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Governing Eritrea: A Battle Of Two Conflicting Ideas

I abhor violence. But I do not believe on peaceful resistance at any cost, especially if there is no space in which to wage a peaceful resistance. Nor do I believe that we have to be pacifists to follow the principles of nonviolence. We are the people who are denied …

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Eritrean Opposition: All Are Secular (II)

And I say that [in the title], because, if anyone reads the Charter of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance, he will discover that all the organizations that signed it, whether Islamists, nationality-based or otherwise, are in fact secular because the Charter confirms the separation of religion from the state, and that …

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A Forest Without A Tree

The ongoing mind to mind fight has to land somewhere with a fruit. The issue of land, as some writers used to depict, is neither complex nor a tricky.  Land to the legitimate owner, empirically, is a just step that should be fulfilled accordingly. In Eritrea, the one time dignified …

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