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Goodbye, friend

You have influential friends whose presence changes your life and you have taken-for-granted friends whose absence changes your life.  And sometimes, they are the same person, the same friend, in-and-out of your life as you drift in-and-out of their presence. You try to make sure that the last thing you …

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“No Problem. Any Time.”

Shigir yelen: abzkone gzie. Those were the last words of President Isaias Afwerki in his “interview” with Shaebia.org staff.  Some hyper eager folks have called Isaias Afwerki Eritrea’s “George Washington.”  Actually, they should call him Eritrea’s first Sahel-bred person who speaks Tigrigna as if English is his first language. Offered …

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The Language of Authoritarians

As everyone knows, there are nine languages spoken in Eritrea.  And, as everyone knows, the Government of Eritrea continues to preach and, in fact, enshrined in the retired-since-birth constitution, the clause that “all languages are equal.” And that, based on this principle, the government cannot possibly endorse any language as …

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shaEbia ktHaqiq alewa (PFDJ Should Dissolve Itself)

Earlier this year, around Feburary 2001, the editors of Hwyet magazine, a quarterly Eritrean newspaper published by one of the para statal organizations, asked me and two other Eritreans, to write an article about the future of PFDJ. I did, as did the two other Eritreans. The editors decided against …

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