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Time For Unconventional Ideas

“Why do some ideas thrive while others die?” asks a great book by two geeky brothers (Chip and Dan Heath). The authors then explore the “stickiness” factor of ideas that have flourished or floundered over time.  Why do we tune out important information that may have significant impact over our lives but easily let in…

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Tears On-Demand

Life is precious. We all have but one life to live. And when anyone’s life ends abruptly and before it is due, we feel beaten. So many deferred dreams left undone, so much love left unexpressed and this time, there are no tomorrows. You would think with so much suffering, death and dying, by now,…

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The Eritrean Government Admits Its Banking Blunder

29 Dec 2017 Gedab News Comments (90)

In an unusual admission to problems it faces, in yesterday’s edition of Haddas Eritrea, a Tigrinya newspaper it owns, the…

Eritrean Economy in Limbo

25 Dec 2017 Gedab News Comments (152)

The recent government decision to withdraw the licenses of businesses and freeze their bank accounts has resulted in freezing the entire…

Hajji Mussa Refuses to Walk Out of Prison

22 Dec 2017 Gedab News Comments (132)

After almost two months in jail, sources reported to Gedab News that Hajji Mussa, who was arrested by the government…

Eritrea’s Democratic Credentials!

19 Dec 2017 Ismael Ibrahim Mukhtar Comments (199)

During the United Nations deliberations on the future of Eritrea in the 1950s, one particular claim was made consistently to…




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