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The Adi-Mengonti Speech: A Commentary And Translation

Commentary: I am a jealous person, but it is not what you are thinking. I am jealous as in “zeyqen’e ay’yweled”, jealous as in, “I am a jealous God.” Both are positive attributes. The Eritrean adage challenges us to seek higher accomplishments by emulating others without malice, and God’s jealousy …

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Eritrean Names: An Anguished Search For The “Bleeding-Age”

The subject of Eritreans is a vast subject straddling ethnic groups and religions, and title of this article could be somewhat misleading. This piece will largely deal with the ethnic group and religion that I intimately know: Tigrinya and Christian names. When I was growing up, my version of ancestoy …

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Thanksgiving Edition: A Ruby Celebrates Sweet Fifteen

The life of an Eritrean in 2015 was riveted by the COIE report, the unprecedented Geneva demonstration against the tyrant, the death of hundreds of Eritreans in the Mediterranean Sea and Europeans Union’s flirtation with the idea of injecting capital into the tills of Eritrea’s dictator to stop the influx …

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Strapping Youth: How Do You Feel About Our Incarceration?

September 18, 2015 will commemorate the 14th year since the G-15 have disappeared into the Eritrean ether. The last count pegged the number of political prisoners to about 10,000. To remember this dark day, Amanuel Eyasu of Assenna interviewed Michael Araya, a former prison guard whom serendipity chose as one …

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I Am Right!

Have you ever been to Sudan and ordered “Fool” with “jibnna”, “taemmia”, double sesame seed oil and eggs? If you have not, please do. I recommend it. You will obtain your daily dose of the essential food types in one sitting. But it has its drawback: it will make you …

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Negarit Reports from Memory Lane: A Fiction

Of Keren and Love Affairs, Negarit Reports from Memory Lane: A Fiction. Over the years I have captivated my readers with my reports after my travels. This report is also from my travels, but of a different kind: my travels to Memory Lane. As the twilight rays of the Kerenite …

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Ali Salim’s Confessions: A Satire

Many benevolent Eritreans have doggedly asked me to apologize for my past and after dodging this appeal, I relented by telling them, “write it down and I will sign it”. Now I made that elusive U-Turn yet again, I am back in the sovereign state of “un-apology” because as an …

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Al-Nahda Reports From Eritrea: A Satire

My iPod is glued to my ears, my mind multi-tasking and gestating for block buster articles for the next season. I am running on my treadmill, training for my next Marathon , sipping my green tea and thumping through YG’s book titled: “Qualitative and Quantitative Dissection of the Ghedli Romantic …

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PFDJ Toronto Mourns Its Tax Collector

Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

The  moqSel Gibri[i] Collector was dismissed, today members of the Toronto Chapter of the PFDJ gathered to lick their wounds and to counsel each other. They showed brave faces by invoking old PFDJ slogans such as: “the more we are challenged the more defiant we become and the more our …

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