berhe: My mom is an embodiment of the virtous Eritrean mother. She neither liked not supported my stand but she lovingly advised me: bel kab keberkayo: SheT meAnTa: jemiru zHadg seb’ay aytkun. tsn’A kem abotatka. I never looked back and am absolutely committed to be part of the people who would bring positive change to Eritrea.

    Berhe, I’m all for transparency and accountability. I think by now you know that I live in Dallas, Texas and I’m as real as it can be and I can’t tell you this much, I’m one Eritrean whose private and public views are the same and do not change and when they change, I will always explain how the change occured so it can have an edifying impact. I know many Eritreans (good people) whose private and public opinions are never the same and although, I like some of them, it is very hard for me to respect them. Likewise, it is also hard for me to respect people who change their opinions and don’t want to acknowledge their change and conversion and act as if we don’t have any memory or recollection of their previous views and stands. These are the people who, in my opinion, are muddying the opposition. Most of the people that are now speaking ill of Ethiopia were once staunch promoters of the pathetic idea that Ethiopis is our only salvation. Shame on them then and more shame on them now. As much as I appreciate their evolution and change, I am appalled by their lack of moral courage. They need to explain why the change of heart and mind.

    If you’ve followed my writings and activities, can you think of one simple reason why I would use a pen-name. Self-expressing is where I find my humanity and if I’m going to use a pen-name that defeats that purpose. If you don’t genuinely self-express yourself, you’re not living Berhe. Granted, Admas (in his overall conclusions–minus the details and language) has not said anything that I didn’t or other people have not said. Why would I make up Admas Haile to say what he has said. Let me spell it out for you, I agree with most of the conclusions he has made and based on his two articles, he is someone I would feel very comfortable with and consider as a comrade in the struggle.

    I think, to the best of my knowledge, Saleh Gadi is perhaps one Eritrean, who like me, has been pretty open about his identity and we know more about him as much as we know about his opinions. He understands the two are interrelated and I respect him for that. My hope is more people would follow our example. There is a lot that Saleh and I don’t agree on but the mutual respect between us is as strong as it can be because, for the most, we are guided by the belief that the best service we can render to our struggle is to openly and truthfully express our ideas where people will know us and know our ideas. The same applies to Sal Younis but my relationship with Gadi is at a much higher level than with Sal’s and I can freely speak about Saleh Gadi.

    BTW: All the hate comments and messages and defamation started on me when I made my position clear on the state of the opposition in Ethiopia: it is a road to nowhere. You can read my articles such as “Got dignity” and so forth to know how I feel about the opposition in Ethiopia. It is not Ethiopoa, per se, that I’ve a problem with but with how the opposition has become a life-style of dependency where Ethiopia gives its meagre handouts and the opposition have, de facto, become welfare receipients. This is destroying the quintessential Eritrean character and national pride and the Ethiopians, at least, some of the leaders, seem to like it, if not intentionally work towards achieving it. The opposition in Ethiopia, are in nowhere to use the lopsided relationship with Ethiopia to their advantage and that is why I believe it is a road to nowhere. Most of them lack the resource, talent and will to use the Ethiopian angle to promote Eritrea’s best interest. Ethiopia’s interest in Eritrean opposition is short-sided and guided by narrow governmental interests’–not national, because national interests would dictate a long-term and mutually benefiticial policies which would favor the opposition. Simply put, brother Berhe, both the opposition and the govt of Ethiopia have lost sight of what is important and unless they make fundamental changes, it is a road to nowhere and no sane and self-respecting Eritrean should expect anything positive.

    Saying that, I like to be proven wrong. I’ve no ill-feeling towards any Eritrean in the opposition or the Ethiopian government. I’ve waited for ten years and cannt afford to waite any more. This chapter is over for me but I would be more than happy to reopen it if the fundamental changes I’m hoping between the opposition and the Eritrean govt to happen, do take place.

    If you’ve been following my writings, you will know the only former govt figure that has won my respect and admiration is the former ambassador to Sweden, Ms, Hbret Berhe because of her moral courage and how show she showed it to us. If we could just have more people like her, our struggle would have made great strides. If people have virtues but lack courage, it means nothing. Hbret Berhe had courage and I cannt thank her enough. Although, he was not high enough, Mr. Derei Mohammed Debas falls in the same category as Ms. Hbret. Don’t expect the likes of Ali Abdu to say anything meaningful or positive. When I think about the demise of our traditional and family values, Ali’s image comes to my mind. Remember Muhyedin Shenger!

    I’m happy by those Eritreans who have and are desserting the regime but I don’t have to lower the bar of virtue. It is one of the reasons why they don’t speak up. They lack it. Isn’t amazing how all of them tell the same sorry tale: I was told by reliable sources PFDJ was going to kill me and had to ran to spare my life. It is never to protest the injustices in the country or how PFDJ has murdered a promising nation and deprieved us of any hope and pride in our country. Most of these people are morally bankrupted and don’t expect anything more. But let’s be guided by the Biblical precept: for whoever is not against us is for us (Mark 9:40).

    Berhe, I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt and hope you return the favor and help us set a good example.

    Semere T Habtemariam
    Dalls, Texas

    I didn’t even see your note till this morning and I wouldn’t have seen it if Gadi did not mention it to me.

    • Semere Habtemariam

      This chapter is over for me but I would be more than happy to reopen it if the fundamental changes I’m hoping between the opposition and the Eritrean govt to happen, do take place

      Should read:

      This chapter is over for me but I would be more than happy to reopen it if the fundamental changes I’m hoping between the opposition and the Ethiopian govt to happen, do take place

      Perhaps, it was a Freudian slip but I would rather have the first scenario.

    • Araya

      speaking who is who,
      What ever happen to Wiqato? i hope she is just fine. but what is interesting is as soon as wiqato desapeared so do Yodita. funny huh?

      • Yodita

        Dear Araya,

        I terribly miss Wiqato too! I dailty open Awate.com looking for Pappilon and am always disappointed not to find it. I just hope she is well and is not participating because guys like Haile came and stole the ‘show’, so to speak.

        Your remembering me made me break my resolve to stay put; at least for this time.

        I know you and I do not see each other eye to eye about some issues, but I am touched by your memory not so much of me (which was scant) but that of Wiqato which was significant and bold.

        Thank you. Yodita

        • Kokhob Selam


          pleas say here I am.

        • If Semere Habtemariam is Admas Haile, Yodita might as well be Ms Wiqato. “Many will come in my name” applies to any ordinary earthling. What do you think Comrade Haile? 😉

        • Araya

          @Yodita, you well come and
          Well, Yodita at the end of the day, we all Eritreans. It is natural and healthy to have a difference on what is going on. The more we differ, the more we develop the culture of tolerance and the art of debate.
          So, in my part I don’t take things personally.

  • belay

    Eta’Nai Enda Gedef Haqi,kulu Yefelta’u.
    Eta Hasot kon Entay Temesel?
    Be’zeben Isayas Zetsememe …..

  • Musa

    Thank you Admas,
    When the opposition group started going to Ethiopia,I felt uncomfortable.I started comparing the gain and the loss. I found the loss more than the gain. I didn’t want to get into detail. I have argued with hard core opposition about this matter. I didn’t find their answer acceptable. I hope this article will be the starting point and the opposition will reevaluate their situation.

    • Saleh Gadi

      Mussa, some of the opposition groups were in Addis Ababa since early nineties, twenty years ago. Others joined in the late nineties. Others after 2000. When you say, “When the opposition groups started going to Ethiopia….” You make it sound as if it is recent history, could you care to explain?

      • haile

        Selamat SG and Musa

        IMO, I think that when the topic that Musa is discussing is raised, it is commonly understood to refer to the post-1998 groups. This group is distinctive from the others in a sense it was – nay sheburo – devoid of any attachment to the nation Eritrea, with extreme audacity to set up a govt. in exile and transitional constitution for us from behind enemy lines! I don’t believe the older oppositions are as criminal and thuggish as the one Mussa is referring.

  • haile

    Selam Awatista

    It has been some time since some useless woyane cadres were coming here to bs about their issue with EGYPT…huh like we care!

    Woyane’s trickster doesn’t go beyond Tigray and would like to play terminator here.

    -Woyane is a hired mercinary and is just executing orders the kedami that it is.

    -woyane was the only one that first signed up for the removal of Butros Ghali from the UN during the early stages of the US taking over the SC for the new world order. The story was real sad for Africa, for those of you who don’t know.

    -weyane unilaterally re-drew the Tigray Reginal state’s intl. borders in 97, the story again was real sad for the peoples of the horn and that of Africa

    -weyane unilaterally scraped the Nile agreement effectively declaring war on Egypt, this too would turn out to be a sad chapter in Africa’s history.

    -Weyane unilaterally invaded Somalia, exposing it to the anti-terror drone attacks by its masters, this has been a sad chapter in the history of Africa.

    Woyane has only lost in Eritrea, firmly humiliated at the battle field and court of law.

    Every dog has its time…

    • Tesfamariam

      dear Haile

      Hope you are not serious. just entertaining as usual..

      • haile

        …Tesfemaryam…ezuy lemech lemech enalkha kemzuy eba kemzuy L’teqeryeka yHysh nblena enihena. keydu keydo ekoni ezuy besryu a’besryuka znehye malelit l’Aarsu leykhon l’Tgrayka leyKhon…abuzy enehie enteybelkayo mshrabu leyqery eyu. haqi haz anta lemach mehfer tigray:)

        • Tesfamariam

          Dear Haile

          I don’t think you know the truth you are living in an imagined world created by your hate consumed mind.
          You are good on name calling cause you no better than that.
          keep entertaining us

          • haile

            ‘sfatsion … dehan’do adi? azengiEn ymetsakha dyen:)

          • Tesfamariam

            Dear Haile
            Aye good !!!
            “nata gedifa nie enda mata ” zebehal kemze natka eyu…
            You are entertainer keep on entertaining us

    • Danny


      You started out by declaring you don’t care what happens with Ethiopia’s issue with Egypt but then you carried on lamenting about how weyane operates in a typical PFDJ cadre style. Please listen to yourself before you come out and bore us to death with your dimwittedness.

    • Haile,

      I expected you to equally condemn the brutal government of Eritrea but instead you have continued to bark up the wrong tree. The root problem is PFDJ/EPLF.

      According to a recent data, at least 19,435 Eritreans live in Ethiopia as refugees. The government allows the refugees to live anywhere in the country provided that they can support themselves financially. As a result, some are in schools while others are in jobs.

      What has PFDJ/EPLF done since Independence (much less since its inception)?
      * Arrested, Killed innocent Eritreans,
      * Subjected Eritreans to indefinite “hagerawi agelgilot”
      * Tortured
      * Persecuted.
      * The list of atrocities against Eritreans is long

      The above list is a drop in the bucket. If you want to know more, ask any Eritrean…or you read a number of reports written by independent organizations, and media.

      The freezing of the colonial era Nile agreement is a fair deal. The agreement was biased against the upper riparian states. The agreement allowed Sudan and Egypt to use 90% of the Nile Water, leaving only 10% of the water to the upper riparian states.

      The end of the colonial era agreement made possible the beginning of the construction of the biggest hydroelectric power in Africa capable of generating up to 6,000 megawatt of electricity, enough power to supply the neighboring countries including Eritrea with the much needed electricity.

      • haile


        PFDJ is to be condemned for all those you describe and more! It has totally failed in forming a government for the people by the people. What is more, the is no chance, in my opinion, that there will be a day where PFDJ would be capable of governing a nation. The Eritrean people are to be praised for sustaining under such unspeakable onslaught. Let me repeat to you one more time, there is no competent government in Eritrea for me to praise or criticize. Let facts speak for themselves.Period.

        My entry above is directed at woyane cadres like Abdisa Aga, and the content is therefore not about the failed PFDJ regime.

        The above facts don’t hider me from describing woyane’s unprincipled nature. I also repeat that what happens between Ethiopia and Egypt is not mine or any Eritrean’s concern. However, Haile Selassie had far greater deplomatic and political accumen and didn’t even go for that.

        The question is not whether Ethiopia should have a dam or not, rather the fact that woyane decided to go ahead without negotiating changes to the colonial agreements in the proper fashion. Why? Why don’t we air our views on the matter, without blackmailing as regards our real or perceived political stand?

        I mentioned Buhtros Ghali, because the US had hard time convincing African countries and the OAU then, that the UN needed to change and aid needed to be tied to US interests in the new world order. Woyane was the one who broke the African shield of defense around Mr Ghali. The latter’s philosophy was that the UN should be made the instrument of peace building and poverty eradication among the poor of the world. The post cold war US administration preferred the prioritization of political objectives instead. A letter was written by EX PMMZ at the time, effectively breaking ranks with OAU stand and supporting the US alternative?? Why?

        Why did woyane issue a new map of Tigray that contravened the sanctity of colonial borders?

        Why did woyane violated the territorial integrity of Somalia to wage war? Why did Meles then said he wasn’t intending to go to Mogadishu but went to conduct aerial bombardments and street fights?

        Why did woyane not take time to flash out an agreement with Egypt before literally deciding to turn to confrontational approach with Egypt? Why now?

        This are points for reflection and don’t call for scrutiny of PFDJ’s performance or the lack of it.

        • Tamrat Tamrat

          Why woyane helped eplf?
          Why woyane killing ethiopians in opposing butross butross on his visit to ethiopia
          why woynae killed ehtiiopian who demonstrated against the secesion of Eritrea
          why meless and president were choosen the as Young democrtic leaders of east africa between 93-96?
          Why tplf and eplf killed afar people before the ‘referundum’
          Why Tamrat Layne went to Gondar and warrned gondar people for trying to siolate eritreans? His Clear Message ‘if any one to harm eritreans due to their Choice for secession, thne were are not yet finshed Our work’ tamrat layne.

          Why was the showdown between meles and isasyas to be choosen as puppet of the west?

          Why was isayas not choosen?

          Why isayas truned his face to ghadafi?

          Where is gahdafi now?

          is he waiting for isyas eagerly singing Mahmud’s best song ‘when do i see Your eyes again?

          The innocent time both on Eritrea nad ethiopia is over.

          From what i see the Development of Eritrea for the last 20 or so years what Eritrea has now is in its best. From now on Things would be more ugly and it involves all the neighbours.

        • abel

          “I also repeat that what happens between Ethiopia and Egypt is not mine or any Eritrean’s concern.”

          Wow!I have never seen such short sighted/narrow minded person and yet so much Diatribe.Where is ur vision?You couldn’t see Eritrea/Ethiopia after Shaibia?
          FYI, Ethiopia under woyane is doing superb.Free,flourishing and at peace.

      • Horizon

        Dear Dawit,

        People who say that Eritrea has nothing to do with the Nile or the GERD are denying the reality. Eritrea is a stakeholder because her future development is tied to the development of Ethiopia. Those who think that if Ethiopia goes down Eritrea would rise are making grave mistakes.
        In addition, one cannot develop Eritrea on a 200MW of electricity or without connecting her to Ethiopian roads, railways system or electric grid or generally, without doing business with her. The successful construction of the GERD means abundant, cheap and clean electricity for Eritrea as long as she wants to use it.
        While Eritreans are languishing in Egyptian prisons and are dying in their thousands in the Sinai, they are living a normal life with their Ethiopian brothers and sisters, attending schools, doing jobs and may be even opening businesses.
        Therefore, Egypt can never be a true friend. What matters to her is her hegemony in the horn of Africa. Ethiopia is ready to share the waters of the Nile and she does not deny that Egypt should also be able to use it. Nevertheless, when Egypt says that all the waters of the Blue Nile belong to her and Ethiopia has no right to her own river and does not deserve a single drop of water, nothing could be more illegal, irrational and outrageous.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Brother Horizon,

          let first congratulate to Ethiopians for their commitment in using Blue Nile. not only Ethipians Eritreans should stand together if any objection from Egypt as they are trying to tell us. no one can force Ethiopia to use it’s own river and the solution is win-win as Ethiopia is saying it clearly.

          enjoy also my poem in Jebena awate.

          • Kokhob Selam

            brother Horizon I am in emotion and please read the “no one can force…”no one can force not to use..” you know how much I love blue Nile, lake Tana and it’s people. thousands of years they didn’t use their own river and now when the wake up they are facing enemy. but sure Ethiopia will never go back and will continue progressing ahead.

          • Horizon

            Dear Kokhob Selam,

            A thousand thanks, my friend. Let the voice of reason and the sense of genuine responsibility towards the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea flourish.

        • haile


          If it wasn’t for woyane’s betrayal of the Eritrean people due to its flippant tendency, what you say would have been true. You see there is a tigrigna adage “kab tseba zeyterekhbe’s kab mai-cheba” not easy to translate directly but the idea is that “it would be hard to get anything from the imitation, when you can’t even find it from the real thing!”

          We are supposed to support Ethiopia out of brotherhood and commonality and not selfish desire of getting cheap electricity. Eritreans are proud people, how dare you patronize us in such cheap manner? Our nation is blessed with natural resources from border to border on top of its great assets in many economic, strategic and other attributes. If it wasn’t for woyane holding peace hostage by doing a despicable act (that only the neo-andinet find plausible) Eritreans would have long been exporting your daily bread to you.

          When Eritrea and Yemen had a conflict, both Eritrea and Ethiopia stood together and it sent a powerful message the reverberated all across the region that a new Ethio-Eritrea alliance was on the horizon:) and was to be a force to reckon with. However, no sooner did TPLF reverted to its Janus Face nature (as YG would call it) that the promise was never to be…with all respect, you can keep your gered and just implement the EEBC, it looks bad on your nation…

          P.S. Tesfamariam, keep being entertained, you don’t have to tell us (sorry we are not measuring mental retardation today)…:)

          • Kim Hanna

            Dear Haile,

            Tell him off Haile, this Horizon, who does he think he is?

            “..Eritreans would have long been exporting your daily bread to you.” That is right, tell him more. Not only the daily bread, coffee too, to go along with it. These Woyane supporters have no shame at all, do they?


          • haile

            lol Kim…shaft of sarcasm, right?…Nile might as well mean Nil as far as Eritrea is concerned. If Ethiopia feels it is important for her, it should fight for it – no issue there!! Except that the woyane audacity is about canvasing for Eritrean votes after putting Eritrea and Eritreans through so much back stabbing… the joke is on them friend:)

          • Horizon

            Dear Kim Hanna,

            I could have responded to haile, but I thought that it is futile to open a dialogue with a person who is angry and obsessed with two things in his life, demarcation and woyane betrayal. In actual fact what he calls woyane betrayal is woyane refusal to be a Trojan horse for EPLF.
            I hope he does not believe all the things he writes, because this has already started raising some sarcasm and bewilderment.

  • T.G.yohannes

    When it comes to national security we Eritreans are patriotic that we could not be manipulated by non-Eritrean. However, we need to give advice for in case individuals could be corrupted. And this is the role of every Eritrean I think. What I Like to suggest here is, lets complement each other to develop a common understanding on how equip our people democratic concepts and eradicate the evils who are destroying our country and people we need to constructively criticise each other rather than destructively.

  • L.T

    The irony thing are here there are why some of Ethiopians worte as Eritreans while they are pure Ethiopians and are with shamily hideing agnda.Am an proud Eritrean who think always Eritrea are for Eritreans not to Tigrina speakers from north Ethiopia.After Ex PM of Ethiopia death their viose are loudly than before and sometimes they are more Ethiopians than Ethiopians and Eritreans than we are and this a shame culture.
    Stop your bla bla like Radio “Weghata and Selina”with Azmarino Accent and we all are Azmarino know with eachother who is who.Our case with you stoped 1991 and 1998.

  • daniel

    First of all ,you said you don’t have any agenda ? but here is your agenda to Discredit Tesfay Temnewo . may be you have been sent by some of PFDJ or by the so called individuals who have been implicated by the crime they committed ,
    “I am not going to allow a ‘hadami’ (deserter) to lecture me on the history of our struggle for independence.” so are you ,where are you writing this from ? in Eritrea fighting or some where in Europe or USA , till now no body came forward to tell the history as it is ,what he said is more or less what happened , he didn’t run away because he was afraid , he left because the EPLF was hijacked by BLOOD suckers , he knew it , do you blame him?

    • well said pal Admas is tring to drvert our attention from the big picture.Where else do you think eritreans should go to seek help,to Sudan they have tried that.Eritreans who go to Ethiopia for suport are not only right they must go ahead and build a solid and strategic relationsip with Ethiopia and Ethiopians because the future of eritrea and Ethiopia depends on thier friendship rather than their enemity.admas youir article us distractive you are a chovenist unless you wish eritrea to remain in a constant state of unsertainty and eventualy failier as a state you should have reilised that whatever happned in the past should not hinder us to correct the future.

  • How do I know this man is Higdef in opposition skin? cos only a fool would expect Ethiopia the most populous country in the region and a source of 85% of the Nile not to watch each and every move in the region…dear writer, let me be generous to you and enlighten you to some common truth…If not for your interest, Ethiopia can not let it’s sight off any neighboring country for the simple fact a failed state like yours is proving incapable of forming a constitutional state hence opening another front for her strategic enemies…One can understand why imposter Higdefit like you would want to exploit ethiophobia, but any sane Eritrean would pray for Ethiopia’s watch if only they know what’s being cooked for their country behind the “Televised seen”….If you want a clue to far Ethiopian politicians have gone ahead of you, just remember how many ethiopians including myself were outraged when a TPLF veteran by the name Sibhat Nega made a controversial statement about TPLF’s commitment to Eritrea’s territorial integrity “more than the Eritreans themselves” he said..Only a few insiders knew what he was referring to confirming how Ethiopians were thinking outside the box while you guys were busy inflating Eritrea beyond it’s size. In the end you ended up proving how your gorilla nationalism is not even fit to govern a small slice it bit in a shape of Eritrea….my friend, every time I read the likes of you, I am convinced that eritrea’s predicament lies on the fact that you guys have deliberately traumatized yourselves with repeated propaganda and wasting precious time and resource to scape a future Eritrea will never be scape, and that future wither you like it or not is a future with Ethiopia one way or the other, as long as you don’t expect any of the pre 98 arrangement that led to unnecessary war…unlike your deliberate attempt to exploit identity thirsted Eritreans, I am sure many eritreans by now realize how ethiopians don’t want to spoil their Renaissance by sparing a minute of their life for Eritrea, but that doesn’t mean they have to sit idle while the likes of you allow it to be a play ground for Nile politics, which it has always been by the way….the fact that you expect otherwise is your own st*p*dity with which Ethiopians can not help you but I am afraid Ethiopia has to watch as far as Cairo and and it is up to you to saty out of the way if you don’t want to be stepped on….I would certainly advise you to learn a thing or two from Somalians without having to go through what Somalian went through although the likes of you seem determined to watch that happen at the expense of poor eritreans!..If you really care about your people you should THINK of an influential Ethiopia as a reality to live with and accept it, instead of dreaming!

  • T..T.

    In this weekend’s ELF/EPLF veterans Dardasha/ILAL, an EPLF veteran refused EPLF’s association with the Higdef’s representative who was expelled from Canada. Although the Higdef’s representative, in his farewell party, tried to spark up the comradeship of the revolutionary days mentioning the 1960’s, 1970’s and thereafter, the veteran described that as Isayas’s shift of policy, trying in vain to get the support from his victims, the ELF and the EPLF veterans.

    The veteran described Isayas as one who is fond of staying on top of hills besides building high walls as a barrier against his silent enemies within the front/party. For the first time, Forto 2013 was a successful surprise-climbing that caught Isayas off guard. The fear and on top of a hill policy left Isayas only to make surprise and unannounced visits and as a result lost touch with the EPLA when he hilled with the EPLF and lost touch with the EPLF when he hilled with Higdef.

    The silent observers within the EPLF leadership wanted to drag him out of his office in the third congress of the EPLF. In 1994, the EPLF was handed over to Higdef in the third Congress with a built-in support base that could be mobilized intact to support Higdef as a party. Since Isayas was not dragged out of office, he soon went back to his hill and started juggling with words to avoid the promised changes in policy and governance. Thus, Isayas failed to bridge between the EPLF and Higdef and as a result if became impossible for Higdef to fulfill the EPLF’s promises.

    The question now, the veteran asked, how could the expelled Higdef representative reclaim comradeship when he knew well that Isayas blew the position of the EPLF and wounded its chest by throwing all the comrades into prison of prisons? The damage sustained is extensive and beyond repairs.

    An ELF veteran added, so the surprise-climb of Forto made possible for us to say that unlike the past, it is possible now to develop and weigh plans of action to overthrow Isayas IN JUST FIVE MINUTES. Linked to the plan of FIVE MINUTES to overthrow, the veteran mentioned that it was a good news that the Isayas’s diaspora support base had already suffered a broken back and broken wings, so let alone to fly Isayas’s dreams they could not sing his dreams at all. The table concluded that the opposition appears to favor to cage/trap Isayas alive over overthrowing that might give him a chance to escape to a third country.

  • Some woyane appologists have droped the name “Isaias Afewerqi” as their enemy list; they are using PFDJ instead. Some also have gone further, that the Eritrean War for Independence was not worth the sacrifices paid for it, stating the current situation as evidence.

    Adhanom, the current Ethiopian Foreign Minsiter, characterized the January Eritrean Military Coupt attempt as Dangerous, and the pro-woyane website,Aiga, said that it is better to have the devil you know than an Angel you do not know.

    The reflection is that woyane believes that Isaias Afewerqi, wittingly/unwittingly, is doing its bidding, that the longer he stays in power the worst Eritrean condition will turn out be, and the better chance for its evil efforts to bear fruits.

    However, it does not mean woyane is sleeping while Isaias Afewerqi is doing its business. It is preparing the ground for the aftermath of his deparure. The constant attack and defamations on the PFDJs is one of them, to make sure that in the aftermath of the demise of Isaias Afewrqi, there is no viable Eritrean organization that can withstand and foil its evil machination of plunging the country into chaos of factionalisim, sectarianisim and religious fanaticism as a means of reaping its long cherished goal.

    Our potent antidote for woyane’s malicious intent is :


    2.Take Isaias Afewerqi and woyane as the enemies.

    3. Stand up with our Armed Forces

    4. Encourage the members of PFDJs and PFDJs to undergo internal rectification

    5. Avoid making ELF/EPLF the subject/object of scrutiny. Leave that to the future historians. People like Tesfai Temnowo must be discouraged.

    6. Young deserter must not be glamorized. If we do, we are telling our youngsters to be cowards and not braves.

    7. Join celebrations, festivals, meeting etc. of the pro-government, where you air respectifully your views, ask questions. This will enable us to build trust of each other.

    8. Call on woyane to vacate Eritrean territory and demarcate the Eritrean-Ethiopian border physically per EEBC decision

    9. call on UNSC to fullfill its obligation of enforcing the EEBC decision and that there is a definite link between the appaling human right situation of our country and its failure to enforec the Internationa Law.

    10. Call the UNSC to formally establish the Commission of Investigation as required by the Algiers Treaty to investigate the Eritrean-Ethiopian facts that led to the war of 1998.

    11. etc.

    • Mr.Dawit

      How could a fire and a water could exist together? You have to be either the water (it could be the opposition, civic and human righs organiztions, activists or your people) that destroys the destroyer or become the destroyer, the fire (PFDJ). I agree with all your points except the clauses that ask to hate Esyas and help the very organisation he lead. Don’t be confused it is you right to support either Esays or other stakeholders but you can’t have both at the same time. Ethiopia is continuing the game which was started by your foolish leaders and it should come to an end whether you like it or not.

    • job123

      I don’t agree with you in many of your points especially #6. I think it is narrow sighted. You are reffering to those who luckyly suceeded to come to western countries. You(your point) failed to includ those “deserters” who are suffering inside Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan…There is nothing glamorous about that. It is not cowardise dodging bullets to cross the border leaving your your old parents, your wife and children. It is one of the sad chapters in Eritrean history.

  • job123

    Selam Admas.
    Your main message is as I understand it the well being of PFDJ. “PFDJ will pass on and our time will certainly come!” You are telling us to wait and see a weed die a natural death.
    As to the opposition organisations, I believe they are doing their best though their best is far from enough. Gual nedia hrsi … They have atleast a couple of decades of political experiance not to know or expect Weyane hava a hidden agenda. Selling Eritrea is not their objective.
    “How much our youth have missed out on in life is indescribable!” That should be the main issue we all should raise and find solution without any delay rather than throwing accusations right and left.

  • said

    Salamat Admas,
    Your assessment of the Eritrean opposition to some degree is factual and true ,they have not being very effective and there are many reason for this. And for those who are somewhat semi effective opposition you have brandished very negatively in the case of Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change (ENCDC).The a coalition of a Eritrean Opposition without a clear color or a recognizable taste; a self-styled Opposition of varied ideologies, loyalties and affiliations. It could very well have started as well meaning a genuinely and sincere patriotic nationalist movement aspiring to causing a speedy transformation in Eritrea towards the realization of a democratic life and the eradication of rampant corruption, however, the ENCDC Opposition failing to achieve that objective but instead internal squabbling among themselves is taking part of their energy.
    ENCDC have not crossed the dividing line blurring their political agenda at times maybe seen an unquestionable sense of Patriotism to that of apparent Willing Collaborators serving, consciously or inadvertently, Foreign Agendas in this Ethiopia and some of their miscalculating, short-sighted kin sponsors. And that Eritrea ’s and national interests rank low in their ladder of priorities is not being substantiated yet as a willing Ethiopian satellite Eritrean states devoid of true independence and a true independent national will.
    I am seemed to certain degree, i agree with your article Eritrean opposition must politically be independent of interference of Ethiopia .What a great and savvy and a very learned person just like your good self with keen eye to the details Ethio –Era geopolitical agenda , discerning the underpinning relevant subtleties as to expand and write on the topic. It seems to me, identifying and defining a short-cut to cause a direct linkage between Ethio –Era geopolitical and the need of the opposition to totally be freed and independent from Ethiopian manipulation and cooption and need of ENCDC of genuine reforms. ENCDC weakness and compounded by deepening divisions in opposition ranks is not helpful.
    At same time. I really don’t think it’s useful for us to be little the ENCDC. Actually, there is only one Eritrea and it is the Eritrea for all, which includes Eritrea of all shapes, sizes and interpretations of our Sources. It would be more useful to look on events in Eritrea from a Ethio –Era political perspective, and more specifically, from the perspective of Great Power conflict in the Horn of Africa.
    Isaias Afwerki and the PFDJ government may have a narrow regional base .But ENCDC elements who lead the opposition have an even narrower one. You have to give extra attention and not to foment Eritreans against one another as was case in past. . In this conflict, the Eritreans will emerge the losers, and Eritrean enemy and their allies will be rubbing their hands with glee. From Eritrean enemy profit most. As you can see, I’m not buying these divisive arguments. We should always keep our eye on the main source of the Eritrean’s problems, which is Isaias Afwerki and the PFDJ government. ENDCD still remain a staunch opponent and to uproot the autocratic Eritrean Regime of Isaias Afwerki government. Such an initiative could still preserve credibility for a Eritrean Opposition, save the future of Eritrea and preclude the plunging of the Eritrea into long protracted internecine, divided or god forbid inter- civil wars.
    Instead, we should be working hard and get alongside our Eritrean all opposition brethren and sisters for wisdom, patience, forbearance and unity against the enemies of the Eritrean enemy and that a great many Eritreans died for a worthy cause, freedom and true democracy for all; and, here is a true testing moment and the show of statesmanship, vision and great political maturity and true demonstration of Eritrean tolerance to not be condemning and condescending of each other. While this is true could true in some cases, instead we should be working to defuse tensions and to eliminate the sources of division and appeal for unity and give the benefit of a doubt. The Isaias Afwerki government, tyrannical and dictatorial PFDJ regime’s that need to be deposed by Eritrean for Eritrean.
    Knowing the working of the recent past history and Eritrean mind, this remains same time a wishful thinking as an apparent our EPLF/ PFDJ government winners and victorious take it all, one have to be very carefully and could very well be, unfortunately, not to plant the seeds of further mistrust and prepare the terrains for further conflicts, internecine civil strife going beyond the moment for generations to come. A very heavy price for the present and future generations to pay as their lives and future would become mortgaged for so many decades.
    What consumes the Eritrea in all of this are the innocents and decent who have died at the hands of the criminal dictatorship of Isaias Afwerki and the PFDJ regime’s, wanton and senseless killing and violence, Equally troubling are the hundreds of thousands who are languishing in refugee camps in Sudan and beyond, their suffering and their loss is of nightmarish proportions. Because so many have died and so many others have suffered and lost everything but their lives. Eritreans are deeply saddened and watch also lament the destruction of our country and the imminent danger a collapsed Eritrean state poses to all concerned Eritrean.
    Can the Eritrean Opposition heed the call?!

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear brothers.

    Let us discuss the idea. let us not label people. who knows we may agree after watching things seriously. let us start to ask ourselves “why I consider my idea is correct when there are people who think otherwise?” let’s open the way to listen people. if so I will go to give my opinion without labelling any other fellow. if not arguing to satisfy the selfish ego is useless. let me put the following stands I have.

    01. I believe Ethiopians have somehow a government that take responsibility . I don’t believe we have, in its real meaning. this makes me believe I have better chance discussing the horn issue with Ethiopian government than the group in Eritrea.

    02. I believe Ethiopian government is so smart he has shown his people and our people and the world that they can survive with what they have without. and I believe Eritrean “government” has failed to show the world that he can lead Eritrean people in all fields including in solving internal and external conflicts.

    03. I believe we Eritreans should solve first our internal problem and see if we have any problem with Ethiopians.

    04. I strongly believe we should support all parties and people who are against PFDJ as far as they don’t creat mess to cover their old negative history.

    05. I believe Ethiopians will not use us:-

    a. as far us we know what we are doing and we have confidence in ourselves and are willing to fight against PFDJ practically.

    b. Ethiopians under Meles administration has shown us practically that they are not willing to catch Eritrea but they want to have a peaceful neighbour and want to creat mutual understanding between Two brotherly people.

    06. I strongly believe that there will never be peaceful solution with PFDJ and removing it from the root is the only solution to creat peaceful democratic and prosperous county.

    Kokhob Selam

    • saad musa

      Br, Haile, I do strongly believe in your statement, ” I strongly believe that there wiil never be a peaceful solution with pfdj and removing it from the root is the only solution to cerate peaceful democratic and prosperous country” end of quote. I wished you have elaboratted more on that. Isayas’ and his pfdj plan, of one ethnic group domination of Eritrea,that led to ethnic cleansing and all the rest of the horrors is the white elephant in the house that only few people are talking about. Until we all come to conclussion that Isayas and his pfdj plan is the antithesis of Erirea, we shall remain in cofussion and thereby serving knowinly/unknowingly his agenda. He is not a mere dictator!

      • saad musa

        correction, I meant Kokhob Selam.

  • johnny

    Wow,it is very nice to read what my brother write.what I do not understand from eritrean is this if eritrean find someone is telling the truth story about haliwa sewra why is it we rush to attack the messenger.because the messege or the story is true even I was not there.if eritrean do not believe to the hero tesfay why is like adhanom never said a single word about the struggle and what happened through and through.I have a written proof someone close to him story about him.he was a traitor and even he now is a traitor. because when fellow tegadelti were masscared he was standing there said nothing and in fact he said it is a part of a struggle.he is and was a coward and I will be waiting for him with this paper the day of judgement.pfdj will fall soon.the story will come out pretty soon.all the figters who were killed by pfdj will be found one by one in all sahel soon.the eritrean people will find out how fraud was the struggle for the independance of eritrea.it was done for false pretxet reason” jeganu”got killed for self intersest..the new chapter will come soon and we will find out about what happend.to be contiuedm……….

  • jack

    It really amazes me to see such a crap now and again.
    ETHIOPIA is NOT Eritrea, so Ethiopian government works for the benefit of Ethiopia.

    YOU(Eritrea) came to US(Ethiopia)not the other way.

    If you really want to remove IA without Ethiopian help , pleas join the newly formed rats of Sahel Brigid(the have burger at lunch and chicken for dinner)

  • true

    yon on
    Well said.

  • Abrham

    If Ethiopians specifically woyanes are conspiring, why the opposition do not ask help from Egypt and Syria as usual?

  • berhane

    Here is an article that shows “we are the special,chosen,” people.The writer of the article is more conserned about woyane support for the eritrean oppstion than the blood sucking rigime in asmara.Any goverment current or in the future can not lead Eritrea peacefully while suberting Ethiopias peace and development.A case in point to simply look at present day Eritrea.Ethiopia will defend it self vigrosley.The rigime in asmara knows that otherwise they would have lend their distractive hand to egyptian presidant Mursi to sabotage the nile dam.Come to your sence man know your naighbours and live in harmony with them.

  • haile

    Selamat Admas

    I tend not to feedback on articles that are “to be continued.” This is simply because I prefer to listen to the whole argument first (nay E’rbun kie’f yeblen:)

    So, instead I would just think loudly while reading your piece above:)

    If we start with the outer limits, the problems you discuss are one of a diaspora related. Mind you 30+ and growing opposition organization have close to none constituency in Eritrea proper (save few smaller ethnically organized). The diaspora, be it organized opposition, pen name opposition or nay wushaTe opposition; everyone baths under the same sun. This ‘sun’ is intoxicating with its rays of every one for him/her self, every family for itself, every little groupie for itself….type of mentality that keeps things in a mutual mistrust, disrespect and all by me and for me equilibrium.

    Once things assume a state of equilibrium, perpetuity kicks in. Imagine if we had to fight for independence in such a manner, ytref do natsnet hade B’Eray ewn aymharednan!

    As I think loudly, and read your article, I say to myself “should we think about solving problem or what created it in the first place?” Is it possible to get the true meaning of the pronoun “I” wrong as regards our being?

    “I am an Eritrean” therefore if Eritrea is threatened so am I!

    “I am democratic” therefore if democracy is threatened so am I!

    “I am humane” therefore if human rights is threatened so am I!

    “I am my people” therefore if my people are threatened so am I!

    “I am my history” therefore if my history is threatened so am I!

    “I am faith” therefore if my faith is threatened so am I!


    The problem, however, when it only comes down to (as happens commonly:)

    “I am ONLY haile” therefore if ONLY haile is threatened so I become!

    hisab ms’axokha zterefe kmlAlka eye:)

  • said

    who gave you your freedom in the first place. if it is not for woyane, shabia could rot in sahel for 100 years. woyane fought for you and won derg. dont forget the good works of woyane in the 80s.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    If there is such a thing such international phenomena called ‘the dialectics of Ethiopia’ then Eritrea is at the era of the end of ‘derg’. The brutality of ‘eri-derg’ increasing, People can not mobilize to toppel ‘eri-derg’ afraiding of civil war or it would be wors due to ‘eri-eprdf’ in a form of encdc and the nation splits on ethnic and religion affiliation, the propaganda of ‘eri-derg’ that the number one ‘enemy’ is ready to enslave you ‘again’ etc.

    And the Author of the article reprresents tell us how he brilliantley explain how to avoid all this mess just by typing what the facts are from his point of view.

    He could have make it short and Clear if he goes to eri/ethiopia and hang a big poster with text in black and white ‘Ethiopia is not allowed to involve in eritrean matter’ then period. How come we did not think come up with such a brilliant idea.

  • Berihu (edited)

    It is incompressible to see that Wayane’s interest is being served by Eritreans. We Eritreans were known for our determination and truth seeking behavior. What happened to that culture? How come we are easily manipulated by Ethiopia for that matter Radio wegahta? Don’t we know Radio wogahta is owned by woyane? Don’t we know woyane is infringing the Eritrean territorial integrity after an independent court gave its verdict? Don’t we know woyane is working day and night to disarm Eritrea for Easy final push? Don’t we know woyane has the ambition of making Eritrea like Somalia? Sometimes it is difficult to see how an Eritreans could serv such agenda. Having an incompetent leadership and opposing it is different from selling Eritrea to the Enemy. This did not happen even in the 70’s and 80’s when our brothers and sisters were fighting for their survival.

    Woyane knows that the situation in Ethiopia will not go in its favor forever. One day the situation will change. Hence it is in their agenda that to use Ethiopia’s resources to change the situation in Eritrea to their favour. Such agenda is long-term and it is applied step by step. To achieve such agenda Woyane’s first and major objective is to destroy the Eritrean fabric of unity and heroism. Such effort has been going on for quite some time. However it was magnified when Pilot (the actor of radio woyane) came into picture. Pilot had two main themes. First to remind Eritreans that Isaias was to abandon the Eritrean independence agenda by negotiating with Dawit weldegiorgis. According to them Such initiative failed because Wayane supported the Eritrean independence. So the conclusion is by supporting the Ethiopian opposition groups now Isaias is endangering the Eritrean independence as many of them do not recognize the Independence of Eritrea. Hence the Eritrean people should oppose Isaias and need to support wayane because the latter is their vanguard that protects their independence. The funny thing is such propaganda was disseminated by sebhat Nega for more than 20 years. What is different now is they wanted it to be verified by pilot who is branded as Eritrean who had close relationship with Isaias. Bingo. Claim verified. The second pilot’s theme is to destroy the heroism of our mothers and sisters during the liberation struggle. Why is that needed to be a target? Well because that is what makes Eritrean nationalism and Heroism special. If you want to discredit the Eritrean struggle for independence there is no better way to do it than rewriting the role of women in the Eritrean struggle. They were the pillars and if you want to destroy the house you need to take out the pillar first.
    After pilot’s tape is finished then they needed another tape with a different theme: regionalism. Woyane knows that Eritreans have suffered from regionalism before and the wound has not healed completely yet. Hence hurting that would will make the feelings of a person very sensitive and responsive especially when it is packed with fabricated stories. So they did create a story and so many Eritreans failed to that trick for the mere reason that Tesfai was a veteran fighter. What they do not know is Tesfai is a deserter who abandoned his friends during the difficult times. He has been rejected for a long time and he saw the misfortune of Eritreans as an opportunity for come back. But what I do not understand is how dare he underestimate the intellect of Eritreans. We may have a bad leadership but the truth is Eritrean unity is strong and will not be fractured by a deserter’s story.

    I am sorry for him that he disgraced himself and his family for a second time. That is hard to comprehend. I appreciate Ambassador’s Adhanom’s courage to tell the truth. He is the symbol of Eritrean determination that does not change with the change of time and place. After spending his whole time serving the Eritrean people Ambassador Adhanom is not in the time and place he thought he would be. Yet that challenge did not change his real Tegadaly behavior.
    My advice to my Eritrean brothers and sisters is today we are complaining about bad and incompetent government. However if we continue doing what Tesfai is doing we may not have Eritrea at all. Imagine what that is going to look like? ( Afra keytregits Mesuluka Emni).

    • Adem

      I don not see any wrong with our jigna Tesfay Temnewo. Hi is not deserter. He has bullet inside his heart and lungs. It is shame to you. Concerning Adhanom he not serving us but he is the puppet of Issyas ( ALL leaders came without shooting any Bulle)t. Do we have freedom?????????????????
      Tesfay make clear tu us NO one speak to Issayas from AKEBA TEKLI. No ONE can speak for his right in the fied except Issayas. Do you think Adhanom hero. NO No
      FOR MORE INFORMATION go to youtube and hear nr.23 Tesfay interview. EZI WEDIHANKA

    • Adem

      Afworki Teklu went to AAU studying perhaps English literature. He was politically active and international revolutionary, and courageous. He was physically well built his Tigrina knowledge was not that good.
      Contributed by Aida Kidane
      The Role of Hailesellasie University Progressive students:
      Executed ca 1975

      Debesai Gebreselassie

      Debesai Gebreselassie was a student of AAU studying political science. He joined the EPLF with Ammanuel Yohannes, Yohannes Sebhatu and Musie T Mikel in 1972 after the hijacking of the Ethiopia Airline in 1972. ( Amanuel Yohannes brother of Zemheret Yohannes was killed in 1972 while hijacking another plane). In 1974 when the ringleaders of the Menka group were arrested, Debesai was not arrested like Habte Selassie because he was not involved in the movement. He was arrested later, in 1976, and executed in 1979. Based on information obtained from other sources, he went for medication abroad and was arrested after returning to the field. Alana (2010) adds that Debesai was badly wounded at the battle of Belza in 1975 and he was sent for further medical treatment to Aden. According to the EritreaCompass Aeroplane Hijackings (2008) Debesai was an innocent type, he had sent a letter to the US from some Arab country and the letter reached Andebirhan who forwarded it to the meda. As a result of this while Debesai was under the treatment he was kidnapped and brought to the field where he was charged for being a Menka sympathizer and having connection with Sabba who had split from the EPLF in 1976 and formed his own organisation ‘(ELF-PLF)’ in 1977.Executed in 1979 at Arag.

      Dr Resoum

      Dr Resoum was a pharmacist. He graduated from Addis Ababa university and joined the EPLF sometimes in 1972. In 1974 he was accused of being a ringleader of the Menka movement and executed in 1979. Dr Resoum was one of those 3, 000 prisoner fighters who were physically liquidated between 1975 and 1980.
      Executed in 1979 at Arag

      Besides Dr Resoum, there was another pharmacist who was arrested with him. His name is Michael Habte who graduated from Addis Ababa University. Michael joined the EPLF in 1972 and he was arrested with the Menkae ringleaders in 1974. Although he was not executed with Dr Resoum, as a result of the torture inflicted on him during interrogation he was suffering from severe mental illness. Perhaps because of this he was released from the Halewa Sewra (Gestapo section of the EPLF). Since then he has severe mental illness. The last time I saw him was in 1990 at the pharmaceutical factory at Arareb. I am not sure if he is still alive. Here is some brief information about him which is excerpted from Alena

      Dehab Tesfatsion& Aberash Melke were reportedly discharged (terefiten) . However, there has not been any news about them from their friends or relatives since then . According to a reliable source both of them refused political indoctrination and self-criticism consequently executed at Gerger (Belekat) in 1979, This was when Wodi Woldu and other who participated in the Menka movement were released from Halewa Sewra[ EPLF’s prison ] after their self-criticism in 1979.
      Executed in 1979 at Gerger (Belekat). [ Let’s remember the first EPLF women fighters]

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Was it like you have said untill 1998? Or just creat a story which fits the current chaos?

      I disagree completly the implication of that eplf and tplf Choice of political, military and economical activities after 1998 is isolated that of post 1998. They are one and the same thing. What we observe now is just the aftermath or reslut of their blind assertion of that they represent the Whole Eritrea and ethiopia.

  • Serray

    Selam Admas,

    What are the ethiopians doing to the opposition exactly? When the pfdj fails, it fails because it is defective and corrupted to begin with. But ask any pfdj cheerleader and he will tell you it is because of the ethiopians. By the same token, EDA and ENCDC are failing because they are not up to the task, not because of the ethiopians. When they decided to depend on the ethiopians instead of eritreans, they doomed the opposition. A normal organization will reevaluate its effectiveness and change course when it discovered that its present course had not yielded any results in 5, 10 or 13 years. There is no such reevaluation within the opposition. They have convinced themselves that the issue is about their right to be in ethiopia when in fact it is whether that right is doing them damage.

    If you let students grade themselves, learning will be compromised. Exams are a good way of flashing out those who think they know but don’t. The Alliance, EDA or ENCDC are like students who grade themselves. One woman, Elsa Chyrum, managed to influence the UN to have a human rights Rapporteur assigned to eritrea; it is breathtaking to watch the accomplishments of a handful of people who know the purpose of why they do what they are doing.

    It is not always true that your kid is influenced by his friends; sometimes your kid might be the one influencing his friends. I think it will liberating for all of us if we stop blaming others for what is transparently our fault. If the opposition made no dent in 13 years, maybe it is them and not those who pay their rent. Maybe, just maybe, what is wrong with eritrea has a lot to do with eritreans. What is dismaying about your two articles (and the recent trend in the opposition) is the way they imitate the regime…the mindset that what is wrong with us is someone’s fault….”if only the woyanes will allow demarcation”…”if only the woyanes somehow grow balls for the opposition”. You want to see what’s wrong with eritrea, look in the mirror; the scapegoating guy looking back is the problem.

    • Kim Hanna



    • Serray,

      “the mindset that what is wrong with us is someone’s fault” is the crux of the matter. Eritreans believe they don’t make mistakes, they think they are infallible in the way they think and do. Anything bad happened to the nation or people is b/c of external faults. They love of escapgoating any issues that bears to their own faults. If they feel the opposition are incompetent they should find themselves to be an alternative. Talk is cheap. and that is the only in their shopping market. Admas is doing the same thing….he can’t even learn from the productive women and men (Elsa, Selam, Dr. Alganesh, Meron, Ghezae…etc) who are exemplary in our fight against the regime.

      • haile


        “Eritreans believe they don’t make mistakes, they think they are infallible in the way they think and do. Anything bad happened to the nation or people is b/c of external faults. They love of escapgoating any issues that bears to their own faults.”

        Needless to point out that majority of ‘Eritreans’ reside in Eritrea proper, and you didn’t even feel the need to qualify your assertion with “There are some Eritreans…”

        One of the main weakness a coach or trainer would end up unemployed is when they have ‘low expectations’ of their team. Such a coach would be in lacking of confidence about their ability to change their team’s performance and hence “escape-goat” their team’s nature to cover up for their incompetence.

        The same is true with any leadership role, the buck stops right there. As a leader, one has one of two stark choices: do it or get lost.

        You have been running around telling how Eritreans are egoistic, have some kind of disease that you identify as ‘turrette’, and now disillusioned to think infallible! All these coming from a guy who threatens to label PFDJ any Eritrean who dares to differ with his views in the slightest! All these from a man who accuses Eritreans visiting home are spying on him! All this from a guy of my way or the high way!

        How do you get motivated to work to free a people you have so much low regard for? Don’t you have to like someone to work for them for free? How is it that having identified ‘Eritreans’ as negatively as you do, and then were able to find Eritreans you so belatedly hold up as ‘exemplary’?

        Amanuel, you can’t abuse people to redemption, just a though!

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Haile,

          I am sure you are more educated and you know better than I do that accepting your mistakes and weak points is the first step toward say it peace,development etc. We Eritreans didn’t pay anything for free. if you go back and see it was our own mistakes that let us go through all those difficult years. the same today we are still not correcting our mistakes. let us be proud of our courage in fighting for national freedom but then let us accept that it was our own wrong decision that let us under colonialism before blaming US,BRITISH OR ETHIOPIA. the same we are blaming outsiders before cleaning our own dust. Today we need to find where our weakness are and correct them.

          • haile

            Dear Kokhob Selam

            Wisdom is inherent, education is learned. When some one tells you Eritreans have delusional nature about themselves, what are they really saying?

            The Afar,the Saho, the Nara, the Hedareb, the Kunama, the Tigre, the Tigriyna, the Bilen and the Rashaida are delusional people who like to escapegoat others for their mistakes and many other names Amanuel would like to label them with. I doubt if he speaks all their languages and have intimate knowledge of their community, history, traditions and way of lives. How ridiculous can someone be to label a whole population of a nation with ant old brush he liked without having the faintest clue of most of them?

            But what is not clear is that what would be correct, to criticize him for his mistaken statement or to do mEnti eton tihlef anchwa and challenge me instead? What is the point of assessing past mistakes if one is willing to swim upto the neck in an equally irresponsible action/words?

            He said talk is cheap, I say serves him right.

          • Haile,

            Now you felt guilty of what you are doing against our young generation. The sudden burst of ill temper (temper tantrum) is an expression of self-disgust of what you are doing. Cool down,take a vacation for sometime to make some introspection. That is the process… to reborn as cool well balanced, rational all this values add to one accolade you already posses and that is a well read individual will trasform you and garner the quality of leadership. Take my advice Haile, it is all to make you the best of the best. Trust me this is my sincere believe. For me if Haile becomes a new person who cares and understand the need of his people…who makes our people lives priority than the land. Eritrea is there for Eritreans not the opposit. Save your people and then the people will save the land. If you believe the opposite philosophy then make your case not on hypothetical but on factual premises.

        • Haile,

          My message is to you and like you who talks irrational and illogic behind pen-names. A true Eritreans are the courageous men and women who fight the evil man at the helm in the open battle without disguising themsleves. They are not people like you who stood at a junction of a branched road waiting to go along where the ball is rolling.Our young are on record watching you using the same excuse of PFDJ to hold them hostage for decades without any progress in their lives. Eritrea will live a sovereign country forever. The border issue will be resolved with the removal of the despot. The two people will live in peace after the demise of the regime. Count my words Haile. If you can not read this in the horizon you are apolitical to talk about Eritrean politics as well as about geopolitics of the horn.

          • haile


            Who are you trying to fool…Mr [self declared] humble guy.

            – Who gives you the right to tell people what they support? Mr humble

            – You are indeed standing on a junction to see which way the ball will roll. You are afraid that if the border issue is resolved, Eritreans will demand their rights and make the changes they so deserve, putting you out of commission. Hence you want them to be bounded by giving PFDJ the means to get away with an excuse! for the opportune time for you to satisfy your power hungry appetite. You are indeed part of the reason our people are still oppressed, history has already passed its judgement on your likes!

            -Pen names or not don’t determine great acts of heroism, if you want to be a hero fire bullets not comments. It is understandable that some of us do not want to associate our names with people who call Eritreans Nazi, turette sufferers, arrogant, delusional…. even on top of that you don’t even believe in the Eritrean flag nor its territorial integrity. Oh Amanuel, you give opposition a bad image that it is revealing how incapable of independent thinking you can be!

            -You say the border will be solved after the PFDJ is gone!….what joke, all we have to do is support the immediate application of the EEBC, why do you hide from that?????

  • belay

    Why are some Eritreans worried as if Eritrea is going to disapear in to the thin air?
    Eritrea is Internationaly recognised country,no country ,no matter how strong can not annex it.
    The golden oppurtunity to do that was blown by our king Haileselassie.
    Eritrea is there to stay.

    • haile


      You are what I call one of few upstanding and honorable Ethiopians. However, the long years of bloody history of our two nations would require thousands, if not millions, of your kind of citizens on both sides of the border. Which would have been the dawn of a new era of peace and development for our countries and the region.

      Keep the faith brother.

  • Hayat Adem

    Help me here:
    Does this writer has anything to offer except his recycled message: “hate ethiopia; call tesfay a lier; do not trust the opposition; do not worry about pfdj for now”? You see, you can be economical about using words.
    What a funny guy!

    • yegermal

      That’s exactly what I thought about this piece. There is nothing more unappealing than recycled material. It lacks curiosity and promotes kolel. Total waste of time!

  • abe

    Eritreans aren’t the only ones receiving military and humanitarian aid from a neighbor/ sister country , the Ugandanians and Ruanda were freed from dictatorship with the help of their neighbors but they have not became remotely controlled by their supporters, you see Admas by attacking the very only country that may help us to bring down Isaias and his cohorts so that peace and freedom prevails in Eritrea you are making Isaias the # 1enemy down to # 2. Eritreans are smart enough not to be fooled by former ally, please don’t underestimate the Eritrean opposition who are workig tirelessly to bring Isaias down, to me it is not only the Ethiopians you are attacking here but the Erritrean opposition at large. Tesfay TEMENEWO is telling his story, experience and sacifice he has , if you have your own you could challenge him openly other than that you should leave it to those who put their life with Tesfay to liberate our country.

    We have unfinished job Let us prioritise our struggle;
    Priority #1. Isaias and Pfdj have to be removed from power by all means.

    • Well said, to add to your priority:

      Priority#2: Remove any trace of ghedli. We need to remove the ghedli culture.

      Admas did not provide facts; he brought up his feelings, opinions, fears…In short, he brought informatin which he has heard of but does not know to be true- more of hearsay than objective report or analysis.

  • hizbawi

    PIA strategy depends in TPDM. He has this paranoia about the unknown and he is very uncomfortable with current situation. PIA’s exit strategy for Eritrea in the current situation is TPDM. He is doing everything he has to mold TPDM to succeed and to serve to the security of Eritrea. TPDM is touring Eritrea and preaching peace and solidarity between the two people. In a way it is kind of good to hear what they have to say. I am a firm believer that TPDM will become the new government of Ethiopia. The question is what is the guarantee that TPDM does not become TPLF once it comes to power?
    So, they are trying to get to our affairs and to our dooms day using our opposition and PIA is using the TPDM to resolve the impasse.

  • T..T.


    Your words are indeed massive but they lack weight.

    At this important juncture in the history of a united movement of old and young generations coming together to end the years of tyranny in Eritrea, it is not wise to propagate isolationism. To become a hardcore isolationist denying any help from any other nation is a political suicide and is condemned by every enlightened Eritrean. If you think the Ethiopians succeeded in getting the idea of federalism pushed through, that idea of federalism is all over our neighboring countries: Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia. It is up to Eritreans to join the club and rest assured all the neighboring countries including Ethiopia know their limit of intervention in this regard.

    At this time isolationism does not work simply because the call for it, is more about exhaling frustration only and inhaling Isayas’s SOS stained air expelled from his collapsing lungs. To those Eritreans who are in the world of Isayas or better known as a world of destruction and death, a hand extending help is a hand at the time of need from a friend indeed. During the revolutionary days the hands extended by the Sudanese people to Eritreans in need were similarly accused by the pro-Ethiopia groups and the Ethiopian government.

  • Bravo!

    Dear Admas:

    You hit the nail on the head when you said the below.

    “My fellow Eritreans, it is my moral obligation to say the interest Ethiopia is demonstrating in our affairs is not to remove Isaias from power only but to use the removal of Isaias to commandeer its strategy of gradual appropriation of Eritrea. In other words, we have to understand the Ethiopians are not doing us any neighborly favor. We have to be aware of the fact that they need Eritreans to make their plot look legitimate, expedite their strategy to bring their yes-men in power and eventually fulfill their dream of appropriating their demands.”

    Yes, indeed! If you think Weyane has Eritrea’s best interest at heart, then I got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

    Weyane working with the opposition groups is its stealth way of achieving its dream of “Greater Tigray.”

    • Henock

      quotation pls

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Is it like to use tplf for the interest of Eritrea in the name of removing derg? How come you dont consider the posibility of that encdc changes its status like tplf has done?

  • yon

    ትንታነ ታሪኽ ብዛዕባ ህዝቢ፣ ሃገር፣ ቃልስን ካልኦትን ዕሙቕ ዝበለ መጽናዕቲ ይሓትት። ብናይ ሓደ ውልቀ ሰብ ጥራይ ዝውዳእ ወይ ዝእመንን ዘይእመንን ውን ኣይኮነን። ምስናድን ምዝርጋሕን ታሪኽ ኣፍልጦ ናይ ብዙሓት ኣካላት ይሓትትን ይጠልብን። ንታሪኽ ብረታዊ ቃልስና ዝፈልጡ ማለት ብኣካል ዝተሳተፍዎ ድማ ብዙሓት ኣለዉ። ካብ ኩሎም ድማ ሚዛናዊ ግንዛበ ብምውሳድ ብመጠኑ ሓቀኛ ታሪኽ ምፍላጥ ይክኣል።

    ከም ዝፍለጥ ኣብ ዝሓለፈ ዓመት መመላእታ በብኽፋላት ብተስፋይ ተምነዎ ክግለጽ ዝጸንሐ ዝንቡዕን ዝተመስርሐን ታሪኽ፣ ኣቓልቦ ብዙሓት ዝስሓበ ደይ-መደይ ኢልካ ዝተሰርሐ ድራማዊ ኣቀራርባ ምንባሩ ነቲ ታሪኽ ዝፈልጥ ሰብ ብሩህ’ዩ።ኣማሲኡ ግን ኣብ ትሕቲ መሬት ዝተሰርሐ ታሪኽ ዘይኮነስ ብሙሉእ ሱታፌ ሓፋሽ ህዝቢ ዝተኻየደ ቃልስን ታሪኽን ከም ሙዃኑ መጠን፣ ንግዚኡ’ካ ብግቡእ ኣይሰነድ እቲ ሓቀኛ ታሪኽ ምስናዱ ግን ዘይተርፍ ታሪኻዊ መስርሕ’ዩ።
    ንስለ በለጽን ረብሓን፣ ንስለ ሸፈጥን ምድዋንን ኢልካ፣ ንታሪኽ ህዝቢ፣ ከፊላውን ኣሉታውን ሸነኻቱ ጥራይ ጨሊፍካ ምዝርጋሕ፣ ካልኣይ ዙር ጭውያ መንነትና’ዩ።
    ሓደ እግሩ ኣብ ጉድጓድ ኣትዩ ክነሱ ፣ኲናት ኣውራጃውነት፣ ብሄርነትን ሃይማኖታውን ወሊዑ ኣብ ምህሳስ መንነት ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ቀንዲ ተዋስኣይ ክኸውን ምርጫ ስለ ዝወሰደዩ። እቲ ንሱ ዝረኽቦ ረብሓ ንሱን መሰልቱን ይፈልጥዎ፣ ረብሓ ህዝብናን ሓበን ታሪኽናን ድማ ህዝቢ ባዕሉ ይፈልጦ ጥራይ ዘይኮነ ንከህስሶን ከጥቅዖን ዝነቅል ዝኾነ ይኹን ሓይሊ ድማ ክብድሆ ድኣ’ምበር ከዕቑቦን ክቕበሎን ሕድሪ ስዉኣት ኣይኮነን ዕላማ ሰውራና ውን ኣይኮነን ኮይኑ ውን ኣይፈልጥን።

    • L.T

      boundless informant is ok here and dog eat dog also ok.
      When the 12 went to Selfi Naxnet 1972 Tesfia Temnow and Adhanom G.Mariam here with us but Gen Sibhat Efpriam are there at work.Dis-Info is not good as W/ro Embietey said in New-York 1989.
      Tsegai Keshi bet to Mussie and they are dead both 1975 but Tsegai are a martyr in civil war?
      Yohannes is from Akoleguzai Graee and Afewrqi was wedi Adi Teklezien Hammasien.Mustofa Nur Hussein is from Anesseba and Haile Druu are from Segyniti.Fozie Hashim is gual Asmera temahrit Etege Menen and Aster was from Keren gual Metaebiti to Salih Gadi.

      Bereket And Meles are from Seraye and Siye and Gebru are fm Tenbien Abi Adi.Dog eat dog.
      Petros Solomon fm Adi Kefelt Haile sauel fm Adi Mongeti.
      All are Eritreans.Dog eat dog.
      Bidoho,Drama,tntani tarik,kinat Awraja,sewra,wedi Temnowtarik mesrh ‘iyu,stafi hafash,behr haymanot,shefet,hzbi..
      Yon on,You said well brother!!

    • Ghenet

      Yon on,
      I think you are confusing descriptive and analytic perspectives of history.
      We can not chose our history. It is what it is. What is the problem if we all know what exactly happened in our time of struggle for liberation? Eritrea is our and I repeat our country and we deserve to know the truth. if anyone thinks that tesfay Temnewo’s description is wrong, just bring evidence and disprove it. human beings learn from their past, they find explanation of the present in their past. The past is also very important for the future. WHY ARE MANY UPSET BECAUSE SOME ONE TOLD THE NEGATIVE ASPECTS OF THE PAST? So you think we need to hear only of the positive? this landed us in hot water, don’t you see? Most of what we hear from the PFDJites is mythology — supermen – a human heart beating out of human body etc. These are the things that dilute the undeniable heroic act of our brave brothers and sisters. All this for what?? To hypnotise the naïve public and take power of every living soul.
      I am hoping some more like Tesfay would come forward and give us more and balance the information, so that we can find some explanations to the cruelty, madness and vanity that is going on in Eritrea.