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Idaga Derhu: Chicken Market

On October 29, 2009, Awate’s Gedab broke the news about a US-EU conference (organized by a European External Policy Advisory (EEPA), a Belgian NGO) on Eritrea to be attended by a number of honorable Eritrean (Tigrigna or Tigrigna-satellite) politicians and civil society activists with an esteemed spokesperson, Mr. Abdulrahman Alsaid. Mr. Spokesman in turn confirmed…

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“Common Country” And Not “Common Enemy”

I have taken a break for the last few weeks just to watch the debate from a distance and see what it looks like to a bystander. Most of those who appeared to comment on the issues focused on the semantics of how the subject should have been framed and what kind of etiquette contributors…

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National Unity Requires More Than Mouthing Slogans

RAMADAN KAREEM & HAPPY ALFATIH MIN SEPTEMBER ANNIVERSARY!    I will start by clarifying a few things (that I explained repeatedly before) to set the record straight regarding any misunderstanding that might have resulted for lack of better words on my side. Just to make sure that whoever reads this article is on the same…

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ELF-RC: Poised for Another Round of Persecution?

By Menhot Woldemariam Nov 6, 2002, 11:27 PST During the past 20 years, the ELF-RC has been subjected to a number of persecutions in the hands of the Sudanese and Ethiopian authorities, always with the support of Eritrean political actors ganging up against that organization. Nowadays, the same ELF-RC appears to be on the brink…

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Funeral Ceremony Held for Egyptian Terrorist Victims

10 Apr 2017 Gedab News Comments (11)

Amid tight security arrangements, and guarded by nervous armed Egyptian officers, funeral services were held for the victims of the…

Are Muslims or Muslim Societies Prone to Violence?

06 Apr 2017 Ismail Omer-Ali Comments (157)

I want to highlight three points in this article. First, I want to underscore the obvious fact that killing of…

Abreha The Adulisian And The Soi-Disant Agazians

07 Apr 2017 "Gheteb" Comments (242)

As an introduction and in an effort of rendering a general overview, here is a thumbnail account of a man named…

Ciham's Fifth Birthday Inside Isaias' Jail, More Arrests

03 Apr 2017 Awate Team Comments (162)

Today, April 4, 2017, Ciham Ali Abdu turns twenty inside an Eritrean prison. She was fifteen years old when she…




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