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Human Rights Council Advances Eritrea Case To Security…

01 Jul 2016 Gedab News Comments (264)

In its June 8 report, the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) on Human Rights in Eritrea had made recommendations to eight…

Dutch Parliament Targets PFDJ and Company

30 Jun 2016 Gedab News Comments (8)

Two hours ago the Dutch National Parliament tabled a resolution proposal that seems to target the activities of the sole…

Bronwyn Burton And Nevsun's Gift

30 Jun 2016 awatestaff Comments (26)

In replying to the questions of the French journalist and writer, Léonard Vincent, Nevsun resources admitted to offering a monetary…

In Geneva, Eritreans Give Voice To Voiceless Compatriots

26 Jun 2016 Salyounis Comments (135)

Last year in June, after Eritreans held the largest rally in the history of Eritrea's opposition forces, there were questions…




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