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    i hope one day meet you helen still now i miss you helen helen berhane tesfi she was borne with me masswa but she young asmera with her father family and her father live befor napoli itly , in 2001 my mother meet with helen asmera enbagliano helen left asmera my mom come ethiopia people plls help me iam your brother samiel from shire endsilase ethiopia

Eritrea Sanctions: Due To Djibouti, Ethiopia Policies

22 Oct 2015 Gedab News Comments (284)

The UN's Security Council is set to extend the mandate of the Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea (SEMG) for…

Accommodating Tyranny Is Historic Mistake

22 Oct 2015 Yohannes Zerai Comments (12)

It was in May 1991 that the current regime in Eritrea and its leader, President Isaias Afewerki, burst onto the…

Resolution 1325 on Women And It’s Implications For…

19 Oct 2015 Helen Kidan Comments (13)

Network of Eritrean women was set up by a group of Eritrean women with diverse backgrounds and experiences to setting…

Isaias’ Eritrea: No Official Is Safe

19 Oct 2015 Awate Team Comments (109)

Like all countries ruled by totalitarian regimes, life in Eritrea revolves around the interest of the ruling party which monopolizes…




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