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A Documentary: Eritrean Refugees In Ethiopia (Part 1)

Last week Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation aired a two part documentary about the general Eritrean situation. This is PART 1 of it. The documentary is heavy on interview and reports by eyewitness who are now stranded in several refugees camps across Northern Ethiopia. They include, army officers, college professors, housewives, students, conscripts, veterans, handicapped, artists, farmers,…

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Eritrean Heart And Mind At Work In Italy

“Here is heart and mind in action! Here is the meaning of Independence as depending on one another! Here is the meaning of organizing, one that is for a purpose and not for mindless beating the koboro [drums] in a land that doesn’t wont you and for a regime that doesn’t care for you. Here…

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Australia: Beyene Semere of SBS Radio Interviews Saleh Johar

On Wednesday May 6, 2015, Beyene Semere of SBS conducted an interview with the Saleh “Gadi” Johar. Beyene Semere is the director of the Tigrinya service of the SBS. The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is an Australian public broadcasting radio services which also has an online and  television network. According to Wikipedia, the stated purpose of SBS is “to…

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Egypt To The rescue: Isaias’ Game Interrupted

Isaias Afwerki loves speculation, but he loves rumors about him even more. Between April 28 and 29 Isaias was on a state visit to Saudi Arabia. It was not a rumor, he did arrive in Saudi Arabia because it was reported by the Saudi media, with pictures. But though he controls all the media outlets…

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Jebena Presents Anis Shoshan: The Artist Of Peace

Overnight, Anis Shoshan, a Tunisian poet became a household name around the world. On April 22, 2015, Hannibal Television aired a program called “Taalu Nehkiyu” (Let’s Talk). Anis was sitting at the studio when he was given the microphone to blast his poem of peace that immediately went viral, and carried his name beyond Tunisia and…

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Archives: What Would Isaias Do? Peaceful Or Violent Struggle?

The following was published in June 14, 2007 under the title “What Would Isaias Do?” Since then, the issues that kept the Eritrean opposition busy has remained the: the same debates on topics that prevents Eritreans from focusing on the real task of removing the tyranny ruling Eritrea. Unfortunately, the “new opposition” that was supposed…

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Absence Of Class Is Filled By Something Lower

The following was posted on Awate Forum by Burbank, commenter. In following this website’s goal of advancing intelligent debates, we hope it will encourage debates on important issues. Awatestaff I was glad to read Daniel’s “If You Love Your Country, Reform It” on a Saturday morning. Unfortunately, it is with regret that I share my…

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NEW: Network of Eritrean Women Into The Second Year

After so many years of struggle, Eritrea is still a crude patriarchal society. Little has improved on the rights of citizens; the status women is even worse. Considering the enormity of the Eritrean struggle for freedom, the achievements on gender issues are marginal. Women started to join the struggle starting in the late 1960s and…

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Isaias Wants A Bigger Role In The Yemeni Crisis

As many observers expected, the Yemeni crisis that has been brewing for many years has finally reached its peak. The Arab Spring phenomena that spread to most Arab countries had reached Yemen in 2011. Popular uprising culminated in the overthrow of the Yemeni strongman, Ali Abdullah Saleh. Yemen remained unstable due to the unrest that…

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Hiatus Is Over: Hamdan Resumes Lying

If you are wondering where this appeared, such languages and lies cannot appear anywhere but in the PFDJ websites and its affiliates. People have the right to have a different view about anything, but they do not have to lie and manufacture facts that can easily be disproved. The article appeared on a website that…

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Mola Asghedom For Governor Of Ethiopia Forum

22 Sep 2015 Saleh "Gadi" Johar Comments (133)

I am sure you heard that Mola Asghedom who was on a ten year visit to Eritrea decided to leave…

The March To War (Archives-2005)

20 Sep 2015 Awate Team Comments (3)

(The following is from the archives, it appeared on November 5, 2005.) "I have to state with much regret that your…

Eritrea - Prisoner of Conscience Day

18 Sep 2015 Salyounis Comments (86)

We have "Armed Struggle Launch Day" (September 1), "Martyr's Day" (June 20) and "Independence Day" (May 24.) It stands to…

The Ethiopian-Eritrean Intelligence War

16 Sep 2015 Awate Team Comments (785)

It has been fifteen years since the bloody border war between Eritrea and Ethiopia ended in 2000. Since then, though…




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