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Tweedledum & Tweedledee: lqqi chflqqi

Tweedeldum and Tweedeldee are characters in an old poem by the English poet John Byrom. Over time, the characters were adapted in nursery rhymes and cartoons and became the equivalent of “Dumb & Dumber”. Searching for an Eritrean equivalent of Tweedeldum & Tweedeldee I found a perfect traditional Tigrinya rhyme: …

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Gift of Incense: A Book Review

The Book: Gift of Incense ($ 24.95) Author: Judith Ashekeh Publisher: The Red Sea Press (2005) Available at: Amazon and Countrybookstore Review by: Saleh Gadi Popular melodies are just remembered and hummed by many without the knowledge of the geniuses behind them. The songwriters and the musicians are barely known; the vocalist gets all …

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Between Mirqaniya & Wahabiya

In Defense Of Secularism My subject today is triggered by the inhumane, tragic and criminal incidents that London went through.  To the population of the world who are unfamiliar with Eritrea, the name “Ibrahim Mukhtar Said” an accused terrorist, is now synonymous with Eritrea.  In this issue of Negarit, I will speak …

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From The Persian Gulf to Badme

Suppose you bought a flat in the third floor of a building. Then, the owner of the flat below your flat, on the second-floor, wanted to take his flat away- wouldn’t your flat be left hanging in mid-air? Adil Imam, the famous Egyptian comedian, popularized this illogical-logical idea in a …

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Benevolent Opposition!

The Lion that was is no more. The guardians that were are not anymore. The once untouchable EPLF is now prone to criticism not only from adversaries, dissenters, and opposition but also from the guardians of the EPLF school of thought itself. And then there is this serious misgiving: some …

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