Saturday , October 23 2021
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Angesom and an Army of Volunteers

Today we would like to appreciate friends of, particularly Angesom who personally took the initiative and started a fundraiser for by reaching out to his circle of friends. In less than a month Angesom’s drive collected over $1100! Angesom’s initiative proves that a dozen people taking the same …

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“ቲፎዞ ናይ ሃያክ’ዶ ወይስ ናይ ከይነዝ?”

[ብጳውሎስ ዝተዳለወ ተኸታታሊ ምቅሉል ትምህርቲ–awatestaff] ሰላም ብሩኻት ህዝበይ, ረሳሓት ክዳውንቲ ተኣኪቡ ስለዝነበረ፣ ብርጭቆ ክዳውንቲ ክትሓጽብ ክትዳሎ ጀመረት፣ ክልተ ጥስቲ ከተምጽእ ናብቲ ውሽጢ ገዛ ምስ ኣተወት፣ ሓወቦይ ምራጭ ኣብቲ ኣፍደገ ገዛ ጻሓይ ይጽሎ ስለዝነበረ ናበይ ኢልክዮ ኢኺ እዚ ጥስቲ ኢሉ ሓተታ፣ ዋእ ናትኩም ነገር’ካኣ ዘውዳእ፣ ሓንሳእ ክዳውንትና ጨንዩ መቓይርቲ ስኢንና ኢልኩም …

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መሰረታዊ  ስነ-ቁጠባ፣ “እታ ስውርቲ ኢድ”

(መሰረታዊ  ትምህርቲ ስነ-ቁጠባ፣ “ዘፍጥረት ገንዘብ” (እታ ስውርቲ ኢድ-The Invisible Hand-Adam Smith) ብኣቶ ጳውሎስ ዝቀረበ ካብ ባይቶ ልዝብ ዓዋተ ዝተቀድሔ፥) awatestaff ሰላም ብሩኻት ህዝበይ, ቀዳም ማዓልቲ ብርጭቆ ንጉሆ ተሲኣ ናብ ሹቕ ኣስፔዛ ክትገብር ትኸይድሞ፣ ሓወቦይ ምራጭ ገዛ’ዘላ መሲልዎ ብርጭቆ ኣቲ ብርጭቆ ተበለ መልሲ ምስ’ሳኣነ፣ ንግሆ ምድሪ ናበይ እያ ኸይዳ ኢሉ ከንጸርጽር …

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Who is More Racist?

“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast stone at her.” John 8:7 One random Saturday morning, I was having a cup of coffee with a friend in a Starbucks stores. As usual, I was having my black coffee Grande, which is the medium size by Starbucks standards, …

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Eritrea The Opposite Pull by Abyssinians and Arabs

Often,  publishes articles that do not share its values which is mainly promoting tolerance, civility, struggle against injustice, and the respect of right of citizens. To promote a civilized debate, we established the Awate Forum where we encourage readers to challenge published articles, editorials, and other items that we publish. …

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Is This What We Really Want?

[This is an article written by TeKa, and Ethiopian sed that germinated in Eritrea. TeKa shares his life story loaded with some advise to his Ethiopian compatriots–Editor] My name is TeKa, an Ethiopian born and raised, mainly, in Asmara, Eritrea. I am not a writer (you can tell), I am …

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