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Talking Mountains, Thanking Eagles, And lyrics

There are mountains that talk, eagles that thank, and lyrics that speak to non-humans.  And I still remember where I was and what I was doing, when for the time I heard someone talking to an eagle and the eagle responding. Wedi Ghebru was singing, “Abba-Gunbah Berekha ab Homib entay re’ikha…” I did not know…

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Of Water, Women and Wind: The Three Ws of Eritrea

Semere Andom, the child of the Ontario water, wiring from Toronto–fresh is its breeze! The Water Isaias Afwerki told Eritreans that water does not come to where people are, it is the people who should travel to where it is available. He was predictably belligerent in the context of the question given his habitual disrespect…

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The Saleh Younis Reader: His Craft and Politics

I would bet that most people if asked to introduce Saleh Younis, they would just say one sentence: Saleh Younis does not need introduction. I disagree. He needs a lot of introduction. And if you want to talk about both his craft and politics, the introduction will be excruciatingly long. So I will skip the…

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EU Pays For What It Imported From Isaias

The men and women in the European Union first did what all bureaucracies do: they dithered for months, then they did what Europeans always do: they gave a tyrant a much needed lifeline, siding with the PFDJ, a group of criminals not unlike the Mafia, who are tormenting the Eritrean people. With the 200 million,…

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The Great Relapse

Many people pooh-pooh character assassination. And rightly so, but the same people are indifferent about the assassination on life. Both character assassination and life assassination are rampant in PFDJ’s Eritrea. But the moment one harshly criticizes a PFDJ or a former PFDJ higher ranking official, he is accused of character assassination: “that is low, aim…

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Currency Change: An Absurd Tipping Point For Disobedience

It is absurd to expect the currency change to be a tipping point for disobedience. In keeping with its founding principles of inflicting the utmost suffering on our people, the PFDJ once again sent shock waves in Eritrea by announcing the currency change. Both the clueless and those in the know offered their conjectures, but…

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The Adi-Mengonti Speech: A Commentary And Translation

Commentary: I am a jealous person, but it is not what you are thinking. I am jealous as in “zeyqen’e ay’yweled”, jealous as in, “I am a jealous God.” Both are positive attributes. The Eritrean adage challenges us to seek higher accomplishments by emulating others without malice, and God’s jealousy springs from giving something that…

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Thanksgiving Edition: A Ruby Celebrates Sweet Fifteen

The life of an Eritrean in 2015 was riveted by the COIE report, the unprecedented Geneva demonstration against the tyrant, the death of hundreds of Eritreans in the Mediterranean Sea and Europeans Union’s flirtation with the idea of injecting capital into the tills of Eritrea’s dictator to stop the influx of refugee to its shores.…

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Hajji Mussa: 2017 Man of The Year

01 Jan 2018 awatestaff Comments (15)

On Friday, October 20, 2017, the Eritrean security forces arrested Hajji Mussa Mohamed Nur and scores of others from different…

The Hurt Locker: Film Review and Analysis

31 Dec 2017 Beyan Negash Comments (14)

In an era of the Internet, in the age of sound bites, and in the world of texts that collapse…

መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ብገበኑ ተኣሚኑ

29 Dec 2015 awatestaff Comments (1)

The Eritrean Government Admits Its Banking Blunder

29 Dec 2017 Gedab News Comments (90)

In an unusual admission to problems it faces, in yesterday’s edition of Haddas Eritrea, a Tigrinya newspaper it owns, the…




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