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ኤርትራ: ሃገራዊ ኣፈርክቡ

ብዛዕባ እዚ ኣብ ሃገርና ተፈጢሩ ዘሎ ሓዲሽ ኩነታት ዳርጋ ንነብሰወከፍ ኤርትራዊ ተረዲኡዎ ዘሎ ጉዳይ ስለዝኾነ ኣብኡ ኣትየ ብዙሕ ኣይክዛረብን እየ።እቲ ኣታሓሳሳቢ ኮይኑ ዘሎ ጉዳይ እንታይ ይገበር ዝብል ሕቶ’ዩ። እቶም ኣብ ሰደት ዘለና ኽ እንታይ ክንገብር ይግባኣና፣ እንታይ ከ ክንገብር ንኽእል ዝብል እዋናዊ ሕቶ’ዩ። ናይ ደንበ ተቓውሞ ኣብ ስደት ሓደ መለለዪ …

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From Mutual Coexistence to Mutual Suspicion

From Mutual Coexistence to Mutual Suspicion: Perceptions, Realities and Confusions of the Eritrean Societies under EPLF/PFDJ Governance There is no question that the Eritrean independence was the result of the disproportionately heavy price and ultimate sacrifices paid by its citizens. So much blood and tears had been shed and so …

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