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Houthi Rule In Yemen: USA Closes Its Embassy In Sana’a

It was a foreseen incident. Forces that chant Death To America finally end up encircling the USA embassy. Yesterday the Houthis did just that. Reports indicated that the American Embassy will shut and the ambassador is reportedly leaving Sanaa. The crisis that has been brewing in Yemen has reached its ebb. Disturbance and absence of…

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Isaias’ Trade Off: Military Drill As Crops Perish

On the occasion of the year end, yesterday Isaias Afwerki gave a two-hour interview to the government owned Eri-TV. As usual, he blamed conspirators for wanting to hinder his government’s endeavor in the development of the country. He said, “…for 15 years we didn’t face a military attack only, but also economic, diplomatic, political and defamation,…

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Archives: The Eritrean Push Factor In South Africa

Why are Eritreans leaving their country? To most observers the reasons are clear but a few might not understand why many Eritreans do not return to their country once they leave. Today we present two archive posts as reminders of the push factor that has been active for a very long time in Eritrea, most…

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Support Your Website

This is an appeal that appeared in June of this year; it’s being republished again since last week and will continue to appear on top every week.. Dear Friends of, It would be nice to have a deep pocketed sponsor to fund your activities. If we had one we wouldn’t solicit your help publicly.…

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Eritrea’s Compulsory “National Service”: 18 and Life

On November 23rd, Tesfa News website reported that the charge d’affairs of the Eritrean embassy to the United States, Mr. Berhane Gebrehiwet, had told a gathering of Eritreans from the United States that Eritrea’s compulsory national service, where Eritreans have been pressed for military and “national development” service for over a decade,  would be restored to its original…

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Nevsun’s Militarized Commerce And Slave Labor In Eritrea

In a response to a Bloomberg News report that QKR Corporation was in talks with Nevsun and close to making a $1-billion bid, on Nov. 20, 2014, Nevsun disclosed that it “recently received from various parties expressions of interest on a potential corporate transaction“. It added, “Nevsun does not intend to comment further on potential…

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A Sea Of Longing: A Gift To All Mothers

This moving rababa song which is performed by the Sudanese artist Mohammed Jubara, was, “Initially written by the poet and musician AlSir Osman AlTayeb in a form of a letter to his mother who lived in the North of Sudan, while he lived far away in Khartoum! When his friend Mohammed Jubara read the poetic…

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Eritrean Embassy In Saudi Arabia: Nightclubs Unincorporated

It is a well-known fact that the Eritrean ruling party monopolizes the entire Eritrean economy, including the smuggling business. Hundreds of containers arrive at Massawa and they are declared transit goods destined for the Sudan. But somehow, the goods find their way to Eritrean retail outlets, mainly distributed from Tessenei, through the wholesale trade which…

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Egypt Seals Main Human Trafficking Route To Israel

In the last two years Israeli made it impossible for refugees and migrants to stay in its territories, and difficult to cross its borders, now Egypt has finally came to its help by securing its borders. Lately Egypt has began to consolidate its control over North Sinai border with Palestinian Gaza Strip and Israel. That section…

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Eritrean Janus Ethiopian Hydra

24 Apr 2015 Saleh "Gadi" Johar Comments (335)

This edition of Negarit was about to be published when the tragic events in Libya, and then the Mediterranean Sea…

IS Entices AlShabab To Pledge Allegiance

19 Apr 2015 Gedab News Comments (455)

In the early hours of Sunday, a gory 29-minute video showing the execution and slaughter of 28 people appeared on…

Omer AlBashir Wins "The Sudanese Election"

16 Apr 2015 Awate Team Comments (153)

On Thursday night Sudanese polling stations closed their doors after four days of voting. On Wednesday, the three-day election was…

Egyptian Frigates Patrolling Bab El-Mendeb Area

16 Apr 2015 Gedab News Comments (18)

It was reported on Wednesday that Jemal Bin Omer, the UN envoy to Yemen has submitted his resignation to the…




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