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2011: An Inspirational Year

Inspiring events are engulfing the Middle East region. So far, the Tunisian dictator has been overthrown, quickly followed by the Egyptian despot. Third in line is the Libyan mad man who will hopefully, along with his spoiled brat of a son,  be thrown away soon.

As these dynamic events are unfolding for the world to see, Eritreans are watching the popular uprisings with awe and admiration–they know about life under an oppressive regime. And as they celebrate with the people of Tunisia and Egypt, and hope that the Libyans will celebrate soon, Eritreans have indicated their solidarity with all the people who are challenging tyranny. They are inspired more than any other time in the last two decades; and they are determined to see their own petty dictator facing the same fate soon, by any means neccessary.

[youtube][/youtube] EGYPT
[youtube][/youtube] LIBYA

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